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HE importance of placing in book form biographical history of representative
citizens both for its immediate worth and for its value to coming genera-
tions is admitted by all thinking people ; and within the past decade there

has been a growing interest in this commendable means of perpetuating biography and

family genealogy.

That the public is entitled to the privileges afforded by a work of this nature
needs no assertion at our hands; for one of our greatest Americans has said that the
history of any country resolves itself into the biographies of its stout, earnest and
representative citizens. This medium, then, serves more than a single purpose; while
it perpetuates biography and family genealogy, it records history, much of which
would be preserved in no other way.

In presenting the Commemorative Biographical Record to its patrons, the pub-
lishers have to acknowledge, with gratitude, the encouragement and support their enter-
prise has received, and the willing assistance rendered in enabling them to surmount the
many unforeseen obstacles to be met with in the production of a work of this character.
In nearly every instance the material composing the sketches was gathered from
those immediately interested, and then submitted in typewritten form for cor-
rection and revision. The volume, which is one of generous amplitude, is placed in the
hands of the public with the belief that it will be found a valuable addition to the
library, as well as an invaluable contribution to the historical literature of the Upper
Lake Region.



Adams, George W 7

Adams, James G 272

Agen, Hon. James H 139

Aiken, James H 490

Alenius, Gustaf A 260

Algeo, Frank 445

Andersen, A. Norman 240

Andersen, Hon. Peter A.. 358

Anderson, Andrew A 408

Anderson, Anton M 222

Anderson, Carl 361

Anderson, Charles E 451

Anderson, J. A 257

Anderson, John 327

Anderson, Lars G 426

Anderson, Ole 194

Anderson, William 136

Andresen, Charles A 428

Andrew, W. W 547

Andrews, Alfred S., D. D. S. 192
Andrus, Adellin P., M. D.. . 70

Angvick. Samuel 499

Apollonia, History of 194

Archibald, David 486

Ardouin, William B 521

Armitage, Thomas D 477

Armstrong, James L 299

Armstrong, Montague 543

Armstrong, Thomas 542

Arnold, Elmer H 265

Arnold. John B. 303

Ash. George 450

Ashland County Public

Schools 94

Atkinson, James 178

Auger, Patrick 245

Aune, Ole 487

Austria, William F., M. D.. . . 533

Babcock, Isaac G.. M. D... 437

Badgley, Thomas V 167

Baeumle. Otto C 477

Bailey, Samuel W 399

Baker, Henry C 20

Baker, James P 417

Bannon, John 511

Baribeau. Joseph 251

Barry, Mahlon P 172

Barry, Michael 26

Bartlett, John E 305

Barton, Alonzo J 184


Barton, Willard L 185

Bates, Marcus W 8

Bates, Mrs. Marie S 548

Baxter, Thomas W 551

Beaudoin, Magloire 335

Beckwith, Capt. John C.... 236

Beebe, Loren W., M. D 234

Bekken, Edward 441

Bell, Currie G 352

Bell, Merton J 60

Bell, Capt. Thomas F 314

Berger, Axel 218

Bertrand, John C 287

Bingham, James F 513

Bingham Hardware Co.,

The 513

Bischel, L. J 228

Bishoff. Edward A 430

Blackadder, James 366

Blackburn, D. W 130

Blackburn, James loo

Blackburn, William A 130

Blount, Jane 462

Blount. Matilda 462

Blount, Stephen 462

Boheim, Fred R 488

Boland, William F 212

Bone. Charles F 203

