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George, James, suggests Harbour improvements.

Giffard, first seigneur of Beauport;
first _habitant_;
taken prisoner by the English.

Gobert, Francois, remains of General Montgomery laid in his house.

Golf Club.

Gomin road, origin of name.

Gosford wooden railway.

Governors buried in Quebec;
list of.

Grand Allée;
only road to Sillery.

_Grande Hermine, La_, Cartier's flag-ship.

Graving Dock at Levi, first stone laid;
dimensions of.

"Great Eastern" steamship, at Quebec.

Hairdresser, fashionable, in the last century.

Haldimand Castle, corner stone laid;
used as a Normal School;
improperly styled the Old Château;
incident during its construction;
first grand reception held in;
remains of Duke of Richmond laid in state in;
described by Weld;
wing erected;
most ancient portion;
transferred to Province of Quebec.

Haldimand, Governor, departs for England;
residence at Montmorency.

Hale, Major John.

Harbor Works, suggested by James George;
by Hon. U. J. Tessier.
See Princess Louise Embankment, and Graving Dock.

Hawkins' Picture of Quebec, cited;
by whom written.

Head, Sir Edmund, at Spencer Wood;
his son drowned.

Hebert, Louis, first resident in Upper Town.

Heights of Abraham. See Plains of Abraham.

Henry, Judge, account of Arnold's assault on Quebec;
imprisoned in Récollet Convent;
account of plunder of Cramahé's residence.

Heriot, his description of Sillery;
Deputy Postmaster-General.

Hincks, Sir Francis, at Thornhill.

Hochelaga, by whom inhabited.

Holland, - , and Miss Nevill;
his duel.

Holland Tree.

Holmes, Oliver Wendell, cited.

Hope, Lieut.-Governor, buried in Quebec.

Horses, first arrivals of.

Hospital, the General, founded.

Hospitalières Nuns, or Nuns of Hôtel Dieu;
at Sillery;
removal to Quebec.

Hôtel Dieu, _le crucifix outragé_ preserved in;
owns Fief de la Miséricorde;
at Montreal, founded.

Howells, W. D., promenade on Durham Terrace;
description of Dog Lane.

Howells, W. C., historical notice of American flag.

Hurons, inhabited Stadacona;
their fort at Quebec;
defeated by Iroquois;
dispersion of;
elect honorary chiefs;
their Chief Tahourenche described;
former numbers of;
divided into four families;
at the battle of Châteauguay;
their address to Lieut.-Gov. Caron.

Ice-shove, at Quebec in 1874.

Ile aux Coudres, proposed to fortify.

Incarnation, Mother of the.

"Inconstant," H.M.S., carries off Wolfe's statue;
address of Quebec ladies to officers of;
reply of officers.

Indians, their fort at Quebec;
Expedition of DeCourcelles against;
Their customs, dress, etc., in 1730;
allies of the French;
the part they took in battles;
serve under English;
receive presents from Government.

Intendant, nature of the office;
first named;
first to come to Canada.
See Begon, Bigot, DeMeules, Robert, Talon.

Intendant's Palace, situation of;
by whom built;
history of;
occupied by Arnold's soldiers;
ruins of; originally a brewery.

Invasion of Canada by Americans.

Iroquois, murder of Jesuits by;
incessant incursions of;
carry off two Frenchmen;
dispute with;
capture Fathers Poncet and Bressani;
plan the capture of Nuns at Sillery;
defeat the Hurons;
nations composing;
derivation of name.

Irving, Washington, cited.

Island of Orleans, occupied by Americans;
Hurons remove to;
Hurons massacred at;
name changed.

Jacques Cartier Ward.

Jail, the old, built;
inscription over door of.

Jeffery, his description of Quebec society before the conquest.

Jesuits, their residence burnt;
their chapels;
murdered by Iroquois;
aided by René de Rohault;
receive grant of land;
names of;
captured by Indians;
their mission at Sillery;
their house at Sillery, probably oldest in Canada;
their missions destroyed by Iroquois;

Jesuits' Barracks. See Jesuits' College.

