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being the gleanings of many years by a diligent collector from the London
print emporiums, reinforced by numerous additions of rare plates from the
continent. No prominent subject has been neglected, while of many
there are various illustrations. The variety of design of which such a work
admits is very great, permitting not only portraits of the artists, but exhi-


bitions of their works, and specimens of engravers and peculiar style* of
art. All of these various sources of interest have been provided for in
these richly decorated volumes. They have been prepared in London with
great care, are all, when necessary, tastefully and carefully inlaid, and ex-
hibit, as a whole, a comprehensive view of the fine arts, embracing different
countries and eras, from the revival of painting to the present day. The
cost of the preparation of such a work can be properly estimated only
by those who have made similar attempts at illustration. In this country
it would be impossible to procure the engravings, but, wherever procured,
the expense in the destruction of costly works, to say nothing of the long-
continued search for the material, must be very great. The work, as now
perfected, invites careful examination, and will well repay the attention of
students of art."

The work is based on Bryan's " Dictionary," concerning whom a writer in the Literary
Gazette justly remarks : " No private individual has been more conspicuous
in the annals of British art than the late Michael Bryan, Esq. j and very
few, if any, of his contemporaries have had so much influence in all mat-
ters of refined connoisseurship as he exercised for a number of years. His
skill and judgment in pictures were looked up to as decisive of the merit
or demerit of paintings, whether derived from ancient masters or from the
easels of modern genius, and many hundred thousand pounds have been
expended upon his dicta in affairs of this kind. His valuable publication,
the ' Biographical and Critical Dictionary of Engravers,' is a great improve-
ment as well as enlargement of Pilkington's design, and is an evidence of
the diligence and talents of the author, which will hand down his name
with distinction to the latest posterity."

2133 SPRECNERUS. F. Sprecheri Rhetia, vbi Eius verus

situs Politia, bella, foedara, et alia memorabilia accura-
r^ * tissime describunter.

Lvgd. Batavorum, Ex officina Elzeviriana Anno 1633.

321110, vellum. A neat specimen of an Elzevir imprint.

2134 SPRY (H. H.) Modern India. London. 1838.

a vols., post 8vo, half calf.

2135 SQUIER (E. G.) Collection of Rare and Original Docu-

ments and Relations, concerning The Discovery and

43 2


Conquest of America. Published in the Original, with
Translations, Illustrative Notes, etc.

New York. MDCCCLX.

410, half morocco, uncut ; 100 copies printed.

2136 SQUIER. Monograph of Authors who have Written

on the Languages of Central America, and Collected
Vocabularies or Composed Works in the Native Dia-
lects of that Country. By E. G. Squier.

London: Trubner & Co. M.D.CC.LXI.

4to, pp. 70, uncut; 100 copies printed.

2137 STANLEY (Thos.) History of Philosophy, containing

the Lives, Opinions, Actions and Discourses of the
Philosophers of every Sect. London. 1701.

Folio, calf j PORTRAITS by Faithorne. " Stanley's ' History of Philosophy ' is, in a great
measure, confined to biography ; he brought a good deal from an almost
untrodden field." H.LLAM.

2138 STAMP ACT. Rights of Parliament Vindicated, On

Occasion of the late Stamp-Act. [Dulany] Considera-
tions on the Propriety of Imposing Taxes, 1766. Pro-
test against the Bill To repeal the American Stamp-
Act, 1776. London, [v. d.]

3 rare tracts on the Stamp Act in I vol., 8vo, half russia.

2139 STANSBURY (H.) Exploration and Survey of the

Valley of the Great Salt Lake of Utah, including a
^ Reconnoissance of a New Route through the Moun-

tains. Washington. 1853.

2 vols., 8vo, one being an atlas, cloth.

2140 STARK (J.) Reminiscences of the French War; Con-

taining Rogers' Expeditions with the New-England
Rangers, under his Command, as published in London



in 1765; with Notes and Illustrations. To which is
added an Account of the Life and Military Services of
Maj. Gen. John Stark; with Notices and Anecdotes of
other Officers distinguished in the French and Revolu-
tionary Wars. Concord, N. H. : Luther Roby. 1831.

izmo, pp. 175, boards, uncut; PLATE.

2141 STATESMAN'S MANUAL (The). Containing the

Presidents' Messages, Inaugural, Annual and Special,
from 1789 to 1858, with their Memoirs and Histories
of their Administrations. Together with a very,valu-
able collection of National and Statistical Documents,
&c. By E. Williams and B. J. Lossing. Revised
Edition. New York. [1866.]