Boots, Stephen E 546

Borecky. Joseph 461

Borum, T. W 510

Bostwick, Col. Charles E 531

Boswell, John O 250

Bowerman. George G. 9 2

Bowers, Edgar N 400

Boyce, Samuel F 87

Boynton, Orville L 254

Bradley, Henry M 343

Bradley, Sylvester 517

Brainerd, Benjamin F 472

Brandt, John . 204

Braun, George 286

Brehm. Thomas 347

Brennen. Lawrence 173

Brooks Family 113

Brooks. George L 113

Brousseau, Harry 320

Brower, George W S3 1

Brown, Addison C 183

Brown. Charles P 363

Bruce, Rusk County. History

of 319

Buckley, William 469

Buffalo, A. J 379

Bugbee. Hon. Albert L 72

Buol, F. A 439

Burbey, Louis A 189

Burg, Herman 501

Burg, Philip N 370

Burke, Matthew C 204

Burnett, David 545

Burnham, Guy M 288

Burnham, Capt. Samuel E.. 91

Byrns, John E 206

Campbell, Alexander A.... 210

Cannon, Dennis M 550

Cannon, James H 235

Card, Frank H 412

Carlson, Anthon 309

Carlson, George A 309

Carnachan, George M.,

M. D 47

Carpenter, Samuel P 383

Carr, Warner S 206

Cash. John L 442

Catlin. Hon. Charles L.... 5

Charbonneau. E 543

Charles, Lewis P 221

Charron, T. A., M. D 228

Chase, Albert S. 41

Chase. Henry L 311

Cheadle, Henry W 109

Christie, Mrs. Annie 246

Christie, James L 246

Christie, James N 412

Clapp, G. F 483

Clark, Isaac A 195

Clark, Jason D 520

Clarke, Robert E 543

Clausen, Lorenzo N 466

Cleveland, Thomas J 533

Cline, George D 133

Clough. Solon H 121

Clow, Harvey D 248

Coburn, Capt. Richard G... 131

Cole, Charles 249

Cole, David H 504

Collier, James 331

Collins, Edward E., M. D.. . 95

Comiskey, George 427

Cook, George B 321

Cooper, George C 162

Corbett, Robert no




Costello, Augustus E., M. D.

C. M 455

Cowie, William J 323

Cox, Joseph P., M. D 160

Craig, John S 374

Crandall, Rev. Horace B... 180

Crisler, J. S 533

Crocker Prof. Walter C 266

Crye, Z. R 502

Culligan, William E. 308

Curr, James H. W 436

Dahl, Edward A 538

Dahlberg, Frank G 402

Dahlstrom, Erick 386

Dailey, Asa 459

Dalrymple, William F 166

Daly, James C 526

Danel, Samuel C 380

Danielson, Dan, Esq 169

Danielson, Peter 297

Dash, Victor A 329

Day Frank D 30

Day, W. A., M. D 431

De Fer, Joseph J 462

Descent, Abraham G 32

Descent, Frank C 503

Desmond, Frank 304

Dhooge, Frank S 511

Diamond, John 394

Dickerson. H. E 241

Dirimple, Robert 371

Dobie, David 62

Dodd, John M., M. D 197

Doenitz, August 174

Dohearty, Frank P., M. D.. 164
Doherty, Capt. Bernard.... 23

Donald, Archibald 344

Dovery, Thomas 182

Duff, S. K 512

Dunlop, John 353

Durgin, N. G. 317

Dwyer, Patrick 296

Eaton, Maj. Alfred S 143

Eaton, Frank W 125

Eaton, Guy A 315

Ebmer, Alois 44J

Egbert, William J 283

Eimon, Peter 172

Ekstrom, Andrew 180

Ellis, Edwin, M. D 16

Ellis, William E., M. D 479

Ellis, William H., M. D... 115

Ely, Rev. Edmund F 12

Engstrand, Theodore 510

Engstrom, Charles J 453

Erickson, Jacob E 341

Erickson, Hon. Ole 327

Ericson, Charles W 368

Eva, Maj. Hubert V 216

Evans, Richard C 126

Evers, Thurston 340

Fanning, William R 135

Fawcett, John F. W 540

Ferrell, Byron 168

Fifield, Wis 371

Fifield, Hon. Sam S

Finney, George K

Finstad, Herman J

Fisher, W. W

Follett, Erwin B

Forsyth, George

Foster, Aaron H

Foster Family

Fountain, Emery

Fraser, Allen

Frels, August

French, Russell W

Friedrichs, Ferdinand C

Fritz, J. W

Fry, John F.

