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Charles II. and James II. With a Life and Notes by
Richard Lord Braybrooke. London : Hy. Co/burn.

5 voli, 8vo, boards, uncut; test edition.

"The ablest picture of the age in which the writer lived, and a work of standard im-
portance in English literature." SIR WALTI* SCOTT.

1757 PERCY (Thomas). Reliques of Ancient English
Poetry : Consisting of old Heroic Ballads, Songs, and
other Pieces of our Earlier Poets. Together with some
few of Later Date, and a Copious Glossary.

London. 1845.

3 vols, red morocco, extra, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet.

"The most elegant compilation of the early poetry of a nation that has ever appeared
in any age or country. Every page evinces the fine taste, the genius,
and learning of the editor. EVANS'S Old Ballads.

&* Lit, Anecd., Hi., 160; Bibl. Decam., Hi., 336-244. Dr. Johnson praises the
Bishop for great extension of mind, and minute accuracy of inquiry.

1758 PERRING (J. E.) The Pyramids of Gizeh, from actual
Survey and Measurement. With Notes and Sketches
taken on the Spot, by E. J. Andrews.


Atlas folio, half morocco.

Part I. The Great Pyramids. II. The second and third Pyramids and the six other
Pyramids. III. The Pyramids to the Southward of Gizeh and at Abou
Roash; Campbell's Tomb, etc.

Contains 58 large VIEWS and ILLUSTRATIONS of the Pyramids of Gizeh, with notes
and references to Col. Vyse's great work ; also to Denon, Napoleon's Ex-
pedition, Belzoni, Burkhardt, Sir G. Wilkinson and others, with Buck's
Remarks on the Hieroglyphics. It was published at 15 guineas.

1759 PERRY. Narrative of the Expedition of an American
Squadron to the China Seas and Japan, performed in
the years 1852, 1853, and 1854, under the command



of Commodore M. C. Perry, United States Navy, by
order of the Government of the United States.

Washington. 1856.
3 vols., 410, cloth.

1760 PERRY. Inauguration of the Perry Statue, At Cleve-

land, on the Tenth of September, L86o ; Including the
^d *2 U

Addresses and other Proceedings, with a Sketch of Wil-
liam Walcutt, | the Sculptor. Cleveland, O. 1861.

410, pp. 12,8; LARGE PAPER. Eleven copies printed on this size.

1761 PETERS (H.) A Dying Father's Last Legacy to an

Only Child : or Mr. Hugh Peters' advice to his
Daughter. Boston: B. Green. 1717.

1 8 mo, old morocco. After page 88, made up in MS, by Mr. Charles Deane.

1762 [PETERS (S.)] A | GeneralHistory | of | Connecticut, |

from its j First Settlement under George Fenwick, Esq. |
To its | Latest Period of Amity with Great Britain ; |
including | a Description of the Country, | And many
curious and interesting Anecdotes. | To which is added,
An Appendix, wherein new and true Sources of the
present j Rebellion in America are pointed out ; together
with the particu- 1 lar Part taken by the People of Con-
necticut in its Promotion. | By a Gentleman of the
Province. |

London : Printed for the Author. MDCCLXXXI.

8vo, green levant morocco, gilt edges, by F. Bedford ; a sumptuous copy.

Contains a wonderful account of the Upper Cohoes Falls, " where water is consolidated
without frost, by pressure, by swiftness, between the pinching, sturdy
rocks, to such a degree of induration, that no iron crow can be forced
into it." Also a curious account of the ancient custom of courtship by
" bundling,"

" The author was Dr. Samuel A. Peters, a refugee. He resided in England from
1774 to 1805, when he returned to America, and died in New York
in 1826, at the age of 90."


^7*3 PETRONIUS ARBITER. Translated by Several
Hands, with other Pieces. London. 1714.

8vo, calf; best edition, adorned with CUTS; fnt copy. Includes Translations from Ca-
tullus, Tibullus, Propertius, Anacreon, Sappho, etc.

1764 PETTIGREW (Thomas J.) Bibliotheca Sussexiana.

A Descriptive Catalogue, accompanied by Historical
and Bibliographical Notices of the Manuscripts and
Printed Books contained in the Library of His Royal
Highness the Duke of Sussex, K. G., D. C. L., etc.,
etc., in Kensington Palace. By Thomas Joseph Petti-
grew. London: Printed for Longman & Co. 1827.

