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Appointive Offices City,
County, State, Federal

The Negro fares better in his share
of appointive offices than in the elec-
tive offices, but in neither regard does
he share in numbers proportionate
to the size of the Negro vote. In the
larger northern cities Negroes are
allowed a considerable number of
"Civil Service" jobs. Political debts
are frequently repaid by the appoint-
ment of Negroes to minor adminis-
trative or menial jobs. Where there
are large numbers of Negroes it is not
unusual to find them appointed as
assistants in various capacities. Excep-
tions do occur, however. In California,
in 1945, Governor Earl Warren named
Atty. Walter Gordon Chairman of the
California Adult Authority Board, at
a salary of $10,000 per year. This
board has supervisory power over all
male adult inmates of State prisons.

As to Federal appointments, until
the Franklin D. Roosevelt administra-
tion there was a steady decline in the
number of Negro Presidential appoint-
ees. President Roosevelt appointed
163 Negroes to supervisory or admin-
istrative jobs, 1933-1941. Kiplinger in
his Washington is Like That (1942)
listed twenty-four men and women
Federal officials and five advisers as
the most prominent colored leaders
in the capital. Heading his list was

William H. Hastie, Civilian Aide to
the Secretary of War (first Negro
ever to hold a Federal judgeship).
Among others included were: Lorimer
Milton, banker from Atlanta, then the
only Negro "dollar-a-year" man in gov-
ernment service; Dr. William H. Dean,
Jr., Consultant on locations of industry
for the National Resources Planning
Board, Dr. Ralph Bunche, expert on
Native Problems in the British Em-
pire Section of the Library of Con-
gress, Milton P. Webster, member of
the Committee on Fair Employment
Practice, and International Vice-Pres-
ident of the Brotherhood of Sleeping
Car Porters; Mrs. Crystal Bird Fauset,
in charge of racial relations, Office of
Civilian Defense; Walter White, Ex-
ecutive Secretary, the N.A.A.C.P., a
powerful force in all Negro affairs.
Outstanding among Presidential ap-
pointees also was the prominent edu-
cator and President of the National
Council of Negro Women, Mrs. Mary
McLeod Bethune, as Director of Ne-
gro activities for the National Youth

Of the appointive list, the poorest
showing is made in diplomatic and
consular service. According to L. J.
W. Hayes' study of the Negro Federal
Government worker, in 1941 there were
but three Negroes in such service, as
against a total of eleven in 1908. Judge
William H. Hastie made history when



in 1946 he became the first Negro to
be named Governor of the Virgin
Islands. In the same year Dr. R. O'-
Hara Lanier succeeded Lester A. Wal-
ton as Minister Envoy, Extraordinary
and Plenipotentiary to the Republic of

New posts of adviser on Negro af-
fairs were created in many of the gov-
ernment bureaus and departments dur-
ing Roosevelt's Presidency. Prominent
among these during the War was the
post of Civilian Aide to the Secretary
of War, held by William H. Hastie,
1940, until his resignation in 1943
when Truman K. Gibson, Jr., was
named. In addition to full-time
appointments, other official part-time
advisory posts were set up, as in 1942
when Dr. F. D. Patterson, President
of Tuskegee Institute and Claude A.
Barnett, Director of the Associated
Negro Press, were named special as-
sistants to the Secretary of Agricul-

