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Pickering, M. D. Philadelphia: Printed by C. Sherman. 1848. 410,
pp. 447. 12 PLATES, colored.

Vol. X. Geology. By James D. Dana, A. M., Geologist to the Expedition. With
folio Adas of Twenty-one Plates. Philadelpia : Printed by C. Sher-
man. 1849. 410, pp. xii., 766. ATLAS, pp.6; 21 PLATES.

Vol. XI. Meteorology. By Charles Wilkes, U. S. N. With Twenty-five Illustra-
tions. Philadelphia: Printed by C. Sherman. 1851 Pp. Iviii. (vi.),
726 ; appendix, 12 1.

Vol. XII. Mollusca and Shells. By Augustus A. Gould, M. D. With an Atlas of
Plates. Philadelphia: Printed by C. Sherman. 1852. 410, pp. xv.,
510. The ATLAS "was not and probably never will be published.

Vol. XIII. Crustacea. By James Dana, A.M. With a folio Atlas of Ninety-six
Plates. Part I. Philadelphia: Printed by C. Sherman. 1852. 410
viii., 685. ATLAS, 1855, pp. 27, 96 PLATES.

Vol. XV. Botany. Phanerogamia. By Asa Gray, M. D. With a folio Atlas of
One Hundred Plates. Philadelphia: Printed by C. Shermnn. 1854.
410, 2 1., pp. 777. ATLAS, 100 PLATE;., folio.

Vol. XVI. Botany. Cryptogamia. Filices, including Lycopodiaceae and Hydrop-
terides. By William D. Brackenridge. With a folio Atlas of Forty-six
Plates. Philadelphia: Printed by C. Sherman. 1856 410, pp. viii.,
357. ATLAS, Philadelphia, 1855, pp. 7, 46 PLATES.

Vols. XVll., XVIII., and XIX., have not, and perhaps never will be published.

Vol. XX. Herpetology. Prepared under the superintendence of S. F. Band. With
a folio ATLAS. Philadelphia : Printed by C. Sherman & Sons. 1858.
410, pp. xv., 492. ATLAS in folio, pp. x., 32 PLATES. The subsequent
issues of this work have the following title :

Vol. XX. Herpetology. By Charles Girard. With a folio Atlas. Philadelphia:
J. B. Lippincott Gf Co. Folio. 410, pp. xvii., 496. ATLAS, pp. x., 31

Notwithstanding the comparatively recent date of this publication, we question if anjr
of our public libraries contain a complete set of this GRAND SERIES or

Strange to say, the National Library at Washington lacks some of the volumes. So
the Astor Library, the Public Library at Boston, etc., are in the same con-
dition. This set is complete, with the exception of one vol. of the Crus-
tacea, and Pickering on the Geographical Distribution of Animals which
last is not unfrequently to be found.

An opportunity to procure so fine and so complete a set has never occurred since the
publication of the work, and is not ilkely to occur again ; and we venture
to suggest to those who now only possess part of a set, that they sh
secure this and sell their duplicates.


90 2304 UPHAM (C. W.) Lectures on Witchcraft, Comprising
a History of the Delusion in Salem, in 1692.

Boston. 1833.

i6mo, morocco extra. The ablest work on the subjeit.

2305 UPHAM. Salem Wiichciuit, with an Account oi Salem

Villages, and a History of Opinions on Witchcraft and
Kindred subjects. Boston. 1867.

4 vols., 410, half maroon levant morocco, gilt top, uncut. No. 74 of 100 copies
printed on LARGJL PAPE.

2306 [UPSHUR]. A Brief Enquiry into the True Nature

and Character of our Federal Government j Being a
Review of Judge Story's Commentaries on the Con-
stitution of the United States. Petersburg. 1840.

8vo, pp. 131. yry uarct.



ALENTINE (D. T.) History of the
City of New York . . .

New York: G. P. Putnam. 1853.
8vo cloth ; MAP.

VALENTINE. Manual of the Cor-
poration of the City of New York for
the Years 1842-3. New York. 1842.

10 vols., I2mo, cloth; MAPS and FACSIMILES.

2309 VAN RENSSELAER (S.) A Narrative of the Affair

of Queenstown : In the War of 1812. With a Re-

view of the Strictures on that event.

New York. 1836.

izmo, pp. 41, 96, cloth; PLATE.

2310 VAN SCHAACK (H. C.) Henry Cruger ; the Col-

league of Edmund Burke in the British Parliament. A
Paper read before the New York Historical Society,
January 4th, 1859. New York. 1859.

