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Printed by A.& R. SpottiBwoode*


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The numerous and respectable subscribers to
this volume are well entitled to the warmest
acknowledgments of the Editor, and she begs
they will do her the honour to accept her grate-
ful thanks, which are presented with a deep and
cordial sense of the kind and generous motives
that have led them to favour this collection of
Poems with their countenance and liberality.
But what will please them more than apy thanks
which she can offer, is the assurance,. Ihat they
have enabled her, in a year so peculiarly un-
favourable for such an undertaking, to promote
the object for which it i& published far beyond
what she could have hoped, and that they have
thereby done a permanent service to one who is
worthy of receiving it.



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To her literary friends, who have so Uber-
ally, readily, and cheerfully supplied her with
the manuscripts which compose this collection,
she cannot too strongly express her obUgations.
She is proud of the names she has been per-
mitted to produce as her poetical helpmates on
this occasion ; and, so supported, feels herself
honoured beyond what has ever yet fallen to
the lot of any editor. To those, who, from diflB-
dence or other reasons, have given her verses
without a name, of which no name needed to
have been ashamed, she is likewise greatly in-
debted, and she thanks them all with a warm
and lively gratitude.

This volume also contains several MS. poems
of one, who is now out of the reach of all
thanks from a being of this world, written with
that elegance, tenderness, and graceful facility
wMch characterized every thing that came from
her pen: a dutifiil daughter, who loves and
respects her memory, will consider the acknow-

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


ledgments implied in this notice as belonging
to herself. *

The Editor begs the indulgence of the
Reader, and the pardon of her poetical contri-
butors, for any oversights or mistakes which
may be discovered in the various pieces contained
in this volume. The former will do well to
attribute any want of correctness to herself,
which will make the requested indulgence almost
a personal boon : the latter will be assured that
she has done no injury to their verses from any
wilful carelessness; and will recollect, that in
submitting them to an Editor, without classical
learning, who never has written correctly, they
have rendered themselves liable to be so injured,

♦ Since this volume was put to the press, Mr. Charles
Johnson, the amiable and elegant writer of the greater
number of the sonnets which are scattered over it, has
sunk into an early grave. But it is to be hoped, that this
melancholy event will not prevent the Public from being,
made acquainted with the other poetical productions which
he has left behind him.

A 4

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which does the more enhance their kindness in
contributing to this collection.

She ought not to omit mentioning that the
liberality of her bookseller, printer, and stationer,
have reduced the expences of publication to
those merely of cost charges.

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His Rotal Highness the Duke of York.
His Rotal Highness the Duke of Gloucester. 5 copies.
Her Rotal Highness the Duchess of Gloucester. 2

Viscount Andover.
Right Hon. Lady Ashburton.
Lord Chief Justice Abbott.
. Lady Abbott.

Hon. Hugh Arbuthnot.

Sir Thomas Ackland, Bart.

Lady Apreece. S copies.

Sir Edmund Antrobus, Bart. 2 copies.

General Sir Henry Askew.

Miss Isabella Askew.

— Askew, Esq.
Mrs. Askew.

Mrs. Affleck. 2 copies.

The Rev. Archibald Alison, Edinburgh.

Boyd Alexander, Esq. /]"/ , .. . , /

Mrs. Alcock. 2 copies. ' ' ' "

Mrs. Andrews.

— Andr6, Esq.
Miss Louisa Andre.
G. C. Antrobus, Esq.
Mrs. Aspinal.

Miss Aitchison, Airdrie.
Miss Alexander.
Miss C. Alexander.
Miss J. Alexander.
James L' Amy, Esq.
J. D. Alexander, Esq.
Rev. C. Anstey.

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Edmund Antrobus, Esq. 2 copies.
Mrs. Anderson, Russell Square.
Sir William Adams, Albemarfe Street.
J. J. Angersteitt, Esq. 5 copies.
J. J. Angerstein, Esq., Jun. 2 copies.
Lewis ^Isop, Esq.
James A. Anderson, Esq.
Mrs. Anderson.
Lt. Col. Aitchison, 3d Guards.
Mrs. Richard Allan.
, Miss Allan.
Mrs. Andr6, Bath.
Mrs. Abemethy, Bedford Row.
Mrs. Simpson Anderson, Charlton Kings. 2 copies.
Samuel Anderson, Esq.
J. Andrews, Esq., Bond Street. 2 copies.