2 vols. (Vol. I. in 2 parts), imp. 8vo, boards, uncut. PORTRAIT and numerous elegant
FACSIMILES. Uniform with ibdin's " Spcnceriana." Fine copy, com-
plete, not often so found. Vol. II. being published some years aftej
Vol. I.

"A magnificent work. The first portion of Vol. I. is appropriated to MSS. of the
Holy Scriptures, the number of which amounts very nearly to 300; the
second part treats of printed editions of Polyglot and Hebrew, Greek and
Latin Bibles, 499 in number." LOWNDES.

1765 PHELPS (N. A.) History of Simsbury, Granby and
,, Canton. Harftord. 1845.

8vo, pp. 175.

1766 PHELPS (Richard H.) A History of Newgate of Con-

necticut, at Simsbury, now East Granby ; its Insur-
rections and Massacres. Albany: Munsell. 1860.
410, pp. 151, cloth, uncut.

1767 PHILADELPHIA Directory and Register (The) : Con-

taining the Names, Occupations and Places of Abode
of the Citizens. By James Hardie, A. M.

Philadelphia: T. Dobson. 1793.

8vo, pp. xii. and 234, half morocco. On page 151 appears the following : " Wash-
ington (George), President of the United States, 190 High St."


1768 PHILADELPHIA. The | Charter, Laws, (and | Cata-

logue of Books | of the | Library Company | of | Philadel-

Philadelphia : Printed by B. Franklin and
D. Hall, M,DCC,LXIV,

8vo, pp. 1 50, half morocco.

1769 PHILADELPHIA. The | Charter | of the (Library Com-

pany | of) Philadelphia, j

Philadelphia : \ Printed by B. Franklin, M,DCCXLVI. j
[Also] Laws | of the | Library Company | of | Philadelphia. |
made, in Pursuance of their | Charter, | At a General
Meeting, | held in the Library, on the Third Day j of
May, 1742.

Philadelphia : \ Printed by B. Franklin, M,DCC,XLVI. |

a vols., small 8vo, pp. 8 and 15, half morocco.

1770 PHILADELPHIA. Observations on the North Amer-

ican Land Company, lately instituted in Philadelphia.

London : 1 796.
8 vo, calf. This copy contains a large quantity of manuscript additions.

1771 PHILADELPHIA. A | Protestation | presented to ] the
.., Synod | of | Philadelphia, | June I, 1741-!

Philadelphia : Printed and Sold\ by B. Franklin. 1741. |

Small 8vo, pp. 1 6, polished calf, extra, by F. Bedford.

1772 PHILLIPS (E.) Theatrum Poetarum Anglicanorum :

Containing. Brief Characters of the English Poets, down
4* to the year 1675. By Edward Phillips, the Nephew

of Milton. The Third Edition. Reprinted at the ex-
pense, and with the Notes, of Sir Egerton Brydges,
Bart., etc., etc.

Geneva : from the Press of Bonnant. 1824.


Royal 8vo, mottled calf, extra, gilt edga and uncut, by F. Bedford. One hundred
copies printed. Contradictory as it may seem, this book is gilt edges and
uncut in other words, the signatures were separately gilt.

" The hand of Milton may be often discovered in this publication of hit nephew.
Among the criticisms, those on Shakespeare and Marlowe are eminently
conspicuous." "In the preface are more manifest marks of Milton's
hand in the book itself." LOWNDES.

1773 PHILLIPS (H.) Historical Sketches of the Paper Cur-

rency of the American Colonies, Prior to the Adoption
of the Federal Constitution. First and Second Series.

Roxbury. 1865.

a vols., 410, half brown levant morocco, gilt top, uncut; LAHGZ PAPER j only 50
copies printed.

1774 PHILOBIBLION (The). A Monthly Bibliographical
Si/Ts Journal. New Tor k. 1862.

z vols., 410, uncut.


1775 PICKELL. A New Chapter in the Early Life of Wash-
ington. By John Pickell. New York. 1856.

8vo, cloth.

1776 PICKERING (W.) The Aldine Edition of the British
Poets. Also, Gray's Complete Works. 5 vols.

London : William Pickering. 1 839.

Together 58 vols., foolscap 8vo, cloth, uncut. A clean and beautiful set, mostly of
the first editions.

The above is a general title for this elegant collection of the British Poets, which will
always continue in the highest estimation, on account of the elegance of
its typography, the correctness of its texts, aid the convenience of its size.
It includes the works of Akenside, Beattie, Burns, Butler, Chaucer,
Churchill, Collins, Cowper, Dryden, Falconer, Gray, Goldsmith, Milton,
Parnell, Pope, Pryor, Shakspearc, Spenser, Surrey, Swift, Thomson,
White, Wyatt, and Young. Many pieces by these authors appear for the
first time in this edition.

