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Thomas, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1685-89, being Liddell bursar.

Died 17th April, 1672.

Mercer, Thomas. 1596.

Married, with issue, of whom : —

Isobel, married, 21st September, 1659, the Rev. Thomas
Thomson of Cocklaw, minister successively of Parton,
Carstairs, Forres, Turriff, and Old Machar.

Merser, George. Before 2nd June, 1623. x

Practised in Old Aberdeen. Married Elspet, dau. of the Rev.
Thomas Gardyne, minister of Tarves.

1 In Kennedy's MS. List the date of Merser's entry is stated as 1633, but see Little-
john's " Sheriff Court Records," II., p. 269.


Meston, Alexander. 17th January, 1849.

Third son of Alexander Meston, dyer, Aberdeen, and Elizabeth
Norrie, his wife. Born at Aberdeen in 1818. Educated at
Grammar School, Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1835-37.
App., first, to George Leask (1826), and, second, to Patrick
Davidson and Alexander Davidson (P. & A. Davidson).
Proprietor of part of Dam Croft on the south side of Union
Street. *

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 3rd May, 1855.

Middleton, George. 1596.

Procurator Fiscal within the bounds of the Bishopric of Aberdeen. 2
Honorary burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 30th August, 163 1.
Married Katharine Haliburton. 3 Resided for many years in
Old Aberdeen.

Died after 24th May, 1642.

Middleton, John. 28th May, 1863.

Son of Samuel Middleton, teller, Union Bank of Scotland, Aberdeen,
and Elizabeth Alexander, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 13th
August, 1835. Alumnus, King's Coll., 1851-52 and 1853-54.
App. to Lauchlan McKinnon Junior (1842).

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 8th January, 1867.

Miller, Alexander Lawrance. 21st June, 1893.

Second son of John Miller, manufacturing chemist, of Sandilands,
Aberdeen, and Elliot Ogston, his wife. Born at Aberdeen, 12th
July, 1866. M.A., Aberd., 1887. App. to Patrick Henderson
Chalmers, Farquharson Taylor Garden, Charles Ruxton and

1 Aberdeen Sasine Register.

2 Littlejohn's " Sheriff Court Records," II., p. 350.

3 Information from Miss Gilchrist.


David Montague Alexander Chalmers (C. & P. H. Chalmers).
Thereafter with Auld & Macdonald, W.S., Edinburgh. Clerk
and Treasurer, Banchory-Devenick School Board. Lieut, 1st
Aberdeenshire Artillery Vols., 21st October, 1893. Captain,
3rd February, 1897. Now of John Miller & Coy., Sandilands
Chemical Works, Aberdeen.

Miller, James Andrew. 4th December, 1843.

Son of James Miller, proprietor in Trinidad. M.A., Mar. Coll.,
1836. App. to Henry Lumsden and Clements Lumsden (Henry
& Clements Lumsden). Married Jessie, x eldest dau. of George
Gunn, Rhives, Sutherlandshire, factor for His Grace the Duke
of Sutherland, with issue.

Died at Rhives, 20th July, 1853.

Milligan, David Macbeth Moir. 2 5th January, 1886.

Second son of the Very Rev. William Milligan, D.D., Professor of
Biblical Criticism, University of Aberdeen, 1860-93, and Anne
Mary Moir, his wife. Born at Inveresk, 2nd June, 1861. Educated
at the Gymnasium, Old Aberdeen; M.A., Aberd., 1881. App.
to Charles Duncan, Peter Duguid and Henry Peterkin (Stronach,
Duncan & Duguid). Thereafter with Morton, Smart &
Macdonald, W.S., Edinburgh. Admitted Law Agent, 1884.
Partner in the firm of Murray & McCombie, 1885-90; and of
Davidson & Garden, from 1st January, 1891. Notary Public.
Director, Northern Assurance Coy. ; Scottish Equitable Life
Assurance Society (Extraordinary) ; North of Scotland and
Town and County Bank (Ltd.) ; Aberdeen University Press
(Ltd.) ; Caledonian Steam Trawling Company (Ltd.) (Chairman) ;
Grove Cemetery Company (Ltd.) ; Scottish Tea and Rubber
Investment Trust (Ltd.). ; The Scottish and Dominions Trust

1 Mrs. Miller married as her second husband, 9th February, 1858, Rev. Arthur Dixon,
curate of St. Mary's, Truro.

2 " The Scots Law Times," 20th June, 1908.