Fuley Hans P

Fuller, William N

Gaillardct, Louis P. L., M. D.,

Gamper, John

Gates, Hon.. Irvin W

Gates. Joel S

Gay, Edward D

Gearhart, Albert A

Gearhart, Nathaniel A

Gibson. Albert D., M. D.. .

Giffin, George H

Gill, Charles H

Gill Family

Gill, George H

Gilstad, Nels C

Glass. Edward B

Glen Flora, Wis

Gobar, G. G., M. D

Gordon, Antoine

Gordon, John

Gordon. Michael

Goss, Mrs. Ida M

Grace, Harry H

Graff, Edmund D

Graff, Philip M

Grafton, Guy A., M. D

Graham, William M

Crasser, Peter

Graves, Col. Charles H

Gregory, Charles E

Gridley, Elijah C

Gridley, Mrs. Emma E

Grimes, Benjamin F

Gunniss, John T

Gutekunst, Charles

Habelt, Adolph

Hacker. J Winslow

Haily, Hon. William E. .. .

Hale, H. C

Hamilton, Alexander R...
Hammond. Gen. John H..,

Hand, F. B

Hanley, John T

Hannum Family

Hannum, Henry, M. D

Hanton, Edward L

Harmon, George W

Harper, Benjamin W

Harris, Samuel F


1 66









. 43


























Harrison, George W., B. S.,

M. D 239

Harvey, Enoch W. B 208

Hatch. William B 92

Haven, Charles D 225

Haven, Roland D 30

Hayden, John J 58

I lazard, Joseph T 409

Heaverin, G. W 270

Hedback, A. E., M. D 490

Hein, John 232

Hessey, Mark 291

Heule, E. J 238

Hibbard, John J 145

Hibbard, William E 275

Hickerson, Joel A 301

Hill, E. W 300

Hill, Ichabod B 176

Hill. John F 37-!

Hoar, Stephen S 262

Hofflund, Daniel 405

Holgren Ernest P 426

Hollenbeck, William H 153

Holly, Floyd 1 88

Holman, John H 14

Holmes, Ira 401

Hopdegard, Rev. Apollonius 123

Hopkins, Albert N 82

Hosmer, Matthew S., M. D.. . 38

Houlton, William L 340

Howenstine, William C. . . . 90

Hubbard, Horace E 251

Hudnall, Hon. George B... 29

Hughes, George R 64

Hummer, James S 222

Humphrey, Charles M 237

Hunter, John C 530

Hunter, W. L 458

Hurd, Robert L. 219

Hurless, John M 280

Irish, Hon. W. H 59

Isaacson, John A 274

Jackson, Allen 453

Jackson, Bennett B., B. A.. . 295

Jackson, William L 161

Jacobs, John A 452

Jacobson, John 548

Jacobson, Marie S 548

Jeffers, Truman G 273

Jensen, A. M 482

Jensen, James H 198

Jensen, Jens J 393

Johnson, Adolph 481

Johnson, Bennie 187

Johnson, Claus 550

Johnson, H. C., M. D 402

Johnson, Helge 283

Jones, John E 307

Kane, George W 218

Kanneberg. Paul 502

Kauffman, O. J 514

Kauppi, Charles 214

Kellogg, Charles L 443

Kellogg, William M 500

Kendall, Hon. Howard C. . 22



ivenncdy, Andrew E 398

Kennedy, Mrs. Augusta 18

Kent, Nat. A 233

Kenyon, R. E 216

Kern, William E 355

King, B. M 238

Kinne, William B 295

Kline, William H 158

Knoop, Albert 226

Knutson, L. M 312

Koehler, Hermann M 310

Konkel, Joseph S. 434

Kovvalke, Ludwig . . . . 497

Kraemer, John 392

Kuchli, Henry A 494

Laberge, Ludger 553

Ladysmith, Historical Sketch

of 74

LaLonde, David J 209

Lambert, E. H 197

LaRouge, Joseph 421

Larson, Charles 159

Larson, Lewis 433

Lawler, Patrick H 418

Leader, William J 175

Leamon, George W 425

Lemfelder, Stephen A., L).

