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printed in the same year.

214 HORRY.

1039 HOOKER (W. J.) Botanical Miscellany; containing

Figures and Descriptions of such Plants as recommend
themselves by their Novelty, Rarity, or History.

London. 1830.

3 vols., rl. 8vo, cloth, uncut; contains 150 beautifully coltrtd PLATES.

1040 HOPE (T.) Costume of the Ancients. By Thomas

Hope. A New Edition, much enlarged, ... 321
Plates. London. MDCCCXLI.

2 vols., rl. 8vo, tree calf, gilt. An indispensable book to artists ; the best on the

: 1041 HOPKINS (Albert). A Sermon ... State Fast, March
28, 1830. Troy, N. Y. 1831.

8vo, pp. 21 ; also, Hill on Bancroft and Thayer. 3 tracts.

Af- '1042 HOPKINSON (J.) Speeches of Joseph Hopkinson and
Charles Chauncy, on the Judicial Tenure.

Philadelphia. 1838.
8vo, pp. 68.

1043 HORACE. Quinto Horatii Flacci Opera. Cura H.

Milman, D.D.

Londini : Apud Joannem Murray. MDCCCLIII.

8vo, calf, gilt; FINE PLATES; scarce.

1044 HORNE (T. H.) An Introduction to the Study of
// j0 Bibliography. To which is prefixed a Memoir on the

Public Libraries of the Antients. Illustrated with
Engravings. London. 1814.

2 vols., 8vo, tree calf, gilt. On page 92, et scq., is a chapter on Mexican and North
American picture- writing.)

*t 1045 HORRY and WEEMS. The Life of General Francis
Marion, a Celebrated Partisan Officer in the Revolu-

HOSACK.. 215

tionary War, against the British and for Us, in South
Carolina and Georgia. Philadelphia. 1818.

izmo, sheep; CURIOUS PLATES.

1046 HORSFELD (T.) Zoological Researches in Java, and

the neighbouring Islands. London. 1821.

4to, calf ; many beautifully colored PLATES.

" This is a valuable work. The plates, by Mr. W. Daniell, are in his best manner,
and those containing the anatomical details are superior to any hitherto
published in this country." Philadelphia Magazine.

1047 [HORSMANDEN.] A | Journal] of the | Proceedings |

in (The Detection of the Conspiracy | formed by | Some
White People, in Conjunction with Negro and other
Slaves, | for (Burning the City of New- York in Amer-
ica, | And Murdering the Inhabitants. | Which Con-
spiracy was partly put in Execution, by Burning His
Majesty's House in Fort George, ... [With] An Ap-
pendix. By the Recorder of the City of New-York.

New-Tor k : Printed by
James Parker, at the New Printing- Office. 1744.

410, pp. zo6 and 16, red crushed levant morocco, gilt edges; excessively rare. This
copy of the very rare original edition was water-stained, but has been restored
by F. Bedford j see his note inserted. Parker (the printer of this volume)
was an apprentice to Bradford, and succeeded to the business in 1742.

1048 HORSMANDEN. Negro Plot. [Another Edition.]

New York. 1810.
8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstrcet.

1049 HOSACK (David). Memoir of DeWitt Clinton : with

an Appendix, containing numerous Documents, Illus-
trative of the Principal Events of his Life. Plates.

New York. 1829.

410, halt" green levant morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet.

2l6 HOUSE.

1050 HOSMER. Catalogue of the Valuable and Choice

Library of Zelotes Hosmer, Esq. of Cambridge, Mass.

Boston. 1 86 1 .

Rl. 8voj LARGI PAPER priced. This collection was particularly rich in early English
literature, bibliography, and rare editions of the Greek, and Latin classics.

HOUDIN (M. G.) See Washington (G.)

1051 HOUGH (F. B.) History of Duryea's Brigade, during

the Campaign in Virginia under Gen. Pope, and in
Maryland under Gen. McCIellan, in ... 1862. Por-
trait. Albany. Munsell. 1864.

Rl. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet ; 300 copies printed.

1052 HOUGH. History of St. Laurence and Franklin Coun-

ties, N. Y. Many. 1853.

8vo, uncut ; one of 25 copies printed on thick paper.


1053 HOUGH. Washingtoniana : Or Memorials of the Death
)f 4 j~4 of George Washington, giving an Account of the Fu-
neral Honors paid to His Memory, with a List of
Tracts and Volumes Printed upon that occasion.

