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the nianiifaeture of furniture in Nazareth;

III. Frederick, deceased; IV. Charles IL; V.
Ilobert, deceased; VI. Henry, real estate
agent and notary public, Nazareth, Pa. Both
jiarents are still living; they are members of
the iloravian chuVch. After having received
his education in the pnblic schools (>f Na/a-
jeth, Charles 11. Clewell learned thoroughly
the undertaking and embalming business, un-
der his father's instructions. He did not leave
his father's office until he was nineteen years
of age, when he became manager of the estab-
lishment of Wickhani M. Clark, undertaker
and embalmer, of Ilackettstown, N. J., for
which position although so young, he was al-
ready quite competent, having given careful
attention to all branches of the business. He
remained in ilr. Clark's employ for' four
years, after which he became assistant to J.
A. AVilson, undertjiker, of Wilmington, Del.,
aiul continued two years in that position. In
February, 18S5, Mr. Clewell removed to New
Castle, and began business on his own account
as undertaker and embalmer; he was the first
to establish the latter branch in this city. Mr.
Clewell manufactures his own caskets. His
enterprise and industry, his good taite and
propriety in the performance of his duties,
have been rewarded with financial success.
Mr. Clewell's political views are Democratic;
he was elected in 18'j7 to the City (Council of
New Castle. He is a member of St. Jolin's
Lodge, F. & A. ]\I., New Castle, and of the
A. 0. U. W. ; he was formerly connected with
the I. O. O. F.

Charles H. Clewell was married in Hack-
ettstown, N. J., in 1883, to Jennie, daughter
of Abraham (lUtrick, a miller of that town,
which was ]\rrs. Clewell's birthplace. She is
of English descent. Their children are: I.
Caroline; II. Ethel, died young; III. ^label;

IV. Pearl. Mr. Clewell and his family are
meniliers of the M. E. church.

WILMEK REED, State Poad, Delaware,
son of Osixirn -and ^[ary (Burk) Peed, was
born December 4, 1848, near Doylestown,
]'a. Osborn Peed was a native of tlie same
place, born April 18, 1811, of Scotch-Irish an-

After attending the subscription schools of
Bucks county, he began Imsiness life as a
farmer's boy and continued to f(dlow the same
vocation in his native county until 1855, when

he removed to Cecil county, ifaryland. Hero
he farmed for six years, and then removed
iigain, to a farm which he rented in Penca<ler
hundred, New Castle county, Delaware.
Several yean later Mr. Peed abandoned farm-
ing, and from that time led a life of leisure,
residing in his latter days with his son, ^Vil-
mer Peed. He oiiginally was a Whig, and on
the change of party lines became a Pepubli-
can. He served as tax collector for Bucks
county, Pa. His wife, Mary (Burk) Peed,
to whom he was married in her native place,
Bucks county, Pa., was of Irish ancestry,
born December 11, ISll. llieir children
are: I. L^cy A. (]\Irs. John Pupp), deceased;
II. Charles, who while serving in the Dela-
ware Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War
was taken a prisoner and died in the Confed-
erate prison at Andei-sonvillc, Cia. ; III. Cath-
arine (IMrs. John Wiswell), of Chester county,
Pa.; IV. David, of Newark, Delaware; V.
Wilmer; VI. Albert, a blacksmith; VII. Dan-
iel, of Newark, Delaware; VIII. Anna, (ilrs.
Frank Hughes), of Wilminiiton, Delaware;
IX. Emily (Mrs. Pobert Smith), of Philadel-
phia, Pa.; and three who died in infancy.
The family Avere mendiers of the iIetllodi^t
Episcopal Church. While on a visit to one of
his gTandchildren in Newark, Delaware, Os-
born Peed died December 4th, 1890, and was
buried in the ^Methodist burying ground at
that place, by the side of his wife, who dicil
also at Newark, December 14, 1872.

