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41 And let thy mercies come to me, O Jehovah,
thy salvation, according to thy saying.

42 And I shall answer him that reproacheth me ;
for I have trusted in thy word.

43 And take not from my mouth the word of truth utterly ;
for I have waited for thy judgments.

44 And I will keep thy law continually,
forever and ever.

45 And I shall walk at large ;
for thy precepts have I sought.

46 And I will speak of thy testimonies before kings,
and will not be ashamed.

47 And I will delight myself in thy commandments,
which I love.

48 And I will lift up my hands to thy commandments,
which I love,

and will meditate on thy statutes.


49 Remember the word to thy servant,
on which thou hast caused me to hope.

50 This is my comfort in my affliction ;
for thy saying hath revived me.


51 Proud ones have greatly derided me ;
from thy law I have not swerved,

52 I remembered thy judgments of old, O Jehovah,
and have consoled myself.

53 Indignation hath taken hold of me because of the wicked,
who forsake thy law.

54 Thy statutes have been my songs,
in the house of my sojournings.

5d I have remembered thy name in the night, Jehovah,
and have kept thy law.

56 This I have had,

for thy precepts have I kept.


57 Jehovah is my portion, I have said,
that I may keep thy words.

58 I have sought thy favor with the whole heart ;
be gracious to me according to thy saying.

59 I thought on my ways,

and turned back my feet to thy testimonies. /

60 I made haste and delayed not,
to keep thy commandments.

61 The cords of the wicked were around me ;
thy law I have not forgotten.

62 At midnight will I rise to give thanks to thee,
on account of thy righteous judgments.

63 I am a companion of all that fear thee,
and of them that keep thy precepts.

64 The earth is full of thy mercy, O Jehovah ;
teach me thy statutes.


65 Thou hast dealt well with thy servant,
O Jehovah, according to thy word.

66 Teach me good understanding and knowledge;
for I have believed in thy commandments.

67 Before I was afflicted I went astray ;
but now I keep thy saying.

68 Thou art good, and doest good ;
teach me thy statutes.

69 The proud have forged a lie against me ;
I, with all the heart, will keep thy precepts.

70 Thick, as with fat, is their heart ;
as for me, in thy law do I delight.

71 It is good for me that I was afflicted,
that I might learn thy statutes.

72 Better to me is the law of thy mouth,
than thousands of gold and silver.


73 Thy hands made me, and fashioned me ;

make me understand, that I may learn thy comraandmentSc

74 They that fear thee will see me and will rejoice ;
for I have hoped in thy word.

75 I know, O Jehovah, that thy judgments are right,
and in faithfulness thou hast afflicted me.

76 Let, I pray, thy mercy be for my comfort,
according to thy saying to thy servant.


77 Let thy compassions come upon me that I may live ;
for thy law is my delight.

78 Let the proud be ashamed, for they wronged me without cause;
as for me, I meditate on thy precepts.

79 They will turn to me that fear thee,
and that know thy testimonies.

80 Let my heart be perfect in thy statutes,
that I may not be ashamed.


81 My soul fainteth for thy salvation ;
for thy word do I wait.

82 My eyes fail for thy saying,

while I say, When wilt thou comfort me !

83 For I am become like a bottle in the smoke ;
thy statutes I do not forget.

84 How many are the days of thy servant ?

When wilt thou execute judgment on my persecutors?

85 The proud have digged pits for me,
who are not according to thy law.

86 All thy commandments are faithfulness ;
they persecute me wrongfully ; help thou me.

87 Almost had they consumed me upon earth ;
and I, I forsook not thy precepts.

88 According to thy mercy revive me,

and I will keep the testimony of thy mouth.


89 Forever, O Jehovah,

thy word is settled in the heavens.

90 To generation and generation is thy faithfulness ;
thou hast founded the earth, and it standeth fast.

91 For thy judgments they stand fast this day ;
for all are thy servants.

92 Unless thy law had been my delight,

I should then have perished in my affliction.

