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Catalogue of Mr. John A. Rice's library, to be sold by auction on Monday, March 21st, 1870, and five following days by Bangs, Merwin & co online

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France, by Leitch Ritchie. 3 vols. Italy, by C. Mac-
farlane. 3 vols. India, by Rev. H. Gaunter. 3 vols.

London. 1828-35.

15 vols., uniformly bound in half purple calf, gilt (except England, which is purple

calf, gilt). A complete set of this very entertaining series of books.

1906 ROORBACK (O. A.) Bibliotheca Americana. Cata-


logue of American Publications, including Reprints and
Original Works, from 1820 to 1852.

New York. 1852.

1907 ROSSETTA STONE. Report of the Committee ap-

pointed by the Philomethean Society of the University
of Pennsylvania to translate the Inscription on the
Rossetta Stone. Second Edition.

{Philadelphia. 1858.]

Imp. 410, half morocco. UNIOJJE COPY of this curious and valuable work; the
PLATES being each mounted on drawing paper, within a gilt border. In.
serted is a letter in facsimile from Alex. Von Humboldt, concerning the
work : the translators were Messrs. Hale Jones and Morton, and great
credit is due to them for the manner in which the work is executed.

1908 ROUX DE ROCHETTE. Etats-Unis d'Amerique.

Paris, [n. d.]

8vo, cloth. Contains upwards of 100 PLATIS; one of which represents the Capture
of Andre.

1909 ROXBURGHE LIBRARY. [A Series, so far as pub-

i Authors.]
London. 1 868-9.

lished, of this Collection of old English Authors.]

6 vols., 410, half morooco, uncut.
Consisting of the following works

I. Paris and Vienne. Thystorye of the Noble Ryght Valyaunt and Worthy Knyght

Parys and of the fayr vigenne the Daulphyns daughter of Vyennoyt
From the unique copy printed by William Caxton at Westminster in the
year MCCCCLXXXV. With a Preface, Glossary, and Notes. 1868.

II. Inedited Tracts: Illustrating the Manners, Opinions, and Occupations of English-

men during the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries. Now first repub-
lished from the Oiiginal Copies, with a Preface and Notes.

III. The Whole Works of William Browne ... now first corrected and edited, ...

by W. C. Hazlitt. 3 vols., 410.

IV. The English Drama and Stage under the Tudor and Stuart Princes, 1543-1664.

Illustrated by a Series of documents, Treatise* and Poems. 1869.

388 RUSH

1910 ROXBURGHE. A Catalogue of the Library of John
<^oo Duke of Roxburghe. London. 1812.

8vo, half morocco, uncut

1911 ROWSON. Miscellaneous Poems. By Susanna Row-

son, Preceptress of the Ladies' Academy, Newton,
Boston : Printed for the Author by Gilbert & Dean. 1804.

izrno, pp. ~-7, old calf.

1912 ROYAL GALLERY of Pictures. Being a Selection
*$ Co of Cabinet Paintings in Her Majesty's Private Collec-
tion. London. 1850.

410, half morocco. The Pictures are by Rembrandt, Vandyck, Douw, Van Ostade,
Cuyp, Reynolds, Potter, Titian, Teniers, Rubens, etc.

1813 RULES | and { Articles, | for the better | Government | of the)

/ Troops | Raised, or to be raised, and kept in pay by and

at | the joint Expense of the | Twelve United English

Colonies | of) North America, j

Philadelphia : \ Printed by William and Thomas Bradford. 1775. |

Small 4to, pp. 16, half blue morocco.

1914 RUSH (Benj.) An Account of the Life and Character

of Christopher Ludvvick, Late Citizen of Philadelphia,
and Baker-General of the Army of the United States
during the Revolutionary War. Philadelphia. 1831.

iimo, half bound.

1915 RUSH (R.) Memoranda of a Residence at the Court of

London. By Richard Rush, Envoy Extraordinary and

.. s~ j Minister Plenipotentiary from the United States of

America, from 1817 to 1825. Second Edition, R.e-

vised and Enlarged. Philadelphia. 1835.

