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College. Married, first, at Aberdeen, 19th March, 1835, Una
(died at Kingswells, 29th May, 1876, aged 65), third dau. of
Rev. Colin Mackenzie, minister of Stornoway, Lewis, with issue: —

1. Alexander, advocate (1858).

2. George, died at St. Lawrence, Isle of Wight, 3rd May,

1883, aged 43.

3. Colin, died 12th July, 1846, aged 5.

4. Francis, advocate (1866).

'This represents an annual value of ;£io, which is directed "to be applied for a
Bursary or Medal, or for Prizes in money or books, to one or more Students of Law
attending the Scots Law and Conveyancing Classes of the University, as the Law Faculty
may from time to time determine."


5. John, advocate (1880).

1. Jean Mackenzie, died 7th February, 1838.

2. Catherine, died 10th November, 1864, aged 17.

3. Jean Una, married at Kingswells, 4th September, 1872,

Alexander Dyce Davidson, M.A., Aberd., 1863 ; M.B.,
CM. (with honours), 1866; M.D., 1870; afterwards
Professor of Materia Medica in the University of
Aberdeen. She died at Braemar, 5th August, 1887.

Married, second, at Haddington, in 1877, Mary (born 16th

October, 1809, and still alive at the date of this publication), dau.

of David Shier, land surveyor, Aberdeen, and widow of Professor

Marcus Sachs, Free Church College, Aberdeen.
Died at Kingswells, nth September, 1892. *

Edmond, Francis (Junior). 10th April, 1866.

Fourth son of Francis Edmond, advocate (1829). Born at
Aberdeen, 19th October, 1842. Educated privately, and at
Milne's Institution, Fochabers. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1857-60.
App. to his father. Partner in the firm of Edmonds & Macqueen.
Member of General Council, University of Aberdeen.

Died, unmarried, at 5 Albyn Place, Aberdeen, 14th November, 1872.

Edmond, James. 19th November, 1821.

Second son of Francis Edmond, wood merchant, cartwright, and guild
burgess of Aberdeen, and Katharine Paul, his wife. Born at
Aberdeen, 2nd August, 1799. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1811-14. App.
to Andrew Robertson (1803). Subsequently in Edinburgh with
firm which became Cheyne & Stuart, W.S. Sometime in
partnership with his younger brother, Francis Edmond (1829),
firm being J. & F. Edmond, and from 1st January, 1872, with
his son Alexander (1864), firm being James & A. Edmond.
Notary Public. Nominated by the Society on 7th, and appointed
by the Senatus, 24th June, 1828, as Lecturer on Scots Law and

1 "The Scottish Law Review," VIII., pp. 263-64.

t-Jfomei 0tvm6>7i<&.



Conveyancing in Mar. Coll., which he resigned, 31st January,
1843. Member of General Council, University of Aberdeen.
Fiars Juror, 1855-69. Director, North of Scotland Bank.
Trustee and Manager, National Security Savings' Bank.
Secretary and Treasurer of the Institution for the Education
of the Deaf and Dumb. Guild burgess, admitted 25th October,
1833. Treasurer of the Society of Advocates, 1853-55. President,
1 85 5-57. Portrait by James Cassie, R.S.A., at St. Ronans,
Aberdeen. Married, at Old Aberdeen, 9th July, 1829, Mary
(died at St. Leonards, Banchory, 14th December, 1886), eldest
dau. of the Rev. William Paul, M.A., Professor of Natural
Philosophy in King's Coll., with issue> of whom : —

Francis, died 18th July, 1857, aged 25.

William, of the Chartered Bank of Australia, India and
China, sometime of Sidcup, Kent, afterwards of St.
Leonards, Banchory; died 22nd January, 1909.

James, went to Canada.

Alexander, advocate (1864).

Robert, died 10th August, 1846, in infancy.

Mary, died 24th April, 1855, aged 19.

Margaret, died 2nd November, 1895, a g e ^ 48.

The three surviving daughters — Isabel, Katharine, and Janet —
reside at St. Leonards, Banchory.

Died at Aberdeen, 2nd April, 1874.

Edmond, John. 25th February, 1880.

