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America, with an Introduction and Notes. Land. 1850.

8vo, boards, uncut.

^* 1368 LUDEWIG (Herman E.) The Literature of American
Local History ; A Bibliographical Essay.


8vo, morocco extra, gilt edges, by W. Mathews; scarce. This copy contain* the sup-
plemental titles from the "Literary World," inlaid in 8vo.

-^1369 LUNT (G.) Three Eras of New England and other
Addresses. Boston. 1847.

izmo, cloth.



A CAUL AY (Lord}. [Works, viz.:]
The History of England, from the Ac-
jttm flJklj cession of James the Second. By Lord

Macaulay. In Eight Volumes. [Also],
Critical, Historical, and Miscellaneous
Essays. With a Memoir and Index.
Cambridge: Printed at the Riverside Press. 1866.

Together, 14 vols., 8vo, morocco extra, gilt top, uncut 5 one of Two COPIES on INDIA
PAPER ; a beautiful set of books.

1375 MACAULAY. Lays of Ancient Rome. With Illus-

trations ... by George Scharf, Jun. New Edition.

Philadelphia. 1864.

Sm. 410, calf, gilt edges.

1376 M'CALL (Hugh). The History of Georgia, Containing

Brief Sketches of the most remarkable Events, up to
the present day. Savannah. 1811-16.

2 vols., 8vo, polished calf, gilt top, uncut, by F. Bedford. Fine clean tofyofont of the
rarest of State histories. Morrell's copy sold for $40.

1377 McCLELLAN (G. B.) Army of the Potomac. Re-

port of Maj. Gen. Geo. B. McClellan, August 4,
1863. With an Account of the Campaign in Western
Virginia. New York. 1864.

Imp. 8vo, half levant morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet 5 LARGE PAPER ; only 250
copies printed.

1378 McCLELLAN. How McClellan took Manassas, and

Tardy George. New York: Privately Printed. 1864.
*& """

410, Title, i 1., pp. 4 ; 50 copies printed.


A 1379 McCOY (Jno. F.) Catalogue of the Entire Collection
of Coins, Medals, &c., Collected by Mr. J. F. McCoy.

Roxbury. 1864.

8vo, uncut. Sold at auction May, 1864.

1380 [McCULLOUGH.] Researches relative to the Abori-
gines. Baltimore. 1816.

8 TO, boards, uncut; scarce.

1381 M'GREGOR( John). British America. Land. 1832.

2 vols., 8vo, boards, uncut.

1382 McIAN (R. R.) Costume of the Clans of the Scottish

Highlanders, Illustrated by appropriate Figures from
Original Sketches by R. R. Mclan. London. 1852.

2 vols., 4to, half red morocco extra, gilt; contains 72 beautifully colored FULL-LENGTH

FIGURES, displaying the dress, tartans, arms, armorial insignia, etc., with

historical memoranda, by J. Logan.

" One of the most valuable and interesting works of modern times. The portraits are
- painted by a veritable Highlandman an artist of the true stamp, who is

familiar with his subject." Art Union.
" The tartans given by Messrs. Mclan and Logan we know have always been received

as the veritable patterns." Morning Post.

1383 MACK AY (E.) The Salamandrine ; or Love and Im-

mortality. With Illustrations, Drawn by John Gilbert.

London. 1853.

Imp. 8vo, cloth, gilt; AUTOGRAPH LETTER to Wm. Jerdan inserted; contains 50
beautiful WOODCUTS.

1384 MACKENZIE (Alexander). Voyages from Montreal,

through the Continent of North America to the Frozen
and Pacific Oceans in the ^Year 1789 and 1793, with
maps. London. M.DCCC.I.

4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut ; PORTRAIT and 3 LARGE MAPS. Contains an account
of the rise, progress, and present state of the fur trade.

i 3 8s MACKENZIE (A. S.) Life of Paul Jones. New York.

a vols., i zino.



1386 MACKENZIE (R.) Strictures on Lieut. Col. Tarle-

ton's History "of the Campaign of 1780 and 1781, in
X, ^ the Southern Provinces of North America," wherein

Military Characters and Corps are vindicated. By
Roderick Mackenzie late Lieutenant in the 7151 Regi-
ment. To which is added a Detail of the Re-capture
of the Island of New Providence.

London: Printed for the Author. 1787.

8vo, pp. 1 86; -very scarce.