Roxbury. 1865.

z vols., 410, paper, uncut; a PORTRAITS; 91 copies privately printed. See, also, Nan-
tucket and Pemaquid.

1054 " HOURS" (The) of Anne of Brittany, and the " Hours"

of the Duke of Anjou. London. 1845-50.

Z vols. in I, imp. 8vo, half green morocco; mat beautifully printed in red and black on
thick DRAWING PAPER ; each page ornamented with MINIATURES in gold
and colors, by Owen Jones. The " Hours " of the Crusading King of Jeru-
salem is exceedingly interesting, as affording an example of art at a period
when decorated examples are very rare.

1055 HOUSE (The) of Wisdom in a Bustle; A Poem, descrip-

tive of the Noted Battle, Lately fought in C ng ss.
By Geoffrey Touchstone. Philadelphia. 1798.

8vo, pp. zy, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet.


1056 HOUSEHOLD BOOKS. Edited by Bp. Percy, Sir F.

Madden, and Sir Harris Nicolas.

London: W. Pickering. 1826, 7.

4 vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut. Comprising "Earl of Northumberland's Household Book,"
"Privy Purse Expenses of Elizabeth of York, Queen of Henry VII,"
" Privy Purse Expenses of Henry VIII," " Privy Purse Expenses of Princess
Mary, daughter of Henry VIII, afterwards Queen Mary."

1057 HOW (D.) Diary of David How, a Private in Colonel
/ Paul Dudley Sargent's Regiment of the Massachusetts

Line in the Army of the American Revolution. Notes
by Henry B. Dawson. Morrisania^ N. T. 1865.

Rl. 8vo, uncut; 250 copies p inted. Forms No. iv of Dawson's "Gleanings."

1058 HOWARD (H.) The Laugher's Companion; or, A

Cure for the Spleen. A Collection of Original Songs.

London. 1762.

l6mo, half calf. From Delaware Lewis' collection.

1059 HOWE (Henry). Historical Collections of Virginia.

Its History and Antiquities. Illustrated by over 100
Engravings. Charleston^ S. C. 1856.

8vo, morocco.

1060 HOWE (W.) The Narrative of Lieut. Gen. Sir William

Howe, in a Committee of the House of Commons, on
the igth of April, 1779, relative to his conduct, during
his late command of the King's Troops in North Amer-
ica: To which are added, some observations upon a
phamphlet, entitled, Letters to a Nobleman, &c. 2d
Edition. London. MDCCLXXX.

410, pp. no, half morocco, uncut.

1061 HOWITT (M.) Pictorial Calendar of the Seasons.

London. 1854.

Pott 8vo, half morocco, gilt edges.



1062 HOYT (b.) Antiquarian Researches, comprising a His-

tory of the Indian Wars in the Country bordering Con-
necticut River, and Parts Adjacent. Greenfield. 1824.

8vo, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet.

1063 HUBBARD (J. N.) Sketches of Border Adventures in

the Life and Times of Major Moses Van Campen, a
surviving Soldier of the Revolution, By his Grandson,
John N. Hubbard. Bath, N. T. 1841.

8vo, pp. 310, sheep; scarce,

1064 HUBBARD (William). A | Narrative | of the Troubles

with the | Indians | in New-England, from the first plant-
ing thereof in the (year 1607, to this present year 1677.
But chiefly of the late | Troubles in the two last years,
1675 and 1676. | To which is added a Discourse about
the Warre with the| Pequodsjln the year 1637. [By
W. Hubbard, Minister of Ipswich. | Published by Au-
thority. | [With the Election Sermon.]

Boston : \ Printed by "John Foster , in the year 1677.!

a vols in i, 410, red morocco, gilt edges; MAP. Inserted is an original Marriage Cer-
tificate, eight lines, being the AUTOGRAPH, with SIGNATURE of the Rev.
William Hubbard (Sept. 5, 1700); also SIGNATURE of John Appleton.
The autograph of William Hubbard is of the AigAcst rarity. A letter
written by him was sold, a few years since, for upwards of $50.

