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Peace, etc., etc. By David Rwbertson.

Philadelphia. 1808.

^ vols., 8vo, half levant morocco, gilt top, uncut; fine clean copy $ rare.

301 BURR. A Narrative of the Suppression by Col. Burr, of

the History of the Administration of John Adams, late
President of the United States, written by John Wood.
To which is added a Biography of Thomas Jefferson,
President of the United States ; also of General Hamil-
ton. With Strictures on the Conduct of John Adams,
and on the character of General C. C. Pinckney, &c.
By a Citizen of New York. New York. 1802.

8vo, half brown levant morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet.

302 BURR. A Correct Statement of the Various Sources from
. which the History of the Administration of John Adams

was compiled, and the motives for its suppression, by
Col. Burr; with some observations on a Narrative, by a
Citizen of New York. By John Wood.

New York. 1802.

8vo, half levant morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet. See Wood (John).


303 BURR. A View of the Political Conduct of Aaron Burr,

Esq. New Tor k. 1802.

8vo, half calf, by John Wood]; very scarce.

304 BURR. The Amorous Intrigues of Aaron Burr.

New York. [n. d.]


I2mo, pp. 100. A vile libel.

305 BURR. Memoirs of Aaron Burr. With Miscellaneous
Selections from His Correspondence by Matthew L.

Davis. Portraits of Burr and Mrs. Alston.

New York. 1858.

i vols., 8vo, cloth. The author's motto is, " I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him."

306 BURTON. The Anatomy of Melancholy What it is,

with all the kinds causes symptomes, prognostickes &
seuerall cures of it. In three Partitions, with their
severall Sections, members & Subsections. Philosophi-
cally Medicinally opened & cut up By Democritus
Junior. Oxford. 1633.

Folio, calf, ENGRAVED TITLE-PAGE ; good sound copy.

307 [BURTON.] The Anatomy of Melancholy. What it

is, with all the Kinds, Causes, Symptoms, &c. In
Three Partitions. A New Edition Corrected and en-
riched by Translations [of the Classical Extracts].

Boston: William Veazie. 1 86 1.

3 vols., crown 8vo, half morocco, uncut; LARGE PAPER; 75 cnpies printed.

Ste Dibdin's "Biblion.," p. 736, and Wood's " Ath. Oxon.," i, p. 637. "This," says
Burton, personating his objectors, "is a thing of meere Industrie, a collection
without wit or invention, a very toy." So men are valued, he adds, their
labours vilified by fell iwes of no worth themselves, as things of nought, who
could not have done as much. "In an interval of vapouis (remarks Bishop
Kennel, in his curious ' Register and Chronicle ') Burton would be extremely
pleasant, and raise laughter in any company." WRANGHAM.



308 BURTON (W. E.) The Cyclopaedia of Wit and Hu-

mor; containing Choice and Characteristic Selections

from the Writings of the most Eminent Humorists of

America, Ireland, Scotland ... Edited by W. E. Burton.

New York: D. Appleton & Co. 1838.

a vols., imp. 8vo, half calf, gilt.

309 BURTON. Catalogue of the Theatrical & Miscellaneous
/S~ Library of the Late William E. Burton. [Prepared by

J. Sabin.] New York. 1860.

Imp. 8vo, uncut; PORTRAIT; LARGE PAPER.

> 4

310 BURY. Philobiblon, A Treatise on the Love of Books,
4 /- fy Richard De Bury, Bishop of Durham, and Lord

Chancellor of England. First American Edition, with
The Literal English Translation of John B. Inglis.
Collated and Corrected with Notes by Samuel Hand.

Albany: Joel Munsell. MDCCCLXi.

8vo, half morocco, uncut ; LARGE PAPER ; 30 copies printed on this size.
His book relates the measures he took, the difficulties he encountered, and all the art
he exerted to gratify his favorite passion. When Chancellor and Treasurer
of England, he took his perquisites and new-year's gifts in books. See Bur-
ton's "Leicestershire," fol. 1622, p. 300. Gough's "Topography," H, p.

311 BUSHNELL (C. I.) An Arrangement of Tradesmen's

Cards, Political Tokens ; also, Election Medals, Medal-
-. z,/- lets, etc., Current in the United States of America for

the last Sixty years. Described from the Originals,
Chiefly in the Collection of the Author, with Engravings.
By Charles I. Bushnell. ... New York. 1858.

8vo, half red morocco, gilt top.