(Ltd.). Honorary Treasurer and Secretary, Royal Aberdeen
Hospital for Sick Children. Clerk and Treasurer, Aberdeen
Blind Asylum. Convener, Business Committee of the General
Council of the University of Aberdeen. Convener, Finance
Committee, Aberdeen Provincial Committee. President,
Incorporated Society of Law Agents in Scotland, 1907-10.
President, Aberdeen Unionist Association. Purchased estate of
Findrack, Lumphanan, in 1903. Second Lieutenant, 1st
Aberdeenshire Artillery Vols. (1st Aberdeenshire Royal Garrison
Artillery Vols.), 20th April, 1881. Honorary Lieut-Col., 17th
February, 1902. V.D. Married, at St. Congan's Church,
Turriff, 23rd October, 1890, Barbara Ann, only dau. of John
Duguid Milne, advocate (1844).

Milne, Alexander. 9th June, 1721.

Married, with issue, of whom : —

Margaret, married Pember Britton, shipmaster.
Died between 1726 and 1729.

Milne, Duguid Rae. 4th January, 1889.

Second son of John Duguid Milne, advocate (1844). Born at
Aberdeen, 21st August, 1864. Educated at Fettes College,
Edinburgh; M.A., Abcrd., 1884; subsequently at Cambridge.
App. to his father, and George Walker (Milne & Walker).
Thereafter with Morton, Smart & Macdonald, W.S., Edinburgh.
Sometime partner in the firm of Milne & Walker, and
subsequently of Davidson & Garden.

Died, unmarried, at Ardmiddle, Turriff, 4th December, 1895.

Milne, John Duguid. 19th November, 1814.

Second son of Robert Milne, manager, Woodside Works, and
Isabel Warrack, his wife. Born at Woodside, 14th April, 1792.
M.A., King's Coll., 30th March, 1810. App. to James Spalding


(1801). Sometime in partnership with his son, John Duguid
(1844), firm being John Duguid Milne, Senior & Junior. Justice
of Peace Procurator Fiscal. Assistant Procurator Fiscal for
Aberdeenshire. Director, North of Scotland Bank, and Great
North of Scotland Railway Coy. Trustee under Dr. John
Milne's Educational Bequest. Manager, National Security
Savings' Bank. Expert in Ecclesiastical Law. Treasurer of
the Society of Advocates, 1844-46. President, 1848-50.
Married, 24th June, 1818, Janet (died at Cromwellside, Rayne,
nth December, 1864, aged 72), dau. of John Cumming, Bridge
of Don, with issue : —

1. John Duguid, advocate (1844).

2. Robert, died 14th April, 1823, in infancy.

3. Robert, C.E., first general manager and secretary, Great

North of Scotland Railway; married, 28th June, 1854,
Georgina Pirie (died 26th August, 1870, aged 36), eldest
dau. of John Garland, Cairnton, Fordoun, and died 13th
July, 1 89 1, aged 66.
1. Ann, married George Walker, advocate (1846).
Died at Aberdeen, 22nd September, 1859.

Milne, John Duguid (Junior). 27th July, 1844.

