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IV. Papers relating chiefly to the Maryland Line during the Revolution. Edited by

Thomas Balch.



, 1989 SEWALL (J. M.) Miscellaneous Poems.

& Portsmouth. 1801.

i8mo, pp. 304, sheep; fne copy ; scarce. See Washington (G.)

1990 SEWALL (S.) The History of Woburn, ... Mass, from

1640, ... to 1860. Boston. 1868.

8vo, pp. 657, cloth, uncut; PORTRAIT.

1991 SEWALL (S.) Phenomena quzedam) Apocalyptica| Ad

Aspectum Novi Orbis configurata. | Or, some few Lines
' at towards a description of the New | Heaven. | As It makes

to those who stand upon the [New Earth.) By Samuel
Sewall, A.M. and sometimes Fellow of Harvard | College
at Cambridge in New-England. [The Second Edition,)
[In the same Vol.] The j Fountain Opened, | or) The
Admirable Blessings plentifully to) be Dispensed at the
National | Conversion of the Jews, j by Samuel Willard.
With Appendix by Samuel Sewall. j Massa chvset ; |

Boston, Printed by Bartholomew Green; ... 1727.)

410, 4 1., pp. 64, 24, morocco, gilt top. A very rare work, relating in great part to
New England History and the Indians.

1992 SEWARD (A.) Monody j on | Major Andre. | By Miss
s~oo Seward. j (Author of the Elegy on Capt. Cook. )| To

which are added | Letters Addressed to her j by Major
Andre, (in the year. 1769. (The Second Edition. |

Licbfield ,- | Printed and Sold by J. Jackson,
for the Author ;\ ... M.DCC.LXXXI.

4to, pp. vi, 47, half calf, by Bedford ; very rare.

1993 SEWARD. Monody | on | Major Andre, | (Who was exe-
<^J~0 cuted at Tappan, November 1 780.) | By | Miss Seward.

j To which are added, J Major Andre's | Letters, | Ad-
dressed to Miss Seward, when at his 1 8 Year. |

Philadelphia : \ Printed and Sold by Enoch Story, [n. d.]

izmo, pp. 56, brown crushed levant morocco, by Mathews.


1994 SEWARD. [The Same.] Tenth Edition. Lond. 1817.

i8mo, Title, pp. 178, old calf.

'*S- J 995 SEWARD. [The same.] A New Edition, with En-
gravings. London: Otrldge and Rackham. 1821.

l8mo, pp. 178, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradttreet; PIATK.

^ & 1996 SEYMOUR (Horatio). A Lecture on the Topography
and History of New-York. Utica. 1856.

8 vo, pp. 41 ; tearte.

1997 SEYMOUR'S Humorous Sketches, Comprising 86 Cari-

cature Etchings, Illustrated in Prose and Verse, by
Alfred Crowquill. New Edition ...

London: H. G. Bohn. 1866.

Rl. 8vo, cloth, gilt edges.

1998 SHAFTESBURY. Characteristicks of Men, Manners,

Opinions, Times. By the Right Honourable Anthony,
Earl of Shaftesbury. The Fifth Edition.
Birmingham: Printed by John Baskerville. M.DCC.LXXIII.

3 vols., rl. 8vo, calf; printed in large and beautiful ty ft, with POTAIT and VIGNITTW,
by Grignon.

1999 SHAKERS. Peculiarities of the Shakers. Origin,

Worship and Doctrines. New York. 1832.

Iimoj tcarcc.

2000 SHAKERS. Testimony of Christ's Second Appearing.

Many. 1810.

8vo, sheep; very tcarce. This ia known as the Shaker Bible.

2001 SHAKESPEARE. Twenty of the Plays of Shakespeare,

Being the whole Number printed in Quarto, During his
Lifetime, or before the Restoration, Collated where


there were different Copies, and Publish'd from the
Originals, by George Steevens, Esq. Land, M.DCC.LXVI.

4 volt., 8vo, calf, gilt. Sold at Nassau's sale for z 7$.; White Knight's, a 8s.

2002 SHAKESPEARE As put forth in 1623. A Reprint of

Mr. William Shakespeare's Comedies, Histories &
Tragedies. Published according to the True Originall
Copies. London ... L. Booth. 1864.

Folio, red morocco, gilt extra ; LARGEST PAMR.