For a limited time, Wilmer Peed attended
the public schools of Cecil county, [Maryland;
afterwards devoting his attention to farming
at home with his father until his fifteenth
year. For the next ten years he was em-
ployed as a farm hand at various places in
New Ca.stle hundred. The next twelve wero
spent in the employ of the Philadelphia, Wil-
mington and Baltimore Pailroad Company.
In JNfarch, 188(i, he returned to farming, his
chosen vocation, in which he always took great
pleasure, by renting the Locust Grove farm
in New Castle hundred, formerly a part of the
"Johns" estate. Peniaining there ten years,
he moved to the firubb farm adjoining the P.,
W. it B. P. P. at State Road, same hundred.
In }ilareh, 1SU8, he moved to "Sunny Side"
farm, located on the eastern side of the "old
state road," about one mile south of State
Poad Station, New Castle hundred. New Cas-
tle county, which he had purchased in ISiUi.

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His success at fanning has been clue to his dil-
it'eiue and perseverance, combined witii tlie
faitht'id, iiiireinitting industry of his wife.

W'ilnier Reed was married JIarch 11, 1808,
to Jiiciuuon Wilton, daughter of (ieorge and
ifary (Uodniau) Carter, born near Ked Lion,
2s'ew Castle hundred, Xoveniber 12, l!S4(i.
!Mr. Carter eanie to this country in his nine-
teenth year from England, where he was born
April 4, 1815. He sjient his life farming in
>ve\v Castle county; died June 13, 18SG. His
wife was of German ancestry, born in New
Ca>t]e hundred March IG, I'sii). The chil-
dren of AViimer and Richmon Wilton Reed
are: I. Charles L., of Sjjarrow's Point, ifd.,
who married Alary ^Miller, of State Road, Del-
aware, has children, i. Leslie, ii. Clarence, iii.
Raymond, iv. ilary Reed, died May 13, 1898;
11. .Mary, died young; III. Elmer W., at
home; IV. Emma il., at home. Air. Reed is
genial and kindly, and his tastes are domestic.

ALFRED LOFLAXD, P. 0. Christiana,
Del., son of Elias and Elizabeth (!Morris) Lof-
land, was born in Cedar Creek hundred, Sus-
sex county, Del., May 12, 1825.

Among the frugal and industrious early
English settlers of Delaware, the Lofland
family lield no mean place; they took an ac-
tive and honorable part in the Imilding np of
the conununity in which they lived, and more
than one of them lent a willing hand in the
colonial cause, in Revolutionary days. Lit-
tleton Lofland, grandfather of Alfred Lofland,
was born in Delaware wliile that state still
formed a ]jart of Pennsylvania. He was a
farmer and a large land owner of Cedar Creek
hundred; he lived and died in Sussex county.
Tie was a man of substantial build and great
physical strength; he was well kmjwn
throughout the surrounding country, and was
mucii respected. ]\Ir. Lofland and his family
Were luenibei's of the M. E. church.

Among the children of Littleton Lofland
was Elia.s Lofland, born and ed\icated in Cedar
Creek hundred. His pnncipal and life-long
Vfjcaiion was farming. lie bought and im-
provfd a tract of land in Cedar Creek hun-
dred, which he cultivated. He was a leader
in file agricultural operations of his vicinity,
and a ])romoter of progress and imjiroveniciit
in meliiods of business. He was esteeme<l f. .>•
many good (jualities, an industrious man, and
of ixind disposition. ]\Ir. Lofland was for

several years justice of the peace in Sussex
county. For some years, he kept a store in
New ilarkct. He was an active worker in the
Democratic ranks, a warm admirer and sup-
pi>rtcr (if President Jackscui. Elias hofland
was married in Cedar Creek hundred to Eliz-
abeth, daugliter of I^ivins ]M(jiTis, a wx'W-
known ship merchant and land owner of Sus-
sex county, Del. Tlieir ciiiidren are: I.
Samuel, died in Sussex county; TI. David,
died at Milton, Del.; III. Elizabeth, widow of
Daviil Warren; IV. Susan Olrs. ,1. P. Hud-
son), died in Xew Castle count v; V. Alary
(.Mrs. William Smith), deceased'; YL Elias;
\'II. Alfred; VIII. Sarah (Mrs. Pm-nel
Lynch). Air. and Airs. Lofland and their fam-
ily were all members of the AI. E. church.
Elias Lofland died on his farm in Cedar ( 'reek
hundred in 1833, at the age of flfty-seven,
leaving his family to mourn the loss of a kind
husband and father. Airs. Lofland also died
on the farm, where she resided \\-ith lier son