8vo, half morocco, uncut. See Washington (George).



1816 RUSSELL. Memorials of the Life and Works of
Thomas Fuller, D.D. By the Rev. Arthur T. Rus-
sell, B.C.L. London. 1844.
Foolscap 8vo, uncut. Contains AUTOG*AFH of Pickering.

1917 RUSSELL (John). Life of William Lord Russell.

London. 1853.
Crown 8 vo, tree calf, gilt.

1918 RUSSELL (W.) History of America. London. 1778.

2 vols., 410, half calf.

1919 RUSTICUS. Remarks on a Late Pamphlet entitled

Plain Truth. By Rusticus.

Philadelphia. M,DCC,LXXVI.

8vo, half brown morocco, gilt top.

1920 RUTGERS. The Case of Elizabeth Rutgers versus

Joshua Waddington, Determined in the Mayor's Court,
in the City of New York, August 7, 1786. With an
Historical Introduction by Henry B. Dawson.

Morrisania^ N. T. 1866.
4to, half morocco, gilt top; LARGI PAW; No. 4 of 25 copies printed.

RUTGERS. [The Same.] Morrisania, N. Y. 1866.

8vo, paper, uncut; 100 copies printed in this sue.

1921 RUTTY (J.) The | Liberty | of the | Spirit | and of the |

Flesh Distinguished : | In an Address to those Captives
in Spirit | among the People called Quakers, who are|
commonly called Libertines. | By John Rutty, | An un-
worthy Member of that Community.

Dublin : Printed, Philadelphia : Re-prineed by B.
Franklin and D. Hall. 1759.

8vo, pp. 64, calf; fat eofy.



ABIN (J.) A Bibliographical Catalogue
of the Waltonian Library, belonging to
the Estate of Robert W. Coleman.

New York. 1866.

Svo, uncut. 75 copies only, privately printed. This
Library was collecttd by the late Rev. Dr.
Bethune. This woodcut initial is not in-
tended for a portrait.

J 9 2 3 [SABIN.] Bibliotheca Dramatica. Catalogue of the
Theatrical and Miscellaneous Library of the Late Wil-
liam E. Burton . . . Sold . . . 1860. New York. 1860.

Imp. Svo, pp. viii., 463, half morocco, gilt top; LARGE PAPXR copy; PORTRAIT.
Priced and ruled by the compiler.

1924 [SABIN.] Catalogue of the Rare, Curious and Valuable

Collection of Books, Tracts, Autographs, etc., of the
late Mr. E. B. Corwin. New York. 1856.

Royal Svo, pp. vii., 263, uncut; LARGE PAPER copy. 100 copies printed.

1925 SABIN. A Catalogue of the Books, Autographs, En-

gravings, etc., belonging to the Estate of John Allan.

New York. 1864.

Royal Svo, uncut j LARGE PAPER ; with PORTRAIT, xoo copies only printed, some of
which were destroyed by fire.

1926 SABIN. Catalogue of the Entire Library of Andrew
Wight. New York. 1864.

Royal Svo, uncut ; LARGE PAPER. Rich in Franklin imprints and other rare books.
Sold by auction, 1864. The prices realized at this sale have never been
exceeded at a genuine sale.

8APFORD. 39 *

1927 SABIN. Catalogue of the Library of Edwin Forrest.

Philadelphia. 1863.

gvo, uncut; PORTRAIT. 175 copies privately printed. Rich in Shakespearian and
Dramatic Literature.

1928 SABIN. A Dictionary of Books Relating to America,
From its Discovery to the Present Time. By Joseph
Sabin. Fourteen parts. New York. 1867-69.

Royal 8vo, uncut; LARGE PAPER. 100 co'pies printed. Parts I. to XIV., are now

ready for delivery. The purchaser at this sale will have to assume the

subscription undertaken by Mr. Rice. It is the most complete work of

the kind, and indispensable to the collector of an American library. For

* further particulars see the cover of this Catalogue.