1387 MACKENZIE (W. B.) Married Life, Its Duties,

Trials, and Joys: and the Dwellings of the Righteous:
Pastoral Advice on Home Duties. With Ornamental
Devices by John Leighton, F.S.A.

New Tork [i. e. London]. 1866.

Sq. 8vo ; white silk, gilt edges ; Jine edition.

1388 M'KINNEY (T. L.) History of the Indian Tribes
of North America. With Biographical Sketches and
Anecdotes of the principal Chiefs. Embellished with
1 2O Portraits from the Indian Gallery, in- the Depart-
ment of War, at Washington, by Thomas L. M'Kin-
ney, late of the Indian Department, Washington, and
James Hall, Esq., of Cincinnati. Washington. 1838-44.

3 vols, folio, elegantly bound in half morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet.
As early as 1824, the practice was begun of taking portraits of the principal Indians
who came to Washington, and depositing them in the War Department.
Under the management of Col. M'Kinney, Superintendent of Indian
Affairs, the number rapidly increased, till a very interesting gallery was
formed. They were chiefly painted by Mr. King, an artist of high repute,
who, by frequent opportunities of studying the subject of his pencil, has
been remarkably successful in transferring to his canvas the strong linea-
ments of the Indian countenance. Col. M'Kinney conceived the plan of
making this rare and curious collection more valuable to the world by pub-
lishing a series of engraved portraits exactly copied and colored from these
paintings. With each portrait is connected a biographical sketch of the


individual whom it is intended to represent, Jia*n from original materials,
and interspersed with anecdotes and narrations, many of which are spirited
and strikingly graphic. The work contains also a historical account of
the various Indian tribes within the borders of the United States a valu-
able contribution to Indian history.

1389 McLEOD (D.) Memoirs of the Life and Gallant Ex-

ploits of the Old Highlander, Serjeant Donald Macleod,
who, having returned, wounded, with the Corpse of
General Wolfe, from Quebec, was admitted an out-
pensioner of Chelsea Hospital, in 1759; and is now in
the cm.d Year of his Age. London. MDCCXCI.

8vo, a I., pp. 90, half blue levant morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet; PornuuT.
The author of this rare tract was William Thomson, LL.D.

1390 M'MURTRIE (H.) Sketches of Louisville And its En-

virons; including, among a great variety of miscellane-
ous matter, a Florule Louisvillenses ; To which is added
An Appendix, containing an accurate Account of the
Earthquake experienced here from the i6th December,
1811, to the yth February, 1812. ... Louisville. 1819.

8vo, pp. viii, 255, half morocco, new, gilt top, uncut; MAP.

1391 [MACRAY (W. D.)] A Manual of British Historians

to A.D. 1600. London: W. Pickering. 1845.

8vo, Roxburghe binding, uncut.

1392 MADISON The Papers of James Madison, purchased

by order of Congress ; being his Correspondence and
Reports during the Congress of the Confederation and
his reports of Debates .in the Federal Convention.
Now published from the Original Manuscripts, under
the Superintendence of Henry D. Gilpin.

Washington. 1 840.

3 vols., 8vo, sheep; FACSIMILES; Jine copy.
3 6


1393 MADISON. Selections from the Private Correspond-

ence of James Madison From 1813 to 1836. Pub-
lished by J. C. McGuire, Exclusively for Private
Distribution. Washington. MDCCCLIII.

4to, half morocco, uncut ; very scarce. A presentation copy from the publisher to John
W. Forney.

1394 MAITLAND CLUB. Catalogue of the Works printed
S for The Maitland Club, "with Lists of the Members

and Rules of the Club.

Printed for the Maitland Club. 1836.

4to, green morocco, gilt edges. From John Allan's library.

1395 MAJOR (R. H.) The Life of Prince Henry of Portu-

gal, surnamed the Navigator; and its Results; Com-
prising the Discovery, within one Century, of Half the
^ World. With New Facts in the Discovery of the

Atlantic Islands; a Refufation of French Claims to
Priority of Discovery ; Pprtuguese Knowledge (subse-
quently lost) of the Nile Lakes ; and the History of
the Naming of America. From Authentic Cotempor-
ary Documents. By Richard Henry Major. Illus-
trated with portraits, maps, etc.

London: A. Asher & Co. 1868.