* S*J~t> 312 BUSHNELL. Crumbs for Antiquarians: Vol. i. Con-
taining Early New York Business Tokens, Memoirs of


Samuel Smith, Journal of Solomon Nash, Memoirs of
Tarleton Brown, Narrative of Levi Hanford, Journal
of R. J. Meigs during the Expedition against Quebec.

New Tor k: Privately Printed. 1862.

8vo, half blue morocco extra, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet.

313 [BUSHNELL.] A Memoir of Eli Bickford, a Patriot

of the Revolution. New York : Privately Printed. 1865.

8vo, pp. 15; 2, PLATES; 30 copies printed.

314 BUSSEY (G. M.) History of Napoleon; Illustrated by

Horace Vernet. London. 1840.

2 vols., imp. 8vo, half russia, gilt. One of the most impartial of the numerous bio-
graphies of Napoleon.

315 BUSSEY (G. M.) and GASPEY (T.) The Pictorial
~o History of France and of the French People. With 400

Designs, by Jules David. London. 1843.

2 vols., imp. 8?o, half russia, gilt top, uncut.

316 BUTLER (Mann). A History of the Commonwealth of

Kentucky, from its Exploration and Settlement by the
Whites, to the close of the North-western Campaign,
1813. Second Edition Revised and Enlarged.

Cincinnati. 1836.

8ro, half brown levant morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet ; scarce in this condition.

317 BUTLER (S.) Hudibras, by Samuel Butler; with Dr.

Grey's Annotations. A New Edition, Corrected and

J* t9 Enlarged. London: C. & H. Baldwyn. 1819. Also:

The Genuine Poetical Remains of Samuel Butler. With

Notes by Robert Thyer ... With Selections of the

68 BYRD.

Author's Characters in Prose. Illustrated with Humor-
ous Wood Cuts and Portraits of Butler and Thyer.

London: Joseph Butler. 1827.

* voh., rl. 8vo, calf; together, 4 vols. ; LARGE PAPER j PLATES ON INDIA PAPER.
" What, however, can be happier than some of his phrases in these volumes, e. g.,
where he defines a proud man to be < a fool in a fermentation ?* And the
'Satyr upon Plagiaries,' i, 168-176 (directed, probably, against Dcnham,
who has been taxed with borrowing his ' Sophy,' and buying his ' Coofer't
Hi!!'), is declared, by Horace Walpole, in his cixth Letter to George Mon-
tagu, to equal in wit anything Butler ever wrote." WRANGHAM. See Pick-
ering (W.)

318 BY the Loch and River Side. Edinburgh. 1860.

Oblong folio, half morocco, gilt edges. A series of FACETIOUS ETCHINGS illustrative of
the delights of angling.

319 BYFIELD (N.) An Account of the Late Revolution in

New England. Together with the Declaration of the
Gentlemen, Merchants, and Inhabitants of Boston, and
the Country adjacent, April 18, 1689. Written by Mr.
Nathaniel Byfield, a Merchant of Bristol, in New Eng-
land, to his Friends in London.

London: Printed for Ric. Chiswell. MDCLXXXIX.

Sin. 4to, crushed red levant morocco, by Pratt j original edition ; fne copy ; -very scarce.

320 BYFIELD. An Account of the Late Revolution in

New-England. By Mr. Nathaniel Byfield.

New York: Reprinted for Joseph Sabin. 1864.
410, half morocco, gilt top, uncut ; LARGE PAPER.

321 BYFIELD. [The same.] New York. 1864.

4to, uncut ; SMALL PAPER. Sabin's Reprints, Quarto Series, No. i.


322 BYRD (William.) Westover Manuscripts; containing
the History of the Dividing Line betwixt Virginia and


North Carolina; a Journey to the Land of Eden, A.D.,
1733: and a Progress to the Mines, written from 1728
to 1736, and now first published. Petenburgh. 1841.

Rl. 8vo, half levant morocco, gilt top, uncut; first edition.

323 BYRD. History of the Dividing Line and Other Tracts.

From the Papers of William Byrd, Esquire, of West-
over, in Virginia. Richmond, Va. 1866.

a vols., 4to, half red levant morocco, gilt top, uncut; 200 copies printed.

324 BYRON (Lord). The Poetical Works of Lord Byron.

8 Vols., 410. Also Letters and Journals of Lord Byron,
with Notices of his Life, by Thomas Moore. 2 vols.,
410. London: John Murray. 1839.

