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A 149 [BERTIE (W.)] Thoughts on the Letter of Edmund



Burke, Esq.; ... on the Affairs of America. By the
Earl of Abingdon. Sixth Edition. Oxford, [n. d.]

gro, half morocco, uncut. Concerning this, see Sabin's Dictionary, Vol. i, No. 60.
It may not be generally known that Abingdon Square, New York, is named
in honor of this gentleman, who presented his estate to the Congress of the
thirteen provinces.

150 B[EVERLEY] (R[obert]). The History and Present

State of Virginia, In Four Parts. ... By a Native and
Inhabitant of the Place. London. MDCCV.

8vo, calf; fine copy ; FOURTEEN PLATES by Gribelin, after De Bry.

151 B[EVERLEY]. [The same.] The Second Edition re-

vis'd and enlarg'd by the Author. London. 1722.

8vo, calf; fine copy ; 14 PLATES.

152 BEWICK (T. and J.) History of British Land and

Water Birds. Newcastle. 1847.

a vols., 8vo, cloth, uncut; FINE WOODCUTS.

153 BEWICK. Select Fables; with Cuts Designed and
//" *^ Engraved by Thomas and John Bewick, and others,

previous to the Year 1784. Together with a Memoir j
and a descriptive Catalogue of the Works of Messrs.
Bewick. Newcastle. 1820.

8vo, boards, uncut ] fine copy.

, 154 BEWICK. Scrap Book, containing a large number of
Wood Cuts by the Messrs. Bewick.

Sm. folio, halt morocco. To eulogize the works of Bewick is unnecessary ; their
WOODCUTS of birds and animals are almost facsimiles of nature.

155 BHAGVAT-GEETA, (The) or Dialogues of Kreeshna
and Arjoon. Translated by Charles Wilkins.

New Tork. M.D.CCC.LXVII.

8vo, half green morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet; z6i copies privately printed.


156 BIBLE. Miles Coverdale's Translation of the Bible.
Bagster's reprint. London. 1838.

" Dr. Kennicot does not scruple to prefer, in many instances, this to our present trans-
lation." MAGEE on the Atonement.

157 BIBLE (La Sainte). Selon la Vulgate traduction nouvelle

Avec les Dessins de Gustave Dore.
-.*> <?*

Tours: Alfred Maine et Fils. MDCCCLXVI.

1 vols., folio, red cloth, uncut; first edition; subscribers' copy. This edition contains
PLATES omitted in the subsequent issues. It is scarcely necessary to observe
that the plates in this edition are superior to those of other dates.

For grandeur of conception, and elaborateness and beauty of execution, these are
perhaps the most remarkable Bible prints ever produced, and fully sustain
the reputation of M. Gustave Dore, whose illustrations of the "Inferno"
of Dante, and other works, have placed him in the very first rank, of
imaginative artists.

158 BIBLIOTHECA Americana. A Catalogue of Books

Relating to the History and Literature of America. Sold
by Messrs. Puttick & Simpson, March, MDCCCLXI.

London. 1861.

Imp. 8vo, cloth, uncut; LARGE PAPER; few printed; an abridgment of "Stevens'

159 BIBLIOTHECA Americana. Catalogue of ... S. G.

Deeth's Books. New York. 1865.


160 BIBLIOTHECA Americana. Catalogue of the ... Li-

brary of W. Eliot Woodward. New York. 1869.

8vo, uncut. Describes 6810 lots.

161 BIBLIOTHECA Americana; or a Chronological Cata-

logue of the most Curious and Interesting Books, Pam-
phlets, State Papers, &c., upon the Subject of North and


South America, from the earliest Period, in Print and
Manuscript. London. 1789.

410, half morocco, uncut.

162 BIBLIOTHECA Americana. A Catalogue of a Valu-

able Collection of Books, Pamphlets, &c., Illustrating

the History and Geography of North and South America.

London: J. Russell Smith. 1865.

