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"Soaring With Pride"



Venango Campus

Clarion University



u )OIY

The 1994 Pathfinder
Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Venango Campus


Venango Campus Faculty and Staff

Dr. James Blake, Executive Dean
Dr. T. Audean Duespohl, Dean of Nursing

College of Arts and Sciences

Leonard Abate Gustav Konitzky

William Belzer Glenn McElhattan

Frank Clark Edward Powers

Charles Dugan Brent Register

John Ernissee Martha Ritter

Carrie Forden Glenn Rock

John Grenci George Shirey

Joan Huber Franklin Takei

Mark Klinger Philip Terman
Jim Kole

College of Business Administration

Robert Balough Anita Hall

Greg Barnes Legene Quesenberry

Terry Deuspohl Frank Shepard
John Eichlin

College of Communication, Computer Information Science

and Library Science

Louis Adelson Bill Adams

College of Education and Human Science

Edward Caropreso Jacqueline Gusler

Terry Dunkle Priscilla Rexford

William English Richard Sabousky
Pamela Gent

College of Nursing

Sheila Barlow Anne Shiley

Julia Donovan Liz Stephenson

Pat Gracy Barb Stright

Mary Kavoosi Mary Jane Fox Tarr

Pam Lawrence Frances Weber

Sheila Petulla Cynthia Zidek

Student Services

Scott Graybill Kim Price

Darlene Hartman Barbara Reagle

Kay King Sheila-Rae Rossi

Angel Muschweck Rick Schwartz

Library Staff

Nancy Palma Brenda Sturtz

Rich Snow Sylvia Wiegel

Frame Office Staff

Cindy Busch Ron Schlecht

Bonnie Kostek Penny Shaughnessy

Nursing Office Staff

Yvonne Ames Alta Landas


Linda Brown

Intramural/Extramural Coach

Dave Baker Dave Evans

Talent Search

Tracy Allen Kelly Lander

Jane Kooman

Other Faculty and Staff

Tom McLaughlin Phil Shuffstall

Don Morgan Rich Whithng

1994 Graduates

Betti Jo Bills: Paralegal Club

"Don't let anyone talk you out of your goals."

Sandra Bowser: Nursing Club

Melinda Bruner

Rose Campbell

Crystal Costa: Paralegal Club, Ski Club

Denise Durham: Ski Club

George Ekis: P.T.K., Computer Lab Assistant, Tutor, Student Mentor,
Outstanding Business Student Award '92, Outstanding Nursing Student Award
'93, Nursing Club.

Kathryn Hamilton: Dean's List, National Dean's
List, P.T.K.

Susan Harry: Business Club, P.T.K. ,
Student Mentor, Dean's List, Outstanding
Business Student Award '94.

Carrie Jo Howard: Write-Inn, Nursing Office

R. Bruce Jenkins: Ski

Club, Nursing Club,
Rhoades Coordinator

Patricia Jones:

P.T.K., Phi Beta Alpha,
Ski Club

Donald Kellner: Nursing
Club, P.T.K.

Jill Kreidler: "My major
goal in life is to prove that
accountants don't wear
bow ties, stuffed shirts,
and horn-rimmed glasses.
We like to have fun."

Kathleen LippertJ^asly: Ski Club, Paralegal Club,
Student Advisory Board for Paralegal Association, Essay
Contest Winner at the Clarion Women's Conference,
Essays published in Clarion Voice, Poetry published in the
Oil City Review, Outstanding Paralegal Student Award
'94, Dean's List, received Clarion Scholarship for Academic
Excellence '93

Allison McKinstry:

Business Club, Write-Inn

Kim McLaughlin: Frame
Administration Office,
Psychology Club, Nursing

Romona Morrow: Student Senate, Nursing Club. "To
Jodster I leave my freshman boyfriends. Zack I leave
willpower for his diet and smoking. (But keep VCR) Va I
leave experience to see past guy's lines. Bubbles and Germ
each other."

Greg Rex: Student Senate President, Presidential Student
Advisory Board. "Thank God It's All Over! Male + C = Job."

Paul Siler: Rehabilitative Services, C.E.C.

Mary Terwilliger: Nursing Club, Student Mentor, Work

Paula Wilhere: C.E.C, P.T.K., Kappa Delta PI.

