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Lebanon County






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HE importance of placing in book form biographical history of repre-
sentative citizens — both for its immediate worth and for its value
to coming generations — is admitted by all thinking people; and
within the past decade there' has been a growing interest in this
commendable means of perpetuating biography and family genealogy.

That the public is entitled to the privileges afforded by a work of this
nature needs no assertion at our hands; for one of our greatest Americans has
said that the history of any country resolves itself into the biographies of its
stout, earnest and representative citizens. This medium, then, serves more
than a single purpose ; while it perpetuates biography and family genealogy,
it records history, much of which would be preserved in no other way.

In presenting the Biographical Annals of Leb.vnon County to its
patrons, the publishers have to acknowledge, with gratitude, the encourage-
ment and support their enterprise has received, and the willing assistance
rendered in enabling them to surmount the many unforeseen obstacles to be
met with in the production of a work of this character. In nearly every
instance the n.iaterial composing the sketches was gathered from those imme-
diately interested, and then submitted in tvpewritten form for correction
and revision. The volume, which is one of generous amplitude, is placed in
the hands of the public with the belief that it will be found a valuable addition
to the library, as well as an invaluable contribution to the historical literature
of the State of Pennsylvania.



Adams, Jacob G 62

Albright, Rev. Isaac H., Ph. D 179

AlKvein, John M 358

Arnold, Augustus P 765

Arnold, Charles F 689

Arnold Family 352

Arnold, George 352

Arnold, Henry L 344

Arnold, J. Adam 711

Arnold, John, J. S 730

Arnold, Lorenzo H 719

Arnold, Moses 764

Arnold, William J 718

Atkins, William T 229

Ault, William 90

Bachnian, Christian 183

Bachman Family 406

Bachman, George 183

Bachman, John A 419

Bachman, John Z 721

Baeshore, William H 679

Bahney, Adam 61

Balsbaugh, John A 520

Balsbaugh, John L 220

Barto, John 457

Bassler Family 354

Bassler, Capt. John H 353

Beattie, John, M. D 765

Beaver, C. Grove 348

Beaver Family 348

Becker Families loi, 214, 286. 415

Becker, J. Adam 503

Becker, Thomas L loi

Becker, Willoughby 286

Beckley, John A 318

Beckley, Joseph R., AI. D 211

Behm, Christian G 561

Behni, Alorris K 652

Behm. Rudolph 400

Behney, Cyrus L 474

Behny, D. II 612

Behny, Mrs. J 709

Behiiy, J. Frank 708

Behny, Mrs. PhoeI)e E 612

Bennetch Family ;^/2

Bennetch. J. Henry 371

Berst Family 221

Beshore, Peter 766

Betz, Jacob W 409

Bibighaus. Mrs. C. E 649

Bibighaus Family 650

Bierman, Hon. E. Benjamin 216

Bierman Family 216

Biever, Amos H 709

Binner, T. B 608

Black, John H. ( Annville) 24S

Black, John H 423

Blecker, Rev. A. 'M 495

Boeshore Family 759

Boeshore, Frank B 439

Boeshore, Jacob B 759