8vo, half morocco, gilt top; 10 PLATES inserted, including rare PORTRAIT of Cruger

2311 VARIN (N.) La Tresor du Fidele. Gravure par Mm.

N. Varin Freres. Texte extrait des plus celebres Au-
teurs Cretiens. Paris: L. Curmer. [n. d.]

4to, half morocco, gilt edges. A series of beautiful PLATES of Madonnas, etc., with
letter-press description.

2312 VARNHAGEN (F. A. de). Amerigo Vespucci. Son

Caractere, ses crits (meme les moins authentiques), sa
vie et ses Navigations, avec une Carte indiquant les
Routes, par A. de Varnhagen. Lima. 1865.

Folio, a 1., pp. 119, boards, uncut; MAP and FACSIMILE. Only a few copies printed.


2313 [VAUGHAN (William)]. The | Golden Fleece | Divided

into three Parts, |Vnder which are discoured the Er-
rours | of Religion, the Vices and Decayes of the
King- 1 dome, and lastly the wayes to get wealth, and
to | restore Trading so much com- 1 playned of. | Trans-
ported from | Cambrall Colchos, out of the Southern-
most (Part of the Hand, commonly called the|New-
fovndland, | By Orpheus Junior, | For the generall and
perpetual Good of (Great Britaine. |

London, \ Printed for Francis William, . . . 1626.
4to, 14 1., pp. 149, 105, and 95, old calf.

2314 VENEGAS. A Natural and Civil History of California ;

containing an accurate Description of the Country, Its
Soil, Mountains, Harbours, Lakes, Rivers and Seas,
its Animals, Vegetables, Minerals, and Famous Fishery
for Pearls. London. 1759.

2 vols., 8vo, calf, gilt ; MAP. Fine copy.

2315 [VERPLANCK (G. C.)] Twelfth Night at the Cen-
/ tury Club, January 6th, 1858. By G. C. Verplanck.

New York. 1858.

Small 8vo, boards. Only a few-copies printed.

2316 VERTOOGH van Niew Nederland, and Breeden

Raedt aende Vereenighde Nederlandsche Provintien.
x* . .

Two rare Tracts printed in 1649 '50, relating to the

Administration of affairs in New Netherland. Trans-
latedfrom the Dutch by Henry C. Murphy. A^. T. 1854.

4to, pp. vii., 190. 125 copies privately printed for Mr. James Lour, for presentation
only. See Lot 2330.

2317 VICTORIA. The Early Years of His Royal Highness

the Prince Consort. Compiled under the direction of
the Queen. London. 1867.

8vo, cloth, uncut; fine PORTRAIT.



2318 VINAL (W.) A | Sermon | on the] Accursed Thing)
*" That hinders Success and Victory in War | Occasioned

by the Defeat of the Hon. Edward Braddock, Esq ; |
General of all the English Forces in North-America,
who was | mortally wounded in an Engagement with the
French and | Indians, near Fort Du Ouesne ; and died
of his Wounds the | third Day after the Battle, which
was fought July 5, 1755. | Published at the Request of
the Hearers. | By William Vinal, A. M. | Pastor of the
First Congregational Church in Rhode-Island. | [Mot-
toes.] |

Newport : \ Printed by "James Franklin, at the Printing
Office at the\ Town-School- House, 1755.

4to, pp. 25, polished calf, by F. Bedford.
An. -extremely rare tract relating to Braddock's Defeat.

2319 VINTON (F.) An Oration on the Annals of Rhode

Providence. 1863.

Island. Poem by G. W. Curtis, etc.

8vo, half morocco, gilt top.

2320 VIRGILIUS. This boke treateth of the Lyfe of Vir-
f*7 o a gil' us > an d of his Deth, and many Marvayles that he

dyd in his Lyfe Tyme by Whychcrafte and Nygraman-
cie thorowgh the Helpe of the Devyls of Hell. An-
warpe by me Johun Doesbocke, n. d. (1510.) Edited
by E. V. Utterson. glarfi CetiW. London. 1812.

Svo, old calf, uncut ; WOODCUTS. Opposite to the title-page is a very free COPPER
PLATE, engraved by G. P. (Geo. Pencz, a pupil of Durer), about 1550.
50 copies privately reprinted. Very scarce.

sf s~e 2 3 21 VIRGINIA. Nova Britannia. Offering most excellent
Fruits by Planting in Virginia. New York. 1864.