Rl. 8vo, pp. liii, 487, half morocco; II MAPS, and PLATES; LARGE PAPER; 70 copies

" It is not often that a biographer has been so fortunate in the choice of a subject for

his pen as Mr. Major has been in his selection of Prince Henry. ' The

Life of Prince Henry * is a piece of good work, full of new matter, and of

high mark in European letters." Athcnaum.
*' Ein Klassisches Geschichtswerk." DR. PESCHEL, in " Das Ausland."

1396 MALDEN. The Bi-Centennial Book of Maiden. ...

and Matters pertaining to the History of the Place.

Boston. 1 850.

iimo, pp. 251, cloth.


1397 MAN (George F.) An Oration, ... at Apponang, War-
wick, July 4, 1838. Providence. 1838.
8vo, pp. 33.

- 1398 [MANGIN (E.)] Piozziana; or Recollections of Mrs.

Piozzi. London. 1833.

Post 8vo, boards, uncut; FACSIMILE.

- 1399 MANLY (J. R.) Eulogium on De Witt Clinton.

New Tork. 1829.
8vo, pp. zz; PORTRAIT inserted.

, 1400 MANN (James) Medical Sketches of the Campaigns of
1812, '13, '14. Dedham. 1816.

8vo, half green morocco, gilt top, uncut.

1401 MANSFIELD (Joseph). Hope, A Poem, delivered in

the Chapel of Harvard University, at a Public Exhibi-
tion July 8th, 1800. Cambridge. 1800.

4to, pp. 14, half morocco.

1402 MANTE (T.) The | History | of the | Late War| in|

North America, (and the Islands of the West-Indies,)
including | the Campaigns of MDCCLXIII and MDCCLXIV|
against his Majesty's Indian Enemies. | By Thomas
Mante, | Assistant Engineer during the Siege of the
Havanna, | and Major of a Brigade in the Campaign of
1764.'! London: Printed for W. Straban

and T. Cadell in the Strand. \ MDCCLXXIJ. |

410, pp. 542, levant morocco, gilt top, by F. Bedford ; SPLENDID COPY. Contains, on
pages 6 and 7, the original account from which Irving gives a description of
the attempted assassination of Washington by his Indian guide, in 1753.

1403 MARCHESE (Father}. Lives of the most Eminent

Painters, Sculptors, & Architects of the Order of S.
Dominic. Dublin. 1852.

a vols., I zmo, cloth , scarce.


1404 MARLOWE (C.) The Works of Christopher Mar-

lowe, with Notes and some Account of his Life and
Writings, by the Rev. Alexander Dyce. London. 1850.

3 vols., crown 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut; BEST EDITION; very scarce; only
250 copies printed.

Mr. Malone said, that "if Marlowe had lived to finish his 'Hero and Leander,' he
perhaps might have contested the palm with Shakespeare in his ' Venus
and Adonis." " Another able critic says of it : " It is scarcely hazarding
too much to assert that a more exquisite specimen of poetical ideas, clothed
in elegant and harmonious lauguage, does not exist. Shakespeare adverts

to it thus :

' A story of deep love,
How young Leander crossed the Hellespont.' "

1405 MARSHALL (C.) Passages from the Diary of Christo-

pher Marshall, kept in Philadelphia and Lancaster during
the American Revolution, Edited by William Duane,
1774-1777. Philadelphia, i839~'4O.

izmo, cloth ; AUTOGRAPH of the author.

1406 MARSHALL (John). A History of the Colonies Planted

on the Continent of North America, from their Settle-
ment, to the Commencement of the War, which ter-
minated in their Independence. Philadelphia. 1824.

8vo, maroon levant morocco, gilt top, uncut.

1407 MARSHALL. Life of George Washington, from Orig-

inal Papers, with a Compendious View of the Colonies
planted by the English, etc. London. 1804.

5 vols., 8vo, boards, uncut; fine clean copy, with MAPS, etc., complete; PORTRAIT of
Marshall, by Durand, inserted ; LARGE PAPER.

" A book that contains original information, and should be read. It is chiefly com-
piled from Washington's correspondence, and a ' Life of Washington is, of
course, a history of the American war." PROF. SMYTH.

1408 MARSHALL. The Writings of John Marshall, on the

Federal Constitution. Boston. MDCCCXXXIX.

8vo, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. See Washington (G.)


1409 MARSHALL (O. H.) The Niagara Frontier; em-

bracing Sketches of its Early History and Indian,
French and English Local Names. Read before the
Buffalo Historical Club, February 27th, 1865. By
Orsamus H. Marshall.