Fifth son of Francis Edmond, advocate (1829). Born 17th May,
1845. Educated at The Gymnasium, Old Aberdeen; Alumnus,
Aberd., 1861-64. App. to his father. Partner in the firm of
Edmonds & Macqueen,and subsequently in Edmonds & Ledingham.
Director, North of Scotland Bank. Director, or Member of Com-
mittee, in the following Hospitals and Institutions: — Royal
Infirmary, Convalescent, Sick Children's, Incurable, Deaf and
Dumb, Dispensary, Poor Association, and Larbert Imbecile.


Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 3rd December, 1894.
Proprietor of Fern Bank, Eastbourne, and liferenter of Kingswells,
Aberdeenshire. Commissioner of Supply for Aberdeenshire.
Married, at Edinburgh, 13th October, 1880, Evangeline Mary,
eldest dau. of Surgeon-General John Fraser, C.B., M.D., Honorary
Physician to H.M. Queen Victoria, with issue: —

1. Rev. Francis John, M.A., Cantab.

2. Colin Alexander, B.A., Oxon.

Edwards, James Hastings. 10th June, 1909.

Elder son of David Edwards, solicitor, Aberdeen, and Georgina Sheed
Mather, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 9th June, 1883. Educated
at Grammar School, Aberdeen; M.A., Aberd., 1903; B.L., 1906;
LL.B., 1 910. App. to his father and Alfred Martineau (1894)
(Edmonds & Ledingham). With Alexander Morison & Coy.,
W.S., Edinburgh, 1906-7. In partnership with Alexander
Ledingham, S.S.C., and the said Alfred Martineau, 1910, firm
being Edmonds & Ledingham. Secretary and Treasurer of the
Financial Board, United Free Church College, Aberdeen ;
Secretary and Treasurer, Aberdeen Master Masons' Incorporation
(Ltd.) ; and Secretary, Aberdeen Grain Warehousing Coy. (Ltd.).
Director, Wm. Davidson (Ltd.), Aberdeen ; and the Ross Steam
Trawl Fishing Coy. (Ltd.). Lieut, 1st Aberdeenshire Royal
Garrison Artillery (V.), 1903-8. Lieut, 1st Highland Brigade
Royal Field Artillery (T.F.), 1908.

Esslemont, William Davidson. 20th December, 1899.

Second son of John Ebenezer Esslemont, merchant, Aberdeen, and
Margaret Davidson, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 28th February,
1872. Educated at Robert Gordon's College; M.A., Aberd.,
1892; B.L., 1895. App. to Thomas Robertson Gillies (1885).
In partnership with David Hutcheon Duthie, solicitor, 1897-1901,
firm being Esslemont & Duthie. Notary Public. Assistant to the
Professor of Law in the University of Aberdeen, appointed 1902.


Parliamentary (Liberal) Agent for South Aberdeen since 1906.
Secretary, University of Aberdeen Liberal Association.
Resident Secretary, Scottish Life Assurance Coy. (Limited).
Author of " A Popular Handbook on the Commercial Law
of Scotland," 1910. Married, at Aberdeen, 27th December,
1899, Sarah Annie, dau. of the late David Ross, M.D., Portree,
Isle of Skye.

Ewen, Thomas. 24th July, 1834.

Son of John Ewen, timber merchant, Aberdeen, afterwards of
Ewen Place, Pitfodels, and Elizabeth Yeats, his wife. Born at
Aberdeen, 12th June, 1806. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1830. App. to
Charles Gordon and Alexander Gordon (Charles & Alexander
Gordon). Married, first, Catherine Soutter (died at Aberdeen,
29th March, 1852), with issue: —

1. Thomas Yeats, died 15th November, 1848, in infancy.

1. , teacher, in England.

Married, second, at Turriff, 10th March, 1863, Elizabeth (died
at Aberdeen, 20th April, 191 2), sixth dau. of James Cheyne,
Turriff, with issue.

Died at Aberdeen, 30th December, 1874.

Ewing, John. 21st November, 1811.

Son of Alexander Ewing, merchant, and guild burgess, Cruives
of Don. Alumnus, King's Coll., 1803-6. App., first, to Alexander
Thorn (1794), and, second, to John Low (1792). Sometime in
partnership with William Robison (1820), firm being Ewing
& Robison. Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 20th
December, 18 14. Married, 5th July, 181 3, Elspet (died 24th
February, 1829), youngest dau. of the late John Aiken, Aberdeen,
with issue : —

1. Alexander, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1828-30; LL.D., Glasgow,
1848; D.C.L., Oxon., 1851 ; Bishop of Argyll and the


Isles ; author of " Revelation considered as Light," etc. ;
died 22nd May, 1873.
2. John, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1828-30; B.A., Oxon., 1849;

M.A., 1850. Rector of Westnill, Herts.
1. Christina Amelia, died at Belvidere, April, 1832, aged 15.
Died 15th June, 1827.