Bollinger, Levi R 4^3

Bollman Family 435

Bolman, John A 436

Bollman, Thomas J 436

Bollman, William H 437

Bomberger, A. S 511

Bomberger, Rev. Cyrus S 130

Bomberger Family I13

Bomberger. Henry S 714

Bomberger, John K 113


Boniberger, Levi K 475

Bordner. Daniel T 59

Bordner Family 59

Bower, A. H 294

Bower Family S37

Bower, Henry J.. AI. D 537

Bowman, Charles M 224

Bowman, J. Alfred 391

Bowman, John J 38

Bowman, Joseph 619

Bowman, j\Ioses L 38

Bowman, William J 599

Bowman. Zacharias A 380

Brecht. Samuel A.. M. D 559

Brendle, Abraham S 504

Brendle Family 505

Brightbill, Morris E 367

Brightbill, Samuel L 367

Bromer, Rev. Edward S 551

Brown. John H 204

Bnibacher. Ephraim 389

Brunner, William E 247

Bucher, Christian 126

Bucher Families 93, 152

Bucher, Henry 93

Bucher, T. Reily, ]M. D 152

Bucher, John C, M. D 637

Buck. David B 580

Burkey. James 602

Carpenter, Frederick 316

Carpenter, Reuben 744

Christ, Father Adam 615

Christ, Cyrus M 337

Christian, John D 172

Christian, Mrs. Mary A 172

Cilley, John H 376

Coleman, B. Dawson 3

Coleman Family I

Coleman, George Dawson i

Collins, Milton J., V. S 604

Corl, Harry L 309

Croll, Rev. P. C 34i

Deaner. H. Clay .3.39

Deffenbaugh, George R 612

Deppen, John C 296

Derr, Mrs. Caroline 289

Derr, G. B. M 411

Derr. William M 288

Dctweiler, W. Harry 384

Dewald, Joel 7S8

Dewald, Mrs Sarah 758

Dietz Family 271

Dietz, Harry 271

Dissinger, Aaron A 634

Dissinger, Edmund 275

Dissinger Family 301

Dissinger, Frank R 301

Dissinger, Joseph E 734

Dohner, Cyrus 430

Dohner Family 429

Dohner, Nimrod R 43°

Donges, Mrs. Cassia 648

Donges, George W 647

Donges, George W.. Jr 648

Donges, John A 282

Dubble, Joel 500

Dundore Family 613

Dundore, Jacob K 613

Eby, Ambrose M. . ^ 403

Eby, John M 403

Eby, Samuel 402

Ehrgood, Judge A. W 250

Ehrhorn, Mrs. Anna 408

Ehrhorn, George C. J 408

Ellis Family 146

Ellis. George W 146

Engle Family 512

Engle, Samuel F 51.2

Erb, Mrs. Celinda 223

Erb Family 222

Erb, Hiram L 222

Erb, Will H 541

Eshelman, Henry E 84

Euston, Henry T 552

Evans, Thomas 160

Fauber, Mrs. Ella L 459

Fauber, Thomas J 459

Feenian, Elias 739

Fegan, John W 151

Felterolf, Samuel 139

Fernslcr, Philip B 566

Fink, Charles M 654

Fisher, Rev. I. Calvin 584

FitzGerald, Capt. M. J 115

Fluck, Rev. J. Lewis 696

Forney, Jacob 277


Fox, Mrs. Helen 1 442

Fox, John 464

Fox, Samuel E 441

Frantz, Daniel A 251

Frantz, M. K in

Frantz, Theodore P 176

Fretz, Milton B., M. D 23 1

Fritz, Henry 396. 460

Funck Family 343

Funck, John K 343

Funck, Josiah 80

Funk, Aaron S 410

Gable Family 187

Gable, John F 188

Gable, John W 188

Garrett, Benjamin F 284

Garrett, George W 518

Garrett, Mrs. Maria S 284

Gassert, George 76

Gassert, William 448

Gates, Alfred 426

Gates, Alfred, M. D 652

Gates, John 481

(Jebhard, Edward 57S

Gebhard, Henry L 170

Gebhard, Miss Maria R 578

Geib, Mrs. Mary 443

Geib, Samuel 442

George, Charles H 609

Gerberich, Daniel P., M. D 168

Gerberich, Edwin T 592

Gerberich Family 168