Karen Zacherl: CAB-Cultural Arts, Nursing Club, Ski
Club, Outdoors Club. "Never give up your career dream. You
will succeed in time if you want it bad enough."

Amy L. Zischkau: Ski Club, Legal Assistants Club,
Yearbook, Student Services Office, Dean's List.

Graduates Unavailable For Pictures

Beth Albaugh
Sandra Bailey
John Bartley
Tammy Beer
Pam Bowersox
Patricia Burkett
Cheryl Burkett
Judy Carbaugh
Catherine Coughlin
William Deets
Bridgette Ditzenberger
Lois Dobrick
Sandy Donahue
Rebecca Farnsworth
Sara Flasher
Kristine Gaisford
Mindy Geer
Judy Gerzina
Sharon Guthridge
Kathy Hamilton
Christine Hargenrader
Shari Hart
Carol Harvey
Denise Henery
Cammi Hidinger
Deanna Holbrook

Paula Horner

Rebecca Holland

Kenneth Johns

Patricia Jolley

Tina Kean

Jan Knorr

Dawn Krepp

Cynthia Kulling

Kenneth Langford

Marina Lawrence

Suzanne Macbeth

Patricia McDevitt

Michael Mewes

William Miller

Cheryl Mitchell

Jan Olmes

Raymond Peters

Robin Phipps

Linda Pringle

Gina Proper

Melanie Pugliese

Jill Pyle

Virginia Ritner

Corrine Ruby

Linda Russell

Jennifer Scharbach

Amy Shaffer

Jami Shaginaw

Joyce Shick

Lynne Shields

Grace Smith

Patricia Weaver

Delores Wetzel

Brenda Wolfe

Zhiyam Zhou

1993 - 1994 Venango Campus Events


16 Road Rally/Steak Fry

18 Student Leadership Workshop

24 Gateway Clipper Cruise


2 NWESC Softball Tournament at Kittanning

8 Contemporary Rock Opera - "Dawn of Infinite Dreams"

9 CUP Homecoming - ALF Parade

12 Psychology Club Lecture on Mental Health
21 Halloween Dance

26 Bloodmobile and Psychology Club Movie
28-31 Great Lakes Regional Conference


1 "Coats for the Needy" begins-sponsored by the Nursing Club

9 Lecture Series - "Medical Ethics/Issues" Part II

12 Casino Night and "Toys for Tots" begins sponsored by the Nursing Club

16 Psychology Club Lecture

18 C.A.B. Dance

20 NWESC Volleyball Tournament in Titusville

28,29 "The Nutcracker"


I Psychology Club Movie
10 Winter Dinner/Dance

II Reading Day

18 Winter Commencement


11 Winter Orientation

29 Outdoor Club Sledriding Party


10 Valentines Day Dance

25 Bill Miller Concert


10 Lecture Series - Medical Ethics and Issues

17 St. Patrick's Day Dance

18 P.T.K. New Members Banquet
25 101 Dalmatians








Mozart on Fifth

Honors Night Celebration

Lecture Series - Medical Ethics and Issues

"Music of the Holocaust"

Spring Dinner/Dance

Outdoor Club Horseback riding






Steak Fry and Dave Wopat Concert


End-of-the-semester Trip to Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Outdoor Club Camp Outing



Adult Learners Organization: The Adult Learners Organization is a support group for return-
ing adult students. Its main concern is to better the college experience of the returning adult stu-
dent. Events sponsored by A.L.O. are family oriented. Such events include the annual
Thanksgiving Dinner and the Cook-In/Game Night. Recently they released a family Cookbook
that is made up of recipes submitted by many students. (Pictured L to R standing): Brian
Stallsmith, Stevette Wood, Angel Alcorn, Kathy Kahle, Aaron Davis, Ann Speth, Lou Adelson
(advisor), Gayle Downey. (L to R sitting): David Paden, Vicki Paden.

Business Club: liu mi Club provides opportunities loi students to !><• exposed to different

, luncheons, seminar and trips This year m ponsored a seminar on

pre entingom atriptoHarri employment possibilities in the state

capital a tour of I "i" 1 and our third annual - moly and distribution of

di advantaged children through the Salvation Army. (Pictured I- to R): Judy

baugh Ro e Campbell, Susan Harry, Anita Hall (advisor), Allison McKinstry.