Jesuits' Church, foundation stone laid;
noticed by Kalm;
site of;
used as place of worship for Protestants;
heart of Madame de la Peltrie deposited in.

Jesuits' College, built;
history of;
used as barracks;
discoveries during demolition;
warrant for conversion into barracks.

Johnstone, Chevalier, wrote _Journal du Siege de Quebec_;
aide-de-camp to General de Lévis.

Jolliet, Louis, discoverer of Mississippi.

Jonquière, Governor de La, buried in Quebec;

Kalm, Peter, description of Château St. Louis;
mention of Jesuits' Church;
mention of Récollet Convent.

Kent, Duke of, at Quebec;
arrival from Gibraltar;
reception of;
exercises prerogative of pardon;
his stay in Canada;
his lodge at Montmorency;
his correspondence with DeSalaberry family;
frequent guest at Holland House;
at the De Salaberry homestead.

Kent Gate.

Kent House.

Kidd, Adam, his verses on Spencer Wood;
visits Lorette.

King's Own Borderers (25th Regt.), farewell to Quebec.

Kirby, William, cited.

Kirke, Louis, takes Quebec;
his government;
names of French who remained with him.

Kirke, Henry, cited.

Knox, Captain John, describes _Le Chien d'Or_;

LaBarre, De, Governor.

Ladies' Protestant Home.

Laforme, Jean, fashionable hairdresser.

LaHontan, his account of administration of justice in Canada.

Lairet, a small stream near which Jacques Cartier wintered.

Lajus, Dr., brings first news of dispersion of Acadians.

Lake St. John discovered.

Lalemant, Father Charles, receives aid from M. de Sillery;
martyrdom of.

Lambert, John, cited.

LaRue, Dr. H., cited.

Lauzon, De, Governor.

Lauzon-Charny, De.

Laval, Bishop, residence of;
receives Marquis de Tracy;
his description of Quebec;
quarrels with D'Argenson;
founds Seminary.

Laval University, charter granted to;
description of;
new building;

LeCaron, Frère, founder of first Huron mission on Lake Simcoe.

Legendre, Napoleon, his description of Quebec streets.

LeJeune, Father, a Jesuit.

Lever, Charles, his description of Quebec.

Levi, in possession of the Americans;
La Corriveau hanged in iron cage at.

Levis, Marquis de, defeats General Murray;
at Montreal;
returns to France.

Library Association founded by Lord Dorchester.

Liégeois, Frère, massacred by Iroquois.

Lisgar, Lord, at Spencer Wood.

Literary and Historical Society, rooms of, in old jail;
first meeting held in Château St. Louis;
list of names in its charter;
rooms successively occupied by.

Literature. See Canadian writers.

Longueuil, Baron de, title recognized by England.

Lorette, _Ancienne_, occupied by Americans;
Hurons remove to;
French retreat towards;
origin of name.

Lorette, Indian, remnants of Huron tribe at;
a visit to;
also called _Jeune_ Lorette;
Chapel and Old Mill built;
extent of village reserve;
how governed.

Lorne, Marquis of, inaugurates Dufferin Terrace.

Lossing, B. J., cited.

Louisbourg, Bigot Intendant, at;
surrenders to the English.

Louisiana, Bigot Intendant of.

Lower Town;
great fire in;
bombarded and destroyed by English.

Loyal League, the; names of subscribers.

Lutheran minister imprisoned by Kirke.

Lymburner, Adam; delegate to England.

Macadamized roads introduced.

Macdonald, Sir John A.

Madocawando, an Indian chief;
his daughter married to Baron St. Castin.

Maisonneuve, M. de, arrives with colonists for Montreal;
winters at Sillery;
difficulties with Montmagny;
Governor of Montreal.

Maitland, Sir Peregrine, administrator;
son in law of Duke of Richmond;
revisits Quebec.

Mance, Mlle., arrives from France;
winters at Sillery;
founder of Hôtel Dieu at Montreal.

