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be saved. 1 2. When this is to be expected. (3. Why

this must be. (4. What kind of Salvation the Tribes of

Israel | shall partake of. (viz.) A Glorious, Wonder- j

ful, Spiritual, Temporal Salvation. | Being the Substance

of several Ser-|mons Preached. | By Increase Mather,

M.A. (Teacher of a Church in Boston in New-England.)

London, Printed for John Allen in

JPentivorth-street, near \ Bell-Lane, 1669.!

Sm. 8vo, polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford.

1451 MATHER. Remarkable Providences Illustrative of the

Earlier Days of American Colonization, with Introduc-

tory Preface, by George Offbr. London. 1856.

Fcap 8vo, half morocco ; PORTRAIT.

1452 MATHER. A Sermon shewing that the present Dis-

pensations of Providence, declare that wonderful Revo-
lutions in the World are near at hand; with an
Appendix, etc. Edinburgh. 1710.

410, pp. jz ; very fine clean copy ; some rough leaves.

1453 MATHER (S.) The | Life | of the | Very Reverend and

Learned | Cotton Mather, |D.D & F.R.S. |Late Pastor of
the North Church in Boston. | Who Died, February
13. 1727, 8. | By Samuel Mather, M.A. |

Boston, New-England: \ Printed for
Samuel Gerrish, in Cornhill. \ MDCCXXIX. |

8vo, ia 1., pp. 1 8 6, polished calf, gilt edges, by Bedford.

1454 [MAUDUIT (Israel).] Governor Hutchinson & Oli-

ver's Letters and Remarks thereon, with other Rare
Tracts. London. 1774.

8vo, half calf. Very important for the Revolutionary history.



<?o / *

1455 MAUND (B.) The Botanic Garden, comprising Figures
and Description of the Hardy Ornamental Flowering
Plants cultivated in Great Britain. London. 1825.

8 vols., small 410, half calf; numerous finely COLORED ENGRAVINGS.

^1456 MAUNDRELL (H.) Journey from Aleppo to Jerusa-
lem at Easter, A.D. 1697. London. 1810.

8vo, half calf; many FINE PLATES

1457 MAXWELL. Life of Field-Marshal His Grace the

Duke of Wellington, ... By W. H. Maxwell. ...

London: A. H. Bally & Co. 1839.

3 vob., rl. 8vo, red morocco, gilt edges; PORTRAITS AND PLANS OF BATTLES; proofs on
India paper ; LARGE PAPER.

" Mr. Maxwell's ' Life of the Duke of Wellington ' has no rival. It is free from flat-
tery and bombast, succinct and masterly, the portraits many and faithful,
the battle pictures animated and brilliant, and the vignettes are worthy of
Horace Vernet himself." Times.

1458 MAYER (Brantz). Tah-Gah-Jute, or Logan, and Cap-

tain Michael Cresap. Albany. 1867.

8vo, pp. x, 204, cloth.

1459 ME ARES (John). Voyages Made in the Years 1788

and 1789, from China to the N. W. Coast of Amer-
ica j with Observations on a North West Passage.

London. 1790.

4to, calf; PLATES by Stothard; Jine copy.

1460 MEIGS (J.) An j Oration | pronounced | Before a public

Assembly in New-Haven, | On the 5 th Day of Novem-
ber 1 78 1, | At the celebration of the glorious Victory |
over Lieutenant-General Earl Cornwal-|lis, at York-
Town in Virginia, on the 19^ | Day of October, 1 78 1. 1
By Josiah Meigs, A.M. | New-Haven :

Printed by Thomas and Samuel Green. MDCCLXXXII. |

Sin. 410, pp. 14, half morocco j extremely tcarce.


1461 MELISH (J.) Travels in the United States of America

and Upper Canada, in the Years 1806-1811.

Philadelphia. 1812.

2 vols., 8vo, half morocco, gilt; MAPS; fnt copy.

1462 MELVIN (J.) A Journal of the Expedition to Quebec, in

the year 1775, under the command of Colonel Benedict
Arnold, by James Melvin, a Private in Captain Dear-
born's Company. Franklin Club: Philadelphia. 1864.

410, uncut; LARGE PAPER; only 20 copies printed.

1463 MELVIN. [The same.]

Franklin Club: Philadelphia. 1864.

8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut; 100 copies privately printed in 8vo.

1464 MEMORIAL of the United Illinois and Wabash Land

Companies, to the Senate and House of Representatives
of the United States. Baltimore. 1810.

8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet; scarce.

