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ments concerning a Discovery in North America claimed
to have been made by Verazzano.


4to, pp. 31, paper, uncut; MAP; LARGE PAPER; izo copies printed. See Bradford Club.

2064 SMITH (Charlotte). Elegaic Sonnets.

Worcester: Isaiah Thomas, [n. d.]

24m o, red crushed levant morocco, gilt top, uncut, by F. Bedford.

2065 SMITH (Henry B.) An, Oration ... Dorchester ...

Fourth of July, 1822. Boston. 1822.

8vo, pp. 1 8, uncut; also, J. R. Williams' oration.

2066 SMITH (H. W.) Nuts for Future Historians to Crack.

Containing the Cadwallader Pamphlet, Valley Forge
Letters, &c. Philadelphia. 1856.

8vo, half red morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet. This copy contains an extra title-page.

2067 SMITH (J.) Advertisements | For the unexperienced

Planters of | New-England, or any where. | Or, | The
Path-way to experience to erect a | Plantation. | With
the yearely proceedings of this Country in Fishing (and
Planting, since the yeare 1614. to the yeare 1630. jand
their present estate. | Also how to prevent the greatest


inconveniences, by their | proceedings in Virginia, and

other Plantations,) by approved examples. | With the

Countries Armes, a description of the Coast, | Harbours,

Habitations, Land-markes, Latitude and | Longitude:

with the Map, allowed by our Royall|King Charles. |

By Captaine lohn Smith, sometimes Governour of

Virginia, and Admirall of New-England.) London^

Printed by lohn Haviland^ and are to be sold by \ Robert

Milbovrne^ at the Grey-hound '( in Pauls Church-yard. 1631. |

4to, green morocco, gilt top, uncut.

2068 SMITH. Advertisements For the Unexperienced Planters

Of New England, or anywhere ; or, The Pathway to
erect a Plantation. Boston^ Reprinted. 1865.

Imp. 410, half levant morocco, gilt top; LARGE PAPER; only 25 printed.

2069 SMITH. [Another copy.] Boston. 1865.

Sm. 4to, cloth, uncut ; FACSIMILE OF SMITH'S MAP or NEW ENGLAND (1635).

2070 SMITH. A Description of New England; or Observa-

tions and Discoveries in the North of America in the
Year of our Lord 1614. With the Success of Six
Ships that went the next year, 1615. By Captain John
Smith. (Admiral of that Country.) With a Fac-
simile of the Original Map.

Boston : Will. Veazle. MDCCCLX.

4to, half levant morocco, uncut; LARGE PAPER.

2071 SMITH. [Another copy.] Boston. 1865.

4to, cloth ; SMALL PAPER.

2072 SMITH. The Generall | Historic | of | Virginia, New-

England, and the Summer | Isles : with the names of
the Adventurers, | Planters, Governours from their | first
beginning An. 1584 to this | present 1624. | With the


4l8 SMITH.

Proceedings of those Several Colonies) and the Acci-
dents that befell them in all their) Journeyes and Dis-
coveries. Also the Maps and Descriptions of all those
| Countryes, their Commodities, people, | Government,
Customes, and Religion) yet knowne. j Divided into Sixe
Bookes. | By Captaine lohn Smith sometymes Gover-
nour|in those Countryes & Admirall|of New England.
| London. \ Printed by I. D. and I. H. for
Michael Sparkes. 1624.)

Folio, old calf; MAP AND PLATES.

2073 SMITH. The | Trve Travels, | Adventvres, | and | Obser-
vations j Of | Captaine lohn Smith, | In Europe, Asia,
Affrica, and America, from Anno) Domini 1593. to
1629. | His Accidents and Sea-fights in the Straights ; his
Service | and Stratagems of warre in Hungaria, Transil-
vania, Wallachia, and) Moldavia, against the Turks,
and Tartars; his three single combats | betwixt the
Christian Annie and the Turkes. | After how he was
taken prisoner by the Turks, sold for a Slave, sent into
jTartaria; his description of the Tartars, their strange
manners and customes of) Religions, Diets, Buildings,
Warres, Feasts, Ceremonies, and [Living; how hee
slew the Bashaw of Nalbrits in Gambia, | and escaped
from the Turkes and Tartars. [Together with a con-
tinuation of his generall History of Virginia, ) Summer-
lies, New England, and their proceedings, since 1624.
to this [present 1629; as also of the new Plantations of
the great (River of the Amazons, the lies of S'- Chris-
topher, Mevis, [and Barbados in the West Indies. [All
written by actuall Authours, whose names [you shall
finde along the History. |

London, Printed by jf. H. for Thomas Slater, and are
to bee\ sold at the Blew Bible in Greene Arbour. 1630. |

Folio, purple morocco extra, by W. Mathews ; PORTRAIT inserted.