PRINTED ; a tplendid copy, in polished calf, gilt.

A superb and almost matchless set of books, fit to adorn the shelves of the most fas-
tidious collector. We are not able to trace the sale of another copy of this
edition on large paper.

325 BYRON. Finden's Illustration of the Life and Works of

Lord Byron. With Original and Selected Information
on the Subjects of the Engravings by W. Brockedon. ...

London: John Murray. 1833.

3 vols., 4to, blue morocco, gilt edges; LARGE PAPER; upwards of 150 highly finished
ENGRAVINGS, early impressions, from drawings by Stanfield, Roberts, Catter-
mole, Callcott, Westall, etc. This series of plates would form an admirable
pendant to the preceding lot.

326 BYRON. Journal of the Conversations of Lord Byron ...

at Pisa. By Thomas Moore, Esq. London. 1826.

Half red levant morocco, gilt top, by W. Mathews. Contains 57 inserted PLATES.

327 BYRON. English Bards and Scotch Reviewers.

London. 1810.

8vo, inlaid and extended to 410, in morocco, with 50 PLATES inserted, some of which
are rare portraits, and many of the engravings are INDIA PROOFS.


328 BRYON. English Bards and Scotch Reviewers. A
Satire. With a Preface by Evart A. Duyckinck.

New York. 1865.

4to, boards, uncut; LARGE PAPER; only 75 copies printed.

The recent controversy concerning Lord Byron having excited so much interest, we
venture to direct the attention of gentlemen to a bibliography of Byron
in Sabin & Son's "American Bibliopolist" for December, 1869.


ABE^A DE VAC A. The Narrative of
Alvar Nunez Cabeca de Vaca. Trans-
lated by Buckingham Smith.

Washington. 1851.

Folio j 8 MAPS; no copies printed, for private circulation,
by G. Riggs, ten of which are on large paper.

'2 33 CABINET (The). Pbila. : J. Laval & S. F. Bradford.

I amo, half morocco; PORTRAITS and BIOGRAPHIES of Jackson and his Cabinet, with
their AUTOGRAPHS inserted.

331 CADWALLADER (John). See [Reed (Joseph)].

332 CALEF (R.) More Wonders of the Invisible World : or,
- *' The Wonders of the Invisible World displayed in Five

Parts. ... Collected by Robert Calef. Salem. 1823.

izmo. See also Drake's " Witchcraft delusion in New England," v, pp. a 3, and
"Salem Witchcraft."

333 CALDWELL (C.) A Discourse on the Genius and

Character of the Rev. Horace Holley, LL.D., ... With

\4 &>r

an Appendix, containing Copious Notes, Biographical
and Illustrative. Boston. 1828.

8vo, half blue morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet; PORTRAIT, and z PLATES.

334 CALDWELL. Memoirs of the Life and Campaigns o

the Hon. Nathaniel Greene, Major General in the Army
of the United States, and Commander of the Southern
Department, in the War of the Revolution.

Philadelphia. 1819.

8vo, half green morocco, uncut, by Bradstreet; PORTRAIT. See Washington (G.)

7 2



335 [CALDWELL (T.)] A Tour through Part of Virginia,

in the Summer of 1808. In a Series of Letters including
an Account of Harper's Ferry, the Natural Bridge, the
New Discovery called Weir's Cave, Monticello and the
Different Medicinal Springs, Hot and Cold Baths, visited
by the Author. New York: printed for the Author. 1809.

8vo, half brown morocco, uncut, by Bradstreet.

336 CALLENDER (J.) An | Historical Discourse) on thej

Civil and Religious Affairs) of the Colony of | Rhode
<2 ' *9 ff * Island I and Providence Plantations] in New-England] in

America, | From the first Settlement 1838, to the End of
| [the] First Century. (By John Callender, A.M.|

Boston : Printed and Sold by S. Kneeland
and T. Green\hteen Street. MDCCXXXIX.

8vo, polished calf, gilt edges, by F. Bedford j first edition ; -very scarce.

337 CALLENDER. A | Discourse Occasioned by thej Death

| Of the Reverend | Mr. Nathaniel Clap, | Pastor of a

f +o Church j At | Newport on Rhode-Island, | On October 30,

1745. |in the 78th Year of his Age|By John Callender,

A.M. j... | Newport: Printed by the Widow

Franklin^ \ at the Town-School-House. 1 746. |

izmo, crushed blue levant morocco, gilt top, uncut, by F. Bedford,

338 [CALLENDER (James Thompson).] The American

Annual Register, or, Historical Memoirs of the United
States, for the Year 1796. Philadelphia. 1797.