93 Forever will I not forget thy precepts ;
for with them thou hast quickened me.

94 Thine am I, — save me ;

for thy precepts have I sought.

95 The wicked have waited lor me to destroy me ;
to thy testimonies do I give heed.

96 To all perfection I have seen an end ;
thy commandment is exceeding broad.


97 How do I love thy law !

All the day it is my meditation.

98 Thy commandments make me wiser than my enemies;
for forever is it mine.

99 I am become wiser than my teachers ;
for thy testimonies are my meditation.

100 I have more understanding than the aged;

for thy precepts have I kept.
tOl From every evil path have I withheld my feet,

in order that I may keep thy word.
102 From thy judgments I have not departed,

for thou thyself dost guide me.


103 How sweet to my palate are thy sayings;
more than honey to d^ mouth I

104 From thy precepts I get understanding ;
therefore do I hate every false path.


105 A lamp to my foot is thy word,
and a light to my path.

106 I have sworn, and have fulfilled it, '
to observe thy righteous judgments.

107 I am afflicted very greatly ;

O Jehovah, revive me according to thy word.

108 Let the free-will offerings of my mouth be acceptable to thee, O Jehovah ;
and teach me thy judgments.

109 My soul is in my hand continually ;
but thy law I do not forget.

110 The wicked have laid a snare for me ;
but from thy precepts I have not strayed.

111 Thy testimonies have I taken as a heritage forevei ;
for-they are the joy of my heart.

112 I have inclined my heart to perform thy statutes,
forever, to the end.


113 The double-minded I hate,
and thy law I love.

114 My hiding place and my shield art thou ;
for thy word do I wait.

115 Depart from me, ye evil-doers ;

and I will keep the commandments of my God.

116 Uphold me according to thy saying, and I shall live;
and do not let me be ashamed of my hope.

117 Do thou hold me up, and I shall be saved ;
and I will have regard to thy statutes continually.

118 Thou hast made light of all that wander from thy statutes;
for a vain thing is their deceit.

119 • As dross thou hast put away all the wicked of the earth;
therefore do I love thy testimonies.

120 My flesh shuddereth from dread of thee,
and of thy judgments I am afraid.


121 I have done justice and righteousness ;
thou wilt not leave me to my oppressors.

122 Be surety for thy servant for good ;
do not let the proud oppress me.

123 My eyes fail for thy salvation,
and for thy righteous saying,

124 Deal with thy servant according to thy mercy,
and teach me thy statutes.

125 I am thy servant, — ^give me understanding,
and I shall know thy statutes.

126 It is time that Jehovah should work ;
they have broken thy law.

127 Therefore do I love thy commandments,
above gold, and above fine gold.

128 Therefore all thy precepts I esteem right ;
every path of falsehood I hate.



129 Wonderful are thy testimonies ;
therefore hath my soul kept them.

130 The unfolding of thy words giveth light,
making the simple understand.

131 I opened my mouth wide, and panted ;
for I longed for thy commandments.

132 Turn to me, and be gracious to me,

as thou art wont to do to them that love thy name.

133 My steps establish by thy word,
and let no iniquity rule over me.

134 Redeem me from the oppression of man;
•and I will observe thy precepts.

135 Make thy face to shine upon thy servant,
and teach me thy statutes.

136 My eyes run down with streams of water,
because they observe not thy law.


137 Righteous art thou O Jehovah,
and upright in thy judgments.

138 Thou hast enjoined in righteousness thy testimonies,
and in exceeding faithfulness.

139 My zeal consumeth me,
because my foes forget thy words.

140 Pure is thy saying — exceedingly,
and thy servant loveth it.

141 Little am I and despised;
thy precepts I do not forget.

142 Thy righteousness is eternal right,
and thy law is truth.

143 Trouble and anguish have come upon me ;
thy commandments are my delights.

144 Right are thy testimonies forever;
make me understand, and I shall live.


145 I call with the whole heart ; answer me, O Jehovah 5
thy statutes I will keep.

146 I call on thee, save me ;

and I will observe thy testimonies.