8vo, half morocco, uncut.

BIBLIOTHECA Americana Vetustissima. See [Harrisse


BIBLIOTHECA Anglo Poetica. See [Griffith (A. F.)J

163 BIBLIOTHECA Burnsiana. Title pages and imprints

of the various Editions of Burns prior to 1866.

Kilmarnock. 1866.

8vo. Mr. James McKic's collection.

164 BIGELOW (J.) Plants of Boston and its Environs.
/#^ , Boston. 1814.

8vo, boards, uncut.

BIGELOW (T.) See Washington.

16 5 BIGLOW (William). History of Natick, Mass. From


the Days of The Apostolic Elliot, MDCL, to the Present
Time, MDCCCXXX. Boston. 1830.

8vo, half brown morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet ; fine clean copy ; scarce.

BINNEY (William). See Lincoln (Abraham).
BIOGRAPHY of the Signers. See [Sanderson].


166 BISBE (J.), Jun. Oration July 4, 1821, in Southbridge,
Mass. Worcester. 1821.

8vo, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet.

167 BISHOP (Abraham). Oration Delivered in Wallingford,
on the nth March 1801, for the Election of Thomas
Jefterson to the Presidency and of Aaron Burr to the
Vice Presidency of the U. S. of America.

New Haven. 1801.

8vo, pp. Ill, paper.

1 68 BISHOP (George); New-England Judged by the Spirit
of the Lord. In Two Parts. Containing a Brief Rela-
tion of the Sufferings of the People call'd Quakers, in
New-England, from the Time of their first arrival there
in the year 1656, to the year 1660. With a farther
Relation of the Cruel and Bloody Sufferings of the People
call'd Quakers in New-England, etc. Also an Appen-
dix, Containing the Writings of Several of the Sufferers.

London. 1703.

8vo, sprinkled calf, gilt edges, by W. Pratt; very fine copy ; scarce.

BISHOP (S. G.) See Washington (G.)
BISSET (R.) See Smollett (T.)

169 BLACK LIST. A List of those Tories who took part

with Great-Britain In the Revolutionary War, and were

^" ^.r attainted of High Treason, commonly called the Black

List ! To which is prefixed the Legal opinions of At-

torney Generals McKean & Dallas &c.

Philadelphia. 1802.

8vo, polished calf, gilt top, uncut, by F. Bedford ; very scarce.


170 [BLACKBURNE (Francis).] Memoirs of Thomas Hol-
* C V lis > Es( l- F - R - and A - s ' s - [ Motto -J London. MDCCLXXX.

a volt., 4to, green morocco extra gilt, gilt top, uncut; LARGE PAPER COPY.
Thii privately printed work is now rather scarce. The plates are by Bartolozzi,
Cipriani, and others. Between pp. 532 and 533 come pp. 533*-576*,
577t~584> 579**- 58. These pages are sometimes deficient. Heath's
copy sold for 4 73.; Brockett's for 6. The subject of this memoir was
a liberal benefactor to Harvard College. We have never seen another large
paper copy.

171 BLADES (W.) The Life and Typography of William
.. Caxton, England's First Printer, with Evidence of His

Typographical connection with Colard Mansion, the
Printer at Bruges. Compiled from Original Sources by
Wm. Blades. London. 1861.

a vols., 410, half morocco, uncut ; illustrated with more than 60 FACSIMILE PLATES,
executed by Tupper in the most careful manner.

Besides copious quotations from original documents, illustrative of the life and times
of this great and good man, to whom England is indebted for the introduc-
tion of the "Divine Art" of printing, derived from hitherto unexplored
sources, it includes the whole of his prologues and epilogues attached to the
various books printed by him; also his own historical work, entitled " Poli-
cronicon Liber ultimus."

The second volume is devoted to a bibliographical and literary account of all the works
printed by, or ascribed to, the press of Caxton, including many books unde-
scribed by Dr. Dibdin and other bibliographers, accompanied with most
careful collations of them, and a list of copies of books printed by Caxton, in
number, more than four hundred and fifty, now in the public and private
libraries of Great Britain. Published by subscription ; only 250 copies printed.