4 vols., large 8vo, cloth ; STEEL PORTRAITS of the PRESIDENTS.

2142 STATE PAPERS, Documents, Legislative and Execu-

tive, of the Congress of the United States, from the
First Session of the First, to the Second Session of the
Twenty Second Congress, Inclusive. Commencing
March 3, 1789, and ending March 3, 1833. Selected
and Edited, under the Authority of Congress, by Wal-
ter Lowrie, Secretary of the Senate, and M. St. Clair
Clarke, Clerk of the House of Representatives.

Washington: Published by Gales & Beaton. 1833.

In zi vols., folio, half russia. This great historical work was printed by order of the
United States government, and was distributed through the members of
Congress, but was never for sale. It has been long out of print, and com-
plete copies are not common. It contains reprints, not only of all the
early irregular publications of the Congress that could be found, but many
important papers from the archives of the government never before pub-

2143 STATE PAPERS and Publick Documents of the United

States from the Accession of George Washington to
the Presidency, Exhibiting a complete view of our


Foreign Relations since that time. Second Edition
Published under the Patronage of Congress. Including
Confidential Documents, now first published.

Boston. 1817.

12 vols., 8vo, boards, uncut.

2144 STATE PAPERS. Register of Debates in Congress.

Comprising leading Debates and Incidents. ...

Washington. 1825-35.

V] vols., imp. 8vo, sheep. This, with the succeeding lot, forms a complete Official
Register of the Debates in Congress, from 1824 to 1867. Their im-
portance is well indicated by De Tocqueville, who truly remarked that
* " the Literature and Science of the Great Republic lies buried in her
public papers."

2145 STATE PAPERS. Congressional Globe: Containing
oo Sketches of the Debates and Proceedings of the Con-

m *

gress. City of Washington. 1 834- 1867.

60 vols., 4to, half bound. So extensive a series, complete from the commencement,
is rarely to be found.

2146 STATISTICS (The) at Large of the Provisional Gov-
/ Q ernment of the Confederate States of America, from the

Institution of the Government, February 8, 1861, to
its Termination, February 18, 1862, inclusive. Ar-
ranged in Chronological Order. Together with the
Constitution for the Provisional Government, and the
permanent Constitution of the Confederate States, and
the Treaties concluded by the Confederate States with
Indian Tribes. Edited by James M. Mathews, ...
Richmond: R. M. Smith, Printer to Congress. 1864.

Rl. 8vo, pp. xvi, 411, xlviii. See "Public Laws."



_. 04t droit desir ou noeud Institue a Naples en 1352 par

Louis d'Anjou, Premier du nom, Roi de Jerusalem, de
Naples et de Sicile. Manuscrit du xivme Siecle con-


serve au Louvre. Avec une Notice Sur la Peinture
nes Miniatures et de la Description du Manuscrit par
M. le Comte Horace de Viel-Castel.

Paris: Engelman et Graf. 1853.

Folio, beautifully bound in crushed levant morocco, with inside toolings and ornamental
paper, gilt edges, by Gruel; 17 SPLENDID PLATES in gold and colon ,-
one of the most BEAUTIFUL VOLUMES extant.

2148 STEARNS (J. E.) Historical Discourse, relating to the

First Presbyterian Church in Newark. Newark. 1853.
8 vo, cloth; PORTRAITS.

2149 STEBBINGS (H.) Lives of the Italian Poets.


London. 1831.

3 vols., post 8vo, half calf; scarce.

2150 STEBBINS (R. T.) A Centennial Discourse ... Leo-

r, September 24, 1842. Bost

8vo, half morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet.

minister, September 24, 1842. Boston. MDCCCXLIII.

2151 STEDMAN (C.) The History of the Origin, Progress,

and Termination of the American War. London. 1 794.

2 vols., 410, morocco, gilt top, uncut; 15 MAPS and PLANS. The work is par-
ticularly valuable on account of the large and splendid MILITARY MAPS
and SURVEYS, from the official originals by the British engineering staff,
with which it is adorned. Fisher's copy sold for $38 ; Morrell's, $38.

" Stcdman wrote a ' History of the American War,' an actor in the scene, and a sen-
sible man. He served under Howe, Clinton and Cornwallis, and when
the conduct of the war is to be estimated, he must be consulted." SMYTHE.

