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Produced by Stephen Hutcheson

_Morning and Evening
for All Days of the Week_

Together With

_Confessional, Communion, and Other
Prayers and Hymns for Mornings
and Evenings, and
Other Occasions_

Done in English
_Editor Lutheran Herald_

Chicago, Illinois.

March, 1918, 3M.
September, 1918, 5M.
January, 1920, 5M.

Translator's Preface

This little manual of prayers herewith offered to English speaking
Christians in their own language, has long been one of the treasures of
the German people. With the exception of a few prayers, as hereinafter
noted, it was originally written by one of God's noblemen, by one who
"lived and moved and had his being" in the things of the Kingdom of God.
Dr. John Habermann (known also as Avenarius, Latinized form of Habermann)
died 1590 as superintendent at Zeitz, was a famous preacher and a
distinguished scholar of his day. He was noted for his profound knowledge
of oriental languages especially of the Hebrew. Still it is not this but
the fact of his little prayer book that has endeared him to his fellow
Christians. And this manual of prayers is the mature product of an inner
life rich in the grace of God. On every page it bears the stamp of one
for whom the communion with the eternal Father in heaven through the
faith in Jesus Christ, the Savior, is a blessed reality. Nothing more
natural therefore also than that he should "live and move and have his
being" in the language of the Word of God. And this is quite apparent in
his prayer language. God's Word give him the terms to express his
thoughts. Especially the Psalter, the prayer and hymn book of Israel,
proves a veritable thesaurus of prayer terms and of these he makes a
copious use.

The present little volume presents the Englished edition of "Wachet und
Betet," as issued by the Synod of Iowa and other States. Owing to the
exigencies of the times, with the great world war raging in all its fury,
a special set of prayers for times of war has been added by the
translator, in the hope that they will add to the usefulness of the book.
These are found on pages 131-138. The hymns as far as possible are given
in the form as found in the new Common Service Book with Hymnal. Many of
them however are new translations that here appear in print for the first
time. For these we are indebted especially to Prof. Alfred Ramsey of the
Lutheran Theological Seminary, Maywood, Chicago, and the Rev. H.
Brueckner of Iowa City, Iowa, a fact which is here gratefully

The labor of clothing these little gems of prayer into the language of
the land has been done as a labor of love, albeit the stress of other
work often precluded the continued effort. The work was done a bit at a
time. This little volume is herewith issued with the fervent hope and
prayer, that it may long continue on its course of blessing, and lead
many lives into the closer communion with God, through Jesus Christ. Soli
Deo Gloria!

E. H. R.

Waverly, Iowa, during the blessed season of Epiphany, 1918.


Arise, dear soul, and carefully reflect who He is with whom thou speakest
and before whom thou standest when thou prayest. Behold, thou speakest
with God, thy Maker, and standest in the presence of Him, the eternal
Majesty, whom thousand times thousand holy angels and arch-angels attend.
Therefore, O Christian, enter thou into the closet of thy soul, and
beware, lest thou failest to put from thee all sluggishness of heart, and
liftest up to thy God a countenance free from blame. Then wilt thou
delight in the Lord and have power with Him, and prevail. Yea, thou wilt
conquer the unconquerable God and bear away the blessing through Jesus
Christ. Amen.

The Lord's Prayer

_Our Father, who art in heaven; Hallowed be Thy Name; Thy kingdom come;
Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven; Give us this day our daily
bread; And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass
against us; And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil;
For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and
ever. Amen._

The Benediction

_The Lord bless thee, and keep thee._
_The Lord make His face to shine upon thee,_
_and be gracious unto thee._
_The Lord lift up His countenance upon thee,_
_and give thee peace. Amen._

Morning and Evening Prayers

Prayer for Sunday Morning.