Falconer, George. 24th November, 1876.

Second son of George Falconer, draper, Aberdeen, and Jane Gray,
his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 10th February, 1849. Educated
at Sinclair's Central Academy, and Grammar School, Aberdeen ;
M.A., Aberd., 1868. Law Student, Edinb., 1873-74. App. to
William Yeats and Robert Spottiswood Farquhar Spottiswood
(Yeats & Spottiswood). With Davidson & Syme, W.S.,
Edinburgh, 1873-74; McClure, Naismith, Brodie & Macfarlane,
writers, Glasgow, and Mackenzie, Gardner & Alexander, writers,
Glasgow, 1874-76. Clerk to Shipmaster Society of Aberdeen,
1 894- 1900. Clerk and Treasurer to Maryculter School Board.
Director, Local Board, The National Insurance Company of
Great Britain (Ltd.). Honorary Secretary and Treasurer,
Aberdeen Sailors' Institute. J. P. for the County of the City
of Aberdeen.

Farquhar, Nathaniel. 6th June, 1829.

Son of Arthur Farquhar, boot and shoe maker, Aberdeen. Born
at Aberdeen. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1825. App. to Charles Chalmers
(18 1 2). In partnership with the said Charles Chalmers from
1830, firm being Chalmers & Farquhar. Sheriff Clerk of
Aberdeenshire from 6th May, 1852. Director, Aberdeen
Commercial Coy. Trustee and Manager, National Security
Savings' Bank. Married, 28th April, 1835, Anne (died at
Aberdeen, 6th June, 1854), dau. of Alexander Taylor, Wellhouse,
Alford, with issue : —

1. Arthur, died in Australia in 1887.


2. William Gordon, sugar planter, married at Maryborough,

Queensland, 30th January, 1879, Maggie Wallace, eldest
dau. of James Robertson, and died at Hummock
Plantation, Bundaberg, Queensland, 10th June, 1909,
aged 66.

3. Nathaniel, advocate (1870).

1. Helen, married, at Alford, 28th June, 1864, John Lyall

Grant, merchant, Aberdeen, and died at Bridge of Allan,
5th May, 1870.

2. Elizabeth Jane, married, at Aberdeen, 10th September,

1862, George Carr, M.D., Mar. Coll., 1858 (died 17th
October, 1863). She died at Putney, London, 10th July,

3. Mary Anne, married, at Aberdeen, 10th January, 1871,

Harry Leith Mackenzie, Lieut., R.A., and died at Landour,
India, 17th July, 1873.
Died at Harrogate, 19th July, 1861, aged 55. *

Farquhar, Nathaniel. 27th September, 1870.

Third son of Nathaniel Farquhar, advocate (1829). Born at
Aberdeen, 25th September, 1845. Alumnus, Aberd., 1860-63.
App. to Robert Smith, Francis James Cochran and Alexander
Cochran (Smith & Cochran). Assistant Procurator Fiscal from
1 2th April, 1872. Married, at Cults, 24th June, 1873, Mary
(born 20th December, 1845, died at Aberdeen, 30th October,
1876), eldest dau. of the late Robert Watson, builder, and
sometime magistrate of Aberdeen, with issue : —

1. Margaret Watson, born 23rd July, 1875, married, 25th
November, 1898, Roland Peter Legg, engineer.

Died at Cosie Brae, Cults, 26th August, 1876.

Farquhar, Robert Spottiswood. See Spottiswood, Robert Spottiswood

1 " . . . Few were gifted with a larger amount of vigorous intellect and sterling
common sense, which, although unobtrusive in his whole walk of life, he brought to bear
effectually upon all public measures in which he was called on to take a part. . . ."



Farquharson, Peter. 26th January, 1789.

Son of William Farquharson, M.D., Dundee, and Margaret Souper,
his wife. Born at Dundee. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1781. App. to
William Thorn (1752). Director, Aberdeen Banking Coy.
Commissioner for Property Tax. J. P. for Aberdeenshire. Fiars
Juror, sixteen times, 1807-31. Adjutant, Royal Aberdeen Vols.,
April, 1796. Purchased estate of Abercattie (since known as
Whitehouse), Tough. Treasurer, 1794-96. President, 18 12-14.
Portrait at Whitehouse and in Committee Room. Married,
at Elgin, 18th October, 1795, Marjory (died 1st April, 1849,
aged 84), only dau. of William Stewart of Lesmurdie, with
issue : —

1. George Campbell, died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 8th

September, 1838.

