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pounded. He will derive no benefit from the assist-
ance that has been given him. The Outawats, to
whom every kindness had been shown, would not
take any of his packages or any of his people in their
canoes. The brother, who had embarked in a canoe
belonging to some savages of another tribe, was
compelled to return after 2 Days' absence. We are
very anxious about the Fathers, for one of them was
compelled to embark without any provisions, even
without altar-bread and without wine wherewith to
say mass; while the other had only enough provi-
sions for 8 days, although the journey is one of 500
leagues. Truly may they be called the children
of Providence.

Next spring another attempt will be made to reach
the North sea notwithstanding the great difficulties
that have already been experienced.

Monsieur de Tracy sails in 3 days to return to
France. . . . The troops remain, and the King
again sends us, this year, 350 laboring men, and 60
girls, to populate the country. This is an expense


faire passer des chevaux et des brebis comme il fit
d6jk il y a 2 ans. s'il continue encore ce secours au
Canada pendant q. ann6es comme il a promis le pays
changera bien-tost de face. Le monde s'y multiplie
2 fois autant qu'en France pour le moins. Le meil-
leur est qu'il y a quantity de sauvages k instruire. Si
la paix dure avec les Iroquois il ne faudra pas moins
de 20 missionnaires parmi eux. L'on en demande
6 pour I'an prochain et deux de nos freres.

Trois des nostres sont partis pour les Agnierone-
rons avec une joie inexplicable. 3 vont aux Algon-
quins superieurs; 3 autres sont nomm6s pour les
Iroquois d'en haut. Nous ne sommes plus que
quatre qu'on y puisse envoy er.

[Endorsed : Extrait d'une lettre du P. Th. Besche-
fer qui depuis un an est incommode d'un flux
hepatique qui I'a empesche d'aller aux Iroquois.]


of 50,000 livres, besides 1,000 which he gives to send
out horses and sheep, as he has already done, 2 years
before. If he should continue to grant such assist-
ance to Canada during several years, as he has
promised, the aspect of the country will soon change.
The people multiply here at least twice as fast as in
France. The best of all is, that there are numbers
of savages to teach. If peace with the Iroquois
should last, not less than 20 missionaries will be
needed among them. They ask for 6 for next year,
and two of our brethren.

Three of ours have started for the country of the
Agnieronerons, with inexplicable joy; 3 are going
to the upper Algonquins ; 3 others are assigned to
the upper Iroquois. But four of us remain who can
be sent there.

[Endorsed: " Extract from a letter of Father
Thiery Beschefer, who for a year has been troubled
with a flow of bile, which has prevented him from
going to the Iroquois country."]


Journal des Peres Jesuites, es annees
1666 at 1667.

lANUIER 1666.

gour. en guerre. ¥ E (f. Monsieur le gouuerneur part pour
I J la guerre auec enuiron une centaine de
francois du Pais.
Le 10. II part de Sillery.
Le 15. II ariue au cap, ou il donne ordre
aux troupes qui le doiuent accompagner.

Le 16. il ariue aux trois Riuieres, il
trouue que Monsieur Boucher y a donn6 ordre
a tout.

le 18. II en part auec 80. soldats 4. officiers
et 45. habitans, enfans du pais & volontaires.
le 29. II part du fort S^ Louys, auec 500
a 600. hommes en tout.

Le 30 II part du fort s*^. Terese.


retour d'annier sans Le 1 7. Mons*". le gouuerneur retourne a
quebec en bonne sante, faute de guide n'ayant
pas un des Algonquins auec soy il a pris
la route de la nouuelle bollande au lieu
d'Anni^e; deux cabanes iroquoises enleu6es
au pres d'vne bourgade hoUandoise a 6. lieues
d' orange, outre 4. Iroquois tuez en escarmou-
chant dans la campagne 6 frangois y sont


1664-67] JOURNAL DES PP. /^SUITES 181

Journal of the Jesuit Fathers, in the years
1666 and 1667.

JANUARY, 1666.

THE gth. Monsieur the governor leaves The governor goes
for the war, with about one hundred of ^^ '^'^^'

the frenchmen of the Country.

The loth. He started from Sillery.