2003 SHAKESPEARE. The Works of William Shakespeare,

The plays edited from the Folio of MDCXXIII., with
Various Readings from all the Editions and all the
/^ a o t> Commentators, Notes, Introductory Remarks, A His-

torical Sketch of the Text, An Account of the Rise
and Progress of the English Drama, A Memoir of the
Poet, and An Essay upon his Genius. By Richard
Grant White. Boston. 1857.

12 vol., 8vo, half olive morocco, gilt top, uncut; PORTRAITS AND WOODCUTS; LARGE
PAPER ; only 48 copies printed ; -very scarce.

" Each play is preceded by an introduction, remarkably weli digested and condensed,
giving an account of the text, and of the sources from which Shakespeare
helped himself to plots or incidents. His notes prove him to be capable of
profound as well as delicate and sympathetic exegesis, and we think that a
careful collation justifies us in saying that in acute discrimination of acsthetic
shades of expression, and often of textual niceties, Mr. White is superioj
to any previous editor." LOWELL.

The buyer of this lot will have the privilege of purchasing the three following works at
the same rate per volume. It is unnecessary to observe that they form a
desirable adjunct to the foregoing.

2004 SHAKESPEARE'S SCHOLAR; being Historical and
^ to Critical Studies of his Text, Characters, and Commen-
tators, with an Examination of Mr. Collier's Folio of
1632. By Richard Grant White. Ntw To:k. 1854.

8vu, cloth, uncut.


2005 SHAKESPEARE. Memoirs of the Life of William

Shakespeare, with an Essay toward the Expression of
his Genius, and an Account of the Rise and Progress
of the English Drama. By Richard Grant White.

Boston. 1866.

8vo, half morocco, gilt top; LARGE PAPER; only 100 copies printed.

2006 SHAKESPEARE. An Essay on the Authorship of the

Three Parts of King Henry the Sixth. By Richard
Grant White. Riverside Press: Cambridge. 1859.

8o, half morocco, uncut, by W. Mathews; 15 copies privately printed; very icarct.

2007 SHAKSPEARE. Mr. William Shakspeare his Com-

edies, Histories, and Tragedies, set out by himself in
quarto or by the Players his Fellows in folio, and now
faithfully republish'd from those Editions in ten Volumes
octavo, with an Introduction, etc.

London: J. fcf R. Tonson. [1767-68.]

10 vols., 8vo, boards, vellum backs ; fine margins. Capell was, according to Steeveni,
forty years in editing and printing his edition.

" Capell was a careful and industrious editor, and is praised for the purity of his colla-
tions. The notes and various reading promised in the title-page were not
printed till 1779-80, and then only in 410." LOWNDEI.

2008 SHAKESPEARE'S Plays, with the Corrections and

Illustrations of various Commentators, to which are
added Notes by Sam. Johnson and Geo. Steevens.

London. 1803.

zi vols., 8vo, calf, gilt. This, the first of the variorum editions, was edited by Isaac
Reed. North's copy sold for 18 75. 6d.

2009 SHAKESPEARE. The Pictorial Edition of the Works
e afae> of Shakspere. Edited by Charles Knight.

London : Charles Knight & Co. [n. d.]

8 vols., imp. 8vo, cloth, uncut; brilliant imprettioni of the many hundred beautiful
WOODCUTS ; ORIGINAL EDITION THROUGHOUT ; includes the poems, doubtful
plays, and biography^ perhaps the matt elegant edition extant.


2010 SHAKESPEARE. The Plays of Shakespeare, In Nine
Volumes. London: ff^illiam Pickering. MDCCCXXV.

9 roll., 32010, half morocco, gilt top.

201 1 SHAKESPEARE. The Dramatic Works of William

Shakespeare. The Text carefully revised, with Notes
by Samuel Weller Singer, F.S.A. The Life of the Poet
and Critical Essays on the Plays, by William Watkins
Lloyd. London: Bell & Daldy. 1856.

10 vols., fcap 8vo, tree calf; PORTRAIT on India paper, and WOODCUTS; a beautiful copy.
Mr. Singer has produced a text, the|accuracy of which cannot be surpassed
in the present state of antiquarian and philological knowledge.

2012 SHAKESPEARE JEST BOOKS. Being reprints of

the Early and Very Rare Jest Books supposed to have
been used by Shakespeare. Edited with Introduction
and Notes, by W. C. Hazlitt. London. 1864.

3 vols., fcap 8vo, half morocco, uncut. The originals of the above curious "Jest Books "
are so excessively rare, that, however ardent in his search, or prodigal of his
money, the book collcctorjwould find it next to impossible to procure all
that are assembled together in these volumes.

y 4 Talys, from the only perfect copy known. Edited,
""" with Introduction and Notes, by Dr. Herman Oester-

ley. London. 1866.