The education afforded by th(,' subscriptinn
schools, which Alfred Lofland attended in his
early youth, was very meagre, as the schools
were open for only three months of the year,
and the teachers obtainable for them were by
no means superior. His father dying when
Alfred was only eight years old, the hoy re-
mained on the farm with his mother, and
worked for her faithfully so long as she lived.
At the death of Airs. Lofland, the farm was
sold, and the son, having a strong desire to
visit the AVest, left his native state, and spent
three years in Ohio, Kentticky and Indiana,
where he found emjdoj'ment as a farmer. Re-
turning to Delaware, he spent ten years in cul-
tivating a farm which he rented in Xew Cas-
tle hundred. In 1875 he bought the Ashton
farm of 120 acres, on which he has since re-
sided. He has greatly improved the y*lace,
adding barns and other facilities, re-building
the dwelling-house, etc. In these improve-
ments Air. Lofland has expended over $5,000.
He raises horses of a fine breed, and is a
farmer of ripe ex])erience and sound judg-
ment, which, added to great diligence, have
made him abundantly successfid. He has al-
ways been a stanch Democrat.

Alfred Lofland was man-ied in Pencader
hundred, Xew Castle county, September 7,
1854, to Cynthia, daughter of George and
Sarah (Ilukill) Toppin; she was born Novem-

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BioanAriiiOAL encyclopedia

ber 1, 1S3-1, in Cliester county, Pa. Tlicir
children are: I. Alfred, was educated in the
public schools of New (_^astle hundred, was for
fdur vcars engineer on the ill-fated shij)
Eureka, and until she went down, is now en-
gineer on the J^rooklyn Bridge, New York,
married Louisa Cottnian, and has children, i.
John v., ii. Julia, iii. Howard; II. Lillian C,
wife of J. C. Clark, an employee on tiie P.,
AV. & B. R. R., has cliildren, i. Philip P., ii.
Lthel L.; III. Sarah (lAIi-s. George W. Clark),
was educated in the public schools of New
Castle, studied and was graduated at the
"Wilmington Academy, taught school for sev-
eral terms, died at the age of twenty-eight,
leaving children, i. Norman, ii. ilarion; IV.
Irene B., educated in the public schools of
New Castle hundred, has devoted much at-
tention to music and painting, for botli of
which, especially the latter, she possesses pe-
culiar talent, mastering their difficulties with
cumparativcly little instruction; she studied in
Philadelpliia and "Wilmington, and has taken
several fii-st, premiums for painting on china
at art exhibitions in Trenton, N. J.; she re-
sides at home; V. Howard, educated in the
public schools of New Castle county, is a
graduate of 1891 from the Philadelphia Den-
tal Ciillege, and is practicing dentistry in Ken-
nett Square, Pa., married Caroline AVisc, has
children, i. Carl, ii. ilargery, iii. Howard; VI.
Cynthia, educated in the j)ublic schools of
New Castle hundred, and the Newark Acad-
emy, is a graduate in short hand and type-
writing of Coldey's Business College, an intel-
ligent and agreeable young lady; A''II. JIary,
educated in the Y)ublic schools, resides at
home; A'lII. Elizabeth Alorris, educated in
the public schools and at Newark Academy,
of which institution she is a graduate, at
home; IX. Norman, died when fourteen
months old. IMr. Lofland and his family are
members of the ^I. E. church.