147 I rise early with the dawn, and cry for help ;
for thy words do I wait.

148 My eyes anticipate the night-watches,
to meditate on thy saying.

149 Hear my voice according to thy mercy ;

Jehovah, according to thy judgments revive me.

150 Near are they that follow after mischief;
they are far from thy law.

151 Near art thou, O Jehovah,

and all thy commandments are truth.

152 Long time have I known from thy testimonies,
that thou hast founded them forever.


153 See my affliction, and rescue me
for thy law I have not forgotten.


1<'>4 Plead my cause and redeem me ;
according to thy saying revive me.

155 Far from the wicked is salvation ;
for thy statutes they have not sought.

156 Many are thy compassions, O Jehovah ;
according to thy judgments revive me.

157 Many are my persecutors and my foes ;
from thy testimonies I have not swerved.

158 I saw the faithless and loathed,
them that keep not thy saying.

159 See how I love thy precepts ;

O Jehovah, according to thy mercy revive me.

160 The sum of thy word is truth ;

and every one of thy righteous judgments is forever.


161 Princes persecute me without cause ;
but at thy words my heart trembleth.

162 I rejoice over thy saying,
as one that findeth great spoil.

163 Falsehood I hate and abhor ;
thy law do I love.

164 Seven times in the day I praise thee,
on account of thy righteous judgments.

165 Great peace have they that love thy law ;
and they have no occasion of stumbling.

166 I have hoped for thy salvation, O Jehovah ;
and have done thy commandments.

167 My soul hath observed thy testimonies,
and I love them exceedingly.

168 I have observed thy precepts and thy testimonies ;
for all thy ways are before me.


169 Let my cry come near before thee, O Jehovah;
according to thy word, make me understand.

170 Let my supplication come before thee ;
according to thy saying, rescue me.

171 My lips shall pour forth praise;
for thou wilt teach me thy statutes.

172 Let my tongue answer to thy saying,
that all thy commandments are right.

173 Let thy hand be for my help ;
for thy precepts have I chosen.

174 I have longed for thy salvation, O Jehovah;
and thy law is my delight.

175 Let my soul live and praise thee ;
and let thy judgments help me.

176 I have gone astray like a lost sheep.
Seek thy servant ;

for thy commandments I do not forget.

Ps, cxfx. A treasury of devout sentiments and practical precepts. The memory was aided by the alphabetic structura
of the psalqi in twenty-two stanzas, according to the number of the Hebrew letters, eacli conaidting of eight parallelisms
(sixteen lines), the first line of each parallelism beginning with the initial letter of the stanza.

Ver. 18. I will behold. Self-incitement. (Gesenius, Oram. ^128, I).

Ver. 38. Ibr thy fear. To lead men to the fear of God, assuring them of the blessings attending it.

Vers. 41-48. In this stanza, the initial letter is the word and in Hebrew ; lience its recitrreace at the beginning of the
first line in each couplet.

Ver. 44. WillUft up my hands. As a symbol, and an expression, of the liffin;;; np of the heart.

Ver. 70, Ist member. An expression of insensibility, and dullness of moial perccytiou. Compare Ps. xvii. 10; Is. vi, 10,

Ver. 96. An end. A limit, or bound.


Ver. 98, 2d member. Jl. Embracing all as one.

Ver. 113. The double-minded. Men of divided mind, "halting between two opinions" (1 Kings xviii. 21, where a word
from the same root is used) ; unstable and unwavering. Compare James i. 8.

Vers. 127, 128. rAere/bre. In consideration of all that precedes. .,,. r i.u • i,*. „ t„v.«= „..o

Ver. U8. Anticipate the night-watch6S. Anticipate their progress ; waking unseasonably, before the night-watches are

past. See the note on Ps. Ixlii. &


Pilgrim Song.