Council for Exceptional Children (C.E.C.): Human Services club
that promotes awareness and understanding of people with disabilities.
Recently sponsored "Transition Planning Workshop." (Pictured L to R):
Paula Wilhere, Melissa Kee, Priscilla Rexford, Paul Siler.


Legal Assistants Club: The Legal Assistants Club partakes in activi-
ties that will enhance their understanding of the area of law. This year
they watched various court hearings, toured a state prison, attended
legal ethics conferences, and took a trip to our capital, Harrisburg.
(Pictured L to R standing): Crystal Costa, Frank Shepard (advisor),
LeAnne Bauer. (L to R sitting): Christine Hunt, Kathleen Lippert-Easly,
Barbara Babbit.

Outdoor Club: The Outdoor Club arranges various outdoor events. This
year they organized a camping trip, canoeing, sledriding, and horseback
riding to name a few. (Pictured L to R): Doris Groner, Jim Dehner, Brian
Stallsmith, David Gray.

Phi Theta Kappa: P.T.K. is a two-year honorary society based upon
GPA and faculty recommendation. P.T.K. promotes honor, integrity, ser-
vice and leadership. (Pictured L to R standing): Susan Harry, Brenda
Wolfe Shari Hart, Frances Weber (advisor), Zhiyan Zhou, Pam
Bowersox. (Seated): Ginny Ritner, Kathy Hamilton, Jan Knorr,
Becky Holland.


Psychology Club: The Psychology Club speak of past and current psy-
chological issues concerning our society. (Pictured L to R standing):
Sharon Mast, Donna Musser, Harietta Anderson, Jennifer Terrill,
Connie Bauer. (L to R sitting): Carrie Forden (advisor), LeAnne Aaron,
Rhonda Barnett.


Ski Club: The Ski Club arranges ski trips to various resorts. This year
they took trips to the Poconos, Seven Springs, and Holiday Valley. They
also organized "The Venango Campus Turkey Trot", a 5k race from the
campus. (Pictured L to R standing): Diane Kontaxes, Kandy Laskey,
Amy Zischkau, Sharon Shreffler, Crystal Costa. (L to R kneeling): John
Grenci (advisor), Chris Morrison.

Student Senate: The Senate is the governing body of the campus
community. Senate acts as the liaison between administration,
faculty and students, and administers student-owned operations.
(Pictured L to R): Lynn McDonald, Mona Morrow, Dana Boocks,
Laurie Perrine, Kris Gaisford, Kathy Kahle, Gary Knox and others.


Venango Voice: The Venango Voice is the Venango Campus newspa-
per. It contains announcements of upcoming events, thank you's,
short articles, health tips, crossword puzzles and much more. Anyone
can submit, something to put in the newspaper. (Pictured L to R):
Stevettc Wood, Loni Burchfiold (editors).


Write-Inn: The Write-Inn is made up of students who volunteer to assist other
students with their papers for classes. They only offer advice; they do not write
your papers. They have weekly meetings and pizza parties. (Pictured L to R
sitting): Sharon Shreffler, Dr. Huber (advisor), Bill Deets, Sharon Mast. (L to R
standing): Michael Cass, Allison McKinstry, Carrie Jo Howard, Susan Harry.

Unavailable for photos

Campus Activities Board

Creative Artisans


Nursing Club




Full and Part-time Students
Fall '93 and Spring '94

Aaron, LeeAnn Rose
Abate, Andrew Lee
Abate, Phillip M.
Ace, Jason Keith
Albaugh, Beth Anne
Alcorn, Angel C.
Allaman, Heather Jo
Allender, Patricia G.
Alt, Kimberly Ann
Amore, William Thomas
Amsdell, Dale
Amsler, Carey Renee
Anderson, Harrietta Mae
Anderson, Maria Theresa
Anderson, Tracy Jo
Anna, Jullie A.
Anthony, Gene Ray
Aoun, Jad

Arbuckle, Susan Marie
Armburger, Carrie Jean
Atts, Loni L.
Ausel, Darla Rae

Babbitt, Barbara Anne

Bajorek, Karen W.

Baker, Gregory K.

Baker, Kathleen

Balas, Bonnie Lee

Banks, Rose

Bard, Robin Kay

Barnett, Rhonda Lynn

Barrett, Roberta A.

Bartley, John W.

Bauer, Joanne C.

Bauer, Leanne M.