Earl Bathurst.

Countess Bathurst.

Viscount Bernard. 2 copies.

Viscountess Bernard. 2 copies.

Viscount Barrington.

Viscountess Barrington.

Hon. W. K. Barrington.

Hon. George Barrington.

Hon. Augustus B^rington.

Hon. Russel Barrington.

Hon. Lowther Barrington.

Hon. Henry Barrington.

Hon. Arthur Barrington.

Hon. Caroline Barrmgton.

Hon. Frances Barrington.

Hon. Charlotte Barrington.

Hon. Georgina Barrington.

Hon. Elizabeth Barrington.

The Bishop of Bangor.

The Right Hon. Lady Byron.

Lord Belhaven.

Lady Belhaven.

Lord Boston.

Lady Boston.

Lady Anne Barnard, Berkeley Square. 2 copies.

Hon. Mr. Justice Bayley.

I^y Bayley.

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Hon. Mr. Justice Best.

Lady Best.

The. Hon. Mrs. Boyle. 5 copies.

Hon. Miss Brodrick, Bath.

Sir Henry Bunbury.

Lady Bunbury.

Lt. Gen. Brown, Curzon Street. 20 copies.

Rev. Archdeacon Bonney.

Rev. Archdeacon Benger.

Mrs. Benger.

Robt. Barber, Esq.

Everard Brand, Esq., Arlington Street.

Mrs. Brand.

Mrs. M. P. Benfield, Cumberland Street.

Mrs. Berkley.

Dr. Robertson Barclay, Keavil.

Miss Berry.

Mrs. Brant, Frances Street.

Mrs. Blanchard.

— Blanchard, Esq.

— Bourdillon, Esq.
Miss Brown.

Mrs. J. Blanchard.

George L. Blount, Esq. 2 copies.

Rev. Sackville Bale.

Edward Boodle, Esq., Lower Brook Street.

Mrs. Belli, Bruton Street.

Rev. J. B. Blount.

Rev. Charles Belli.

Dr. Baillie, 10 copies.

Mrs. Baillie. 5 copies.

W. H. Baillie, Esq. 5 copies.

Mrs. Agnes Baillie, Hampstead. 2 copies.

B. C. Brodie, Esq., Saville Row.

Mrs. Brodie.

Miss Bennet.

Miss e. Bennet.

Mrs. Bennet.

Mrs. Benyon.

Mrs. T. Bradney, Hampstead.

H. W. Burgess, Esq., Sloane Square.

Miss Ballard.

Mrs. Booth.

George Brown, Esq., Russell Square. 5 copies.

James Brown, Esq. 2 copies.

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John Barnes, Esq.

Miss Barnes.

Miss Jessy Barnes.

Mrs. Barnes. 2 copies.

William Bell, Esq.

G. H. Blackburn, Esq.

John Bannatyne, Esq.

A. B.

James Barton, Esq.

Charles Balfour, Esq.

Mrs. Baker.

Robert Bill, Esq., Bedford Square.

Mrs. Bill.

Mrs. Bramwell.

Master Bramwell.

Master H. R. Bramwell.

Mrs. Bidwell.

John Bowdler, Esq., Eltham.

Mrs. John Bond, Stoke Newington.

John Burchel, Esq., Walthamstow.

James Boudon, Esq., Hampstead.

Miss Bolton, Thornhill, Staffordshire.

Mrs. Bolton, Soho, Staffordshire.

Miss Black, Kensington Square.

Miss C. Beresford.

Mrs. Harriet Bowdler, Bath. 2 copies.

Charles Bosanquet, Esq., Hampstead Heath.

John Bisset, Esq.

S. Baker, Esq.

S. Baker, Esq., }un.

G. Baker, Esq.

Sir J. Brenton

Capt. Brenton, R. N.