1065 HUBBARD. The | Present State | of | New England,

j being a | Narrative | Of the Troubles with the | Indians |
in | New-England, from the first planting) thereof, in
the year 1607, to tn ' s present year, 1677. | But chiefly
of the late Troubles in the two last | years, 1675 and
1676. | To which is added, a Discourse about the War
| with the Pequods, in the year 1637. | By W. Hubbard,
Minister of Ipswich. | London. 1677. |


Sm. 4to, maroon morocc~o extra, gilt edges. A few of the leaves which were torn,
have been neatly restored, and some missing words supplied in manuscript.
The margin is unusually large, and this is a fair cofy, but the MAP is in

1066 HUBBARD. Narrative of the Indian Wars in New
England, from the first Planting thereof in the year
1607 to the year 1677 ; Containing the Occasion, Rise
and Progress of the War with the Indians, etc.

Worcester. 1801.

izmo, crimson morocco, gilt back and edges, by Mathews.

1067 HUBBARD. A | Narrative of the | Indian Wars | in New-

England, [from the first Planting there-] of, in the year
1607, to | the year 1677. (Containing | The Occasion,
Rise and Progress) of the War with the Indians, | in
the Southern, Western, | Eastern and Northern Parts)
of said Country. | By William Hubbard, A.M.]

Danbury: Printed by Stiles Nichols. 1803.)

izmo, pp. 274, half morocco, gilt edges, by Bradstreet.

1068 HUBBARD. [Another Edition.]

Brattleboro' : William Fessenden. [n. d.]

izmo, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut.

1069 HUBBARD. A General History of New England, from

the Discovery to 1680 by the Rev. Wm. Hubbard,
Minister of Ipswich, Mass. Second Edition, Collated
with the Original MS. Boston. 1848.

8vo, Roxburghe binding, gilt top, uncut.

1070 HUBBARD. The History of the Indian Wars in New-

England, From the First Settlement to the Termina-
tion of the War with King Philip, in 1677. From the


Original Work by the Rev. William Hubbard. Care-
fully Revised ... By Samuel G. Drake.

Printed for W. Eliot Woodward, Roxbury. MDCCCLXV.

i vols., 4to, half red levant morocco, gilt top; LARGE PAPER; 50 copies printed.
Forms Nos. in and iv of Woodward's Historical Series.

1071 HUBBARD. [The same.]

Albany: J. Munsell. MDCCCLXV.

a voli., imp. 8vo, tinted paper, uncut; 100 copies only printed in this size.

1072 HUBBARD. [The same.]

Albany : J. Munsell. MDCCCLXV.

2 vols., fcap 4to, uncut.

1073 HUBLEY (Benrard). The History of the American

Revolution, including the most important events and
Resolutions of the Honourable Continental Congress
during that Period. Northumberland, Pa. 1805.

8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet; Vol. i all published ; scarce.

1074 HUDSON (C.) History of the Town of Lexington,

Middlesex County, Massachusetts, from its first Settle-
ment to 1848, and a Genealogical Register of Lexing-
ton Families. Boston. 1868.

8vo, pp. 449, 296, cloth, uncut ; PLATES.

1075 HUDSON. History of the Town of Marlborough,
Middlesex County, Massachusetts, from its first set-
tlement in 1657 to 1861 ; with a Brief Sketch of the
Town of Northborough, A Genealogy of the Families
in Marlborough to 1800, and an Account of the Four
hundredth Anniversary of the Incorporation of the
Town. By Charles Hudson ...

Boston: Press of T. R. Marvin and Son. 1862.

8vo, pp. xvi, 544, Note, i 1., half morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet.


1076 HUGO (T.) The Bewick Collector. A Descriptive

Catalogue of the Works of Thomas and John Bewick ;
including cuts, in various states, for Books and Pam-
phlets, ... . The whole described from the Originals
and illustrated with a hundred and twelve cuts. ...

London : Love// Reeve. MDCCCLXVI.

Imp. 8vo, cloth, uncut; LARGE PAPER.

1077 HUMBLE (The) Petition] and] Address [Of the General

Court Sitting at (Boston in New-England, | unto [The
High and Mighty ) Prince | Charles) The Second. | And
presented unto His Most-Gracious | Majesty Feb. II,
1660. | Printed in the Year 1660. |

Signed John Endecot Gov r - In the Name, and with
the consent of the General Court.

Sm. 4-to, brown calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford; fine copy of a most rare book relating to
the early history of New England.

It was severely criticised in a tract, entitled : " Address of the Publicains of New-
England, To which King you please. With Some Remarks upon it."

1078 HUMBOLDT (A. von). Personal Narrative of Travels

to the Equinoctial Regions of the New Continent,
during the years 1799 - 1804. Maps, Plans, &c.
Translated by H. Maria Williams. London. 1814.