Manitoulin Island, party of Hurons retires to;
called Ekaentoton.

Market Hall, Champlain, built;

Marmette, Joseph, cited;
his novel, _l'Intendant Bigot_.

Marmier, Xavier, description of Quebec;
notice of.

Marquette, Father, discovers the Mississippi.

Martello Powers.

Massé, Father Ennemond, dies at Sillery;
first missionary in Canada;
monument to.

McCarthy, Justin, notice of Lord Durham.

McClintock, Sir Leopold, at Quebec.

McLane, David, tried for high treason.

McQuarters, Hugh, fired the canon which killed Montgomery.

Memorial to the King for site for Presbyterian church;
signatures to;
some of the signers noticed.

Menut, Alexandre, proprietor of Blue House inn;
forced to entertain Montgomery.

Merchants' Exchange established.

Mercury, the Quebec, cited.

Mesy, de, Governor, buried in Quebec.

Miles, Dr. H. H., cited;
his statements concerning Miss Simpson referred to.

Militia uniforms.

Milnes, Sir R. S.; note.

Minister imprisoned by Kirke.

Mississippi, discovery of the.

Mohawks, kill Abbé Vignal;
murder Chasy;
one of their chiefs hanged;
an Iroquois nation.

Monk, Lord, residence at Spencer Wood.

Monongahela, battle of the.

"Montague, the History of Emily," a novel;
extracts from.

Montcalm, Marquis de, place of death doubtful;
death and burial of;
defeats Abercrombie;
letter said to have been written by, just before his death;
application of the French to erect a monument to;
mural tablet in Ursuline Chapel;
successfully defends Montmorency;
entrenched at Beauport;
his field works at Montmorency;
proposed epitaph to.

Montcalm Ward.

Montgomery, Brigadier General Richard, his remains laid in Gobert's house;
his sword;
centenary celebration of his defeat;
in the English army;
anniversary celebration of his defeat;
plan of attack upon Quebec;
spot where he fell;
head-quarters at Holland House;
in possession of environs of Quebec.

Montmagny, Governor, builds road from Upper to Lower Town;
receives Ursuline Nuns;
receives Madame de la Peltrie;
holds grand council at Sillery;
Indian name given to.

Montmorency, mill built by Peter Paterson at;
French victorious at;
residence of Governor Haldimand;
Montcalm's entrenchments at.

Montmorency Falls, called _La Vache_;
compared to Chaudière Falls.

Montpetit, A. N., honorary chief of Lorette Indians.

Montreal, capitulates to Americans;
arrival of colonists for;
Hôtel Dieu founded;
founded by DeMaisonneuve;
'Beaver Hall' Club at;
note: has largest bell in America.

Monument to Wolfe and Montcalm, corner stone laid;
note: to Father Massé;
to Montcalm, application of French to erect;
erected where Wolfe fell;
_des Braves_, Prince Napoleon Bonaparte presents statue for;
when erected;
_de la Tempérance_;
to victims of rebellion of 1837.

Moodie, Mrs., description of Quebec.

Morrin College.

Morris, John, Postmaster-General.

Mount Carmel.

Mount Hermon Cemetery;
monument to Lieut. Baines in.

Mount Lilac, Beauport.

Mountain, first Protestant Bishop of Quebec;
the family of.

Mountain Hill, constructed;

Murray, General, appropriates Jesuits' College for barracks;
warrant issued by,
defeated by Lévis;
residence at Belmont;
served at Fontenoy;
Governor of Quebec.

Negro, sale of a.

Neilson, Hon. John, notice of.

Neilson, Samuel.

Nelson, Admiral, in Quebec;
admirer of Miss Simpson.

Nelson, John, nephew of Sir T. Temple.

Neptune Inn, its statue of Neptune.

Neuville, Seigniory of.

Neville, Miss.

New York, plan for conquest of.

Newspapers, first in Canada and Nova Scotia.

Niagara Falls, earliest mention of.

Notary, first in Canada.

Observatory, Provincial.

Oneidas, an Iroquois nation.