Gerberich, Morris B., M. D 312

Gerberich, William 440

Gerhart, Hon. Conrad G 120

Gerhart Family 120. 749

Gerhart, Jacob G 749

Gerhart, Levi S 556

German, Charles L 741

Gettel, Josiah M 68

Gibble, Aaron 656

Gingrich, Christian, Sr 4S7

Gingrich, Christian C 548

Gingrich, Edward H., M. D 601

Gingrich Family 405

Gingrich, Henry B 375

Gingrich, John H 405

Gloninger, Andrew B., M. D 314

Gloninger Family 314

Gobin, Gen. John P. S 3

Gockley, Hon. Henry S 366

Greenawalt Family 176

Greider, A. L 412

Grittinger, Adam 272

Grittinger, Henry C 273

Groh, Abraham S 502

Groh, Christian 295

Groh, Israel W 159

Groh, John H 296

Groh, Mrs. Sabina E 159

Grove, Jacob W 293

Grove, Mrs. Pauline 294

Grumbine, Ezra, M. D 8

Grumbine, Lee L 48

Grumbine, Mrs. Roie (x\dams) 51

Guilford, Simeon 35

Guilford, William M., M. D 35

Haak Families 225, 525

Haak, Henry 225

Haak, Isaac B 467

Haak, Samuel 525

Harris, James A., M. D 702

Hartnian, Abner 1 522

Hartman, John W 401

Hartz, Elias H 199

Hartz, Levi 646

Hauck, Adam 70

Hauer, Mrs. Catherine 685

Hauer, Elmer E 73,

Hauer, Harvey T 542

Hauer, Mrs. Louisa 58

Hauer. Peter 189

Hauer, Samuel 58

Hauer, William H 685

Heagy, Jacob 390

Heilman Family 2^3

Heilman, Reuben 497

Heilman, Samuel P 233

Henry, Charles V 635

Henry Family 635

Herr, Abraham E 434

Herr Families 302, 445

Herr, John 445

Herr, Rudolph 30.5

Her , Samuel 508

Hershberger, Abraham 480

Hertzler, Daniel R 643

Hetrick, C. R 617


Hetrick, Valentine 707

Heverling, Cyrus 705

Hibshman Family 131

Hibshman, Joseph G 142

Hibshman, William H 131

High, Maurice F 174

Hitz, Cyrus 91

Hoelzle, Joseph 637

Hoelzle, Miss Mary A 637

Hoffman, Hon. Cyrus E 85

Holland, John A 597

Hood Family 499

Hood, James T 499

Home Family 186

Home, J. H., M. D 186

Horst, Abraham S 133

Horst, Andrew L 232

Horst, Mrs. Clara L 232

Horst Families 326, 428, 769

Horst, Franklin B 695

Horst, George H "JJ

Horst, Harry B 770

Horst, Henry B 4^8

Horst, Irwin 694

Horst, Jacob S 562

Horst, Joseph S 695

Horst, Peter 326

Horst, Samuel S 232

Houck, Alfred R i54

Houck, Frank F 514

Houck, Henry 154

Houck, Luther F 359

Huber, John 388

Hull, William F 610

Hunsicker, Frank W 688

Hunsicker, John 240

Hursh, J. B 416

Hutter, Dr. Edwin W 677

Hutter, Mrs. Elizabeth E 677

Illig, Andrew S 462

Illig, E. R 605

Illig Families 2:2<' 46-. 605

Illig, Hiram L 2>i

Imboden Family 134

Imboden, Philip L 482

Imboden, Samuel K 135

Imhof, John A 550

Johnston, Mrs. Hannah F 117

Johnston, Thomas S., D. D 117

Kalbach Families I43. 539, 543

Kalbach, Harrison 100

Kalbach, Isaac A 561

Kalbach, James 143

Kalbach, Joseph E 539

Kalbach, Nathaniel L 543

Kalbach, Miss Sarah R 561

Karch, Jacob B 276

Karch, Mrs. Mary A 276

Karch, Mrs. Minnie E 91

Kaufman, William H 720

Kegerreis Family 530

Kegerreis, Isaac 529

Kembel, George E 771

Kettering, Jacob 447

Kettering, John H 699

Kettering, Samuel 501

Killinger, Charles H 244

Killinger Family 242

Killinger, John H 280

Killmoyer, John 510

Kinports, Judge John H 17