1 To Jehovah, in my distress,
I called and he answered me.

2 O Jehovah, rescue my soul from lying lips,
from a deceitful tongue.

3 What shall he give to thee,

and what shall he do more to thee, deceitful tongue?

4 Sharp arrows of the mighty,
with burning coals of broom I

6 Alas for me, that I sojourn in Mesech,

that I dwell with the tents of Kedar I
6 My soul hath long dwelt

with him that hateth peace.

I am for peace ; but when I speak,

they are for war.

Pss. CXX. — cxxxiv. Pilgrim Songs — Three annual pilgrimages to the Holy City were required of all the male popula-
tion. See Deut. xvi. 16; and compare Ex. xxiii. 14-17. Though required only of males ("all thy males," Deut. xvi. 16),
the journey would sometimes be voluntarily made by pious women; as is recorded of Hannah (I Sam. i. 7), and of Mary

iLuke ii. 41, 42). The people of the same neighborhood, and the different branches of the same family (compare Luke ii.
4), would go together in large companies, for mutual aid and protection, by night in the open fields. The ob-
ject and circumstances of the journey would naturally suggest a collection of suitable hymns for evening and morning

This is the most satisfactory of the several theories of the origin and designation of this small collection of fifteen
Psalms. Tlie title prefixed to each, literally Song of the Ascents (namt:>ly, to the Holy City, compare Ps. cxxii 4, " whither
the tribes go up ") is appropriate to such an occaaion.* That some were written for other occasions, and with a dift'erent
design, is uo valid objection; the Psalms selected being appropriate, either in their direct reference to the special object
and the peculiar circumstances and incidents of the Journey, or in the spirit of devotion and depth of religious feeling
with which all occurrences, national and domestic, were regarded. The collection may have originated in the pilgrimages
from Babylon at the close of the captivity (Ezra vii. 9, literally " the going up from Babylon "), to which the sentiments of
the first in the series (Ps. cxx.) and of similar ones, would be pertinent. Many pious Jews, who in after times ma le this
pilgrimage from lands to which they were driven by the dispersion, Wuuld find expression for their peculiar relations and
eentiments in such Psalms.

How appropriate, a^ they were journeying toward the mountains of Jerusalem (Ps. cxxv. 2) were all the sentiments of
Ps. cxxi., beginning :

I will lift my eyes unto the mountains ;
from whence shall my help come 2

and on their arrival at the Holy City, and joyful entrance through its gates, the words of the following Psalm (Ps. cxxii.),
beginning :

I was glad when they said to me,
let us go into the house of Jehovah.
Our feet are standing
in thy gates, Jerusalem.

Thece two Psalms indicate the design of the whole collection,

Ver. 3. Compare the form of imprecation, " God do so and more also " (1 Sam. xiv. 44).

Ver. 4. With burning coals. Compare Ps. cxl. 10.

Broom. A plant used as fuel by the natives of the country. " The Vulgate, Luther, English version, and others, trans-
late it wrongly hy juniper. The roots are very bitter, and are regarded by the Arabs as yielding the best charcoal " (Rob-
inson, Researches in Palestine, Vol. I., p. 299).

Ver. 5. Mesech — Kedar. Put for any restless and warlike communities, of similar character.

* Another explanation, namely, that the Psalm was so called from its gradational structure, is unsatisfactory, only two
or three at most having more than very slight traces of this peculiar form.


Pilgrim Song.

1 I will lift mine eyes unto the mountains ;
from whence shall my help come ?

2 My help is from Jehovah,
who made heaven and earth.

3 Let him not suflfer thy foot to waver ;
he that keepeth thee, let him not slumber.

4 Behold he will not slumber, and will not sleep,
that keepeth Israel.

5 Jehovah is thy keeper ;

Jehovah is thy shade on thy right hand.