Eldest son of John Duguid Milne, advocate (18 14). M.A., Mar.
Coll., 1840; LL.D., Aberd., 1887. App. to his father. Sometime
in partnership with his father, firm being John Duguid Milne,
Senior & Junior; afterwards with George Walker (1846), firm
being Milne & Walker. Director, North of Scotland Bank,
and subsequently joint agent at Aberdeen for City of Glasgow
Bank. Director, Town and County Bank (Limited). Manager,
National Security Savings' Bank. Proprietor of Melgum.
Author of " Industrial and Social Position of Women," 1857.
"Two Letters on the English Universities," 1859. "The
Industrial Employment of Women," 1870. "The Free Public
Library Question discussed," 1883. "The Success of Free
Public Libraries," 1883, and sundry other pamphlets. Married,


first, at Aberdeen, 15th August, 1854, Helen (died 18th April,
1 85 5, aged 32), youngest dau. of the Rev. George Ross
Monro, M. A., King's Coll., 1789, minister of Huntly.
Married, second, at Scobbach (now Ardmiddle) House, 30th
December, 1857, Barbara (died at Aberdeen, 2nd June, 1889,
aged 67), only dau. of Alexander Rac, surgeon, R.N., of
Ardmiddle, with issue : —

1. John Adam, now of Ardmiddle, born 13th April, i860;

married, 2nd October, 1895, Jessie Ellen Savage Jerrard.

2. Duguid Rae, advocate (1889).

1. Barbara Ann, married David Macbeth Moir Milligan,
advocate (1886).

Died at Ardmiddle, 28th August, 1889, aged 67. ■

Milne, William. 26th July, 1864.

Son of Irvine Milne, police officer, Dundee. Born 30th July, 1833.
Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1856-58. App. to William Yeats and
Robert Spottiswood Farquhar Spottiswood (Yeats & Spottis-
wood). Sometime in partnership with the said William Yeats
and Archibald Mclntyre McDonald, firm being Yeats, Milne
& McDonald. Treasurer, Industrial School and Reformatory
for Girls. Member of General Council, University of Aberdeen.

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, nth September, 1892.

Mitchell, Alexander. 30th January, 1830.

Son of James Mitchell, merchant and guild burgess, Aberdeen.
M.A., Mar. Coll., 1821. App. to Francis Gordon (1796). Sheriff
Clerk Depute, and Joint Auditor of Sheriff Court at Aberdeen.
Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 15th October, 1833.

Died, unmarried, at Edinburgh, in 1848.

1 "The Scottish Law Review," V., p. 217-18.


Mitchell, David. 2nd June, 1837.

Youngest son of John Mitchell, farmer, Bendauch, Dyce, and
Isabella Moir, his wife. Born at Bendauch, 10th March, 18 14.
Educated at Parish School, Foveran, and Grammar School,
Aberdeen ; Alumnus, King's Coll., 1828-30. Law student,
Edinb. App. to Charles Chalmers and Nathaniel Farquhar
(Chalmers & Farquhar). Subsequently with legal firm in
Edinburgh. In partnership with his son Stodart James (1871),
from March, 1890, firm being David & Stodart J. Mitchell.
Treasurer, National Bible Society. Married, at Aberdeen, 21st
September, 1843, Jessie (died at Aberdeen, 6th June, 1847), only
dau. of James McLaren, Collector of Excise, Aberdeen, with
issue : —

1. Stodart James, advocate (1871).

2. Joannah Isabella, married, at Aberdeen, 24th September,

1872, Rev. Andrew Jaffray Chrystall, minister, Free
Church, Auchterless, afterwards of the United Free
Church, Bucksburn ; she died 21st December, 1910.

Died at Aberdeen, 15th November, 1897. x

Mitchell, Robert. 3rd February, 1909.

Elder son of Robert Mitchell, farmer, Foveran, and Barbara Harvey,
his wife. Born at Foveran, 8th June, 1873. Educated at the
Gymnasium, Old Aberdeen; M.A., Aberd., 1894; B.L. (with
honours), 1896. App. to Alexander DufTus (Wilsone & DufTus).
Captain, 2nd Field Coy., Highland Divisional Royal Engineers

Mitchell, Stodart James. 1st November, 1871.

