Jesse H. Carpenter.

The war for the Union, 1861-1865. A record of its defenders, living and dead, from Steuben county, Indiana; and history of veteran organizations and kindred associations online

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Online LibraryJesse H. CarpenterThe war for the Union, 1861-1865. A record of its defenders, living and dead, from Steuben county, Indiana; and history of veteran organizations and kindred associations → online text (page 5 of 11)
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Mdlmi ., William
,Moore, \\c:.l,'y
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Turiill, Elliot
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'riioiiip.-ioii, 1'^ P
Truwhridye, John
Trowbrichjct!, Euool



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Tl 111: 13 R AFX

On tlio calls of tho Fresidcnt fur troops ytiMibeu County was Jaiily i-xciupt,
bill by an unfair system of figuring adopted by the I'rovosl (.imeial the
cuiinl y was (K'casionaly compeled to supply detieieiicies by ' a Miia)! ilrait.
'I'lu iollowii.g [H'lsous were appointed eounly ibaft otTicers oi board.

Joscpli A. \\ (io(.lliull, l)ralt Conunis^ioncr,

Ahncr W insor. Draft Marshall,

Alphonso W. Wood, i'lx;, mining Surgeon,
yeptcniber L'd, 18(!'J, the e,uun(y had credit of (MS volunteers in actual
sei'viee with ;ui iMirollnu ni, counting out I 10 exeni],ts, of MO.; men lit for
niilitaiy dii'y. On the (Wh of Dctcjbir a draft was lield to a
of (!!.' liien oi |n\-\ious cads. The ijuolo of all the caMs i:p to and including the
call of J Illy 18, l,S()l, wa-; only dctuen'uL ID ini-n and lliesc were oblaiinal \, ili.-
out the ihafl. Under the call of Dec. I'.Uh, fSlil, ilu; eiMinty (pioto was lit!
men. With the ini[n'css!(jn that hteuben County was desi'rx'ing cri dit
vt nioi e men than was allowed (.'ommi^.sioiier J. A. \\'i;odhull and l''raneis
Macaitney visited 1 ndianapoli.-, anil af.ei' speniiiug two (.lays lu' n:ore in t .\~
iiminin;,' the books at the I'rovost Cenerals (dhce iind domg a great aiiie)unl
of flunking and ligunng they discovered the pii'ein.r meihod by which ihe
most loyal counties eonlributeil iho most n.m. 'ihe ollicers in eluLi"e
ucknowkdged the fact, but tlii^ order eoi;ld ik.I be ehangetl and n( ee.-,hity
conn)eled obedience. 'I'lio call was lilU d by ",):i vulindeers and L'O drafts. The
total cr(;dits of Sloubtm County durnng the' war was 8b") men winui
over 1200 men wcc residiuUs of the coii'ity at the time of their enlistment.

T'lU' County ( 'om missioners at u sju'cial session July L'S, bShL', made an
ordei- paying Twenty-tive Dolhirs ljt.>unty to all \ (lUuile; rs .enl ist iiig fiem the
county :'ll,'r that, date. 'I'his order was reaflirmed at a special session Inov.
loth, l.'i'.:,, and the records show that the county paul >l,2^> to !)u2 men.

The l-i. irti also at sj)eeial session >)an. 'Ja, \^(\!'t, past an order t,- jay
ijioOO bounty for eae-h enlistment-. This order witli all previiuis euder., was
recinded Fel). 'J. Only one, Hilas Tillottson, enlist(il wiihin llm tinu^ thai the
last ordiu' svas in force and received !ij;r>00. li'ive others claiiin il ti; havi- enlist-
ed within Ihe |)roscribed lime and were jtaid ,flOO eaidi on compromise in
l8'/8. Tin- county also past orders for the relief anti aid ol' ^oldiei.i'
families. lOach Townshij) alxi paid lo(rnl boiinl i( s and hnd its relief hind.
which were raise(. ither by tax or voluntary sid^scri pt ion.'-.