Fcap 8vo, half morocco, uncut. The original, from which the above was taken, wai
printed in 1526, by John Rastell.


[Complete from the commencement of the Society to
/& J its dissolution in 1853.] London. 1841-53.

47 parts in 18 vols., 8vo, elegant tree calf, by Riviere; NUMEROUS FACSIMILES, etc. A
collection of great importance, consisting principally of reprints of rare old
pieces of dramatic poetry, printed before the publication of Shakespeare's
plays, with annotations by Collier, Halliwell, Dyce, and others.


2015 SHAKESPEARE. A Collection of Prints, from Pic-

tures painted for the Purpose of Illustrating the Dra-
matic Works of Shakespeare, by the Artists of Great
Britain. Land. : published by John & Josiab Boydell. 1803.

2 vols. in i, large folio, half morocco,marbled edges j -wide margins ; 94 very largt and
beautifully executed PLATES, from paintings by Northcote, Smirke, Westall,
Reynolds, Opie, Fuseli, Stothard, West, etc.; 3 or 4 of the PLATXS
MOUNTED; brilliant impressions.

2016 SHAKESPEARIANA. A Catalogue of the Early Edi-

tions of Shakespeare's Plays, &c., by J. O. Halliwell.

London. 1845.

8vo, boards, uncut ; scarce.


the Birth of Shakspeare by the New England Historic-
Genealogical Society, at Boston, April 23d, 1864.

Boston. 1864.

Folio, uncut ; LARGE' PAPER ; zo copies printed. This volume is illustrated with a
large collection of BEAUTIFUL PORTRAITS of Shakespeare, and other PLATES,

mostly proofs on India paper ; a splendid -volume.


Boston. 1864.

8vo, paper, uncut ; 175 copies printed.

2019 SHAKESPEARE. A Series of Ancient, Allegorical, His-

torical and Legendary Paintings, which were discovered
at Stratford-upon-Avon. From Drawings by Thomas
Fisher, Described by J. G. Nichols. London. 1838.

Folio, half morocco, uncut. Alike interesting to the antiquary, the topographer, the
furious in early English art, and the collector of what relates to the birth-
place of our immortal bard.

' Thesv ancient fresco paintings are especially curious, as having been executed in Eng-
land in an age of which, according to the opinion of Walpole, in his 'Hii-
tory of Painting/ no specimens of the art existed. Only 150 copies were
" printed." Gentleman's Magazine.

408 SHARP.

2020 SHALLUS (Francis). Chronological Tables for Every

Day in the Year, Compiled from the most Authentic
Documents. Philadelphia. 1817.

a vols., lamo, half morocco, uncut, by Bradstreet ; tcarcc.

2021 SHARP (T.) A Dissertation on the Pageants or Dram-

atic Mysteries anciently performed at Coventry, by the

/ ^^ Trading Companies of that City. To which are added,

the Pageant of the Shearmen and Taylor's Company,

and other Municipal Entertainments. Coventry. 1825.

4to, cloth; 10 CURIOUS PLATES. Highly commended in the "Retrospective Review."
To show the interest and importance attached to these ancient mysteries,
it may be observed that a manuscript volume of them, at the tale at
Strawberry Hill, sold for no less than 250 IDS.

2022 SHARPE (S.) The History of Egypt from the Earliest

Times till the Conquest by the Arabs A.D. 540. The
Fourth Edition. London. 1859.

a vols., 8vo, tree calf, gilt.

2023 SHARP (J.) A Sermon Preached at Trinity-Church

in New- York, in America, August 13. 1706. At the
Funeral Of the Right Honourable Katherine Lady Corn-
re bury, Baroness Clifton of LeigTiton Bromswold, &c.

Heiress to the most Noble Charles Duke of Richmond
and Lenox, and Wife to his Excellency Edward Lord
Viscount Cornbury, Her Majesty's Captain General,
and Governor in chief of the Provinces of New-York,
New-Jersey, and Territories depending thereon in
America, &c. By John Sharp, A.M. Chaplain to the
Queen's Forces in the Province of New-York.

London: H. Hills, [n. d.]

8vo, pp. 1 6, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. There is a story about
this sermon of this kind : Some of the state dignitaries, having been invited
by Lord Cornbury to attend this funeral, replied that they would be very
happy, indeed, to attend his lordihip't funeral.