Under the leadership of Mrs. Mary
McLeod Bethune of the National
Youth Administration, Negro advisers
were organized into the Federal Coun-
cil of Negro Advisers, known as the
"Black Cabinet." The group met
monthly to discuss ways and means
of profitably representing the cause of
the Negro. The "Black Cabinet" was
criticized by the Negro press as be-
ing purely advisory and not policy
forming. The resignation in early
1944 of Dr. Robert C. Weaver, the
Cabinet's first member, from the War
Man Power Commission (following
resignations of Atty. Theodore Berry
from the Office of War Information
and Judge William H. Hastie as Civil-
ian Aide to the Secretary of War)
marked the end of the "Black Cab-
inet." Membership of the Federal
Council of Negro Advisers included:
Emmer Martin Lancaster, Joseph
Houchins of the Department of Com-
merce; Judge William H. Hastie, Tru-
man K. Gibson, Jr., War Department;
Constance E. H. Daniel, Jerome Rob-
inson and Giles Hubert, Department
of Agriculture; William H. Houston,
Louis Mehlinger, Louis Lautier of the
Department of Justice; Dr. William J.
Thompkins, Recorder of Deeds; Ralph
E. Mizelle, Post Office Department;
Cornelius King, Farm Credit Admin-
istration; Major Campbell C. Johnson,
Selective Service; Robert C. Weaver,

Frances H. Williams, Robert R. Tay-
lor, Theodore R. Poston, Defense;
William Trent, Public Works; Frank
S Home, Charles Johnson, Henry
Lee Moon, Edward Lovett, Charles S.
Duke, of the Housing Authority; Al-
fred E. Smith, Dutton R. Ferguson,
Works Progress Administration; How-
ard D. Woodson, Treasury Depart-
ment; Lawrence Oxley, Dr. Charles
E. Franklin, Ira DeA. Reid and Roy
Ellis, Social Security Board; Dr. Am-
brose Caliver, Department of Educa-
tion; Joseph H. B. Evans, T. Arnold
Hill, Pauline Redmond. Ora B. Stokes,
Nell Hunter and Reginald Johnson,
National Youth Administration; Vin-
ita Lewis of the Children's Bureau
and Edgar G. Brown of the Civilian
Conservation Corps.

President Truman's appointment in
1945 of Atty. Irvin C. Mollison as Asso-
ciate Judge of the United States Cus-
toms Court marked the first time a Ne-
gro served in continental United States
as Federal Judge. Ralph J. Bunche
was appointed, the same year, to the
Caribbean Commission. Several out-
standing appointments were given to
Negroes during 1946. There was the
aforementioned naming of Judge Wil-
liam H. Hastie as Governor of the Vir-
gin Islands. Charles S. Johnson, soci-
ologist, was named first to a small
educational commission, by the State
and War Departments, to go to Japan
at the request of General Douglas
MacArthur, and later as one of 40
members of the National Commission
advising the State Department on
United States participation in UNE-
SCO (United Nations Educational,
Scientific, and Cultural Organization).
The President's Committee on Civil
Rights, composed of some of the na-
tion's outstanding crusaders for justice
and equality, included Dr. Channing
H. Tobias, New York City, director of
the Phelps-Stokes Fund, formerly
Senior Secretary of the National Coun-
cil of the Young Men's Christian As-
sociation, and Mrs. Sadie M. Alex-
ander, lawyer, Philadelphia. Truman
K. Gibson, Jr., Chicago attorney, and
former Civilian Aide to the Secretary
of War, was one of nine persons selec-
ted to serve on the President's Advis-
ory Commission on Universal Train-



Negroes Holding Civil
Service Appointments

Brief mention should be made of
the growing number of Negroes hold-
ing Civil Service appointments. In
1938 about 82,000 or approximately
9.8 per cent of the total number of
Federal employees were Negroes, ac-
cording to Civil Service reports. Most
of these were to be found in postal
service and sub-clerical levels of mes-
senger and custodial service, with a
very few in the higher paid brackets.
The picture changed considerably dur-
ing the war and the operation of the
Fair Employment Practice Committee
when a large number of Negroes
was taken into the ranks of Federal
workers, many employed on clerica 1 ,
technical and professional levels.
Davis and Golightly in their study of
Negro Federal workers report that 57
governmental agencies and depart-
ments, as of March 31, 1944, had 273,-
981 Negro employees. These represent-
ed 11.9 per cent of the total.

It is probable that the Negro worker
will play a much less significant role,
numerically and professionally, in Fed-
eral employment after the declaration
of the end of the emergency.