410, uncut; LARGE PAPER. 50 copies only printed. One of the most elegant of
modern reprints.



2322 VIRGINIA. Proceedings and Debates of the Virginia
State Committee in 1 829^30. Richmond. 1830.

8vo, sheep.

2324 VIRGINIA. Public Good Without Private Interest, 01
A Compendious Remonstrance of the present sad State
and Condition of the English Colonie in Virginia, etc.
Humbly presented to His Highness the Lord Protectour,
By a Person zealously devoted.

London: Printed for Henry Marsh. 1657.

4to, pp. xvi., 26. Reproduced by photo-lithography.

. ^ 2325 VOICE (A) from America to England. By an Ameri-
can Gentleman. London. MDCCCXXXIX.

8vo, pp. xii., 321, half calf, gilt.

2326 VOLNEY (C. F.) A View of the Climate and Soil of
the United States of America ; To which are annexed
Some Accounts of Florida, the French Colony on the
Scioto, Certain Canadian Colonies, and the Savages or
Natives. London. 1804.

8vo, pp. vi., iii.-xxiv., 503, half calf, gilt. Gibbon calls Volney the most judicious of
Travellers, and says : " I wish he could travel over the globe."

^ 2327 VOLTAIRE. The Maid of Orleans, or La Pucelle of
Voltaire. Translated into English Verse, with Notes
...By W. H. Ireland. London. 1822.

a vols., 8vo, old calf, gilt. The only complete translation of this extraordinary

" The indecency, often amounting to absolute obscenity, which pervades nearly the

whole composition, cannot be excused on the pica that it is only a witty

licentiousness." LORD BROUGHAM.

2328 VOYAGES. Collection of Voyages by Captain Wil-
liam Dampier. London, [n. d.]

4-68 VRIES.

4 Toll., 8vo, interleaved in 4to. This edition was edited by Captain Layman of the
Royal Navy, and contains numerous additions, with a view to printing a
new edition. The text is the best edition of Dam pier.

2329 VOYAGES and Discoveries in South America. By

Christopher d'Acvgna, M. Acarete, Grillet and Bech-
amel. Done into English from the Originals, being
the only Accounts of those Parts hitherto extant.

London. 1698.

8vo, calf. Extremely scarce. See Sabin's Dictionary, No. 152.

2330 VRIES. Voyages from Holland to America, A. D. 1632

to 1644. By David Peterson de Vries. Translated
from the Dutch by Henry C. Murphy.

New York. 1853.

410, pp. 199, cloth; PORTRAIT. Only 250 copies printed for presents by Mr. James
Lcnor. A companion volume to Lot 2316.




(A). A View of the Controversy between
Great Britain and her Colonies ; includ
ing a mode of Determining their present
Disputes, finally and effectually; and
of preventing all Future Contentions.
New York : Printed by James Riv-
ington. M,DCC,LXXIV.

8vo, brown morocco extra, gilt edges.

2332 WAAGEN (Dr.) Treasures of Art in Great Britain :

being an Account of the Chief Collections of Paintings,
Drawings, Sculptures, Illuminated Mss., etc., etc.

London: Murray. 1854.
3 vols., 8vo, calf, gilt.

2333 WACHSMUTH (W.) The Historical Antiquities of the

Greeks, with reference to their political Institutions,
translated from the German. Oxford. 1837.

2 vols., 8vo, doth.

" With all the characteristic learning and ingenuity of his countrymen, he unites a
sounder judgment, more chaste' and reasonable than their works often ex-
hibit." DR. ARNOLD.

2334 WALKER (C. M.) History of Athens Co., Ohio, and
- $7 incidentally of the Ohio Land Company and the First

Settlement of the State at Marietta, with Personal and
Biographical Sketches of Early Settlers, Narratives of
Pioneer Adventures, etc. Cincinnati. 1869.

8vo, cloth, uncut. MAP and STEM. Porr*Am.

2335 WALKER (J.) Memoirs of Josiah Quincy.

_ _ Cambridge: Printed by John Wihon and Son. 1867.

8vo, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstrect.



2336 WALKER (J. C.) Memoir of Alessandra Tassoni,

Author of the Rape of the Bucket. London. 1855.

8vo, half green morocco, gilt top. PORTRAIT.

< /

2337 WALKER (J.) A Selection of Curious Articles from

the Gentleman's Magazine. London. 180911.

4 vols., 8vo, half calf. Comprises an extensive variety of historical, antiquarian, and
literary articles.

