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New York. 1841.
8vo, half red morocco, gilt top. uncut.

1683 OSGOOD (S.) Our Patriot Scholar: Discourse in

Memory of Edward Everett, at Vespers, in the Church

S ft, of the Messiah, Sunday, January 22. By Samuel Os-

good, D.D. New York. 1865.

Imp. 8 vo, uncut; LARGE PAPER; 50 printed. PORTRAIT.



1 684 OTIS (H. G.) An | Oration [delivered July 4, 1788.;
At the request of the | Inhabitants of the Town of Bos-
ton,) in celebration | of the Anniversary of | American
Independence. | By | Harrison-Gray Otis, Esquire. |

Printed by \ Benjamin Russell \ . . . Boston : \ 1788.

Small 410, pp. 23, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet.

1685 OTTLEY (W. Y.) An Inquiry concerning the Inven-
tion of Printing ; in which the systems of Meerman,

Heinecken, Santander, and Koning are Reviewed, in-

cluding also Notices of the early use of Wood-Engrav-
ing in Europe, the Block Books, etc.


4to, half morocco, uncut edges. Illustrated with 37 PLATES and numerous WOOD
ENGRAVINGS. The author advocates the Claims of Holland.

1686 OTTO (F.) History of Russian Literature.

Oxford. 1839.

8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. Contains a Lexicon of Russian Authors.

1687 OTWAY'-S Venice Prseerved. A Tragedy. Revised

by J. P. Kemble. London. 1811.

8vo, interleaved in 410, half calf; with MS. Notes by Kemble.

1688. OVID. Les Metamorphoses d'Ovide, trad. nouv. avec
le Texte Latin. Ornee de gravures d'apres le dessins
de MM. Labarbier, Monsian et Moreau.

Paris. 1806.

4 vols., 410, half morocco. From the Library of the Emperor Maximilian, with hii
Book Plate. One of the most beautiful books of its class the engraving*
are finished in the very best manner.

Priced, in a recent New York Catalogue, $125.00.



1689 OVID'S I Metamorphosis. | English'd, | Mythologiz'd, | And

Represented in Figures. | An Essay to the Translation!
of Virgil's ^Eneis.j By G. S. |
Imprinted at Oxford, \ By lobn Lichfield,\An.Dom. MDCXXXII.

Folio, old calf; 1 6 fine PLATES, PROOF Impressions.
This volume possesses a particular interest to an American collector. It is the first

translation of a classic into the English language made on this continent,

by George Sandys, who was Secretary to the Colony of Virginia at that

time. See the Dedication.
Sandys is pronounced by Dryden to be the best versifier of the preceding age; and Pope

affirmed that English Poetry owed much of its beauty to his translations.

1690 OVID'S Epistles. Translated by Several Hands.

* >. London. 1712.

/ *?

8vo, calf; many fine PLATES.

1691 OWEN (D. D.) Report of a Geological Survey of Wis-
J consin, Iowa, and Minnesota ; and Incidentally of a

'^f*ii Portion of Nebraska Territory, made under Instructions

from the United States Treasury Department.

Philadelphia. 1852.
4to, cloth ; and Atlas of PLATES.

1692 OXFORD CLASSICS. [A complete set of the ele-

gantly printed series of books known as the Oxford
4 . / Classics, consisting of the following works] :

Oxford. 1825-6.

I. Johnson (S.) The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL. D. [including the Parliament

ary Debates], n vols., 8vo.

II. Boswell (J.) The Life of Samuel Johnson, with Additional Notes and Illustra-

tions by F. P. Walesby, Esq. 4 vols.

III. Gibbon (E.) The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. 8 vols.

IV. Hume (D.) The History of England, from the Invasion of Julius Caesar to ...

1688. [And] The History of England, from the Revolution to the
Death of George the Second ... By T. Smollett, M. D. 8 vols., 8vo.


V. Robertson (W.) Works, viz, : History of Scotland ; Reign of the Emperor

Charles V. ; History of America. 8 vols., 8vo.

VI. Smyth (W.) Lectures on Modern History [and] on The French Revolution.

By William Smyth. London: William Pickering. 1840. 5 vols., 8 TO.
No historical works have ever given more enlightened and perspicuous views of the

course of great events than these celebrated Lectures.
The last-named work is not one of the series ; but being uniform in size, style and

binding with the others, it is regarded as a desirable adjunct, and will be

sold with the set.
Together they make a series of 49 vols., 8vo, beautifully bound in polished calf, gilt

top, uncut, by W. Matthews ; and forms one of the finest sets of books in

this Catalogue.