Bauer, Scott Ambrose

Bauer, Scott Frederick

Baugher, Karen Sue

Baughman, James T.

Baughman, Phyllis J.

Beach, Kevin Leroy

Beardsley, Patricia M.

Beary, Theresa Ann

Beer, Tammy L.

Beers, Jennifer Elaine

Beers, Karen Lee

Beggs, Kevin James

Beggs, Trina Lynn

Beichner, Julianna S.

Beightol, Karen D.

[id I Jeremy Ryan

Bennett. Cathy R.

Benton, Buf'fy S.

Benvenuti, Anna R.

Bert, George M.

liiekel, Judy I).

Bickel, Mark A.

Biddle, Heidi Ann
Bills, Betti Jo

Bittenbender, Kimberly Sue
Black, Jodi Lynne
Blake, Mary Alison
Blest, Jesse W.
Blondheim, John Clifford
Boocks, Dana Thomas
Botts, Derek J.
Botts, Diana Lynn
Boughner, Tamara J.
Bowen, Christine Louise
Bower, Curtis Wesley
Bowersox, Pamela S.
Bowser, Jeffrey M.
Bowser, Marie Louise
Bowser, Sandra Diane
Boyle, Carol Ann
Brinkley, Michelle Ann
Brosius, Kandi Jean
Brown, Tammy Sue
Bruner, Christina Mae
Bruner, Melinda S.
Bryan, Lori Lee
Buchholz, Christine Dianne
Bucholz, Susan Catherine
Buckley, Andrea Marie
Bullman, Mary Jean
Burchfield, Loni L.
Burchfield, Loren Eric
Burkett, Cheryl Ann
Burkett, Patricia
Burnett, David Joseph
Burnett, Karen Sue
Buzard, Troy Edwin
Byerley, Krista Jean
Call, Colleen M.
Callender, Lorie Ann
Campbell, Judy K.
Campbell, Kathryn Ann
Campbell, Rose Marie
Cannon, John Matthew
Capozzi, Arthur Mark
Carbaugh, Judy Ann
Carlson, Jennie Elizabeth
Carrow, Frederick J.
Carver, Catherine H.
Chase, Kelly Lynn
Choffel, Sherri L.
Clark, Terry
Clay, Laurie H.
Close, Phillip Gregory
Clouser, Deborah A.
Confer, Beverly Kay
Conner, Mary Beth
Connors, Lisa Lynn


Conway, Patricia Lynn
Conway, Tracey Steele
Cosby-Wolfe, Linda D.
Costa, Crystal L.
Costan, William Charles
Coughlin, Catherine Kim
Crawford, Angela M.
Crawford, Denise E.
Cray, Tina L.

Creighton, Douglas Charles
Crowley, Mary J.
Culp, Cynthia Dawn
Curran, Virginia
Cutchall, Davin L.
Darling, Jeffrey S.
Daum, Holly S.
Davis, Aaron J.
DeLong, Elton Wayne
DeVelde-Caviness, Esther Sue
Deets, James Michael
Deets, William A.
Dehner, James W
Deschambeau, Cathy Sue
Dilley, Janice Lynn
Ditz, Laura Lynn
Ditzenberger, Bridgette Dianne
Dobrick, Lois V.
Donahue, Sandy Jean
Doverspike, Kelly S.
Downey, Gayle Marie
Drake, Carla J.
Drelick, Katherine C.
Dubensky, William David
Duffy, Pamela Kay
Dunkle, Scott Darrin
Dunn, Margie Ann
Durham, Denise I.
Eckert, Cynthia
Edmondson, Nancy L.
Edwards, Shana Lynn
Eisenman, Jason Eugene
Ekis, Daniel Walter
Ekis, George W
Emery, Jamie Marie
English, Barbara J.
Evans, Pamela
Farnsworth, Rebecca Ann
Fausnaught, Tina Lynn
Fee, Adam Lee
Fee, Rod Alan
Felix, Thomas Braden
Fennell, Heather Dawn
Ferko, Richard Gerard
Flaherty, Debra A.
Flasher, Sara J.
Flinchbaugh, Clinton E.
Flockerzi, Kristy H.
Foster, Annette M.
Frankenberger, Angela Leigh
Frankenberger, Lori Lynn

