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8 ADAMS (J. Q.) Oration ... Quincy. Fourth of July,
7 flk 1831. Boston. 1831.

9 ADAMS (Nathaniel). Annals of Portsmouth, comprising a

period of 2OO years from the first Settlement of the

Town, ... Portsmouth. 1825.

8vo, boards, uncut ; fine copy.

10 ADDISON. The Works of the Late Right Honorable
Joseph Addison, Esq.; ... With a Complete Index.
Birmingham: Printed by "jfohn Baskerville ... MDCCLXI.

4 vols., rl. 410, calf; Baskerville's beautiful edition, in large type ; PORTRAIT and
ENGRAVINGS, by Grignon, from Hayman's designs; very scarce ; fine copy ;
free from stains.

Lowndes says, " A beautiful and esteemed edition. Copies are rarely found free from

Dibdin is enthusisatic in recommending this splendid edition.

" ' Study Addison night and day,' has been a frequent injunction. What Quintilian
says of Cicero and Parr has applied to Burke, may be pronounced also of
the writer of the ' Spectator :' Hit se profecisse plurimum sciat, cut Addhonut
valdi placcbit. The ' Vision of Mirza' is, perhaps, the first of Eastern apo-
logues, and No. 34 one of the purest specimens of genuine humor.

" When Addison presented his works to Boileau, the latter replied, that ' he should
never have taken up the pen against Perrault, had he been previously ac-
quainted with such excellent pieces of a Modern.' He is, indeed, the
' Raffaelle of essay- writers ;* and was, deservedly, popular." WRANGHAM.

1 1 ADDISON'S C ATO, A Tragedy, adapted to the Stage by

J. P. Kemble. London. 1811.

8vo, interleaved on 410, half calf. Kemble's copy, with some MS. notes.

12 ADDRESS of the Twelve United Colonies of North-


America by their Representatives in Congress, to the
People of Ireland. Philadelphia. 1775.

8vo, half green morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet.

< x !.* 13 ADOLPHUS (John). The History of England.

London. 1 840.

7 Tol., 8vo, calf extra, gilt ; fine copy. Very important for the history of the Amer-
ican Revolution. Also a continuation of Hume and Smollett's history.

14 ADVENTURES (The) of Baron Munchausen. A New
and Revised Edition. With an Introduction by T. T.
Shore, A.M. Illustrated by Gustave Dore.

London: Cassell. [n. d.]

410, half red morocco, uncut.

i/~y 15 ADVICE to Officers of the British Army, A Fac Simile
reprint of the Sixth London Edition. With an Intro-
duction and Notes.

New York: Agatbynian Club. 1867.

8vo, half blue morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet j No. 41 of 120 copies printed. Written
in imitation of Swift's "Advice to Servants," perhaps by Captain Grose.

%T 16 jELFRIC. The Homilies of the Anglo-Saxon Church.

The First Part, Containing the Sermones Catholici, or

Homilies of JElfric. In the Original Anglo-Saxon,

with an English Version. By Benjamin Thorpe, F.S.A.

London: Printed for the jElfric Society. MDCCCXLiv.

3 vols., 8vo, calf extra, gilt edges, by Holloway j elegant copy.

17 jESOP. The Fables of #)so P . With a Life of the
Author; and Embellished with one Hundred & twelve
Plates. London: John Stockdale. 1793.

Toll., imp. 8vo, tree calf, gilt, by Riviere. A most beautiful copy of Stockdale's
magnificent edition, printed in large type, with 112 BEAUTIFUL ENGRAVINGS,
by Blake, Stothard, Landseer, etc ; fine and early imfretsions ; tcarce.


1 8 AGASSIZ (L.) Lake Superior: its Physical Character,
y Vegetation and Animals, compared with those of other
and similar regions. By Louis Agassiz. With a nar-
rative of the tour by J. Elliot Cabot, and contributions
by other scientific gentlemen.

Boston: Gould^ Kendall & Lincoln. 1850.

8vo, cloth j very scarce. The most complete work on this comparatively unknown
region. See Chr. Ex., XLIX, 9 ; Sou. Q. R., xix, 420.

19 ALCIPHRON'S EPISTLES; in which are described, the

Domestic Manners, the Courtesans, and Parasites of
Greece. Now first translated from the Greek.

London. 1791.

8vo, cloth; scarce.