The folli)\viii>,r table showh the aiiiuuiit paid I'or h<JUulios and lelitf U) Uu
(bounty and townships.



S((iil)i-n County





Millj^Movc T^..




JaiiK'stowii ''








(!lear Lake "'







Scott "



>UN riKs












•J, 500






Durinj^Mhc) prow-ifs.s of tlio war Govciiior :^rol•lou found it nvct.s.sary to
torni till', militia into bi'igadt.'.-,,.i-rgiuiont,s, and battallion.s for Iho prisci va
Hon of Older, t iitoreo iho draft, to aid in ropelling of raidor.s, etc.

Stouben County wasnot beliiiid in this patriotic purpose. A couipuny \saw
orj,'anized in nearly every township, but only two conapanies were bullicii nlly
so organized to leceivo cuinnussiuns from tlie Governor.


liirani L. Smith was commissioned Captain, John N. Ousterhout 1st Lieut.,
and N. Lonsberry lind Lieut. April 17, lti(.;5. ' Horace L. Davis was commis-
sioned Caplain Ainil U'it, bStll, t > lili tlie vacancy caiis.d by the resit,aiatioii of
Cajit. Smith.


Joal A. l''ox was Commissiomd Captain Liisha Fuller isl Lieu!., and
Geer{ro \V. Nei^^hart L'nd Jjieut August 1, iSdiJ.

liolli the above companies woro atlaciied to the Ninth liri^iide.

lOx; 1 1 1 \ i nt * i"H>.

Sur"-eon appoiiitiiient.: were solicited by several ot i ho cmmly's besi nudi-
cal iiien. Dr. 11. 1). Wood only was commissioned as extra, but j^atriotism
proiiipled all to hasten to the front at the time of an important enga-emiut
Many a Steuben boy was found, eared for, and brought to life and home by
tliein. Thi3 people owe- a debt ol gratitude to our jmysicans f(.r their ujiifonu
kindness to llie sohliers, th-ir widows, and or|)hans since the war in p. ikmoiiS.

Tiiu Goveruuu ut aiipointiHl Dr. C. D. Kice Mxamining Surgeon tor tiie
c.umly which lie held mitil In.-, dcatli Jan. -1 1875. Dr. T. 15. WiUiauis v.a;- iluui
appoilileil and he \>:is suee.'edeil liy Dr. 11. D. \\ood and he b,\ 1-i.S. II. I'nli< r,
an old suldier, v.lio ,-t ill hoUD the couimi.ssiou although tln' governnHiil lia.-.
Ial.-ly orgaiii/'d ii luedn-al board at Aujvol" consi.-tiag of Dr.i. T. |{. Will niiii:.,
W. 11. Waller, and .\1. V. Han.dMirg. The soldiers a re gi'neral> ol Die opinion
that tiie medieal < iniiiiers and laiai'd have dell jn.-tly and fairly with thi m.


R O Iv i . p J^ 1 1 C) N O K .

Of tlu'. many that wont Bome nevoi- veturned killud in battlo tliid iroin
wouiidn,, an ! cxpo.iuro, or starved in prison p<aifi. Tlio iiunu;; i.) all,
wh') l'<»ii<.'i>' '.>ii I hi^i list, <l:u not be obtained. Tiio foJlowiti'j U a |Hii;;:l ii;;l
witii (!;u'. ,,tii.l place id' lUv.'Ai if known.



Crocl.nit, ].-•:■. ..y died at Goorgetown, Va., Inpi. !o 'Gl ; oiiiioC, di;.i.aH.o

i>avi;s i.-. :i;h Uilltid at battle of tno VVilUL'in. .s May 7 "di

Moiif^ci', 'L' J killed at Gaines' IMill .lone 2 'til

Miveii, I '- a W killed a(^ (lanieri' Mill June 2 'i;!