1693 OXFORD SAUSAGE (The) : or, Select Poetical Pieces,

j~ . ft e written by the most Celebrated Wits of the University

of Oxford. London. 1815.

Royal 8vo, half moroeco, gilt top j LARGE PAPER. New edition, with numerous
Curs from ORIGINAL DESIGNS by Bewick.



P***** (J***). The I Life I of I Gen-
eral James Wolfe, | The j Conqueror of
Canada ; | or, the | Eulogium of that
Renowned | Hero, | Attempted accord-
ing to the | Rules of Eloquence. | With
a | Monumental Inscription, | Latin and
English, | To perpetuate his Memory. |


Boston : Reprinted. MDCC,LX.

8vo, pp. 36, brown calf, uncut edges, by F. Bedford. Rare plate of the Death of Wolfe-
inserted. A book of much rarity. Morrell's copy sold for $30.

1695 PACIFIC RAILROAD. Reports of Explorations

and Surveys to Ascertain the most Practicable and
Economical Route for a Railroad from the Mississippi
River to the Pacific Ocean. Washington. 1855.

13 vols., 410, cloth. The title fails to give an idea of the value of this great work,
which is an elaborate report upon the Natural and Physical History of
the vast country traversed by this great railroad.

1696 PAINE (Nathaniel). Remarks on the Early Paper

Currency of Massachusetts.

Cambridge: Press of "John Wilson and Sons. 1866.

Imp. 8vo, half green morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet; with PROOF PLATKS on vellum

1697 PAINE (R. T.) The Works in verse and prose of the

Late Robert Treat Paine, Jr., Esq., with Notes. To
which are Prefixed Sketches of his Life, Character and
Writings. Boston. 1812.

8vo, half morocco, uncut; PORTRAIT.



1698 PAINE (T.) The|American Crisis, | and | a Letter to|

Sir Guy Carleton, |on the Murder of (Captain Huddy,|
and the Intended Retaliation on | Captain Asgill, of the
Guards, j and other tracts. London. [1788.]

8vo, Title, pp. 293 ; -very rare.

1699 PAINE. Common Sense ; addressed to the Inhabitants

of America. The sixth edition.

f vrm* Philadelphia : Printed. Providence : Reprinted and

sold by John Carter. M,DCC,LXXVI.

4to, pp. 33, half calf. A very rare and fine edition.

1700 [PAINE.] A Dialogue between the Ghost of General

Montgomery and an American Delegate in a Wood
near Philadelphia.
[Philadelphia'}: 1796. [New York : Reprinted 1867.]

8vo, pp. 1 6, half morocco, gilt top, uncut; PORTRAIT inserted. One of 20 copies.

1701 PAINE (T.) Tom Paine's Jests :| being an entirely |

New and Select Collection) of | Patriotic Bon Mots, Re-
partees, Anecdotes, | Epigrams, Observations, etc., | on |
Political subjects. | By Thomas Paine, | and other (sup-
porters of the rights of man. | To which is added, | A
Tribute to the Swinish Multitude, ] Being a choice col-
lection of ( Patriotic Songs. |
Philadelphia : \ Printed for Matthew Carey. MDCCXCVI.

8vo, pp. 72, polished calf, extra, by Bedford; PORTRAIT inserted.

1702 PAINTER (W.) The Palace of Pleasure, beautified,

adorned, and furnished with Pleasant Histories and ex-
cellent Novels. Edited by Joseph Haslewood, from the
edition of 1575. London. 1813.'

a vols. in 3, 410, calf, gilt edges; only 165 copies printed; tearce. Best edition of a
work to which Shakespeare and several others of our old Dramatists were
greatly indebted.



1703 PALFREY. History of New England. Boston. 1865.

3 voli., imp. 8vo. cloth, uncut; MAPS and ILLUSTRATIONS; LARGE PAPER; 100
copies printed.

1704 PALLISER (Mrs. B.) History of Lace. By Mrs.

Bury Palliser. London. 1865.

Square 8vo, blue calf, gilt edges ; profusely illustrated with several hundred beautiful
ENGRAVINGS ON WOOD, many of which are printed in tints.

1705 PALISSEY, THE POTTER. Monographic del'CEuvres

de Bernard Palissey suivie d'un choix de ses continua-

/, - * t> teurs ou imitateurs dessinee par MM. Carle Delange

et C. Borneman et accompagnee d'un Texte par M.