The Memoirs and Notes are by Sir Harris Nicolas, J. Mitford, A. Dyce, and others.
Priced in Sotheran's Catalogue, December, 1869, a6.

360 PIKE.

1777 PICKERING (John). A Vocabulary, or Collection of

Words and Phrases which have been supposed to be
peculiar to the United States of America.

Boston. 1816.

8vo, half purple morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. Scarce in such fine condition.

1778 PICKERING (T.) A Review of the Correspondence

between John Adams and William Cunningham, Be-
ginning in 1803, and ending in 1812. Second Edition.

Salem. 1824.
8vo, pp. 197, boards, uncut.

1779 PICKERING. CoL Pickerings Observations ... At
! p Salem, July 4, 1827. Salem. 1823.

8vo, pp. 12, uncut; and " Potter's Oration."

Worcester : L Thomas, [n. d.]

1780 PICTURE (The) Exhibition.

Jt TT ,~


34010, green levant morocco, gilt top, uncut, by F. Bedford.

1781 PICTORIAL BIBLE. Illustrated with many hundred

woodcuts. London. 1839.

t? ~

4 vols., 410, morocco, extra, gilt edges. This work is illustrated with real Landscapes
and PLATES of the Natural Costume and Antiquities, and Original Notes.

1782 PIDGEON (W.) Traditions of De-coo-dah, and Anti-
' ^y / quarian Researches : Remains of the Mound-Builders

in America. New York. 1858.

8vo, cloth.

1783 PIERPOINT (John). Airs of Palestine: A Poem.

Baltimore. 1816.

8vo, pp. 57, half green morocco, gilt top, uncut; PORTRAIT inserted.

1784 PIKE (J.) An|Epistle|to the j National Meeting | of |



Friends, | in | Dublin, | concerning Good Order and Dis-
cipline | in the Church. Written by Josph [sic] Pike.
Philadelphia, Re-printed, and Sold by B. Franklin, and

D. Hall. 1757.

Small 8vo, pp. 23, half calf.

1785 PIKE (Major}. Expedition to the Sources of the Mis-

sissippi and through the Western parts of Louisiana,
etc., by Order of the Government of the U. S., in the
years 1 8o5,-'6 and '7. London. 1810.

4to, boards, uncut.

1786 PILSBURY. Sketch of the Life and Public Services of

Amos Pilsbury, Superintendent of the Albany Peniten-
tiary, and late General Superintendent of the Metro-
politan Police. Albany: Munsell & Rowland. 1860.

8vo, pp. 44, half green morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet.

1787 PINELLI (B.) Twenty-seven Etchings Illustrative of

j oo Italian Manners and Costume. Rome. 1844.


Folio, half morocco.

1788 PINKERTON (John). A General Collection of the

Best and most Interesting Voyages and Travels from
j _ the 1 6th Century, with maps and upwards of 200 en-
gravings, by G. & W. Cooke. London. 1808.

17 vols,. 410, half morocco, gilt. "The most valuable collection of Voyages extant.
The iyth volume contains a copious catalogue of Books on Voyages and
Travels, and an excellent Index." DIBDIN'S Lib'y Companion.

1789 PINKERTON. The Scottish Gallery; or, Portraits of

Eminent Persons, many of them after Pictures by the
celebrated Jameson, etc. London. 1799.

410, boards, uncut } LARGE PAPER j 51 fine PORTRAITS.



1790 PITT (W.) Anecdotes of the Life of William Pitt, Earl

of Chatham, with his Speeches in Parliament from
j -736-78. London. 1810.

3 roll., 8vo, calf. This collection was edited by John Almon, the bookseller, and
contains much interesting matter relative to the American Revolution, in
which Earl Chatham took an important political part.

1791 PLATFORM (A.) | Of | Church-Discipline Gathered out

of the | Word of God ; | And Agreed upon j By the Elders
and Messengers of the Churches | Assembled in the |
Synod | At Cambridge in N. E. | To be presented to the
Churches and General Court for their Consideration
and Acceptance in the Lord, the 8th month, Anno
1649. |

Cambridge: Printed by Marmaduke "Johnson. 1671.

4to, Title, I 1. j Preface, 5 1.; Text, 33 pp. Blue crushed levant morocco, by F.
Bedford. FIRST EDITION of extreme rarity.