* 2074 SMITH. [The two preceeding works reprinted.]

Richmond. 1819.

2, vols., 8vo, brown polished calf, gilt top, uncut, by F. Bedford.

^ 2075 SMITH. A True Relation of Virginia, by Captain John
Smith, With an Introduction and Notes, by Charles
Deane. Boston. MDCCCLXVI.

410, half levant morocco, gilt top, uncut; MAP IN FACSIMILE; LARGE PAPER; 35
copies printed. A reprint from the original black letter volume the
earliest published work relative to the colony of Jamestown.

2076 SMITH. [The same.] Boston. MDCCCLXVI.

Fcap 4to, uncut; 280 copies printed.

2077 SMITH (J.) Catalogue Raisonne of the works of the

most eminent Dutch, Flemish and French Painters; in

which is included a short Biographical Notice of the
Artists, with a copious Description of their Principal
Pictures, a Statement of Prices, a Reference to the
Galleries and Private Collections, the names of Artists
by whom they have been engraved, and a Brief Notice
of the Scholars and Imitators of the grqat Masters of
the above Schools, etc., etc., By John Smith.

London. 1829.

9 vols., 7 in half morocco, gilt top, uncut, and z in cloth, uncut ; PORTRAITS of some
of the masters in these schools. But few copies printed, which are now
quite scarce, especially in uncut condition. From W. E. Burton's library.
This elaborate work is indispensable to the collector of paintings.

2078 SMITH (J. J.) American Historical and Literary Curi-

osities; consisting of Fac-Similies of some Plates, &c.
Relating to Columbus, and Original Documents of the
Revolution, &c., with a Variety of Reliques, Antiqui-
ties, and Autographs. Edited by John Jay Smith.
Second Series. New York. 1860.

Folio, half green levant morocco, gilt top; 64 PLATES; LARGE PAPER. Complete in

420 SMITH.

2079 SMITH (J. R.) Bibliotheca Americana. Catalogue of

Books Relating to America. London. MDCCCLIII.

8vo, half morocco.

2080 SMITH (J. R.) An Authentic Narrative of the Causes

which led to the Death of Major Andre, Adjutant-
S^^c+ General of His Majesty's Forces in North America.

By Joshua Hett Smith. To which is added a Monody
on the Death of Major Andre by Miss Seward.

London. 1808.

8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut; 53 PORTRAITS and PLATES inserted ; some -very fine.

2081 SMITH. Record of the Trial of Joshua Hett Smith,

Esq., for alleged complicity in the Treason of Benedict
x 1 * & o

Arnold, 1780. Edited by Henry B. Dawson.

Morrisania. 1866.

8vo, 3 1., pp. r 1 6, half" blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. No. 24 of 50
copies printed. Inserted in this copy are FINE AND RARE PORTRAITS of
Arnold by Du Simitier, Andre, Hamilton, Sir Henry Clinton, Capture of
Andre, Lafayette, Washington, Putnam. Very rare.

2082 SMITH (J.) A Descriptive Catalogue of Friends' Books

or Books written by Members of the Society of Friends
* commonly called Quakers, From their first Rise to the

Present Time, interspersed with Critical Remarks and
Occasional Biographical Notices, and including all
writings by Authors before Joining and by those after
having left the Society, whether averse or not, as far as
known, compiled by Joseph Smith. London. 1863.

2, vols., imp. 8vo, cloth, uncut; LARGE PAPER; -very scarce. The best work on the
subject. The collector of early American imprints will find the titles of
many books in this work which are comparatively unknown.

2083 SMITH (P.) A History of the World, from the Earliest

SMITH. 421

Records to the Present Time. . By Philip Smith, B.A.
... Illustrated by Maps, Plans, and Engravings.

New York. 1865.

3 vols., 8vo, half morocco.

2084 SMITH (S.) The | History | of | the Colony | of | Nova-
Caesaria, or New-Jersey ;| Containing, an Account of
its First Settlement, | Progressive Improvements,) the
Original and Present Constitution, [and other Events, |
to the Year iJ2i.\ With some Particulars Since j and|
a Short View of its present state, | By Samuel Smith. |

Burlington^ in New- Jersey : \ Printed and sold by

James Parker : Sold also by \ David Hall^ in

Philadelphia. MDCCLXV. |

8vo, morocco, gilt top, uncut, by T. Aitkin. TAis it the only copy <we have teen in thit
UNCUT CONDITION, and it probably UNIQUE. Roche's copy, cut,
sold for $52.50.