Lord, our Heavenly Father, Eternal God! Blessed be Thy divine power and
might; magnified Thy fathomless goodness and mercy; praised Thine eternal
wisdom and truth. For Thou hast shielded me with Thy hand against the
perils of this night, and hast suffered me to rest and slumber in peace
under the shadow of Thy wings. Thou hast kept and safeguarded me with a
father's care against the Evil One and all his wicked designs and
purposes. Therefore, I magnify Thy goodness and the wonders which Thou
doest for the children of men. I will exalt Thee in the congregation. Thy
praise shall evermore be in my mouth. My soul shall bless Thee, O my
Lord, all that is within me shall bless Thy holy name, and nevermore will
I forget Thy benefits. May the praises of my lips, which in singleness of
heart I bring before Thee at this early hour, be acceptable in Thy sight.
I call upon Thee with all my heart to preserve me this day against all
danger of body and soul. May Thy holy angels have charge over me and keep
me in all my ways. Encompass me with Thy shield and lead me on the paths
of Thy commandments that, like the children of light, I may be blameless
in Thy service, to Thy good pleasure. Stay the Evil One and all
wickedness of this world. Restrain mine own flesh and blood that I be not
overcome by them. Lead me with Thy Holy Spirit that I attempt, do, speak,
or think nothing except what is well-pleasing in Thy sight and conducive
to the glory of Thy divine Majesty. Behold, O God, I consecrate and
dedicate myself entirely to Thy holy will, with body and soul, all my
powers and abilities, inwardly and outwardly. Make me a living sacrifice,
holy and acceptable unto Thee, so that I may render Thee a reasonable and
pleasing service. Therefore, Most Holy Father, Almighty God, let me be
wholly Thine. Govern Thou my heart and soul, and all my emotions that I
know and understand none but Thee. O Lord, in the morning wilt Thou hear
my voice. Early will I seek Thee and look up to Thee. Early will I praise
Thee, and will not cease when evening comes. Through Jesus Christ. Amen.

Gott des Himmels und der Erden.

God, Who madest earth and heaven, -
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
Who the day and night hast given,
Sun and moon, and starry host,
Thou Whose mighty hand sustains
Earth and all that it contains;

Praise to Thee my soul shall render,
Who this night has guarded me,
My omnipotent Defender,
Who from ill doth set me free;
Free from danger, anguish, woe,
Free from the infernal foe.

Let the night of my transgression
With night's darkness pass away;
Jesus, into Thy possession
I resign myself to-day.
In Thy wounds I find relief
From my greatest sin and grief.

Let my life and conversation
Be directed by Thy Word;
Lord, Thy constant preservation
To Thy erring child afford.
Nowhere but alone in Thee
From all harm can I be free.

Wholly to Thy blest protection
I commit my heart and mind;
Mighty God! to Thy direction
Wholly may I be resigned.
Lord, my Shield, my Light divine,
O accept, and own me Thine.

Heinrich Albert, 1643.
Tr. John Christian Jacobi, 1720.
Arthur Tozer Russell, 1848.
Catherine Winkworth, 1855.

Prayer for Sunday Evening.

Eternal God, Merciful Father, I lift up my hands unto Thee as an evening
sacrifice, and render Thee most hearty thanks, praise, and glory, that
Thou hast protected me this day and all the days of my life from all evil
and calamity, and through the ministrations of Thy holy angels hast
graciously guarded me against the Evil One. I pray Thee to forgive me all
my sins, wherever I have done wrong. Surround me this night with Thy holy
angels. May thou compass me round and cast a trench about me, that I may
escape the snares and evil cunning of the enemy. I commend myself to Thy
goodness and mercy. Protect me with Thine outstretched arm; for from my
heart do I pant after Thee in the nightwatches, and with my spirit within
me do I watch for Thee at all times. I wait upon Thy goodness, and my
soul trusts in Thee, the living God, for Thou art my refuge and my
Savior. Behold, O Lord, whether we sleep or wake, we are Thine: whether
we live or die, Thou art our God who hast called us into being.
Therefore, I cry unto Thee: let Thy grace be not far from me. Shelter me
with Thy shield. Keep me, that I lie in quiet, sleep in peace, and awake
again in health. Hide me in Thy pavilion in the time of trouble, in the
secret of Thy tabernacle hide me, set me upon the rock, and I will fear
no evil. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I
will fear no evil: for Thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff they
comfort me. Grant me grace, that though my body sleep, my soul may ever
wake for Thee, that I may ever have Thee in my heart and before my mind,
and be not overcome by the night of sin. Keep me from all wicked and evil
dreams, from restless wakings and useless anxieties, from depraved and
hurtful thoughts, from all grief. My Lord and God, into Thy gracious care
do I commend my body and soul, my brothers and sisters, and all my kin
and loved ones. May it please Thee, O Lord, to save us, and turn not Thy
mercy from us. May Thy grace and fidelity protect us alway. Cover us this
night with Thy goodness, and encompass us with Thy mercy, that we be
safe-guarded in body and soul. Amen.