Ju;ii;i, 'i Los 1) killed at Ciaine.s' Mill Juno 13 't: 1

I'oirce, \V .) died at Miner's Hdl Hepi. — '(il

Taaktr, ll'chavd k lUcd at battle ot t l>o Wildrn.. . .. ^iayj' ''■''

Tillotson, {Jeorge killed iit Hheplierd-iUnv'n i''oi d Or; 1 '()2

'j'HirvTEicN'rn ind. v. >.

ooMi'ANi: n.
ir,\un.. :on, ^Tilt<)n liilled <,t Fort Fisher, N. C, Jan IT, '{',',


Hyatt, \\:n i.l liird , . '< .tFi8lier, i^. C, Feb. li \>rr, eau. .••,■, ai.,; af;o

Uowning, ,;u.,1uki i;ilti d : t v'<..rt Fl.sher Jan. 15 'iJo


NiehoLi, Ira V died at iiideigh, N. C, Jiuie (3 'Oa

FOURTFr.N'ril INI). V. I.- GO. 1.

'rdlollsdn, W Ml kill.'d at (letiyrtbarg July 2 '(iiJ

MiNi''/ii''.i':N'rn ind. v. i, co. a.

AlLinan, !-aimi( 1 killed ;•( G:.iiK:>vd|o Aii,,;u,-,i: M 'i',2

Geor've, l\iii.» died "t \V;:;:,!n'ng;ou D' ■.■■ 8 '(>1 ; cmase, woiiuUp

<" ML'AIIj' I.

ISaLer, \Vn, ii killed :'.l A >.itieliMn S>i t. IT '(!2

Si'terlin, John !'' dieil al New Orleaeu '-W 17 M2; oau^.e, w<.'uudrt



Garpen!. );, G;>idnu kilU'd in IMiariOUi'i, Jan. ;il '(.'-'

I)iekin^.()n, Geo I; died at Cairo Nov. — '(11;,

I'Kkrinlii, G! i.ic-i (.lied in Ali.s.s(juri in fall "d' '<'l

Kino', luib.'il died ;.i Mirthiouri Dec. Ui '(U; eatiiv.', d. .ato

Goodalo, A N dit'd at (.Jlnitttinooga from wounds retieived at G!i;ea;.;aiiya

\i:n-\, I] Iw'n II died in Mksflouri -Ian. '("■2; ean.u-, di;;Ci'.; e

ilewott, Wat.sou J killed on the Atlanta Campaign July 27 'Gl

Miner, Thonia.s died at fSniithville, M(i., 'Gl


Moiolmiisc, Shcnnnii died in MiHSOuii - • '(il

Na.ih, l']lij;ih killed on Uio Allaiilii C.'iinp.ii^ii Juiio '11 'CI

Opio, iJeiijiuuiii died St(jnu River iJec. 31 '(IL'

lluut, (Ji'riii E ditid at Vick.iljurg GiJ

'J'ulllo, llcsikiiih killed at tJliickaiiiauga Sept 20 (Jo



Allen, Web^tei- died at Lt)iiisvilla Jan. 28 '02

Allen, David JJ dietl in Andeihonvillo Prison Sept. 24 '04; caime, di.seaso

CA)ULtney, Alouzo died at Canip Wood Feb, 2 'G2; (;aurfe, disease

Clock, EredericJc kilkd at C'ljieaiiiauga Sept. 20 'G.'j

Cri.-ie, Aaron K died at Maslivillu Juno 1,') 'G5

Car[joulcr, (jilbert died at Nashville A [)ril 4 '1)5

iJeelo.', Willi.mi iliod at JSlashville (Jet. (5 '(12; cause, disease

CJatehousc! James died at Camp Kevin Dec. - '(!1 ; cause, eisease ,

Lhbb ins, Ch. i.-ii uui lulled at iStono lliver Dec HI 't)2

Haines, I'liilip killed at Hhdoh April 7 'G2

llauiia, NatliuKiel dietl at (.'liatlanooga 'tl;!; cause, wouml.-.