D., Ph. D 200

Lenroot, Hon. Irvine L.... 202

Leonard, Philander E 422

Liberty, Peter 217

Liedel, Henry A 374

Light, William A 61

Lincoln, Merwin C 349

Lindquist, Francis 481

Lindsay, Joseph 87

Linner, Rev. J. E 250

Lippels, William H 520

Lloyd, Evan E 447

Lofstrom, Rev. Detlof .... 152

Logan, John A 356

Lord, Charles 101

Lucia, William H 476

Lucius, Joseph 84

Lucius, Nicholas, Jr 79

Lunt, Jonathan F 277

Lutton, George W 518

McCormick, Hon. Robert L. 27
McCormick, Samuel C.,

M. D. 35

McCormick, Hon. William

L 29

McCormick, William S.... 37

McCue, Mrs. Anne 200

Me Cue, Edward 200

McDonald, Hugh A 407

McDougal, John T 227

McGeorge, Andrew \V 479

McGonagle, William A.... 309

McGuire, Peter H 446

Mclntyre, Frank N 268

McKay, Archibald 294

McKenzie, John A 513

McKie, John 515

McKinnon, Mrs. Celia B... 332

McLean, Robert B 144

McLennan, D 538

McNeill, Israel C 120

McQuade, Mrs. Abbie E. . . 386

McCjuade, Samuel C 385

McQuillan, Alexander 351

McRae, Colin J 163

Mackin, W. N 202

MacLeod, Ronald J 474

Maginnis, Charles 1' 106

Maguire, Frank 42 5

Malcolm, W. G.. M. D 323

Maloney, David W 205

Manning, Hon. W. S 48

Marchessault, J, Arthur,

M. D 381

Marshall, James 85

Marshall, William A 540

Martens, Otto H 492

Martin, William 309

Mason, Grafton 520

Mason, Tom 190

Matchette, A. L 230

Matchette, James A 230

Mattoon, Edward 359

Mattson, Ole 81

Maurer, Henry 397

Mead, Hon. Lewis H 124

Meade, Patrick H 469

Meehan, Frank J 377

Merritt Family u

Merritt, Leonidas II

Merritt, Napoleon B 300

Merritt, Samuel T 280

Middlecoff, Hon. Jehu B... 25

Miles, Partelow 271

Miller, Fred W 58

Miller, Robert 548

Miller, Thomas M., M. D.. . 256

Mills, Alexander R 297

Mills, E. G 406

Mills, Henry 356

Mills, Peter, Sr 306

Mitchell, Robert C. 234

Moir, John 497

Moliter, Bernard 255

Moller, John H 455

Morgan, George F 547

Morisset, Cleophas J 472

Morris, Hon. Charles F 186

Morrissey, John D 187

Mowatt, Capt. David J 86

Mowatt. David W 85

Muck, Alwin A 156

Mullaley, Patrick H 410

Mungavin, Patrick J 170

Munroe, F. E 354

Murphy, John T 313

Myhre. Nels 506

Myrlarid, A. J 45

Nason. Rev. John H 170

Nater, Gust 252

Neef, William J 429

Nelson, Adolphus P 215

Nelson, C. S. 290

Nelson, Nels 154


Newburgli, Andrew G 370

Newton, Capt. Henry W... 395

Nichols, Arad F 470

Nichols, Wilford H 519

Norqmst, Hon. Carl J 237

Norton, William R 293

Nye, Ray J 552

Nyqvist, Matt 514

Nystrum, Conrad E., M. D. 410

Oakes, Silas P 230

Obrien, H. Jefferson, M. D... 550

O'Connor, W. E., M. D.... 329

Ogilvie, William 553

O'Hare, Charles G 447

Oistad, Mrs. Carrie P 178

Oistad, Michael N 177

Okerstrom, Theodore N 507

Olsen, Thorsten 278

Olson, Andrew F 349

Olson, Gilbert 182

Olson, Olaf G. 498

Osborn, Marion T 424

Oscar, Nels M 537

Oscar, Tobias A 537

Otis, Edmund R 46

Otis Family 46