Onondagas, an Iroquois nation.

Ononthio, meaning of.

_Original, L'_, French ship sunk at Quebec.

Orphan Asylum, Female.

Oxford, Mass., French refugees.

Palace Ward.

Panet, Bishop.

Papineau, Amédée, account of visit to Château Bigot.

Papineau, Hon. L. J., visits Château Bigot.

Parkman, Francis, description of French empire in America;
foundation of Quebec;
session of Superior Council;
hanging of Mohawk Chief;
Fort and Château St. Louis;
D'Argenson's arrival;
Tracy's arrival;
DeCallières' plan for conquest of New York.

Parliament Building, burnt;
description of the new.

Paterson, Peter, notice of.

Pean, Captain Hugues;
to whom married;
notice of.

Pean, Madame.

Peltrie, Madame de la, founder of Ursulines Convent;
her heart deposited in Jesuits' Church.

Perceval, M. H., Collector of Customs;
owner of Spencer Wood.

Perrault, Joseph F., pioneer of lay education;
description of his residence.

Perrault's Hill.

_Petite Hermine, La_, one of Cartier's, ships;

Phipps, Sir William, defeated.

Physicians, first in Canada.

Pieskurit, an Indian chief.

Pillory, on the market place.

Pitt, William, cited.

Place d'Armes.

Plains of Abraham, former extent of;
derivation of name;
ascent to, said to have been indicated by DeVitré or Stobo;
by Cugnet;
Wolfe's landing and occupation of.

Plains of Abraham, Battle of the, date of;
various estimates of troops engaged;
position of forces;
anecdotes of;
described by Carlyle;
flight of the French.

Plessis, Bishop, builds St. Roch's Church.

Poem, first French, issued in Canada.

Pointe à Carcy.

Pointe à Puiseaux, called Cape Diamond by Champlain;
after whom named;
view from.

Poncet, Father, captured by Iroquois.

Post Office, demolished;
history of the Canadian.

Postage, amount of, in 1774.

Powell, Henry W., biographical sketch of.

Powell Place. See Spencer Wood.

"Premier," transport, stranded.

Presbyterian minister, first in Province of Quebec.

Prescott, Governor.

Près-de-Ville, Montgomery killed at;
situation of.

Press-gangs in Quebec.

Prince Edward. See Kent, Duke of.

Prince of Wales, ball in honor of.

Prince William Henry, afterwards William IV., visits Canada;
name of Sorel changed in his honor;
festivities during his stay in Quebec.

Princess Louise embankment and docks, tablet stone laid.

Printing. See Newspapers and Books.

Protestants, use Jesuits' Church.

Punishment of criminals.

Quail, imported from Europe.

Quebec, described by Henry Ward Beecher,
- J. T. Bulmer
- Captain Butler
- P. J. O. Chauveau
- Charles Dickens
- Sir Charles Dilke
- Hawkins
- Bishop Laval
- Charles Lever
- Marmier
- Mrs. Moodie
- M. Sand
- Duke of Saxe-Weimar
- Prof. Silliman,
- Thoreau
- Eliot Warburton;
foundation of;
society in the last century;
old plans of city;
surrendered by Champlain;
fifty years ago;
farewell of King's Own Borderers;
population in 1680;
inhabitants starved by Bigot's ring;
extent at beginning of nineteenth century;
shipping and business at that time;
early city government under the English;
first Mayor;
municipal divisions;
present city government;
_fiefs_, contained in;
War department property in;
capture described by Carlyle;
society before the Conquest;
arrival of British fleet;
French who remained in, in 1629;
dates of events in history of.

Quebec Bank, history of site of.

Queen's wharf and stores.

Raffeix, Father, accompanies DeCourcelles against the Indians.


Ragueneau, Father, makes first mention of Niagara Falls;
accompanies defeated Hurons to Quebec.

Railway, Gosford, wooden.

Razilly, De, influences M. de Sillery.

Reade, John S., description of first number of Quebec Gazette;
account of Quebec society in the last century.

Rebellion of 1837, monument to victims of.