Christe, du bist der helle Tag.

O Christ, who art the sun-lit day,
Before Thee night must flee away,
Thou dost reflect the Father's light
And teachest us His will aright.

Dear Lord, as night is drawing near,
Fill Thou our hearts with light and cheer,
Let us securely rest in Thee
And from the foe's attacks stay free.

And while our eyes in slumber close,
Grant that our hearts may find repose;
But let them be to Thee awake
And of Thy saving grace partake.

Protect us from the wily foe
Who seeks to harm our souls, we know.
Be Thou our shield, our staff, and stay,
Lord Jesus Christ, for this we pray.

For Thou hast made us, Lord, Thine own,
We as Thy heritage are known.
Thy blood was shed, that we might be
The Father's precious gift to Thee.

So let Thy holy angel stay
Around us both by night and day.
Place Thou a watch beside our bed,
And guardian angels overhead.

Thus in Thy name we fall asleep,
While angels o'er us watch must keep.
To Thee, O Holy One in Three,
Be praise to all eternity.

Latin, 7 Century.
Erasmus Alber, 1555.
Tr. H. Brueckner, 1918.

Prayer for Monday Morning.

O Thou Eternal and Merciful God! Thou hast commanded Thy people in Thy
law each morning to offer Thee a burnt offering, thereby to praise and
thank Thee for Thy merciful protection: thus I too would bring unto Thee
my offering of praise, that is the fruit of my lips, and magnify Thy holy
name. For by Thy grace and mercy Thou hast kept me this night from all
evil and harm in body and soul, and hast graciously protected me. If Thou
hadst not been my shield and my help, manifold calamities would have
engulfed me, and I could not have risen in health and safety. Therefore,
I thank Thee for Thy protection. But I continue to call to Thee from the
depths of my heart, and my supplication ascends to Thee in the early
hour. Early do I seek Thy countenance and pray Thee to safeguard me and
mine from the wiles and power of the devil, from sin and disgrace and all
wickedness. Visit Thou me in this early hour with Thy grace, as without
Thee I can do nothing, and grant that I may this day begin all my work in
Thy name and end it joyously, to the glory of Thy divine majesty and the
betterment of my neighbor. Preserve my soul, mind, reason, senses, and
thoughts, all that I do and leave undone, that the prince of darkness do
me no injury. Safeguard me against the destruction that wasteth at
noonday. Defend me against mine enemies that neither secretly nor openly
they harm or injure me with their craft and cunning, violence or malice.
O God, Father and Lord of my life, shield me from all impurity and
disorderly conduct. Keep me from all intemperance and unchastity, and
turn from me shameless thoughts. Help me by Thy grace to pluck out the
eye that offends me and cast it away, and renounce all wicked and impure
desires of the heart. Grant whatever is pleasing to Thee and useful to
me, that I may serve Thee in the true faith. Look upon me with the eyes
of Thy mercy, Thou Savior of the world, and enlighten my heart and eyes,
that I may walk in the light of Thy grace, which rises above me, and
never lose Thee, the Eternal Light. Amen.

Ach bleib mit deiner Gnade.

Abide with grace unbounded,
Lord Jesus, with us still,
That Satan's craft confounded
May no more work us ill.

Abide with us, dear Savior,
Both with and in Thy Word:
To us both now and ever
Thy saving health afford.

Abide with all Thy brightness,
Thou brightest Light of all;
And lest we stray from rightness,
Make Thou Thy truth our wall.

Abide with us and bless us,
Thou Lord whose riches 'bide;
With growing grace possess us
And all things best provide.

