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in 1866. She d 19 Dec 1866, age 36, at 308 Great Eastern Road, Glasgow of dropsy.
Two of John's wives died before he was age 30.

4 MARY ARROL, b circa 1834. MARY m circa 1854 to Alexander Millar, a
lamplighter. MARY d 31 Aug 1899 at 16 Nisbet Street, Glasgow of umbilical hernia
with strangulation. They had at least one son, Robert, who was the informant at his
mother's death.



I GEORGE ARROL. He may have been b 31 Mar 1864 at Paisley. He was a railway
surfaceman. GEORGE was living at 14 Williamsburgh, Paisley in Dec 1890.
GEORGE had a relationship with Betsy Alexander Wallace Johnston. Betsy was the
widow of Robert Johnston, an engine fitter, who d 1 Jul 1887. In the 1891 census,
Betsy, a laundress, was living at 14 Great Hamilton Street, Paisley. In the household,
in addition to Betsy Johnston, were five children with the surname Johnston in addition
to GEORGE A(RROL). The children listed were: 1) David H., 18, a fireman, 2)
Joseph, 14, a woodturner; 3) Alexander, 12, a student; 4) Helen, 9, a student; 5) Mary,
6, a student; and 6) George A., 3 months. (The identity of this GEORGE ARROL is
not certain. There were four known recorded GEORGE ARROL's in Scotland during
this time period. Research by a professional genealogist in Scotland indicates that it
could be possible that this GEORGE ARROL may have been b 31 Mar 1864 at 65
Canal Street, Paisley. This GEORGE ARROL never married. He d 15 Apr 1941 at
South Street, Lochgelly, Fife. See Section I, JOHN ARROL AND ANN TYTLER
FAMILY, Paragraph 1-2-10, Page 287.)

1 GEORGE ARROL, b 7 Dec 1890 at 14 Hamilton Street, Paisley. GEORGE was the
son of GEORGE ARROL and Betsy Alexander Wallace Johnston. The father,
GEORGE ARROL, signed the birth certificate with a bold signature. Son,
GEORGE, m 31 Dec 1914 to Margaret Spence at Ferguslie Goods Station House,
Elderslia, Renfrewshire. Margaret, a starch factory worker, was b circa 1897, the
daughter of Ann Spence. Margaret lived at 8 Great Hamilton Street, Paisley when
she married. GEORGE entered the British Army during WW I on 7 Jun 1915. He
was a bread vanman in 1924 and 1927. GEORGE d 8 May 1941 of tuberculosis.
He was living at 113 Blackstoun Road, Paisley. Margaret d 23 Feb 1960 at the
Infirmary, Paisley of myelomatosis. They had:

1-1 GEORGE ARROL, b 13 Oct 1915 at Paisley. He m 23 Aug 1940 to Matilda
Lavelle at St. Mary's Chapel, Paisley. Tillie, as Matilda was known, was b circa
1919, the daughter of James Lavelle, a city tramways labourer, and Sarah Anna
Hamill. She was a cottonmill worker living at 55 Greenhill Road, Paisley.
GEORGE served in the Royal Navy during WW II from 26 Aug 1940 to 17 Mar
1946. GEORGE served first on a minesweeper in the North Sea out of the Port
of Aberdeen. He subsequently transferred to Portland, England to train on
M.T.B.'s. GEORGE served on the HMS 404 (built by Sir William Arrol Ltd.,
Partick, Glasgow). He sailed from the Clyde to North Africa. GEORGE
participated in the invasion of North Africa, Sicily, and Italy. GEORGE was a
chemical work processman living at 113 Blackstoun, Paisley when he was
married. He was a private chauffer later in life. In 1960 they lived at 2
Mossend Road, Paisley and in 1987 the couple resided at 19 Wells Street,
Paisley. George d 27 Dec 1988 of cancer at Paisley. They had:
1-1-1 MARGARET ARROL(L), b 21 Oct 1941 and d 22 Oct 1941 at Barstaw