2152 STEDMAN. [Another Edition.] Dublin. 1 795.

2 vols., 8vo, old calf.

2153 STEDMAN (Capt. J. G.) Narrative of a five years'

expedition, against the Revolted Negroes of Surinam
in Guiana, on the Wild Coast of South America j from
the year 1772 to 1777 : elucidating the History of that



country, and describing its Productions, viz. Quadru-
peds, Birds, Fishes, Reptiles, Trees, Shrubs, Fruits
and Roots ; with an account of the Indians of Guiana.

London. 1813.

2 vols., 410, calf; 80 PLATES.

"In this work, which is as entertaining as a romance, will be found a lively picture of
Surinam and its inhabitants." LOWNDES.

" A very amusing and instructive work." PINKERTON.

x^_ <l 2154 STEELE (Sir R.) The Theatre. With the Anti-
Theatre. London. 1791.

2 vols., crown 8vo, boards, uncut.

2155 STEELE (Z.) The Indian Captive ; or a Narrative of

the Captivity and Sufferings of Zadock Steele, Re-
^ *C* lated by himself. To which is prefixed an Account of

the Burning of Royalton.

Montpelier,Vt.: Published by the Author. 1818.
izmo, pp. 142, Names, i 1,

2156 STEINMETZ (A.) Manual -of Weathercasts.

London. 1 866.

I2mo. The only recent work on the subject.


*J? 2157 STEPHEN (Sir James). Lectures on the History of
France. London. 1857.

2 vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut j THIRD EDITION.

2158 STEPHENSON (M.) A Call from Death to Life,
* c c Being an Account of the Sufferings of Marmaduke

Stephenson, William Robinson and Mary Dyer, in

New England in the year 1659. London^ Printed,

i66oj \_Providence, Privately Reprinted, 1865.]

Sm. 4to j 100 copies printed.

2159 STERLINE. Recreations with the Mvses. By Wil-
/ , f liam Earle of Sterline.

London: Printed by Tho. Harper. 1637.



Folio, calf; ENGRAVED TITLE ; POT*AIT inserted ; fine clean copy, with good margins ;
vtry scarce. His poetry, for purity and excellence, it far beyond the gen-
erality of the productions of the age in which he lived.

2160 [STERNE (L.)] A Sentimental Journey. Land. 1794.

I2mo, calf; FINK PLATES.

2161 STEVENS. Historical Nuggets Bibliotheca Americana

or a Descriptive Account of my collection of Rare
Books relating to America Henry Stevens GMB FSA

London Printed by Wbittingham and Wilkins Took;
Court Chancery Lane MDCCCLXH

2 vols., fcap 8vo, morocco, gilt top, uncut ; elegantly printed. Contains the titles, at
length, of three thousand books relating to America.

2162 STEVENS. Bibliotheca Americana. A Catalogue of

Books relating to the History and Literature of Amer-
ica. Sold by Auction. London. 1861.

Rl. 8vo, pp. 275, cloth, uncut. The " Nuggets " have now become scarce, but the
titles, with a very few exceptions, will be found in this catalogue.

2163 STEVENS (Thaddeus). An Address, delivered on the

Fourth of July, 1835, at an Anti-Masonic Celebration.

Pittsburgh, [n. d.]

8vo, pp. 8.

o 2164 STEWART (C. S.) A Trip to Boston.

Boston. M DCCC xxxviii.

i8mo, pp. 204, cloth.

r e 2165 STEWART (R. J.) A Geography for Beginners.

Richmond, Va. 1864.

iamo, pp. viii, 223, cloth; MAPS. The late confederacy is much magnified in this
English work.

2166 STILES (Ezra). A History of Three of the Judges of
King Charles I. Major-General Whalley, Major-
General Goffe, and Colonel Dixwell i Who, at the


Restoration, 1660, Fled to America ; and were secreted
and concealed, in Massachusetts and Connecticut, for
nearly thirty years, ... Hartford. 1794.

izmo, red crushed levant morocco, gilt edges, by W. Mathews; PORTRAIT,//;* im-
pression, and PLATES ;_/? clean copy ; rare. Morrell's copy sold for $20;
H. A. Smith's, $15; Wight's, $12; Fisher's, $11.50; Bruce's, $11.50.