2024 SHAW (G.) The Naturalists' Miscellany; or Colored

Figures of Natural Objects drawn from Nature.


5 vols., 8vo, old calf. Contains many hundred FINELY COLORED PLATES.

2025 SHAW. Zoological Lectures. London. 1809.

2 vols., rl. 8vo, half calf; many FINE PLATES.

2026 SHAW (H.) Examples of Ornamental Metal Work.

Drawn and Engraved by Henry Shaw.

London: Pickering. 1836.

2027 SHAW. A Hand Book of the Art of Illumination, as

practiced during the Middle Ages. With a description
of the Metals, Pigments, and Processes employed by
the Artists at different Periods. By Henry Shaw, F.S.A.

London. 1866.

Folio, half morocco, gilt edges ; LARGE PAPER.

2028 SHEA (J. G.) Discovery and Exploration of the Missis-

sippi Valley: with the original narrative of Marquette,
Allouez, Membre, Hennepin, and Anastase Douay.
With a facsimile of the newly discovered Map of Mar-
quette. Redfield: New Tork. 1852.

8 vo, half green morocco, gilt top. Forms Vol. iv of French's " Hist. Col. of Louisiana."

2029 SHELVOCKE (G.) A Voyage round the World. By

the Way of the Great South Sea. 1719-22.

London. 1726.


8o, calf, gilt ; fine copy. Contains the fullest account of California, the natives, &c.,
of any of the old voyagers. Gold dust was discovered by the party in such
abundance, that they were " prejudiced against the thoughts that this metal
should be so promiscuously and universally mingled with the common
earth," but the specimens they brought away were loit.

S 2030 SHEPARD. The | Church Membership | of Children,



and their Right to | Baptisme, j According to that holy and
everlasting Covenant of God, | established between
Himself, and the Faithfull and their seed after | them,
in their Generations : j Cleared up in a Letter sent unto
a worthy Friend of the | Author, and many Yeares ago
written touching that subject ; By Thomas Shepard,
sometime Pastor of the Church | of Christ at Cambridg
[sic] in New-England. | Published at the earnest request
of many ; for the Consolation | and Encouragement,
both of Parents and Children in the Lord. | [Mottoes.]
Cambridg j [sic] Printed by Samuel Green. 1663.)

4to, ii 1., pp. 26, blue crushed levant morocco, by F. Bedford.

203 1 SHEPARD. The j Clear Sun- 1 shine of the Gospel Break-

ing forth | upon the | Indians | in New-England. | Or, | An
Historicall Narration of Gods | Wonderfull Workings

^ "& upon sundry of the) Indians, both chief Governors and

Common-people, | in bringing them to a willing and de-
sired submission to [the Ordinances of the Gospel;
and framing their | hearts to an earnest inquirie after the
knowledge | of God the Father, and of Jesus Christ | the
Saviour of the World. | By Mr. Thomas Shepard Min-
ister of the Gospel of | Jesus Christ at Cambridge in
New-England, j London, Printed by

R. Cotes for John Bellamy at the three Golden\ Lions
in Cornhill near the Roy all Exchange, 1648. |

410, 7 1., pp. 38, calf, by W. Pratt 5 ORIGINAL EDITION; very rare.

2032 SHEPARD. [The same.]

j \T4 New York: Reprinted for Joseph Sabin. 1865.

410, half morocco, gilt top, uncut ; LARGE PAPER j 50 copies printed.

6 2033 SHEPARD. [The same.] New York. 1865.

Fcap 410, uncut. Forms No. x of Sabin's Reprints, Quarto Series.


2034 SHEPARD. Eye-Salve, | Or A | Watch- Word | From our

Lord Jesus Christ unto his Churches: | Especially those
within the Colony of the Massachusets|In New-Eng-
land. | To take heed of Apostacy : | or | A Treatise of
Remembrance of what God hath been to us, as also|
what we ought, and what we ought not to be to him,
as we de- j sire the prolonging of our Prosperous Dayes
in the Land which j the Lord our God hath given us.)
By Thomas Shepard, Teacher of the Church of Christ
in | Charles-Town: | Who was appointed by the Magis-
trates, to Preach on the day of (Election] at Boston, May
15, 1672. | Cambridge, Printed by Samuel Green, 1673.

Sm. 410, 2 ]., pp. 52, blue crushed levant morocco, gilt edges, by F. Bedford. Fine
specimen of early colonial printing, of extreme rarity.