& tt 172 BLAINE (D. P.) An Encyclopaedia of Rural Sports.
London. 1858.

Very thick 8vo, pp. 1246, half morocco, uncut; with many hundred WOODCUTS.

173 BLAKE (F.) An Oration, pronounced at Worcester,
(Mass.) ... July 4, 1812. Worcester, [n. d.]

8vo, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut.

BLAKSLEE (G.) See Washington (G.)


174 BLAND PAPERS (The). Being a Selection from the

Manuscripts or" Col. Theodorick Bland, Jr., of Prince
George County, Virginia. To which are prefixed an
Introduction and a Memoir of Col. Bland. Edited by
Charles Campbell. Petersburg. 1840-43.

2 vols. in i, 8vo, half morocco, gilt top.

175 BLEECKER (A. E.) Posthumous Works of Ann Eliza

Bleecker, in Prose and Verse. To which is added, A

'/ ^ Collection of Essays, Prose and Poetical, by Margaretta

V. Faugeres. New York: T. W G. Swords. 1793.

lamo, red crushed levant morocco extra, gilt edges, by F. Bedford; PORTRAIT; fnt
copy f scarce. Mr. Corwin's copy sold (1846) for $11.

"The Memoirs of Miss Bleecker and her poems were published many years ago; but
I have sought in vain among the libraries and the Bleeckers to obtain a
copy." W. L. STONE'S " Lire of Brant," Vol. i, p. 207. Mr. Allibone
says, reprinted, 1809, which is an error.

176 BLEEKER (L.) The Order Book of Capt. Leonard

Bleeker, Major of Brigade in the early part of the Ex-
pedition under James Clinton, against the Indian Settle-
ments of Western New York, in the Campaign of 1779.
Edited by Franklin B. Hough.

New York: Jos. Sabin. 1865.

4to, half levant morocco, uncut; LARGE PAPER; 50 copies printed.

177 BLEEKER. [The same.] New York: Jos. Satin. 1865.

,^ * Fcap 410, uncut ; 200 hundred copies printed.



178 [BLOODGOOD (S. De Witt).] The Sexagenary; or

Reminiscences of the American Revolution;

Albany. 1833.

1 2mo, half calf; first edition ; very rare.



179 [BLOODGOOD.] The Sexagenary} or Reminiscences
of the American Revolution. Portrait of Gen. Schuyler.

Albany: Munsell. 1866.
Imp. 8vo, uncut; LARGE PAPER; 50 copies printed.

1 80 BLUE LAWS (The) of Connecticut; A Collection of

/Oft the Earliest Statistics and Judicial Proceedings of that

Colony; being An Exhibition of the Rigorous Morals

and Legislation of the Puritans. Edited with an Intro-

duction by Samuel M. Smucker, LL.D.

Philadelphia: Duane Rulison. 1 86 1.

izmo, pp. 235, sheep.

181 BLUE LAWS (The) of New Haven Colony, usually

^* ^ called Blue Laws of Connecticut ; Quaker Laws of Ply-

mouth and Massachusetts; Blue Laws of New York,

Maryland, Virginia, & South Carolina. First Record of

Connecticut; &c. Compiled by An Antiquarian.

Hartford. 1838.

, pp. 336, cloth.

182 BLUNT'S Stranger's Guide to the City of New- York.

To which is prefixed, An Historical Sketch, General
Description, Plan and Extent of the City. With an
Appendix. New-Tor k. 1817.

izmo, half bound, uncut, gilt top, by Bradstreet.

183 BO ADEN (James). Memoirs of iMrs. Inchbald, in-

cluding her Familiar Correspondence with the Most
Distinguished Persons of her Time. London. 1833.

a vols., 8vo, morocco extra gilt, gilt edges; PORTRAIT; a splendid copy.