.2085 [SMITH (Seba).] The Life and Writings of Major Jack
~t &

Downing, Of Downingville, away down East in the

state of Maine. Third Edition. Boston. 1834.

izmo, pp. 238, boards; PLATES.

j tf 2086 SMITH (Sol.) Theatrical Apprenticeship. Phila. 1847.

i2mo, pp. 215; WOODCUTS.

2087 SMITH (S.) The works of Sydney Smith. Fourth

Edition. London: Longman. 1848.

3 vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut 5 PORTRAIT.

2088 SMITH (W.) The History of the Province of New
, * York, from the First Discovery to the Year M.DCC.XXXII.

To which is annexed, A Description of the Country,
with a Short Account of the Inhabitants, their Trade,
Religious and Political State, and the Constitution of
the Courts of Justice in that Colony. Land. M.DCC.LVII.

422 SMITH.

410, morocco extra, gilt edges, by W. Mathews; a splendid LARGE PAPER Copy, and
believed to be UNIQUE ; it is certainly UNKNOWN to all bibliographers.

"Smith gives us important details of the wars between the French and English in
America. It also gives the best account of the confederation of the
Iroquois." Dz TOCQUEVILLE.

2089 SMITH. [Another Edition.] New York. 1830.

2.' vols., 8vo, boards, uncut ; scarce.

X 2090 [SMITH (Dr. W.) A Brief | State] of the] Province) of |
Pennsylvania, | in which | The Conduct of their Assem-
blies for several) Years past is impartially examined, and
the j true Cause of the continual Encroachments of) the
French displayed, more especially the secret | Design of
their late unwarrantable Invasion [and Settlement upon
/ST* the River Ohio. | To which is annexed, | An easy Plan

for restoring Quiet in the public Mea-jsures of that
Province, and defeating the ambitious | Views of the
French in time to come. | In a Letter from a Gentle-
man who | has resided many Years in Pennsylvania) to
his Friend in London. | London : \ Printed for R. Griffiths
at the Dunciad, in Pater \Noster- Row. 1755.)

8vo, pp. 88, polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford.

, 2091 SMITH. A Brief State of the Province of Pennsylvania.
By William Smith, D.D.

New York: Reprinted for J. Sabin. 1865.

Rl. 8vo, half morocco, uncut.

2092 SMITH. [The same.] New York. 1865.

8vo, uncut ; zoo copies printed. Sabin's Reprints, No. iv.

v 2093 [SMITH.] A Brief View Of the Conduct of Pennsyl-
vania, For the Year 1755; So far as it affected the
General Service of the British Colonies, particularly the



expedition under the late General Braddock. With an
Account of the Shocking Inhumanities, committed by
Incursions of The Indians upon the Province in Oc-
tober and November; ... London. 1756.

8vo, half morocco ; very scarce. This work, written anonymously by Dr. Wm. Smith,
is in continuation of his "Brief State," etc. (the preceding lot.) An
elaborate notice of this work will be found in the Monthly Review, XH,
192, xiv, 208.

2094 [SMITH.] An Historical Account of the Expedition

against the Ohio Indians, in the Year 1764. Under the
Command of Henry Bouquet, Esq: ... Including His
Transactions with the Indians, relative to the delivery
of their prisoners, and the preliminaries of Peace. With
an Introductory Account Of the Preceding Campaign,
and Battle at Bushy-Run. Philadelphia:

Printed and sold by William Bradford. M.DCC.LXV.

4to, Title, i 1., pp. xiii, 71, morocco extra, by W. Mathews; MAPS and PLATES. A
beautiful copy of the FIRST AND BEST EDITION. The maps are mounted on
linen. PLATE inserted.

2095 [SMITH.] [Another Edition.] London. M DCC LXVI.

4to, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. This most rare -work is curious
'*9 a from its containing two fne HISTORICAL PLATES, engraved by Grignon

from the earliest drawings of Benjamin West.

2096 [SMITH.] Relation Historique de 1'Expedition centre
A Les Indiens de 1'Ohio MDCCLXIV. Traduit de 1'An-

glais. Par C. G. F. Dumas.