20 ALDEN (T.) A Collection of American Epitaphs and
-. ^Jf Inscriptions with Notes, By Rev. Timothy Alden, A.M.

New York. 1814.

5 vols., i6mo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet ; fnt copy $ scarce. The
most complete work on the subject.

ALDINE POETS. Set Pickering (Wm.)

21 ALISON (A.) History of Europe from the Commence-
ment of the French Revolution to the Restoration of
>o the Bourbons in MDCCCXV [followed by the] History of
Europe from the Fall of Napoleon in MDCCCXV to the
Accession of Louis Napoleon in MDCCCLII. By Sir
Archibald Alison, Bart.

[Edinburgh :] William Blackw ood and Sons. MDCCCLIV.

23 vols., 8vo, and ATLAS in 410, half calf, gilt.

The only work which has treated the subject at so much length. Written with much
elegance and great ability, but with a Tory bias.


22 ALLAN (J.) Catalogue of the Books, Autographs, En-
/* gravings, &c., belonging to the Estate of John Allan.

By Joseph Sabin. Also: Catalogue of the Library and
Antiquarian Collection of John Allan, Esq., with the
Names of Purchasers and the price each article sold for,
preceded by a few Introductory Remarks [by William
Gowans.] Afcw York. 1865.

a Tols., imp. 8vo, uncut; 100 copies printed.

23 ALLEN (E.) A Narrative of Colonel Ethan Allen's Cap-

tivity, From the Time of his being taken by the British,
near Montreal, on the 2fth Day of September, in the
jj' Year 1775, to the Time of his Exchange on the 6th day

of May, 1778, Containing, His Voyages and Travels,
With the most remarkable Occurrences respecting him-
self, and many other Continental Prisoners of different
Ranks and Characters, which fell under his Observation,
in the Course of the same ; particularly the Destruction
of the Prisoners at New York, by General Sir William
Howe, in the Years 1776 and 1777. Interspersed with
some Political Observations. Written by Himself, and
now published for the Information of the Curious of all
Nations. [Motto.] Boston. 1779.

8vo, crushed red levant morocco, by W. Pratt ; fine copy ; extremely scarce. J. B.
Fisher's copy, printed at Philadelphia in this year, sold for $56.

24 ALLEN. [Another Edition.] Watyole, N. H. 1807.

8vo, polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford.


25 ALLEN. [Another Edition.] Albany. 1814.

nmo, polished calf, gilt top, uncut, by W. Pratt; scarce.


26 ALLEN (George). Life of Philidor, Musician and hess-


Player, with a supplementary essay on Philidor as Chess-
Author and Chess-Player. Philadelphia. 1863.

Rl. 8vo; half morocco; beautifully printed, on LARGE PAPER.

27 ALLEN (Maj.-Gen. Ira). Natural and Political History
_ ^ of the State of Vermont, one of the United States of

*s America. With an Appendix, containing answers to

sundry queries addressed to the Author. London. 1798.

8vo, half green morocco extra, gilt top, uncut; fine copy; scarce.

28 ALLEN (J.) New-Englands | choicest Blessing] And the

Mercy most to be desired by | all that wish well to this

*rf 9 & People. | Cleared in a | Sermon | Preached before the ] Covrt

of Election | At Boston on May 28. (1679. | By James

Allen, | Teacher to the first Gathered Church therein. |

Boston^ | Printed by John Foster ^ 1679. |

410, red morocco, gilt edges, by F. Bedford ; fine copy ; very scarce.

29 ALLEN (Joseph). A Centennial Discourse delivered in

Northborough, Mass., 1846. Boston. 1846.

8vo, pp. 64, brown polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford.

30 ALLEN. Half-Century Sermon ... Northborough, Mass. ...

Cambridge. 1867.

8vo, pp. 58, brown polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford.

31 ALLEN. Historical Sketch of the Town of Northborough,
* Massachusetts. [n. p. n. d.]

8vo, brown polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford.

32 ALLEN (Joseph). Genealogical Sketch of the Allen

Family. Boston. 1869.

lamo, pp. 88, uncut.


77 ALLEN The Worcester Association and its Antece-
dents. ** l868 '

iamo, sheets folded; one lignaturc wanting.

c' 34 ALLEN. Eight Historical Tracts. By Rev. Joseph
Allen. 0- d '3

35 ALLEN (Paul). History of the American Revolution;

comprehending all the Principal Events both in the Field
and in the Cabinet, with the important resolutions of the
Continental Congress, Washington's Letter, etc.