Only son of David Mitchell, advocate (1837). Born at Aberdeen,
26th June, 1844. Educated at Sinclair's Academy; Grammar
School ; and Gymnasium, Old Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Aberd.,

1 "The Scottish Law Review," XIII., p. 323.


1860-64. App. to his father. With Auld & Chalmers, W.S.,

Edinburgh, 1869-71. In partnership with his father from

March, 1890, firm being David & Stodart J. Mitchell. Held

commission in 1st Aberdeenshire Rifle Volunteers, 18th
November, 1871, retiring June, 1873.

Moir, William. 24th July, 1744.

App. to Thomas Burnett (1722).
Died before 13th April, 1764.

Moir, William. 8th December, 1853.

Third and youngest son of John Moir, farmer, Glasterberry,
Peterculter, and Agnes Middleton, his wife. Educated at
Grammar School, Aberdeen ; Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1838-40.
App. to James Edmond (1821). Member of General Council,
University of Aberdeen. Married Jane Shaw, with issue : —

1. William, M.B., CM., Aberd., 1883 ; afterwards in practice

in Australia.

2. John.

1. Agnes, married, at Aberdeen, Dr. Eddie, and died in


2. Elsie.

Died at Aberdeen, nth December, 1882.

Monro, David. 9th December, 1837.

Son of Rev. George Ross Monro, M.A., King's Coll., 28th March,
1789, minister of Huntly, and Agnes Milne, his wife. M.A.
(with honours), Mar. Coll., 1831. App. to Alexander Stronach
(18 18). Sometime in partnership with James Nicol (1820),
firm being Nicol & Monro.

Died, unmarried, at sea, on board S.S. " Sultan," while on passage
home from Malta, 30th December, 1850.


Morice, Arthur David. 29th April, 1870.

Second son of David Robert Morice, advocate (1837). Born at
Aberdeen, 23rd October, 1843. M.A., Aberd., 1863. App. to
his father. Thereafter with Henry & Shirres, S.S.C., Edinburgh.
Sometime in partnership with John Clark and the said David
Robert Morice, firm being Clark & Morice ; thereafter with
John Duncan (Junior), firm being Duncan & Morice, and finally
with Alexander Wilson, solicitor (Lord Provost of Aberdeen,
1908-11), firm being Morice & Wilson. Member of Council,
New Spalding Club. F.S.A., Scot., 1868. Honorary burgess
of Old Aberdeen, admitted 1st October, 1874. Honorary
Secretary of the Aberdeen Golf Club, 1872-88, in succession to
his father.

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 28th May, 1894. x

Morice, David. 24th February, 1764.

Third son of Robert Morice in Waulkmill of Drum. Alumnus,
Mar. Coll., being Crombie bursar, 1751-52. App. to George Turner
(1731). Sometime in partnership with his son Robert, firm being
D. & R. Morice. Sheriff Clerk Depute of Aberdeenshire. 2 Joint
Procurator Fiscal of Aberdeenshire, 1 771 -81. Sheriff" Substitute
of Aberdeenshire from 25th April, 1799. Consulter and assessor
to the Magistrates and Town Council of Aberdeen, 1793. Clerk
and factor to Robert Gordon's Hospital. Proprietor of Tullos,
Nigg, and of considerable house property in Aberdeen. Honorary

1 "The Scottish Law Review," X., p. 145.