A Amsterdam, chez Marc-Michel Rey, M.DCC.LXIX

8vo, pp. xvi, 147, (10) j 2 MAPS. This edition contains a preface by the translator.

2097 SMITH. An | Oration | in Memory of) General Mont-
' f .*+ gomery,|and of the (Officers and Soldiers, | who Fell

with Him, December 31, 1775, | Before | Quebec; |

424 SMITH.

Drawn up (and Delivered February igth, 1776)) At the

Desire of the (Honourable Continental Congress. | By

William Smith, D.D. | ... | Philadelphia, Printed ;\

London,\ Reprinted for J. Almon. ... MDCCLXXVI. |

8vo, pp. iv, 36, half bound, uncut.

2098 SMITH. A | Sermon | On the Present Situation of | Amer-

ican Affairs^ | Preached in Christ-Church, | June 23,
1 775, | At the Request of the Officers of the | Third
Battalion of the City of | Philadelphia, and District of
Southwark. | By William Smith, D.D. [Provost of the
College in that City. |

Philadelphia, Printed: \ London, Re-printed,
a Second Time, \for Edward and Charles Dilly. \

8vo, 2 1., pp. iv, 32, calf gilt, gilt edges. The title-page has the following inscription :
"The author requests Cols. Cadwalader's Acceptance of the English Edi-
tion of a Sermon Published at his request & the Officers of the Battalion,
& that he will give it a Place in his Library."

2099 SMITH (W.) Dictionary of Greek and Roman An-
>* p tiquities. Edited by William Smith, LL.D. ... Second

Edition. Boston [i. e. London], MDCCCLXV.

Medium 8vo, half calf.

2100 SMITH. Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography
' ^ / anc * Mythology. Edited by William Smith, LL.D. ...

Boston [i. e. London\. 1859.

3 vols., medium 8vo, half calf.

2101 SMITH. Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography.

Edited by William Smith, LL.D. Illustrated by nu-
merous Engravings on Wood.

Boston [i. e. London^. 1854.

2 vols., medium 8vo, half calf.

SMYTH. 4.25

2102 SMITH. A Dictionary of the Bible, comprising its An-

tiquities, Biography, Geography, and Natural History.
Edited By William Smith, LL.D.

London: John Murray. 1863.

3 vols, medium 8vo, half calf. The above four lots are uniformly bound.

2103 SMOLLETT (T.) History of England from the Revo-
^ lution to George II. London. 1841. [Also], History

of the Reign of George III. By R. Bissett.

London. 1820.

Together, 10 vols., 8vo, calf, gilt; fne copy. These form a pendant to Hume's " His-
tory." See " Oxford Classics."

2104 SMOLLETT. The Miscellaneous Works of Tobias
* 0& Smollett, M.D. With Memoirs of the Life and Writ-
ings of R. Anderson, M.D. The Sixth Edition.

Edinburgh. 1820.

6 vols., 8vo, polished calf; an elegant set.

"Smollett inherited from nature a strong sense of ridicule, a great fund of original
humor, and a happy versatility of talent, by which he could accommodate
his style to almost every species of writing. He could adopt, alternately,
the solemn, the lively, the sarcastic, the burlesque, and the vulgar. To
these qualifications, he joined an inventive genius, and a vigorous imagina-
tion." TYTLER.

" Perhaps no books ever written excited such peals of inextinguishable laughter as
Smollett's." SIR WALTER SCOTT.

'His ' Count Fathom,' however (as well as his other novels), is affirmed, on the prin-
ciple of the

" ' Ridenttm dicert veruai

S^uid vetat ?'

to have contained some historical truths ; where he speaks of persons of
mean parentage, self-raised (' highly to their honor ') to power and fortune :
' One sprung from the loins of an obsure attorney ; another was the grand-
son of a valet-de-chambre : a third the issue of an accountant ; and a fourth,
the offspring of a woolen draper ' alluding to the Yorkes, the Foxes, the
Aislabies, and the Manns." WRANGHAM.

2105 SMYTH (Sir James). Precis of the Wars in Canada,



from 1755 to the Treaty of Ghent in 1814. With

Military and Political Reflections.

London: Privately Printed for Official People only. 1826.

8vo, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet.

2106 SNOW (Caleb H.) History of Boston, the Metropolis
'/7f7t/~ of Massachusetts, from its Origin to the Present Period ;


with Some Account of the Environs. Second edition.

Boston. 1828.

8vo, half brown morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet; MAPS, and 18 PLATES of
PROMINENT BUILDINGS, etc., in Boston and vicinity ; scarce.