Hospital, Paisley of prematurity.
1-1-2 ANN HAMILL ARROL, b 14 Apr 1943 at Paisley. ANN was a rope


factory worker. She m on 1 Oct 1960 to Hugh Johnstone Ritchie at the
office of the registrar at Paisley. Hugh, a burgh cleansing labourer, was b
circa 1940, the son of Walter McCole Ballach Ritchie, an office caretaker,
and Isabella Johnstone. Hugh was living at 60 Dalskeik Road, Paisley and
ANN was living at 2 Mossend Road when they married. They had;
Georgina, David, Hugh and Margaret. Margaret was a sewing machinest.
ANN divorced Hugh and remarried Hugh's brother, William. Margaret may
have had:

1-1-2-1 ALEXANDER DAVID ARROL, b 23 Jun 1986 at Maternity
Hospital, Paisley.
1-1-3 DAVID JOHNSTON ARROL, b 23 Feb 1947 at Paisley. DAVID was a
machine operator when he m circa 1972 to Mary Beech of 30 Wells Street,
Paisley. The family immigrated to Australia in 1974. In 1987 they resided
at 22 Koongara Crescent, Manno Para, Adelaide, South Australia, 5115.
David d on 8 Jan 1992 of cancer. DAVID and Mary had;
1-1-3-1 DAVID ARROL, b 1 1 Apr 1972 at Maternity Hospital, Paisley.
1-1-3-2 JO-ANN ARROL, b circa 1977 at Adelaide, South Australia.
1-1-4 JOHN LAING ARROL, b 25 Sept 1949 at Paisley. JOHN served as a
private in the Royal Highland Fusilers for six years. He served four tours
of duty in Ireland and three in Singapore. He m 1st on 25 Jun 1971 to
Maureen Ellen McLaughlin at 2 Killoch Road in Paisley. Maureen, b circa
1 950, was a threadmill worker, the daughter of Francis Reilly MacLaughlin,
a general labourer, and Agnes Wallace. JOHN was living at 3 New
Inchinnan Road and Maureen at 94 Dalskeith Road, Paisley when they
married. The couple divorced In 1986 Maureen and Dennis William
Trussler, a bricklayer, had Jason Edward Trussler, b 19 Feb 1986 at
Maternity Hospital, Paisley. JOHN m 2nd on 11 Nov 1988 to Elizabeth
Jane Wallace at Paisley. Elizabeth was widowed, the daughter of William
Hay, lorry driver, and Elizabeth Hay, subsequently Fitch. Maureen and
John Laing had;

1-1-4-1 SUSAN ARROL, b 1 1 Jun 1976 at Paisley Maternity Hospital.

1-1-4-2 JASON EDWARD ARROL, b 19 Feb 1986 at Paisley.

1-1-5 MARGARET SPENCE ARROL, b 29 Jul 1952 at Paisley. MARGARET,

a domestic worker, m 18 Aug 1973 to Gregor MacEwan Lauder in

Inverness. Gregory, a Lance Corporal, Queen's Own Highlanders, was b 6

Apr 1945 at Nairn. He was the son of John Lauder, a farm worker, and

Elizabeth MacEwan (dec). When the couple married, Gregory was residing

at 75 Glenshiel Place, Inverness and MARGARET was living at 120

Glenurquhart Road, Inverness. Circa 1990, MARGARET and Gregg

separated. They had: Michelle Jean Lauder, b 15 Jul 1971 at Maternity

Hospital, Paisley.

1-2 DAVID JOHNSTON ARROL, b 4 Aug 1919 at Paisley. Prior to WW II DAVID

was a preserve work labourer. DAVID m twice. He m 1st on 6 Jan 1939 to

Mary Johnston at 37 Inchinnan Road, Paisley. Mary', a preserve factory worker,

was b circa 1921, the daughter of James Gilchrist Johnston, a burgh cleaning


labourer, and Margaret Johnston. She was living at 6 Logan Drive when she

married. The couple divorced. Mary, a bus conductress in 1948, remarried to

John Pullar, a bus driver, on 9 Jul 1948 at the registrar's office. Paisley. John