George Toppin, l^[rs. Lofland's father, *vas
horn Eeliruary 4, 1&05, and, as usual in that
day, educated in sul>scription schools. \\<^
was a farmer and land owner of Pencader
hundred, and was also for several years a mer-
chant at Toppin's Corner. In 1S72, he re-
moved to AVilmington, where be ke])t a store
for ten years at Eighth and Lombard streets.
Since his retirement from that business, he has
lived at Ici-nre; he is now eighty-t\v(i yeai-s of
ape, but still in posscssirjn of bis pby-ii-al and

mental faculties. He has always been an ar-
dent supijorter of Democratic views. lie was
at one time road oonnnissioner of Pencader
hundred, also supervisiir, ami several times a
member of the election board. His wife, Sa-
rah A. (Ilukill) Tojjpin, was born near ilid-
dletown, Del., her father being a farmer of
that vicinity. The children of Mr. and -Mrs.
Topjiin are: I. Sarah J., died unmarried; II.
Cynthia (Airs. Alfred Lotland); HI. Susan,
married John Hickey, both are deceased; IV.
Amanda, died unmarried; V. Alargaret, wife
of Josiah Lotland, both deceased. Airs. Sarah
'Toi)i)in died at Toppin's Corner, and wa^ in-
terred in the cemetery at lied Lion. .Mr.
Toppin M'as afterwards man-ied to Airs. Julia
(Sparks) Donnelly, a widow. Their children
are: I. George, of AVilmington; II. Ellie;
III. John, of Orange, N. J.; IV. Alary (Airs.
A\'illiam Hoopes); A''. Casper, of AVilmington.
Air. Toppin had always been a consistent
member of the Al. E. church.

spelled McAllister), P. O. State Road, New
Castle county, Del., son of Daniel and Alary
E. (Sellitoe) AIcAllister, was born in Phila-
delphia, November 30, 1S51. Belonging to
the Scotch-Irish stock, so numerously settled
in the old Keystone State, the AIcAllister an-
cestors were among the earliest immigrants.
Air. AfcAllister's grandfather, David AIcAllis-
ter, was born in Philadelphia, and after re-
ceiving his school education, chose a sea-faring
life, and was for many years a sailor, visiting
]irinci]ially the AVest Indies. He was for a
long time captain of a vessel, and was well-
known in Philadelphia as Captain AIcAllister.
In Delaware, he was known both as C'aptain
and as "Squire AIcAllister. After giving up
the sea, he kept a hotel for several years in
Philadelphia, and then settled in Red Lion,
Del., where he spent the remainder nf his life,
and where he was for a number of years jus-
tice of tlie ]ioace. Captain AIcAllister was
well known and ])opnbir througlmut the state.
Kindly and cordial, he made friends among
people of all cbissi-s, regardless of diifercnces
of political or religious ojjinion. He was a
stanch Democrat (tf the Jackson tyjie. Ca])-
tain AIcAllister and his wife had fourteen
children, all of whom are deceased except
John, an engineer, of Philadr'li)hia. and Jane,
widow of Stephen Hill, of Delaware. All the

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family were mcinbci-s of the M. E. oliureh.
Capt. McAllister died in riiiladelpiiia, while
visiting one of his children, who resided in
that city; he was buried in irount ^Moriah

His son, David JiLcAllister, 2, was also a
native of Philadelphia, where he received a
liberal education. He also learned carpentry
there, which he made his calling during nearly
all his life, extending his business to include
contracting and building. After removing to
New Castle hundred, Del., in 1853, Mr. Mc-
Allister engaged in farming, and carried on
that industry until 1SC7, when he removed to
Pencader hundred. There for several years
he was constable of the hundred, and for three
years ta.x collector. After this he returned to
Philadelphia, and resumed his contracting
and building operations. Mr. McAllister al-
ways adhered to the Democratic party. He
was an excellent man, and was nuich es-
teemed. David McAllister, 2, was married in
Philadelphia, to j\rary E., daughter of Ed-
ward Sellitoe, a contractor and builder of that
city. Their children are: I. Annie, wife of
AVilliam Knott, a farmer; II. Edward, farmer,
of Xew Castle hundred; 111. Margaret (ilrs.
Thomas Fleming), of Wilmington; IV. an in-
fant who died young; V. -Tames; VI. Amelia,
wife of A. J. Hunt, a music teacher, both are
■deceased; VII. David E., died in IS'JlJ; VI 11.
"William, of Philadelphia; IX. Lucy B. (11 rs.
L. B. Sherwood), of Brooklyn, N.Y. Mr.
McAllister died in Philadeljjliia, and his re-
mains were interred in Mount itoriah ceme-
tery. His widow still resides in that city;
they, with their children, were members of
the ]\r. E. church, and both were of exemplary
Christian character.