List of Negroes

Elected to Offices, 1940-1946 19

Elected in 1940

Representative, U. S. House of Rep-

Illinois: Arthur W. Mitchell (D)

State Senator

Illinois: William A. Wallace
Indiana: Robert Brokenburr (R)
Michigan: Charles C. Diggs (D)
Nebraska: John Adams, Jr. (R) (To
Nebraska Unicameral.)

State Representative

California: Augustus Hawkins (D)
Illinois: Ernest Greene (R); Charles
J. Jenkins (R); Dudley S. Martin
(R); William J. Warfield (R)
Indiana: James S. Hunter (D)
Kansas: William H. Towers (R)
Michigan: Horace White (D)
New Jersey: Frank Hargraves (R)
New York: William T. Andrews (D) ;
Daniel Burrows (D); Hulan E.

Jack (D)

Pennsylvania: William A. Allmond
(D); Homer S. Brown (D) ; Ralph
T. Jefferson (D) ; Marshall L. Shep-
ard (D) ; Edwin F. Thompson (D) ;
Edwin C. Young (D)
West Virginia: Fleming A. Jones (D)

Atlantic City, N. J.: William F. Rob-

erts, magistrates' court

i(R) Republican
(D) Democrat
(C) Communist

New York City: Charles E. Tony
(D); James S. Watson (D), munici-
pal court
Elected in 1941
State Representative

Kentucky: Charles W. Anderson, Jr.

City Councilman

Cincinnati, Ohio: Jesse D. Locker

Cleveland, Ohio: Harold T. Gassaway
(R); Augustus C. Parker (R); Wil-
liam O. Walker (R)

New York City: Adam Clayton Pow-
ell, Jr. (D)
Elected in 1942

Representative, U. S. House of Rep-

Illinois: William L,. Dawson (D)
State Senator

Illinois: C. C. Wimbish (D)

Michigan: Charles C. Diggs (D)
State Representative

Illinois: Corneal Davis (D); Ernest
A. Greene (R); Charles J. Jenkins
(R); Fred J. Smith (D); William
Warfield (R)

Indiana: Jesse L. Dickinson (D); Wil-
bur H. Grant (R); James Hunter

Kansas: William H. Towers (R)

Missouri: Edwin Kenswil (D)

New Jersey: J. Otto Hill (R)

Ohio: Chester K. Gillespie (R); Sandy
R. Ray (R) ; David Turpeau (R)

Pennsylvania: John W. Brigerman
(D); Homer S. Brown (D) ; D. W.
Hoggard (D); Lewis W. Mintess
(R); Edwin F. Thompson (D);
Thomas P. Trent (D)

Wisconsin: Cleveland M. Colbert (R)
City Councilman

Indianapolis, Ind.: Lucian B. Meri-

weather (R)
County Commissioner

Cook County, 111.: Edward Sneed

Wyandotte County, Kans. : Fred


Chicago, 111.: Wendell E. Greene, mu-
nicipal court
Justice of the Peace

Missouri: G. J. Dixon, fourth district;
Crittenden Clark, fifth district

Knoxville, Tenn.: Boyd B. Browder

St. Louis, Mo.: Langston Harrison;

Ellis Jones; William A. Morant
Elected in 1943
State Representative

Kentucky: Charles W. Anderson, Jr.

City Councilman

Chicago, 111.: William H. Harvey (D);
Oscar S. DePriest (D)

Cleveland, Ohio: Harold T. Gassaway
(R); Augustus C. Parker (R); Wil-
liam O. Walker (R)

St. Louis, Mo.: Jasper C. Caston

New Haven, Conn.: Richard A. G.
Foster (R)

New York City: Benjamin J. Davis,
Jr. (C)

Philadelphia, Pa.: Robert N. Nix (D);
James H. Irvin (R)

Urbana, Ohio: Norman K. Adams

New York City: Francis E. Rivers,
justice, the city court

Philadelphia, Pa.: Joseph H. Rainey;
Hobson R. Reynolds, members,
minor judiciary



Member Board of Education

Cleveland, Ohio: John P. Morning

Union City, N. J.: Joseph R. Judkins

Swan ton, Ohio: Elijah Holley
Elected in 1944

Representative, U. S. House of Rep-

Illinois: William L. Dawson (D)
New York: Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.