7 vols. in 6, 8vo, half calf; BEST EomoN.

1079 HUMBOLDT. Researches on the Institutions & Monu-

ments of the Ancient Inhabitants of America. Trans-
lated. London. 1804.

z vols., 8vo, half calf, uncut ; icarce.

1080 HUMBOLDT. Atlas Pittoresque, ou Vues de Cordil-

leres et Monuments des Pueples Indigenes de 1'Amer-
ique. Paris. 1810.

Large folio, half morocco, uncut ; printed on vellum paper, and ILLUSTRATED with 69
ELEGANT PLATES, PROOF IMPRESSIONS, many of which are colored. From


the library of the Emperor Maximilian, with his BOOK PLATE. Published
at 756 francs. The most beautiful and generally interesting of Humboldt'a
works, rarely found perfect.

Humboldt traced, with the hand of a master, the outline of a vast picture, which
present and future travellers can only assist in filling up. In this work
the picture-writing of the Mexicans first received the attention and the
ample treatment which are due to a literature as strange and important in
the records of the new world, as that of Egypt in the old.

HUME (David). See Oxford Classics.

1081 HUMPHREY (D.) An Historical Account of the So-

ciety for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign
Parts. London. 1730.

8vo, old calf; MAPS; scarce. Relates to the proceedings of the missionaries indifferent
parts of North America, together with the state of religion there, with
maps of Carolina and New England, by Moll.

1082 HUMPHREYS (D.) An | Essay] on the | Life) of the]

Honorable Major-General | Israel Putnam : [Addressed
to the State Society of the Cincinnati | in Connecticut. |
By Col. David Humphreys. | Hartford: \ Printed by

Hudson and Goodwin^ [M.DCC.LXXXVIII.

izmo, pp. 187, brown morocco; PLATI inserted.

1083 HUMPHREYS. [Another Edition.] With an Appen-

dix. By S. Swett. Boston. 1818.

izmo, cloth.

t ' 1084 HUMPHREYS. Life and Heroic Exploits of Israel

Putnam . . Hartford. 1847.

izmo, pp. 190, cloth; PORTRAIT.

1085 HUMPHREYS. The Miscellaneous Works of David
Humphreys. New York. 1804.

8vo, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by F. Bedford ; PORTRAIT. Contains a " Poetical
Eulogy" on Washington in 860 lines.



1086 HUMPHREYS. Poems by Col. David Humphreys,

late Aid-de-Camp to his Excellency General Washing-
ton. Second Edition: With Several Additions.
Philadelphia : Printed by Mathew Carey. M,DCC,LXXXIX.

izmo, pp. 91, (i), sheep.

1087 HUNT (C. H.) Life of Edward Livingston. With an

Introduction by George Bancroft. New York. 1864.

Imp. 8 vo, cloth, uncut ; PORTRAITS of Livingston and General Jackson ; LARGI PAPER;
only 50 copies printed.

1088 [HUNT (Freeman).] American Anecdotes. Original

and Select. By an American. Boston. 1830.

a vols., izmo, half green morocco, gilt top, uncut; ILLUSTRATED COPY, having 47
PLATES inserted, consisting of PORTRAITS, VIEWS, etc., many very rare ;
fine cofy ; scarce. These volumes contain 487 anecdotes, nearly all relative
to the American Revolution.

1089 [HUNT (Leigh).] The Liberal. Verse and Prose from

the South. London. 1822.

2 vols., 8vo, half morocco, gilt top. Includes some Shakespeariana. Lord Byron
assisted in the work.

1090 HUNTER (Joseph). Founders of New-Plymouth.

London. M.DCCCLIV.

8vo, cloth, pp. xvi, 205, Errata, i slip, cloth, uncut.

1091 HUTCHINSON (F.) An Historical Essay concerning

Witchraft. The Second Edition, with considerable
Additions. London: R. Knaplock. MDCCXX.

8vo, 16 1., pp. 336, half morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet.

" This work contains much interesting matter, and developes many celebrated impos-
tures. In it is a curious chronological table of the number of poor wretches
burnt as witches." LOWNDKS.

' 1092 HUTCHINSON (Mr.) The History of the Colony of




Massachusetts Bay. 1628 to 1691. Second edition.
London. MDCCLX. From 1691 to 1750. Boston.
MDCCLXVII, and The History of the Province of Mas-
sachusetts Bay, from The Year 1750 until June, 1774.