Jians'.lnian. Win Jl dud at Chatiaucjoga (Jet, i) '(>;;

]li)ldrid;^e, Harris died at Colund)ia April 4 G2

Hall, Eraslus L' died at Naslivdle i''eb. S '(55; cause, disease

Kerns, Willi, ju iljed at Annaixilis, Md., Feb. - 'Go

MoCjowen, Aliletu.i died Annaj)olis, Md., July 11 'Gl

I'arkei', jCd.viii H ti:ed ,.i A ndersouville j'lison July 27 'G4

l'eli\. Ji/liJi lie d at (!amp Neviii Dec. 11 'Gl; cause, disease

I'riesI, WiUiani . died at Daiiville, Va., Dec. ii, 'G4

I-', piiiinerlotl, Valenlauo dii-d in Aniierscuiville I'lisoii jMa) .0 'Gl

'i'aylor, James / ilii'd at ( 'hal tanooga l\]ay 12 '(iiJ

'I'aihol, Caleb killed at Stone Kiver Jan. I G:i

'riKUiipiiiii, .las v. tilled at Nuslivillo April 2.i 'i 5; cause, disearte

Vati Cleve, Wiu died at Naslivilio De<;. 12 'G4 ; cuuso, disease

Wood.iworth, Jas i; killed at Shiloli Aj)iil7 'G2; cause, wouiuls

^Vood\vard. !i W died in Andursoiiville 1-nson June .:;! "Gl

\V;dl(T, Elijah J ilied at 'rullahoma, 'i'enn., July 10 'G;!; cause, disease


Ahlrieh, l^aac 'r di<'d al St. l;Ouis Dec. 5 'G2

Ainidon, Henry died at — Way 27 'G;J cause, ilisease

COMl'ANi' !•'.

Hell. i^a\id dietl at 'ruscmnbia June IS 'G2; cause, disease


Hark, Eli died at home Feb. 28 '(;2

riieliis, (.liir,\vold died at (.'amp Noviu Feb. 28 '()2

i llllll'V FIF'I H IND. V. i.- CoAiiANV JC.
Williamson, I'ett r dieil in 'I'exas Sefjteniber -' '<>•"•



IkuiiKitt, William 1 I at Pittsburg liiinding March 2G '(12
llehOier, /iba <i 1 at McMiniivillo Sei.t. W 'G;i; (jause, disease


Hrouks, l''riun-i.s
ClovC'li'.iuJ, SiH-iiccr
Eckhait Joliii
lCwiiig~, Jiune-i H
Fickl, Jli'iny
(.iraiit, M;ivion
Hull, Liaud. 1-
Ihiim-'i'DiUini;, Win
J[ui-lbiir(, l.'liiis ]''
Jaokinan. Jo.;"].!!

LoI'iIh, J ()>C'[ill I''

.liai'Uf, 'ri.diiiaH 1,
M()n'i;;(>]i, Ijclaiicl
J'uivifi, (ic'(.> \V
Hloaiiy, Jcihu
Wwaiii, Richard J'
'riii()(i|). ( ')raii;!'»-
Vail ''l>".r, C, u W
\\'ii;^hl. \\ illia 111
\V;, ,)..;,iuia
\Vll.v,,ii, Nvwrll A

IJcvcrl y. '. 'lia lii s >\
lii'iulfi-, Wiiliain
IJurn'iu', JaiKiLiri (J

'I'lUlKT SI('})1h'11
HloWfl'^^,' ( J,:()r;j;c

(,.'ai('y,,l'iiiniiciis M
Johnson, i''
Itiillivan, Ncal

Wrij^Mil, r)t ronic

AKli'ich, Sinutiij ( '
liayloi'. IClias
Cuthu', Hiiiioii M
Measii, Sa nuul l'>
McMilkii, Join, (»
Mahincly, William
Miisricr, Kilwaiil
Wallors. ^iol(llnoll

diial al i'ort Wayne Oct. i '(51 (raai:, df^ciscas

died a( ! !im(.sv)ll(j Auf^ust 1'5 '(Sli

dird ai h ,ae April 20 '()2

died at lioni .! May 11 '(Sii

dit'd at Cain , III., April .'> '(!"