2. Andrew, succeeded to Whitehouse, and died, unmarried,

23rd January, 1896, aged 93.

1. Jane Stewart, died 9th December, 1891.

2. Margaret, married, at Aberdeen, 29th June, 1846, Lieut.-

Col. John Farquharson, H.E.I.C.S., of Corrachree, and
died 1st May, 1888.

Died, senior member, 20th February, 1855, aged 89. *

1 " Referring to our obituary of to-day, in which we have recorded the death of Mr.
Farquharson of Whitehouse, we cannot allow the opportunity to pass without paying
a tribute to the sterling worth of his character. Mild, gentle and affectionate in disposition,
modest and retiring in conduct, guileless, single-hearted and sincere, largely gifted with
that charity which thinketh no evil, thoroughly contented in the station in which he was
placed — his aim through life having been ' to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly
with his God' — he has passed from this world, leaving the inheritance of a good name,
which is rather to be chosen than great riches. Early in life Mr. Farquharson became a
member of the legal profession in this city, and was long the confidential agent and
commissioner for several of the most considerable proprietors in this county, gaining for
himself by his strict integrity and disinterested conduct, not only their attachment but also
the gratitude and respect of their tenantry. In the district with which he was more
immediately connected, he took a lively interest in many public improvements. Mr.
Farquharson was the lineal male representative of the . . . branch of the family whose
surname he bore, and who settled in the upper district of this county in the early part of
the 16th century. During all the troubles of the House of Stuart, his ancestors took a
warm interest in the Royal cause, three of whom lost life and lands in its behalf — first,
Findla Mhor, killed at the battle of Pinkie while bearing Queen Mary's Standard ; second,
the gallant and chivalrous Colonel Donald Farquharson of Castleton and Monaltrie, styled
in his time 'The Pride of Braemar,' the lieutenant and attached friend of the illustrious
Montrose, who, having been killed at Aberdeen in March, 1645, was subsequently interred
in the Laird of Drum's Aisle, his great Commander having sent 1000 horse to witness his
funeral rites ; and, third, his grandfather, Harry Farquharson . . . who fell at Culloden
while gallantly leading on the Mar men in their impetuous charge at the commencement of
that disastrous battle, leaving a numerous youthful family to lament his loss. Blessed and
happy is the death of the upright man. . . ." — Aberdeen Journal.


Ferguson, James. 18th May, 1816.

Only son of John Ferguson, merchant, Aberdeen. M.A., Mar. Coll.,
1809. App. to Francis Gordon (1796). Fiars Juror, 1841-54.
Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 26th November, 1814.
Proprietor of Altens, x Nigg. Married, at Aberdeen, 22nd July,
1822, Jane Birnie (died at Aberdeen, 22nd November, 1872,
aged 81), with issue: —

1. William Black, civil engineer ; Secretary, Great North

of Scotland Railway Coy., and Lieut.-Col., Deeside
Highlanders ; married, first, at Edinburgh, 28th June,
1853, Jane Amelia, dau. of George Smith, architect;
second, at Stonehaven, 22nd September, 1868, Helen
Louisa, eldest surviving dau. of Thomas Smith. He
died at Banchory-Ternan, 4th September, 1881.

2. John, advocate (1849).

1. Jane B., married Alexander Muir, advocate (1817).

2. Catherine, married, 20th January, 1858, James Lumsden,

Braco, Grange, and died at Walkerburn, Innerleithen,
4th June, 1883.

3. Elizabeth Georgina, died 6th March, 1862.

4. Jemima, married Thomas Ruxton, advocate (1848).

5. Mary Birnie, married, 19th May, 1857, Rev. George

Davidson, minister of Logie-Coldstone.

6. Isabella Garioch, married, 25th December, 1856, Rev.

George Mclrvine, M.A., King's Coll., 1849, of St. Andrew's
Church, Port Louis, Mauritius. He died 19th August,
191 1, aged 81.

Died at Aberdeen, 16th February, 1863.

