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—p. 244, On geological explorations in northern Mexico ; A. Rkmond. — p. 259, De-
scription of a new California Helix, with notes on others already descrioed ; J. &,
Oooper.-^p. 264, On a new sub-family of Fluviatile Mollusca ; W. H. Ball. — p. 266.
Remarks on geology of Nevada; J. D. Whitney.'^^. 271, On Uie absence of the
northern drift formation from the western coast of N. A., and from the interior of
the continent, throughout the region to the southwest of the Missouri rivor; /. D,
Whitney^— p. 275, Lift of shells collected at Raulines Bav, California, June, 1866;
R. E. C, Stearnt.—p. 277^ Notice of a human skull taken from a shaft near Angera,
Calaveras Co. ; J. V. Whitney. - ^. 279, Enumeration of the California species of
Lycama ; If. Behr. — p. 288, i^ist of shells collected at Santa Barbara and San
Diego by J. Hepburn, in Feb.-Mar. 1866, with remarks on some species; R. E, O.
Stearne. — p. 287, On the occurrence of a tungstate of lime and copper in Lower
California ; /. D. Whiiney.-^p. 289, New locality of fossils in the gold-bearing rocks
of California; Tooth of the extinct elephant. Placer County; W. P. Blake. — p. 292,
Ascent of Mt. Hood ; A. Wood — p. 294, New species of Pedipes inhabiting coast
of California; J. O. Cooper. — p. 297, Mineralogical notices; W. P. Blake.— p. 801,
Subdivisions of the Cretaceous formation of California ; W. M. Oabb. — p. 806, Foa-
sil fish in the Great Basin, Nevada; W. P. BUke.^p. 807, The occurrence of th«
.^ serios in Nevada ; / D. W%itney.

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California, Proceedinn, 42C

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Acclimation in Australia, 97.
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on terchlorid of phosphorus, 889.
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€ note on the same, HUgard^ 241.
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251, 889.
reductions in chemistry, 886.
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fossils of Antlcosti, noticed, 137, 259.
BIrt, W. Rj obscuration of " Unn6,''411.
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kaolinite and pholerite, 851, 405.
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fossils in Cal. rocks, 270.
Bone-cave, see Man.
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Botanical works noticed :—
Btrdham, Flora Austral., 410.
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BeCandoOe, C, Plperacese, 12a
Oriaebaeh, CaUL Plant. Cubens., 409.
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conlferse. 272.
botanical method, 278.
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Ozone from plants, Daubenis, 278.


Stamens, morphology of, 278.

Tree-hibels, Creighton^s, 273.

Trees, two, union of, Lyman, 275.
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Brown, R., works noticed, 125.
Bunsen, flame reactions, 110.
Burkhardt, J., obituary, 28a

California, human skull found in, 265.

petroleum, see OH, and i%tro2nim.
Carbohydrates, action of water on,87L
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tunnel excavations, 75.
Ooan, T., eruptions in Hawaii, 264.
Coast Survey, recent Gulf Stream sound-
ings, Mitchea,^.

Superintendent appointed, 281.
Cobalt, nitrite of; Erdmann, 24a
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cal observations, 316.
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Earth's crust, change of axis otJShanM, 280.
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ProceedinsB, 424.
Ethers, chlorinated, for synthesiB of alco-
hols, Liehen, 349.

sUlcic add, Frisdd 4b CvxtfU, 156, 381.
JSbofit, J:, geol. changes in position of

aids of earth*B crust, 2S0.
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of crystals, 26&

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reactions. Bunaen^ 110.

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Neui)erry^ Chinese coal fossils. 284.

N. C. Survey report, Kerry 284.

Bumpdhiy China, Japan, etc., 408u

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Smithsonian contrib. to pjedeontology,


Bellinurus Dante, Meek, 257, 394.
Conn. R. sandstone, supposed tadpole

nests in, Shepard, 99.
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northeastern, geol. of, Hayden^ 15.
Drift in S. W. Iowa, WhiU, 301.
Elasmognathus, Oitty 370.
SoBOon, described by Dawson, 270.

Bavaiicum, 398.
Enproops, Meek, 257, 394
fossils IB CaL auriferous rocks, 270.


Glacial drift beneath Lake Michigan,
Andrewsy 75 ; HUffard, 241.

Glaciers in White Mts., 42.

Hudson river group, name of, Meek^ 256.

111., section of rocks of, Worthen, 258.

Lakes of N. America, sources of^ 198.

Mastodon remains, Cohoes, 115.

Pipestone quarty, Hayden, 15.

Silurian, Nevada, Whitney^ 267.