2 On 20th February, 1764, Morice granted a Deed of Obligation "That so long as"
he should "continue to act as a procurator before the Sheriff Court of Aberdeen" he
would " not act as Sheriff Clerk Depute in any manner of way, except only in signing of
Lybels, Precepts or Extracts, in the absence of the acting Clerks, and that only where "
not personally concerned, under the penalty of £$ to be paid to Alexander Lumsden,
Advocate, then manager of the Society's Funds. — Holograph Deed in possession of Dr.
Littlejohn, Sheriff Clerk.


burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 5th July, 1771 ; and guild
burgess, admitted 26th March, 1787. Fiars Juror, 1773-77-
Treasurer of the Society of Advocates, 1778-80. Married, at
Aberdeen, 19th August, 1773, Rachel (died at Aberdeen, 19th
December, 1825, aged 83), second dau. of James Young,
merchant burgess of Aberdeen, and widow of Baillie John
Farquhar, of the firm of Farquhar & Hadden, stocking merchants,
with issue : —

1. Alexander, merchant, Brazil and London ; married

Isabella Gibbon, second dau. of James Gibbon, merchant,
Aberdeen ; guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 27th
September, 18 14; died at Aberdeen, 26th October, 18 14,
aged 40.

2. Robert, advocate (1794).

3. William, R.N., murdered, 30th August, 1801, while at sea

in charge of the captured Spanish vessel " Maria." *

4. John, merchant, Lisbon and London ; married, at Lisbon,

May, 1809, Mary Valentia, dau. of Charles O'Neill,
merchant there; died in London, 22nd October, 1835,
aged 53.

1. Catharine, married, 24th October, 1801, William Johnston

of Viewfield, merchant and shipowner in Aberdeen.

2. Isabella, died, unmarried, at Kincardine O' Neil, 20th June,

1857, in her 78th year.

3. Mary, married, 21st November, 1806, her cousin, John

Morrice, sometime merchant in London, afterwards of
Tullos ; died at Bathampton, 25th July, i860.

4. Elspet, married, at East Mailing, Kent, 23rd June, 1807,

her cousin, William Morrice, Lieut., and subsequently
Captain, Royal Marines, afterwards merchant in London ;
died at Southampton, 19th August, 1854.

Died at house of Tullos, 26th January, 1806.

1 Johnston's " Genealogical Account of the Descendants of James Young and Rachel
Cruickshank," p. 98.


Morice, David (Junior). 9th July, 1776.

Son of John Morice, baker, Aberdeen, and Margaret Kennedy, *
his wife. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1756-58. App. to Gilbert
Gerard (175 1). Sometime joint clerk and assessor to the
Incorporated Trades of Aberdeen. Fiars Juror, 1784-88.
Guild burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 12th May, 1787. Traded
for sometime " as a merchant and dealer in victual."

Died, unmarried, at Kincardine O'Neil, in 1795.

Morice, David Robert. 12th October, 1837.

Eldest son of Robert Morice, advocate (1794). Born at Aberdeen,
12th October, 1816. Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1830-33. App. to
Alexander Smith (1804). Sometime in partnership with John
Anderson (1839), firm being Morice & Anderson ; thereafter
with John Clark (1832), firm being Clark & Morice, in which
latter firm Arthur David Morice (1870), was subsequently
assumed as a partner. Notary Public. Succeeded his father as
consulter and assessor to the Magistrates and Town Council of
Aberdeen. Member of General Council, University of Aberdeen.
Honorary burgess of Old Aberdeen, admitted 6th October, 1859.
Provost of Old Aberdeen, 1864-66. Sometime member of Town
Council of Bervie. Fiars Juror, 1846-62. Guild burgess of
Aberdeen, admitted 18th November, 1839. Honorary Secretary
of the Aberdeen Golf Club, 1863-72. Author of "A Handbook
of British Maritime Law," London, 1857; "Conveyancing made
Easy," Aberdeen, 1857. Married, at Charlton, 1st September,
1840, Alison (died at Old Aberdeen, 6th May, 1871, in her
53rd year), second dau. of Arthur Anderson of Charlton,
Forfarshire, and of Deebank (now Newton Dee), Aberdeenshire,
with issue : —

1. Robert, died in infancy, 10th August, 1842.

1 On 16th July, 1789, Margaret Kennedy (as relict of John Morice), and her son
David, had sasine in deceased's tenement property on the west side of Castle Street,
Aberdeen. — "Aberdeen Sasine Register."