Récollets, Father DeBerey, provincial of the;
at Quebec;
first who arrive;
build first church, convent and seminary;
their _fief_ reverts to the Crown.

Récollet church, situation of.

Récollet convent, American prisoners in;
situation of;
occasionally used as a prison;
noted prisoners in.

Red House, the, a famous inn.

_Relations des Jesuites_, cited.

Richmond, Duke of, death of;
loss of one of his sons;
buried in Quebec.

Robert, first Intendant, never came to Canada.

Roberval, winters at Cap Rouge;
account of his voyage to Canada.

Roger, Charles, cited.

Royal visitors to Canada.

Ryland, H. W., secretary to Sir James Craig;
correspondence with Sir James Craig;
secretary to Lord Dorchester;
his mission to England;
his death;
his manor at Beauport;

Sagard, cited.

St. Bridget's Asylum.

St. Castin, Baron, notice of;

St. Charles river, Cartier winters on banks of;
named by him the St Croix;
re-named by the Récollets;
former names of;
meaning of Indian name of.

St. Foye, occupied by American soldiers;
church occupied by British in 1760;
Hurons settle at.

St. Foye road, a favorite drive a century ago;
See Country Seats.

St Foye, Battle of, date of;
an English defeat;
various estimates of troops engaged;
position of forces;
anecdotes of;
massacre by Indians;
retreat of the English.

St Helen's Island, residence of Baronne de Longueuil.

St John's, surrendered to Americans.

St John's ward.

St Louis hotel.

St Louis road;
See Country Seats.

St Louis ward.

St Peter's ward.

St Rochs, existed in 1759;
extent of at beginning of nineteenth century;
fire of.

St. Sauveur, origin of name.

St. Valier, Bishop founder of General Hospital;
builds N. D. des Victoires church;
death of.

Samos road.

Sand, Maurice, description of Quebec.

Sault au Matelot, Americans defeated at;
situation of barriers.

Saxe Weimar, Duke of, description of Quebec.

Scott, Major Thomas, brother of Sir Walter, where buried.

Scott, General Winfield, a prisoner at Quebec;
courageous conduct of.

Seal of Canada.

Seigniory of Neuville.

Seminary, American prisoners in;
first in Canada built by Récollets;
intended site of new;
owns _fief_ Sault au Matelot.

Seminary chapel, temporarily used as parish church.

Senecas, an Iroquois nation.

Sénéchaussée, La.

Sewell, Hon Jonathan founder of Trinity church;
his epitaph.

Ship-building under French rule.

Sillery, Noel Brulart de, notice of;
founds Sillery mission.

Sillery, occupied by Americans;
first mission at;
visited by Madame de la Peltrie;
hospital founded;
first settlement;
expedition against Indians starts from;
early population;
St. Columba church at;
Jesuits' House at, probably first building in Canada;
grand council held at;
settlement abandoned;
site of settlement;
locality described by Henot;
brewery at;
visit to site of early settlement;
called St. Columba;
monument at;
woods of.

Sillery Cove, other names of;
Jesuits at.

Silliman, Professor Benj., description of Quebec.

Simpson, Mary, admired by Lord Nelson.

Simpson, Saunders, Provost Marshal in Wolfe's army.

Skating Rink.

Slave, sale of a negro.

Slavery in Canada, abolition of.

Smith, Chief Justice, notice of;
letter to his wife.

Smith, Hon W., cited;
notice of.

Snow shoe club.

Society, in the last century;
before the Conquest.

Sorel, name changed to Fort William Henry
taken by Americans.

Southey's Life of Nelson, cited.

Sparrows imported from England;
appeal in behalf of.

Spencer Wood, Sir James Craig at;
Lord Elgin at;
formerly called Powell Place;
Kidd's verses upon;
origin of name;
at one time included Spencer Grange;
garden and conservatories at;
residence of several Governors of Canada;
illustrious visitors;
residence of Lieut. Governors of Quebec;
transferred by Dominion to Province;
_fête champêtre_ at.