State Senator
Illinois: C. C. Wimbish (D)
Indiana: Robert Brokenburr (R)
State Representative
California: Augustus Hawkins (D)
Illinois: Corneal Davis (D); Charles J.
Jenkins (R) ; Charles Sykes (D);
Fred J. Smith (D) ; Edward A.
Walters (R)
Indiana: Jesse Dickinson (D); Wilbur

Grant (R) ; James S. Hunter (D)
Kansas: William H. Towers (R)
New Jersey: J. Otto Hill (R)
New York: William T. Andrews (D);
Hulan E. Jack (D); William Prince
Ohio: Jacob Ashburn (R); David

Turpeau (R)

Pennsylvania: Homer S. Brown (D) :
D. W. Hoggard (D); Lee P. Myhan
(D) ; J. Thompson Pettigrew (D) ;
Thomas P. Trent (D)
Vermont: William J. Anderson (R)
Wisconsin: Leroy J. Simmons (D)
West Virginia: Fleming A. Jones, Jr.

Justice of the Peace

Lawrence, Kans.: Leroy Harris

Monmouth County, N. J. : F. Leon

Elected in 1945
State Representative
Kentucky: Charles W. Anderson, Jr.

City Councilman

Cincinnati, Ohio: Jesse O. Locker
Cleveland, Ohio: Charles V. Carr (D):

Harold T. Gassaway (R); Augustus

C. Parker (R)
Louisville, Ky. : Eugene S. Clayton


Maiden, Mass.: Herbert L. Jackson
New York City: Benjamin J. Davis,

Jr. (C)

Watonga, Okla. : A. W. Russworm

Cleveland, Ohio: Perry B. Jackson,

municipal court
Philadelphia, Pa.: William A. Byrd,

Sr., member, minor judiciary

Elected in 1946

Representative, U. S. House of Rep-

Illinois: William L. Dawson (D)
New York: Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.


State Senator
Illinois: C. C. Wimbish (D)
Indiana: Zilford Carter (R)
Michigan: Joseph Brown (D)
Ohio: Harry E. Davis (R)
State Representative
Colorado: Earl Mann (R); O. C. Ab-

ernathy (D)

Illinois: Corneal A. Davis (D); Fred
J. Smith (D); Charles M. Sykes

(D); Charles J. Jenkins (R); Ed-
ward A. Welters (R)
Indiana: Wilbur Grant (R)
Kansas: William H. Towers (R)
Massachusetts: Lawrence H. Banks

Missouri: James M. Neal (D) ; J. C.

Bush (R); William Massingale (D) ;

J. C. Thomas (R)
New Jersey: J. Otto Hill (R)
New York: William T. Andrews (D);

Hulan Jack (D) ; William Prince

(D); Harold A. Stevens (D)
Ohio: William B. Saunders (R);

Francis E. Young (R) ; David D.

Turpeau (R)
Pennsylvania: Homer S. Brown (DV,

Howard M. Henry (R) ; Lewis W.

Mintess (R); Clarence M. Smith

(R); Edwin F. Thompson (R); Wil-
liam A. Upshur (R)
Vermont: William J. Anderson (R)
West Virginia: Fleming A. Jones, Jr.