/XT 2 33 8 WALLACE (J. W.) An Address Delivered at the

Celebration of the Two Hundredth Birth Day of Wil-
liam Bradford, who Introduced the Art of Printing into
the Middle Colonies of British America.

Albany: J. Munsell. 1863.
8vo, half bound, uncut, top gilt PLATE of FACSIMILES.

2339 WALLACK (James Wm.) A Sketch of the Life of
James William Wallack (Senior), Late Actor and
Manager. New York. 1865.

4to, paper, uncut; LARGE PAPER; 50 copies printed.

,/ 2340 [WALN (Robert.)] American Bards. A Satire.

$**-* Philadelphia . 1820.

8vo, pp. 80, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut; 12. PLATES inserted.

2341 WALN. Life of the Marquis De La Fayette ; Major-

General in the Service of the United States of America,


in the War of the Revolution. Philadelphia. 1825.

8vo, half green levant morocco, gilt top, uncut.

2342 WALPOLE (F.) Four Years in the Pacific. 1844-

1848. London. 1829.

a vols., 8vo, half morocco.


2343 WALPOLE (F.) The Ansayrii and the Assassins, and

Travels in the further East in 1850 and 1851, includ-
ing a visit to Nineveh. London. 1851.

3 vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut. Of this remarkable people and their country little U
known. "A work full of entertainment." ATHENAUM.

2344 WALPOLE (Horace). Anecdotes of Painting in Eng-

land ; with some account of the Principal Artists ; and
incidental Notes on other Arts ; collected by the late
George Vertue ; digested by the Hon. Horace Wai-
pole ; with considerable additions by the Rev. James
Dallaway. London. 1828.

5 vols., royal 8vo, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut. Best edition; numerous POR-
TRAITS ; INDIA PROOFS of all the plates. Very uarce. Published at
15 15*. Beautiful alike in paper, printing, and engraving; and one of
the most popular of the author's works.

2345 WALPOLE. A Catalogue of the Royal and Noble
Authors of England, Scotland and Ireland ; with Lists

of their Works ; by the Late Horatio Walpole . . . En-
larged and Continued ... By Thomas Park, F.S.A.

London: John Scott. 1806.

5 vols., 8vo, half morocco, uncut, by Hayday.

" In the good old times of the Bibliomania, this work would have walked of its own
accord into the mahogany book-cases of half the collectors in London."
DIBDIN'S Bibliomania.

" Walpole was the last surviving disciple of the school of St.Evremont, Chaulieu, etc.;
a tribe of philosophers who united study with amusement, and sentiment
with vivacity; but in him the levity of the French Epicureans was invig-
orated by the masculine strength of the British character." WRANGHAM.

2346 WALPOLE. The Works of Horatio Walpole, Earl of

Orford. London. 1798.

5 vols., royal 410, half red levant morocco, gilt top, uncut, by W. Mathews. Numer-

. ous fine PORTRAITS and ENGRAVINGS by Heath, etc. Splendid copy.
" He is the father of the frit romance, and of the last tragedy in our language, and

surely worthy of a higher place than any living writer, be he who he



This is the ORIGINAL EDITION, and is the only one containing the numerous fine
PORTRAITS and ENGRAVINGS by Heath. Its contents comprise Royal and
Noble Authors, Anecdotes of Painting, Catalogue of Engravers, Castle of
Otranto, Description of Strawberry Hill. Historic Doubts, Correspon-
dence, Miscellanies, etc.

2347 WALPOLE. Memoirs of the Life and Administration

of Sir Robert Walpole, Earl of Orford. By William
Coxe, M.A. London. 1798.

3 vols., 410, half morocco; fine copy.

"A more judicious and instructive biographical work, or one more satisfactory to every
natural desire for knowledge, is not found in English literature." QUAR-

2348 [WALSH (Robert).] The American Register : or Sum-

mary Review of History, etc. Philadelphia. 1817.

a vols., 8vo, half maroon morocco, gilt top, uncut. Includes a Translation of the
Complot d'Arnold, par Barbe-Marbois.

2349 WALTER (T.) The sweet Psalmist of Israel. | A | Ser-

mon | Preach'd at the Lecture held in Boston, | by the
Society for promoting j Regular and Good Singing, | And
for Reforming the | Depravations and Debasements our
Psalmody labours under, | In order to introduce the
proper and true j Old Way of Singing. | Now published
at the Desire of Several Ministers | that heard it, and at
the Request of the Society | aforesaid. | By Thomas Wal-
ter, M. A., | Minister of a Church in Roxbury . . .
Boston : Printed by J. Franklin for S. Gerrish, \ near the
Brick Meeting-House in Cornhill. 1722.