6 By day the sun shall not smite thee,
nor the moon by night.

7 Jehovah will keep thee from all evil ;
he will keep thy soul.

8 Jehovah will keep thy going out and thy coming in,
henceforth and forevermore.

X . Ph. cxxi. An appropriate hymn, for morning or evening worship, as the pilgrims were journeying toward the moun-
tains of Jerusalem. Compare Ps. cxxv. 2, " Jerusalem, mountains are round about her."'
Ver. 3. Let thy keeper be one that eluoibera not, and is ever watchful over his charge.

Pilgrim Song. Of David.

1 I was glad when they said to me,
let us go into the house of Jehovah,

2 Our feet are standing

in thy gates, O Jerusalem;

3 Jerusalem, that art builded,

as a city that is compact together ;

4 whither the tribes go up,

the tribes of Jah, — a testimony for Israel,—
to give thanks to the name of Jehovah.

5 For there are set thrones for judgment,
thrones of the house of David.

6 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem ;
they shall prosper that love thee !

7 Let there be peace within thy rampart,
prosperity within thy palaces.

8 For my brethren and companions' sake,
let me now say, Peace be within thee I

9 For the sake of the house of Jehovah our God,
I will seek thy good. .

Ver. 4. The tribes go vjp. Three times In a year (Deut. xvi. 16 ; compare Ex. xxiii. 14-17). These annual pilgrimagei
were " a testimony for Israel," — " a memorial " (as expressed in Ex. xii. 14) of what God had wrought.

Pilgrim Song.
1 Unto thee do I lift up my eyes,
thou that dwellest in the heavens.


2 Behold, as tlie eyes of servants are toward the hand of their masters,
as the eyes of a maid-servant toward the hand of her mistress ;

so are our eyes toward Jehovah, our God,
until he shall be gracious to us.

3 Be gracious to us, O Jehovah, be gracious to us ;
for we are greatly filled with contempt.

4 Our soul is greatly filled,

with the scorn of them that are at ease,
with the contempt of the proud.


Toward the hand. Watching for the signal of the master's or mistrflss'a will. The Orientals were always, as they now
are, sparing of words, and expressed their will by signs. There is noreferenci fo chastisement, as some suppose.
Vers. 3, 4. For the circumstances here referred to, compare Neh. i. 3, and ii. 19.

Pilgrim Song. Of David.



1 If it were not Jehovah who was for us,
let Israel now say, —

2 if it were not Jehovah who was for us,
when men rose up against us ;

3 then had they swallowed us up alive,
when their anger was kindled against us ;

4 then had the waters overwhelmed us,
the stream had gone over our soul ;

5 then had gone over our soul the swelling waters. ^

6 Blessed be Jehovah, ii
who hath not given us a prey to their teeth. 1

7 Our soul is as a bird escaped from the snare of the fowlers 5 ti
the snare is broken and we are escaped. ■

Our help is in the name of Jehovah, l

who made heaven and earth. i


Pilgrim Song,

They that trust in Jehovah are as Mount Zion,
that cannot be moved, abideth forever.

Jerusalem, mountains are round about her ;
and Jehovah is round about his people,
henceforth and forever.

For the rod of wickedness shall not rest on the lot of the righteous,
that the righteous may not put forth their hands to iniquity.

Do good, Jehovah, to the good,
to the upright in their hearts.
And they tliat turn aside to their crooked paths,
Jehovah will lead them away with workers of iniquity.

Peace be upon Israel I



Pilgrim Song.

1 When Jehovah brought back the returned of Zion,
we were as they that dream.

2 Then was our mouth filled with laughter,
and our tongue with singing.

Then said they among the heathen,
Jehovah hath done great things for them.

3 Jehovah hath done great things for us ;
we are joyful.

4 Turn, O Jehovah, our captivity,
as streams in the south.

5 They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.

6 He goeth forth weeping as he goeth, bearing the handful of seed;
he shall surely come with rejoicing, bearing his sheaves.

Ver. 4. A prayer for the continuation of the work, to ita completion.

Pilgrim Song. Of ao'.&mon,

1 If Jehovah build not the house,

in vain they labor upon it that build it.
K Jehovah keep not the city,
the keeper watcheth in vain.