1792 PLATFORM (A) | of j Church-Discipline, | Gathered out

of the Word of God, and Agreed upon by the (Elders
and Messengers | Of the Churches assembled in the |
Synod | At Cambridge, in N. E.

Boston: Printed by J. Allen. 1717.

8vo, half morocco j -very rare.

1793 PLATO. The Works of Plato, viz., His fifty-five Dia-

logues, and Twelve Epistles, translated from the Greek ;
Nine of the Dialogues by the Late Floyer Sydenham,
and the Remainder by Thomas Taylor : with Occa-
sional Annotations on the Nine Dialogues, Translated
by Sydenham, and Copious Notes by the Latter Trans-
lator, in which is given the Substance of nearly all the
Existing Greek MS. commentaries on the Philosophy
of Plato, and a considerable Portion of such as are al-
ready published. In five Volumes. [Mono.]

London: Printed for Thomas Taylor. 1804.


5 vols., 4to, boards, uncut ; very uarce. Only a small edition printed.

1794 PLUMPTRE (J.) The English Drama Purified: being

a Specimen of Select Plays, in which all the passages
that have appeared to the editor to be objectionable in
point of morality are omitted or altered. With Pre-
faces and Notes. By James Plumptre, B. D.

Cambridge. 1 8 1 2.

3 tols., iamo, calf, by Hollo way. [Miss Joanna BailUe, with the Editor *i respect*,]
on the title in MS.

1795 PLYMOUTH. The First Plymouth Patent; Granted

June I, 1621. Now first printed from the Original
Manuscript. Edited by Charles Deane.

Cambridge. MDCCCLIV.

Crown 4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut ; 100 copies privately printed.

1796 POE (E. A.) The Poetical Works of Edgar Allen Poe,

with Original Memoir. Illustrated by F. R. Pickers-

^ je 8*^1 R. A., John Tenniel, Birket Foster, Felix Darley,

Jasper Cropsey, P. Duggan, Percival Skelton, and A.

M. Madot. New York [i. e. London :] MDCCCLVIII.

4to, morocco, extra. This copy is illuminated throughout by Mr. R. . Moors, of

1797 POE. Poetical Works. New York. 1852.

3 vols., izrno, cloth.

/* *

1798 POETIC AL.() Description of Song Birds; Inter-
spersed with Entertaining Songs, Fables and Tales,
Adapted to each subject ; for the Amusement of
Children. The First Worcester Edition.

Printed at Worcester, Massachusetts, By Isaiah

31010, green levant morocco, extra, by W. Pratt.

364 POST -

1799 POLYANTHEA (The); or, A Collection of Interesting
?^ Fragments, in Prose and Verse. London. 1804.

2 vols, 8vo, half levant morocco, gilt top, uncut. Includes most of Stiles's History
of the Judges.

1800 POLYDORI VIRGILII de Rerum Inventoribus.

Translated into English by John Langley, with an
account of the Author and his Works.

New York. 1868.

8vo, half green levant morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. The last publication
of the Agathynian Club, izo copies printed.

1801 POOLE (J.) Hamlet Travestie, with Burlesque Anno-

tations. New York. 1866.

Imp. 8vo, morocco, antique, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. No. 80 of 100 copies re-
printed for private distribution.

Osrick. A hit, I'll bet a crown.

1802 POPHAM COLONY (The). A discussion of its His-

torical Claims, with a Bibliography of the Subject.

.Boston. 1866.

8vo, half brown morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet.

1803 PORTRAITS of Eminent Conservative Statesmen, with
/ & o Genealogical and Historical Memoirs. London [n. d.]

a vols., folio. 72 splendid PORTRAITS. Published at 8 8*. o</.

1804 POST (C. F.) The Second Journal of Christian Fred-

erick Post On a Message from the Governor of Pen-
sylvania to the Indians on the Ohio. London. 1759.

8vo, pp. 67, polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford.

1805 [POST (L. M.)] Personal Recollections of the American
Revolution. A Private Journal. Prepared from Au-
thentic Domestic Records. New York. 1859.

izmo, cloth.

jf ^>


1806 POTTER (Israel R.) Life] and (Remarkable Adven-
tures | of Israel R. Potter, | (a Native of Cranston, Rhode-
Island,) who was a Soldier in the j American Revolution, |
And took a Distinguished part in the Battle of Bunker |
Hill (in which he received three wounds,) after (which
he was taken Prisoner by the British, convey- |ed to
England, where for 30 years he obtained a | livelihood
for himself and family, by crying " Old | Chairs to
Mend," through the Streets of London.