The 15th. He arrived at the cape, where
he gave orders to the troops who are to ac-
company him.

The 1 6th. He arrived at three Rivers,
where he found that Monsieur Boucher had
given orders about everything.

The 1 8th. He departed thence with 80 sol-
diers, 4 officers, and 45 habitans who are
natives of the country and volunteers.

The 29th. He left fort St. Louys with 500
or 600 men in all.

The 30th. He left fort ste. Terese.


The 17th [of March]. Monsieur the gov- Return from annier
ernor returned to quebec in good health. without success.
Through want of a guide, as he had not a
single Algonquin with him, he took the road
to new holland instead of to Anniee. Two
iroquois cabins were captured, near a dutch
town 6 leagues from orange. In addition, 4
Iroquois were killed while skirmishing over



algonquins font
manquer Le coup.

prouisions derobies.

P. Raffeix En

60. marts de faint.

faute rejettie sur
Les lesuites.

demeures. ce que dessus ariua le 20 feurier
vn samedy. il pleut toute la nuit que Ton
passa sur le lieu, auec tout le dimanclie que
Mons*". le gouuerneur eut diuers entretiens
auec le commanda^ hollandois. on rendit a
sa soUicitation vne vieille, et vn ieune gargon
metife redemande par son oncle hollandois:
le dimanclie au soir on decampa auec precipi-
tation on marcha toute la nuit et vne partie
du lundy. le soir on rencontra les Algon-
quins enuiron 30 que I'y yurongnerie auoit
arrestez en chemin, ils apporterent quelque
soulagement aux troupes par la chasse.

Mons'". le gouuerneur se trouua^ tantost a la
fin de ses viures estant vers le milieu du lac
de champlain enuoya querir une cache de
prouisions, ou le P. Rafeix et Boquet auoit
laiss6 aussy quelques viures en tout enuiron
pour 80II. on trouua que tout auoit est6

Le 8. Mars Mons"". le gouuerneur ariua au
fort s*. Louys. Plusieurs sont morts de faim :
on n'en scait pas encor le nombre; plus de
60. onnontio a eu prise auec le P. Albanel,
qui est au fort s\ Louys ou il fait fonctions
curiales, 1* accusant d'auoir retard^ expres les
Algonq. ce qui s'est trouu6 n'estre pas vray;
mais, coe il n'estoit pas satisfait, il cherchoit
a ietter la faute sur les lesuites. Passant par
les trois Riuieres: mon pere, dit-il au P.



the country; 6 frenchmen fell there. The
above happened on the 20th of february, a
Saturday. It rained during the whole night
that they passed at that spot, and throughout
Sunday, when Monsieur the governor had
various interviews with the dutch comman-
dant. At his request, the French gave up an
old woman, and a young half-breed boy who
was claimed by his uncle, a dutchman. On
the Sunday evening they hastily raised camp,
and marched during the whole night and a
portion of monday. In the evening they met
the Algonquins, about 30 in number, whose
drunkenness had detained them on the road.
They brought some relief to the troops by
supplying game.

Monsieur the governor found his provisions
almost exhausted, when he was near the
middle of lake champlain; he sent men to
look for a cache of provisions, where Father
Rafeix and Boquet had left some food, to the
value of about 80 livres in all. Everything
was found to have been stolen.

On the 8th of March, Monsieur the gov-
ernor arrived at fort st. Louys. Many died of
hunger ; the number is not yet known, but it
was over 60. Onnontio had a dispute with
Father Albanel, who is at fort st. Louys,
where he officiates as cure. He accused the
Father of having purposely delayed the
Algonquins, which proved to be untrue.
But, as he was not satisfied, he tried to cast
the blame upon the Jesuits. When he passed
by three Rivers, he said to Father Fremin ,

Algonquins cause

the failure of The


Provisions stolen.

Father Raffeix In

60 died of hunger.

