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Talents and Virtues of the Heroes and Patriots, who
acted the most conspicuous parts therein. Second Series.

Charleston. 1828.

a vols., ist Series 8vo, ad Series izmo, half red levant morocco, gilt top, uncut, by
Bradstreet ; a most beautiful set.

168 GAY.

, 801 GARDEN. [The same.]

Reprinted, Brooklyn, N. T. 1865.

3 vols., 4to, boards, uncut.

802 GARDEN. [The same.] Brooklyn. 1865.

3 Yols., folio ; LARGE PAPER. This edition contains additional notes by the editor
Thomas W. Field.

/ co 803 [GARDINER versus DIBDIN.] Catalogue of Ancient

/^ c

and Modern Books, many of which are rare and valuable,
etc. London: W. Gardiner. 1812.

8ro, half calf; -very scarce. The last lot (812) of this catalogue describes a copy of
Dibdin's "Bibliomania," which is followed by a smart answer to the critic
on Gardiner and his catalogues, by Gardiner, on page 1 62.

804 GARDINER (Capt.) An Account of the Expedition to
^fc/Tp the West Indies, against Martinico, With the Reduction

of Guadelupe, And other the Leeward Islands ; ... The
Third Edition.

Birmingham: Printed by John Baskeruille. 1762.

4to, half calf; a beautiful specimen of typography } rare.

805 GARNEAU (F. X.) History of Canada. Translated by

Andrew Bell. Montreal. 1862.

2 vols., 8vo, cloth; PORTRAIT of Jacques Cartier.

. \jTtf 8 6 GARRARD (L. H.) Chambersburg in the Colony and
the Revolution. Philadelphia. 1856.

8vo, cloth.

807 GAY (].) Fables by John Gay, with a Life of the
Author, and embellished with Seventy Plates.

London : Printed for "John Stockdale. [n. d.]

i vols., imp. 8vo, handsomely bound in polished calf, by W. Mathews; a LARGE
PAPER copy of this FINE EDITION, printed in large type, with 70 BEAUTIFUL
ENGRAVINGS, by Blake, Stothard, Wilson, Audinet, etc. ; brilliant impressions.
Of the 70 engravings in the above work, some 20 are by the celebrated
Blake, "Pictor Ignotus." This is uniform, in size and binding, with the copy
of ^Esop's Fables, forming lot 17.

GESTA. l6g


" 808 GEBHARD (F.) Illinois as it Is. Chicago. 1857.

I zmo, cloth ; MAPS.

809 GEE (J.) Letters Against Several Errors and Disorders
in the Land. Boston. 1743-

8vo, half morocco.

? 8 JO GEORGIA. Collection of the Georgia Historical Society.

Savannah. 1862.

3 vols., 8vo. This set includes Vol. in, Part I, all published; also Judge Laws*
Oration, Dr. Arnold's Oration, and 5 other tracts published by the Society, and
is probably the only complete set that has been offered for sale.

811 GEORGIA. An Impartial Enquiry into the State and
Utility of the Province of Georgia. London. MDCCXLI.

8vo, half green morocco, gilt top, by Bradstrcet.

GEORGIA. Reasons For Establishing the Colony of
Georgia. See [Martyn (Benjamin)].

> 812 GERSON de 1'Imitation de Jesus-Christ. Paris. 1869.

4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut j a beautiful copy on thick paper; illustrated by

813 GESTA ROMANORUM : or, Entertaining Moral
Stories ; Invented by the Monks as a Fire-Side Recrea-
tion ; and Commonly Applied in their Discourses from the
Pulpit : whence the most Celebrated of our Own Poets
and Others, from the Earliest Times, have extracted
their Plots. Translated from the Latin, with Prelimi-
nary Observations and Copious Notes. By the Rev.
Charles Swan. [Motto]. In Two Volumes.

London : Rivington. M,DCCC,xxiv.

2 vols., I zmo, half morocco, uncut; scarce.