1465 MEMORABLES of the Montgomeries.

New Tork: Printed for the King of Clubs. 1866.

4to; LARGE PAPER; No. 24 of 40 copies printed.

1466 MEMOIRS of the Long Island Historical Society.

Volume i. Journal of a Voyage to New York in
1 679-80. Brooklyn, N. Y. ' 1 867.

Imp. 8vo, cloth, uncut; LARGE PAPER; 100 copies printed. The authors of the
journal are Jasper Dankers and Peter Sluyter. Translated from the
original manuscript in Dutch, and edited by Henry C. Murphy.

1467 MENZEL (W.) History of German Literature. Trans-
&oc> lated, with Notes, by Thos. Gordon. Oxford. 1840.

4 vols., crown 8vo, brown morocco, uncut.

"There is no higher name in the living literature of his country than Menzel ; he is
eloquent and popular at the same time." Blackvoood's Magazine.


1468 MERCURI (Paul). Costumes Historiques des xne,

xme, xive, et xve Siecles. Paris: Levy. 1860.

a rols., 410, half crushed levant polished morocco, gilt top, uncut; two hundred elegantly
COLORED PLATES of costumes. A most beautiful work, from the most
authentic monuments of painting and sculpture. Historical and descriptive
text by C. Bonnard.

1469 MERCURIUS. La Commare oricogli hice Del Ecc. S.
^/ Scipion Mercurii. Ventio. 1604.

410, calf. One of the earliest treatises in midwifery ; the WOODCUTS are numerous
and curious.

1470 MEREDITH (L. A.) Some of My Friends in Tas-

mania. London. 1860.

14 elegantly colored PLATES of flowers, fruits, insects, and ELEGANT BORDERS surrounding
the text. " A triumph of floral taste and lithographic skill." Athcnttum.

^ a

1471 METCALF. A Collection of some of the most inter-

esting Narratives of Indian Warfare in the West,
Containing an Account of the Adventures of Colonel
Daniel Boone, one of the first Settlers of Kentucky, to
which is added, An Account of the Expeditions of
Gen'ls T. Harmer, Scott, Wilkinson, St Clair and
Wayne. By Samuel L. Metcalf. Lexington, Ky. 1821.

8vo, brown polished calf, gilt top, by F. Bedford.

1472 MEXICO. Landscapes and Popular Sketches. By C.

Sartorious. Edited by Dr. Gaspey. With Steel En-
gravings by distinguished Artists, from original Sketches
by Moritz Rugendas. New York. [n. d.]

410, in 9 parts. Each part contains two BEAUTIFUL STEEL ENGRAVINGS, accompanied
by upwards of az pages of descriptive text.

1473 MEYRICK (S.) A Critical Inquiry into Antient Arm-

>-/ ao our, as it existed in Europe, particularly in Great

Britain, from the Norman Conquest to the Reign of


King Charles II. Illustrated by a Series of illuminated
Engravings. With a Glossary of Military Terms of
the Middle Ages, By Sir Samuel Meyrick ... In Three
Volumes. Second Edition Corrected and Enlarged.

London: Henry G. Bohn. MDCCCXLII.

3 vo!s., 410, half red morocco, gilt top ; fine copy ; the PLATES heightened with gold
and colors. Sir Walter Scott justly describes this collection as "the in-
comparable armory."

tl This most superb archaeological work is animated with numerous novelties, curious
and historical disquisitions, and brilliant and recondite learning learning
going to court in the full, rich costume of the Order of the Garter. Plates
as fine as the monuments of Westminster Abbey. We see the haughty
nobles and the impetuous knights we are present at their arming assist
them to their shields enter the well-appointed lists with them and
partake the hopes and fears, the perils, honors, and successes of the manly
tournaments. Then we are presented to the glorious damsels, all superb
and lovely, ' in velours and clothe of golde, and dayntie devyces, bothe in
pearls and emerawds, sawphires and dymondes," and the banquet, with
the serving men and bucklers, servitors and trenchers kings and queens
pageants, etc." Edinburgh Re-view.

1474 MICHAUX and NUTTALL. The North American

Sylva ; or, a Description of the Forest Trees of the
'3d ~* United States, Canada, and Nova Scotia. ... Trans-
lated from the French of F. A. Michaux. With
Notes by J. J. Smith. ... Philadelphia. 1859. [Also,]
The North American Sylva; or, a Description of the
Forest Trees of the United States, Canada, and Nova
Scotia, not described in the work of F. A. Michaux ...
By Thomas Nuttall ... Philadelphia. 1865.