died at EvansviUc! Jan. L'U '(12

lulled at ^hiloh Ajiril (i "tit

died at Now All.aiiy Jan. 11 '(J.i

died at t^ailioiin lub 17 'Oi;

kilUd at Sail. ill A]n-il C. "(•.L'

died al Nashville Oel. 22 '(i2;'. disease

died ;it ('hattanooya March 10 "(T)

tlicd a I CUiicaniauea J mio 2() 'Of

died at (,'amp Denu.'itin !) 'CB; cause, wian

died at t'alhoiin, I(y , \hb. 21 "(;;.' Laii:-f,;i.-iu

died a.i t'liislnirij lii'^- March 21 '(12

liied at Aj. 1 1 'tl,';; eaiise, wui'.nds

di. d al lile Mai-li 1 '. "(1;!

dieil al ; .' . I;()iii:, M ai'.-l, 2 '(12

dn d al Keolvui;, Iwwa. -iiiiy 21 ■(■•2

died ;U, h"ine J iily 20 '..1

iliMl'ANV I'.

died at l^attle Creek J aiy 20 'i;2; cause, ilisi'ase
dietl at ['iltsburn i.a e.din;.; Ti'iy (i '(12; cause, di.'^.e;
di(d at Corinlh A:ay 2 'u2
killed at Sloiie liner 1)( e. ;il •(;2

(:o;nl■.^^^Y u.
died-al Coriiilli, Mi.-^s., -luiie 12 W'.'; cause disease
tiicdat J liaidei'soji l''eli. .'2 '(52; cause, disease^
died al Mewiiern, liid., July ir)'li2; ciiiisi', discasii
died on a Mlcanier Maj 10 '(12; cause, disease


killed! at Sliiloh A|.rd (1 ■<;2

C.01\!)'Ai"-n K.

died al. honid .\iigiisl I.'. '(!!, as Col. ot re^^iinent

died al Na.-.hvilh^ Jan. 2 'C.:'.

died at l;a!1h^ Creek July 20 '(;2

died at ;■'.!, Ijoui,-;, Mo., I ane If, ■(;2

died al New Albain- Oel. 10 '(;2; (Miise, disea;ie

died a( Nasiiville Nos'. lo 'C."!; cause, diseat.e

diid al llendei..oii, K) . April II i 2; cau,-e, disea,-e

dieil ;il Keokidi, Iowa, July 1 '(/.'; ea ii.-,e, disi ase

'I'iiiirriK'ni ind. v. i.

WelJ., Andrew J
Slwillslidl. I'Miini

(■O.MI'ANY I'.

died al ( 'ani). N<'vin Nov. 2".) 'CI
( OMl-AiNY n.

killed al Camp Nevin (U-l. S 'CI \\\

;; pii'luJ hy mi.-.l,

HEVi'iNTv I'ouirru ind. v. i.


Iiiir,;i'.-i, l>;r,'Af U ilii il at Lol)amni. Ky., iSnv. <> '(>'J; i;u\ih,o, ilit^

lii'ii:i('li. Alii.nii wild al (iallal ill, 'I'enn., .)au. 17 '(>l; causti, disoasi:

llojiiiili, JdIiii (j Ivilird al, (!)iioaiiiu;(a' Svpl. 1'.) "H;;

i!i>li-, yainiirl ilnUaL Nashvilio Die. I'.i 'Ol;, wouiidt,

C.'oi>o, David died at Iadiaiia[iulix Augu.sL ly '(Jii; cause, diHcuriii

L^'itiiii;^-, rii.ii;>.i died at ('aattuiiuug (Jet 10 '(>;!; cause, wuuuds

triUiori,, Ciii'Uiliu.i died at (rallutiii, 'I'ouii., Jan. ;'. '<>;!; cause, diseases

U..ier, (.jeorj^'e iiiUi.da' Ciiicaiuauge Se[>i. Ill 't;:.'.