Frost, Florence C. Esti
Fry, Panni L.
Fryman, Shirley Ann
Gaisford, Kristine Marie
Gaisford, William Harry
Gallagher, Victoria Catheri
Gardiner, Kristy Lynn
Garich, Jody R.
Gates, Cara Beth
Gatto, Kathleen M.
Geer, Mindy Jean
Geitner, Randall Joseph
Gerzina, Judy Rae
Gharing, Stacey Jean
Gibson, Anita Louise
Goetz, Jennifer L.
Goheen, Tracy Ann
Goldfarb, Marc Jason
Gomola, Helen Eloise
Goodman, Kirby Jack
Gorman, Catherine Marie
Gray, Chad Eric
Gray, David S.
Gray, Helen A.
Gray, Linda Lee
Green, Bonita Louise
Greene, Michelle Lynn
Groce, Eric David
Groner, Paula J.
Grove, Gregory
Grunenwald, Paul Daniel
Guiste, Teresa Joanne
Gustavson, Karen Ann
Guthridge, Sharon Ann
Gutmiller, William Michael
Gutschall, Kimberly Marie
Hall, Anita J.
Hamilton, Kathryn G.
Harbaugh, Jeffrey Edward
Hargenrader, Christine E.
Harrah, Barbara A.
Harrison, Roberta Jean
Harry, Susan M.
Hart, Christina Wyatt
Hart, Shari R.
Hart, Tracey L. Slagle
Hartsell, Kimberly Sue
Hartzell, Dolly M.
Harvey, Carol T
Hasson, Mary S.
Hauptman, Angel Marie
Hawke, Holly Lynn
Hawthorne, Sheila Renee
Hazlett, Cathy Anne
Hazlett, Wendy Renee
Heasley, Donna Marie
Heckathorn, Shelley J.
Heffern, Lisa M.
Heffern, Todd Michael
Hendricks, Jackie Kaye


Henery, Denise
Hepler, Julie A.
Herrlich, Valerie G.
Hicks, Aaron Michael
Hidinger, Cammi Lynn
Hingl, Nick K.
Hoffman, Joanna Violet
Holbrook, Deanna L.
Holland, E. Rebecca
Holowell, Denise Diane
Hoover, Stephen Patrick
Horner, Laura Jean
Horner, Paula Jean
Howard, Carrie Jo
Howard, Lonna S.
Huff, Christa Lynn
Huff, Robert A.
Huffman, Sandy
Hughes, Katherine J.
Hughes, Susan Lynne
Hunt, Christine C.
Hunter, Stace C.
Hutchinson, Jennifer Marie
Hutchinson, Jill Ann
Jack, Jodi Beth
James, Cathy E.
Jarecki, John F.
Jenkins, R. Bruce
Jez, Sharon K.
Johns, Kenneth L.
Johnson, Holly Dawn
Johnson, Marcia Kay
Johnston, Ruth Ann
Jolley, Patricia L.
Jones, Ann M.
Jones, Patricia J.
Jones, Terri L.
Jordan, Jason E.
Jordan, Matthew Albert
Kachik, Susan Elizabeth
Kahle, Kathy Grayce
Kaminske, Laurie Ann
Karg, Tammy D.
Karns, Shawna D.
Kauffman, Deborah Ann
Kaye, Stacie Elaine
Kazmarek, Barbara A.
Kean, Tina Marie
Kee, Melissa Lynne
Kellner, Donald Frederick
Kephart, Jenna Marie
Kiely, Linette Rae
King, Maxine L.
Kingsley, Nancy Lee
Kirberger, Casey V
Kissinger, Pamela Lynn
Kline Terry J.
Kline 'I heodore Robert
Klurk. Donna M.
Knapp, Mickey