Printed for Private Circulation, [n. d.]

8vo, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut; 8 FINE PLATE* inserted.

1410 MARTIN (Francis Xavier). The History of North

Carolina, from the earliest Period. New Orleans. 1829.
*7t> +

a vols.-, 8vo, half green morocco, gilt top; fine copy ; rare.

1411 MARTIN (lohn). The Insatiate Countesse. A Trage-

die; Acted at White Fryers. London. 1671.


410, half morocco. See Lamb's " Eng. Dramatic Poets."

1412 MARTIN (R. M.) The Indian Empire. London, [n. d.]

3 vols., imp. 8vo; illustrated with MAPS, PORTRAITS, and VIEWS.

1413 MARTIN. China, Political, Commercial and Local.

London. 1847.

2 vols., 8vo, half calf, gilt.

1414 [MARTYN (Benjamin).] Reasons For Establishing

the Colony of Georgia, With Regard to the Trade of
Great Britain, The Increase of our People, and the
Employment and Support it will afford to great Num-
bers of our own Poor, as well as foreign persecuted
Protestants. With some Account of the Country, and
the Design of the Trustees.

London : Printed for IV, Meadows. Moccxxxili.

410, pp. 48, half morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet ; MAP and PLATE.

1415 MARTYRS to the Revolution in the British Prison Ships
/^ * in the Wallabout Bay. New York. 1855.

8vo, pp. 60, half red morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet; PLATK.


1416 MARYLAND. Papers relating chiefly to The Mary-

land Line during the Revolution. Edited by Thomas
Balch. One Hundred and Fifty Copies Printed.

Philadelphia: Seventy-Six Society. 1857.

8vo, cloth, uncut.

1417 MARYLAND. Proceedings of the two Houses of As-

sembly of Maryland, on the Subject of Confiscation of
British Property, &c.

Annapolis: Fred. Green^ clerk. [1780.]

8vo, uncut; clean and fine.

' y

1418 MARYLAND. A Relation of The Successefull begin-

nings of the Lord Baltemore's Plantation in Mary-
Land. Being an Extract of certaine Letters written
from thence, by some of the Adventurers to their
friends in England, Anno Domini 1634.

{NewYork: Reprinted by J. G. Shea. 1866.]

410, half brown morocco, gilt top ; LARGE PAPER ; 50 copies printed.

1419 MARYLAND. A Relation of Maryland, Reprinted

from the London Edition of 1635, With a Prefatory
Note and Appendix. By Francis L. Hawks, D.D.
LL.D. New York: Joseph Sabin. 1865.

410, half morocco, gilt top, uncut ; LARGE PAPER ; 50 copies printed.

+>> ^ 1420 MARYLAND. [The same.] New York. 1866.

410, uncut. Forms No. n of Sabin's Reprints, 4to Series.


/%, / plete Series of The Tracts published by the Maryland

Historical Society.] Baltimore, [v. d.]

8vo, 43 tracts. This is the most complete set ever sold. It was formed by a literary
gentleman resident in Maryland, who guarantees it to be perfect. It
would be very difficult to find another set.


1422 [MASERES.] An Account of the Proceedings of the

British And other Protestant Inhabitants, of the Prov-
ince of Quebeck, In North-America, In order to obtain
An House of Assembly In that Province.


2 vols., 8vo, pp. 394, 1 6, 24, 74, Additional Papers, pp. 510, calf.

1423 MASON (J.) Brief History of the Pequot War.

New York. 1869.
8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut.

1424 MASONRY. Proceedings of the United States Anti-

Masonic Convention. Philadelphia, September u,
1830. Philadelphia. 1830.

8vo, half morocco, gilt top.

1425 MASSACHUSETTS. Acts and Laws, passed by the

Great and General Court or Assembly of the Province
Of the Massachusetts-Bay in New England, from
1692 to 1719. To which is Prefix'd the Charter
granted by King William and Queen Mary, A.D. 1691.
London: John Baskett. MDCCXXIV.

Folio, old calf. From the library of the late Sir James Stuart, Chief Justice of Lower
Canada, with his AUTOGRAPH.

1426 MASSACHUSETTS. An Address of the Convention,

For Framing a new Constitution of Government, for
the State of Massachusests-Bay, to their Constituents.
Boston: Printed by White and Adams. M,DCC,LXXX.