Kinports, H. Lucian iS

Klein, Warren F., M. D 626

Kleiser, John 155

Klett, A. F 255

Kline, George W., Jr 22,

Kline, George W., Sr 23

Kline, Mrs. Martha W 24

Kline, Samuel M 589

Kline, Willoughby C, M. D 687

Klopp, Adam C 683

Klopp, Jerome 173

Knoll, Jonas L 253

Krall Family 582

Krall, John M 582

Kreider, Aaron S 333

Kreider, Abraham 292

Kreider, Andrew 328

Kreider, David 330

Kreider, David A 45

Kreider Families 43, 94. 106, j,z'&

Kreider, Harry C 692

Kreider, Henry H 331

Kreider, Henry S 321

Kreider, Bishop Jacob K 95

Kreider, Joseph H 2,t,2

Kreider, Joseph L 106


Kreider, Tobias K ^~s

Kreider, William H 46

Kreider, William L 43

Kreiser, Elias B 3(3^

Kreiser Family 362,

Kramer, Dr. Edward P 748

Kremer, Franklin W., D. D 740

Krum, Calvin D 489

Krum Family 489

Kurtz, j\Iiss Anna 533

Kurtz, Benjamin 532

Kurtz, Miss Eliza 533

Landis, David U 737

Landis, Jacob 567

Landis, John M 638

Landis, J\L D 620

Lantz, Cyrus R 19

Lauck, Joseph F 700

Layser, David P 725

Leininger, P. F 350

Lenig, Charles A 645

Lerch, Adam G 3O1

Lerch Family 361

Lerch, John H 6g [

Leslie, Cyrus H., M. D 408

Light, Adam H 319

Light, Christian H 281

Light, Daniel S 724

Light, David 579

Light, Dawson L 564

Light Families 236, 264. 554

Light, Grant S 630

Light, Harry H 112

Light, Hezekiah 394

Light, Ira J. (Lebanon) 733

Light, Ira J. (Schaefferstown) b},2

Light, Jacob H 451

Light, Jacob K 554-

Light, Jeremiah B 509

Light, John H 642

Light, John K 762

Light, Joseph E 421

Light, Joseph J., M. D 631

Light, Nathaniel 650

Light, Nimrod 265-

Light, Samuel E 289

Light, Samuel L 238

Light, Seth 629

Light, Simon P 533

Light, Stephen A 266 •

Lineaweaver Family 53

Lineaweaver, Thomas T 54

Long, Cyrus P 370

Long Family 703

Long, Henry L 622

Long, Philip S 703

Longenecker, Harry G 752

Loose, Adam 528

Loose, Harry B 761

Lord, James 371

Louser Family 568

Louser, Harry G 731

Louser, Henry 71

Louser. Jacob E 71

Louser, John 7 [

Louser, John H 568

JMcCurdy, Elmer E 293

AlcCurdy Family 299

McGovern, Charles S 768

McGovern, James F 545

McNair, Mrs. Catherine E 434

McNair, Franklin L 1.33

Mack, J\lrs. John J 277

i\Ianbeck, Edward K 496

Manbeck, Mrs. Elmira 497

Mark, Col. John U 28

:\larshall, Edwin B., M. D 571

Marshall, Joseph B., M. D 571

Alaulfair, Augustus 346

Maulfair, Daniel 346

Maulfair, Homer D 713

Meily, Judge Frank E 24

Meily, Harry S., M. D 364

Meily, John 320

;\Ieiser Family 469

Meiser, George S 469

Mengel, Edmund W 740

Meyer, David H 583

Meyer, Henry D 722

Millard, Jacob B 692

Miller, Abraham H 256

Miller, Adam B 258

Miller, Charles L., M. D 195

Miller, David W 194

Miller, Edward W 536

Miller Family 192, 256

Miller, Franklin T 488

Miller. Grant L 261


Miller, Harry lAl 196

Miller, Henry 193

Miller, Isaac V 97

Miller, J. Henry 197

Miller, John P 284

Miller, Samuel B 621

Mish Family 74

Mish, John W 74

Mock, Franklin 549

Mock, John H 411

Mock, Peter B 279

Moore, Andrew P 165

Moore, Daniel S 156

Moore, Edward 66

Moore Families 66, 156, 161, 586