Together, 6 vols., imp. 8vo, morocco, gilt edges; nearly 300 FINELY COLORED ENCAT-
INGS. With a description of the most useful of the European forest tree.

1475 MIDDLETON (T.) The Works of Thomas Middle-
s'^ " ton, Now first collected, with Some account of the

Author, and Notes by the Reverend Alexander Dyce. ...

London: E. Lumley. 1840.


5 vols., crown 8vo, calf, gilt, uncut; scarce. The author was a contemporary with
Shakespeare, and some of his pieces are only inferior to him.

tl Humor, wit, and character are to be found in the comedy of Middleton, and, occa-
sionally, a pleasing interchange of elegant imagery and tender sentiment."

1476 MILBERT (J.) Itineraire pittoresque du fleuve Hudson

et des parties laterales de 1'Amerique du Nord. [From
Original Designs, J. Milbert.] Paris. 1828.

2 vols., 410, of Text, and I vol., folio, of Plates, boards, uncut ; scarce ; 54 LITHO-
GRAPHIC VIEWS on the Hudson, in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania,
Falls of Niagara, etc., on INDIA PAPER.

1477 MILES (H. A.) Lowell, as it was, and as it is. Second

Edition. Lowe!!. 1847.

l8mo, cloth ; MAP.

1478 MILITARY JOURNALS, (The) of Two Private
^ Soldiers, 1758-1775, with numerous Illustrative Notes,

to which is added A Supplement, containing official
Papers on the Skirmishes at Lexington and Concord.

Poiigkkeepsie. 1855.

8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut; PLATE; a limited edition only printed.

1479 MILLER (G.) History, Philosophically illustrated from

the Fall of the Roman Empire, to the French Revo-
lution. London. 1832.

4 vols., 8vo, half calf, gilt.

1480 MILLER (John) A Description of the Province and
,* 4 4 City of New York, with Plans of the city and several

Forts, as they existed in the year 1695. With Notes
by John G. Shea, LL.D. New Tork. 1862.

4to, cloth, uncut; LARGE PAPER; 50 copies printed. Cowans' " Bibliotheca Amer-
icana," No. 3.

t 1481 MILMAN (H. H.) Life of Horace. London. 1854.

8vo, cloth ; beautifully printed -with COLORED BORDERS. See Horace.

MINOT. 299

1482 MILTON (John). Poems, &c., upon Several Occasions.

By Mr. John Milton; Both English and Latin, &c.
Composed at Several times. With a Small Tractate
of Education To Mr. Hartlib. London. 1673.

8vo, old calf; good sound copy , FIRST COMPLETE EDITION; extremely scarce.

1483 MILTON. Paradise Lost. Illustrated by Dore. With

Notes by R. Vaughan, D.D. London, [n. d.]

Folio, half morocco, gilt top.

1484 MILTON. Le Paradis Perdu. Traduction de Chateau-

briand, precede de reflexions sur la vie et les ecrits de
Milton par Lamartine. Paris. 1855.

Folio, cloth , 2.5 MAGNIFICENT STEEL PLATES on India fafer, including fine PORTRAITS
of Milton, Chateaubriand and Lamartine; LARGE PAPER. Burnct pro-
nounced the " Paradise Lost " " the beautifullest and perfectest poem that
ever was wrote, at least in our language." " A mistake," was the sar-
castical gloss of the bitter Dean of St. Patrick's, " for it is in English."

1485 MILTON. L' Allegro and II Penseroso. Illustrated

with Etchings on Steel by Birket Foster. Land. 1859.

Imp. 8vo, green morocco, gilt edges.

1486 MILTON. The Works of John Milton, in Verse and

Prose. Printed from the Original Editions, with a Life
*~0 ^ of the Author. By the Rev. John Mitford.

London: William Pickering. 1851.

8 vols., 8vo, half morocco, uncut; only 500 copies printed; Milton's peculiar ortho-
graphy is preserved in this valuable and beautiful edition, now -very scarce.

Warburton characterizes Milton's prose works as discovering " A prodigious spirit of
poetical enthusiasm ; frequently breaking out into strains as sublime, or, if
possible, more so than any in his higher poetry."

1487 MINOT (G. R.) Continuation of the History of the

Province of Massachusetts Bay, from the year 1748.



With an Introductory sketch of Events from its Original
Settlement. Boston. 1798-1803.

1 vols., 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. The second volume was published after
the author's death in 1803 ; it brings the history down to 1765, and was
apparently intended as a continuation of Hutchinson's.