2107 [SNOWDEN.] The American Revolution; Written

in the Style of Ancient History. In two volumes.
Philadelphia: Printed by Jones, Hojf& Derrick. M,DCC,xcni.

izmo, pp. xii, 225, xii, 216, old sheep.

2108 [SNOWDEN.] The | History | of the | American | Revo-

lution; | In Scripture Style. | To which is added, | the
Declaration | of Independence, [the [Constitution of the
United States of| America, | and the | interesting Fare-
well Address | of | General Washington. |

Frederick County, Md.,\ ... Matthias Bartges. \ 1823. |
I2mo, pp. xii, 300, half calf, uncut; CURIOUS WOODCUT PORTRAIT OF WASHINGTON;


2109 SNOWDEN. The American Revolution Written in
0? ^ Scriptural, or Ancient Historical Style. By Richard

Snowden. Baltimore: Printed by W. Pechin, ... [n. d.]

I2tno, pp. 360, Columbiad, 44, old calf.

21 10 SNOWDEN (J. R.) A Description of the Medals of

Washington, of National and Miscellaneous Medals ;
and of other Objects of Interest in the Museum of the
Mint ... By J. R. Snowden.

Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincotttf Co. 1861.

4to, cloth, gilt.



of the Pennsylvania Society of the Cincinnati. To
which is Prefixed, the General Institution of the Order,
as originally framed, and afterwards altered at the gen-
eral meeting in May, 1784. Published by direction of
that State Society.

Philadelphia: Printed by John Steele. 1785.

8vo, half green morocco, by Bradstreet j FRONTISPIECE inserted.

21 1 2 SOCIETY. A | Gratulatory Address) delivered July

5 th 1790. before the [Society of the (Cincinnati, | of the |

^ > Commonwealth of Massachusetts. | Published by their

Order. | Printed in Boston, \ By

Benjamin Russell, near the State-House, \ M,DCC,XC. |

Sm. 4:0, pp. 14, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet.

2113 SOCIETY. Proceedings of the Society of the Cincin-

nati. Philadelphia. 1847.

Imp. 8 vo, half morocco, uncut.

2114 SOCIETY. Institution of the Society of the Cincin-

nati in New Jersey. Albany N. T. 1866.

8vo, uncut.

2115 SOME Observations, Shewing The Danger of Losing

the Trade of the Sugar Colonies. Humbly Offer'd To
the Consideration of the Parliament. By a Planter.

London : Printed' in the Tear, Moccxiv.

8vo, pp. 15 ; and three other rare tracts on the tame subject.

2116 SOMERBY (G. A.) Catalogue of the Library of G. A.

Somerby. Boston. 1 869.

8vo, uncut; priced.


2117 SOTHEBY (S. L.) Ramblings in the Elucidation of the

428 SOUTH.

Autograph of Milton. Illustrated by Photographs of
Milton, and fac-stmiles. London. MDCCCLXI.

Folio, morocco, with characteristic designs inlaid on sides, gilt top. The subject
thoroughly treated, and the illustrations produced at great expense.

21 18 SOUL (J. H.) The Annals of San Francisco, containing

a Summary of the History of the First Discovery, Set-
tlement, Progress, and Present Condition of California.

New York. 1865.

8vo, morocco extra, gilt edges.

2119 SOUTH CAROLINA. Collections of the South-Caro-

lina Historical Society. Charleston. 1857-59.

3 vols., 8vo, cloth. Complete sets are scarce.

2120 SOUTH CAROLINA. Historical Collections of South

Carolina; embracing many Rare and Valuable Pam-
phlets, and other Documents relating to the History of
that State. Compiled by B. R. Carroll. N. T. 1836.

2 vols., 8vo, half roan; MAP. See [Young], Lot No. 2642.

2121 [SOUTHEY (R.)] The Doctor. London. 1835-1847.

7 vols., crown 8vo, cloth, uncut; BEST EDITION.
J /

&J> 2122 [SOUTHEY.] The Annual Anthology. Bristol. [1800.]

2 vols., fcap 8vo, half morocco, gilt top.

2123 SOUTHEY. Sir Thomas More; or Colloquies on the

Progress and Prospects of Society. London. 1829.

2 vols., 8vo, half morocco, gilt top.

" Full of wisdom and devotion, of poetry and feeling conceived altogether in the spirit
of other times, such as Evelyn, or Isaac Walton, or George Herbert, would
have delighted in." {Quarterly Review.