Moore, John M 586

Moore, Jonathan W 163

Moore, Mrs. Lizzie 157

Moore, Michael M 161

Mosser, Aaron W 485

Moyer, Gabriel H 653

Moyer, Major H. P 136

Muth, H. M 651

Newgard, Fliram G 633

Newhard, James J 369

Newhard, Mrs. Valeria S 369

Nissley, Jacob 493

Noel, Hon. William J 598

Oberholtzer Family 5^5

Oberholtzer, Jacob F 515

Oberholtzer, John B 184

Oltenbuerstel, Henry T 737

Olwine, Daniel 655

Olwine, John H 313

Page, Rev. John M 335

Painter Family 379. 5o6

Painter, Jacob H 506

Painter, Joseph M 379

Parthemore, Jacob 395

Patschke, Benjamin F 565

Patschke. William 103

Peiffer, Henry 574

Peiffer, James F 603

Peiffer, Samuel S 706

Pfannkuch, Henry 738

Rank, David F 167

Rank, David S 209

Rauch, Bernhard 47

Rauch, John B 521

Rauch, Miss Margaret J 47

Ream, Alfred G 291

Ream, T. Frank 686

Rebstock, David 263

Rehfuss, Abraham 753

Relnoehl Family 56

Reinoehl, George H 356

Reinoehl, John K., A. M.. M. D 42

Reinoehl, Tobias 56

Reinoehl, Mrs Mary A 357

Rex, Cyrus 72

Rex Family 7-

Richards Family 10

Richards, Lieut. Henry M. M 10

Ricker Family 107

Ricker, Samuel 107

Riegel, Samuel 227

Rigler, Albert C 383

Rigler Family 382

Rise, Adam 32

Rise, Jacob L 33

Rise, William S 215

Risser, Abraham L 704

Risser Family 205

Risser, John S 205

Risser, Samuel S 325

Risser, Ulysses G., M. D 657

Ritcher, Abner A 641

Roberts, Mrs Mary 756

Roberts, Tobias 756

Rodearmel, John R 229

Roller, Michael 717

Roop, Rev. Hervin U., A. B., A. M.,

Ph. D 47^

Rover, Nathan H 600

Rummel, A. S 420

Salem United Brethren Church 180

Samler, Louis 538

Sanders, Samuel 157

Saylor, Clayton P 175

Savior, David L 334

Saylor Family 175

Schaefifer, Mrs. Emma S 562

Schaeffer, Thomas J 561

Schantz Family 244

Schantz, Rev. Franklin J. F., D. D.... 244


Schmaltz, Edward 140

Schmaltz Family 140

Schmaiik, Rev. Theodore E., D. D. . . . 25

Schock, Mrs. Emma J 625

bchock, George B 625

Schropp, Adam B = fq

See, Richard J 7

Seibert, Mrs. Amanda 214

Seibert Family 213

Seibert, George U 213

Seibert, George W., J\I. D 450

Seidle, C. N 381

Seltzer, Col. A. Frank 18

Shaak Family 95

Shaak, Reuben A 95

Sheaf, John B 74^

Sheaffer, William 61S

Shenk, Christian 304

Shenk, David 478

Shenk Family 88

•Shenk, Henry 88

Shenk, Jacob M 104

Shenk, John H in

Sherk Family 63

Sherk, John H 716

Sherk, John K 63

Shindel Family 660

Shindel, Col. Jacob 665

Shindel, Col. Jacob A 672

Shindel, Lieut. Jay M ■ 673

Shindel, Hon. John 667

Shindel, John Peter 662

Shirk, Howard C 682

Shneider, Charles 745

Sholly, Henry J 229

Shoop, Monroe F 698

Shope, Jacob B 535

Shugar, Mrs. Catharine 361

Shugar, John H 360

Shultz, Abner W., :\I. D 374

Siegrist Family 2>i7

Siegrist, Henry W ZZl

Smith, Augustus S., }*I. D 27S

Smith, Henry 729

Smith, Jacob 578

Smith, Joseph .\ 631

Smith, Simon P 135

Smith, William H. H 351

Suavely, Henry C 527

Snyder, Christian H 736

Sowers, Edwin U 268

Sowers, Joseph A 267

Spahn, William H 572

Spang, George H 306

Spang, George T 309

Spangler Family 1 19