184 BOAG (J.) The Imperial Lexicon of the English Lan-

guage. Edinburgh, [n. d.]

a vols., rl. 8vo, half morocco, gilt edges.

BOOK. 41

185 BOCCACCIO. Decamerone di Messer Giovanni Boc-

cacio. Londra: Guglielmo Pickering. M.DCCC.XXV.

3 vols., post 8vo, uncut.

1 86 BOCCACCIO. A Series of Ten Fine Plates by Stothard,

illustrative of Boccaccio. Printed on India Paper.

187 BOHN (H. G.) A Catologue of Books.

London: Henry G. Eohn. AiDCCpXLi.

Very thick 8vo, half morocco. Known as the " Guinea Catalogue."

1 88 BOLTON (Robert). A History of the County of West-

chester, from its First Settlement to the Present Time.

New York. 1848.

a vols., 8vo, cloth; very scarce.

189 BOOK of Common Prayer. Pickering's Splendid Re-

prints of the Seven various Editions from Edward VI. to
the present time. Also, The Order for the Administra-
tion of the Holy Communion and Occasional Offices
according to the Use of the Church of England.

[London :~\ Pickering. 1844.

8 vols., folio, white vellum, printed in LARGE BLACK LETTER type, in red and black
inks, by C. Wittingham, uncut edges ; fine copy.

This choice set comprises : i. First Prayer-Book of Edward VI, ffltchurch, 1549; II.
Second Prayer-Book of Edward VI, Witchurch, 1552,; in. First Prayer-Book
of Queen Elizabeth, Grafton, 1559; iv. King James's Prayer-Book, Barker,
1604; v. Scotch Prayer- Book of Charles I, (Laud's), 1637; vi. King Charles
II Prayer-Book, (Sealed Book), i66z; vn. Edition of 1662 adapted to the
present Reign, 1844; vm. Occasional Offices, 1844.

190 BOOK (The) of Common Prayer, and Administration

of the Sacraments. London. 1863.

8vo, crimson morocco extra, gilt edges ; fine copy. FACSIMILE of the Prayer Book of
Queen Elizabeth, adapted to the present reign, with WOOD ENGRAVINGS of



Albert Durer'i " Life of Christ," rich WOODCUT border on every page, of
fruit and flowers; also the "Dance of Death," a singularly curious scries
after Holbein, with SCRIPTURAL QUOTATIONS and PROVERBS in the margin.

191 ORDER for the Administration of the Holy Communion
and Occasional Offices. London: W. Pickering. 1842.

and Occasiona

4to, calf, antique, red edges.

192 BOOK (The) of the Signers; containing Fac-simile Let-

ters of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Illustrated also with sixty-one Engravings from Original
Photographs and Drawings of their Residences, Portraits,
&c. From the collections of an Association of Ameri-
can Antiquaries. Edited by Wm. Brotherhead.

Philadelphia. 1861.

Folio, half levant morocco, gilt top; LARGE PAPER; only 99 copies printed. The
ILLUSTRATIONS in this copy are proofs on INDIA PAPER.

S 193 BOOTH (M. L.) History of the City of New York.

By Mary L. Booth.

New York: W. R. C. Clark. 1867.
2 vols., imp. 8vo, boards, uncut; LARGE PAPER; 100 copies printed.

. 194 BORDE (A.) The Boke of the Introduction of Knowl-

edge. By Andrew Borde.

London: Reprinted by R. and A. Taylor. M.DCCC.XIV.

4to, 55 leaves, printed in BLACK LETTER, boards, uncut; 120 copies printed on paper,
4 on vellum.

195 BOSSANGE (H.) Ma Bibliotheque Fran ? aise.

t7 Paris: Hector Bossauge et Fih. 1855.

iimo, half red morocco, gilt top, uncut.