Citv Councilman

Maiden, Mass.: Herbert L. Jackson
New York City: Benjamin J. Davis,

Jr., (C)

Oak Ridge, Tenn.: Robert Judkins
Sewanee, Tenn.: Rayford L. Bailey
County Commissioner

Cook County, 111.: Edward M. Sneed

Wyandotte County, Kans.: Fred

White (R)
Member, Sanitary District Trustee


Cook County, 111.: J. B. Martin (R)

St. Louis, Mo.: J. G. Dixon (R),

Third District

St. Louis, Mo.: William A. Morant

(R), Third District

List of Negroes Receiving
Outstanding Appointive Positions
(City and State) 1940-1946

Appointed in 1940

William Bailey, Jr., Asst. State
Chemist, Dept. of Agriculture, Iowa

S. J. Battle, Member Parole Commis-
sion, New York City

Charles C. Hawkins, Research As-
sociate, Natl. Center for Safety
Education, New York City

Freddie L fc Hawkins, Member, State
Tax Commission, Iowa

Charles H. Mahoney, Commissioner,
Dept. of Labor and Industry, Mich.

Henry J. McGuinn, Member, Hous-
ing Authority, Richmond, Va.

Herbert E. Millen, Asst. Director of
Public Safety, Philadelphia, Pa.

J. Thonjas Newsome, Commissioner
in Chancery, Newport News, Va.

Miles A. Paige, Special Sessions
Judge, New York City

Henry Robinson, Senior Supv., Dept.
of Liquor Control, Ohio

Charles A. Roxborough, Member,
State Appeal Board of Unemploy-
ment Compensation, Mich.

Floyd H. Skinner, Asst. Atty. Gen-
eral, Mich.

Fred W. Slater, Asst. Commissioner,
Illinois Commerce Commission

J. Dalmus Steele, City Marshal, New
York City



W. Ellis Stewart, Member, Chicago
Planning Commission, 111.

Darwin B. Telesford, Secretary to
State Supreme Court Justice Ben-
jamin F. Schreiber, New York

Leon Washington, Member,, Imjnigra-
tion Housing Commission, Calif.

Appointed in 1941

Warren Anderson, Member, State
Board of Education, Ind.

J. T. Canady, Asst. City Physician,
Portsmouth, Va.

Golden B. Darby, Area Supervisor,
Metropolitan Delinquency Preven-
tion Division, Dept. of Public Wel-
fare, 111.

Hubert T. Delany, Member, Board
of Governors, College of the City
of New York

David M. Grant. Asst. Circuit Court
Atty., St. Louis, Mo.

John B. Hall, Jr., District Health
Supt., Dept. of Public Health, 111.

J. Raymond Henderson, Member,
Bureau of Recreation, New York

Cornelius Henderson, Member, Na-
tional Defense Commission, Mich.

Harrison H. Hollie, Asst. Prosecut-
ing Atty., Mo.

Edwin L. Jefferson, Municipal Judge,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Fleming A. Jones, Field Claims In-
vestigator, Dept. of Workmen's
Compensation, West Va.

Graham T. Perry, Asst. Atty. Gen-
eral, 111.

Robert Queen, Asst. City Counselor,
Trenton, N. J.

Willard B. Ransom, Asst. to Atty.
General, Ind.

Sidney R. Redmond, Special Asst.
City Counselor, St. Louis, Mo.

Fred C. Violet, Deputy Boxing Com-
missioner, N. Y. State Athletic
Appointed in 1942

Elmer A. Carter, Member, New York
State War Council

E\mice H. Carter, Deputy Asst., Ad-
olescent Offenders Research Bureau,
District Atty's Office, New York

Frank R. Crosswaith, Member, New
York Housing Authority

John A. Davis, Labor Discrimination
Inspector, Field' Staff, Committee
on Discrimination in Employment,
New York City

Hubert T. Delaney, Judge, Domestic
Relations Court, New York City

Perry B. Jackson, Judge, Municipal
Court, Cleveland, Ohio

Orrin G. Judd, Member, Board of
Higher Education, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Francis E. Rivers, Asst. District
Atty., New York City

G. Bruce Robinson, Asst. Atty. Gen-
eral, Mass.

Helen G. Russell, Bailiff, Women's
Court, Chicago, 111.