2124 SOUTH SEA COMPANY. An Examination of the

Scheme, &c. London. 1720.

8vo ; three rare tracts.



2125 SOUTHWELL (R.) Maiic Magdalen's Funerall Tears

for the Death of our Saviour. London. 1823.

Sq. 8vo, half vellum, gilt top, uncut. " Never must be forgotten those serious poems
said to be Father Southwell's ; the English whereof as it is most proper,
so the sharpness and light of wit is very rare in them." BOLTON. &*
"Cens. Lit.,"vij Bibl. Ang. Poet.," Nos. 672-677; "Gents. Mag.,"
Nov., 1798 ; " Ret. Rev.," iv, 267-280. The author was executed at
Tyburn in 1595, at. 35.

2126 SPARKS (J.) The Library of American Biography.

Conducted by Jared Sparks. [First and Second Series.]
New York and Boston. 1 860, etc.

25 vols., izmo, boards, uncut.

2127 SPARKS. The Life of Gouverneur Morris, with Se-

lections from his Correspondence and Miscellaneous
Papers; Detailing Events in the American Revolution,
the French Revolution, and in the Political History of
the United States. Boston: Gray fcf Bowen. 1832.

3 vols., 8vo, half green morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet; PORTRAIT.

2128 SPARKS. A Reply to the Strictures of Lord Mahon

and others, in the Mode of Editing the Writings of
Washington. Cambridge. 1852.

8vo, pp. 35 ; scarce.

2129 SPARKS. The Life of Washington. Boston. 1839.

2 vols., 8vo, elegantly bound in morocco, with tooled sides and inside edges, gilt top,
uncut. This work has been extended, by the insertion of 114 ILLUS-
TRATIONS, to two volumes. Each has an EXTRA TITLE-PAGE, beautifully
fainted in water colon, and illustrating the birth-place (2 views), Mount
Vernon, Pohick Church, first head-quarters, New York, Valley Forge,
Newburg, Richmond Hill, Morristown, and Washington's grave. All the
INSERTED PLATES are_/SW, and many rare, especially the following : Arnold,
Lafayette, De Vergennes, Wm. Elden, Silas Deane, Franklin, Mount
Vernon, etc. A very singular PORTRAIT of Charles Lee is included. All
the plates which were not as large as the page have been inlaid in the
most exquisite manner by Trent. See, alto, Washington (G.)



2130 SPENCE (J.) Anecdotes, Observations, and Characters,

of Books and Men. Collected from the Conversation

yhMV &

of Mr. Pope, and other Eminent Persons of his Time.
With Notes, and Life of the Author. By Samuel
Weller Singer. London. 1858.

Crown 8vo, tree calf, gilt edges, by Riviere; PORTRAIT; LARGE PAPER; few printed $

" Who censured with respect, and praised with alacrity." DR. JOHNSON.

2131 SPENSER (G.) Calendarium Pastorale. The Shep-
, 00 herds Calendar. London, [n. d.]

8 vo, half bound, uncut; MANY FINE PLATES. In Latin and English. FIRST EDITION,
containing the suppressed caricature PORTRAIT of Dr. Cooke, Provost of
Eton, as an ass, teaching. See Pickering (W.)

2132 SPOONER (S.) A Biographical History of the Fine

Arts; or, Memoirs of the Lives and Works of Em-
inent Painters, Engravers, Sculptors, and Architects.


& o ^r From the earliest ages to the present time. Alphabeti-

cally arranged, and condensed from the best authorities,
including the works of Vasari, Lanzi Kugler, Dr. Waa-
gen, Bryan, Pilkington, Walpole, Sir Charles East-
lake, and Mrs. Jameson. With Chronological Tables
of Artists and their Schools, Plates of Monograms, etc.
By S. Spooner, M.D. New York. 1865.

z vols. extended to 10 vols., stout 4to, by the insertion of OVER ONE THOUSAND
. half crimson levant morocco, gilt tops ; LARGE PAPER. Of all the works

usually illustrated, there is scarcely one which offers more scope for instruc-
tive amusement than this dictionary, and we cannot do better than print,
with some verbal alterations, the description in Mr. Bouton's catalogue :

" The illustrations in these volumes are of great variety, and possess unusual excellence,

Online LibraryJohn A. (John Asaph) RiceCatalogue of Mr. John A. Rice's library, to be sold by auction on Monday, March 21st, 1870, and five following days by Bangs, Merwin & co → online text (page 29 of 36)