One of the oldest story books extant, from which our early English poets, especially
Gower, Chaucer, and Shakespeare, borrowed largely.


"The foundation of Shakespeare's story of the Three Caskets, in the 'Merchant of
Venice,' and of the Jew's Bond, is to be found in this favorite collection;
and it must be confessed that there is a much greater and more beautiful
variety in the original, which Shakespeare has followed, than in Gower."
WARTON'S " History of English Poetry."


GIBBON (Edward). See Oxford Classics.

814 GIFFORD (J.) A History of the Political Life of the

Right Honourable William Pitt ; including Some Ac-
count of the Times in which he Lived. By John
Gifford, Esq. In Three Volumes.

London: T. CadelL 1809.

3 vols., imp. 410, half russia, gilt top, uncut. One of a few copies printed on DRAW-

815 GILBERT (B.) A Narrative of the Captivity and Suf-

ferings of Benjamin Gilbert and his Family ; who were
Surprised by the Indians, and taken from their Farms,
on the Frontier of Pennsylvania. London, 1785.

I2mo, pp. 1x3.

816 GILLESPY (Geo.) A Letter to the Rev. Brethren of the

Presbytery of New York, or of Elizabeth Town, etc.
Philadelphia: Printed by B. Franklin for the Author. 1740.

Sm. 8vo; an extremely rare and very early Franklin imprint. Unusually FINE COPY,
totally uncut.

817 GILLIES (J.) Memoir of the Life of the Reverend

George Whitefield, M.A. ... To which are added, A
' /> particular Account of his Death and Funeral ; and Ex-

tracts from the Sermons, which were preached on that
Occasion. Compiled by the Rev. John Gillies, D.D.
New York: Printed by Hodge and Sbober, ... M.DCC.LXXIV.
i amo, old calf; PORTRAIT.


818 [GILPIN (Thomas).] Exiles in Virginia with Observa-

tions on the Conduct of the Society of Friends during
the Revolutionary War, comprising the official papers of
the government relating to that period, 1777-1778.

Philadelphia: Published for the Subscribers. 1848.

8vo, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut; AUTOGRAPH of Timothy Matlock inserted.

819 GIRARD (C.) Contribution to the Natural History of
^-fc the Fresh Water Fishes of North America.

Washington. 1850.

410, half calf, pp. 80; 3 PLATES. See United States Exploring Expedition.

820 GLAZIER (L.) History of Gardner, Massachusetts,

from its earliest settlement to 1860. Worcester. 1860.


I2mo, pp. 163, cloth.

821 [GLEIG (G. R.)] A Narrative of the Campaigns of the

British Army, at Washington, Baltimore, and New Or-
leans, ... in the years 1814 and 1815 ; ... By an Officer
who served in the Expedition. London. 1821.

8vo, half brown morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet.

822 GODWYN (Morgan). The Negro's and Indian's Advo-

cate, suing for their Admission into the Church ; or a
Persuasive to the Instructing and Baptizing of the Negro's

' - .^^

and Indians, in our Plantations, etc. London. 1680.

Sm. 8vo, 7 1., pp. 174, calf. In the same volume: "Primitive Liturgy, for the use
of the Oratory." London. 1726. BLACK LETTER, nice copy, pp. 63. "A
Letter from Fort St. George, Concerning the Protestant Mission in those
Parts." London. 1721. pp. 29. "A Collection of Aphorisms, written by
Dr. Henry More." London. 1704. pp. 28. "The Wife: an Excellently
Considerate Young Virgins' Cautionary Reflections upon Beauty, et*., with
the Truly Vertuous English Woman's Mirrourj a Poem." [London.] 1720.
pp. 1 6. " An Address to the Unmarried Women, on the behalf of Vertuous
Men." London, i-j ii. And other rare tracts. Some of the lines cut off in
binding the last-named tract.



823 GOETHE. Faust. Mit Zeichnungcn von Engelbert Sei-

bertz. Stuttgart. 1854.