Abide with Thy protection,
Great Captain, clothed with might;
O'ercome our world affection
And vanquish Satan's spite.

Abide with care untiring,
Our God and Lord indeed;
All steadfastness inspiring,
Help, Lord, our every need.

Josua Stegmann, 1630.
Tr. A. Ramsey, 1916.

Prayer for Monday Evening.

O Thou Mighty and Everlasting God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, I
thank Thee that by Thy divine power Thou hast this day preserved me from
all injury and danger of body and life. I owe it to Thy mercy alone that
Thou didst protect me on all my paths. I pray Thee to forgive me all my
sins which I have committed against Thee, and this night and during our
entire lives mercifully to defend me and my loved ones against all sorrow
and anxiety, and against the craft and power of the devil, wherewith day
and night he seeks to ensnare us. Preserve us from the deadly pestilence
that walketh in the darkness, and deliver us from the snare of the enemy.
Protect us from the temptation and terror of Satan, from all evils of
body and soul. For Thou art our strong fortress, our sword and buckler.
All our hope and trust rests in Thee. Therefore, O faithful God, may
Thine eyes be upon us and we be safeguarded this night against all
violence and assault of the enemy. Be Thou our keeper and protector.
Encompass us with Thy shelter, for in Thee is our salvation. Unto Thee
only, from whom cometh my help, do I lift up mine eyes. My help cometh
from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. Behold, as the eyes of servants
look unto the hands of their masters, and as the eyes of a maiden unto
the hand of her mistress; so our eyes wait upon the Lord our God, until
that He have mercy upon us. Have mercy upon us, O Lord, have mercy, for
we are poor and needy. Lift upon me the light of Thy countenance lest I
sleep the sleep of death. Amen.

Nun ruhen alle Waelder.

Now under night's dark shadow
Rest woodland, field, and meadow,
The world in slumber lies.
But thou, my soul, awake thee,
To song and prayer betake thee,
Give praise to Him who rules the skies.

The sun's fair light hath vanished,
The night its rays hath banished,
The night, the foe of day.
'Tis well: my heart containeth
A sun whose light ne'er waneth,
Since Jesus there holds constant sway.

The reign of day is over,
And golden stars now cover
The canopy so blue.
Thus I shall shine in heaven,
Where golden crowns are given
To all who faithful stay and true.

My body is divested
Of garments that have rested
Upon its form of clay.
Thus I at heaven's portal
Shall lose all that is mortal
And with the Lord forever stay.

Head, feet, and hands are taking
Sweet rest from toil and waking,
Released from ev'ry pain.
O heart of mine, why borrow
The troubles of tomorrow?
Thou rest from sin and woe shalt gain.

Ye members weak and tired,
By joy no more inspired,
Betake yourselves to bed.
The time and hour for sleeping
In God's own faithful keeping
Will come when you are cold and dead.

My tired eyes are closing,
And while I am reposing,
Where doth my soul remain?
To Thee be it commended
Until the night is ended,
Let me Thy gracious favor gain.

Lord Jesus, who dost love me,
Spread both Thy wings above me,
Thus shielding me from harm.
If Satan should draw near me,
Let angels come to cheer me
And so the wily foe disarm.

My loved ones, rest securely,
Since God will guard you surely
From pain and perils sore.
May you in safety slumber,
While angels without number
Attend you now and evermore.

Paul Gerhardt, 1648.
Tr. H. Brueckner, 1918.

Prayer for Tuesday Morning.