Mrs. J. Brenton.

Capt. Brain, R. N.

J. P. Boileau, Esq., New Norfolk Street.

Miss Boileau, Mortlake.

J. T. Batt, Esq.

Mrs. Batt.

James Bum, Esq. 10 copies.

Dr. Bliss, Bath.

Mrs. Burgess.

Robert B^clay, Esq., Bury Hill. 5 copies.

Mrs. Barclay.

Miss Barclay.

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Rev. J. G. BMond,

J. Bollondy Ssq.

Mre. Bevan, Half-moon Street.

Mrs. Brown, Upper Grosvenor Street.

Robert Bruce, Esq^ M.P^ Kennet, N. B.

Mre. Bruce, Kennet, N. B.

Miss Boulton, Givens Grove, Surrey.

W. BoUand, Esq. ^

Mrs. BoUand.

Mr. Serjeant Bosanquet.

Samuel Bosanquet, Esq.

Robert Bell, Esq., Edinburgh.

James Balfour, Esq., Edinburgh.

J. Hunter Blair, Esq., Edinburgh.

Dr. Bain. ^

Mrs. Bazalgette. 2 copies.

Mrs. Burr, Portland Place.

Mrs. Brent, St. James's Palace.

Mrs. Burroughs, Chetwynd Park.

Mrs. Barker, Baker Street.

E. Bum, Esq.

— Brandt, Esq.

Mrs. Brandt.

R. W. Brandt, Esq.

James Brandt, Esq.

Rev. W. O. Brandt.

Miss Brandt.

A. Bogle, Esq. 2 copies.

Miss Bogle. 2 copies.

Hugh Bogle, Esq.

James Bogle, Esq. jun.

Mrs. Befcher.

Rev. Wm. Broderick. 2 copies.

Mrs. C. Best, Craven Street.

William Bragge, Esq.

R^' S' ®^?,^^^,^' Sf^P"' ^^"«^^ Coll. Oxford.
Kev. Thomas Bamby, Stepney.

Miss Begbie, Porto Bello, Edinburgh.

Robert Buchanan, Esq. 5 copies.

N. Basevi, Esq. 2 copies.

Mrs. Barchard.

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Miss Bogle. 2 copies.

John Biuler, Esq.

Miss Baker, Frampton Lodge, Gloucestershire.

John Baron, M.D., Gloucester.

Mrs. Blunt, Hampstead.

Mrs. Brandling, Gosforth House» Newcastle*

Mrs. Bell, Woolmington.

— Barham, Esq.

G. H. Bamett, Esq., Lombard Street.

D. Bevan, Esq., Lombard Street.

Henry Brougham, Esq., M. P. 2 copies.

William Brougham, Esq.

Mrs. Bogle, Gilmour Hill. 3 copies.

Miss A. Bogle.

Mrs. Buchanan, Dowan Hill. 5 copies.

Mrs. James Brown, Glasgow.

Mrs. James Bogle.

Hugh Bogle, Esq. 2 copies.

Mrs. H. Bogle. 2 copies.

The Miss Blackburns. 3 copies.

Hubert Buchanan, Esq. 2 copies.

Dr. Balmano.

Archibald Buchan, Esq., Catrine Bank. 2 copies.

Archibald Brown, Esq. 2 copies.

Mrs. Bolton, Storrs.

Mrs. Birch, Bath.

Mrs. Barrow, Bath.

Rev. Alfred Burmiston.

Miss Buchanan. 3 copies.

Lt. S. B. 10 copies.

H. H. Birley, Esq., Manchester. .

John Birley, Esq., Manchester.

Mrs. H. H. Birley, Manchester. ,

Jos. Birley, Didsbury.

Miss Birley, Liverpool.

J. L. Builer, Esq., Bush Lane.

G. H. Blackburn, Esq., South-sea House.

— Badham, Esq.

Mrs. Brodie, Ssdisbury.

W. B. Brodie, Esq.

Mrs. Boyd, Greenshields.

Mrs. George Buchanan.

James Block, Esq. 10 copies.