8vo, half brown morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet ; fne copy.

339 CALLENDER. The History of the United States for
^ 1796. Including a variety of Interesting Particulars

Relative to the Federal Government previous to that
Period. Philadelphia. 1797.

8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet j tcarce.


It is in this work that the charge of improper pecuniary speculations was made against
Alexander Hamilton, which occasioned his celebrated defence, at the
expense of his private character, in the so-called " Reynold's Pamphlet."
Sec Hamilton (A.), for an answer.

340 CALLENDER. Letters to Alexander Hamilton, King

of the Feds, Ci-devant Secretary of [the Treasury of
the United States of America, Inspector-General of the
Standing Armies thereof, Counseller of Law, &c. &c.
&c. Being intended as a reply to a Scandalous Pamphlet
lately published under the sanction, as it is presumed, of
Mr. Hamilton, and signed with the signature of Junius
Philaenus. By Tom Callender, Esq., Citizen of the
World. New York: Printed by Richard Reynolds. 1802.

8vo, polishad calf, gilt top, uncut, by F. Bedford; fne copy ; rare.

341 [CALLENDER.] The Political Progress of Britain i or,

an Impartial History of the Abuses in the Government
of the British Empire, in Europe, Asia, and America.

From the Revolution in 1688, to the Present Time.
/ o *

The whole tending to prove the Ruinous Consequences
of the Popular System of Taxation, War, and Conquest.
[Motto.] Part First, Third Edition.

Philadelphia: Printed for Richard Foliu ell. 1795.

8vo, pp. 1 20, half morocco, gilt top.

342 CALLENDER. Sketches of the History of America.

Philadelphia. 1798.

8vo, half brown morocco, gilt top, uncut, by Bradstreet; fine clean copy.

>,- 343 CALVERT (G. H.) Arnold and Andre. An Historical
Drama. Boston. 1864.

> 344 CAMPANIUS (Thomas). Description of the Province
of New Sweden. Now called, by the English, Pennsyl-



vania, in America. Translated from the Swedish by
Peter S. Du Ponceau, LL.D. Philadelphia. 1834.

8vo, boards, uncut.

345 CAMPBELL (William W.) Annals of Tryon County;
or the Border Warfare of New York, during the Revo-
lution. New York. 1831.

8vo, sheep ; with MAP.

/'2> 346 CAMPBELL. Border Warfare of New York, during the
Revolution ; or Annals of Tryon County.

New York. 1849.
izmo, cloth.

347 CAMUS (A. G.) Memoire sur la Collection des Grands
^ 2f et Petits Voyages [De Bry] et M. Thevenot.

Paris. 1802.

410, pp. 401, (z), boards, uncut j -very scarce.

^ 348 CANADA. A Letter From an Old Whig in Town, to a

Modern Whig in the Country, Upon the late Expedition
to Canada. London: J. Merphew. [1711.]

4to, pp. 8 ; -very tcarce. Signed X. Z.

349 CANADA. A Letter to a Friend in the Country, On
the Late Expedition to Canada: with An Account of

?y * *

former Enterprises, a Defence of that Design, and the

Share the Late M rs had in it.

London: A. Baldwin. 1712.

8vo, pp. 22 j an extremely rare tract.

CANDID (A) Examination. See Rivington (James.)

350 CANTICUM CANTICORUM, reproduced in fac-simile,
from the Scriverius copy in the British Museum, with a


Historical and Bibliographical Introduction, by J. Ph.
Berjeau. London. 1860.

Folio, vellum; beautifully printed on HEAVY PAPER; only 150 copies printed.

For interesting accounts of this celebrated work, see Sotheby's "Principia Typographica,"
and Ottley's " History of Printing and Engraving."

/4* 351 CAPGRAVE (J.) The Book of the Illustrious Henries.

London. 1858.

Rl. 8vo, half morocco, uncut.


352 CARDOVA. The Prince's Visit: A Humorous Descrip-

tion of the Tour of his Royal Highness, the Prince of
Wales, through the United States of America, in 1860.
By R. J. de Cardova. Illustrated by Stephens, Rosen-
berg, and J. D. Smillie. New York: B. Frodsham. 1861.

8vo, morticco extra.