Small 8vo, Title and Dedication 3 1., pp. 20, polished calf extra, by Bedford. Very

2350 WALTON (I.) The Lives of Donne, Wootton, Hooker,
Herbert and Sanderson.

London : William Pickering. M.DCCC.XXVII.
32010, uncut; LARGE PAPER.



2351 WALTON AND COTTON. The Complete Ang-
ler, or the Contemplative Man's Recreation being a

/ Discourse of Rivers Fish Ponds Fish and Fishing writ-

ten by Izaak Walton ; and Instructions how to Angle
for a Trout or Grayling in a Clear Stream, by Charles
Cotton With Original Memoirs and Notes by Sir
Harris Nicolas C.M.G.

London: William Pickering. 1836.

^ vols., imp. 8vo, green levant morocco extra, tooled to a superb pattern of Roger
Payne's by F. Bedford. PORTRAITS, VIEWS and ENGRAVINGS of Fbh,
by Stothard and Inskipp. DUPUCATIS of all the PLATIS, Arnsn*
PROOFS on India paper : only 50 sets so taken off and published at 10
105. each. Very scarce in this state. A MAGNIFICENT COPY.

This is, without doubt, the most beautifully illustrated edition of " Honest Izaak V
charming Pastoral ever published. To the late tasteful publisher, Mr.
Pickering, its production was literally a labor of love. Neither time nor
expense were spared to render it worthy of the arts and the importance of
the subject, and the result was a union of literary and artistic talent which
has rarely been equalled and never surpassed.

" A work the most singular in its kind, breathing the very spirit of contentment, of
quiet and unaffected philanthropy, and interspersed with some fine relic*
of old poetry, songs, and ballads." BOWLES.

He exhibits a striking contrast between the force of nature and habit ; when instruct-
ing you how to impale a worm for angling, he bids you " handle him
tenderly withal, and treat him like a friend."

2352 WALTON. [A Set of Proof Impressions of the Plates

illustrative of Pickering's Edition of Walton and Cot-
ton's Angler.] London. 1836.

In a portfolio.

2353 WALTON. Index to the Original and Inserted Illus-

trations contained in " The Complete Angler."

New York: Privately printed. 1866.

410, half morocco; 50 copies printed for private distribution. This work describes
Mr. Lane's copy of Walton's Angler, illustrated with over 1000 Plata.

474 WAR -

2354 WALTON. The Complete Angler, or the Contempla-

tive Man's Recreation of Izaak Walton and Charles
Cotton. Edited by John Major.

Boston: Little, Brown & Co. 1866.

8 vo, uncut; LARGE PAPER. 100 copies printed.

2355 WANLEY (N.) The Wonders of the Little World ;

or, a General History of Man. In Six Books. Dis-
playing the various Faculties, Capacities, Powers and
Defects of the Human Body and Mind, in several
Thousand most interesting Relations of Persons re-
markable for Bodily Perfections or Defects, etc.

London. 1788.
410, calf; 6 STEEL PLATES.

A most extraordinary and amusing common-place book of thousands of marvellous
stories of former times; extracted from the Greek and Latin classics and
middle-age writers, chronicles, travels, and miscellanies of every period
and nation. Every story, however incredible, has its authority adjoined.

2356 WANSEY (H.) The Journal of an Excursion to the

United States of North America, in the Summer of
1794. Salisbury. 1796.

8vo, half green morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet ; PLATES ; fine copy

2357 WANSEY. An Excursion to the United States of

North America, in the Summer of 1794.

Salisbury. 1798.

Uncut. Rare. Second edition, wiJi ..a; ti^as. Embellished with the PROFILE of
General Washington, and an AOJJA-TINTA VIEW of the State House at

2358 WAR (The). Being a Faithful Record of the Transac-

tions of the War between the United States of America,
their Territories, and the United Kingdom of Great
Britain and Ireland, and the Dependencies thereof.

New York. 1813-14.

WARD. 475

a vols. in I, 410, half morocco ; MAP. A War Newspaper, edited by Samuel Wood-
worth. Fine, clean copy. &arce.

2359 WARBURTON (Acton). Rolla and his Race: or,
Footsteps of the Normans.

London. 1848.

a vols., post 8vo, half calf, gilt.

^ 2360 WARBURTON (E.) Memoirs of Prince Rupert and
the Cavaliers. London. 1849.