Sauzay et M. Henri Delange. Paris. 1862.

Folio, half crushed levant morocco, gilt top; 100 splendidly colored PLATES, and a
fine PORTRAIT of Palissy. No. 96 of only 300 copies printed, nearly all
of which were subscribed for. A magnificent "volume.

1706 PALISSEY. QEuvres completes de Bernard Palissey.

Paris. 1846.

iamo, uncut.

1707 PALMER, (John.) An | Impartial Account (of the]

State of New England | or, the | Late Government there,
Vindicated | In answer to the | Declaration | Which the
Q Faction set forth, when they Over- 1 turned That Gov-

ernment|With a Relation | Of the Horrible Usage they
treated the Cover- jnour with, and his Council ; and all
that had His Majesty's Commission. |In 7 a Letter to the
Clergy there. | By John Palmer.

London : Printed for Edward Poole at his Shop over
against the Roy al\ Exchange in Cornhill, 1690.

4to, pp. 40, morocco, antique. A very fine copy of this rare tract, relating to the A-
dros affair.


1708 PALMER (John). Travels in North America and in

Lower Canada. 1817. London. 1818


8vo, half calf; MAP. Includes copious details of the West, etc.

1709 PALMER (J. W.) Folk Songs. Illustrated from ori-

ginal designs. New York. 1861.

Imp. 8vo, smooth green morocco, gilt edges; jint early copy.

1710 PALMER (P. S.) History of Lake Champlain, from

its First Exploration by the French in 1 609, to the close
of the Year 1814. Albany. 1866.

Imp. 8vo, half morocco, gilt top; LARGE PAPER copy, illustrated by the insertion of 15
very rare PLATES, beautifully inlaid by Trent.

1711 PALMER (Ray). Hymns and Sacred Pieces, with Mis-
cellaneous Poems. Albany: y. MumelL 1865.

8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut; LARGE PAPER; only 50 copies printed.

1712 PALMER (S.) The General History of Printing.

London. 1772.
? -V*

4to, boards, uncut. A valuable and rare book on the subject.

1713 A|PARAENETICKjor|Humble Addresse|to the Par-

liament j and Assembly \ for (not loose, but) | Christian
/ * # Libertie. | The second Impression. | Perused and allowed

according to Order. |

London : \ Printed by Matthew Simmons, for Henry
Overton \ in Pope' s-Head- Alley. 1644. |

Sm. 410, P. 1. I, pp. 14, blue crushed levant morocco, by F. Bedford; relates to the
Puritans and New England.

PARIS AND VIENNE. See Roxburghe Library.



1714 PARKER (J. H.) An Introduction to the Study of Gothic
o Architecture. Third Edition, revised and enlarged.

Oxford. 1867.
Sm. 8vo, cloth ; nearly aoo Woodcut ILLUSTRATIONS.

1715 PARKER (P.) A Biographical Memoir of the late Sir

Peter Parker, Baronet, Captain of His Majestie's ship
Menelaus, of 38 guns, killed in action while storming
the American camp at Bellair, near Baltimore, on the
thirty-first of August, 1814.

London: Published by Longman (etc.] 1815.

4:0, Title and pp. in, half morocco.

1716 PARKMAN (F., Jr.) France and England in North

America. A Series of Historical Narratives. Part First :

/* ^ ' * Pioneers of France in the New World. Part Second:


The Jesuits in North America in the Seventeenth Cen-
tury. Boston. 1 866.

2 >ol., royal 8vo, cloth, uncut; PORTRAITS on India paper; LARGE PAPER; only 75
copies printed.

1717 PARKMAN (J.) History of the Conspiracy of Pontiac,

and the War of the North American Tribes against the
English Colonies after the Conquest of Canada.

Boston. 1866.
Royal 8 vo, cloth, uncut; MAPS; PLATE; LARGE PAPER; 75 copies printed.

1718 PARR (S.) A Catalogue of the Library of Samuel Parr,

LL.D. London. 1827

8 vo, cloth, uncut.

1719 PARRY (W. E.) Voyage for the Discovery of the

North- West Passage. London. 1821.

(S 410, half morocco ; many PLATES by Wcstall.


1720 PARSONS (U.) The Life of Sir William Pepperrell,

Bart - Boston. 1856.

8vo, half green morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet 5 PORTRAIT and DOCUMENT inserted.

1721 PARTON. (J.) Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin.

By James Parton. New York: Mason Brothers. 1865.