353 CAREY (H. C.) The Past, the Present, and the Future.

Philadelphia. 1848.
8vo, half calf.

/// 354 CAREY. Principles of Social Science. Philadelphia. 1858.

3 vols., 8vo, half calf.

355 CAREY (P.) Trivial Poems and Trivolets. Written in
f Obedience to Mrs. Tomkin's Command. By Patrick

Gary. London. 1820.

4to, half morocco.

356 CASAS. An Account Of the First Discoveries Made by

the Spaniards in America. By Don Bartholomew de las
Casas. London. MDCXCIX.

8vo, calf. Includes a "Relation of their unparallel'd Cruelties on the Indians, in the
destruction of above Forty Million of People."

^^357 CAROLINA. The | Case | of | Protestant Dissenters | in
Carolina, | shewing | How a Law to prevent Occasional |


Conformity There, has ended in the Total | Subversion
of the Constitution in Church and | State. | Recommended
to the serious Consideration of all that are true (Friends
to our present Establishment. | [Motto.]

London: Printed in the Tear M.DCC.VI.

4to, poliihed calf, gilt, b^ F. Bedford, pp. 41, followed by the First Charter pp. 67.
For the contents of this rare volume, see Stevens' " Nuggets," No. 458.

358 [CARPENTER (Stephen C.)] Memoirs of the Hon.

Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State, Vice-President,
and President of the United States of America ; contain-
ing a Concise History of those States from the Acknowl-
edgment of their Independence. With a view of the
Rise and Progress of French Influence and French Prin-
ciples in that Country. Printed for the Purchasers. 1809.

a Tols., 8vo, half brown morocco, uncut, by Bradstreet ; scarce. The author criticises
very severely the character and administration of Thos. Jefferson.

359 CARPENTER (W. H.) The History of Massachu-

setts from the Earliest Settlement to the Present Time.

Philadelphia. 1853.

izmo, cloth, pp. 330.

,- 360 CARROLL (B. R.) Historical Collections of South Caro-
lina. New York. 1836.

a vols., 8vo, half morocco.

361 CARROLL (C.) Journal of Charles Carroll of Carroll-

ton, during his Visit to Canada in 1776, as one of the
Commissioners from Congress. With a Memoir and
Notes by Brantz Mayer. Baltimore. 1845.

8vo, half morocco, gilt top, uncut; 19 PLATES, PORTRAITS, VIEWS, etc., inserted. Pub-
lished by the Maryland Historical Society. See Washington (G.)


Crystal Palace Illustrated. New Tor k. 1834.

Imp. 8vo, cloth; COLORED VIEWS.

CASE. 77

363 CARTER (W.) A Genuine Detail of the Several En-
gagements, Positions, and Movements of the Royal and
American Armies, during the Years 1775 and 1776;
with an Accurate Account of the Blockade of Boston,
and a Plan of the Works on Bunker's Hill, at the time
it was abandoned by his Majesty's Forces on the I7th of
March, 1776. In a Series of Letters to a Friend. By
William Carter, Late a Lieutenant of the 4Oth Regiment
of Foot. London: G. Kearsley. 1784.

4to, polished calf, gilt, by F. Bedford; splendid copy ; very scarce.

/y/* 3 6 4 [CARTWRIGHT (John).] American Independence the
Interest and Glory of Great Britain. London. M.DCC.LXXV.

8vo, half brown morocco, gilt top, by Bradstreet.

365 CARVER (J.) Travels through the Interior Parts of

North America, in the Years 1766, 1767, and 1768.

* / j- 6 ByJ. Carver, Esq., Captain of a Company of Provincial

Troops during the late War with France. Illustrated

with Copper Plates.

London : Printed for the Author, &c. MDCCLXXVin.

Rl. 8vo, half morocco extra, gilt top, uncut.

Carver came to England soon after he returned from his travels, with the intention of
publishing his account of them ; but, when he had already sold the manu-
script to a bookseller, he was ordered, by the government, to deliver up all
his maps and journals ; and it was not until near ten years after that he
obtained permission to publish the work.

Co C 3 66 [CASAUBON.] A Treatise on Vse and Cvstome.

London. 1738.

4to. half calf j rare.

367 CASE (W.) Revolutionary Memorials, embracing Poems
^ , j by the Rev. Wheeler Case, published in 1778, and An
Appendix, Edited by the Rev. Stephen Dodd.

New York: M. W. Dodd. 1852.
lamo, cloth.