Providence: Printed by Henry Trumbull. 1824.
izmo, pp. 1 08, polished calf, gilt edges; PLATE.

1807 POUCHOT. Memoir upon the Late War in America,
between the French and English, 1755-60. Followed by
Observations upon the Theatre of Actual War, and by
New Details concerning the Manners and Customs of
the Indians ; with Maps. Translated and edited with
Notes. By F. B. Hough.

Printed for W. E. Woodward; Roxbury. 1866.

a vols., imp. 8vo, half blue morocco, uncut. 143 copies printed in this tize.

1808 POWELL (Thomas). [Poetical] Works of.

[London, n. d.]

izmo, green morocco, gilt edges. A rare, privately printed volume, from E. D. In-
graham's Library.

1809 POWNAL (T.) The Administrator of the British Colo-

nies. London - '774-

a vols., 8vo, calf; fine copy. Fifth and best edition.

1810 PRESCOTT (W. H.) [A Collection of the Works of

William H. Prescott, Esq.]

Philadelphia: ?. B. Lippincott & Co. [n. d.]

1 5 vols., 8vo, half calf, antique. Fine cofj-

3 66


Comprises the Conquest of Mexico, 3 vols. ; Philip the Second, 3 vols. ; Conquest of
Peru, 2 vols. ; Charles Vth, 3 vols. } Ferdinand and Isabella, 3 vols. j
and Miscellanies, I vol.

" Prescott, the historian of both hemispheres, whose name will not be forgotten in
either, but whose honours will always be dearest to those who have best
known the discouragement under which they have been won, and the
modesty and gentleness with which they are worn." TICKNOR.

1811 PRICE (R.) Observations on the Nature of Civil Lib-

erty, and other Tracts. Boston. [1776.]

8vo, pp. 71, half morocco. One of the famous tracts on the American Revolution.

1812 PRIME (N. S.) A History of Long Island.

New York. 1745.
I2mo, pp. xii., 420, cloth.

1813 PRINCE (T.) A | Chronological History |of New-Eng-

land | In the Form of | Annals : j Being] A summary and
exact Account of the most | material Transactions and
, & o Occurrences relating to this | Country, in the Order of

Time wherein they hapjpened, from the Discovery by
Captain Gosnold, in 1602, to the Arrival of | Governor
Belcher, in 1730. With an Introduction, . . . Vol. I.,
Parts i and 2. Boston. N. E. MDCCXXXVI.

Small J5vo, crimson crushed levant morocco, extra, gilt back and edges, by F. Bedford ;
fne copy. rare. Morrell's copy sold for $25 ; Roche's for $23.

1814 PRINCE. The Salvations of God in 1746. In Part set

forth in a Sermon at the South Church in Boston, Nov.
27, 1 746. Being the Day of the Anniversary Thanks-
giving In the Province of the Massachusetts Bay, in N.
E. Wherein the most Remarkable Salvations of the
Year Past, both in Europe and North-America, as far
as they are come to our knowledge, are briefly consid-


ered. By Thomas Prince, M. A., And a Pastor of said

Boston : Printed for D. Henchman in Cornhill. 1 746.

8vo, pp. 35.

1815 PRINCE ... Sermon At the South Church in Boston

N. E. On the General Thanksgiving, Thursday, July
1 8, 1745. Occasion'd By taking the City of Louis-
bourg, On the Isle of Cape-Breton, by New-England
Soldiers, assisted by a British Squadron.

Boston: Printed f or D. Henchman. 1745.

8vo, pp. 35, half morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet.

1816 PRINCE. A Sermon Deliver'd at the South-Church in

Boston, New-England, August 14, 1746. Being the
Day of General Thanksgiving for the Great Deliver-
ance of the British Nations, by the Glorious and Hap-
py Victory near Culloden ... By Thomas Prince,
Boston : Printed. London : Reprinted and sold by John

Lewis. 1747.
8vo, pp. 39, half morocco.

1817 PRINCE. Catalogue of the American Portion of the
g Library of The Rev. Thomas Prince. Boston. 1868.

iamo, pp. 1 6 6, uncut; PORTRAIT.

1818 PRINCE SOCIETY. Publications of the Prince So-

ciety. Boston. 1865-67.

Together 4 vols., 410, half morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet.
This Series consists of
' . No. I. and II. The Hutchinson Papers, a vols.

No. III. New England's Prospect. By William Wood.

No. IV. Dunton's Letters ; Written from New England, A. D. 1686 In which
are described His Voyages by Sea, His Travels on Land, etc. Now fint
published from the Original Manuscript.