2 Vain is it for you, that ye rise early,
that ye take rest late,

that ye eat the bread of sorrows ;
so giveth he to his beloved in sleep.

3 Lo, sous are a heritage from Jehovah ;
the fruit of the womb is a reward.

4 As arrows in the hand of a mighty man,
so are the sons of youth.

5 Happy the man,

who hath filled his quiver with them.

They shall not be ashamed,

when they shall speak with enemies in the gate.

7er. 2, 4th member. So, all that is thus gained, he gives in sleep, without this wearsdng care and pains.* Fuekst
(feaj. |3, iv., a), "jitst so, i. e., so well and richly does the Lord give his beloved." The noun, NJty, is not the direct object

of the verb, but the subordinate accus. of time (in sleep).-)- So Ewald (also giebt er^s schZafend seinem lieben) ; and Hdp-
FELD {ehenso gibt er's seinem Geliebten im Schlaf.). The object of the verb {it, the desired good) they supply, aa implied from
the preceding member .J Fderst's construction is more simple. The general sense is well expressed by Ewald: "You
may weary yourselves ever so much ; yet God gives (what he gives) to his loved one in sleep,g unexpectedly and by aur-
prise, as to one dreaming, but only to his beloved."

Ver. 5, 4th member. Enemies. Personal enemies are probably meant, whom they would " speak with in the gate ;"
namely, the broad open space at the gate of the city, where men met for the transaction of business, and magistrates sat
to administer justice. See the note on Ps. xxxv. 11, and compare Job v. 4 (and the references in the writer's note on the
passage) and xxiz. 7.

* &. t*. e., ebenso, mit demselben Brfolg tide jene mit ihrer sauren Arbeit, also s. v. a. dasselbe (Hupfeld).

f HuPPELD : KJI^i nicht Accus. des Obj, den Schlaf, sondem Accus. der Zdt, im Schlaf (wie oft, DV, H?^ 7> *1p3» 3*1M
GBS.gllS, 2. '

tZu ID'' 6 8, aus dem vorherg, Brot der Muhen (aiber hier nur der allg. Begriff Brot) zu ergtinzen ist (Hupfeld).

Das Juisst, ohne Muhe wnd Sorge, im Ggsatz eu DO]f V (Huppeld).



Pilgrim Song.

Happy is every one that feareth Jehovah,
that walketh in his ways.
For thou shalt eat of the labor of thy hands ;
happy art thou, and it is well with thee !
Thy wife, as a fruitful vine,
in the interior of thy house ;
thy sons, as olive-plants,
around thy table !

Behold, thus shall the man be blest,
that feareth Jehovah.

Jehovah will bless thee out of Zion ;
and thou shalt see the good of Jerusalem,
all the days of thy life.
And thou shalt see thy children's children.

Peace be upon Israel I

Ver. 3. In the interior. The women'B apartmeats, in the most retired part of the house.



Pilgrim Song.

1 Much have they oppressed me from my youth, —
let Israel now say, —

2 much have they oppressed me from my youth,
yet have they not prevailed against me.

3 Ploughers ploughed upon my back ;
they made long their furrows.

4 Jehovah, the righteous,

hath cut asunder the cords of the wicked.

5 Let them be shamed, and be turned back, all that hate Zion.

6 Let them be as grass on the house-tops,
that withereth before it is plucked up

7 With which the mower filleth not his hand,
nor the gatherer his arm.

8 And they that pass by say not,

The blessing of Jehovah be upon you ;
we bless you in the name of Jehovah.

Ver. 8, 2d and 3d members. Compare the ealntation in Ruth ii. 4.


Pilgrim Song.

1 Out of the depths I call on thee, Jehovah.

2 Lord, hearken to my voice ;
let thine ears be attentive,

to the voice of my supplications.

ira-ffijjw. UA.A-a.xi.

3 If thou, O Jah, shouldst mark iniquities,
O Lord, who shall stand ?

4 For with thee there is forgiveness,
that thou mayest be feared.

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