John Barclay, Esq. 10 copies.

J. Buchanan, Esq.

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Earl of Clanwilliam. 5 copies.

Countess of Cassilis. 5 copies.

Countess of Clare.

Lord John Campbell. 2 copies.

Lady John Campbell.

Lord Cloncurry.

Lady Cloncurry.

Lora Clancarty. 2 copies.

Lady Clancarty. 2 copies.

Lady Mary Cook.

Lady Elizabeth Clements.

Hon. Rob. Clements.

Lady Louisa Clinton.

Hon. Miss Courteney.

Hon. Mr. Cowper, Digswell.

Hon. and Rev. Archibald Cathcart.

The Lord Justice Clerk.

Hon. Mrs. Coventry.

Sir William Cunningham, Bart., Caprington. 2 copies^

Lady CunliflPe.

Lady Copley.

Col. Charlewood, Grenadier Guards.

Lady Campbell. 2 copies.

Rev. William Chapman.

Mrs. Chapman.

Miss Croft, Charterhouse.

Mrs. Chalmers, Abingdon Street.

Mrs. J. Craufurd, Sunning Hill.

Thomas Coutts, Esq. 2 copies.

Sir Alexander Crichton.

C. M. Clarke, Esq. 5 copies.

Mrs. Cooke, Hertford Street.

Lt. Col. P. Campbell, R.A.

Samuel Chilver, Esq.

The Rev. George Crabbe, Trdwbridge.^wft

Miss CoUey.

Mrs. Corbeau, Bath.

Mrs. Campbell.

Sir A. CaUicart.

Mrs. Claxton.

Archibald Cullen, Esq.

Mrs, CuUen.

Miss Crawford. 2 copies.

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Robert Christie, Esq. 2 copies.

Henry Crokatt, Esq.

John C^stairs, Esq., Stratford Green.

Mrs. Carstairs.

Henry Cheape, Esq.

John Christie, Esq., Mark Lane.

Mrs. Carr, Hampstead. 2 copies.

Mrs. Cole, Hampstead.

Archdeacon Coxe. *

Mrs. Coxe.

John Cowper, Esq., Stamford Street.

B. Currie, Esq^

Mrs. Cowley.

Mrs. S. A. Cowley.

— Chamber, Esq.

Philip Combauld, Esq., Hampstead.

Mrs. Calvert.

Henry Colburn, Esq., Conduit Street.

Coly. Coup, Esq., Sherwood Lodge.

Miss Carey.

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Jos. Cripps, Esq., Jun.

Miss Clement, Hill Street.

Mrs. Courthorp.

John Campbell, Esq., Kilberry. 2 copies.

Miss Campbell, Heriot Row, Edinburgh.

J. Cunningham, Esq.

Miss Christian, Russell Square.

Dr. Charles, Edinburgh. 5 copies.

John Craig, Esq., Edinburgh. 5 copies.

Jos. Cowper, Esq., Friday Street.

Mrs. Crawford.

Miss Caldwell.

M. Gen. Cuppage, R.A.

— Clayton, Esq.
Mrs. Clayton.

J. Clayton, Esq. 3 copies.

Mrs. M. Clayton.

N. Clayton, Esq

Miss Carey, Mamhead.

Robert Crawford, Esq., Dawlish.

Miss Cheveley, Buckingham House. 2 copies.

Mrs. Cooke, Montague Street, Russell Square.

Stanley Clarke, Esq.

Mrs. Stanley Clarke.

Capt. Walter Campbell.

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Calvert Clarke, Esq.

Rev. Dr. Cooke, President of Corpus Christi Coll. Oxford

Rev. Dr. Copleston, Provost of Oriel Coll.

Rev. Dr. Chapman, Mag. Coll.

Rev. G. t. Cooke, Oxford.

Rev. T. L. Cooke, Beckley.

Mrs. Cooke.

Miss Chapman.

Miss J. Cooke, Bath.

Mrs. Charrington, Mile End.

— Charrinffton, Esq.

John Cfiftnpbell, Esq., Edinburgh.

Rev. Mr. Craig.