was the son of John Pullar (dec), a dyer, and Margaret Pullar Laurie (dec). They

had: 1) John Pullar, b 4 Sept 1953 and 2) Melvm Pullar, b 25 Jul 1958. Melvin

d 1 Aug 1989 as the result of a traffic accident. DAVID served in the Royal

Navy prior to and during WW IL DAVID served on a number of naval vessels

during his military service. Prior to the start of WW II (1938-39) he was on the

35,000 ton HMS Nelson, the 10,000 ton cruiser, the HMS Newcastle, and the

28,000 ton battleship, the HMS Royal Sovereign. Durmg WW II DAVID was

an able seaman submarine detector (SD), known today as SONAR. He sailed

on the HMS Hampton, a minelayer, in the evacuation of both France and

Norway. He then sailed on the HMS Salvia, a Flower Class Corvette on North

Atlantic Convoys, and then in the Middle East, both east and west of the Suez,

on the HMS Farandale, a Hunt Class Escort. Following a seventeen day leave,

DAVID then sailed on the HMS Boadicea, a fleet destroyer, on the frigid,

dangerous route (with convoys) bound for Murmansk, Russia. DAVID then

sailed on the HMS Havelock for the invasion of North Africa, sailing into the

North African Port of Oban where the ship was damaged. The HMS Havelock

was believed to have been built for Brazil, but when hostilities started the ship

was not turned over to Brazil. DAVID sailed again on the HMS Havelock on

assignment to hunt for enemy submarines in the Atlantic. The HMS Havelock

had the honour of escorting the Norwegian Government's return to Norway.

DAVID completed his naval service in Londonderry, Northern Ireland in a

mobile training unit. After completing naval service, DAVID m 2nd to Thelma

Florence Bjelland on 28 Dec 1946 at Bootle, England. Thelma was a electrical

engineers' coil winder of 38 Aintree Road, Bootle. Following his naval career,

DAVID was a railway porter and was then employed by Trinidad Lake Asphalt

for 20 years as a machine operator prior to the company being taken over by Tar

Mac Ltd. He was then employed as a machine operator by Scotts Bakery, a

member of Weston's Allied Foods. They resided in Bootle, Merseyside,

England. DAVID d 15 Jan 1992. DAVID and Mary had:

1-2-1 GEORGE GORDON ARROL, b 9 Jul 1939 at 9 Logan Drive, Paisley.

GEORGE was in the British Army and was a private in the Argyll and

Sutherland Highlanders, at Redford Barracks, Edinburgh when he m 12 Jan

1963 to Julie Emily Knox at St. Giles, Edinburgh. GEORGE'S home

address was 80 Craiglea Drive, Edinburgh. Julie, a canteen assistant, b

circa 1945, was the daughter of Amelia Knox, afterwards Cruickshank.

They lived at 30b Mossvale Square, Paisley. They had:

1-2-1-1 JULIE KNOX ARROL, b 31 Oct 1963 at Simpson Memorial

Maternity Pavilion, Edinburgh. JULIE m 1 1 Nov 1983 to Brian Laurie

Pullar at the Registrar's Office in the District of Islay. Brain, a farm

labourer, was b 7 Jan 1963, the son of David McLean Pullar, a

plasterer, and Nancy Lament McNiven Mclndear. They were living at

Miner's Row, Ballgrae when they married.


1-2-1-2 JANETTE WHYTE ARROL, b 12 Jul 1969 at Thomhill Hospital,
Elderslie, Paisley. JANETTE was a airport kitchen assistant. In 1987
she lived at 30b Mossvale Square, Paisley. She m 1 Jul 1988 to
Kenneth William Brown at Paisley. Kenneth was a welder and
blacksmith. He was the son of Dimcan Brown, a distiller, and Marie
June Gordon Russell. They had:

1-2-1-2-1 GEORGE DAVID ARROL, b 17 Jan 1987 at Maternity
Hospital, Paisley. (See RCE 5 Jan 1989. Reregistered 8 Mar
1-2-2 MARGARET JOHNSTON ARROL, b 1 1 Dec 1940 at Woodside House,
Paisley. MARGARET was a potato crush operator. She m 14 Mar 1959
to Thomas Pickett at Paisley. Thomas, a motorvan driver, was the son of
John Pickett, a motor lorry driver, and Janet Anderson. Thomas was living
at 2 Thrushcraig Crescent, Paisley and MARGARET was living at 15
Stevenson Street, Paisley when they married MARGARET enjoyed
knitting and reading. They had: Gregory and Michelle.
1-2 DAVID JOHNSTON ARROL, continued. DAVID and Thelma had:

1-2-3 THELMA SYLVIA ARROL, b 4 Oct 1944 at 107 Rice Lane, Walton
Park, Liverpool, England. THELMA was a mail order clerk. She
m 29 Mar 1963 to William Joseph Ritson at Bootle, Liverpool. William
was b circa 1940, the son of William Arthur Ritson, a maintenance fitter.
William was a plumber. THELMA was living at 6 Deerbam Drive, Bootle,
Liverpool and William was living at Hinton Street, Litherland, Lancaster,
England when they married. The couple divorced circa 1971 THELMA
d Sept 1991 of cancer. THELMA and William had: 1) William David, b
1963; and 2) Darren Joseph, b 1966
1-2-4 MARGARET AGNES ARROL, b 24 Jul 1946 at 107 Rice Lane, Walton
Park, Liverpool, England. MARGARET was an account's clerk. She m 23
July 1966 to Gerald Ritson at St. Andrews, Litherland, Lancaster, England.
Gerald was b 8 Oct 1942 at the Walton Hospital, Aintree, the son of
William Arthur Ritson, a fitter. Gerald was a labourer. MARGARET was
living at 6 Deerbam Drive, Bottle, Liverpool and Gerald at 48 Hinton
Street, Litherland, England when they married.- They had: 1) Tina, b 14
Apr 1971; and 2) Simon David, b 20 Jul 1973.
1-2-5 DAVID JOHN ARROL, b 17 Feb 1950 at 51 Balliol Road, Bootle,
England. DAVID was a storeman. In 1990 he was not married.
1-3 JOSEPH JOHNSTON ARROL, b 1 1 Mar 1922 at 3 Silk Street, Paisley.

JOSEPH d 3 Feb 1924 at Paisley.
1-4 NANCY SPENCE ARROL, b 4 Feb 1924 at 8 Silk Street, Paisley. NANCY was
a chemical factory worker living at 1 13 Blackstoun Rd., Paisley. NANCY m 5
Jun 1942 to Robert Stewart, a motor tyre timekeeper, who lived at 7 Bridgend,
Bishopton. Robert was the son of Robert Stewart, road surfaceman, and Annie
Henderson. NANCY d 2 Apr 1983 at the Royal Alexandra Infirmary, Paisley.
She d of carcinomatosis of the breast and carcinoma. She was living at 18
Rasay Drive, Paisley. Robert d 22 Feb 1977. NANCY had:


1-4-1 NANCY SPENCE ARROL, b circa 1953. NANCY m circa 1975 to

Grigor Sanders. Grigor was employed by the Renfrew Council Works

Department as a foreman. They had: Michelle, b 1971 and Grigor, b 1977

1-5 ALEXANDER JOHNSTON ARROL, b 29 Jan 1927 at 8 Silk Street,' Paisley.

ALEXANDER, or ALEC as he was known, was a burgh cleansing labourer. He

served as a private, British Army, Kmgs Own Scottish Borderers. After his

military service, ALEXANDER was a colour work processman. He m on 29

Jun 1945 to Jane Lynas Gordon at Canal Street, Paisley. Jane, a cornflour

packer, was b circa 1925, the daughter of George Gordon, a dyer, and Agnes

Gray. ALEXANDER was living at 113 Blackstoun Road, Paisley when he

married. They had:

1-5-1 GEORGE ARROL, b 6 Feb 1946 at Blackstoun Road, Paisley. GEORGE
was a whiskey warehouse salesman. He m 1st on 20 Sept 1968 to Jean
Herd Simpson Campbell in Paisley. He m 2nd on 16 Apr 1982 to Margaret
Nisbet. Margaret was b 18 Aug 1952, the daughter of William Nisbet (dec),
a smallholder, and Agnes George Gordon, a dyer, and Agnes Gray. In 1983
they lived at 33 Kinloch Road, Renfrew. In 1990 they lived at 25 Kinloch
Road, Renfrew. GEORGE and Jean had:
1-5-1-1 MICHELLE ARROL, b 21 Jan 1971 at Maternity Hospital, Paisley.