Otis, Robert T 376

Otis, Theodore B 375

Paddock, B. N 292

Palmer Family 68

Palmer, Lorin W 68

Parker, Frank A 488

Parsons, R. W 503

Patten, James 35

Patterson, James A., M. D... 135

Pattison, Martin 112

Patton, Robert B 259

Paulson, Nels 431

Peabody, John H 328

Peck, DeWitt S 522

Peck, Richard F 435

Pederson, O. E 128

Pelton, Hiram 97

Penn, William 224

Perrin, Chester F 463

Perrin, Solon L 39

Petersen, Arthur W 524

Peterson, Alfred .... . 547

Peterson, Charles 471

Peterson, Charles A 151

Peterson, Fred 387

Peterson, Hilma 131

Peterson, John 394

Peterson, Julius C 404

Peterson, Peter J 131

Pettingill, John A 162

Peyton, B. Murray 51

Philbrook, Amial E 13

Philbrook Family 13

Philbrook. Walter J 529

Phillips, Thomas D 480

Pink, Benjamin W 346

Porter, Warren T 98

Potter, L. A., M. D 211

Pratt, Thomas A 103



Prince, Eugene F 52

Prophet, Mrs. John 465

Pugh, Thomas E 158

Queary, O. K 476

Rakowsky, John G 439

Randall, Capt. John R 541

Rasmussen, Alexander 517

Raynor, George A. 545

Rea, William B 44

Reedfors, Adolph 454

Rene, J. Adelard, M. D 361

Reuter, LaFayette 330

Riedel, H. E 505

Rinehart, William T., M. D. 42

Ripley, Byron 53

Roberts, Hon. David E. . . 24

Roberts, William G 521

Robie, Capt. James D 56

Robie, Mrs. Margaret E... 56

Rodman, Nathaniel D 403

Roehm, John C 415

Roethig, Herman 264

Rolfe, Frederick P 475

Rolfe, Furman 191

Ross, H. R. T., M. D 440

Rounsavell, Myron W 435

Roussain, Eustace 420

Roycraft, William 550

Rusk County Schools 169

Russell, Augustus S 108

Russell, Henry A., M. D... 40

Russell, Hugh, M. D 531

Ryan, Hon. Andrew 357

Ryan, John H 417

Ryan, Hon. Michael W.... 37
Ryerse, George H 420

Sackett, Freeman W 198

Sackett, George E 198

Salter, Rev. Charles C 119

Sang, David 243

Savage, Peter J 489

Saxton, Charles L 55

Saxton, Horace 54

Schmidt, John W 244

Schoeller, Rev. Frederick

W 334

Schuppert, William L 94

Schwindt, Gabriel E 31

Scobie, Henry H 267

Scott, William W 281

Scribner, Howard L 552

Sealy, John E 132

Segog, Byron G 350

Selden, George 527

Sergeant, Marshal 209

Seth, Rev. John E 18

Sexton, Thomas H 149

Seymour, Philip H 122

Shattuck, George L 509

Shaver, Charles A 345

Shong, Edwin R 526

Shong, John M 524

Simonson, Lewis A 365

Simpson, Charles B 523

Smallwood Family I

Smallwood, William H

Smith, Hon. Charles

Smith, Delano

Smith Dexter H., M. D...

Smith, E. R

Smith, Maj. George 11

Smith, Hansen E

Smith, John

Smith, Sarah A

Smith, Vespasian, M. D....

Sparlin, Stonewall

Sperry, Willis P., M. D

Stanley, J. E

Staples, LaFayette

Stark, Charles A

Stark, Henry M

Stensrud, Charles O

Stensrud, Gilbert A

Stephenson, W. L., M. D.. .

Stevens, Frank P

Stewart, Robert

Stilson, J, Madison, M. D. ..

St. Onge, Edmund J

Stouffer, David A

Strandberg, W. O

Street, Carl E

Strickland, W. W

Strothman, Edward E.