196 BOSSU (M.) Nouveaux Voyages aux Indes Occidentales.

Paris. 1768.

a vols., izmoj very FINE PLATES.


s* 197 BOSTON BOOK (The), being Specimens of Metropoli-
tan Literature. Boston. 1841.

I2mo, cloth; scarce. Edited by G. S. Hillard.

198 BOSTON (The) Directory, containing The Names of

the Inhabitants ... To which is prefixed A general De-
scription of Boston ... Plan of the Town [&c.]

Boston. 1796.

xarno, polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford j fine cofy ; OLD Vixw of Boston

199 BOSTON (The) Gazette and County Journal. January

7, 1765 to December 28, 1767. Boston. 1765-67.

Folio, half calf, uncut edges. Also, a large number of other odd Boston newspapers,
from 1750 to 1766; an extremely rare series.

j ^ 200 BOSTON. Dedication of the City Hall, etc. 1865.

8vo; a tracts.

;^ <^20i BOSTON. Historical Sketch of Boston. Boston. 1861.

8vo. See " Humble Petition."

202 BOSTON. Orations delivered at the Request of the
' o& Inhabitants of the Town of Boston, to Commemorate the

Evening of the Fifth of March, 1770; when a number
of Citizens were killed by a party of British Troops,
quartered among them, in a Time of Peace.
Boston: Printed by Peter Edes, ... in State Street. [1785?]

izmo, green crushed levant morocco extra, by W. Pratt.

203 BOSTON. Orations, delivered at the Request of the

Inhabitants of the Town of Boston, to Commemorate the

j \J O

Evening of the Fifth of March, 1770, etc. Second Edi-
ton. Boston. 1807.

izmo, boards, uncut; scarce in this condition.



204 BOSTON MASSACRE. A Series of the Orations to

Commemorate the Bloody Tragedy of the Fifth of March,
1770, as follows; all of these orations are scarce, and
some are very rare :

I. LOVELL (James). An Oration, delivered April 2d, 1771, at ... Fifth of March,

1770. 4to, pp. 19; the oration perfect, but hat a piece cut from the last
leaf after the reading matter. Boston. 1711.

II. WARREN (Joseph). An Oration, delivered March 5, 1772, ... . 410, pp. 18; in

good order. Boston. 1772.

III. CHURCH (Benjamin). An Oration, delivered March Fifth, 1773, ... . 410, pp.

20; in good order. Boston. 1773.

IV. HANCOCK (John). An Oration, delivered March 5, 1774, ... 410, pp. 20; pre-

sentation copy from the author, in good condition. Boston. 1774.

V. WARREN (Joseph). An Oration, delivered March Sixth, 1775, ... . 4to, pp. 23;

last page a little stained, and a piece of blank paper cut from it, otherwise in
fine condition. Boston. 1775

VI. THACHER (Peter). An Oration delivered at Waterton, March 5, 1776, ... 410,

pp. 15; in fine order. Watertoion. 1776.

VII. HIGHBORN (Benjamin). An Oration, delivered March 5th, 1777, ... . 410,

pp. 1 8. Boston. 1777.

VIII. DAWES (Thomas), Jr. An Oration, delivered March 5th, 1781, ... . 410,

pp. 22 j a leaf gone at the end. Boston. 1781.

IX. MINOT (George Richards). An Oration, delivered March 5th, 1782, ... . 410,

pp. 15; presentation copy from the author, in good order. Boston. 1782.

X. WELSH (Thomas). An Oration, delivered March 5th, 1783, ... 4to, pp. 18;

presentation copy from the author, in fine order. Boston. 1783.

XL PARSONS (J.) A Discourse Offered to a numerous Assembly, On March the
Fifth, 1774, At the Presbyterian Meeting-House in Newbury-Port. By
Jonathan Parsons, V.D.M. 410, pp. 19.

Ne-wbury-Port, New-England: Printed by J. Thomas and H. W. Purges.

No. xi is added, although it is not, strictly, one of the series.