8vo, pp. 1 8. Signed by James Bowdoin.

1427 MASSACHUSETTS. The (Charter [Granted by Their

Majesties | King William | and | Queen Mary, (to the)
Inhabitants J of the | Province | of the | Massachusetts-
Bay | in ( New-England. | Boston in New-England: \
Printed by B. Green^ ... 1726.!
Folio, Title, I 1., pp. 14, iy 4*9 old calf -


1428 MASSACHUSETTS. Collections of the Massachusetts

Historical Society. From 179210 1867. Boston, [v. d.]

38 vols., 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. AJine copy, very seldom found complete.
A most important collection, containing the only reprints of many of the
earliest and most rare tracts and books relating to the history of this country.
Vol. x, 1st series, Vol. iv, 3d series, are cut.

1429 MASSACHUSETTS. Proceedings of the Massachu-

setts Historical Society, 1855-1865. Selected from
the Records. Boston. M.DCCC.LIX-LXVI.

6 vols., 8vo, cloth.

1430 MASSACHUSETTS. Debates of the Convention Con-

vened at Boston gth of January 1 788, for the purpose
' of assenting to and ratifying the [Federal] Constitution.

Boston. 1788.

izmo, sheep; very scarce.

1431 MASSACHUSETTS. A Defense of the Legislature of

Massachusetts, or the Rights of New England Vindi-
cated. Boston. 1804.
8vo, pp. z8, uncut.

1432 MASSACHUSETTS. Journal | Of the Honourable

House of|Representives, | Of his Majesties Province of
*' the Massachusetts-Bay, (in | New-England, (begun and

held at Boston, in the County of Suffolk, on | Wednes-
day the Thirty-first day of May, Annoque| Domini,

Boston^ N. E., | Printed by Samuel Kneeland, 1758. |

Sm. folio, pp. 360, half olive morocco extra, gilt top.

1433 MASSACHUSETTS. Papers relating to Public Events
\f s^* 4 I n Massachusetts preceding the American Revolution.

Philadelphia: Seventy-Six Society. 1856.

8vo, cloth, uncut.


1434 MASSACHUSETTS. Records of the Governor and

Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England.
Printed by Order of the Legislature. Edited by Na-
thaniel B. Shurtleff, M.D. Boston. i853~'4.

6 vols., 410, cloth.

1435 MASSACHUSETTS. Reports of the Commissioners

on the Zoological Survey [of the State]. Boston. 1838.
8vo, pp. 107.

1436 MASSACHUSETTS. Result of the Convention of

Delegates Holden at Ipswich in the County of Essex,
S. who were deputed to take into Consideration the Con-

stitution and Form of Government, proposed by the
Convention of the State of Massachusetts-Bay.

Newbury-Port : John My call. 1778.

8vo, pp. 68, brown polished calf, gilt top, uncut, by F. Bedford. Signed, Peter Coffin.

1437 MASSACHUSETTS. Speeches of the Governors of

Massachusetts, 1765-1775. Boston. 1818.

8vo, pp. 424, boards, uncut. Edited by Alden Bradford.

1438 MASSINGER. The Plays of Philip Massinger, in Four

Volumes. With Notes Critical and Explanatory, by
W. Gifford, Esq. The Second Edition.

London: Nichol. 1813.

4 vols., 8vo, calf, gilt ; scarce. A more perfect edition of an old poet than this never
issued from the press.

"This is the best edition of an English dramatist that we have ever seen; the editor
has done everything which was necessary, and nothing more." Annual

1439 MATHER (C.) India Christiana. | A Discourse | De-

livered unto the | Commissioners, | for the | Propagation
of the Gospel among) the American Indians | which is|
Accompanied with several Instru-| ments relating to the



Glorious | Design cf Propagating our Holy | Religion, in
the Eastern | as well as the Western, Indies. | An Enter-
tainment which they that are) Waiting for the Kingdom
of God | will receive as Good News | from a far Coun-
try.) By Cotton Mather, D.D. (and F.R.S. |

Boston in New England :\ Printed by B. Green. 1721.)

Sm. STO, pp. (a), II, 94, Corrigenda, I 1., polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford.

1440 MATHER. The Life and Death of the Rev. Mr. John

Eliot, who was the First Preacher of the Gospel to the
Indians in America. With an Account of the Won-
derful Success which the Gospel has had amongst the
Heathen in that Part of the World : And of the many
strange Customs of the Pagan Indians, in New-Eng-
land. The third Edition carefully corrected.