It was while James M. Callister was still a
child that his parents removed to Delaware,
so that his education was carried on in this
state, in the Xew Castle county common
schools and at the Elkington Academy, from
which he wiu^ graduated in 18GT. lie then
went to Pliiladel])hia, and became a ])lasterer
an<l mason, sj)ending two yeai-s as leanier and
two years as journeyman at these trades. He
then undertook contracts, and erected a num-
ber of public edifices in Philadelphia, includ-
ing cluH-ches and schools, besiiles many pri-
vate residences. After sixteen years of pros-
perity ill this Inisiness, he was com]ie]led tn re-
liiuiiiish it on account of ill health, by urd.'r

of his physician, lie accordingly returned to
farming, an occupation familiar to him in his
early life at his paivnt's home, and with this
object, settled n[)on the farm of 100 acres
which he owns in New Castle hundred. On
this place he has resided since 18'JO, and has
made many judicious improvements. AVith
characteristic enterpiisc, he purchased the
creamery conducted by ilessrs. Lyman &
lattle, and in 1892 engaged in the manufac-
ture of creamery butter. It is the only cream-
eiy in that part of the hundred, and Mr.
Callister has not only opened up a profitable
line of business for himself, but afi"orded the
neighboring farmei-s a market for their milk.
His honorable and sensible business methods
command general respect. Mv. Callister is
known as an "independent Democrat," voting
always for the candidate whom he considers
the best nuin for the place, without regard to
])olitical convictions or other ditferences of
opinion. He was register of votes in Xew
Castle for one .year, and has also served as
clerk of the school board, and as collector of
the school tax. He was formerly a member
of the I. 0. O. F., of Philadelphia, and is now
connected with the Blue Lodge, F. & A. M.,
Xew Castle.

James ]\L Callister was married in Phihidel-
phia, in 1883, to Annie, adopted daughter of
James McCarthy, of that city. Their chil-
dren are: I. Albert; II. Howard; III. Wal-
ter; IV. Harvey; V. Mary E.; VI. Ethel. Mr.
Callister and his family are membei-s of the
M. E. church.

ABRA]\I FOX, P. O. Bear, Xew Castle
county, Del., son of Abraham M. and Annie
(Poor) Fox, was born in Little Creek hun-
dred, Kent county, Del., March 14, 18C1.

Job Fox, grandfather of Abram Fox, was
a farmer and hotel keeper of Little Creek
hundred, Kent Cdunty, Del., where his son,
Abraham ]\r. Fox Avas born in 1831. Abra-
ham M. Fox was educated in the public
schools of Little ( 'reek hundred. lie has de-
\ot('d his life to the culti\ation of the soil in
Little Creek hundred and now resides on the
himiestead on a fertile farm of 200 acres, on
which he has nuule many improvements. Mr.
1'^)X is a member of the Democratic party, in-
terested in the affairs of his district, and for
Sdiiie years serveil in the board of school cnm-
iiii^si<iners of Little Creek hundred. Abra-

•. . - -^ •^J-n.Viux-. .i. .....i.;. ,, ' , iM U *- ■■ >':•!/ ■ • • ■• - ,.i..,,^>

^.J .V -■■'■'•'. iiMii;' '1:, ■ilH.'tnut

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liiiin M. Fox was man'ieJ in Kent county,
L)el., to Annie Poor, a native of Kent county.

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