Imp. 8vo, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet; LARGE PAPER; only 100
copies printed.

1722 PARTRIDGE (J. A.) On Democracy. By J. Arthur

Partridge. London: Triibner & Co. 1866.

8vo, half calf, gilt.

1723 PARTRIDGE. The Making of the American Nation ;

or, the Rise and Decline of Oligarchy in the West.
By J. Arthur Partridge.

London : Edward Stanford. 1 866.

gvo, half calf, gilt.

1724 [PATRICK (J.)] Quebec: A Poetical Essay, in Imita-

tion of the Miltonic style : being a regular Narrative of
the Proceedings and Capital Transactions performed by
the British Forces under the Command of Vice-Admiral
Saunders and Major-General Wolfe, in the glorious Ex-
pedition against Canada, in the year 1759. The Per-
formance of a Volunteer on board His Majesty's ship
Somerset, during the Passage Home from Quebec.
The whole embellished with entertaining and explana-
tory notes. London: T. IVbitrldge. MDCCLX.

410, pp. 30, half blue morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet ; MAP of Quebec inserted.

1725 PATTERSON (J. W.) Responsibilities of the Founders
/ ^ % of Republics : An Address on the Peninsula of Sabino,


on the Two Hundred and Fifty-eighth Anniversary of
the Planting of the Popham Colony, August 29, 1865.

Boston. 1865.

gvo, pp. 38, half brown morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet ; only 250 copies

1726. PATTERSON (R.) A Narrative of the Campaign
- * ? in the Valley of the Shenandoah in 1861.

Philadelphia. 1865.

Imp. 8vo, half blue morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet; LARGE and THICK PAPER; 100
copies printed.

1 72? TPATTERSON (Samuel).] Another Traveller ; or Cur-
sory Remarks and Critical Observations made upon a
Journey through the Netherlands. By Coriat, Jr.

London. 1 767.

2 vols. in 3, half morocco. Dr. Johnson said this was in imitation of Sterne; but the
author produced evidence to show it was written before the "Sentimental
Journey." The author of these volumes was distinguished for his ability in
drawing up catalogues of libraries, and as an auctioneer. See NICHOLS"
Lit. Anecdot., iii., 448, 734.

1728 PATTIE (J. O.) Personal Narrative of James O. Pat-

tie, of Kentucky, during an Expedition from St. Louis

to the Pacific Ocean, in which he and his Father, who
// i

accompanied him, Suffered unheard-of Hardships and
Dangers, had various Conflicts with the Indians, etc.
Edited by Timothy Flint. Cincinnati. 1833.

8vo, sheep; scarce. Wight's copy sold for $6.00.

1729 [PAULDING (J. K.)] The Diverting History of John

Bull and Brother Jonathan. By Hector Bull-us.

New York: Inskeep &f Bradford. 1812.

lamo, pp. 135, half morocco, uncut j rare.



1730. PAULDING. Report of the Select Committee on
Erecting a Monument to the Memory of John Pauld-
ing, with an Address by the Mayor of the City of New
York. New Yor.k 1827.

8vo, pp. 47, roan ; PORTRAIT of John Paulding inserted. Presentation copy from
Major Paulding, with AUTOGRAPH.

1731 P[AUW]. Recherches Philosophiques sur les Ameri-

cains. Berlin. MDCCLXX.

3 vols., izmo, calf; tcarce.

1732 PEABODY. An Account of the Proceedings at the

Dinner given by Mr. George Peabody to the Americans,
at the London Coffee House, 27th October, 1851.

London : W. Pickering. MDCCLI.
8vo, cloth ; 2 PORTRAITS.

1733 PEABODY. [The Same.] London : W '. Pickering. 1851.


f Imp. 8vo, cloth, gilt ; LARGE PAPER ; printed for private distribution. A Presentation
copy from Mr. Peabody, with AUTOGRAPH.

1734 PEABODY. Proceedings at the Reception and Dinner

in honor of George Peabody, Esq. By the Citizens
of Danvers, Oct. 9, 1856, with Historical Sketch of
the Peabody Institute. Boston. 1856.

8vo, pp. 195, cloth, gilt; PORTRAIT and PLATES.

1735 PEMAQUID. Papers Relating to Pemaquid and parts

adjacent in the present State of Maine, known as Corn-
wall County, when under the Colony of New York.

Albany. 1856.
Royal 8vo, half morocco, uncut ; thick paper copy.