Baltimore. 1822.

a vols., 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet ; fine copy , scarce.
" Although the name of Paul Allen is on the title, this work was written by John
Neal and Mr. Watkins." ALLEN'S " Biog. Dictionary."

36 ALLIBONE (S. A.) A Critical Dictionary of English

Literature and British and American Authors. Vol. i.

Philadelphia. 1859.

Rl. 8vo, cloth. The remaining volumes of this valuable work will probably be pub-
lished within a year.

ALSOP (Richard). See Washington (George).

37 AMERICAN (The) and British Chronicle of War and

Politics; being an Accurate and Comprehensive Regis-
ter of the most memorable Occurrences in the last ten
Years of His Majesty's Reign : in which will be found
above Eighteen Hundred Interesting Events, During the
late War between Great Britain and America, France,
Spain and Holland; From May 10, 1773, to July 16,
1783. The whole carefully collected from Authentic
Records, and correctly arranged in Chronological Order.
Multum in Parvo. This compendium, or Political Sys-
tem of Foreign and Domestic Affairs, is a faithful Diary


of Civil and Military Transactions, extracted from Gov-
ernment Dispatches and Official Papers, Votes of the
House of Commons and Lords, Resolutions of Congress,
Acts of Council, Royal Proclamations, Edicts, &c.
Provincial Considerations, Debates, Petitions, Addresses,
Meetings, and Determinations. Every Engagement by
Sea and Land, Military Operations, Civil Establish-
ments, Changes in Administration, Political Struggles,
and Principal Appointments; Treaties of Alliance, Com-
merce, and Peace ; Constitutional and Financial Re-
form ; Land and Marine Force of the Belligerent Pow-
ers; Public Revenue, Debt, and Expenditure, &c. &c.
&c. To the Recapitulation of Public Occurrences
during the late War in America and in Europe, is added
a general Table of Prior Events ; British Governors in
America at the Commencement of Hostilities ; Mem-
bers of the first Congress; Constitution and Form of
Government of the several States, and Population in
Each ; Ships of War taken, lost, or destroyed ; Roads in
America ; and a copious Abridgement of the Treaties
of Peace. London: Printed for the Author. [1783.]

8vo, half morocco, gilt top ; very icarce. The dedication is signed E. J. S. Fari-
bault, No. 926, quotes a book with a similar title, 4 vols., 410, London,
1 80 1, which is probably an error.

AMERICAN Anecdotes. See [Hunt (Freeman)].

38 AMERICAN Antiquarian Society. Proceedings, &c.
> s Worcester, [v. <

4/ 15 pamphlets, 8vo. See " Archaeologue Americana."

AMERICAN Archives. See Force (Peter).
AMERICAN Bards. A Satire. See [Wain (Robert)].

AMERICAN Independence. SW*[Cartwright (John)].



39 AMERICAN PIONEER. A Monthly Periodical, Devoted

to the objects of the Logan Historical Society; or to
Collecting and Publishing Sketches Relative to the Early
Settlement and Successive Improvement of the Country.

Cincinnati. 1844.

a Tol., 8vo, half green morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet; PLATES and FAC-
UMILES; rarely found in such fine condition.

AMERICAN (The) WAR. A Poem. See [Cockings (G.)]

40 AMES. Works of Fisher Ames. Compiled by a Number

of his Friends. To which are prefixed, Notices of his
Life and Character [by J. T. Kirkland]. ...

Boston. 1809.
8 vo, half morocco; PORTRAIT.

41 AMES. Works of Fisher Ames. With a selection from
y* (/"& his Speeches and Correspondence. Edited by his Son,

Seth Ames. Boston: Little^ Brown and Company. 1854.

2 vols., 8vo, half green morocco, gilt top, uncut.

AMES (Joseph). See Dibdin (T. F.)

42 AMORY (T. C.) The Military Services of Maj. Gen.

Sullivan. Boston. 1868.

8vo, cloth, uncut. Written in reply to Bancroft.

,- tT& 43 C ANBUREY (Thomas).] Travels through the Interior
Parts of America; in a Series of Letters. By an Officer.

London. MDCCXCI.

a Tols., 8vo, half red levant morocco, gilt top, uncut; MAPS and PLATES; -very fne

The author was an officer in Burgoyne's army, and was taken prisoner by the Americans
when that wing of the'British army fell into their hands. A graphic per-


sonal narrative. For varied criticisms on this work, see " Sabin's Dictionary,"
Vol. I, No. 1367.