3 68



1819 PRIVATE LAWS of the Confederate States of America,

passed at the First Session of the First Congress, 1862.
Carefully collated with the Originals at Richmond.
Edited by James Matthews . . . To be continued an-

Richmond: R. M. Smith, Printer to Congress. 1862.
Royal 8vo, pp. 6. Second, 3 1.5 third, 6-n j fourth, 12-15.

1820 PROCLAMATIONS for Thanksgiving, issued by the

Continental Congress, President Washington, by the
National and State Governments on the Peace of 1815,
and by the Governors of New York.

Albany. 1858.

Royal 8vo, half morocco, uncut, gilt top; ao fine PORTRAITS inserted. 150 copies

1821 PROLUSIONS; or Select Pieces of Antient Poetry, ...

in three Parts ; containing, I. The Nutbrowne Mayde ;
/ j/-;? Martin Sackville's Induction ; and, Overbury's Wife.

II. Edward the Third, a Play ... Ill ... Nasce teip-
sum by Sir John Davis.

London: J. and R. Tonson. 1760.

8vo, blue morocco, gilt edges ; fine copy ; very scarce.

1822 PROUD (R.) The History of Pennsylvania, in North

/America, from the Original Institution and Settlement
<^JP ^T of that Province, under the first Proprietor and Gov-

ernor, William Penn, in 1681, till after the year 1742.
With an Introduction, Appendix, etc.

Philadelphia. 1779.

2 vols., 8vo, half green morocco, uncut, gilt top, by Bradstreet ; PORTRAIT and MAP.
Wight's copy sold for $za.oo; H. A. Smith's for $23.00.

1823 PROVERBES Basques recueillis par Arnauld Oihenart,



suivis des Poesies Basques du meme Auteur. Seconde
edition augmentee d'une Introduction bibliographique.

Paris. 1837.

Post 8vo, uncut ; scarce.

1824 PSALMS. The Whole Booke of Psalmes faithfully

Translated into English Metre, whereunto is prefixed a
discourse declaring not only the lawfullness, but also
the necessity of the heavenly Ordinance of singing
Scripture Psalms in the Churches of God. Imprinted
1640. New Tork. 1862.

8vo, blue levant morocco, gilt top, by W. Mathews ; thick paper ; one of twelve
copies so printed. Fowle's copy sold for S6o; Whiteman's for $50.

A literal reprint of the Bay Psalm Book ; being the earliest New England version of
the Psalms, and the first book printed in America.

1825 PSALTER or Psalms of David, Printed as they are to be

sung or said in Churches. London. 1848.

410, boards, uncut. A beautifully printed and rubricated volume, with woodcut


1826 PUBLIC LAWS of the Confederate States of America

Passed at the First Session of the First Congress, 1862.
Carefully collated with the Originals at Richmond.
Edited by James Matthews ... To be continued an-

Richmond: R. M. Smith, Printer to Congress. 1862.

Royal 8vo, sheep. See Statutes.

1827 PUGIN. Glossary of Ecclesiastical Ornament and Cos-

tume. Compiled from Ancient Authorities and Exam-
ples, by A. Welby Pugin, Architect. Illustrated by
Extracts from the works of Durandus, Georgius, Eona,
Catalani, Gcrbert, Martene, Molanus, Thiers, Mabillon,
Du^ansc, etc. Enlarged and revised by the Rev. Ber-



nard Smith, M.A., of St. Mane's College, Oscott.
Third Edition. London. 1868.

Imp. 4to, half morocco, gilt top, uncut. The standard work on Ecclesiastical Orna-
ment, illustrated by 73 PLATES, all splendidly printed in gold and colors,
and about 50 WOODCUTS in the text, giving examples of the Costume of
the Roman, English, French, and German Bishops, Priests, and Deacons,
etc., etc.

1828 PURCHAS. Hakluytus Posthumus, or Purchas, his

Pilgrimes, containing Peregrinations and Discoveries in

f the remotest North and East parts of Asia, called Tar-

taria and Asia, by Englishmen and others, and Voyages
and Discoveries of the North parts of the World, by
Land and Sea, Polar Regions and North-West of
America, also English Northern Navigation, and Dis-
coveries of Greenland, the North-West Passage, and

Online LibraryJohn A. (John Asaph) RiceCatalogue of Mr. John A. Rice's library, to be sold by auction on Monday, March 21st, 1870, and five following days by Bangs, Merwin & co → online text (page 25 of 36)