C. M. Christie, Esq.

Col. Gilbert Cooper.

Dr. Currie.

G. Currie, Esq., Comhill.

Miss M. Cheveley.

Mrs. Cambridge, Whitminster House, Gloucestershire.

Mrs. Currie, Chester.

General Cartwright.

Carrick, Esq.

Mrs. Claxton, Bath.

J. Cooper, Esq., Ballendalloch.

Mrs. Hamilton Campbell.

ITie Misses Campbell, Canaith. 2 copies

Campbell, Esq., Moran. 3 copies.

Miss Campbell.

Miss Helen.Campbell.

Mrs. Campbell, Strathearn.

Mungo Campbell, Esq. 2 copies.

Miss Elizabeth Campbell.

William Cathcart, Esq., Towers. 2 copies.

Miss Cathcart.

Miss Isabella Cathcart.

Mrs. Cunningham, Kilmarnock. 2 copies.

Mrs. Clerk, Elm Bank.

Robert Cunningham, Esq., Seabank.

William Campbell, Esq., Nether Place.

Miss Campbell.

Wm. Clark, Esq. 2 copiei^.

Mrs. Campbell, Succoth.

Miss Craig, Glasgow.

Miss Mary Craig.

Mrs. Colquhoun, Killermont.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


Mrs. Crooks.

David Connell, £s(]., Glasgow.

Mrs. Cathcart, Blairston

R. Cathcart, £sq.» Corbiston.

Miss Cathcart.

Arch. Campbell, Esq., Finlayston

John Colquhoun, Esq., Killermont.

Edward Cockett, Esq., St. James's Palace,

Richard Church, Esq., Bedford Place.

S. J. Cupper, Esq., Crosby Square. 2 copies,

W. Cririe, Esq., Manchester.

Richard Cardwell, Esq., Blackburne. 10 copies.

Rev. Richard Cardwell, Liverpool. 5 copies.

John Cardwell, Esq., Liverpool. 5 copies.

James Cardwell, Esq., Wigan. 2 copies.

Mrs. Edward Coxe.

Mrs. Dalzell Colquhoun.

Mrs. Lethan Cuthell, Kelvenside.

Mrs. Collings, Hampstead.

Miss Cathcart, Gayfield.

Miss Colbery, Cavendish Square.

L. A. De la Chaumette, Esq.

Benjamin Cohen, Esiq.

Mrs. Cohen.

James Cleland, Esq.

Mrs. Cleland.

The Hon. and Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Durham.

5 copies.
The Bishop of St. David's.
The Right Hon. Lady Dacre.
The Right Hon. Lady Dunstanville.
Lord Chief Justice Dallas.
Lady Dallas.
Mrs. Dallas.

Hon. Mrs. Douglas, Bothwell Castle.
Hon. Miss Douglas, Bothwell Castle.
Hon. and Rev. Champion Dymoke.
Hon and Rev. Thomas Dawnay.
Sir Francis Drake, Bart.
. Lady Drake.
Sir Humphry Davy, Bart. P.R.S.&c.
Sir David Dundas, Bart.
Lady P. Dalrymple, Woodside, Lymington.

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Gen. Sir John Doyle.

Sir John Milley Doyle.

General Dirom^ Mount Annan.

Mrs. Dirom.

Lieut. Col. Drummond, 3d Guards.

H. Dobree, Esq.

James Dunlop, Esq. 5 copies.

R. B. Dunlop, Esq. 2 copies.

Robert Davidson, Esq.

Mrs. Dixon, Portiand Place. 5 copies.

Miss Dauncey.

Mrs. Davy, Devonshire Square.

Mrs. Dyce. 2 copies

Lieut. Col. Davies, M. P.

Mrs. Dumaresq.

Mrs.Doveton, Upper Wimpole Street.

Miss Dobson.

Wm. Delafield, Esq.

Miss Dickens.

Miss Deane, Lincoln*s Inn Fields.

Col. Durrant, Wimpole Street.

W. J. Dennison, Esq. M. P. 5 copies.

Mrs.Denman. 5 copies.