Together, 3 vols., 8vo, half green morocco, gilt top, edges uncut; extremely scarce

in this condition.
"The reputation of Governor Hutchinson's History rests on the solid basis of utility

and truth." JODGE DAVIS.

1093 [HUTCHINSON.] A Collection of Original Papers
Relative to the History of the Colony of Massachu-


Boston^ New England. 1769.

8vo, half green morocco, gilt top, by W. Mathews; scarce.

This collection of papers was published by Lieut.-Gov. Hutchinson, "to support and
elucidate the principal facts related in the first part of the History of Mas-
sachusetts Bay, and may serve as an appendix to it." " The author of
that History was possessed of many other ancient and very curious original
papers, which are irrecoverably lost by an unfortunate event sufficiently
known " (alluding to the destruction of his papers by a mob, at the time
of the riots in Boston on the account of the stamp act, in 1765). See
Prince Society.

1094 HUTCHINSON. (T.) Copy of the Letters Sent to
Great Britain by his Excellency Thomas Hutchinson,
the Hon. Andrew Oliver, and several other Persons,
born among and educated among us. Which Original
Letters have been returned to America, and laid before
the honorable House of Representatives of this Prov-
ince. London. MDCCLXXIV.

8vo, z 1., pp. 142, half morocco.

*' These letters were procured by Dr. Franklin, and sent to Boston to his friend Dr.
Samuel Cooper, with strict injunctions not to allow them to be published.
They were, however, printed in Boston, and made a great noise at the
time." RICH.



of Saemund. Translated. Bristol. 1797.

8vo, boards, uncut; scarce.

1098 ILLINOIS in 1837. Phila. 1837.

8vo, boards j MAP. Sometimes attributed to S.
A. Mitchell.

1099 ILLINOIS. Geological Survey of Illinois. A. H.
Werthen, Director. Chicago. 1866.

3 vols., imp. 8vo, cloth.

i ioo ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE of the Great Exhi-
bition. London. 1851.

410, cloth ; many hundred WOODCUTS.

i ioi LIMITATION de Jesus-Christ. Traduction Nouvelle
par F. de La Mennais. Nouvelle edition.

Paris: Didot. 1825.

Imp. 410, half morocco, uncut; LARGE PAPER; fine copy, on vellum paper, with Psoon
of the PLATES before letter. Only 50 copies printed in this style.

1102 IMLAY (George). A Topographical Description of the
Western Territory of North America, ... to which
are added, The Discovery, Settlement, and Present
State of Kentucky, ... By John Filson, etc.

London: J. Debrett. MDCCXCIII.

8vo, half calf; MAP; third and best edition.

001103 IMPARTIAL | (An) Relation | of the | First Rise and
Cause | of the | Recent Differences! in |Publick Affairs


j In the Province of North-Ca-| rolina ; and of the
past Tu-|mults and Riots that lately | happened in that
Province. | Containing most of the true and genuine |
Copies of Letters, Messages and Remonstrances, | be-
tween the Parties contending! By which] any

impartial Man may easily gather and see the | true
Ground and Reasons of the Dissatisfaction | that uni-
versally reigns all over said Province inja more or less
Degree. Printed for the Compiler. 1770.

l8mo, pp. 104, polished levant morocco extra, by F. Bedford. A volume of extreme
rarity, which has been attributed to Harmon Husband.

1104 IMPARTIAL History of the War in America, between

Great Britain and her Colonies, from its Commence-
y ^ 0o

ment to the Year 1779 Illustrated with a variety

of beautiful Copper-Plates, representing real and ani-
mated Likenesses of those celebrated Generals who
have distinguished themselves in the important contest.

Carlisle. 1780.

8vo, pp. 608, 44, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet; MAP, and 13 full-
length PORTRAITS of American and British Generals, being those of Gen-
erals Washington, Gates, Arnold, Wooster, Putnam, Charles Lee, Com.
Hopkins, Samuel Adams, Hancock, Franklin, Gen. Howe, Admiral Howe,
American Rifleman.

1105 IMPARTIAL History of the War. [n. p. n. d.]

8vo, pp. 64.


1106 IMPARTIAL Observation, To be considered on by
4 , The King, His Ministers, and the People of Great

Britain. [n. p. n. d.]

4to, pp. ay. Relates entirely to America.

1107 IMPARTIAL (An) Relation of the Hail-Storm ... and

Tornado ... which appeared in the Towns of Boz-
rah, Lebanon and Franklin, ... Norwich. 1799.