A*/ fcX

Folio, cloth extra, gilt edges; illustrated with the BEAUTIFUL PLATES engraved by
Adrian Schleick, after the designs of Engelbert Seibertz; SPLENDID EDITION,
two parts in one volume.

824 GOETHE. Faust, a Tragedy, in Two Parts. By Gothe.

Rendered into English Verse.

London: Printed by Arthur Taylor. 1838.

2 vols., crown 8vo, blue morocco, gilt edges ; 50 copies [privately] printed.

825 GOFFE (W.) Plan for seizing and carrying to New York

Col. Wm. Goffe the Regicide, As set forth in the
Affidavit of John Lindon, Ap. 20, 1678. Published
from the Original in the office of the Secretary of State
of New- York by Franklin B. Hough ...

Albany. M. DCCC LV.

8vo, pp. 17, half morocco; 50 copies printed.

826 GOLDSMITH (O.) The Works of Oliver Goldsmith.

Edited by Peter Cunningham. ...

London: John Murray. 1854.

4 vols., 8vo, tree calf, gilt; BEST EDITION; now scarce.

" Goldsmith was a man who, whatever he wrote, did it better than any other man
could do." DR. JOHNSON (in Boswell.)

827 GOLDSMITH. A History of the Earth and Animated

Nature. Glasgow. 1860.

2 vols., imp. 8vo, half morocco ; COLORED PLATES.

" It presents to the reader a general and interesting view of the subject, couched in the
clearest and most beautiful language, and abounding with excellent reflections
and illustrations." SIR WALTER SCOTT.

828 GOODHUGH (W.) The English Gentleman's Library

Manual. London. 1827.

8vo, half morocco, gilt top.


829 GOODRICH (F. B.) The Court of Napoleon; or, So-

ciety under the first Empire. With Portraits of its
Beauties, Wits, and Heroines. ... Third Edition.

Philadelphia. 1864.

Imp. 8vo, morocco, antique ; COLORED PLATZ.

830 GOODRICH. The Tribute Book. A Record of the

Munificence, Self-Sacrifice and Patriotism of the Amer-
ican People during the War for the Union. Illustrated.

New York. 1865.

Rl. 8vo, morocco extra, gilt.

831 GOODRICH (S. G.) Illustrated Natural History of the

Animal Kingdom, ... With 1400 Engravings.

New York: Derby &? Jackson. 1859.

a vols., imp. 8vo, morocco, gilt edges; scarce.

832 GORDON (T. F.) The History of Pennsylvania, from

its Discovery by Europeans to the Declaration of Inde-
pendence in 1776. Philadelphia, 1829.

8vo, half green morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet.

833 GORDON (W.) The History of the Rise, Progress, and

Establishment of the Independence of the United States
of America; Including an Account of the late War, and
of the Thirteen Colonies, from their Origin to that
Period. By William Gordon, D.D. MifccLxxxvin.

4 vols., 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut.

Dr. Gordon went to Amerka in 1770, and remained there until 1796, and wrote most
of his work on the spot, and is deservedly reckoned as one of the most im-
partial of the numerous historians of the American Revolution.

" The work is an immense assemblage of facts presented with great impartiality."

174 COWER.

834 GORTON (J.) A General Biographical Dictionary. By

John Gorton. A New Edition. To which is added a

SA ^ d

Supplementary Volume, completing the work to the
Present Time. London. 1851.

4 vols., 8vo, calf, gilt.

835 [GORTON (Samuel).] Simplicities Defence | against |

Seven-headed Policy. | Or | Innocency Vindicated, being
unjustly Accused, | and sorely Censured, by that] Seven-
headed Church-Government | United in | New-England:]
or | That Servant so Imperious in his Masters Absence |

Revived, and now thus re-acting in New-England |

London. \ Printed by John Macock, and are to be sold by
Luke Favvne, \ at his shop in Pauls Church yard, at the

sign of the Parrot. 1646.)