Thomas Denman, Esq., M. P. 5 copies.

Mrs. Thomas Denman. 5 copies.

Henry Davidson, Esq.

Mrs. Davidson.

Miss Davidson.

Duncan Davidson, Esq.

General Douglas, Woolwich.

Major Douglas.

John Douglas, Esq.-, Twyford Abbey.

Mrs. Douglas^

Mrs. Tyrwhitt Drake.

Miss Drake.

Mrs. Deffell.

The Misses Deffell.

Dr. Duesbury.

Miss Duckworth.

Richard Duppa, Esq.

Philip Duncan, Esq.

Mrs. T. Dickins, BoL

T. Dyson, Esq., Lavington, Sussex.
Mrs. Dyson.
George Daniell, Esq., Lincolns Inn Fields,
a 2

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E. it. Daniell, Esq^ Lincoln's Inn Fields.

Miss Dallas, Gloucester Place. 3 copies.

Mrs. Drewe.

J. Duncan, Esq., New College, Oxford.

Rev. A. Dawson, Brazennose College.

Mrs. Daniel, Warwick.

£. T. Daniel, Esq., Southampton.

David Dundas, Esq., Edinburgh.

James Dundas, Esq., Edinburgh.

Mrs. Douglas, Douglas Park. 5 copies.

Ralph James Dundas, Esq.

Dr. J. H. Davidson. 5 copies.

George Dunlop, Esq. 5 copies.

Mrs. Dunlop.

Mrs. Edward Dawkins.

Mrs. Dawson, St. Leonard's.

W. J. Davidson, Esq., Inchmarto. 2 copies.

R. Davies, Esq.

Mrs. Dumbleton, Bath.

Miss Dunlop, Glasgow.

William Davidson, Esq.

Mrs. Robert Dunlop.

A. Dunlop, Esq., Clober.

John Dunlop, Esq., Greenock.

Mrs. John Dunlop.

Mrs. W. Dowal.

Professor Davidson, Glasgow.

Richard Duncan, Esq., Glasgow.

Mrs. Denniston, Kelvin Grove. 5 copies.

Miss Douglas, Rosehall.

Mrs. Dinwiddle.

Mrs. Dunlop, Annan Hill.

Mrs. Dundas, Dundas Castle.

Thomas Dobson, Esq., Bucklersbury.

Rev. James Dallaway.

DuflP, Esq., Hutton.

Mrs. Home Drummond.

D. D. 3 copies.

Mrs. Douglas Dickson, Hartree.

William Dundas, Esq., Temple.

James Dundas, Esq., Clerk to the Signet.

Mrs. Denni, Winchelsea, Sussex.

Miss J. Denni, Winchelsea, Sussex.

Mrs. Donald, Glasgow.

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Marchioness of Exeter,

Countess of Effingham.

Lord EUenborough.

Hon. Mrs. Estcourt.

Hon. Mrs. T. Erskine, Lower Brook Street.

Lady English, Grosvenor Street. 2 copies.

Mrs. Edwards.

Colonel Eustace.

Mrs. George Ellis, Sunning Hill.

Edwards, Esq.

Mrs. Evan, Seaton Grove.

N. B. Edmonstone, Esq.

Wm. Empson, Esq., Temple.

John EUiott, Esq.

Mrs. Elliott.

Rev. Luther Elliott, Salviston.

Mrs. A. Elliott, Egland. 4 copies.

Mrs. Elliott, Fenchuirch Street.

Robert Liston Elliott, Esq.

Robert Elliott, Esq. 2 copies.

G. H. Errington, Esq.

Miss Edgeworth.

Miss F. Edgeworth.

Miss H. Edgeworth.

Rev. Noel T. Ellison, Baliol Coll. Oxford. 2 copies.

Mrs. Erskine, Linlathen.

John Elliott, Esq., Montague Pface, Russell Square.

Mrs. Eaton, Kitton Hall, Stamford.

Ellis Ellis, Esq.

Wm. Eccles, Esq., Eccles, Manchester.

John Evans, Esq., Aldermanbury.