2. Arthur David, advocate (1870).

3. Robert, died 4th May, 1848, aged 3.

4. Robert James, of Tenterfield, New South Wales ; M.A.,

Aberd., 1871, M.B., CM., 1874, M.D., 1878; died at
Bulong, West Australia, 18th October, 1910.

5. Gavin, sometime coffee planter in Ceylon, afterwards

in New South Wales.

6. Alexander, chief officer, S.S. " Manapouri " ; married,

at Nelson, New Zealand, 26th August, 1885, Ethel
Malvina, eldest dau. of Bernard Robert Shaw, Captain,
36th Regiment ; and died in the Bay of Gisborne, New
Zealand, 26th February, 1886.

7. George Thomas, B.A., Oxon., 1881 ; Barrister-at-Law

of the Middle Temple, called 1883 ; Judge of the
High Court of the Transvaal, 1890 ; author of "Decisions
under the Transvaal Gold Law," " The Scientific Study
of the Criminal," etc ; married, 7th July, 1891, Isabel,
dau. of the late James Kirkpatrick, of Kelaighty, County

8. Berold, died at Honolulu, 26th May, 1894, aged 34.

9. Andrew, M.A., Aberd., 1884; admitted solicitor (London),

1886; District Registrar of Mines, Barberton, Transvaal;
married, in 1896, Alice Mary, dau. of Rev. A. Roberts,
D.D., Professor of Humanity, St. Andrews.

1. Anne, died 16th June, i860, on her 15th birthday.

2. Margaret, M.D., Brussels, 1895 ; L.R.C.P.I., 1884; L.R.C.S.,

Edinb., 1895.

3. Alison, certificated student, of Girton College, Cambridge ;

classical tripos, 1880.

4. Harriet Mary, Assistant Superior of the Community of

St. Mary and St. John, Aberdeen.

Died at Old Aberdeen, 27th March, 1876.


Morice, Robert. 28th February, 1794.

Second son of David Morice, advocate (1764). Born at Aberdeen,
19th September, 1775. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1791. App. to his
father, with whom subsequently in partnership, firm being
D. & R. Morice. Practised till 1805, when he was appointed
Deputy-Registrar of the Court of Vice Admiralty at Gibraltar.
Remained at Gibraltar till 1809, when he returned to Aberdeen
and resumed practice. Succeeded his father as consulter and
assessor to the Magistrates and Town Council of Aberdeen,
and as clerk and factor to Robert Gordon's Hospital. Member,
Town Council of Bervie. Freeholder of Kincardineshire.
Ensign, Royal Aberdeen Volunteers, 1803. Guild burgess of
Aberdeen, admitted 27th September, 18 14. Treasurer of the
Society of Advocates, 18 14-16. President, 1830-32. Married,
at Aberdeen, 5th December, 181 5, his cousin, Anne (died at
Aberdeen, 4th March, 1862), fourth dau. of James Young,
stocking merchant, Aberdeen, with issue : —

1. David Robert, advocate (1837).

2. James, Alumnus, Mar. Coll., 1832-35 ; merchant, Liverpool,

afterwards in London; married Cecilia Margaret, youngest
dau. of Alexander Swan of Hythe, and died at Margate,
Kent, 20th May, 1867.

3. George, merchant, Colombo, died in London, unmarried,

5th November, 1863.

4. Alexander, died April, 1827, aged 4.

5. Arthur, coffee planter, Ceylon ; married, 24th December,

1861, Lydia, youngest dau. of A. Mackenzie, Allanfearn ;
and died at Dornoch, 2nd June, 187 1, in his 44th year.

1. Elizabeth, died February, 1826, aged 5.

2. Rachel Anne, died, unmarried, 8th April, 1889, aged 65.
Died at Aberdeen, 29th April, 1834.

Morrison, Archibald Cameron. 6th June, 1899.