Blame cast upon The


Fremin en Tembrassent, le suis le plus mal-
heureux gentilhomme du monde et c'est vous
autres qui estes la cause de mon malheur.

le 1 7. II ariua heureusement a Quebeck ; II
attribua d'abort toute la faute de cette expedi-
tion aux peres, qui auoient disoit il arrest^ les
sauuages &c. parlant en particulier "k Mons"^.
de Tracy et a Mons*". L'Intendant ce qu'il dit
la dessus, (selon que nous I'auons appris de
Mens''. d'Auteil) fit grande impression sur
Le ig. I'esprit du dernier. Le iour de s^ losepb il

fit ses deuotions, et se confessa a son confes-
P. chatellain son seur ordinaire, qui est le P. Chastellain ; ayant
^^' quelque temps este en doute s'il ne se confes-

seroit point a un autre.

les. Justifies par &'c. Monseigneur de Tracy, luy ayant temoign6
quelque satisfaction de sa marche il semble
auoir change de pens^e ; de fait il ny a aucun
fondement de croire que le P. Albanel ayt
arrest^ un moment les sauuages, selon que la
proteste Mons^. de Normanuille, qui estoit
auec les sauuages.

Cson grale du M. De Ce mesme iour Monseig*". de Tracy fit sa
Tracy, co^on, confession generale de toute sa vie, communia
aux vrsulines, y presenta 3. beaux pains be-
nits deux louys d'or, tant au cierge qu'a la
queste, en tout 20 escus pour les meres vrsu-
lines, le P. Bardy en auoit escrit a Monseig*".
I'Euesque pour le luy faire trouuer bon. sed
nihil omnino responsi tulit.



while embracing him : ' * My father, I am the
most unfortunate gentleman in the world, and
you are the cause of my misfortune."

The 17th. He reached Quebeck safely. At
first he attributed the entire ill success of the
expedition to the fathers who, he said, had
stopped the savages, etc. He spoke privately
to Monsieur de Tracy and to Monsieur The
Intendant. What he said on the subject (as
we have learned from Monsieur d'Auteil)
produced a great impression on the mind of
the latter. On the feast of st. Joseph, he
performed his devotions, and confessed to his
usual confessor. Father Chastellain; he was
for some time in doubt whether he would
not confess to another.

Monseigneur de Tracy having expressed
some satisfaction respecting his expedition, he
seems to have changed his mind. In fact,
there is no foundation for the belief that
Father Albanel stopped the savages for a
moment, as Monsieur de Normanville, who
was with them, has protested.

On the same day, Monseigneur de Tracy
made a general confession of his whole life, and
received communion at the ursulines'. He
presented 3 fine loaves of blessed bread,
and two louis d'or, both at the offering of the
taper ^^ and at the collection — in all, 20 ^cus
for the ursuline mothers. Father Bardy had
written about it to Monseigneur the Bishop,
to induce him to approve it ; sed nihil omnino
responsi tulit.

The tgth.

Father chatellain
his Confessor.

Jesuits Justified by

General confession

oj Monsieur De




Pelerinage fameux
a Sainte anne.

Le 20 on nous mande des forts que la
plus part des soldats, qu'on croyoit perdus
reuiennent tous les iours.

le 24. 3. hurons, qui estoient allez aux trois
Riu. porter des cloux pour les basteaux re-
tournent aporta^ nouuelle qu'un fran9ois de
Mon-real est ariue aux trois Riu. disa^ que
16. sauuages d'oiogi^en y sont arriuez qu'ils
Mr de Courcelles viennent en ambassade. Monseig. de Tracy
reutntanre gard. j^'asseure que 1' esprit de Monsieur le gouuer-
neur est tout a fait remis a nostre esgard, et
qu'il se resouuient bien de I'auis, qu'il luy
auoit donn6 des cet este dans nostre all6e, de
ne se point broiiiller auec les robes noires.

Le 30. Monseigneur de Tracy, Mons*". le
Gouuerneur auec le P. Bardy vont en peleri-
nage a s*^. Anne ou le lendemain matin ils
font tous leurs deuotions au nombre de 30
personnes ou enuiron. la queste pendant la
messe y fut de 6811. ils furent de retour le
mesme iour.


P. gamier pretre. le 12. Le P. lulien gamier dit sa premiere
messe a six beures du matin dimanche de la
passion, assist^ du R. P. Lalemant.