4to, 8 1., pp. in, red crushed levant morocco, gilt edges, by W. Pratt; FINE COPY,
extremely rare. This work was reprinted for the Rhode Island Historical
Society, but their edition is dated 1647, and the title differs. Concerning
this work, see a note in Bartlett's " Bibliography of Rhode Island," p. 137.

836 [GOWAN (W.)] The Phoenix: A Collection of Old

and rare Fragments. New York: William Gowan. 1835.

I2mo, boards, uncut. This volume, completed by the well known bookseller of
Nassau Street, is now very scarce. See Allan (John), Lot No. 2.2.

837 GOVERNMENT SALE. Catalogue of Books, etc., to
_ ^ be sold at Auction By Order of Hiram Barney, Esq.,

Collector of N. Y., Nov. lyth, 1862, etc.

New York. 1862.

8vo; tcarce. Sale countermanded, and catalogue suppressed. This was the Public
^_ Library at Beaufort, S. C., seized during the rebellion.

838 GOWER (J.) Confessio Amantis of John Gower. Edited

and Collated with the best Manuscripts by Dr. Reinhold
Pauli. London. 1857.

3 vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut j an elegant reprint.


839 GRAHAM. Memoir of General Graham with Notices

of the Campaigns in which he was engaged from 1779 to
1 80 1. Edited by his Son. Edinburgh. 1862.

Crown 8vo, cloth, uncut; PORTRAIT. Includes a plan of Yorktown, 1781. A few
copies only privately printed. The story of Captain Asgill and the Guards U
graphically related.

840 GRAHAME (James). The History of the United States

of North America, to their Independence.. London. 1836.

4 vols., 8vo, boards, uncut.

" Mr. Grahame has published the best book that has anywhere appeared upon the His-
tory of the United States. He has corrected the mistakes, whether of error
or malignity, which his predecessors in the same labors had committed."
North American Review.

GRAM MO NT'S Memoirs. See Hamilton (Anthony).

841 [GRANT (Mrs.}~\ Memoirs of an American Lady; with

Sketches of Manners and Scenery in America, as they
existed previous to the Revolution. London. 1808.

2 vols., izmo, half calf, gilt.

842 GRANT (U. S.) Public Honors to Lieutenant-General

Grant, by the Citizens of New-York. Fifth Avenue
Hotel, November 2Oth, 1865. Printed for the Citizen's
Committee. New-York: Geo. F. Nesbit & Co. 1865.

Imp. 8vo, pp. 39, uncut.

843 [GRASSE (Count de).] Journal D'un Officier de 1'armee

navale en Amerique en 1781 & 1782.

A. Amsterdam. M.DCC.LXXXIII.

8vo, pp. 71, half calf. Count de Grasse's Journal translated for the Bradford Club.
Only one other copy is known to be in this country.


844 GRASSE. The Operations of the French Fleet under
\f Count de Grasse in 1781-2. New York. 1864.

Rl. 8vo; 150 copies printed for the Bradford Club; illustrated with 27 EXTRA PLATES;
RARE PORTRAITS of Ct. D'Estaing, Ct. De Grasse, De Suffren, Washington,
Cornwallis, Saumarez, Lord Rodney, and View of Boston. Bound in the
best style of Pawson & Nicholson, with elaborate toolings on the inside covers,
which are entirely lined with green and crimson levant morocco, crushed,
polished, and ornamented, gilt top, uncut.

845 GRAY (T,) Odes by Mr. Gray.

Printed at Strawberry Hill. MDCCLVII.

4to; also several other poetical pieces in the same volume.

846 GRAVES (W.) Two Letters from W. Graves, Esq.,

Respecting the Conduct of Rear-Admiral Thomas Graves
in North America, during his Accidental Command there
for Four Months in 1781. London. 1782.