1929 [SABIN]. Shakspeariana Burtonensis : being a Catalogue
of the Extensive Collection of Shakspeariana of the
late William E. Burton, Esq., of New York, etc.

New York. 1860.

Royal 8vo, pp. 72 ; LAKGZ PAFIR. 100 copies printed.

1930 SABINE (L.) Biographical Sketches of Loyalists of the

American Revolution, with an Historical Essay. By
Lorenzo Sabine. Boston. 1864.

a vols., 8vo, boards, uncut.

1931 S AFFORD (W. H.) The Blennerhassett Papers, em-

bodying the Private Journal of Barman Blennerhassett,
and the hitherto unpublished correspondence of Burr,
Alston, Comfort Tyler, Devereaux, Dayton, Adair,
Moir, Emmett, Theodosia Burr Alston, Mrs. Blenner-
hassett, and others, their Contemporaries.

Cincinnati. 1864.

8vo, cloth, uncut.


1932 SAFFORD. The Life of Harman Blennerhassett, com-

* prising an Authentic Narrative of the Burr Expedition ;

and Containing Many Additional Facts not heretofore

published. Cincinnati. 1853.

ximo, pp. 239, cloth.

1933 SAGITTARIUS'S Letters j and | Political Speculations,)

Extracted | From the Public Ledger. | Humbly inscribed |
To the very Loyal and Truly Pious Dr. Samuel)
Cooper, Pastor of the Congregational Church in Brat-
tle | Street. |

Boston : \ Printed by Order of the Select Men, and Sold at
Dona \tion Halt, for the benefit of the distressed
Patriots. MDCCLXXV.

8vo, title and pp. 127, half red morocco, gilt edges, by F. Bedford.

"A strong Tory, unti-Puritanical publication, full of hits against the Pilgrim Fathers
and their descendants, with a great deal of personal gossip, and, on the
whole, a book of considerable historic interest. To the New York,
Philadelphia and Southern antiquarian explorers after scraps against the
early New Englanders, this little volume will prove a mine, and afford
salt and spice enough for many Fourth of July orations."

1934 SAINT (The) and the Sinner. A [Poetical] Tale.

New York. 1854.
8vo, cloth. Somewhat facetious.

1935 SAINTE-CHAPELLE (La) Histoire Archeologique,

descriptive et Graphique de, par MM. Decloux, Archi-
* & tecte, et Doury, Peintre. Paris: Morel. 1865.

Folio, half morocco ; 25 PLATTS, 5 on India paper, and ao beautifully executed in
colors. This work is alike valuable to the architect, painter, or tourist.

"La Saint-Ckapellc, cette merveille du moyen age, est remarquable par 1'unite de son
ensemble, 1'elegance de sa forme, la variete et la richesse de son ornamen-



1936 ST. CLAIR (A.) A Narrative of the Manner in which
the Campaign against the Indians, in the Year 1791,
was Conducted, under the Command of Major-General
St. Clair, etc. Philadelphia. 1812.

8vo, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet.

*937 ST - JOHN (J. A.) History of the Manners and Cus-
,*oo toms, Arts, Sciences, etc., of Ancient Greece.

London. 1842.

3 vols., 8vo, cloth. " A masterly picture of the Hellenic family, not in their political
relations only, but in the still more attractive aspect of their social history
and domestic life." Athttneum.

1938 ST. JOHN (J. Hector). Letters from an American Far-

mer, describing Provincial Manners, Customs, &c.

London. 1782.

8vo, calf; fine copy.

1939 ST. JOHN. Lettres d'un Cultivateur Americain, ecrites

a W. S. Ecuyer, 1770-1781. Paris. 1784.

a vols., 8vo, calf $ foe eld copy. "One of the few well-written books produced by
American authors." HAZLITT.