2167 STILES. The United States elevated to | Glory and

Honor. | A | Sermon, | Preached before | His Excellency |
Jonathan Trumbull, Esq. L.L.D. | Governor and Com-
mander in Chief, | And the Honorable | The General
Assembly | of | The State of Connecticut, | Convened at
Hartford, j At the | Anniversary Election, May 8 ch > 1 783.
| By Ezra Stiles, D.D. [President of Yale-College. |

New- Haven : \ Printed by
Thomas ff Samuel Green. \ M,DCC,LXXXIII. |

Sm. 410, pp. 99, half crushed levant morocco.

2168 STILES (H. R.) Bundling; its Origin, Progress and

Decline in America. Albany. 1869.

l6mo, pp. 139, cloth, uncut. The only American work on this curious subject.
/ y

/f *J* 2169 STILES. A History of the City of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn. 1867.

2 vols., imp. 8vo, uncut ; LARGE PAPER ; published by subscription.

/ a o 2170 STILES. Letters from the Prison-Ships of the Revolu-
tion. With Notes. New Tork : Privately Printed. 1865.

410, half morocco, uncut; LARGE PAPER; 35 copies printed. Forms No. i of "The
Wallabout Prison-Ship Series."

2171 STILES. [The same.] N.T.: Privately Printed. 1865.

t 8vo, paper, uncut; 80 copies printed, 35 of which are on LARGE PAPER.


c e

2172 STILES. Account of the Interment of the Remains of



American Patriots, who perished on Board the Prison-
Ships During the American Revolution. With Notes
and an Appendix, By Henry R. Stiles, M.D.

New York: Privately Printed. 1865.

4to, half morocco, uncut; LARGE PAPER; 35 copies printed. Forms No. n of 'The
Wallabout Prison-Ship Series."

2173 STILES. [The same.] N.Y.: Privately Printed. 1865.

8vo, boards, uncut.

/"" 2174 STILLMAN (S.) Two Sermons on the Execution of
Levi Ames. Boston. M DCC LXXIII.

8vo, pp. 67, half brown morocco.

L ^2175 STIMPSON (W.) Synopsis of the Marine Invertebrata
of Grand Manan, New Brunswick. fFash. 1853.

410, pp. 66, (i), half calf; 2 PLATES.

2176 STIRLING. Narrative of the Oppressive Law Proceed-
f __ ings, and other Measures, resorted to by the British

Government and numerous Private Individuals, to over-
power the Earl of Stirling, and subvert his lawful rights.
Written by Himself. Also a Genealogical Account of
the Family of Alexander, Earls of Stirling, etc.

Edinburgh. 1836.

4to, half green morocco; 2 PORTRAITS inserted.

2177 STITH (W.) The|History | of the | First Discovery | and

| Settlement j of | Virginia : | Being | An Essay towards a
General | History of this Colony. | By William Stith
A.M. (Rector of Henrico Parish, and one of the Gov-
ernors of | William and Mary College.'|
Williamsburg: \ Printed by William Parks. M,DCC,XLVII.

8vo, polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford ; very fne and large copy. The valuable
original documents from which it is compiled have been recently destroyed
by fire.


2178 STITH. The History of the First Discovery and Set-

tlement of Virginia. By William Stith, A.M.

New York: Reprinted for Joseph Sabin. 1865.

Rl. 8vo, half blue morocco, gilt top; LARGE PAPER; 50 copies printed.

2179 STITH. [The same.] New York. 1866.

8vo, uncut; SMALL PAPER; 200 copies printed. Forms No. vi of Sabin's Reprints,
Octavo Series.

4 2180 STOBO (R.) Memoirs of Major Robert Stobo, of the
Virginia Regiment. Pittsburgh, 1854.

i6mo, cloth; MAP. Relates to Braddock's expedition.

* 21 8 1 STONE (A. L.) A Discourse occasioned by the Death
of Abraham Lincoln. Boston. 1865.

8vo, uncut; 300 copies printed.

/0v 2182 STONE (E. M.) History of Beverly, Civil and Eccle-
siastical, from its Settlement in 1630 to 1842. By
Edwin M. Stone. Boston: Jas. Munroe fcf Co. 1843.

I2mo, pp. iv, 324, cloth, uncut.
/ ,

2183 STONE. Rhode Island in the Rebellion.

Providence. 1864.

8vo, pp. xxxviii, 398, cloth ; 3 PORTRAITS.

<4 60 2184 STONE. The Invasion of Canada in 1775, including
Journal of Capt. Thayer. Providence. 1867.

8vo, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet.