GEORGE and Margaret had:
1-5-1-2 SUSAN MARGARET ARROL, b 2 Sept 1983 at Maternity

Hospital, Paisley.
1-5-1-3 IAIN WILLIAM ARROL, b 7 Oct 1985 at Maternity Hospital,

1-5-1-4 STEVEN GEORGE ARROL, b 17 Nov 1986 at Renfrew.
1-5-2 ALEXANDER ARROL, b 4 Jan 1949 at Paisley. ALEXANDER, or
ALEC as he was known, was a fork lift driver. He m 1 Jun 1974 to
Margaret McLaren Gilmour. Margaret, a shorthand typist, was b 12 Feb
1954, the daughter of David Gilmour, an electric welder, and Mary
Monaghan McLaren. Margaret was living at 12 Dunard Way, Paisley and
ALEXANDER lived at 32 Dunard Way when they married. Margaret was
employed in administrative employment training. ALEC was a taxi driver
and lived at 19 Fullerton Street, Paisley in 1974. ALEC enjoyed soccer.
In 1990 they lived at 46 Mossneuk Drive, Paisley. They had:
1-5-2-1 JOANNE ELIZABETH ARROL, b 26 Dec 1975 at Maternity

Hospital, Paisley.

the Maternity Hospital, Paisley.
1-5-2-3 JILLIAN MARGARET ARROL, b 1 Jun 1979 at the Maternity
Hospital, Paisley.
1-5-3 THOMAS GORDON ARROL, b 12 Jan 1950 at Barshaw, Paisley.
THOMAS was a heavy goods vehicle driver. He m 29 Aug 1981 to Kim
Gordon at Meriworth Parish Church in Paisley. Kim, a shop assistant, was
b 22 Jan 1958 in West Germany, the daughter of Neil Gordon, a general
labourer, and Mavis Lillian Rowlands. Kim was living at 19 Fullerton


Street, Paisley and THOMAS was living at 32 Durand Way in Paisley when
they married. THOMAS later became a bus driver. They lived at 7
Manning Way, Paisley. In 1982 they lived at 29 Cochran Street, Paisley.
They had:

1-5-3-1 LOUISE ARROL, b 20 Jul 1982 at Maternity Hospital, Paisley.
1-5-3-2 ALEXANDER NEIL ARROL, b 8 Dec 1984 at Maternity Hospital.
1-6 JOHN LAING ARROL, b 10 Sept 1936 at 8 Silk Street, Paisley. JOHN was a
boiler fireman. He m 14 Sept 1957 to Jean Feam Maclver at McKenzie Street.
Jean, a threadmill worker, was b circa 1941, the daughter of David Frazer
Maclver, a mason's labourer, and Elsie MacDonald. Both JOHN and Jean were
living at 113 Blackstoun Road, Paisley when they married. They had:
1-6-1 ALEXANDRIA McDONALD ARROL, b 22 May 1960 at Maternity
Hospital, Johnstone, Renfrewshire. ALEXANDRIA, a laundry presser, lived
at 101 Ferguslie Park Avenue, Paisley in 1982. She had:
1-6-1-1 SCOTT LAING ARROL, b 3 Mar 1982 at Maternity Hospital,
1-6-2 ELSIE GORDON ARROL, b 10 Jan 1962 at 113 Blackstoun, Paisley.
ELSIE was a airport cleaner. ELSIE and Cornelius Fleming McCafferty
Wallace (or Cornelius McCall Mulholland Wallace), a general labourer, had
a son, Robert David Wallace, b 22 Mar 1978 at Maternity Hospital, Paisley.
ELSIE lived at 9 Killoch Road, Paisley when her son, Robert, was bom.
ELSIE and Cornelius m 18 Jul 1980 at the Registrar's Office in Paisley.
Cornelius, a window cleaner, was b 5 Jun 1957, the son of Robert Wallace,
a general labourer, and Catherine Fleming Mulholland (dec). ELSIE and
Thomas Mogg Simpson, a labourer, had a son, Paul David Simpson, b 19
Aug 1987 at Maternity Hospital, Paisley. ELSIE lived at 1 1 Killoch Road,
Paisley in 1987.