1940 SALEM WITCHCRAFT; Comprising More Won-

ders of the Invisible World, Collected by Robert Calef,
and Wonders of the Invisible World, by Cotton Mather.
Together with Notes and Explanations by Samuel P.
Fowler. Boston: Wm. Feazie. MDCCCLXV.

410, half levant morocco, gilt top, uncut; PORTRAIT of Cotton Mather; LARGE PAPM ;
only too copies printed. For a severe critique on thii reproduction, set
[Deane (C.)], Lot No. 540.

1941 SALLUST. La Conjuracion de Catalini y La Guerra

de Jugurta por Cayo Salustio Crispo. [Colophon.]

En Madrid : Por 'Joachin Ibarra,
Impressorde Camara del Rei Nuestro Senor. M.DCC.LXXII.




Rl. 410, blue morocco, silk linings, gilt edges ; PLATES ; LARGE PAPER ; a magnificent
volume, and one of the most perfect specimens of printing and embellish-
ment ever produced. It contains the original Latin at the bottom of the
pages, and, at the end, notes by the learned P. Bayer. Most of the copies
printed were distributed as presents. Among the plates is a series of

1942 SALT (H.) A Voyage to Abyssinia, and Travels in the

Interior, with an Account of the Aborigines.

London. 1814.

410, half morocco ; fine copy, with THIRTY-SIX CHOICE ENGRAVINGS by Heath. Dr.
Dibdin, after speaking in the highest terms of Bruce, says : " If I am
asked by the economical collector, to give up Bruce or Mr. Salt, 1 shall
unhesitatingly say, forego the former and secure the latter."

1943 [SAMPSON (Deborah).] The Female Review ; | or, | Me-

moirs] of an | American Young Lady :| whose Life and
Q^\^" Character are Peculiarly Distin-|guished being a Con-

tinental Soldier, for nearly | Three Years, in the late
American War. | During which time, | she performed the
duties of every department, [into which she was called,
with punctual exactness, | fidelity and honor, and pre-
served her chastity in- 1 violate by the most artful con-
cealment of her sex. j ... By a Citizen of Massachusetts.

Dedham. M,DCC,XCVII.

tamo, pp. 159, (4), red crushed levant morocco, gilt ed^es, by F. Bedford; PORTRAIT;
with a receipt for a pension, signed "Deborah Gaunett," inserted. This
rare volume usually lacks the portrait of Deborah.

1944 SAMPSON. The Female Review. Life of Deborah

Sampson, the Female Soldier in the War of the Revolu-
tion. With an Introduction and Notes by John Adams
Vinton. Boston: J. K. Wiggin. MDCCCLXVI.

410, half morocco, gilt top, uncut; LARGE PAPER; 35 copies printed.

1945 SAMPSON. [Another copy.] Boston. MDCCCLXVI.

Fcap 410, uncut ; 250 copies printed.


1946 SAMUELS (E. A.) Ornithology and Oology of New

England : containing Full Description of the Birds of
New England, and adjoining States and Provinces.
With Illustrations of many Species of the Birds, and
accurate Figures of their Eggs. Boston. 1868.

4to, cloth, uncut ; a beautiful volume.

1947 SANDERSON (J.) Biography of the Signers to the

Declaration of Independence. By John Sanderson,
[and others]. Phila.: Joseph M. Sanderson. 1820.

9 vols., 8vo, half red levant morocco, uncut ; fine copy, with all the POTAITJ Fowle't
copy sold for $81.

1948 SANDERSON. [Another copy.] Philadelphia. 1820.

9 vols., 8vo, boards, uncut ; fine copy.

t? 1949 SANDERSON. [Another Edition.] Phila. 1860.

4to, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut.

% Co '950 SANDYS (George). Christ's Passion. A Tragedy;
with Annotations. The Second Edition, Illustrated
with Scvlptvres. London. 1687.

Sm. 8vo, calf; fne copy. This tragedy is much praised by Langbaine. The author
was Secretary to the Colony of Virginia. See Ovid, Lot No. 1689.