368 CASS (L.) Outlines of the Life and Character of Gen.

Lewis Cass. Albany. 1848.

8vo, pp. 64; scarce.

369 CATESBY(Mark). Natural History of Carolina, Florida,

and the Bahama Islands; containing the Figures of Birds,
Beasts, Fishes, Serpents, Insects, and Plants. Particu-
larly the Forest Trees, Shrubs, and other Plants, not
hitherto described, or very incorrectly figured by authors.
Together with their descriptions in English and French.
To which are added observations on the Air, Soil, and
Waters, etc. Revised by Mr. Edwards, of the Royal
College of Physicians, London; with the Supplement,
Map and 200 beautifully colored plates of American
Birds, Animals, Fishes, Insects, Plates, &c.

London. 1771.

1 vols., imp. folio, half calf, uncut) fine copy ; rare.

Thii copy is colored with superior care. Henry Laurens, of South Carolina, in 1780,
says : " The best Natural History of this country will be found in Catesby's
book of ' Natural History," published by a society of noblemen and gentle-
men, about thirty-five years ago." See Laurens' " Correspondence," p. 187.

" It does great honour to him and to his native country, and is perhaps the most curious
and elegant performance of its kind that has anywhere appeared in Europe."

370 CATLIN (George). O-Kee-Pa : A Religious Cere-

mony : and other Customs of the Mandrans.

Philadelphia. 1867.
Imp. 8vo, cloth extra, gilt edges; 13 COLORED ILLUSTRATIONS.

371 CAULFIELD (James.) Portraits, Memoirs, and Charac-
/ ters of Remarkable Persons, from the Revolution in

V 1688 to the end of the Reign of George II., collected

from the most authentic accounts extant.

London. 1819-20.

4 Tols., 410, half calf extra, gilt edges; fine impressions of the PLATES; LARGE PAPER.
Published at 12 las., in boards. Indispensable to the Illustrator. \


^372 CAVENDISH (Sir H.) Government of Canada. De-
bates in 1777. London. 1839.

8vo, cloth, uncut; MAP.

373 CAXTON (W.) The Game of the Chesse by William

Caxton. [London: Reprinted. 1855.]

FACSIMILE reprint of the rare original. Some remarks on the history of the art of
printing are appended. This reproduction of the first work printed by Cax-
ton at Westminster, containing thirty-three woodcuts, is intended to bring
the present age into somewhat greater intimacy with the Father of English
Printers. The type has been carefully imitated, and the cuts traced from
the copy in the British Museum. The paper has also been made expressly,
as near as possible, like the original.

374 CAXTON. Ars Moirendi. Here begynneth a lytyel

treatyse schortely compyled and called ars moriendi, that
is to saye the craft for to dye for the helthe of mannes
sowle. \_London: reprinted. 1^49.]

8 vo, uncut. One of fifty copies reprinted from the unique copy in the Bodleian Library.

375 CERTAIN Inducements to Well Minded People. Who

are here Straitned in their Estates or otherwise: or such
as are willing out of Noble and Publike Principles, to
transport Themselves or some Servants or Agents for
them into the West Indies, for the Propogating of the
Gospel and increase of Trade.

New York: Reprinted for 'Joseph Sabin. 1865.

410, half morocco, uncut; LARGE PAPER. Sabin's Reprints, Quarto Series, No. rv.J

376 CERVANTES SAAVEDRA (M. de). El ingenioso

Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha. ... Nueva Edicion
corregida por la Real Academia Espafiola. Madrid. 1780.

4 vols., rl. 4to, polished calf, gilt edges, by Bauzenot Trautz ; FINI ENGRAVINGS. A
beautiful copy of this, the most elegant edition extant, illustrated with a series
of additional PLATES by Vander Gucht, from DESIGNS by Vanderbank.
Bernal's copy sold for 14 143., in 1855.

" Cette edition est un vrai chef d'oeuvre typographique." BRUNKT.


377 CERVANTES. Don Quixote de la Mancha. Trans-
lated from the Spanish of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra.
[By Mary Smirke.] Embellished with Engravings from
Pictures Painted by Robert Smirke, Esq., R.A. In Four
Volumes. London: Printed for T. CadelL 1818.

4 vols., rl. 4to, half calf, gilt top, uncut ; LARGEST PAPER. Bulmer's splendid edition.
A most beautiful copy, perhaps thejinat ever sold at auction.

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