Sooth Amer. notes, Rimondy 114.

Syringothyris, punctate, itfedk, 407.

Telerpeton Elginense, BuxUUy 406w

Tertiary, Miss, and Alab. HUgard, 29.
N. and S. Carolina, 260.
Geometrical problems, Warren's, 284.
Germination, influenced by various bod-
ies, LeOy 197.
OUbb^ W.. on map of the spectrum, 1.
chemical and physical abstracts, 107,

OiUy T.y Smithsonian contrib. to paleon-
tology, 363.
Elasmognathus, 370.
Gilliss^s Astronomical Observations, 1864,

4ia t

Glaciers, see Gbologt.
Glass, lead-thallium, 254.

silvering on, BarkeVy 252.
Glucose, tests for, Braun^ 250.
Gold, new solvents for, 95.
Goldschmidt, H., obituary, 89.
Gratfy A,y botanical abstracts, 125, 272, 409.
nomenclature of Miiller, 126.
American heather, 128.
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Hail in China, WiUianUy 281.
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on new Crinoids, 409.
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sistance of galvanic circuit, 43.
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Dakota cretaceous, 171,
Heat, atomic, Schmidty 391.

dew formed by, 246.
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flfiraph, 130.
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HinrichSy O.y physical abstracts, 252, 390.
Hofmanny A. TFT, guanidin, 110.
Human remains, see Man.
Hunty T. 8.y objects and method of mine-
ralogy, 208.

metallui^cal method of Whelpley
and Storer, 305.
Huxleyy Telerpeton Elginense, 406.
Hydrocarbons from animal fats, 250.

new, ScTiorknvnery 106u

synthesis of, Berthdoty 96, 251, 386, 889.

Digitized by V^OOQIC



lodhydric acid, 109.

Iron ore, specular, SXake^ 12S.

Jaekaon, C. 2% Colorado meteorite, 2t
Johnson, 8, W., terpin. 200.

kaolinite and pholerite, S51, 405.

Eliot & Storer's CbemiBtry, 420.

Kellogg mines, Ark., Smith, 67.
Eent*8 carera explorations. 872.
Kerr's survey of N. C, noticed, 284.
Knop, A., kaolinite, 405.
Kundt, A., tones in organ pipes, 252.

Lakes of N. A., sources of, ShiMdt, 19S.
Lea, L, on Unionidse, noticed, 41L
Lea, m. C, eermination, 197.
Lead, percmorid of, Nicklen, 94.
LeVerrier on Nov. meteors, 299.
Light, reflexion from glass. Hood, 104.
Loew, (X, water on carbohydrates, 371.
Loewy, R, solar physics, 179, 322.
Logan's Canada Survey, 284.
Longitude measured by telegraph, 130.
Loughlin, J, £., fluorescence, 289.
lApnan, 0. A, observ. of Venus, 129.
liman, P. W., union of two trees, 275.

Hagnesium light, colors by, 91.
Magneto-electric machines, new, 107, 886.
Magnut, absorptive power of aqueous va-
por, 246.
Man, remains of, in Belgium, 121, 260.
Kent's cavern, Devon., 872.
skuU, in Cal., WTittww, 265.
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MatiffiuK, tantalum compounds, 108.
JforM, 0. C, mastodon at Cohoes, 115.
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cury, 254.
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punctate Syrlneothyris, 407.
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Missouri, 868.
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Mellilic acid, 888.
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Metallurgical method of Whelpley and

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of Cohahuila, N. Mexico, Shepard, 884.
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Meteorological observations, reduction

Meteors, see Shootimo stabs.
Mexican scientific commission, 98.
Mineralogy, objects and method of, Sunt^


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Cinnabar, 125; copper-glance, eta,.BIafte,
124; cryophyllite, C^Ae, 217.

Danaite, make, 126.

Hubnerite, 128, 125.

Kaolinite, /o^fuon<ft£laA», 851, 406; ke-
rargyrlte, 124.

Lepidomelane, Cooke^ 232.

Malacone, Cooke, 228.

Nacrite. 851; from Ark., 67.

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Pholerite, 851, 405: Proustite. 124.

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on nomenclature of. Gray, 1196.
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noticed, 410.
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Naphtha from CaL tar, SSUiman, 242L
fyom Rangoon petroleum, 251.

Newberry on Chinese coal fossils, 284.

Newton, M. A., shooting stan, Nov. 1866,
recent contrlb. to astro-meteorology,

Nickel, nitrite of, JSrdmann, 24a
Nieklh, J., correspondence of, 80.

bibliography, 99.
Nitriles, monatomlc, 888.
Nitrites of cobalt and nickel, 248.
Nodal figures in organ pipes, 262.