Spangler. Michael 119

Spangler, rhoui.is G 323

Spannuth, Aaron G 558

Spayd, Daniel K 627

Sprecher Family 51

Sprecher, John S 51

Staeger, Jacob W 735

Stager Family 491

Stager, Jonas H. W 491

Stabler, Rev. William E., D. D 476

Stambaugh, Mrs. Emma E 393

Stambaugh, Samuel C 392

Stauffer, Abraham G 547

Stauffer, A. S 748

Stein Family 86

Stein, Thomas S 86

Steiner, Aaron H 261

Steiner, George H 340

Stiner, Levi 570

Stohler, John B 273

Stoner, Augustus D 305

Stoner, Mrs. Susan 306

Strack Family 149

Strack, George M 149

Strickler, Cyrus F 424

Strickler Family 425

Strickler, Monroe J. 256

Strohm Family 437

Strohm, J. M., RL D 437

Strohman. Joseph 743

Swonger, John J 404

Swope. A. P 588

Swope, Davilla 396

Swope, Edwin S 575

Thomas, John H 171

Thompson, Pierce H 624

Tice, Andrew iiS

Tice, David 55

Tice, William P 483

Trabert. J. William, M. D 393

Trautman Family 398

Trautman, ^\'illiam G 397

Uhrich, George W 239


Uhrich, John 477

Uhrich, Mrs. Mary 240

Uhrich, Valentine D 431

Umbenhen, George 444

Umberger, Edmund R., M. D 127

Umberger, Henry G 128

Urich, Isaac K., M. D 385

van de Sande, William 148

Vogt, Aaron M 591

Wagner, Charles B., D. D. S 122

Walborn, Edward Z 422

Walborn, Noah P 471

Walter Family 144

Walter, John, M. D 144

Ward, Benjamin F 486

Warner, D. H., M. D 586

Weaver, Daniel 166

Weaver, William L 2,2"/

Weber Family 754

Weber, Misses Laura J. and Anna E. . . 756

Weber, Samuel 754

Weidman Family 200

Weidman, Grant 202

Weidman, Grant, Jr 203

Weigley Family 269

Weigley, John J 269

Weimer Family 64

Weimer, John A 66

Weimer, Lucian E 64

Weirick, Charles D 594

Weirick, John H 454

Weiss, Charles Z 312

Weiss, Henry S 310

Weiss, Samuel, M. D 40

Wenger Family 298

Wenger, John L 298

Wengert, John 576

Werner Family 639

Werner, Frank M 639

Westenberger, Rev. David 83

Westenberger, Henry B 715

Westenberger, Jacob 158

Westenberger, John A 681

Wilhelm, John H 524

Wilhelm, M. H 712

Wise, David F 456

Witman, Absalom M 432

Witmer, Charles K 31

Witmer, Frank B., M. D 452

Witmer, Peter B., A. M 30

Witmoyer, John H 453

Wittle, Samuel 767

Worth. Titus T 128

Yingst Family 386

Yingst, John A 386

Young. John 39

Young. IMrs. Mary A 40

Zeigler, Uriah C 465

Zeigler, Uriah C, Jr 466

Zerbe Family 98

Zerbe, Thomas T, M. D 98

Zimmerman, Miss Ann M 209

Zimmerman, Cyrus F '. . . 212

Zimmerman, Harry, D. D. S 460

Zimmerman, John G 563

Zimmerman, Peter 208

Zinn, Eli 585

Zinn Family 207

Zinn, George 207

Zinn, John 357

Zug Family 79

Zug, John L 79




GEORGE DAAVSON COLEMAN. With very few exceptions the busi-
ness of the city of Lebanon is carried on by descendants of old and worthy
famihes, whose individual members in their time were prominently identified
with the institutions of the county. Ever since the name of Lebanon was
attached to a county organization the family of Coleman has been through its
different members very prominently identified with the advancement and
progress for wdiich this section of the State is so distinguished.