Stubbs, Jabez C

Sullivan, James F

Sullivan, William J

Sullivan, William J., M. D.

Swanson, Charles A

Swanstrom, Hon. Eman-

uel G

Swenson, Ole

Sykes, J. Henry

Sykes, Robert

Tail, William L.

Tarter, J. W., M. D

Taylor, James H

Taylor Jared W

Taylor, L. L., M. D

Taylor, Matthew L

TenBrook, William G

Tennant, Col. Elmer E

Thomas, Leander E

Thompson, Frederick S. ...

Thompson, Joshua G

Thompson, William

Thoreson, Bersven

Thoreson, Ole

Thoreson, Hon. Simon ....

Throndson, Sorian

Tiffany, Edward L

Tiffany, Mabel A

Tinker, Jay L

Todd, William H

Tonne, William H

Tostevin, James F.. Jr

Trepania, Alfred

Trepania. Joseph

Tripp, Cyrus S

Tripp, Winfield E

Trowbridge, John B., M. D.,
B. C. E.

























True, H. W 150

Tubbs, Sidney E 229

Tuttle, W. L 244

Tyler, D. F 21

Tyler, Robert L 211

Tyler, W. D 171

Tyman, John 419

Urquhart, Elias L 127

Van Brunt, Walter 137

Van Leuven, Col. Henry C. 242

Van Meter Family 77

Van Meter, James H 77

Van Ornum, Mrs. Cynthia

C 224

Van Ornum, Truman 223

Van Wagner, Sands 205

Vaughn, John H 134

Vaughn, Samuel S 80

Vinje, Hon. Aad J 10

Voemastek, John J 291

Wadsworth, Henry H., Ph. B. 103

Wagner, William 485

Walker, Thomas R 532

Walker, Thomas W 482

Walseth, Henry 457

Wanzer, Hon. A 66

Waseen, Peter 433

Waterbury, Peter E 80

Waterman, Leslie E 9

Waterman, Sidney H 43

Watkins, Willis W 332

Watson, George C 478

Weade, Calvin A 315

Weed, Henry D 66

Werner, O. E., M. D 432

Weyerhauser, Wis 365

Wheeler, Henry W 338

White, Charles P 468

White, H. J 285

White, Capt. Jarvis 165

Wicker, Joseph W., D.

V. S ...387

Wieland, Albert Ill

Wieland, Mrs. Anna M.... 112

Wiley, Abe 540

Wilke, Rev. Otto J 108

Wilkins, Frank L 334

Wilkinson, G. B 524

Williams Alfred 342

Williams, C. H 85

Williams, Fred W 406

Williams, H. L 142

W isconsin State Fish

Hatchery 122

Withers, Wesley S 267

Wray, John P 34

Wynne, Athol 446

Yates, Frederick T 382

Young, G. D 427

83 Zachau, August H 117



-. riONs


for some years been
engaged in the prac-
tice of law at Duluth,
and is one of the most
esteemed members of
the legal fraternity in
that city. He has also
been a prominent citizen of another commu-
nity, having long been a resident of Kansas,
where he took a conspicuous part in public

Mr. Smallwood was born Feb. 12, 1841.
at Elizahethtown, Ky.. son of Henderson
and Ann (Gittings) Smallwood, and is de-
scended on both sides from excellent Colon-
ial ancestry. The records of the Small-
wood family in England show that William
Smallwood built Pewterer's Hall during the
reign of Henry YII, and presented it to the
city of London, and his portrait, represent-
ing the presentation, was painted on the wall
of the building in the time of Charles II ;
there was also a William Smallwood who
was Dean of Litchfield. The motto of the
Smallwood coat of arms is "Strength, An-
tiquity and Longevity."