A. D. Baebe, 282.

J. Burkhardt, 288.

J. F. Encke, 10.

G. W. Featheratonhangh, 186.

H. Goldschmidt, 89.
OH, illuminating, fW)m CaL tar, Stttiman.

242. '

Ordway, J. M., Schut2enberger*s treatise

on dyeing, 421.
Oxygen, new method for, 889.


Packard, A. S., Jr., gbicien in White Mt.

valleys. 42.
Paleontology, see Gbologt.
PsrkUore, essay on cotton, noticed^ 373^
on conifene. 272.
on botanical method, 273.
Particles, fine, measured. Rood, 104.
Peabody, G., recent gifts of, 181, 414.
I^ekham, S. F,, California petroleum sam*

pies, 845.
Pmgeuy, TF.^exploration of Kent's cavem,

Devon., 873.
Petit, Traits d*Astronomie, 99.
Petroleum, GaUfomla, fUalfled saaplee of.

AcJtAam,846;i«(7lm4m«346. '^ *

Digitized by



Pdtroleami iyntb^Ti of, Berihdot^ 251.
Phosphorimicid, 10ft .
Phoaphoms Jercblorid of, alcohols on,889.
Fitani, F., tfitaUte, 407.

Comptolr Min^ntlofAae of, 115.
Poncelet, Traits dea propri^t^ d<ss llg-

nres, 90.
PopnlatioDf decreaeing Increase of, 141.
Pnmpelly's GeoL of China, etc., 408.


Bimond^ X, notes on 8. Amer. ccoL, 114.
Bepftold circle, Ahhe, 207, 900.
Bock-salt in La,, Ooessmann's report, 284.
Rogers, H. D., library and geol. specimens

of, 419.
Mood^ 0, KfOn measuring average size of

fine particles; 104.
Boscoe^s Chemistry, noticed, 187.

jStorer and Eliot, Chemistry, noticed, 490l
Storer, S. J2.; decreasing increase of pop*

nlation, 141.
San, Foucault^B objectives for observing,

San-spots, Jk la Rue, etc, 179,322.
Swallow, 6. C, geoL report of Kansas,

noticed, 283.

.^ T

iTadpoIe nests, supposed, Sh^paxd^ 00.
Tantalum compounds, Marigna/^ 106.
Telegraph, longitude measured dv, 180l
Terpin, native faydniied,.BZaA;0, 202 { Joht^

son, 200.
Thtoxyl. chlorid of, synthesis of; 107.
Tillman^s chemical nomenclature, 140.
Tones, interferential, St^an^ 258. %
Tdpler*8 method for finding differences of

density, 800.

Salts, specific heat of, 393.
Schiaparelirs theory of meteors, 291.
Sehonanmer^ new hydrocarbons, 108.
Schutzenbenzer on dyeing, noticed, 421.
Scudder on ^Neuroptera, 111.
Serret, Cours d^alg^bre, 99.
Bbarples's chemical tables, 139.
SheiBeld Laboratory Contrib., No. XIII,i

«)0; NaXIV,S5l.
Shepard, C, U^ classification of meteor-
ites, 22.

on supposed tadpole nests, 99.

CohahuUa meteoric iron, 884.
Shooting stars, Nov. 1866, Newton^ 78, 276,i

recent investigations of, iVhoton, 285.^
Shufddty Q. A.^ sources of Great Lakes,'

SUnurUy electric machine of 886.
Silicic-acid ethers, Friedd db Crafts, 155,

SOXimafu £, naphtha uid illuminating oil
from CaL tar, 242.

note on petroleum analysed by, 245 ;
AdbAom, 345.
SUver. sulphuret of; Blake, 125.
Silvering upon gUiss, 252.
fiismonda's chart of N.W. Italy, 115.

Anthracite rocks of Alps, 409«
SmUhy J. £., Colorado meteorites, 66.

minerals Arom Kellogg mines, Ark. ,67.
flmlthsonian contrib. to paleontology, 863.
Sodium flame, 91, 94.
Soils, specific heat of,^aundUr^2fi&.
Solar physics, De la Mue, etc., 179, 822.

spectrum, map of, Oibbe, 1.
Sound, transmission of, affected by inte-
rior friction of the air, 253.
Spectrum of aqueous vapor, NickUt, 90.
of electric brush, 894.
solar, map of, Oibbe, 1.
Spontaneous generation, NkkUe, 97.
JSSefan^ sound affected by interior friction
of air, 253.
interferential tones, 253.
Stewart, R, solar physics, 179, 822.
Storer, F. if., hydrocarbons from animal
naphtha fh>m Rangoon petroleum,251.