Stadacona, former name of Quebec;
inhabited by Hurons;
site of.

Stanley, Dean, at Quebec.

"Star" the Quebec.

Statue of General Wolfe, peregrinations of.

Stayner, Thomas Allen, Deputy Postmaster General.

Stewart, Charles, his letter from Château Bigot.

Stobo, Major Robert made prisoner by the French;
selects Wolfe's landing place;
advises expedition to Deschambault.

Streets of Quebec, described;
oldest Sous le Fort;
oldest in St Roch's St. Valier
Bell's lane;
Canoterie hill;
Côte à Coton;
Côte d'Abraham;
Cul de Sac;
Des Prairies;
Dog lane;
Gallows hill;
Hope hill;
Prince Edward;
St. Ann;
St. Famille
St. Helen;
St. James;
St. John;
St. Joseph;
St. Louis;
St. Ours;
St. Paul;
St. Peter
St. Stanislas;
St. Ursule;
St. Valier;
Sault au-Matelot;
Sous le Cap;
Sous le Fort;

Stuart, Andrew, materials for Hawkins' "Picture of Quebec," furnished by.

Sulpicians, of Montreal.

Suite, Benjamin, description of Spencer Grange.

Superior Council, session of, where held.

Sutherland, David, Deputy Postmaster-General.

"Swiftsure," steamer.

Taché, writer of first French poem issued in Canada.

Taiguragny, Indian kidnapped by Cartier.

Talon, Intendant, arrival at Quebec;
builds a brewery;
first owner of Belmont;
seigniory granted to;
probable builder of Château Bigot.

Taschereau, Mr., imprisoned by Sir James Craig.

Terrace. See Dufferin and Durham.

Tessier, Hon U. J., suggests plan for Harbour Works.

Theatre Royal opened.

Theller, escapes from Citadel.

Thompson, James, one of Wolfe's veterans;
extracts from his diary;
notice of.

Thoreau, description of Quebec.

Three Rivers, taken by Americans.

Ticonderoga, taken by Americans;
Montcalm defeats Abercrombie at.

Tracy, Marquis de, Viceroy;
hangs a Mohawk chief;
lays foundation stone of Jesuits' church;
arrival of;
brings Carignan regiment to Canada;
arranges truce with Iroquois.

Twiss, Captain, builds temporary Citadel.

Uniforms, Militia.

Union hotel.

United Empire Loyalists settle in Canada.

Upper Town;
first resident of;
partly destroyed by English batteries.

Ursuline church, temporarily used as parish church.

Ursuline convent, old painting in the;
founded by Madame de la Peltrie;
mural tablet to Montcalm in chapel.

Vacherie, La, extent of;
origin of name.

Variation of the compass at Quebec.

Vaudreuil, Governor, buried in Quebec;
at Beauport after battle of the Plains;
prepares to capitulate.


Vignal, Abbé, killed by the Mohawks.

Vimont, Father, Jesuit missionary;
description of life at Sillery.

Voltaire, his remark upon the loss of Canada.

_Voltigeurs Canadiens_, formation of.


Walkem, Charles, history of Intendant's palace.

Walker, Admiral, squadron dispersed by storm.

Wapiti, extinct in Eastern Canada.

War Department property.

Warburton, Eliot, description of Quebec.

Wards, boundaries of.

Weld, Isaac, description of Haldimand Castle.

Wild flowers of Sillery.

Wilkie, Dr. Daniel, notice of.

Winter, the Joys of;
in Canada.

Witchcraft, executions at Boston for.

Wolfe, General, monument to;
statue of;
his landing place;
monument where he fell;
repulsed at Montmorency;
proposes wintering at Ile aux Coudres;
scales the Heights of Abraham;
served at Fontenoy;
pistols and sash of.

Wooden railway, Gosford.

Woods of Sillery.

Writers, names of Canadian.

Wyandots. See Hurons.

Young Men's Christian Association, building;
history of, in Quebec.



[1] Mr. and Mrs. Dickens had lunched in the Citadel on that May 27th,

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