44 ANDERSON (Rev. James S. M.) The History of the
// J~t Church of England, in the Colonies and Foreign De-
pendencies of the British Empire. - London. 1856.

3 vols., fcap 8vo, cloth, uncut.

45 ANDR. Proceedings of a Board of General Officers,

Held by order of His Excellency Gen. Washington,
> / ^ j-p Commander in Chief of the Army of the Unites States
of America ' Respecting Major John Andre, Adjutant
General of the British Army. September 29, 1780.

Philadelphia : Printed by
Francis Bailey in Market-Street. M.DCC.LXXX.

8vo, morocco, uncut edges ; first edition, of extreme rarity,

46 ANDR. Cow Chace, In Three Cantos, Published on

Occasion of the Rebel General Wayne's Attack of the
Refugees Block-House On Hudson's River, on Friday
the 2ist of July, 1780.

New York: Printed by James Rivington. MDCCLXXX.

8vo. This superb copy of this extremely rare book is one of the CHOICEST GEMS in this
collection. The binding is a piece offne art, in Francis Bedford's best style.
It is in rich crimson crushed levant morocco, beautifully polished, and
finished to a Grolier pattern ; the inside linings are likewise finished in the
most beautiful manner, and in corresponding style. The binding alone cost
over $75, and is well worth its price. A gentleman, whose experience is
only equalled by his taste and judgment in such matters, expresses the
opinion that there is not a finer specimen of bookbinding in the city of New
York. The condition of this copy is enhanced by its being entirely uncut.
In this respect, it is presque unique. " The Cow Chace" occupies eighteen
pages ; the remainder is a reprint of " The American Times, A Satire, In
Three Parts, In which are delineated the Characters of the Leaders of tbe
American Rebellion," and two other short poems.


The following ii the last itanra of thii mock-heroic poem, founded on the defeat of
General* Wayne, Irring, and Proctor, to which subsequent events gate m
melancholy interest :

" And now I've clos'd my epic strain,

I tremble as I show it,
Lest this same warrior-drover, Wayne,
Should ever catch the poet."

Tint published in Rivington's " Royal Gazette." See M. R., LXYI, p. yz ; Nilw'i
"Register," xx, p. 386.

47 ANDRE. Minutes of a Court of Inquiry, upon the case

_ ^ of Major John Andre, with accompanying documents,

and an Appendix containing copies of the papers found

upon Major Andre when arrested. Albany. 1865.

Sm. 410, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut ; FINE PORTRAIT. Privately reprinted for
Mr. John F. McCoy, of New York.

*S70* 4 8 ANDRE. [Another copy.] Albany. 1867.

410, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet ; LARGE PAPER. Ten copies only
printed in this size.

49 ANDRfiANA. Containing the Trial, Execution and va-

rious matter connected with the History of Major Andre,
Adjutant-General of the British Army in America, A.D.
1780. Philadelphia. 1865.

4*0, half red levant morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet; with iz FINE PORTRAITS; priv-
ately printed ; only 50 copies of this size. <r aha [Benson (Egbert)], Sargent
(Winthrop), Seward (Anna), and Smith (Joshua Hett).

f .

50 ANDREW (J. A.) Errors of Prohibition. An Argument.

Boston. 1867.

8vo, half blue levant morocco, gilt top.

? rt 5i [ANDREWS (Charles).] The Prisoners' Memoirs; or
Dartmoor Prison. Containing a complete and Impartial
History of the entire Captivity of the Americans in Eng-


land, etc., with a particular detail of the Horrid Massacre
at Dartmoor on the Fatal Evening of the 6th of April,
1815. New Tor k: Printed for the Author. 1815.

izmo, half morocco, uncut; with plate often wanting.

52 ANDREWS (John). History of the War with America,

France, Spain, and Holland; commencing in 1775 and
ending in 1783. With Plates, Maps, and Charts.


4 vols., 8vo, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet.

See M. R., LXXV, p. 466. " Compiled chiefly from the newspapers and the proceedings
of the House of Commons." RICH. " A judicious compilation." LOWNDES.

Highly commended by Dr. Boucher. Includes portraits of Gens. Washington, Greene,
Clinton, Burgoyne, Cornwallis, Lafayette, De Grasse, Count D'Estaing, and
Captain Asgill. See (Washington) G.