U. S. Coast Survey, Gulf-Stream souitd-

Superintendent appointed, 28L «

Venus, observations of, Luman, 129.
Vertical circle, Repsold, 207^ 309.
VieiUe, Elements de M^canique; 99.
Volcanic eruptions in Hawaii, 264.

Warren, C. M., hydrocarbons fh)m ani*
mal iaU, 250.

naphtha from Rangoon i>etrolettm,
Wurren, S. £., gcom. problems, noticed,

Water, expansion of, 254, 853.

vapor of, absorptive power of, 246.
spectrum of, 90.
Wheatstone^s electric machine, 386.
Whelpley and Storer's metallurgical meth-

Whde, a A,, drift hi S.W. Iowa, 80L
Iowa Geol. report, noticed, 284.
White Mountains, glaciers in, BukardJISL
Whitney, J, D., human skull from shaft in

Cal., 265.
Nevada Silurian, 267.
WiUiatne, & W,, hail in China, 28L
Wimmer, Salices Euroofee, 272.
Winkler's Catalogue of^Mus^ T^ler, 284.
Wohler, grophitold boron, 250, 888.
Worthen^s Geol. Surv. of 111.. 110, 395.
Worthen & Meek, Paleontology of HI.,

Ac. 111.

Yale ColL, Mr. Peabody*s gift to, 13L

ZooL. woBKB, noticed—
Oouett, Colymbus torquatus, 411.
Grote, Zygenidas of Cuba, 411.
Lea, Unionidie, 411.

Murray, geog. distrib. of Mammals, 410.
Scudder, FomU Nenropteia, 411.

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^ Pbof£88ors B. SILLIMAN and JAMES D. DANA,

Df oomrjiOTioir with


' '. ' HID

hopEssoRs S. W. JOHNSON, GEO. J. BRUSH, and

">. :. Nos. 130, 131, 132.





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Digitized by VjOOQIC




Art. I. On Perfect Hannonj in Music, the Double Diatonic Scale,
and an Enharmonic Key-Board for Organn, Piano-fortes, etc. ;
by Hbnrt Ward Pools, 1

U. A Sketch of the Geology of Southwestern Iowa; by C. A.

Whitb, M.D., - 23

m. Notes on the Qeology of Kansas; by F. V. Hatdxn, - - 32

IV. On the systematic ralue of Rhynchophorous Coleoptera; by

John L. LeConte, M.D^ 41

Y. On the Morphological value and relations of the Human

Hand ; by Burt G. Wil/Jeb,- S3i,.M.D., - - - - 44

VL On the Claflsification ef the subdivisiooa of McCoy's* Genus
Athyris, as determined *i>y the laws of atK>logical nomencla-
ture ; by E. Biqt.H*Qs, - "'"*.'" " " - 48

VIL Experiments on Itacolumlte (Artioulite), with the explanation
of its flexibility and il« relation t^^e formation of the Dia-
mond; by Charles M. WETHHRftisii TPhvD^ M.D., - - 61

VIII. On the Laws which govern the ge^^ei^l^distrib^ion of Heat
over the Earth, and on Brewster^ ^utral J^ini; .t^ Plikt
Earlb Chase, - - - . tJt^ "" ^» f7 ^ "^ i^ * - 68

IX. Contributions toward a Theor^v of l^^|«)^enMstejr ; by M.
Caret Lea, - - - - - - . - - - 7l

X. Contributions to the Chemistry of Brines; by Charles A.


XL Notice of a new genus of fossil Sponges from the Lower Silu-
rian ; by O. C. Marsh, 88

Xn. Crystallogenic and Crystallographic Contributions ; by James
D. Dana. No. IV, On. a connection between Crystalline
form and Chemical constitution, with some inferences there-
from, •- - -8d

XnL The Glaciers of Alaska, Russian America ; by Wiluam P.