London : printed for "John Dunton, at the
Raven in the Poultrey. 1694.

Sm. 8vo, polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford ; Jine copy, with AUTOGRAPH of the
author inserted.

1441 MATHER. Magnalia Christi Americana; or, the

Ecclesiastical History of New England, From Its First
Planting in the Year 1620, unto the Year of our
/^ oc Lord, 1698. In Seven Books. By the Reverend and

Learned Cotton Mather, M.A. and Pastor of the North
Church in Boston, New-England. Map of New-
England and New York. London, 1702.

Folio, calf; with the advertisements.

1442 MATHER. The Wonders of the Invisible World :|

Being an Account of the | Trvals | of Several Witches, |
Lately Executed in | New England : | And of several re-
markable Curiosities therein Occurring. | Together with,
1 1. Observations upon the Nature, the Number, and
the Operations of the Devils. |ii. A short Narrative



of a late outrage committed by a knot of Witches in)
Swede-Land, very much resembling, and so far explain-
ing, that under which | New-England has laboured. |
in. Some Councels directing a due Improvement of the
Terrible things lately (done by the unusual and amazing
Range of Evil-Spirits in New-England. | iv. A brief
Discourse upon those Temptations which are the more
ordinary Devi- 1 ces of Satan. | By Cotton Mather. | Pub-
lished by the Special command of his Excellency the
Governour of [the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay
in New-England. | Printed first, at Boston

in New-England: and Reprinted at Lon- \ don, for
John Dunton, at the Raven in the Poultry. 1693. |

410, Title, pp. 98, half morocco ; fine copy.

1443 MATHER. A Sermon in the Autograph of Cotton

Mather. 1701.

8vo, antique morocco extra ; PORTRAIT inserted ; an extraordinary rarity. Two leaves
slightly imperfect.

1444 MATHER (Increase). Burnings Bewailed; In a Ser-

mon Occasioned by the Lamentable Fire Which was
in Boston, October 2d, 1711. ... The Second Edition.

Boston. 1712.

o, pp. 36. A -very rare historical sermon.

1445 MATHER. A | Discourse | Concerning | the Subject of

Baptisme | Wherein the present Controversies, that are
agitated in (the New English Churches are from [Scrip-
ture and Reason modestly enquired into [By Increase
Mather, Teacher of a Church | in Boston in New-Eng-
land. | Cambridge \ Printed by Samuel Green. 1675. |

4to, 2 1., pp. 76, blue morocco, gilt edges.

1446 MATHER. The | Divine Right | of | Infant-Baptisme |


Asserted and Proved from | Scripture | And |Antiqvity. |
By Increase Mather, | Teacher of a Church of Christ
in Boston in New-England | [Mottoes.]

Boston, | Prin ted by John Foster, in the Tear 1680.

4*0, 4 1., pp. *7, blue crushed levant morocco, by F. Bedford.

1447 MATHER. Early History of New England; being a
Relation of Hostile Passages between the Indians and
European Voyagers and First Settlers: ... By Increase
Mather. With an Introduction and Notes. By Samuel
G. Drake. Boston. 1864.

Sm. 410, half levant morocco, gilt top, uncut; only 250 copies printed this size.

1448 MATHER. An | Essay | for the j Recording | of | Illustri-

ous Providences: | wherein | An Account is given of
many Re-|markable and very Memorable Events,)
which have happened in this last Age; (Especially in|
New-England. | By Increase Mather, | Teacher of a
Church at Boston in New- 1 England. | Printed at Boston
in New-England, and are to \ be sold by George Calvert at the
Sign of the \ Half-moon in Pauls Church yard, London 1684.

1 8 mo, 10 1., pp. 372, Contents, 4 1., green morocco, gilt edges, by T. Aitkin.

1449 MATHER. The History of King Philip's War; also,

a History of the same War, By the Rev. Cotton
Mather, D.D., to which are added an Introduction and
Notes by S. G. Drake. Portraits and Pedigree of the
Family of Mather. Boston. 1862.

Fcap 410, half red levant morocco, uncut; 250 copies printed.

1450 MATHER. The | Mystery | of | Israel's Salvation, | Ex-

plained and Applyed : | Or, | A Discourse | Concerning
the General Conversion of the | Israelitish Nation. |
Wherein is Shewed, Ji. That the twelve Tribes shall

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