205 BOSTON. A Short Narrative of the Horrid Massacre

in Boston, Perpetrated in the Evening of the fifth day
of March, 1770, by Soldiers of the xxixth Regiment;
which with the xiv Regiment were then Quartered


there: With some Observations on the state of things
prior to that Catastrophe. Printed by Order of

the Town of Boston, and sold by Edes and Gill, in
ghteen-Street, and T. & J. Fleet, in Cornhill, 1770.

8vo, pp. 48, 58, calf extra, gilt.

BOSTON MASSACRE. See Trial of Weems.

206 BOSTON Proceedings. Hollis Street Church, 1838 and

1839. Boston, [n. d.]

8vo; with other tracts on the subject.

207 BOSTON. Two Plans for forming the Town of Boston

into an Incorporated City.

Published by order of the Town for the
Perusal and Consideration of the Inhabitants. [1784.]
8 vo, pp. 8, half morocco.

208 THE Votes and Proceedings of the Freeholders and other

Inhabitants of the Town of Boston, In Town Meeting
assembled, According to. Law. [Published by order of
the Town.] To which is prefixed, as Introductory, An
attested Copy of a Vote of the Town at a preceding
Meeting. Boston: Printed by Edes and Gill ... 1772.

8vo, brown polished calf, gilt top, by Bedford. This copy contains the printed slip
referring to the edition sent to England. See page 39.

209 BOSWELL (J.) The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D.,

including A Journal of his Tour to the Hebrides. By
James Boswell, Esq.

London: John Murray. MDCCCXXXV.

10 vols., fcap, 8vo, half morocco, uncut. See "Oxford Classics."
" We place Boswell's Johnson in our libraries, as an enthusiast hangs up his Gerard
Dow in his cabinet, to be gazed at again and again; to feed upon, and to
devour." DIBDIN'S " Lit. Comp."


210 BOTTA. History of the War of the Independence of
/t/ the United States of America. Translated from the

Italian, by George Alexander Otis, Esq.

Philadelphia. 1820.
3 vols., 8vo, half calf, gilt.

211 BOTTA. [The same.] Second Edition, in two vols.,

revised and corrected. Boston. 1826.

2 vols., 8vo, half red morocco, uncut, by Bradstreet; splendid copy.

BOUQUET (H.) Expedition. See [Smith (Dr. W.)]
^ 212 BO WEN'S Picture of Boston. Boston. 1838.

1 8mo, roan ; numerous STEEL PLATES.

213 BOYNTON. History of West Point, and its Military
-*ee Importance during the American Revolution; and the

Origin and Progress of the United States Military Acad-
emy. New-York: D. Van Nostrand. 1864.
Imp. 8vo, uncut; LARGE PAPER.

214 BOZMAN (J. L.) Sketch of the History of Maryland,

during the first three years after its Settlement. To
which is prefixed a Copious Introduction.

Baltimore. 1811.
8vo, sheep.

215 BRACKENRIDGE (H. M.) History of the Western

Insurrection in Western Pennsylvania, commonly called
the Whiskey Insurrection, 1794. Pittsburgh. 1859.

8vo, cloth ; scarce.

216 BRACKENRIDGE (H. H.) Gazette Publications. By
/*+ H. H. Brackenridge.

Carlisle: Printed by Alexander & Phillips. 1806.

I2mo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut; privately printed, and very scarce.


217 BRADDOCK. The Expedition of Major General Brad

dock to Virginia; with The Two Regiments of Hackel

"7 s~ ** **

and Dunbar. Being Extracts of Letters from an Officer

in one of those Regiments to his Friend in London,
describing the March and Engagements in the Woods.
Together with many little Incidents, giving A lively Idea
of the Nature of the Country, Climate, and Manner in
which the Officers and Soldiers lived, also the Difficul-
ties they went through in that Wilderness.

London: Printed for H. Carpenter. MDCCLV.

8vo, polished calf, gilt edges, by W. Pratt; very rare.