3 vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut ; numerous fine PORTRAITS. Comprises the Civil History of
Charles the First, and the Military Story of the Rebellion.

2361 WARD (H. G.) Travels in Mexico during the years

1825, '26 and '27, with an account of the Mining Com-
panies, and of the Political Events in that Republic.
Second Edition. London. 1829.

a vols., 8vo, half calf, gilt ; 2 large MAPS and numerous PLATES, some colored.

Buckle's copy, with his Book-plate.
"Its colors have the loveliness of truth." WESTMINSTER REVIEW.

2362 WARD (N.) The | Simple Cobbler | of |Agga warn in

America. | Willing | To help 'mend his Native Coun-
try, la-|mentably tattered, both in the upper-Leather)
and sole, with all the honest stitches he can take. | And
as willing never to bee paid for his work, | by Old Eng-
lish wonted pay. | It is his Trade to patch all the year
long gratis. | Therefore I pray Gentlemen | Keep your
purses. | By Theodore de la Guard.

London: Printed by J. D. fcf R. I. for Stephen Bow-
tell, at the Signe of the\ Bible in Pope' 3 Head-
Alley. 1647.

410. a p. 1., pp. 80, polished calf, by F. Bedford. The popularity of this work wa to
great on its publication that four edition! were published in the fame year.
It is now very scarce.


" The wit of this tract is like a gem badly set. Like the ignis fatuus, its light shines
only amidst marshy places, and that at intervals, sufficient to raise expec-
tation but not to guide."

2363 WARD. The Simple Cobbler of Agawam in America.

Edited by Edward Pulsifer. Boston. 1843.

xamo, half morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet.

2364 WARE (H.) Two Discourses, containing the History

of the Old North and New Brick Churches . . .

Boston. 1821.

8vo, uncut ; and 4 other tracts by the same author.

2365 WARREN (H. W.) Sermon . . . Annual Election.

Boston. 1867.

8vo, half brown morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet.

/ /^ 2366 WARREN (Joseph). Inauguration of the Statue of
Warren, ... June 17, 1857. Boston. 1858.

8vo, cloth. Printed by authority of the Committee.

2367 WARREN (Mrs. M.) History of the Rise, Progress and

Termination of the American Revolution, Interspersed
with Biographical, Political and Moral Observations.

Boston. 1805.
3 vols., half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet. Fine copy.

2368 WARWICK. The Poets Pleasaunce ; or, Garden of

all Sorts of Pleasant Flowers. Which our pleasant
poets have, in past time, for pastime planted. By Eden
Warwick. London: Longman. MDCCCXLVII.

4to, marbled calf, gilt. A beautiful volume.

2369 WASHBURN (Emory). Historical Sketches of the


Town of Leicester, Massachusetts, during the First
Century from its Settlement.

Boston : Printed by John Wilson W Son. 1866.

8vo, a 1., pp. 467, half morocco ; MAP and PLATE*,

2370 WASHINGTON. The Writings of George Washing-
ton ; being his Correspondence, Addresses, Messages,

/ &

and Other Papers, Official and Private, selected and
published from the Original Manuscripts, with a Life
of the Author, Notes and Illustrations. By Jared
Boston: American Stationers' Company, John B. Russel. 1837.

I a vols., imp. 8vo, half red levant morocco, uncut, by Bradstreet; LARGE PAPER. A
particularly fine and interesting copy, containing a number of inserted
PLATES and CUTTINGS. Presented to E. D. Ingraham of Philadelphia,
by Jared Sparks. The Fowle copy, cut, brought $300.00.

2371 WASHINGTON. [Another Copy.] Boston. 1837.

ia vols., imp. 8vo, boards, uncut; LARGE PAPXB.

2372 WASHINGTON. Correspondence of the American

Revolution ; being Letters of Eminent Men to Wash-
ington, from the time of his taking Command of the
Army to the end of his Presidency. Edited from the
Original Manuscripts by Jared Sparks, LL.D.

Boston. 1853.

4 vols., imp. 8vo, cloth, uncut ; LARGE PAPER.

2373 WASHINGTON. Diary of Washington; from the

first day of October, 1789, to the loth day of March,
1790. From the Original Manuscript, now first
printed. X York ' l8 5 8 '

Royal 8vo, uncut. 100 copies printed. Very rart. 1'rivately printed.


2374 WASHINGTON. Diary of George Washington, from
. ^^ 1789 to 1791; embracing the opening of the First

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