&o 2185 STONE (W. L.) Border Wars of the American Revo-
lution. New York. 1854.

2 vols., 1 8 mo, half red morocco.

2186 STONE. The Life and Times of Sir William Johnson,
Bart. By William L. Stone. Albany. 1865.

2 vols., half red levant morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet ; RUBRICATED TITLE ;
PORTRAITS; tinted paper ; LARGE PAPER; only 50 copies printed.


2187 STONE. Life and Times of Red-Jacket, or, Sa-go-ye-

wat-ha, being the sequel to the History of the Six Na-
tions. New York. 1841.

a Yols., 8vo, half red levant red morocco, gilt top, uncut; PORTRAIT.

2188 STONE. Life of Joseph Brant, (Thayendanegea) in-

cluding the Border Wars of the American Revolution,
and Sketches of the Indian Campaigns of Generals
Harmar, St. Clair, and Wayne, and other Matters con-
nected with the Indian Relations of the United States
and Great Britain, from 1783 to 1795. Albany. 1864.

% vols., imp. 8vo, half red levant morocco, gilt top, uncut; PORTRAITS; L/KGX PAPER;
50 copies printed.

2189 STONE. The Poetry and History of Wyoming, con-

taining Campbell's Gertrude, and the History of Wy-
oming. Albany: Munsell. 1864.
nmo, paper, uncut. Reissue of the edition of 1845, with index, etc.

2190 STONINGTON. The Defence of Stonington (Con-
f necticut) against a British Squadron August gth to

1 2th, 1814. Hartford. 1864.

Sm. 410, uncut; only 125 copies printed, for private dittribution.

2191 STORER and GREIG. Antiquarian and Topographi-

cal Cabinet, containing a Series of Elegant Views of the
Most Interesting objects of Curiosity in Great Britain.
Accompanied with Letter Press Descriptions.

London: W. Clarke. 1807.

I a vols., l8mo, blue morocco, gilt edges. From Dr. John Hunter's library.

2192 STORIES about General Warren, in Relation to the

Fifth of March Massacre, and the Battle of Bunker
Hill Boston. 1835.

1 8 mo, pp. 1 1 z, cloth; PLATI.


* ~rf 2193 STORY (J.) Power of Solitude. A Poem.

Boston, [n. d.]


2194 STORY (Isaac). An Oration ... Worcester, July 4,

1802. Worcester. 1802.

8vo, pp. 33, half red mococco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. See Washington (G.)

2195 STRATFORD, Connecticut. A collection of Cuttings

relative to Stratford. [n. p. n. d.]



f +j> 2196 STREET (A. B.) Frontenac. A Poem of the Iroquois.
By Alfred B. Street.

Albany: Joel MunselL M DCCC LXVI.

4to, cloth, uncut ; LARGE PAPER.

2197 STRICKLAND (A.) Lives of the Queens of England,

From the Norman Conquest. Now first published,
from Official Records ... By Agnes Strickland ...
With Portraits of every Queen. ...

London: H. Co/burn. 1853.

8 vols., 8vo, calf, gilt edges; BEST EDITION; scarce.

2198 STRICTURES on a Pamphlet, entitled a " Friendly

Address to All Reasonable Americans, on the Subject
of our Political Confusions," addressed to the People
of America. America ; Boston :

Reprinted and sold at Greenleaf's Printing Office, op-
posite the Conduit^ near the Market. M,DCC,LXX,V.

8vo, pp. 20. A very rare Revolutionary tract.

2199 STRICTURES on the Philadelphia Mischianza, or


Triumph upon leaving America Unconquered. With
Extracts, containing the principal Part of a Letter, pub-
lished in the " American Crisis." In order to shew


how far the King's Enemies think her General deserv-
ing of Public Honours. London: J. Bew. M.DCC.LXXIX.

8vo, pp. 4a, polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford; POT*AIT of William, Viscount
Howe, inserted.

2200 STRUTT (Joseph). A Complete View of the Dress

and Habits of the People of England, from the Es-

* &

tablishment of the Saxons to the Present Time. Illus-
trated by Engravings taken from the most authentic
Remains of Antiquity. New and Improved Edition
by J. R. Planche. London. 1842.

2 vols., 410, half morocco, gilt top; over 100 PLATES, beautifully colored.