218 BRADDOCK. Six Plans (Of the Different | Dispositions

(of the | English Army, | Under the Command [of thc|
Late General Braddock, | in | North America, j i. Line of
March with the whole | Baggage. |n. Plan of the Dispo-
sition of the | advanced Party, of four hund-|dred Men to
protect the | Workers while clearing the | Road. (HI. En-
campment of the Detachment | sent from the Little
Meadows. | iv. Line of March of the Detach- 1 ment sent
from the Little Mea-|dows. | v. Plan of the Field of
Battle on | the Qth of July J755.|vi. A Map shewing the
Rout and | Encampments of the Army. | By an Officer. |

London : \ Printed for
T. Jefferys at Charing Cross. MDCCLVIII. |

Folio, half crushed red levant morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet. The only other perfect
copy of which we know is in the possession of Mr. Wm. M. Darlington.

219 BRADFORD. History of Massachusetts from 1764 to

1820. Boston. 1822-29.

3 vols., 8vo, and History of Massachusetts for Two hundred Years. Boston. 1835,
together, 4 vols., 8vo, half brown levant morocco, gilt top, uncut ; fnt copy.
See also Massachusetts.


220 BRADFORD. History of the Federal Government foi
>j~c> Fifty Years: from March 1789, to March, 1839. By

Alden Bradford .... Boston: Samuel G. Simpkins. 1840.

8vo, boards, uncut; fine copy.

221 [BRADFORD.] A Particular Account of the Battle of
/0 Bunker or Breed's Hill, on the lyth June, 1775. By a

Citizen of Boston. Second Edition. Boston. 1825.

8vo, pp. 27, uncut.

222 BRADFORD (Alexander W.) American Antiquities and

Researches into the Origin and History of the Red Race.

New York. 1841.

8vo, cloth.

223 BRADFORD (Gov. W.) History of Plymouth Planta-

tion. Boston. 1856.

8vo, cloth, uncut. Edited by Charles Dcane.

224 BRADFORD CLUB. [A complete set of the Publica-

tions of "The Club," and the "Bradford Club."]

New York. [v. d.]

10 vols., rl. 8vo, in paper covers.

This set is complete, and consists of Washington's "Diary," Melvin's "Journal," pub-
lished by "The Club," and Nos. I to 7 of the "Bradford Club," viz: I.
Papers concerning the Attack on Hatfield and Deerfield, 1859; II. The
Croakers, 1860; III. The Operations of the French Fleet under Count De
Grasse, 1864; IV. Anthology of New Netherland, 1865 ; V. Narrative of
the Career of De Soto in Florida, 1866; VI. Northern Invasion, 1866;
VII. The Laurens Correspendence, and the Allen Memorial [by E. A.
Duyckinck]. They are all in paper covers, as originally published, and, with
the exception of Melvin's "Journal," are all uncut. Of the last named
work, the entire edition was cut. Of the earlier numbers, seventy-five copies
only were printed, and a complete series cannot easily be procured.

225 BRADISH. Proceedings of the New York Historical
*f* & Society on the Death of Hon. Luther Bradish.

New York. 1865.

8vo, uncut; LAKGE PAPER COPT.


226 [BRADSTREET (Mrs. Anne).] The (Tenth Muse|

Lately sprung up in America. | Or |Severall Poems, com-
piled | with great variety of Wit (and Learning, full of
delight. | Wherein especially is contained a com- (pleat
discourse and description of (The Four] Elements, | Con-
stitutions, | Ages of Man, | Seasons of the Year. | Together
with an Exact Epitomie of [the four Monarchies, viz. |
The | Assyrian, | Persian, (Grecian, | Roman. | Also a Dia-
logue between Old England and [New, concerning the
late troubles. ( With divers other pleasant and serious
Poems. | By a Gentlewoman in those parts. |

Printed at London for Stephen Bowtell at the
signe of the \ Bible in Popes Head- Alley, 1650. |

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