2035 SHERBURNE (A.) Memoirs of Andrew Sherburne; a

Pensioner of the Navy of the Revolution. Written by
Himself. Utiea. 1828.

izmo, sheep.

2036 SHERBURNE (Jno. H.) Life and Character of John

Paul Jones, Captain in the United States Navy during
the Revolutionary War. Washington. 1851.

8vo, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut. PORTRAIT and FACSIMILE.

2037 SHIRLEY (E. P.) The Noble and Gentle Men of Eng-
_ land, the Arms and Descents, &c. London. 1866.

4to, cloth ; THIRD EDITION, corrected.

2038 SHIRLEY (J.) The Dramatic Works and Poems of

James Shirley, now first collected; with Notes by the

l /2 late William Gifford, Esq., and Additional Notes, and

some Account of Shirley and his Writings, by the Rev.

Alexander Dyce. London. MDCCCXXXIII.

6 vol., rl. 8vo, cloth, uncut; LAKGI PAPER; fine clean cofjf -very tcarce. The moit
complete and best edition of Shirley, now quite scarce in this condition.


2039 SHORTER CATECHISM, (The) agreed upon by the

Assembly of Divines at Westminster.

Philadelphia: Printed by B. Fran&Iin. M.DCC.XLV.
8vo, half calf.

2040 SHURTLEFF (N. B.) A Decimal System, for the
^ n Arrangement and Adminstration of Libraries.

Boston: Privately Printed. MDCCCLVI.

4to, cloth.

2041 SIBBALD (J.) Chronicle of Scottish Poetry; from the

Thirteenth Century, to the Union of the Crowns.

Edinburgh. 1802.

4 vols., crown 8vo, boards, uncut ; extremely scarce. Has the scarce cancelled sheet on
page 1 20. Vol. iv contains the glossary.

2042 SIBLEY (John L.) Notices of the Triennial and An-
4 nual Catalogues of Harvard University : with a Reprint

of the Catalogues of 1674, 1682 and 1700.

Boston: John Wilson & Son. 1865.

4to, uncut ; 30 copies printed on LARGE PAPER. Separately printed from the proceed-
ings of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

2043 SIDDONS (Henry). Practical Illustrations of Rhetorical
4$ Gesture and Action; Embellished with Sixty-nine en-
gravings. London. 1822.

8vo, boards, uncut ; scarce.

2044 SIDNEY (P.) The Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia,

Written by Sir Philip Sidney, Knight. Now the ninth


time published, with a twofold Supplement of a defect
in the third book ... Whereunto is also added a Sixth
Booke, By R. B. ... London: J. Waterson. 1638.

Folio, calf. See Beloe's "Anecdotes," m, 364; " Bibl. Poet.," 331; and Harvey's
" Pierce 's Supererogation."

"There is no work in the department of prose fiction which contains more apophthe-
gamic wisdom than the ' Arcadia ' of Sidney." DRAKE.



2045 SIDNEY. The Miscellaneous Works of Sir Philip Sid-

ney, with a Life of the Author, and Illustrative Notes,
by Wm. Gray. Boston. 1860.

8vo. Contains several letters by Sidney, now first published, from the original MSS.

2046 SILLIMAN (B.) Remarks made on a Short Tour, be-

tween Hartford and Quebec, in the Autumn of 1819.

New Haven. 1820.


2047 SIMCOE. A Journal of the Operations of the Queens

Rangers, from the End of the Year 1777. to the Con-
clusion of the late American War. by Lieutenant-
Colonel Simcoe, Commander of that Corps.

Exeter: Printed for the Author. [1782.]

410; red crushed levant morocco, gilt edges over marble; with ten large FOLDED MAPS
and PLANS of military operations. A SUPERB COPY of the excetsivcly rart
ORIGINAL EDITION, and is, in all respects, in as good condition as when

2048 SIMCOE. [The same reprinted, with a Memoir of the

Author.] New Tork. 1844.

8vo, half levant morocco, uncut. This copy is txtentlvtly illustrated with 26 EXTRA
PLATES, some of which are of extreme rarity, including Lord Rawdon,
Major Robert Rogers, Sir Henry Clinton, General Charles Lee, General
Gates, Earl Cornwallis, General Washington, Lafayette (3), Steuben,
Tarleton, and Dr. Franklin.

*' This book was first printed soon after the termination of the War of Independence,
but apparently not published, and was almost unknown to exist, until a few
years ago, when a copy turned up in a sale (I believe of Mr. Chalmers'
library), and from that copy the edition (of 1844, New York) was
printed." RICH.