1736 PEMBERTON (Ebenezer). Heaven the Residence of

the Saints. A Sermon occasioned by the sudden and
much lamented Death of the Rev. George Whitefield,


A. M., Chaplain to the Right Honourable the Countess
of Huntington. Delivered at the Thursday Lecture at
Boston, in America, October n, 1770. By Ebenezer
Pemberton, D. D. Pastor of a Church in Boston. To
which is added, An Elegiac Poem on his Death. By
Phillis, a Negro Girl, of Seventeen Years of Age, Be-
longing to Mr. J. Wheatley of Boston.

Boston : Printed. London : Reprinted for E. df? C.

Dilly. M.DCC.LXXI.
8vo, pp. 31.

1738 PENH ALLOW (Samuel). The History of the Wars
of New-England with the Eastern Indians, or a Narra-
tive Of their continued Perfidy and Cruelty > from the
loth of August, 1703, To the Peace renewed I3th of
July, 1713. And from the 25th of July, 1722, To
their Submission I5th. December, 1725, Which was
ratified August 5th. 1726.

Cincinnati: Reprinted. 1859.

4*0, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. 1 50 copies printed. Contains
also " Love well's Fight," Gardener's Account of the " Pequot Warres,"
and " The Gospel in New England."

J ^

1738 PENLEY (Aaron). The English School of Painting in
Water-Colours : its Theory and Practice. With the
Several Stages of Progression accompanied with 47 Il-
lustrations in the First Style of Chromo-Lithography.
New and revised edition.

London: Day & Son. 1869.

Large folio, cloth ; a splendid and useful work.

1739 PENN [(W.)] A | Further Account | Of the Province of j
Pennsylvania | and its Improvements. | For the Satisfaction
of those that are Adventurers, and | enclined to be so. |

London. 1685.



4to, pp. 30, polished calf, by W. Pratt ; signed at the end, William Pean. An ex
tremely scarce volume.

1740 PENN. A | Letter | from | William Penn | Poprietary (sic)

and Gouvernour of) Pennsylvania | In America, | To the |

Committee I of the I Free Society of Traders, I of that
_f~ fi o

Province, residing in London. | Containing | A General

Description of the Said Province, its Soil, Air, Water,
Seasons and Produce, | both Natural and artificial, and
the good Encrease thereof. | . . . To which is added, an
Account of the City of (Philadelphia, newly laid out.)
Its Scituation between two Navigable Rivers, Dela-
ware and Skulkill, | with a | Portraiture or Plat-form

London, Printed and Sold hy Andrew Sowle, . . 1683.

Folio, pp. 10 ; PLAN of the city of Philadelphia. This is one of the first printed ac-
counts of Philadelphia by the founder of the Colony, and is of the high-
est interest to a Pennsylvania collector. I am unable to trace the sale
of any copy in this country with the PLAN, which is usually deficient.
The title, at length, will be found in Rich's Catalogue, page 108.

1741 PENN. Missive Van William Penn, [a translation of
g j-fc the preceding Title, with additions.]

f Amsterdam. 1684.

410, pp. 28. The same MAP as in the London edition, but reduced and with slight

1742 PENN. A | Letter) to | Mr. Penn ; | with | his Answer. |

London : Printed for Andrew Wilson . . . 1 1688.

4to, pp. 40. Relates to Pennsylvania.

1743 PENN. The People's Antient and Just Liberties asserted
in the Tryal of William Penn, and William Mead.

Printed in the Year 1670.

410, pp. 6a; vtry Kara,


1744 [PENN.] Some Fruits of Solitude, in Reflections and
< Maxims. Newport: James Franklin. 1749.

tamo, morocco, extra, gilt edges; good copy. James Franklin (eldest brother of Ben.)
was the first printer in Newport.

1745 PENNSYLVANIA. An Answer to an invidious Pam-

phlet, intituled, A Brief State of the Province of Penn-
sylvania, wherein are exposed The many false Assertions
S 2 ^* f tne Author or Authors of the said Pamphlet, with a

View to render the Quakers of Pensylvania and their
Government obnoxious to the British Parliament and
Ministry; and the Several Transactions, most grosly
misrepresented therein, set in their true light.

London. MDCCLV.

8vo, pp. 80, half morocco. " In Smith's ' Brief View ' this answer is said to be the
production of one -f- (Cross), formerly an attorney's clerk, who was
convicted of forgery, sentenced to be hanged, but after some time ob-
tained the favour of transportation j and did us the honour to take up his
residence in this province," etc.