1488 MINOT. The History of the Insurrections in Massa-

chusetts, in the year seventeen hundred and eighty-six,
*s and the Rebellion consequent thereon, by George

Richards Minot, A.M. Second edition. Boston. 1810.

8vo, boards, uncut; fine copy.

1489 MINUTES of Conferences held with the Indians, at

Easton, in the Months of July and November, 1756;
Together with Two Messages sent by the Government
to the Indians residing on Susquehannah ; and the Re-
port of the Committee appointed by the Assembly to
attend the Governor at the last of the said Conferences.
Philadelphia, printed and sold by B. Franklin and D. Hall,
at the New-Printing-Office, near the Market, MDCCLVII.

Folio, pp, 32, polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford.

1490 MINUTES | of | Conferences, | held with the | Indians,] at |

Easton, | In the Months of July, and August, 1757.)
Philadelphia: \Printed and Sold by B. Franklin, and D. Hall,
at the | New-Printing- Office, near the Market. MDCCLVII. |

Folio, pp. 24, polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford.

1491 MINUTES] of | Conferences, | held at] Easton,] In Octo-

ber, 1758, | With the Chief Sachems and Warriors of
the Mohawks, | Oneidoes, Onondagoes, Cayugas, Sen-
ecas, Tuscaroras, Tuteloes, Skaniada- 1 sadigronos, con-
sisting of the Nanticokes and Conoys, who now make
one | Nation: Chugnuts, Delawares, Unamies, Mahick-


anders, or Mohickons : | Minisinks, and Wapingers, or
Pumptons. | Philadelphia: \ Printed and Sold by B. Frank-
lin, and D. Hall, at the\New-Printing-Office, near

the Market. \ MDCCLVIII. |

Folio, pp. 31, polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford.

1492 MINUTES of Conferences, Held at Lancaster, In

August 1762, With the Sachems and Warriors of Sev-
**, eral Tribes of Northern and Western Indians.

Philadelphia : Printed and Sold by B. Franklin & D. Hall,
at the NeW'Printing-Office, near the Market. MDCCLVIII.

Folio, pp. 36, polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford.

1493 MINUTES | of the | Trial and Examination | of | certain

Persons, | in the | Province of New York, | charged with
10 being engaged in a [Conspiracy against the Authority,)
of the Congress, | and | '('he Liberties of America. |

London : Printed for "J. Bew. M DCC LXXXVI. |

8vo, pp. iv, 45, half morocco. This extremely rare tract contains some charges affecting
the personal character of General George Washington. It was reprinted
with the following title :

1494 MINUTES of a Conspiracy against the Liberties of

America. Philadelphia: John Campbell. MDCCCLXV.

4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut.

1495 MINUTES of a Conspiracy. Philadelphia. 1865.

8vo, uncut; 200 copies printed.

<.*496 MIR ABE AU (Comte de). Considerations sul 1'ordre de
Cincinnatus. Londres. 1784.

8vo, boards, uncut; -very scarce. Concerning this, tee Rich's " Bibliotheca Americana."

1497 MIRICH (B. L.) The History of Haverhill, Massa-
chusetts. Haverhill. 1832.

iamo, half brown morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Brads treet; PLATE inserted.




1498 MIRROR for Magistrates. Edited by Joseph Hasle-

wood. London. 1815.

*? ** '

3 vols., sm. 410, half calf; 150 copies printed. This work suggested scenes to Shake-
speare, and was the origin of our historical plays. See " Bibliogr. Poet. ;"
Drake's "Shakespeare and his Time;" Wood's " Ath. Oxon.," by Bliss,
j, 343 ; Warton's " Eng. Poet. ;" Brydges' " Cens. Lit. ;" " Restituta ;"
"Brit. Bibliog. j" and "Bib. Ang. Poet.," 437-448.

"Best edition of this popular production of the reign of Elizabeth, collated with the
various editions and historical notes." LOWNDES.

1499 MISCELLANEA CURIOSA. A Collection of Curious

Travels, Voyages, and Natural Histories, as delivered
to the Royal Society. London. 1726.

3 vols., 8vo, call ; MAPS, PLATES, etc. The third volume contains Clayton's account
of Virginia, and other papers on America.


1500 MISCELLANIES selected from the Public Journals.

Boston. 1822.

a vols., I2mo, half morocco. Mostly original articles by American writers, in prose
and verse. Contains an extract from the National Gazette, published in
Philadelphia, on Major Andre.