1951 SANNAZARIIS. laobi Sannazarii Opera Omnia, Lat-

ine Scripta. Ex Bibliotbeca Aldlna Venetlis. M.D.LXX.

Sm. 8vo, red morocco; PORTRAIT. One of the earliest books on the art of angling,
printed by Aldus. A beautiful and rare edition.

1952 SARCASTIC NOTICES of the Long Parliament; A

List of the " Members that Held places, both Civil and
Military, Contrary to the Self-Denying ordinance of
April 3rd, 1645; with the Sums of Money and Lands
which they Divided among themselves." London. 1863.

Sm. 410, half morocco, uncut. Gives many curioui particulars about this famoui
assembly not mentioned by historians or biographers.


1953 SARGENT (Gw.) Papers in Relation to the Official
tj^^9 Conduct of Governour Sargent. Boston, 1801.

8vo, pp. 64, uncut.

1954 SARGENT (Major W.) A Journal of the General

Meeting of the Cincinnati, in 1784. By Major Win-
throp Sargent, Edited by Winthrop Sargent. Thirty-
nine Copies Reprinted. Philadelphia. 1859.

8vo, pp 59.

1955 SARGENT (W.) The History of An Expedition against
^ Fort du Quesne, in 1755; under Major General Ed-
ward Braddock, Generalissimo of H. B. M. Forces in
America. Edited from the original Manuscripts, by
Winthrop Sargent. Philadelphia. 1856.

8vo, cloth ; PLATES and MAPS.

1956 SARGENT. Life and Career of Major John Andre,
oo Adjutant General of the British Army in America.

Boston. 1 86 1.

8vo, cloth, uncut; PORTRAIT; LARGE PAPER; only 75 copie* printed. A work of
great merit, now scarce.

1957 SARGENT. The Loyalist Poetry of the Revolution,
^ ^ Edited by Winthrop Sargent. Phila. MDCCCLVII.

Sm. 410, half green morocco, gilt top, uncut ; 99 copies printed ; of great rarity.
Fisher's copy sold for $85.

1958 [SAUNDERS.] Festival of Song; a series of Evenings
/ . with Poets. With Seventy-three Pictures by members

of the National Academy of Design. Engraved by
Robbett and Hooper. New Tork. 1866.

Imp. 8vo, green morocco, gilt edges.

1959 SAVAGE (J.) An Oration ... July 4, 1811. ... Boston.
v{/* Second Edition. Boston. 1811.

8vo. pp. ii, uncut.



1960 SAVANNAH. The Siege of Savannah, by the Com-

bined American and French Forces, under the Com-
mand of Gen. Lincoln, and the Count D'Estaing, in
the Autumn of 1779. Albany: J. Munsell. 1866.

410, half levant morocco, gilt top, uncut; 100 copies printed. See Lot No. 391.

1961 SAVERIEN (M.) Histoire des Philosophes Modernes

avec leur portrait grave dans le gout du crayon, d'apres
les desseins des plus grands peintres. Paris. 1763.

7 vols., 4to, half calf. A series of very rare PORTRAITS and PLATE*, with biographies.

1962 SCHEDEL (H.) Chronicon Nurembergense, auctore

Hartmanno Schedel. Registrum hujus operis libri
cronicarum cu figuris et ymagibus ab inicio mudi.

Nuremberge : Anthonius Koberger. 1493.

Folio, in the original binding; GOTHIC LETTER. This copy measurei 18^ inches in height
by 12^ inches in width, which renders it, probably t ONE or THE LARGEST
ever offered for sale Acre. It has always been styled, by way of distinction,
the " NUREMBERG CHRONICLE," and scarcely any volume has been so cele-
brated for a long series of years. The ENGRAVINGS, which art ufivardt of
aaoo in number, are in WOOD, and were executed by Michael Wolgemut
and Pleydenwurf, the former of whom was the master of Albert Diirer ;
etc. This volume contains the supplemental leaves, which are often