2049 SIMMS (J. R.) The American Spy, or Freedom's early

Sacrifice: A Tale of the Revolution, Founded upon
Fact. Albany. 1857.

8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut; PLATE; LARGE PAPER; 28 copie printed.


2050 SIMMS. Trappers of New York, or a Biography of
p Nicholas Stiner & Nathaniel Foster; together with


Anecdotes of other celebrated Hunters and some ac-
count of Sir William Johnson and his style of living.

Albany. 1860.

8vo, half green morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstieet; PORTRAIT.

2051 SIMMS (W. G.) Lyrical and other Poems.

Charleston. 1827.
/ 0?

lamo, pp. 198, (6), half red morocco, uncut; FINE EDITION; tcarce.

2052 [SIMMS.] South-Carolina in the Revolutionary War:

being a reply to certain misrepresentations and mistakes
of recent writers, in relation to the course and conduct
of their State, by a Southron.

Charleston: Walker and James. 1853.

Half green morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet; PORTRAIT of W. G. Simms inserted.

2053 SIMS (Clifford S.) The Origin and Signification of Scot-

tish Surnames. With a Vocabulary of Christian
Names. Albany. 1862.

Imp. 8vo, uncut.

2054 SINGER (S. W.) Researches into the History of Play-
4^ ~ tfu ing Cards; with Illustrations of the Origin of Printing

and Engraving on Wood. London. 1816.

OF EARLY PRINTS AND CARDS, some in colon, and many on India fafer , only
250 copies printed ; very scarce.

"It is seldom that the public have seen a more beautifully planned and executed work
than the present. The facsimile engravings upon wood cannot be sur-
passed. The entire impression is limited to 250 copies; so that, when its
intrinsic worth and extrinsic beauty be considered, the curious will not fail
to secure copies whenever they make their appearance." DIBDIN.

2055 [SINGER (S. W.)] Some Account of the Book Printed


at Oxford in MCCCCLXVIII., under the title of Exposicio
Sancti Joronimi in Simbolo Apostolorum. In which is
examined its claim to be considered the First Book
printed in England. London. MDCCCXII.

8vo, half' morocco extra, gilt top, uncut; only 50 copies printed. Concerning this, tee
Johnson's " Typographia," I, p. 83.

2056 SLANG DICTIONARY ; or the Vulgar Words, Street

Phrases, and Fast Expressions of High and Low So-
ciety, Many with their Etymology and a few with their
History traced. London. 1865.

i zmo, cloth ; BEST EDITION.

2057 SLAVERY. Reflexions d'un Cultivateur Americain

sur le projet d'aboler 1'Esclavage & la Traite des
Negres. Ouvrave traduite de 1'Anglais.

A Londres: Et setrouvea Paris Chez Lagrange. 1788.

1 8 mo, z 1. pp. 99, uncut.

2058 SLAVERY. A Collection of rare tracts on Slavery,
L, &c., published in the West Indies. [v. d.]

4to, half calf.

2059 SLEEMAN (W. H.) Rambles and Recollections of an

Indian Official. London. 1844.

a vols., rl. 8vo ; MANY COLOR ID PLATKS.

2060 SLEIDAN. J. Sleidani de Qvatver Svmmis Imperiis

Libri tres.
Lugd. Batavorum Ex officina Elzeviriana. A 9 CID.IDC.XXXI.

3imo, vellum, and another Elzevir imprint.

2061 SLOANE (H.) A Voyage to the Island of Barbados,

Nieves, S. Christophers and Jamaica, with the Natural
History, Illustrated with Figures of the Things describ'd,
In large Copper-Plates as big as the Life. Land. 1707.

416 SMITH.

2 vols., f< >lio, half calf; contains 274 PLATES, which, in this copy, are MOUNTEO ON
GUARDS ; fine copy ; scarce. "A rich mine of natural history. Heath's
copy sold for 10 93.5 Dent's, 17 178.5 Willett's 16 6s." LOWNDES.

Sir Hans Sloane went to Jamaica, as physician to the Duke of Albemarle, where he
remained fifteen months, and made an extensive botanical collection, which
formed the materials from which he wrote his great work.

2062 SMETS (A. A.) Catalogue of the Library, Autographs,
. Smets.

3 vols., 8vo, paper, uncut.

* &c., of A. A. Smets. New York. 1858.

2063 SMITH (B.) An Inquiry into the Authenticity of Docu-

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