Knapp, Philip Alden
Knight, Lisa Marie
Knorr, Jan
Knox, Gary Duane
Kober, Leonard Patrick
Kontaxes, Diane R.
Kopolovich, Alex J.
Kossick, Matthew Keith
Koszalka, Gwyn A.
Kozalla, Audrey
Kreidler, Jill Catherine
Krepp, Dawn Sherrie
Krizon, Jackie Ann
Kulling, Cynthia Lorraine
Kulling, Kristen Diane
Kunselman, Mary Lee
Laemmer, Rolf
Lander, Cynthia Elaine
Langford, Kenneth James
Langston, Kelly M.
Lape, Louanne K
Laskey, Kandy Lynn
Lawrence, Marina Lynn
Lawrence, Sherry Renee
Leckemby, Robert Bruce
Lee, Debra J.
Linares, Viola Beverly
Linehan, Nancy J.
Lineman, Debora A.
Lippert-Easly, Kathleen M.
Loll, Barbara A.
Loll, Christian M.
Lutz, Theresa Marie
Lynn, Troy M.
MacBeth, Suzanne M.
Mahle, John B.
Mahle, Stephanie Ann
Manross, Jerry L.
Marlow, Frances Kay
Marshall, David W.
Marshall, Sue Ann
Martz, Janet A.
Masters, Lee Ellen
Mays, Susan Ann
Mays, William H.
McBride, Cindy Sue
McCloskey, Sheryl Ann
McConnell, Charlotte L.
McCracken, David Samuel
McDevitt, Patricia Marie
McDonald, Lynn G.
McElhinny, Mary C.
McEntire, Megan A.
McFetridge, Diana Elizabeth
McGinnis, John R.
McKinney, Mary Kay
McKinstry, Allison S.
McLaughlin, Kimberly A.
McLaughlin, Linda
McMunn, Robyn A.


Mealy, David Scott

Melnick, Carol Ann

Merryman, Kimberly Sue

Mewes, Michael Alexis

Miller, Brent W.

Miller, Carolyn Lee

Miller, Chris Lee

Miller, Kelly L.

Miller, Lisa Marie

Miller, Robert Joseph

Miller, William R.

Millward, Monty

Mitchell, Cheryl Lynn

Monarch, Cheryl A.

Monarch, Mary L.

Mong, Marcia S.

Mong, Theresa Marie

Montgomery, Tricia Lynn

Moon, Kelly L.

Moore, Jodi Lynn

Moore, Judith Kimberly

Moore, Marsha L.

Morehouse, Tammy Lynn

Morrell, Cathleen R.

Morrison, Christopher S.

Morrison, Diane M.

Morrow, Ramona Marie

Motley, Thomas

Mott, Arthur A.

Motter, Andrew T.

Moyer, Deanna

Mrozek, Jona Lynn

Mulholland, Lisa M.

Murray, Jamie R.

Musser, Donna L.

Nelson, Laurie B.

Nettles, David Alan

Nettles, Sheila Jo

Neu, Rosa Vera

Nissly, Karen Lynn

Norris, Beckie Sue

Northrop, Judy B.

O'Keeffe, Janet W.

O'Laughlin, Shannon Lawrence

O'Neil, Kaylene Marie

OTolka, Brenda Ruth

Oakes, Suzanne Lynn

Olmes, Jan

Owens, Claude Sanders

Owens, Laura Alene

Paden, Victoria Rae

Palm, Pamela Sue

Perrine, Laurie M.

Peters, Raymond Joseph

Peterson, April Lynn

Peterson, Cheryl Lynn

Phillips, Nancy J.

Phillis, Christine Ann

Phipps, Robin D.

Porter, Susan M.

Powell, Harry Thomas
Pringle, Linda M.
Proper, Gina
Proper, Shannon Lynn
Pugliese, Melanie Ann
Puleo, Donna Jean
Puleo, Matthew Joseph
Pullease, Christopher John
Pusz, Joanne M.
Pyle, Jill Marie
Queer, Rebecca Ann
Quick, Cynthia W.
Radaker, Jeffrey A.
Rapp, John M.
Reed, Sherry L.
Reinsel, Joseph Aaron
Reitz, Steven John
Reszkowski, Barbara
Rex, Gregory G.
Richardson, Rae Ann
Richardson, Ruth Ilene
Rickard, Dana Marie
Rickard, Tina Marie
Riley, Andrew Jay
Ritner, Virginia L.
Robinson, Richard W.
Rodgers, Elissa Carol
Rodgers, Timothy A.
Roxberry, Rachel Darlene
Ruby, Corinne R.
Rumburd, Deborah Lee
Russell, Linda G.
Sampson, Catherine Regina
Sampson, Edwin A.
Sanders, Maxine
Saxton, Denise J.
Sayers, Laura Lee
Scharbach, Jennifer Leanne
Schiffer, Nathaniel Justin
Schlueter, Kristen Denise
Schneider, DeeEtte R.
Schneider, Kimberly Ann
Schneider, Rose Mary
Schwab, Joseph
Schwab, Rosemarie
Schweitzer, Michelle L.
Scott, Cheryl A.
Scurry, Michael Jerome
Semencar-Comiske, Meghan M.
Semple, Wendy J.
Servey, Jay B.
Shaffer, Amy Lynn
Shaffer, Angela Marie
Shaginaw, Jami Lynn
Shannon, Andrea
Sharrar, Calvin H.
Shaughnessy, Amy Lynn
Sheats, Julie Anne
Sheatz, Janine Claire
Shellgren, Erik Paul