The original edition of one of the most extraordinary and curious productions of the
fifteenth century, which can never fail to be highly interesting to the lover
of ancient engraving and printing. The fine woodcuts present the first
successful imitation of the cross-hatchings of a pen drawing. If Koberger
had printed only this chronicle, he would have done enough to place his
name among the most distinguished of his typographical brethren ; but he
has other and nearly equal claims to a very marked celebrity. See the
" Bibliotheca Spenceriana," where no less than twenty-six pages are devoted
to an account of the work, accompanied by facsimiles of many of the very
singular woodcuts. Hearne, in the preface of M Robert of Gloucester,"
says : " For my part, the oftener I consult this chronicle, the more I won-
der at the things in it, and I cannot but esteem the book a* extremely
pleasant, useful, and curious, by reason of these very odd cuts."


1963 [SCHOOLCRAFT (Henry R.)] Helderbergia : or the
/ Apothesis of the Heroes of the Anti-Rent War.

Albany: Munsell. 1865.

8vo, pp. 54, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. Anonymously printed for
the author.

1964 SCHOOLCRAFT. Notes on the Iroquois : or Con-

tributions to American History, Antiquities and Gen-
eral Ethnology. New York. 1846.

8vo, half morocco, uncut.

1965 SCOTCH Presbyterian Eloquence displayed ; or, the

X' Foolishness of their Teaching discovered from their

^ & &
t? Books, Sermons, and Prayers, interspersed with some

genuine Adventures in Love, etc. J 73 r -

8vo, .calf; curious FRONTISPIECE in the style of Hogarth.

1966 SCOTLAND ILLUSTRATED, in a series of Views

taken exclusively for this work, by Bartlett, Allom, &c.

London. 1838.
2 vols., 410, morocco, gilt edges ; FIRST EDITION.

1967 SCOTT (Sir W.) Waverley Novels.

Edinburgh: A. fcf C. Black. 1856.

25 vols., 8vo, red morocco extra, gilt sides and edges; SUPERB COPY; best library
edition, containing all the latest corrections and additions of the author,
beautifully printed in large type, "with an extensive and beautiful series of
EXTRA ENGRAVINGS. An elegant copy of this edition, illustrated with
upwards of 150 extra and highly finished engravings, from pictures by C.
Stanfield, Leslie, Nasmyth, etc., and including numerous portraits.


1968 SCOTT. The Vision of Don Roderick; A Poem.

Edinburgh. 1811.
410, calf; FIRST EDITION.

1969 SCOTT. Rokeby, A Poem. Illustrated Edition.

London. 1841.

1 8mo, morocco, gilt edges ; numerous STEEL PLATES ; good impressions.


1970 SCOTT. A Series of Illustrations of the Poetical Works

of Sir Walter Scott from Paintings by R. Smirke.

London. 1823.

izmo; 10 PLATES.

1971 SCOTT. Provincial Antiquities and Picturesque Scenery

of Scotland, with Descriptive Illustrations by Sir Walter
Scott. London. 1826.

^ vols. in i ; 53 PLATES, after Turner, Calcott, Nasmyth, Blore, Thompson, etc., en-
graved by Le Keux, Cooke, Blore, etc., some of them stained; proof im-
pressions of the plates , LARGE PAPER .

1972 SCOTT (W.) Memoirs of Lieut. Gen. Winfield

Scott, LL.D. Written by Himself. New York. 1864.

Rl. 8vo, half red levant morocco, gilt top, by W. Mathews; LARGE PAPER'; only 100
copies printed. This elegant copy contains 70 rare PORTRAIT* and PLATES

1973 SCOTT. [Another copy.] New York. 1864.

Rl. 8 vo, cloth, uncut ; LARGE PAPER.

1974 [SCOVILLE (Joseph).] Old Merchants of New York

City. New York. 1863.

4 vols., iimo, cloth. Complete sets are scarce.