Ce mesme iour et a cette occasion, nous
donnames a disner dans nostre sale, comme
au iour de S^ Ignace, a toutes les puissances,
et aux six capitaines qui estoient dans Quebec;
nous y assistames le P. Bardy et moy. la
compagnie estoit de seize personnes.


The 20th. We received word from the
forts that most of the soldiers who were
considered lost are coming in daily.

The 24th. 3 hurons who had gone to three
Rivers, to take nails there for the boats, re-
turned with the information that a frenchman
from Mon-real had arrived at three Rivers,
who said that 16 savages of oiogwen had
arrived there on an embassy. Monseigneur de Monsieur de
Tracy assured me that Monsieur the governor Courceiles changes
had completely altered his opinion respecting „ is opinion
us and that he remembered very well the
advice that he himself had given him last
summer in our avenue, not to quarrel with the
black gowns.

The 30th. Monseigneur de Tracy and Mon- Famous Pilgrimage
sieur the Governor, with Father Bardy, went ^^ Sainte anne.
on a pilgrimage to ste. Anne, where on the
following day they all performed their devo-
tions, to the number of 30 persons or there-
about. The collection during mass amounted
to 68 livres. They returned the same day.


The 1 2th. Father Julien gamier said his Father gamier, a
first mass, at six o'clock in the morning on priest.

passion sunday.^" He was assisted by Rev-
erend Father Lalemant.

On the same day, and on that occasion, we
gave a dinner in our reception-room, as on
the feast of St. Ignatius, to all the authorities,
and to the six captains who were at Quebec.
Father Bardy and I were present at it. The
company consisted of sixteen persons.


leres. Pierres de n

Eglise et



Le 19. le retourne de ma visite du Cap
de la Magdel. le 10^. iour de mon depart de
Quebec; I'y ay trouue tout en bon estat, tant
pour le spiritiiel, que pour le temporel.

Le 3 1 . Monseigneur de Tracy met la pre-
miere pierre de nostre Eglise, et de son auis
Monsieur le gouuerneur la premiere de la
premiere chapelle Mons*". L'Intendant la
premiere de la 2^^. chap. Mons*". le Baroys
de la part de Messieurs de la Comp^ la
premiere pierre du portail. Mons*". de
Charny en I'absence de Monseig. I'Euesque y a


le 4. Mons^. le Ber descendu de Mon-real,
aporte nouuelle de deux meurtres faits par les
Iroquois depuis 3. semaines tant a Mon-real
qu'au fort de Chambly.

Le 12. Monseig. I'Euesque retourne de sa
visite de Mon-real.
presents des hurons. Le 20. Les hurons nous font cinq presens
pour contribuer quelque chose a la bastisse de
n*"^ Eglise : entr'autres vn pour vn tableau qui
marque come ils ont embrass6 la f oy.

Le 23. La solemnity du feu de la s*. Jean
se fit auec toutes les magnificences possible,
Monseig''. L'Euesque reuestu pontifical ement
auec tout le clerge nos peres en surplis &c.
il presente le flambeau de cire blanche a

deux meurtres.




The 1 9th. I returned from my visit to Cap de
la Magdelaine, 10 days after my departure from
Quebec. I found everything in good order,
as regards both spiritual and temporal matters.

The 31st. Monseigneur de Tracy laid the
j&rst stone of our Church ; and, by his advice.
Monsieur the governor laid the first stone of
the first chapel ; Monsieur The Intendant that
of the 2nd Chapel; Monsieur le Baroys,^^ on
behalf of the Gentlemen of the Company, the
first stone of the portal. Monsieur de Charny
ofiiciated at this ceremony, in the absence of
Monseigneur the Bishop.


The 4th. Monsieur le Ber came down from
Mon-real, bringing the news of two murders
committed by the Iroquois within 3 weeks,
both at Mon-real and at fort Chambly.

The 1 2th. Monseigneur the Bishop re-
turned from his visit to Mon-real.

The 20th. The hurons gave us five pres-
ents, in order to contribute toward the build-
ing of our Church — among other things, for
a picture showing how they have embraced
the faith.