Blessed be God, the maker of heaven and earth, blessed be the Lord, who
only doeth wondrous things, and blessed be His glorious name for ever who
hath made both day and night through His glorious wisdom, and so ruled,
that while the earth remaineth, they shall not cease, that man may rest
by night, and proceed again to his labors by day. O Lord, how manifold
are Thy works! In wisdom hast Thou made them all: the earth is full of
Thy riches. For such Thy gifts we should thank Thee ere the sun rises,
and come into Thy presence when the light breaks forth. Therefore I bless
Thee now also, for Thou hast suffered me securely to rest and sleep this
night, and again awakened me to the joy of living. Thou hast mercifully
sheltered me from the assaults and malice of enemies. I supplicate Thy
grace: grant that my soul may repose in Thy hands, my body continue in
health according to Thy good pleasure, and be kept from all injury and
peril. Be Thou my mighty protection and strong stay, a defence from heat,
and my cover from the sun at noon, my preservation from stumbling, and my
help from falling, that no harm may come unto me. O Merciful God, knowing
the hour is come to awaken out of the sleep of sin and iniquity, for now
is our salvation so near, the night is far spent, the day is at hand: so
help us to cast off the works of darkness, and put on the armour of
light, that we may walk honestly as in the day; not in rioting and
drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and envying,
but putting on the Lord Jesus Christ in the true faith and a Christian
conduct. Thus awaken us each morning. Open Thou my ears that I may hear
Thy holy Word with a believing heart and keep the same in my memory. Let
my ears incline to the entreaties and prayers of the needy, not to
forsake them in their distress. And when in my distress I cry unto Thee,
hear Thou the voice of my supplications, and despise not my sighings in
the hour of death. Let my prayers come before Thee early. Incline Thine
ears to my entreaties. Satisfy us early with Thy mercy; that we may
rejoice and be glad all our days. Amen.

Wach auf, mein Herz, und singe.

Awake, my heart, rejoicing,
Thy Maker's praises voicing, -
The Giver, good gifts sending;
Their Shield, His folk defending.

All night while darkness 'bound me
In deepest gloom around me,
By Satan craved while sleeping
God had me in His keeping.

Thou spak'st me words endearing;
Sleep now, my child, unfearing;
Sleep well, night's terrors spurning;
Thou'lt see the sun returning.

Thy word performed, now waking,
I see the bright dawn breaking,
Safe kept from ills unnumbered
While 'neath Thy care I slumbered.

An off'ring Thou desirest.
Behold what Thou requirest.
Nor lamb nor incense bringing,
I come with prayer and singing.

Nor wilt Thou now despise them,
But in Thy heart wilt prize them,
Well knowing, yea, and surely
My best I offer purely.

Approve my works when shown Thee.
Help Thou good councils only;
Beginning, middle, closing,
Lord, for the best disposing.

With blessings guard me waking,
My heart Thy dwelling making,
And with Thy Word, Lord, feed me
Whilst heavenward Thou dost lead me.

Paul Gerhardt, 1648.
Tr. A. Ramsey, 1916.

Prayer for Tuesday Evening.

Lord, Merciful God, Holy Father, in the daytime do I cry unto Thee with
my voice, in my distress I call upon Thee, and at eventime I remember Thy
goodness and mercy, which Thou hast wrought for me. And especially do I
magnify Thee now, that purely out of fatherly grace and mercy, without
any merit or worthiness on my part, Thou hast this day preserved me from
all harm and danger and kept me from sudden death. Therefore do I now and
at all times render unto Thee praise and thanksgiving, and pray Thee, for
the sake of the bitter sufferings of Jesus Christ, to forgive me wherever
I have sinned against Thee this day. Mercifully protect me during the
night against my adversary, the devil, and against the fears and terrors
of the night. Suffer me to rest without anxieties and worries, and may
the eyes of my faith ever behold the lustre of Thy countenance even
during the shades of night. For Thou art that shining and true light,
which dispels all darkness that surrounds us. Thou, O Lord, art ever with
me. Thou art my rock, and my fortress, my deliverer, my strength, in whom
I will trust, my buckler, the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.
Lord, my God, at eventime do I lift up my hands unto Thee. Come unto me
as the latter rains that make the earth fruitful. Abide with us, for the
day is far spent and in the darkness there is none to defend us save Thou
alone, our God. Hasten to uphold us. Defend us this night, lest our souls
fall into the sleep of sin and our bodies be overcome with evil. Awake us
again in due time, and make us to hear joy and peace, for we love Thy
word and Thy testimonies, which are the delight of our souls. May our
ears be saved from all messages of sorrow, and all anguish be turned from
our souls; for Thou canst prosper all that liveth, and fill my life with
Thy blessing; in Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Die Nacht ist kommen, drin wir ruhen sollen.

Now God be with us, for the night is closing;
The light and darkness are of His disposing;

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