410, morocco, gilt back, and richly tooled inside borders, by Mathews; PLAN OF TH
SEA FIGHT between Admiral Graves and Count de Grasse; FINE PORTRAITS
of Admiral Graves and Count de Grasse inserted ; ORIGINAL EDITION, very

847 GRAVES. [The same.] Morrisania, N. Y. 1865.

4:0, uncut; only 100 copies reprinted.

GRAY (F. C.) See Washington (G.)

848 [GRAYDON (A.)] Memoirs of a Life, Chiefly Passed

in Pennsylvania, 'within the last Sixty Years. With
Occasional Remarks upon the General Occurrences,
Character and Spirit of that Eventful Period.

Harrisburgb : Printed by John Wyetb. 1811.

izmo, pp. 378, levant morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bedford. We have never met
with another uncut copy.

849 GRAYDON. [Another copy.] Harrhburg. 1 8 r I .

I2mo, sheep.


850 [GRAYDON.) Memoirs of a Life, Chiefly Passed in

Pennsylvania, within the Last Sixty Years.

Edinburgh. 1822.

8vo, half green levant morocco, gilt top, uncut. This edition was edited by John Gait.
"Graydon was a captain in the navy during the Revolutionary War." ALLEN.

" Perhaps the best personal narrative that has yet appeared relative to that great conflict
which terminated in establishing the independence of the United States."

851 GREELEY (H.) The American Conflict; A History

of the Great Rebellion in the United States of America,
i86o-'64: Its Causes, Incidents, and Results : ... By
Horace Greeley. Hartford: O. D. Case fcf Co. 1865-66.

2 vols., rl. 8vo, half calf.

852 GREEN BOX (The) of Monsieur de Sartine. The Fifth

Edition. London : A Becket. MDCCLXXIX.

8vo, 2 1., pp. 71, calf.

853 [GREEN (Jos.)] Entertainment for A Winter's Even-

ing: ... By Me, the Hon. B. B. Esq; ... . Boston:
Printed in the Tear 1750. Reprinted I 795-

8vo, pp. 12, uncut; a -very rare poem.

854 GREENE (Albert G.) Recollections of the Jersey Prison-

Ship; taken, and prepared for publication, from the Orig-
inal Manuscript of the late Captain Thomas Dring, of
Providence, R. I., One of the Prisoners.

Providence: H. H. Brown. 1829.

I2mo, pp. 167, blue levant morocco, gilt edges, by F. Bedford; PLATE of the Prison
Ship; beautiful copy. Greene's copy sold for $21.

! 855 GREENE. [The same.] Edited by Henry B. Dawson.

Morrisania, N. T. 1865.
Rl. 8 vo, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut.

1 7 8


;/ > 856 GREENE. [Another copy.] Morrisania. 1865.

Folio, uncut ; LARGE PAPER ; 30 copies printed.

- / 857 GREENE. Catalogue of the Library of Albert G.
Greene [Old Grimes]. New York. 1869.

8vo, pp. 521, uncut. Rich in American Poetry.

858 GREENLEAF (M.) A Statistical View of the District

of Maine. Boston. 1816.

8vo, half brown morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet.

859 GREENWOOD (F. W. P.) A History of King's

Chapel, in Boston. Boston. 1833.

izmo, pp. xii, 215, boards, uncut; PLATE.

860 GREENWOOD ILLUSTRATED. In a Series of Pic-
j t/'/O turesque and Monumental Views, in highly finished Line

Engravings. From Drawings taken on the Spot, by
James Smillie; the Literary Department by N. Cleave-
land. New York. [1847.]

410, half morocco, gilt edges ; BEAUTIFUL STEEL PLATES; early impressions ; published
by subscription only.

861 GRESSWELL (E.) View of the Early Parisian Greek

Press, Lives of the Stephani, Notices of other Greek
is Printers of Paris, and Literary History of their Times.

Oxford. 1833.

2 vols., 8vo, half calf extra, gilt top, uncut; fine copy.