Oet>rf^'e, Flavius J killed at Allauia, Ga., August 7 'iJl

Gai-diier, Jilislia ilied at Ciiatliui joga June U-l '01; cause, disease

Jfutehins, 'i'lieodure died at liuwlijig Ureeii Nov. JO 'G2; cause, disej

lielaud, Jo ii li died at (iallatiu Jan. I'l "(];J; cause, disease

Keiuery, Teter L killed at Joiiewboro, Ua., tic-pt 1 'iH

Ijiaiger, tiauiuel died at JJridgcport Dec. 7 '(iiJ; cause, wounds

Jjeaiiu ju, Jiieliai-d died at Gailacm Jaxi. 10 "Oo;, disetiso

Jiatsou, HaiiuL.l tlied at jimvliug Gveeii Dec. 1 'li.;; cause, disease

.di)i)re. Miekael died at (iallatiu Dec. !.,'> 'OJ; cause, disease

.'.Luise, Jeddediaii died at GaJlatiu Jua. 2S 'Oij; cause, disease

.vlun-iti. l''i'aacio M died at iNasUviUo August 2^1 ,(i;}; cause, disease

i'oaioruy. Jl iny didd at (Jiuittaiiooga April -i 'OiJ; cause, disease

i-'evv, Edward ilied at GaJlatiu Jan. 2'.) \')',i

ivose, holoiu.ui ri iii.d at. vJiialtauooga Jan. -i '04

iSlewari, Willi, uu II died ai (Jallalm Jan. 5 W.',; eaiisc-, disease

Stoul.Joliii killed at Juaeshoii) tii^lil. I '01

Saaes, jli'iii;, K died al :,;i:^li\ ille, Teiiii., Mareli I'.l 'O;'.; eausi', dise

Slewail, r 1' (lied al Na.-,liville J Illy :.' '01 ;,e, ili.^eaMi

^)[)l'gle.,llile. J)avul died at lndiaiia|iolis J uly -I 'C I ; cause, tlisease

'iVo.kI, II nam died at Gnllatla l''eli. H 'Oii; cause, disease

\Vill(nW.y, James dud i,t New .Mhaiiy Die. I .; '0;i; cause, vv(uinds

WOideii, Sehiiyk.'r died at (Jalialiu Jan. ;5 "0;i cause, dis;:iiss

ONK niJNDllED'l'U. IND V. 1.

CDMl'ANV 11.

Iii'oolcs, IJeiiiy ditd at Mndison, liid,, Bept. Jl* 'Oli

lli'ockway, George dieel ;it (jainp Shenaaii Sa[it. J L 'O.'J

(iodley, I'luh) died at Holly Springs Dec. .iO 'C'J

l>la,.s,' Jellei'soii died at HeJiefunte Htation Feb. 20 '02

it.tgei', I'eler died at Grauii J laictjou JVlaicli 5 'Oil

('iiiiKe;., iM.iaiiiii;;- ^i killeil at J oiii'sboro August .'U '01

i'liad.viek, Saiiiiiil died at Marietta A.ugiist 'JO '0 1

('asper. l,e\\i.. died al Grand Juiu-lion T'eli. JH 'ii;'.

Cluek, Georg^i died at C'olliersville A jiril J '<;;;

GlarU, .lolui (.' killed at Atlanta, (Ja., An;- L''l '04

Dillingiiani, J II ilii d at Colliersville A])ril 2;» 'O;!

I^llis, Charles () killed at ("avi; Springs Nov. ' 'tM
(.Jreen, David iiil at Mem pliis Jan. 28 '01!

Jlaynes, Mai tin ied at Memphis Sejjt. 22 '(i.'!

Kale, James inil at (Jolliersville Mar. I'.l '0;t


- I.IM.

t ; ; .'i / 1 >


Keith, Lewis lulUd at JoiR.-iliorc), (la., Auj,, ;il CjI

Loo, Clark dioJ at («raiul J luuMiou l'( li. 1 1 '(!;!