Robert Coleman, the progenitor of the family in America, was one of
the most successful ironmasters in Lancaster county, Pa., during the latter
part of the eighteenth century, and was not only prominent in the business
world, but became a man of distinction in the public life of the State, having
been a member of the Pennsylvania Assembly as early as 1788. He was also
for many years associate judge of Lancaster county. ■ Robert Coleman was
born November 4, 1748, near Castlefin, in County Donegal, Ireland, and came
to this country in 1764, arriving at Philadelphia. He carried letters to Blair
McClanaghan and the Messrs. Biddle. who recommended him to Mr. Read,
then prothonotary of Reading, Pa., who employed him for two years. At
the end of that time he became a clerk for Peter Grubb, at Hopewell Forge,
with whom he remained six months, leaving to take a place at Quinttapahilla
Forge, near Lebanon, Pa., owned by James Old, who had large iron works
near Reading and Norristown for some time. Some time later, when Mr. Old
removed from Speedwell Forge to Reading Furnace, he took Mr. Coleman
with him, and they were associated in business for some years. While at the
Furnace ■Nlr. Coleman married Mr. Old's eldest daughter, and not long after-
ward he rented Salford Forge, near Norristown, where he continued for
three years. In 1776 he moved to Elizabeth Furnace, in Lancaster county,
which he first rented, afterward buying it gradually from the different members



of the firm who owned it — Stiegel, Stedman & Benezet. There he manu-
factured ammunition for the Government during the Revolutionary war, and
it is of interest to note that the iron chain which was stretched across the Dela-
ware river below Philadelphia, to prevent the approach of the British warships
at the time that city was threatened by Gen. Clinton, was manufactured by
him. He was the first of his family to obtain an interest in the ore bank of
Cornwall, Lebanon county, which he purchased from the Grubb family. Mr.
Coleman was a man possessed of a penchant for hard work, which, coupled
with fine business judgment, soon caused him to forge to the front as a lead-
ing man in the iron business. On October 4. 1773. he married Anne Old,
who was born May 21, 1756, and they had four sons. \\'illiam, Edward, James
and Burd. Mr. Coleman retired from business and removed to Lancaster in

Tames Coleman passed his life in the iron business in Lancaster and
Lebanon counties. He married a IMiss Dawson, of Philadelphia, who bore
him the following children : George Dawson ; Ann ; Sarah ; Harriet : and

George Dawson Coleman was btirn in Philadelphia January 13, 1825.
He received his preparatory education at Princeton. X. J., and then matricu-
lated at the Lmiversitv of Pennsylvania, Collegiate Department, from which
he graduated in 1843. Ii^ 1846. together with his brother Robert, he came to
Lebanon count v and erected the Xorth Lebanon Furnaces (the first anthra-
cite furnaces built in Lebanon county ) , where they began the manufacture of
pig-iron. The brothers owned together a 15-48 interest iii the Cornwall ore
deposit. In 1852 Robert withdrew from the firm, and from that time until
his death the North Lebanon Furnaces were owned and operated by George
Dawson Coleman, and were left intact to his heirs. During his life !Mr. Cole-
man was a successful and enterprising iron manufactiu'er, and was well and
favorablv known in that connection throughout the State. He was a large
stockholder in the Pennsylvania Steel Company, at Steelton, Dauphin county.
He was a warm supporter of the Go\ernment during the Civil war, and was
one of that noble band of capitalists who furnished the sinews of war freely,
and without whom the Go\-ernment could not have prosecuted a successful
fight against rebellion. He contributed liberally of his own means to the
organization and equipment of the difi^erent regiments from his section of the
State, and especial mention should be made of the Xinety-third Pennsylvania
Volunteers, which regiment he was instrumental in raising, contributing over
$10,000 for its equipment, and whose subsequent military career he watched
with intense interest and solicitude. He also gave liberallv to the assistance


of the widows and orplians uf thdse wlio fought in the ranks. 'Sir. Coleman
was an active member of the Sanitary Commission, and fre(|uentlv in person
distributed its stores upon the battleheld. He was deeply interested in and
clieerfuhy aided all movements tending to develop and improx'e the com-
munity. He was a member of the State Board of Charities from the time
of its organization, in 1869. and was president of the same at the time of his
death. For a number of years lie was president of the b'irst National Bank
of Lebanon. In his earlier life he was prominent in the political affairs of
the State, as a matter of duty serving during the Civil war in the State As-
sembly, and subsequenth' ser\-ing three years in the State Senate. His course

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