1501 MISSALE ROMANUM. With numerous Colored

Initials and Ornaments. Vindobonce. [n. d.]

Folio. Brunet calls this one of the most beautiful productions of the xylographic
process of printing in colors. See Manuscripts.

1502 MITCHEL (J.) Nehemiahjon the | Wall | in Trouble-

som Times; | or, | A Serious and Seasonable Improve-
ment of that great | Example of Magistratical Piety and
Prudence, Self-denial | and Tenderness, Fearlesness and
Fidelity, unto In-| struction and Encouragement of
present and succeeding Rulers in our Israel, j As it was
delivered in a Sermon Preached at | Boston in N. E.
May 15, 1667, being the (Day of Election | there. | By
that faithful Servant of Christ, | Mr. Jonathan Mitchel,


late Pastor of | the Church of Christ at Cambridge. |
Cambridge: \ Printed by S. G. and M. J. 1671.!

Sm. 4to, a 1., pp. 34, red crushed levant morocco, by W. Pratt ; very tcarce. One of
the earliest Massachusetts election sermons. Fine specimen of early
colonial printing by Samuel Green and Marmaduke Johnson.

1503 MOHAWK. The Book of Common Prayer, And
~ Administration of the Sacraments, and other Rites and

Ceremonies of the Church, according to the use of the
Church of England : Together with a Collection of
Occasional Prayers, and divers Sentences of Holy
Scripture, necessary for Knowledge and Practice.
Formerly collected, and translated into the Mohawk
Language under the direction of the Missionaries of the
Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign
Parts, to the Mohawk Indians. A New Edition: To
which is added The Gospel according to St. Mark,
Translated into the Mohawk Language, by Capt n -
Joseph Brant, An Indian of the Mohawk Nation.

London: C. Buck ton. 1787.

8vo, levant morocco extra, by F. Bedford. The frontispiece represents the reception
of the Mohawk delegation by George III.

1504 MONARDES. Joyfvll|Nevves ovt of | the newe founde

worlde, wherein is (declared the rare and singular ver-
tues of diuerse | and sundrie Hearbes, Trees, Oyles,
Plantes, and Stones, with (their aplications, as well for
Phisicke as Chirurgerie, the saied be-|yng well applied
bryngeth suche present remedie for | all deseases, as maie
seme altogether incredible : | notwithstandyng by prac-
tize founde out, | to bee true: Also the portrature of|
the saied Hearbes, very apt- |ly discribed : Engli-|shed
by jhon Framp- 1 ton. | Marchaunt. |

Imprinted at London in \ Poules Churche-yarde, by \
Willy am Norton. \ Anno Domini \ 1577. 1



Sm. 410, 3 1., pp. 109, Table I 1., brown morocco, gilt edges, by T. Aitkin ; BLACK
LETTER ; fine copy of this rare work. This is the first edition, and is more
rare than the following :

1505 MONARDES. loyfvll NewesjOut of the New-found |

VVorlde. | Wherein are declared, the rare and jsinguler
vertues of diuers Herbs, Trees, | Plantes, Oyles &
tx^/"" Stones, with their ap-| plications, as well to the vse of

Phisicke, as of|Chirurgery: (which being well applyed,
bring | such present remedie for all diseases, as mayj
seeme altogether incredible: notwith- [standing by prac-
tice found out | to be true. | Also the portrature of the
said Herbs, | verie aptly described : | Englished by John
Frampton Marchant. | Newly corrected as by conference
with | the olde copies may appeare. Wher- 1 vnto are
added three other bookes treating of the Bezaar stone,
the herb | Escuerconere, the properties of Iron | and
Steele in Medicine, and the be-|nefit of Snow. |

London, \ Printed by
E. Allde, by the Assigne of\ Bonham Norton. \ 1596. |

8vo, 3 1., Text, 187 1., crushed red levant morocco, gilt edges, by F. Bedford. Fine
copy of this rare work, which, among other curious matter, contains a long
article on tobacco.

1506 MONROE (J.) The Memoir of James Monroe, Esq.

relating to his Unsettled Claims upon the People and
Government of the United States.

Charlottesville, Va. : Gilmer, Davis and Co. 1828.

8vo, pp. 60, uncut.

1507 MONROE. A View of the Conduct of the Executive,

in the Foreign Affairs of the United States, connected

-,6 with the Mission to the French Republic, During the

years 1794-5 & 6. Philadelphia. MDCCXCVII.

8vo, half morocco, uncut.