T. Erskine, Esq., Linlichan.

Rowland Evan, Esq., Bond Street.

Miss Eccles.

Mrs. Grenville Ewing.

James Ewing, Esq. 5 copies.


Viscountess Welding.
Lord William Fitzgerald.
His Excellency B^on Fagel.
The Hon. Miss Fox.
Sir Wm. Forbes, Bart., Pitsligo.
a 3

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Sir Thomas Farquhar, Bart.

Lady Farquhar.

Miss Farquhar. 5 copies.

Wm. Franklin, Esq.

Mrs. Franklin.

Mrs. Flower. 2 copies.

Mrs. Fisher, Upper Seymour Street.

Mrs. Farrer.

Miss Fector.

Miss A. C. Fryer, Cedars, Hammersmith.

Miss Jane Fryer.

Mrs. Farquhar.

Richard Franklin, Esq.

Flood, Esq., Clement's Lane.

John Freeman, Esq., New Kent Road. •

Mrs. Foreman, Upper Harley Street. 5 copies.

Francis Freeling, Esq., Bryanstone Square.

Miss Ferrier.

Mrs. Fenwick.

Edward Fletcher, Esq., Lime Grove, Putney.

Mrs. Fletcher.

M. A. Fletcher, Esq., Edinburgh.

J Fullerton, Esq. Edinburgh.

Miss Fawkland.

Captain Forrest, Montague Place.

Mrs. Forrest.

■ Farquhar, Esq.
Mrs. Farquhar.
A Friend. 10 copies. *
Mrs. Floyer, Stanford, Gloucestershire.
Miss Freeman.

Miss Fanshawe, Berkeley Square.
Miss Catherine Fanshawe.
Miss Elizabeth Fanshawe.
George Frere, Esq., Hampstead.
Mrs. Frere, Downing Lodge, Cambridge.
Miss Fountayne, Popplewick, Nottinghamshire.
Mrs. Fountayne, Bath.
Mrs. Fordyce, Bath.
Mrs. Fitzgerald, Bath.
John Foster, Esq., Bread Street.
Mrs. Fielder, Bath.
Miss Fielder, Bath.

Wm. Fielder, Esq. jun., Bath. 2 copies.
Wm. Fielder, Esq., Blackburn. 2 copies.
Wm. Farrer, Esq., Bread Street.

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G. W. Finch, Esq., Lincoln's Inn Fields.

James Fyfe, Esq. 5 copies.

Mrs. Fairlie, Holms.

J. FuUerton, Esq., Glenorchard.

Mrs. Freeland.

Miss Freeland.

Kirkman Finlay, Esq. 20 copies.

Wm. Finlay, Esq., Trees. 2 copies.

Thos. Farrer, Esq.

Miss Frodsham.

J. B. Ferrers, Esq., Throgmorton Street.

A Friend. 2 copies.

Mrs. Wm. Fulton, Paisley.

Mrs. Fletcher, Castle Street, Edinburgh.

Miss Ferguson, Monkwood. 2 copies.

James Finlay, Esq!, Glasgow.

John Finlay, Esq., Glasgow.

Wm. Finlay, Esq., Trees.

J. K. Finlay, Esq., Glasgow.


Earl* of Glasgow.

Countess of Glasgow.

Earl Gower.

Countess de Grey.

Countess of Gosford.

Right Hon. Lady Gwydir. 2 copies.

Right Hon the Dowager Lady Grantham.

Right Hon. Lady Grantham.

Lord Glenbervie

L^dy Coffin Greenly, Tilly Court, Herefordshire.

Sir Alexander Gordon.

George Good^nough, Esq., Hertford Street.

Mrs. Goodenough.

Mrs. Gordon, Manchester Square, 10 copies.

Mrs. Gundry, Richmond.

Mrs. Graham. • . . •

Mrs. Green, Bedford Square.

Mrs. Greaves, Hampstead.

Allan Gilmour, Esq., Portland Place.

Goring, Esq., Weston Park, Sussex.

Miss Goring.
Miss F. Goring.
Miss Gumey, Keswick.
John Glenme, Esq.

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