Blake, 96

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Chmniiiry and PAyiiet.— On the ioflneDce of the adhenon of yapor in experiments
npoD the abeorption of heat, 101. — On flnoialts of antimony and anenic, Mabio-
H Ao, 102.— Action of the bydradda qpon etben, Gal, 108. — On new mixed adds,
Gal, lOi.— On aome neir oemponnda of sUioon, 106.^-Oryatallixatien of graphi-
toidal silicon, W. H. Millxb : Density of Ozone, Rionault : Adamantine anthra-
dtic carbon, 108.— On the origin of meteorites, Geabam, 109.— Action of man-
ganic peroxyd on nric acid, C. Gobsbt WnxxLaa: Indium: Expansion of metals
and alloys by heat, A. MATTHnssBr, 110.— Undolatory theory of heat» BABimr,
111. — ^Action of heat on the optical properties of crystals, DnOLoizxAUx, lit.
On the determination of atomic weights by optical means, by Dr. Axbeiobt

Mineralogy and 04ologp,^Jdiita6eB in Britiah America, 116/— On some vemains of
Paleocoic Insects recently discoTered in Kora Scotia and New Bnmswiek, by
J. W. Dawsoit, LL.D. : A Monograph of the British Fossil Omstacea belonging
to the order Merostomata, etc, by HsicaT Woodwaxd, F.G.S., F.Z.8., 116.— Ob-
servations on the Glacial Phenomena of Labrador and Maine, with a view of the
recent Invertebrate Ftona of Labrador, by A. S. PAOSAan, Jr., MJ)., 117.f-*Eb-
ploring Expedition in the Interior Basin from Ooloiado wsst: Locality of See-
ondary Fossils in Oregon, by W. P. Blaks, 118.— Exogenous leayes in the Cre-
taceous rodcB of Iowa, by 0. A. Wmra: 0. A. White on Drift Phenomena in
S.W. Iowa: On new looUities of Diamonds hi California: Note upon Parts-
ite, by Wh. P. Blaki : ReliquiA Aquitaaies, etc., by Esovaed LAEfsr and
Hknbt CBBiirr, 119.— Mamul of Geology, by the Bev. SAinmx. Haoobbdv,
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by Lxo LasauxExux: State Geological Surrey of Iowa, eta, by C. A. Wrnn,
MJ)., 121.— BcTue de G^ologio your les annte, 1864 et 1865, par M. Dklok
et M. ni Lafpaeimt, 122.

Botany and 2oo/cfy.— Flora Orientalis, sire Enuosentio Plantamm in Oriente a
Gnecia et Qgypto ad Indis fines hucusque obeervatorum, auctore Edmovd Bo]»-
siXB : Catalogue des V^taux Ugneux du Canada, etc >, par TAbb^ Ovini Bau-
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Report of Proceedings of the International Horticultural Exhibition and Botani-
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California: Growth of Lycoperdon giganteum, by F. Moioao^ 128.— On the
Parallelism between the <Uiferent stages of Life in the Indiyidual and those in
the entire Group of the Molluscous Order Tetrabrancfaiata, by ALPmnre Htait,
124.— Notes on the Radiata m the Museum of Yale College, etc, by A. E. Yxb-
xill: Notes on the EcUnodefms of Panama and West Coast ef America* 124.—
Bemarkable Instances of Crustacean Parasitism, by A. E. VnxiLL ; On the
external characters of the Tonng of the Central American Tapir, by A. E. Vxa-
aiLL» 126.

^strofioMy.— PreC Adams upon the orbit of the November meteors, 127.— Connec-
tion of Comets with Meteors, 128.— Observations of Shooting SUrs, May 12th,
1867, 129.— Elements of Comet III, 1862 : Comet II, 1867 : Division of Biela's
Comet: The Moon-crater '■linnd," 180.— Der Meteorstefaiflai am 9 Juni, 1866,
etc, von W. Biirb v. HAmnraxa, 181.

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JliUeeUansmu BckfUiJU JtU0Uiffenci,^lSmrQ»^^ DotiMBbj Wif.k.B.

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by EL C. Ravlikbon, 188.— Professor Ke]nil6: American Awociation for the
Advancement of Science, 187.

06t<iiary.— Tbeophile Jules Pelonze, 187.— Exekiel Hayes, 189.

MUeeUaniou$ f t^/to^ropAy.— Lippinoott's Vapor Index, or Psyehrometric Oaleola-
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ist, 189.— Tables for Qaalitative Chemical Analysis, by PrOf. Hkinexoh Will:
The American Annual Cyclopedia and Register of Important Events of the year
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Poisons, including their physiological, pathological and legal relations, by Thbo.
O. WoufLxr, M.D., 140.— Chemistry of the Farm and the Sea, with other fii-
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TVustees of the MuMum of Comparative Zoology, etc: The Art of Perfumeiy
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Carte Hydrologiqne dn Department de la Seine, by M. Dxlbssb : Memorie dell'
Observatorio dell CoUegio Rcmumo : Qnelques viies generales sur les Yarlations
S^culaires du Magnetisms terrestre, par Y. Raulin, 148.— Annales H4t6orolo-
giques de FObservatoire Royal de Bmxelles: The Laboratory: The Record of

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