8vo, pp. 30, uncut.


1108 INDIAN ATROCITIES. Narratives of the Perils and
2 4, - Sufferings of Dr. Knight and John Slover, among the

Indians during the Revolutionary War.

Nashville. 1 843.

izmo, pp. 965 very scarce.

1109 INDIAN NARRATIVES: 1620-1794.

Claremont, N. H. 1854.
I2mo, pp. 276, cloth.

mo INDIANS. Graphic Sketches of the Aborigines of
America. New York. 1841.

8vo; 24 PLATES, after Wythe's designs.

1 1 1 1 INDIANS. A Further Accompt of the Progresse of the

Gospel amongst the Indians in New-England, and of
the means used effectually to advance the same. Set
forth in certaine Letters sent from thence declaring a
purpose of Printing the Scriptures in the Indian Tongue
into which they are already Translated. With which
Letters are likewise sent an Epitome of some Exhor-
tations delivered by the Indians at a fast, as Testimo-
nies of their obedience to the Gospell. As also some
helps directing to the Indians how to improve naturall
reason unto the knowledge of the true God.

London : Printed by M. Simmons
for the Corporation of New- England. 1659. .

4to, dark blue morocco, gilt edges, by F. Bedford } very icaree.

1 1 12 INDIANS. Of the Conversion of Five Thousand and

Nine Hundred East Indians, in the Isle Formosa, by
means of M. Ro: Junius. Related by his friend M.
C. Sibellius. With a Post-Script of the Gospel's good
Success amongst the West-Indians, in New England.
London: "John Hammond. 1650.


4to, 4 1., pp. 38, I ; fine copy, lulth broad margint. The postcript to this rare -volumt
forms a large portion of the work, and is exceedingly interesting. It
teems to be compiled from the three tracts : I. Good Newes of the Day-
Breaking. II. Of the Sunshine. III. Of the Glorious Progresse of the
Gospel, etc. ; and from Letters by John Eliot (the Indian apostle), dated
Roxbury, 1 648-49, about ten years before the publication of his Bible.

ill? INDIANS. Proceedings of the Commissioners of Indian
Affairs, appointed by law for the Extinguishment or
Indian Titles in the State of New York, With an In-
troduction and Notes, By Franklin B. Hough.

Albany: Joel Munsell. MDCCCLXI.

4*0, pp. 498, half morocco ; 3 MAPS ; LARGE PAPER. Published from the original
manuscript in the library of the Albany Institute.

1114 INDIANS. An Inquiry into the Causes of the Aliena-

tion of the Delaware and Shawanese Indians from the

^^ a

British Interest, and into the measures taken for re-
covering their friendship. Together with the remark-
able Journal of Christian Frederic Post, &c.

London. 1759.

8vo, pp. 184, half morocco. By Charles Thomson, Secretary to the Congress.

1115 INGELOW (J.) Poems by Jean Ingelow. With Illus-
fj'e trations by Pennell [and others]. Engraved by the

Brothers Dalziel. Boston [i. e. London]. 1867.

4to, morocco extra.

1116 [INGRAHAM (Edward D.)] Sketch of the Events
4 6 which preceded the Capture of Washington, by the

British, on the twenty-fourth of August, 1814.

Philadelphia. 1849.

STO, half morocco, uncut ; MAP, with AUTOGRAPH of the author inserted 5 privattly

printed. Allan's copy sold for $8 ; Wight's, $6 50.

0t> 1117 IRELAND (J. N.) Records of the New York Stage,
from 1750 to 1860. By Joseph N. Ireland.

New York: T. H. Morrell. 1866.


FINE PORTRAITS inserted. Vol. i is bound in morocco, uncut; Vol. 11 is
in paper covers.

1118 IRELAND. Mr. Ireland's Vindication of h'is Conduct,


respecting the Publication of the Supposed Shakspeare
MSS. London, 1796.

8vo, pp. iv, 48, uncut ; -very scarce.

1119 IRVING (D.) The Lives of the Scottish Poets, with

Preliminary Dissertations on the Literary History of

Scotland, and the Early Scottish Drama

London: Longman. 1810.

2 vols., 8vo, 3 1., pp. 447; 3 1., pp. 507, half morocco; scarce,

1 1 20 IRVING ( W.) A Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada.

London. 1829.

2 vols., 8vo, half calf, gilt.

1 1 21 IRVING (W.) History of the Life and Voyages of

Christopher Columbus. London. 1828.

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