1746 PENNSYLVANIA. A Brief State of the Province of

Pennsylvania, in which the conduct of their Assemblies

&f 6 & for several years past is impartially examined, and the

true cause of the continual encroachments of the French

displayed upon the river Ohio, etc. London. 1755.

8vo, pp. 45, half moroceo. " From the answer to this pamphlet (see preceding lot)
it would appear that its author was ' Parson Smith,' probably the Rev.
William Smith, author of ' Discourses,' etc., 1759, assisted, according to
a MS. note in a copy of the same work, by Dr. Franklin." RICH. [&e
Smith, (W.)]

1747 PENNSYLVANIA. Summary of Acts of Assembly in

Force For Regulating of Descents.

Philadelphia : Printed by B. Franklin. M,DCC,XII.

Folio, pp. 24, half calf.


1748 PENNSYLVANIA. The | Articles, | Settlement and

Officers | Of the Free } Society | of | Traders | in | Peimsil-
vania : | Agreed upon by divers | Merchants | And Others
for the better | Improvement and Government] of |
Trade | in that | Province, j

London, \ Printed for Benjamin Clark hi George Yard in
Lombard-street, \ Printer to the Society of Pennsil-


Folio, 8 leaves, polished calf, by F. Bedford.

1749 PENNSYLVANIA. A Brief History of the Charitable

scheme carrying on by a society of Noblemen and Gen-
tlemen of London, for the Relief and Instruction of
poor Germans, and their Decendents, settled in Penn-
sylvania, and the adjacent British Colonies in North
Philadelphia : Printed by B. Franklin and D. Hall. 1755.

4to, pp. 1 8, top edge cut, but front and lower edges uncut; good copy.

1750 PENNSYLVANIA. The Charters of the Province of

Pennsylvania and City of Philadelphia. Also, A Col-
j/,*? o o lection of all the Laws of the Province of Pennsylvania,

Now in Force. Published by Order of Assembly.
Philadelphia : Printed and Sold by B. Franklin. MDCCXLII.

Folio, pp. 30 and 561 respectively, Table xi. p., calf gilt; SPLENDID COPY; VERY RAKE.
Contains the 3 title-pages, each with Franklin's imprint.

1751 PENNSYLVANIA. Letters and Papers relating Chiefly
10 ,- * * to the Provincial History of Pennsylvania, with some

Notices of the Writer.

Philadelphia: Privately Printed. 1855.

iamo, pp. cxxxvii., 312, green crushed levant morocco, by Bradstreet. Known as
the Shippen Papers. PORTRAITS and CUTTINGS inserted.

1752 PENNSYLVANIA. Minutes of the Provincial Council

*-* 45


of Pennsylvania, From the organization to the renuncia-
tion of the Proprietary Government. Published by the
State, containing the Proceedings of Council from
March 10, 1683, to November 29, 1700. Phila.,
1852. Also of the Supreme Executive Council of
Pennsylvania, from its organization to the termination
of the Revolution. Published by the State.

Harrisburg, 1852.

1 6 vols., 8vo, half morocco.

1 753 PENNSYLVANIA. Some | Account | of the | Province |

of | Pennsilvania | in | America ; | Lately Granted under

2 & o the Great Seal | of | England | To | William Penn, etc. |

Together with Priviledges and Powers neces-jsary to

the well-governing thereof. | Made publick for the In-

formation of such as are or may be | disposed to Trans-

port themselves as Servants | into those Parts. |

London : Printed and Sold by Benjamin Clark [ Bookseller

in George-Yard, Lombard-street, 1681.

Folio, pp. 10, polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford ; splendid large copy.

1754 PENNSYLVANIA. Some] Account) of the (Pennsyl-
vania Hospital ; | From its first Rise, to the Beginning) of
> ^ the Fifth Month, called May, 1754.

Phila: [Printed by B. Franklin, and D. Hall. MDCCLIV.

4to, pp. 40, calf antique. Wight's copy sold for $21.00.


175 PENNSYLVANIA. A True and Impartial State of
the Province of Pennsylvania. The whole being in
full Answer to the pamphlet entitled A Brief State and
A Brief View, etc., of the Conduct of Pennsylvania.

Phila. : Printed by W. Dunlap, MDCCLIX.
8vo, old calf.


1756 PEPYS. Diary and Correspondence of Samuel Pepys,



F.R.S., Secretary to the Admiralty in the Reigns of

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