Shick, Joyce Lynn
Shields, Lynne Evelyn
Shilling, Susan
Shreffler, Sharon M.
Shull. Connie Miller
Shull, Melissa Maureen
Sibley, Cheri Jo
Siler, Paul
Silvis, Jodi Sue
Silvis, Pat
Simmons, Sue Ann
Simpson, Mary K.
Sipe, David Alan
Sires, Suzie J.
Slater, Stacy E.
Sleppy, Gina Marie
Smathers, Desiree D.
Smerkar, Melissa Joan
Smith, Grace M.
Smith, Melissa Sue
Snyder, Christopher Davi
Socha, Donald Eugene
Sopher, Douglas John
Sottiaux, Carolyn K. S.
Speth, Salli Ann
Squires, Christopher J.
Stahlman, Angela Marie
Stallsmith, Brian Ernest
Sterling, Denise Renee
Sterner, David Michael
Sterner, Donald
Stevenson, Sandra Lee
Stewart, Alexandria Idell
Stewart, Patricia Ann
Stiller, Ronald L.
Stucke, Daniel P.
Stucke, Karen Lee
Swab, Kenneth Brian
Swartz, Timothy Wayne
Sweitzer, Melissa Ann
Tanner, Holli Jean
Tarleton, Donna Jean
Terrill, Jennifer Renee
Terwilliger, Mary Lou
Tetro, Glenn E.
Thompson, Carol E.
Tibbs, Linda Marie
Tobin, Jeremy A.
Trinch, Jodi Ann
Triponey, Steven Edward
Turk, Melanie S.
Valencia, Dora May
VanHorn, Peggy Ann
Vath, Paula Jane
Veloudifi, Lorraine
Wade, Timothy Ralph
Wagner, Jacqueline Kay
Wagner, Jacqueline M.
Wagner, Sandra S.
Wait/., Wendy Lynn

Walker, Frank A.
Walls, Madeline Mae
Walters, Scott D.
Warner, Robert DeWayne
Wassum, Brenda K.
Watkins, Linda Sue
Way, Peggy L.
Weaver, Cynthia J.
Weaver, Patricia L.
Weber, Wendy Lynn
Weisenfluh, Kevin Lee
Weiser, Thomas E.
West, Stephen Randall
Wetjen, Todd A.
Wetzel, Delores Jean
Whitman, Debra Lynn
Whitton, Jennifer Lynn
Wike, Helen L.
Wilhere, Dennis Patrick
Wilhere, Paula Y.
Wilkins, Yvonne Renee
Williamson, Darlene Carol
Wilt, Jodi Lynn
Wiltanger, Kathleen Michell
Wiltanger, Theresa J.
Winger, Roberta Jo
Wolbert, Robin A.
Wolfe, Brenda June
Wood, Stevette
Wood, Teresa Frenchik
Woods, Kathleen J.
Wright, Charles E.
Wright, Jason David
Wygant, Shirley Mae
Yargar, Mike J.
York, Daniel K.
Zacherl, Karen Ann
Zacherl, Melina Lee
Zeitler, Sandra M.
Zhou, Zhiyan
Ziegler, Rose Marie
Ziegler, Todd D.
Zischkau, Amy Lynn


The Pathfinder Staff is:

Amy Zischkau
Denise Colowell
Sheila-Rae Rossi


We hope this year's yearbook will be a good reminder of your times
here at Venango Campus. We would like to thank all for your
cooperation and patience throughout the planning stages of this
yearbook. Best of luck to all of you as you venture out to fulfill your



3 9363 00466 7629

MAY 1 1 1995


i- n <


00 M (D


o o> 3

!-• hj Q)


H- 3


s: o id


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rt G n

3 OJ


hd H- 3


H- < T3

t-1 (D C

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en hj en


r+ en




C/j rt

M f+K-








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