1975 SCRAPIANA; or Elegant Extracts of Wit.

, 09 London. 1818.

a vols. in I, i8mo, half green morocco, uncut. A scarce and curious collection of 1 365

1976 SCULPTURE (The) Gallery. A Series of Eighty one

Engravings. Accompanied with Descriptive Prose
and Illustrated Poetry by James Daffbrne, Esq., J. K.
Hervey, Esq., and other Living Authors. Preceded by
An Historical and Critical Essay on Sculpture, Ancient
and Modern. London: Virtue and Co. [n. d.]


1977 SEAFIELD(F.) The Literature and Curiosities of

Dreams. A common-place book of Speculations con-
cerning the Mysteries of Dreams and Visions.

London. 1 866.

2 vols., post 8vo, half calf, gilt.

1978 SECOND APPEAL (A) to the Justice and Interests of
/ f the People, on the Measures respecting America. By

the Author of the First. London. .1775.

8vo, half bound, uncut.

1979 SECRET HISTORY of the Calves-Head Club."

London. 1706.

8vo, calf; scarce.

1980 SECRET JOURNALS of the Acts and Proceedings of
&> 0o Congress, from the first meeting thereof to the Disso-
lution of the Confederation. Boston. 1826.

4 vols., 8vo, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut.

1981 SECUNDUS (J. N.) The Epithalamium ; or, Nuptial

Song. By Joannes Nicolaius Secundus. Translated
by Dr. John Nott. Pbila. : Privately Printed. 1856.

4to, half blue morocco; 20 copies printed.

1982 SEDGWICK (Theodore). A Memoir of the Life of
f William Livingston, Member of Congress in 1774,


C? J 775i an d 1776, Governor of New Jersey from 1776

to 1790, &c. New York. 1833.

8vo, half green morocco, gilt top, uncut.

1983 SELDEN (J.) The Table Talk of John Selden. With

a Biographical Preface and Notes by S. W. Singer.

London. 1860.

Crown 8vo, tree calf, gilt edges, by Riviere; PORTRAIT; LARGE PAPER; few printed.
"There is more weighty bullion sense in this book than I ever found in the same
number of pages of any uninspired writer." COLERIDGE.


1984 SERIES (A) of Small Episodes in the Life of a Recluse.

London. Pickering. 1851.

Fcap 8vo, cloth, uncut.

1985 [SERLE (Ambrose).] Americans against Liberty; or an

Essay on ... True Freedom, ... [n. p. n. d.]

8vo, pp. 64, half morocco, gilt top.

' 1986 SENTER (I.) The Journal of Isaac Senter ; ... on a
Secret Expedition against Quebec, under the Command
of Col. Benedict Arnold, in September, 1775.

Philadelphia. 1846.

8vo, pp. 40, uncut.

1987 SEROUX D'AGINCOURT. History of Art by its

Monuments from its Decline in the 4th Century to its
Restoration in the i6th. Translated from the French,
by Owen Jones. London. 1847.

3 vols. in I, folio j contains 328 PLATES, including 3335 subjects on architecture,
sculpture, and painting. This fine work was the first in which the idea of
exhibiting the progress of art, by a series of its noblest monuments, was
perfectly carried out. By a series of accurate engravings from celebrated
monuments, we trace the transitions of art from the classic period to our
own times. Sculpture, painting, the art of illumination, and the art of
engraving on wood, on gems, and on medals, ate similarly represented.

1988 SEVENTY SIX SOCIETY. [The Publications of the

Seventy Six Society, consisting of the following works.]

Philadelphia. 1 8 5 5-5 7 .

Together, 4 vols., 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut; only 150 sets printed.
I. Papers in relation to the Case of Silas Deane. Now first Published from the

Original Manuscripts.

II. The Examination of Joseph Galloway, Esq., by a Committee of the House of
Commons. Edited by Thomas Balch.

III. Papers relating to Public Events In Massachusetts preceding the American Rero-

Online LibraryJohn A. (John Asaph) RiceCatalogue of Mr. John A. Rice's library, to be sold by auction on Monday, March 21st, 1870, and five following days by Bangs, Merwin & co → online text (page 27 of 36)