Fourth son of John Morrison, parochial schoolmaster, Logie Pert,
and Elizabeth Paterson Cameron, his wife. Born at Logie Pert,
29th July, 1870. Educated at Public School, Logie Pert, and
Royal High School, Edinburgh; M.A., St. And., 1890; B.L.


and LL.B., Glasg., 1895. App. to C. D. Donald, A. McGrigor,
and A. H. Donald (McGrigor, Donald & Coy.), writers, Glasgow.
In partnership with Francis John Scott, solicitor, Aberdeen, since
1899, firm being F. J. Scott & Morrison. Married at Paisley,
1 ith June, 1901, Agnes Sproul, dau. of John Nicolson, commission
agent, Glasgow, magistrate and resident of Paisley.

Mosman, Thomas. 27th January, 1731.

App. to John Hay (1718). Notary Public. County Justice of Peace
Procurator Fiscal. Baron-Baillie for Ellon, Inverugie, and Tillery. 1
Sometime " Admiral-Substitute within the bounds of the Lordship
of Slains." Fiars Juror, twenty-one times, 1737-72. Guild
burgess of Aberdeen, admitted 15th May, 1752. Sometime
member, Town Council of Inverurie. Proprietor of estate of
Middlefield. 2 Lieutenant in Town's defensive force, August,
1745. Treasurer of the Society of Advocates, 1739-40.
Married, first, before 10th August, 1726, Miss Sandilands 3
(died at Aberdeen, 18th November, 1766), and, second, in July,
1767, Mary (died nth December, 1804, in her 71st year), dau.
of John Hay, advocate (1718), with issue: —

1. Isabella, born 27th and baptised 31st December, 1769;
married, 31st December, 1808, John Lumsden, Mains
of Scotstown, and died at Aberdeen, 31st January, 18 10.

Died 1 2th September, 1784, aged 86. 4

1 Dr. Littlejohn's MS. Notes.

2 On 25th August, 1764, Mosman had sasine in the third lot of the Stocket Muirs,
the half of which he disposed of in 1770 to Adam Duff, merchant in, and afterwards
provost of, Aberdeen. Duff subsequently acquired from Mosman the remaining half of
the said third lot of the Stocket Muirs, and he conveyed the whole, with other heritable
and movable property, in March, 1795, to his nephew, Major William Leslie.

3 It is difficult to fix the name and parentage of Miss Sandilands. In the Session
Register of Aberdeen, under date 9th August, 1726, her marriage to Mosman is recorded
as having taken place privately, she being designated as "Jean Sandilands, daughter to
John Sandilands of Crabstone." In sundry local works she is called "Elizabeth, daughter
of James Sandilands of Craibstone," this designation being also given in her obituary
notice which appeared in the Aberdeen Journal.

4 Mr. Mosman had a brother William, who attained some distinction in Aberdeen
and district as a portrait painter. The latter had a son, William, who succeeded
to considerable heritable as well as movable property held by his father, but father and
son were both dead before 26th April, 1775, Thomas Mosman succeeding. — "Aberdeen
Sasine Register," etc.


Mowat, Alexander Milne. 13th November, 1823.

Son of James Mowat, manufacturer, and member of Aberdeen
Town Council. M.A., Mar. Coll., 1816. App. to James
Blaikie and Patrick Bannerman (Blaikie & Bannerman). Guild
burgess, admitted 26th September, 1820. Author of poems,
reminiscences, etc.

Died, unmarried, at Aberdeen, 7th November, 1833.

Mowat, James. 1605.

Son of Magnus Mowat of Balquholly, and Isobel Hay, his wife.
As Sheriff of Kincardineshire, he had a commission from
the Supreme Court in 1608 to enquire into the marches of
certain of the county estates. 1 Proprietor of Ardoc, Banchory -
Devenick, and of the place and monastery of the Trinity
Friars in Aberdeen, from 161 9. Married Katherine, dau. of
John Forbes of the Bridge, 2 with issue: —

1. Thomas, married Janet Ogilvie, and succeeded to the

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