Randall Smallwood, the first ancestor in
America, came to Virginia about 1619, and
later went with the second Lord Baltimore
to Maryland, settling in Kent county. The
family has been prominent in that state
from early days. Benjamin Smallwood,
great-grandfather of William H., was a
captain in the Revolutionary war, being-
chief of staff under Gen. William Small-
wood, the only major-general from Mary-

land, later a member of Congress, and
founder of the order of the Cincinnati in
Maryland. Hexekiah Smallwood. grand-
father of William H., served in the war of
i8u, enlisting from Kentucky in the Mis-
Mssippi Killemen under Gen. Jackson, and
took part in the battle of New Orleans.
William Owens, another great-grandfather
on the paternal side, and a veteran of the
Revolution, was an early settler in Ken-
tucky, where many members of his family
have been prominent. He was a member
of the first State Senate, and took a promi-
nent part in organixing the State.

The Gittings family, to which Mr. Small-
wood belongs on the maternal side, has also
been prominent in Maryland tmm the very
early days, and claims many men of note
among its members. James < linings, great-
grandfather of Mrs. Ann (Gittings) Small-
wood, was secretary of the War Committee
of the Continental Congress durinv; the
American Revolution. Her father, James
Gittings. was in the Mississippi Riflemen in
the war of 181.2. John S. Gittings, a cousin
of Mrs. Smallwood, entertained President
Lincoln at breakfast in Baltimore while that
gentleman was en route to his inauguration,
and took him thence in his private cur to
Washington, Mr. Gittings having been pres-
ident of the Baltimore & Ohio railroad at
that time.

William H. Smallwood moved with bis
parents to Missouri, and received the princi-
pal part of his education at the St. Joseph
(Mo.) Academy. He enlisted at Watbena,
Kans.. under the first call for volunteers, in
( '< nnpanyA, ist Kansas V. I., and served un-


clcr (ic-ii. Lyon. \Vitli this command he took
piil in the battle of Wilson's Creek, where
the regiment lost 200 men. In the spring of
j<Sf>j he was appointed recruiting officer, as
such raising a company of colored troops,
and Ant;'. 13, i8i'>_>,he was appointed captain
of Company G, ist Kansas Colored In-
fantry, later known as the /Qth United
Slates Colored Troops, mustered into the
Union service March 2, 1863, Capt. Small-
no, ,1 having been on active duty mean-
while, his commission dating from Aug. 10,
iS'ij. The regiment served in Missouri,
Indian Territory and Arkansas until the
close of the war. Capt. Smallwood par-
ticipated in the engagements at Jenkin's
Ferry (where the total loss was 3,500 men,
the' Union loss alone being 1,200), Cabin
Creek, 'Honey Springs, Prairie D'Ann, Ark.,
Poison Springs (April 18, 1864), Fort
Smith, and a number of skirmishes. At the
battle of Poison Springs about seven hun-
dred- Confederates were killed and Small-
wood lost half of his company in killed and
wounded. He received special mention in
I he official reports for meritorious conduct
in this action. In Col. Fox's Book, "Three
hundred best regiments" of the Civil war,
both the regiments in which he served are
given high rank for percentage of loss. He
was continuously on the march, and in active
service, while with both, and received sev-
i.l .li^ht wounds in the performance of his

After the surrender of Lee Capt. Small-
v.ood resigned his commission, and began
ihe study of la\v at \Vathena, Kans., en-
gaging also in settling officers' account-.
\Viihiii a few years he was elected to the
Kansas Legislature, and later he was sent
to the State Senate, being the youngest mem-
ber in both these bodies. In 1870, when
but twenty-nine years of age, he became
secretary of State, and at the end of his
term was re-elected, serving four years in
that office. He received nearly forty-thou-
sand majority at his last election, running
ahead of every other candidate on the ticket.
and receiving every vote in the town where
Jie lived and where party lines were clo el

drawn. In the meantime he had been en-
gaged in the publication of various news-
papers, and in connection with John J. In-
galls, S. S. Prouty, Capt. Henry King,
James W. Steele, founded the Kansas Maga-
, at Topeka. In the fall of 1874 he was
tendered the nomination for Congress, but
declined, preferring to devote his time to
newspaper work. Dr. Charles A. Logan
.having resigned as minister to Chili, Mr.
Smallwood was offered the position by the

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