" The amusing pages of Strutt entitle his memory to great respect, and, borrowing the
idea of Dr. Johnson, I will boldly affirm that he who wishes to be informed
of the curious and interesting details connected with ancient manners and
customs, costume, regal and ecclesiastical antiquities, ' must devote his days
and his nights* to the volumes of a Strutt." DIBDIN'S " Decameron."

2201 STUART (I. W.) Life of Captain Hale, the Martyr-

Spy of the American Revolution. Hartford. 1856.

iamo, cloth, a 1., pp. 130; 6 Plates; scarce. Wight's copy sold for $5.75.

2202 STUBBES (P.) The Anatomic of Abuses. Reprinted
1 o from the third Edition of MDLXXXV, under the super-
intendence of William B. D. D. Turnbull, Esq.

London : Pickering. 1 836.

8vo, green levant morocco extra, uncut, by W. Mathews; 100 copies printed; uarce.

2203 SUCKLING (J.) The Works of Sir John Suckling, Con-
'* CQ taining The Poems, Letters and Plays. London. 1709.

8ro, blue morocco, gilt edges ; very tcarce.

" This darling of the muses was worthy to be crowned with a wreath of sun." WIN-
STANLEY. See Ellis' " Specimens," HI, a43 ; " Ret. Rev.," n, 19 ; " Lond.
Mag.," i, 369.

2204 SULLIVAN (A. M.) A Visit to the Valley of Wy-

oming. Dublin: John F. Fowler. MDCCCLXV.

STO, pp. 33 ; 4 I MVC PK ed 1O *> 4 PI-ATM.


2205 SULLY. Memoires des Sages et Royalles (Economies

d'estat, domestiqves, politiqves et militaires de Henry le
Grand, 1'Exemplaire des Roys, le Prince des Vertvs,
des Armes & des Loix, & le Pere en effet de ses Peuples
Francois. Et des servitvdes vtiles, obeissances conuen-
ables & administrations loyales de Maximilian de Beth-
vne 1'vn des plus confidens, familiers & vtiles soldats, &
Seruiteurs du grand Mars des Francois.

A Amstelredam. [n. d.]

4 vols. in 2, folio, calf, first edition ; printed from the private press of the Chateau de
Sully, under the author's inspection ; extremely rare.

"The memoirs of Sully finish the portrait of these times, in finishing for us not only
the portrait of Henry IV, but in giving us many curious particulars respect-
ing the practical government of France, its finances, factions, and the
whole state of its constitution and interests. His work is authentic and
particularly valuable, and must be read." PROF. SMYTH.

2206 SUMMERS (J.) Rudiments of the Chinese Language.

London. 1864.
I2mo, cloth.

2207 SUMNER (C.) The True Grandeur of Nations, Ora-

tion ... July 4, 1845. Boston. 1845.

8vo, pp. 96. SECOND EDITION.

2208 SUMNER (George). Oration ... July 4, 1859.

Boston. M DCCCLIX.

8vo, pp. 69 ; also three other Orations.

2209 SUMNER (Wm. H.) A History of East Boston ; with

Biographical Sketches of its Early Proprietors, and An
Appendix. Boston: J. E. Tilton & Co. 1858.

Rl. 8vo, half brown levant morocco, gilt top, uncut.

2210 SUTCLIFF (Robert). Travels in some Parts of North
^ _ of America, in the years 1804, 1805, and 1806.

Philadelphia: Published by B. & 1 . Kite. 1812.
8 vo, boards, uncut. The FRONTISPIECE is an old view of Niagara Falls.


22 1 1 SWAN WICK (John). Poems on several Occasions, by

John Swanwick, Esq., one of the Representatives in
the Congress of the United States, from the State of
Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. MDCCXCVII.

24010, half morocco ; neat j tcarce.

2212 SWETT(S.) History of Bunker Hill Battle. With a

Plan. By S. Swett. Third Edition. With Notes.

Boston. 1827.

8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut; 4 PLATKS inserted.

2213 [SWIFT (J.)] Travels into Several Remote Nations of
f 4j~ the World. By Lemuel Gulliver. London. 1777.

1 vols.,, calf; scarce edition. The idea of this work is supposed to have been
derived from Bp. Jos. Hall's " Mundus alter et Idem."

" When will the day come when 'Gulliver's Travels' shall be forgotten or unread."

2214 SWITZERLAND Illustrated in a Series of Views taken

Expressly for the Work, by W. H. Bartlett, Esq.

London. 1836.

Z vols., 410, half green morocco ; fne early impressions.

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