1 " Altens, when it came into Mr. Ferguson's hands, was nearly a waste of heather and
stone. Mr. Ferguson devised and executed his improvements with so much skill and
energy as to call forth the marked approbation of the Highland and Agricultural Society,
and ,the admiration of all practically acquainted with such enterprise. . . ." — Aberdeen


Ferguson, John. 17th January, 1849.

Second son of James Ferguson, advocate (1816). Educated at
Grammar School, Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1840-43.
App., first, to his father, and, second, to Francis Edmond (1829).
Sometime in partnership with his son John, advocate (1878),
firm being J. & J. Ferguson. Stock and share broker. Guild
burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 26th October, 1863. Member
of General Council, University of Aberdeen. Married, at
Aberdeen, 20th November, 185 1, Jane Ann (died in London,
5th September, 1898), youngest dau. of the late Captain James
MacDonald of Coulnakyle, with issue : —

1. James, died at Aberdeen, 8th December, 1854, in infancy.

2. John, advocate (1878).

3. William Birnie.

4. George Birnie, died at Woodside, 22nd October, 1866,

in infancy.

1. Margaret Hay, died at Edinburgh, 20th May, 1908.

2. Jane Birnie, married, at Aberdeen, 27th September, 1876,

Surgeon-General David Sinclair, C.S.I., M.B., Aberd., 1869,
Indian Medical Service (retired).

3. Catherine MacDonald, married, at Aberdeen, 28th August,

1877, Surgeon-Colonel Sir George Thomson, K.C.B., M.B.,
Aberd., 1864, Indian Medical Service. He died 21st
December, 1903.

4. Flora MacDonald, died at Kincardine O'Neil, 5th June,


5. Mary Helen.

6. Mabel Ada Hay, married Colonel Frank Hutchinson,

Indian Army (retired).
Died at Aberdeen, 22nd August, 1879.

Ferguson, John (Junior). 6th September, 1878.

Second son of John Ferguson, advocate (1849). Born at Aberdeen,
1 8th July, 1855. Educated at the Gymnasium, Old Aberdeen,
and Grammar School, Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Aberd., 1870-72.


App., first, to John Duguid Milne and George Walker (Milne
& Walker), and, second, to Alexander Cochran and George
Anderson (Cochran & Anderson). Sometime in partnership
with his father, firm being J. & J. Ferguson. Stock and share
broker. Membership ceased, November, 1890.

Died, unmarried, at New York, 30th April, 1901.

Ferguson, John Mackay. 9th February, 1891.

Son of Rev. Fergus Ferguson, minister of the Evangelical Union
Church, St. Paul Street, Aberdeen, and Margaret Mackay Cornwall,
his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 12th September, 1861. M.A., Aberd.,
1883. App. to William Smith (Stephen & Smith). Notary
Public. Lieut, 1st Vol. Batt. Gordon Highlanders, 20th June,
1 891 ; Captain, 3rd April, 1897. Married, at Kelvinside,
Glasgow, 30th September, 1891, Agnes Donald, eldest dau. of
Henry M. Barker, LL.D., Glasg., 1870. Membership ceased,
May, 1902.

Ferres, John. 19th December, 1825.

Son of John Ferres, mason, Aberdeen. Born at Aberdeen.
Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1817-19. App., first, to Robert Charles
Grant (181 1), and, second, to Alexander Smith (1804). Author
of " Letters from Pannanich and Ballater," in " Aberdeen Censor."
Married, at Glasgow, 27th December, 1826, Jessie, dau. of John
Fraser, Linlithgow, with issue : —
I. John.

Died at Swan River Settlement, New South Wales, October, 1830.

Fleming, John. 17th February, 1821.

Son of John Fleming, tailor, Aberdeen. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1809.
App. to William Kennedy (1783). Sometime in partnership
with James Paull (185 1), firm being Fleming & Paull. Notary
Public. Secretary and Treasurer of Dr. Anderson's School.
Director, Aberdeen Banking Coy.

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 1st July, 1863, aged 72.


Flockhart, Alexander. 28th February, 1840.

Son of Henry Flockhart in Cowhills. M.A., King's Coll., March,
1 83 1. App. to George Yeats (1804). Sometime in partnership
with John Yeats (1834), firm being Yeats & Flockhart. Married
Elizabeth (died at Belmont, 1st June, 1861), dau. of William
Yeats of H. M. Customs, Aberdeen, with issue : —

1. John Yeats, Alumnus, King's Coll., 1858-59; Aberd., 1859-60;

law apprentice; died 25th February, 1888.