862 [GRIFFITH (A. F.)] Bibliotheca Anglo-Poetica ; or,
^y A Descriptive Catalogue of a rare and rich Collection of

Early English Poetry : in the Possession of Longman,
Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, Illustrated by occasional
Extracts and Remarks, Critical and Biographical.
London: Printed for the Proprietors of the Collection. 1815.

8vo, half brown morocco, gilt top, uncut ; NUMEROUS PORTRAITS, INITIAL LETTERS,


This catalogue describes 956 items, and does great credit to the diligence and accuracy
of its compiler, and deserves a place in every good library, from the interest-
ing information which it affords of the works of our early poets

'JLT 863 GRIFFITH (T. W.) Sketches of the Early History of
Maryland. Baltimore. 1821.

8vo, half green morocco, gilt top.

864 GRIFFITH. Sketches of the Early History of Maryland

and Annals of Baltimore. Baltimore. 1821-24.

2 vols. in i, 8vo, half green morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet.

865 GRIFFITH (W.) Historical Notes on the American

Colonies and Revolution from 1754 to 1775.

Burlington^ N. J. 1843.

J8vo, pp. 300, Note, 3 leaves, boards; scarce ."

"- 866 GRIGG (John W.) Catalogue of the Private Library of
John W. Grigg of Philadelphia. Privately Printed. 1867.

Imp. 8vo, pp. 50, half green morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet; ten copies printed.

-' 867 GRIGSBY (Hugh Blair). A Discourse on "The Vir-
ginia Convention of 1776," delivered ... July 3, 1855.

Richmond. 1855.
8vo, pp. 206, cloth.

868 GRIMKfi (Thomas S.) An Oration ... Fourth of July,

1809, ... South Carolina State Society of Cincinnati, ...

Charleston. 1829.

8vo, pp. 129, uncut; scarce.

869 GRISWOLD (R. W.) The Republican Court or Ameri-
/V ou can Society in the Days of Washington. By Rufus

Wilmot Griswold. With Twenty-one Portraits of Dis-
tinguished Women, engraved from Original Pictures by


Woolastan, Copley, Gainsborough, Stuart, Trumbull,
Pine, Malbone, and other contemporary Painters.

New York: D. Appleton and Company. M. DCCC. LV.

Extended to 2 vols., imp. 8vo, half purple morocco extra, gilt, uncut. This copy is
illustrated with 74 EXTRA PLATES and 2 TITLE-PAGES in water colors. See
Washington (G.)

870 [GROSE (F).] Advice to Officers of the British Army.

A Fac Simile reprint of the Sixth London Edition.

)fj ^*

With Introduction and Notes.

New York: Agatbynian Club. 1867.

8vo, half blue morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet ; 120 copies printed. A FACSIMILE RE-
PRINT of the 6th London edition. One of three copies printed on thin paper.
An imitation of Swift's " Advice to Servants," which was probably derived
from a German source, " Dedekinders de Morum Simplicitate."

871 GROTE (George). History of Greece : i. Legendary

Greece, n. Grecian History to the Reign of Peisistratus
at Athens. London: J. Murray. 1854-56.

12 vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut ; FOURTH AND BEST EDITION; scarce.

11 A great literary undertaking, equally notable whether we regard it as an accession to
what is of standard value in our language, or as an honorable monument of
what English scholarship can do." Athenaum.

872 GRUNER (Lewis). Specimens of Ornamental Art,

selected from the "best Models of Classical Epochs.
Illustrated by 80 Plates. With Descriptive Text by
Emil Braun. London. 1850.

Imp. folio Atlas of PLATES, and 410 Text, bound in half morocco, gilt top, uncut.

This magnificent work is illustrated with designs from the most beautiful specimens of

ORNAMENTAL ART in Europe, many of them elaborately colored, and on a

^ scale never before attempted. The names of Raphael, Romano, Holbein,

Giotto, Bramante, and Luini, give the work the highest classical character.

It is the most elegant work on DECORATIVE ART ever published.