53 ANDROS (T.) The Old Jersey Captive; or a Narrative

of the Captivity of Thomas Andros, (now Pastor of the
^ _ Church in Berkley,) on board the Old Jersey Prison
Ship, at New York, 1781, in a series of letters to a
Friend, suited to inspire Faith and Confidence in a par-
ticular Divine Providence. Boston. 1833.

i6mo, half brown morocco; scarce. Morell's copy sold for $11.

54 ANGLING. Bibliotheca Piscatoria. A Catalogue of

Books upon Angling. London. 1836.

Fcap 8vo, uncut. This privately printed volume is attributed to Sir Henry Elles and
William Pickering. See Walton and Cotton.

55 ANSTEY (C.) The New Bath Guide; or Memoirs of

the B n r d Family, ... by Christopher Anstey,
L Esq. A New Edition ... by John Britton, F.S.A. Em-

bellished with Engravings by G. Cruikshank, &c.

London: H. Washbournt. M,DCCC,XXXII.

Post '8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. See Cens. Lit., vi, p. 221 j Nichol'i
" Lit. Anecdotes," i, p. 221 ; " Lond. Mag.," v, p. 36.


ANTHOLOGY of New Netherland. See Bradford Club.

ANTIQUARIAN and Topographical Cabinet. See [Storer

56 A PEL (H.) Prose Specimens for Translation into German,

with copious vocabularies and explanations.

London. 1862.


Fcap 8vo, cloth. Dedicated to Jefferson Davis, President C. S. A.

57 APIAN Cosmographie Corrigee per Gemma Prison. 1581.

410, with MOVEABLI MAPS. Concerning this early description of America, see Sabin's
Dictionary, Vol. i, Nos. 1738-1757.

58 APPENDIX to the History of America. Containing an

Account of the Rise and Progress of the Present Un-
happy Contest between Great Britain and her Colonies.

410, pp. 409 to 6z9, half calf ; MAP.

59 APULEIUS' (The) Metamorphosis, or Golden Ass, and
^ Philosophical Works of Apuleius. Translated [with

Notes by] Thomas Taylor. London. 1822.

8vo, half calf, gilt; scarce.

This is one of the copies having the suppressed passages printed on an extra sheet
inserted at the end of the volume. See Bohn's Lowndes, p. 58.


60 APULEIUS (L.) The Golden Ass of Lucius Apuleius of
Medaura, Reprinted from the scarce edition of 1709,
Revised and corrected. London. 1821.

a vols., 8vo, half calf, extra; FRONTISPIECE; -very scarce.

This work is a reprint of " The New Metamorphoses ; " being the " Golden Ass,"
altered and improved to the modern size and manners, by Carlo Monte Scio,
and was intended and passed off as a translation of Apuleius ; like its proto-
type, many of its stories are of a character trcs llbre.


61 ARABIAN NIGHTS. The Thousand and One Nights,

commonly called, ... The Arabian Nights Entertain-

^ -* ments, A New Translation, ... with copious Notes. By

E. W. Lane. Illustrated by many hundred Engravings

on Wood, from Original Designs by William Harvey. ...

London: Charles Knight and Co, MDCCCXLI.

3 vols., rl. 8vo, polished calf extra, gilt tops, uncut, bund from the numbers; a
superb copy.

" The Notes of Mr. Lane throw more light upon the mystery of Arab life than per-
haps all other works in the language." ATHEN.SUM.

Admirably descriptive of the manners and customs of the East, and more particularly
of the Arabian genius and character. The classical reader does not require
to be told that Wolfius extravagantly conjectured the Iliad to be a ' Canto
composed of the remnants of different rhapsodists of different ages.' Hane
sibio pinionem non probari aicbat Ruhnkenius. (Wyttemb. Vit. Ruhnk., pp.
214, 215.) This theory would, probably, with more correctness, fit the
volumes of the ' Arabian Nights.' But see Mr. Granville Penn's ' Exam-
ination of the Primary Argument of the Iliad,* and his ingenious defence
of it in the ' Classical Journal.'" WRANGHAM.

62 ARCH^EOLOGIA Americana. Transactions, Collections

and Catalogue of the Library of the American Antiqua-
rian Society. 1820-1860.
5 vols., 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut; ENGRAVINGS and MAPS.

63 ARCHAICA. Containing a Reprint of scarce Old Eng-

lish Prose Tracts. With Prefaces, Critical and Bio-
graphical. By Sir E. Brydges, Bart. London. 1815.