1508 MONTAGUE (M. W.) The Letters and Works of

Lady Mary Wortly Montague. Edited by her Great-
grandson, Lord Wharncliffe. Third Edition, with ...
Notes ... By W. M. Thomas. ...

London: H. G. Bohn. M DCCC LXI.

2 vols., 8vo, tree calf, gilt.

" This lady, who has been called ' the English Sevigne,' seems to have anticipated her
title ; for, in a letter to Lady Mar, she says : ' The last pleasure that fell
in my way, was Mme. Sevigne's "Letters;" very pretty they are; but I
assert, 'without the least vanity, that mine will be full as entertaining forty
years hence.' For an article relative to their authenticity, tee ' Walpole,'
n, 180-182, App. No. iv." WRANGHAM.

1509 MONTAIGNE (M. de). Works of Michael de Mon-

taigne, comprising his Essays, Journey into Italy, and
j(~6 Letters, with Notes from all the Commentators, Bio-

graphical and Bibliographical Notices, etc., by W.
Hazlitt. A new and carefully revised edition by O.
W. Wight. Cambridge: Riverside Press. 1864.

4 vols., 8vo, half morocco, by Wm. Mathews; LARGE PAPER; only 75 copies printed;

" No prose writer of the sixteenth century has been so generally read, nor probably
given so much delight. There can be but one opinion of the felicity and
brightness of his genius." HALLAM'S " Literature of Europe."

" See ' Retrosp. Rev.,' n, 207-217. With Montaigne, says Mosheim, many have
classed Pomponatius, Bodinus, Rabelais, Des Perieres, Doletus, Charron,
Leo X., Bembo, Politian, Bruno, Ochinus, Paracelsus, and Taurellus as
enemies to all religion. But many of those thus charged, he adds, were
' either innocent, or profane to a less degree.' Montaigne's characteristic
it is, to be simple. Pope speaks of showing himself

' as plain
As downright Shippen, or as old Montaigne."

Montaigne, however, cannot be acquitted of great vanity and great inde-
cency, not to add some scepticism." WRANGHAM.

1510 MONTANUS (Arnoldus). De Nieuwe en Onbekende






Weereld : of Beschryving von America en 'tZuid-
Land, etc. ? Amsterdam. 1671.

Folio, calf; LARGE PAPER. Good imprcstiont of the NUMEROUS PLATES. FINE POR-
TRAITS of Maurits, Columbus, Vespucius, Magellan, Ashabalipa (Peruvian),
Montezuma, Pizarro, and EARLIEST VIEWS of New Amsterdam, /". e. New
York, in 1670.

1511 MONTESQUIEU. The Spirit of Laws. By M. de

Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu. Translated from
the French By Thomas Nugent. ...

London: J. Collingwood. 1823.
z vols., 8vo, calf; PORTRAIT; fine copy.

1512 MOODY (J.) Narrative of the Exertions and Sufferings

of Lieut. James Moody in the Cause of Government,
^ * since the Year 1776. Written by Himself. With

Notes, by Charles I. Bushnell. New York. 1865.

8vo, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet; 100 copies privately printed.

Lieut. Moody, an American farmer, was so harrassed by mobs, associations, and com-
mittees, that, driven into the British lines, he became an active, and, in
some instances, successful partisan against his countrymen.

1513 MOORE (F.) American Eloquence; A Collection of

Speeches and Addresses, by the most Eminent Orators
of America; with Biographical Sketches and Illustra-
tive Notes, By Frank Moore.

New York: D. Appleton fcf Co. 1864.

a vols., imp. 8vo, half morocco.

1514 MOORE. Diary of the American Revolution. From

Newspapers and Original Documents. By Frank
Moore. New York: Privately Printed. 1865.

z vols., imp. 8vo, half levant morocco, uncut; PLATES ON INDIA PAPER; 100 copies


1515 MOORE (F.) Materials for History Printed From

MOORE. 307

Original Manuscripts. With Notes and Illustrations.
Portrait of Henry Laurens.

New York: Printed for the Zenger Club. 1861.

Stn. 410, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet; 250 copies printed; rarely
found complete. Contains the Laurens correspondence.

1516 MOORE. The Rebellion Record: A Diary of Amer-

ican Events, with Documents, Narratives, Illustrative
Incidents, Poetry, etc. Illustrated with Portraits on

Online LibraryJohn A. (John Asaph) RiceCatalogue of Mr. John A. Rice's library, to be sold by auction on Monday, March 21st, 1870, and five following days by Bangs, Merwin & co → online text (page 21 of 36)