Henry A. Stratton, Medical Inspector,
Public Schools, Philadelphia, Pa.

James M. Yeargan, Deputy Asst.,

New York City
Appointed in 1943

John H. Bosshard, Member, War Rec-
ords Commission, N. J.
Homer S. Brown, Member, Board of
Education, Pittsburgh, Pa.

John M. Dabney, Member, Defense

Council, Newark, N. J.
Frank Forbes, Judge, Staff of State

Athletic Commission, N. Y.
Walter A. Gordon, Member, State
Board of Prison Terms and Paroles,

Wade H. Hammond, Member, State
Planning Committee on Housing,

Hilmar Jensen, War Records Com-
mission, N. J.

Conrad A. Johnson, Asst. Atty. Gen-
eral, N. Y.

C. B. Powell, Member, State Ath-
letic Commission, N. Y.
Francis E. Rivers, Justice, City-
Court, New York City
Appointed in 1944

Bertram L. Baker, Confidential In-
spector for the Borough, Brooklyn,
N. Y.

Walter M. Beekman, Member, Com-
mittee on Discrimination, State
War Council, N. Y.
George A. Blakey, Asst. Atty. Gen-
eral, 111.
Matthew W. Bullock, Chairman,

State Parole Board, Mass.
Eunice H. Carter, Asst. District

Atty., New York City
Bertha J. Diggs, Secretary, Dept. of

Labor, N. Y.
Georgia J. Ellis, Asst. Corporation

Counsel, Chicago, 111.
Marie C. Ferguson, State Parole Of-
ficer, 111.
Robert H. Miller, State Parole Officer,

Irwin C. Mbllison, Member, Board of

Education, Chicago, 111.
Lamar Perkins, Asst. Atty. General,

N. Y.

Francis E. Rivers, Senior Asst. Dis-
trict Atty., New York City
Noah C. A. Walker, Member, Indus-
trial Board, N. Y.

George W. Warrick, Supt., City Ref-
use Collection Dept., St. Louis, Mo.
Charles N. Williams, Probation Of-
ficer, 6th District Court, Rhode
Appointed in 1945

Edward Bernacker, Hospital Commis-
sioner, New York City
St. Clair T. Bourne, Director of Pub-
licity, State Dept. of Labor, N. Y.
Sidney P. Brown, MenVber, Board of

Education, Chicago, 111.
John J. Congo, City Building In-
spector, St. Louis, Mo.
Elvin L. Davenport, Asst. Prosecut-
ing Atty., Detroit, Mich.
Hubert T. Delany, Judge, Domestic

Relations Court, New York City
Walter A. Gordon, Chairman, Adult

Authority Board, Calif.
Howard D. Gregg, Member, State

Board of Education, Del.
W. J. Kennedy, Member, State Rec-
reation Commission, N. C.
T. Raymond Jones, Secretary to Com-
missioner of Board of Elections,
New York City

Harold J. Lett, Asst., Executive
Staff, Anti-Discrimination Council,
N. J.

Eddie L. Nelson, Automobile Investi-
gator, Springfield, 111.



Grant Reynolds, Member, State Com-
mission of Correction, N. Y.

Lebron Simmons, Asst. Prosecuting
Atty., Detroit, Mich.

Ernest Stebbins, Health Commis-
sioner, New York City.

O. M. Travis, Member, State Board
of Education, Ky.

Edward A. Watts, Sr., Member, Legal
Staff, Labor Relations Board, N. Y.

Phillip Watson, Asst. Atty. General,

N. Y.
Appointed in 1946

Charles W. Anderson, Jr., Asst. Com-
monwealth's Atty., Ky ?

Charles Crampton, Asst. to Secretary
of Health, Pa.

Norman O. Houston, Member, State
Boxing Commission, Los Angeles,

J. Raymond Jones, Deputy Commis-
sioner of Housing and Buildings,
New York City

Clarence M. Long, Member, Board of
Education, New Rochelle, N. Y.