2 vols., 4to, half morocco; only 200 copies printed. From W. E. Burton's library,
with some MS. notes by him. The edges of this copy very slightly trimmed.

This valuable work contains : i. Greene's Philomela ; n. Green's Arcadia ; in.
Southwell's Triumph over Death; iv. Harvey's Four Letters; v. Breton's
Characters and Essays, Good and Evil, concerning whom the reader is
referred to Wood's " Athense Oxoniensis," Brydges " Cens. Lit.," Beloe's
Anecdotes," Disraeli's " Calamities of Authors," and " Bibliogr. Poetica."
See Heliconia.


64 ARIOSTO. Orlando Innamorato di Bojardo; Orlando
4 * cr* Furioso di Ariosto, with an Essay on the Romantic Nar-
rative Poetry of the Italians; Memoirs and Notes by
Antonio Panizzi. Best edition.

London: Pickering. 1830-1834.
9 vols., post 8vo, half calf, gilt top.

65 ARIOSTO. Orlando Furioso; translated from the Italian

of Ludovico Ariosto; with Notes; By John Hoole ...

London: Otridye & Son. 1799.
5 vols., rl. 8vo, russia, gilt; PROOF PLATES; LARGE PAPER.

66 ARNOLD. Proceedings of a General Court Martial for

the Trial of Major General Arnold, with an Introduc-
tion, Notes and Index. New York. 1865.

4to, half red levant morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet ; LARGE PAPER COPY ;
privately printed} scarce ; PORTRAIT. Thirty-five copies printed in this size

67 ARNOLD. [The same.] New York. 1865.

8vo, half red levant morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. These elegant reprints
were issued by Mr. F. S. Hoffman, for presentation only.

68 ARNOLD (S. G.) History of the State of Rhode Island

and Providence Plantations.

New York: D. Appleton & Co. 1859.

a vols., 8vo, half calf, red edges. See Washington (G.)

69 ARNOLDUS. Istam letania magne efficacie coposuit ven-
V- erabilis ac multum denotus pater dins Henricus Arnold!

prior Cartusien in Basilica. Anno AnL M.CCCC.LXXVI.

8vo. A small, but fine specimen of printing in the fifteenth century (1476)

70 ARSCOT (Alexander). Some Considerations Relating to

the Present State of the Christian Religion. Wherein

L'ART. 17

the Nature, End and Design of Christianity, as well as
the Principal Evidence of the Truth of it, are explained
and recommended out of the Holy Scriptures; with a
General Appeal to the Experience of all Men for Con-
firmation thereof. London printed; reprinted by B.
Franklin, at the New Printing Office in Philadelphia. 1732.

3 vols., jamo, half calf. The third volume is a book of much rarity, and bears the
following imprint: London: Printed 1734. Philadelphia : Re-printed by
Andrew Bradford. 1738.

71 ARTHUR. The History of The Valiant Knight Arthur,

of Little Britain. A Romance of Chivalry. Originally
translated from the French, by John Bourchier, Lord
Berners. With a Series of Plates from illuminated draw-
ings. London. 1814.

4to, green morocco extra, gilt edges.

The work was edited from the extremely rare original edition by E. V. Utterson, who
uses extraordinary diligence in tracing out the name of the original writer
of the romance, the time of its composition, and other much-wished-for

72 ARTHUR. La Mort d'Arthure. The History of King

Arthur and of the Knights of the Round Table. Com-
piled by Sir Thomas Malory, Knt., edited from the Text
of the Edition of 1634, with Introduction and Notes by
Thomas Wright. London. 1858.

3 vols., crown 8vo, tree calf, gilt edges, by Reviere; LARGE PAPER ; scarce) uncastrated
edition. See " Lond. Mag.," n, p. 42 ; " Hist. Bibliogr.," i, pp. 43, 49 j
Dibdin's "Ames," n, pp. 8 1, 825 and Burnett's "Specimen's," i, pp.
247-259. Arthur died in 542.

73 L'ART de Peter, Essai Theori-Physique et Methodique,

et 1'usuage des Personnes constepees ...

En Westphalie. M.DCC.LXXVI.
lamo, half morocco, with appropriately gilt sides.



74 L'ART de Peter. [Another Edition.]

En tTestphalie. 1852.

i8mo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut, with appropriate FRONTISPIECE.

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