2. Alexander, died 25th October, 1870, aged 23.

1. Jessy Ann, died 6th May, 1864, aged 19.

2. Isabella Christie, died 18th March, 1898.

3. Elizabeth.

Died at Ladymill Cottage, Aberdeen, 9th July, 1874, aged 58.

Forbes, Alexander. 1648.

M.A. Sometime Sheriff Depute of Aberdeenshire. Commissioner
of Taxes for the burgh of Aberdeen. Honorary burgess of

Aberdeen, admitted 22nd September, 1655. Married ,

with issue : —

1. Alexander, Ross bursar, Mar. Coll., 1633. *

Died in or before 1663.

Forbes, Alexander (Junior). 1654.

Forbes, Duncan. 29th March, 1839.

Eldest son of Henry David Forbes, M.A., King's Coll., 25th March,
1808, of Balgownie, and Margaret Fraser, his wife. Born at
Balgownie, 7th October, 18 17. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1830-32.
App. to Alexander Jopp (1825). Sometime in partnership with
Alexander Abel (1840), firm being Forbes & Abel. Fiars Juror,
1 875-78. Succeeded to Balgownie. Commissioner of Supply,
and J. P., both for Aberdeenshire. Membership terminated

'Anderson's "Records of Mar. Coll.," II., p. 229.


28th November, 1854. Married, at Old Aberdeen, 23rd March,
1847, Janet Dyce (died at Balgownie House, nth July, 1899,
aged 88), only dau. of the late Robert Forbes of Castleton,
Kincardineshire, and widow of Gavin Hadden, Junr.
Died, s.p., at Balgownie House, 2nd July, 1893.

Forbes, George. 1558.

Forbes, George. 9th July, 1776.

App. to John Gordon (1753). Treasurer, 1780-82. x Sheriff
Substitute of Banffshire, from 1st November, 1790, to 9th

1 At a General Meeting of the Society on 31st January, 1783, it was resolved that the
two following letters should be preserved in the records "as honourable to Mr. Forbes": —

(1.) Translation of letter in French by Frederick II. (the Great), King of Prussia,
addressed to " Sn George Forbes, Avocat, a Aberdeen, en Ecosse."

I duly received the letter which you wrote me the sixth of October, and see by its
contents that one of my subjects named Tonges Rolofs Jansen, an inhabitant of my
province of East Friesland, while trading with his ship in Merchandize not prohibited
to a neutral owner, has been taken and carried into Aberdeen, and illtreated by a Scotch
Privateer contrary to the general law of nations, and that he has not been able to obtain
his release, nor satisfaction, nor Justice, notwithstanding all your exertions on his behalf.
I have been (and indeed you had reason to believe I would be) very much concerned
to hear of such manifest injustice done to one of my subjects, altho' of no high rank ;
but I am not the less sensible of your generous proceeding ; and I am really affected to
find, that a stranger, as you are to me, should have taken in hand, without any private
view, the defence of oppressed innocence against the injustice of your own Country. I
therefore hasten to return you my thanks, and express to you my grateful acknowledgment,
as well as the esteem and the particular value which I entertain of such uncommon virtue.
If a man of a similar way of thinking stood in need of any other reward, it would be a
pleasure to me, and my duty, to bestow it on him. I have not delayed the communication
of your letter to my Minister at London, the Count Lusi ; and have given him positive
orders to make the strongest representations to His Britannic Majesty's Ministers, to get
at least the releasement of the unfortunate Jansen and his men ; and to obtain full and
speedy justice for him. I expect it the more, as I have taken the most equitable measures,
by publishing two Declarations, of which a printed copy is enclosed, that my subjects,
during the course of the present war, shall only carry on an innocent Commerce, entirely
conformable to the Law of Nations, and noways prejudicial to any of the belligerent
powers ; making use only of the liberty natural and customary to neutral countries. As
to the rest I recommend the unfortunate Jansen to your further assistance, and I pray God
to have you in His holy keeping. (Signed) Frederic.

Berlin, 17th November, 1781.

(2.) From the Prussian Ambassador.

Sir, — It is with sincere pleasure that I execute the orders of the King my Master in
sending you inclosed his answer to your Letter. I am fully persuaded that he himself
will tell you how much he is sensible of your generous proceedings. The interest which

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