Charles Matthews, Member, Police
Commission, Los Angeles, Calif.

Ralph Metcalf, Member, Mayor's
Commission on Human Relations,
.Chicago, 111.

;3. E. Mitchell, Member, State Board
f Education, Mo.

Pauli Murray, Deputy Atty. General,

*C. B. Powell, Member, State Athletic
Commission, N. Y.

-Vernon G. Riddick, Magistrate, City
Court, New York City

List of Negroes Receiving Outstanding
Federal Appointments, 1940-1946

(Unless otherwise indicated, locale
is Washington, D. C.)

Appointed in 1940

Charles L. Franklin, Economist, So-
cial Security Board

Truman K. Gibson, Jr., Asst. Civilian
Aide, War Dept.

Charles M. Hanson, Inspector, Wages

and Hours Div., Dept. of Labor
-William H. Hastie, Civilian Aide to

the Secretary of War
'T. Arnold Hill, Asst. Director, Di-
vision of Negro Affairs, National
Youth Administration

;Frank S. Home, Acting Special Asst.,
in charge of Race Relations, U. S.
Housing Authority

*Campbell C. Johnson, Executive Asst.
to Selective Service Director

Emmer Lancaster, Special Advisor to
the Commerce Dept.

Arnett G. Lindsay, Works Progress
Administration, Supv. of Negro

Ralph E. Mizelle, Atty. in the Solici-
tor's Offlc.e, Post Office Dept.

Pauline Redmond, Asst. Information
Specialist, National Youth Admin-

Cuthbert P. Spencer, Asst. District
Supervisor, 1940 U. S. Census, New

tChanning H. Tobias, To Advise and
Assist in Selective Service Train-

William J. Trent, Jr., Racial Rela-
tions Office in Personnel Div., Fed-
eral Works Agency

Robert C. Weaver, Administrative
Asst. to Advisory Committee on
National Defense
Appointed in 1941

W. H. Dabney, Asst. to State Works
Progress Administration Adminis-
trator, Mass.

Augustus Daly, Deputy Collector of
Internal Revenue, 3rd District,
N. Y.

Eugene Davidson, Investigator, Fair
Employment Practice Committee

William H. Dean, Jr., Consultant
on Location of Industry, National
Resources Planning Board

Earl B. Dickerson, Member, Fair Em-
ployment Practice Committee

Crystal B. Fauset, Director, Racial
Relations Office of Civilian Defense

G. James Fleming, Investigator, Fail-
Employment Practice Committee

Truman K. Gibson, Jr., Asst. to Ex-
ecutive Secretary, Fair Employment
Practice Committee

Elmer W. Henderson, Field Repre-
sentative, Fair Employment Prac-
tice Committee

William E. Hill, Special Asst., U. S.
Housing Authority

George M. Johnson, Asst. Executive
Secretary, Fair Employment Prac-
tice Committee

W. Robert Ming, Member of the Staff,
Office of Price Administration

Curtis P. Mitchell, Junior Atty., Fed-
eral Works Agency

Thomas N. Roberts, Special Asst. to
Personnel Director, Dept. of Agri-

Arthur A. Taylor, Asst. U. S. Atty.,
Southern District of N. Y.

Robert Taylor, Housing Consultant,
Office of the Defense Housing Co-

Channing H. Tobias, Member, Joint
Army and Navy Committee on Wel-
fare and Recreation

Herman A. Washington, Special
Asst., U. S. Housing Authority

Robert C. Weaver, Advisor to War
Production Board on Negro Labor

Milton P. Webster, Member, Fair
Employment Practice Committee

Donald Wyatt, Asst. Racial Relations

Officer, Federal Works Agency
Appointed in 1942

William D. Alexander, Information
Specialist, Office of Facts and

Claude A. Barnett, Special Asst. to
Secretary of Agriculture

Theodore M. Berry, Liaison Officer,

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