The 23rd. The solemnity of the bonfire
of St. John was celebrated with every possible
magnificence. Monseigneur The Bishop,
robed in pontifical vestments, was there with
all the clergy, and our fathers in surplices, etc.
He presented the torch, made of white wax,
to Monsieur de Tracy, who handed it back

ist Stones of our
Church and chapels.

Two tnurders.

Presents from the


/. these de phi':

Joliet et

Mr. Talon

p. Bechefer et Le sr

La Tesserie vont en

hollande ou a


Dedicace de La

prieres Ecouties.


Mons"". de Tracy qui le luy rend et 1' oblige a
mettre le feu le premier &c.


Le 2. Les premieres disputes de Philoso-
phie se font dans la congregation auec succez.
toutes les puissances s'y trouuent Mons''.
L'lntend^ entr'autres y a argument^ tres
bien ; Mons''. Joliet et Pierre Francheuille y
ont tres bien repondu de toute la logique.

Le 6. la barque de mons*". le ber ariue auec
24. Ambass. d'Onneiout, Auec les letres
d'orange, ils logent chez nous.

Le 7. on les escoute ils n'ont pas dit
grand chose.

Le 8. on leur repond, le P. Chaumonot
leur a dit de la part de Mons"". de Tracy toutes
leurs veritez en bons termes et d'une bonne
facon, on en retient quelques uns des princi-
paux, on renuoye le reste auec le P. Bechefer
qui va auec eux en ambassade a Orange
acompagn^ de Mons*". de la Tesserie pour
Interprete, et Boquet pour I'assister.

Le 1 1 . La dedicace de la paroisse se fait
auec toutes les solemnitez possibles.

Le 14. En suite des 40 heures pour obtenir
de la pluye apres un moys et plus d'une tres
grande secheresse, le dernier iour la pluye
aya*. commence dure 3 iours entiers et reme-
die a tout.

Le 17. Je recoy des letres du P. Nouuel



to him, and insisted upon his being the first
to light the fire, etc.


The 2nd. The first disputations in Phi-
losophy took place in the congregation, with
success. All the authorities were present.
Monsieur The Intendant, among others, made
a strong argument. Monsieur Joliet^^ and
Pierre Francheville replied very well, upon
the whole subject of logic.

The 6th. Monsieur le ber's bark arrived,
with 24 Ambassadors from Onneiout, bearing
letters from orange. They lodge with us.

The 7th. They were heard; they did not
say much.

The 8th. We answered them. Father
Chaumonot, on behalf of Monsieur de Tracy,
told them the whole truth about themselves, in
proper terms and in a proper manner. Some
of the chief men were detained, and the others
were sent back with Father Bechefer, who
goes with them to Orange, accompanied by
Monsieur de la Tesserie ^ as Interpreter, and
Boquet to attend him.

The nth. The ceremony of the dedication
of the parish church was performed with all
possible solemnity.

The 14th. In consequence of the 40 hours'
devotion for rain, after more than a month of
excessive drouth, rain began to fall on the
last day, and fell for 3 whole days; this
restored everything.

The 17th. I received letters, dated the

I St philosophical

thesis; Joliet and


Talon argues.

Father Bechefer and

sieur La Tesserie go

to Holland, or to


Dedication of The
parish church.

Prayers Heard.




fort st'. anne au Lac

ambassade arestie.

perfidie des holl.

Mr. de sorel.

du 13. qui mande que tout va bien il a bap-
tist tant aux Papinachiois qu'aux «mami«ec
45. petits enfans et 9 ou 10 adultes.

le 19. vne barque part pour les Isles

le 20. Nouuelle arriue des forts de la bas-
tisse du fort s*^. Anne dans le Lac champel-
lain dans vne Isle a 4 lieiie de I'emboucheure;
et en mesme temps de la mort de mons''. de
chasy tiie par les Annie, auec deux autres 4.
pris prisonniers, Entr'autres Mns*". de Leroles
cousin de Mons*". de Tracy: En suite de quoy
Tambassade du P. Becbefer est arrestee, tons
les onneib't redescendent a Quebec;

Le 22. on prend le dessein de renuoyer
dans le pais vn onneib't auec le sieur cousture
droit a la nouuelle hollande, pour faire plainte
du coup ariu6 non obsta^ les asseurances de
Treue qu ils nous auoient donn^e.