873 GRUNDLICHE | An-und aufforderung | an die | Ehmahlig

GUTCH. l8l

erweckte hier und dar zerstreuete|Seelen dieses Landes, |
In oder ausser Partheyen, | zur | Neuen Umfassung, | Glied-
licher Vereinigung, | und | Gebets-Gemeinschaft ; | Dar-
gelegt aus dringendem Herzen eines um Heilung|der
Bruche Zions angstlich bekummerten Gemuths, |im jahr
1736. | Philadelphia^

Gedruckt lind zu haben \ bey B. Franklin, \ M DCC XLII. |

410, pp. 14, uncut; fine clean copy.

874 [GRYNEUS.] Novvs orbis re-|gionvm ac Insvlarvm

ve-|teribus incognitarum, una cum tabula cosmographica,

& | aliquot aliis consimilis argumenti libeliis, quorum]

omnium catalogus sequenti patebit pagina. | His accessit

copiolus rerum memorabilium index. | [Printer's arms.]

Parisiis apvd loannem \ Paruum sub flore Lilio, uia

ad sanctum Iacobum.\ [1532.]]

Folio, 1.6 1., pp. 502, (i), old vellum ; LARGE MAP, in ^ sections.

A valuable collection of early voyages to America, respecting which, see [Harrisse]
" Bibliotheca Americana."

GUARD (Theodore de la). See [Ward (Nathaniel)].

875 GUILD (Reuben A.) The Librarian's Manual : a Treat-

ise on Bibliography, comprising a Select and Descriptive

^^ ^^Q

List of Biographical Works; to which are added Sketches
of Public Libraries, Illustrated with Engravings.

New York : Printed by Munsell. MDCCCLVIH.

Fcap 410, boards, uncut.

GUIZOT (M.) See Washington (G.)
GULLIVER (Lemuel). See [Swift (J.)]

876 GUTCH (J. M.) A Lytell Geste of Robin Hode. In

Jf 00

l82 GUTCH.

eight Fyttes. With other Ancient and Modern Ballads
and Songs relating to this celebrated Yeoman. To
which is prefixed his History and Character, grounded
upon other Documents than those made use of by his
former biographer, " Mister Ritson." Adorned with
Cuts by F. W. Fairholt, F.S.A. London: Longman. 1847.

2 vols., 8vo, half green morocco, gilt top, uncut, by W. Mathews; fnt copy.

Appended are " Dissertations upon the Morris Dance and Maid Marian, etc., by Mr.
Hone and F. Douce, Esq."




AKEWELL (James). The History of
Windsor, and its Neighbourhood. By
James Hakewell. London. 1813.

4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut; numerous FINE STEEL
PLATES. From Daniel O'Connell's library, with

878 HAKLUYT (R.) The Principall Navigations, Voiages
and Discoueries of the English nation, made by Sea or
ouer Land, to the most remote and farthest distant Quar-
ters of the earth at any time within the compasse of
these 1500 yeeres: Deuided into three seuerall parts, ac-
cording to the positions of the Regions whereunto they
were directed. ... Including the English valiant attempts
in searching almost all the corners of the vaste and new
world of America, etc.

Imprinted at London by George Bishop and Ralph

Newberie^ Deputies to Christopher Barker, printer to

the hteenes most excellent Majestic. 1589.

Folio, calf, antique, gilt edges ; very rare. Title-page mounted, otherwise a fine copy,
containing the six inserted leaves between pp. 643 and 644, with the account
of Sir Francis Drake's voyage to the south.

" Every reader conversant in the annals of our naval transactions will cheerfully ac-
knowledge the merit of Richard Hakluyt, who devoted his studies to the
investigation of those periods of English history which regard the improve-
ment of navigation and commerce. To him we are principally indebted for

Online LibraryJohn A. (John Asaph) RiceCatalogue of Mr. John A. Rice's library, to be sold by auction on Monday, March 21st, 1870, and five following days by Bangs, Merwin & co → online text (page 13 of 36)