Norllu^ay, (ioo. K diod at JSloiuphis May ii 't)i

Hood, C'liarlis diod at (Iiaiid .) uiiotioii JaJi. 2J 'i\:i

Root. Kodiioy II dioil at ('l.altauouf^a Nov. 7 "CI

tSoDtt, Homy M died at Chatlaudoga Juno ('> 'dl

Suydo!', Gooigo died at IMoin[)liis Nov. i-l '(iil

rtoido, David killod at. Allaiila, Oa., Aii)^' IT) '(',■{

Taylor, Wanoii J drowuotl in IMill Croi'k, W. ('., iMar. 1.':: CI

Wolcii, Willijun J dioii at Moitiphirt April ir> '{i;i

Sia'l^N'ril LNJX CAVALKY (II'.)tii) J{L';(i lAlEN'l'.

(iOMI'ANY 1).

Jlaiuliii, Go(jrg.) di(!d at Meiiipiii.s May 14 'iSl
Mooro, Wesioy diod at April IS '(12


Caroy, Edwin died at Moni[)lii.s Doo. L'iJ '(Jl; cause, v\ouads

Edv/ards, J)anford killod Doc '2{> '(k! cause, accident

Hyatt, William diid at Mtniphis May :;o '(M

'I'lionielson, David killed Dec. LMi 'C'l



Cook, Gooryo died in Stoulion County April 2 'C.t ; cause, disoast

Call, William died at Vioksliurg Mareli 2;'. '<;.'i; eaa.-.o, tlinc aso

Jono.s, John died at Nashvdlo Jan. L'L' '(');>; cause, disease

Sultturlin, James A dieil at 'I'ullahoma Nov. 8 'CI; causjo, disouao

(JOMl'AN Y o.

Case, Cyrus killed at Huntsvillo Sejit, i'A) 'CI

(Jutlor, Ori-jn C died at llo.-,[)ilal Station J ujio I'd 'C.''); (;auso, dis( a,-.i

CJoukoy, Soronto died at Huntsvillo, Sopl. !.'> "CI ; cause, di.-ioasb

Dwclloy, Archer diod at Ihintsvillo Sept. ]'. "(M ; cause, disease

Fuller, Wilson died at Huntsvillo July IC "(!1 ; cause, disease

Holdredyo, Dudley diod at Baton Itoue;!! May !) "Ca; cause, tiisoase

Sftynumr, l"'ranklin diml at Vickshiirg July 21 't;r>; cause, dirioubc

tSaiiis, Uenj IJ diod at Huntsvillo July ;!1 '(15: cause, disease

'I'ingley. Cioo. W died at Huntsvillo Au^iist 10 'C i ; cause, disease


b'oe, Moses died at JLuutsvillo Sept. I'J 'CI; cause, disease
b'ee, Wdliam H died at Huntsvillo

t)M', liUNDKl'JD'rH AND 'rWl'NTV MlNI'll IND .V. I.


Itaruard, Orsemus died at Michi-^ran City March :'A) "CI
Clenioiis, lle/,ekiah died at Chattanooga May 12 "CI; cause, ■.iiseaso
Cartwright, Win died at (Uevolaiid June li) "(Jl; cause, disea-io
(/'hiinnns, James diinl at Charleston Alay (J '(H; causOi disease
Heath, Homer I died at Knoxville April 2<". 'CI; cause, di.-.ease
Jonoy, Ciuirles ,, diod ut Chattanooga Sept. 12 'CI; cau.e. disi'aao

K'upc, Honi-y diutl at Washiiit^tuii Feb. 11 '(i."); taifrii-, di.seaso

l.ce, William died at .M icliiyaii City March 'JO '1)4; cause, disease.
McKiiilcy, Uodcrick died at Louinvillu Feb. :! "CiS; cause, disease

Mtisser, tJamu^-l dieii at C^i.atlaiiuoga

iMi){jr.', Julia died at Nashville Juno 2i) 'U4; cause, disease

i'.iocl;, (ieor-^e died at Atlanta, Gu , July 21) 'CA; cuuse^ W(;unds

I'oweis, Ju.^iali dic^l at Cliatlaiiouga August 4 'Ut

Suiilh, liii;.;e died at New Yurk City April 2iJ 'iiC>, as 1st lit. ul Couipaii>

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