Le 24. le party de Mons*". sorel, qui sera
enuiron de deux cent francois et de 80 a 90.
sauuages; il doiuent marcher 4. ou 5. iour-
n6es apres Cousture. Nouuelle ariue que
Mons''. de lerole et 3. autres de sa troupe
ont est6 emmenez vif s :

Le 26. Nouuelle d'un vaisseau, dit le paon,,
laiss6 a 5. lieues en deca de Tadousac.

Le 28. le P. Becbefer Arriue des trois Riu.
auec les Ambassadeurs onnei^t qu'on reserre
dans le fort.



13th, from Father Nouvel, who writes that
all goes well; he has baptized, both among
the Papinachiois and the Oumamiwec, 45
little children, and 9 or 10 adults.

The 19th. A bark left for Isles perches.

The 20th. News has come from the forts
of the building of fort ste. Anne in Lake
champellain, on an Island 4 leagues from its
outlet ; and at the same time of the death of
monsieur de chasy, who, with two others, was
killed by the Annies ; 4 were made prisoners —
Among others, Monsieur de Leroles, a cousin
of Monsieur de Tracy. In consequence of
this, the embassy of Father Bechefer is
stopped, and all the onneiout are coming back
to Quebec.

The 22nd. It was resolved to send an on-
neiout back to that country with the sieur
cousture, straight to new holland, to com-
plain of the attack made in spite of the assur-
ances of a Truce that they had given us.

The 24th. Monsieur sorel's detachment
will consist of about two hundred french, and
80 or 90 savages. They are to march 4 or 5
days behind Cousture. News has come that
Monsieur de lerole and 3 others of his party
have been taken alive.

The 26th. News has arrived of a ship,
called the paon, that lies 5 leagues on this side
of Tadousac.

The 28th. Father Bechefer Arrived from
three Rivers with the onneiout Ambassadors,
who were again shut up in the fort.

The 31st. Father Bardy preached the

Fort ste. anne, at
Lake chatnple.'n.

Embassy stopped.

Treachery of the

Monsieur de sorel.



P. Bardy predicr.

Lep. Bruyas.

Reine mere morte.

Pere Et. de carheil.

Soott. donnees p M^.

de Tracy p^. vne des


P. And. Richard


M^. De Tracy de la


Le 3 1 , Le P. Bardy fait le sermon de s*^.
Ignace auec satisfact. de son auditoire.


le 3 . Nonnelle de 3 . nauires dans la Riuiere ;
de la Barque du s*". la motte du s^ loseph, on
sont le P. Bruyas et M''^. Elie. et de la s^^.
Catherine ou est le P. Estienne de Carheil.

Le 4. le 3^. iour que nostre Chapelle est
tendue de noir a I'occasion de la mort de la
Reine Mere, nous faisons pour elle a la
maniere de nostre Comp. un seruice le plus
solemnel que nous pouuons. toutes les puis-
sances y assistent.

Le 6. A dix heures du soir ariue le P. de
Careil, que nous anions enuoye querir dans
vn basteau

Nous receuons quatre cent 80II:. de Mons*".
de Tracy, pour commencer vne des chapelles
de nostre Eglise, n'ayant pas iuge a propos
de receuoir la d^ somme soubs le tiltre de la
pension du P. B. Bardy.

Le 11™^. le s^ lean ariua auec le P. Andr6

Le 13. vn seruice solemnel auec chapelle
ardente armoires en quantity &c. pour la Reine
defunte; le P. dablon fait I'oraison funebre
qui contenta fort.

Le 1 5 . Mons''. de Tracy a este receu a la
congregation, et a traitte et seruy luy mesme
les Malades de 1 hospital.



Ignatius, to the

sermon on the feast of st.
satisfaction of his audience.


The 3rd. News has come of 3 ships in the
River, of sieur la motte's Bark, of the si.
Joseph, — on which are Father Bruyas and
Master Elie, — and of the ste. Catherine, on
which is Father Estienne de Carheil.^^

The 4th. This is the 3rd day that our
Chapel is draped in black on account of the

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