I ROBERT R. ARROLL, b circa 1825 in Scotland. He emigrated from Scotland to
Newfoundland and is believed to have m circa 1855 to Susan — - in Newfoundland.
He operated a bakery at 44 Duckworth Street, in the old section of St. John's,
Newfoundland, in 1864. ROBERT immigrated via St. John's, Newfoundland, and
Antigonish, Nova Scotia circa 1865-1870 to Newbury port, Massachusetts. The family
included seven children who were employed by, or owned, their own bakery stores.
They had:

1 JOHN ARROLL, b circa 1850's, probably in Newfoundland. JOHN m circa 1875

to Bridgett E. Kneeland, probably in Massachusetts. JOHN was a baker. He owned

and operated the Arroll Home Bakery from circa 1882. In 1882 the bakery was

located at 228 West Third Street, Boston. He may have d 10 Feb 1899 of "Struma".

(i.e., goiter, either carcinoma of the thyroid or hypothroidism). They had;

1-1 KATHERINE ARROLL, b circa 1876, probably in Massachusetts.

1-2 JOHN JOSEPH ARROLL, b 21 Oct 1878, probably in Massachusetts. He was

known as JOSEPH. He was a salesman boarding at 46 Eastern Street in

1896/87. In 1899 he was a clerk boarding at 5 Commercial Street, Boston. He

m circa 1903 to Elinor Murphy. Elinor was b in Boston. In 1901 JOHN

JOSEPH was a clerk residing at 202 State Street, Boston and in 1902 he was

living at 54 Chatham Street, Boston. In 1903 he was the proprietor of the Arroll

Tea, Coffee and Molasses business located at 29 Central, Boston. In 1919 the

business was relocated to 12 S. Market Street and JOSEPH was living at the

Hotel Westminster. In 1926 the business was located at 200 Milk Street,

Boston. He is believed to have retired circa 1933. JOHN JOSEPH d 8 Apr

1942 of bone cancer. In 1947 Elinor was living at 180 Commonweath Ave.,

Apt 9, Boston. In 1960 she was a hostess and employed in French restaurants.

In 1961-62 she was the manager of the Au Beauchamp Restaurant at 99 Mt.

Vernon, Beacon Hill, Boston. Elinor was Manager of the Women's City Club

in Boston and was the subject of a feature article in the Boston Herald in the

1970's. Elinor spent every summer touring Europe with her family during her

childhood and she and her two sisters were often left at a little school in Passy

just outside of Paris where they were tutored in French. Elinor d circa 1980 as

the result of an automobile accident in North Andover.

2 GEORGE W. ARROLL, b 1855 at St. John's, Newfoundland. He m 28 Nov 1877

to Mary Gillespie at Newburyport, Massachusetts. Mary was b circa 1854 in County

Sligo, Ireland, the daughter of Edward and Kate Gillespie. MARY ARROLL was

a witness to the wedding. GEORGE was a baker when he married. Mary d in 1919

and GEORGE d in 1929.

2-1 ELIZABETH ARROLL, b 19 Aug 1884 and d 1976. She m circa 1909 to

William Jackson.
2-2 GEORGE J. ARROLL, b 1 Nov 1889 in Lynn, MA. GEORGE m circa 1910
to Regina Mangan. Regina was b Sept 1898 in Lynn, MA. She graduated from
the New England Conservatory of Music. She was an accomplished pianist.


They relocated to Lynn, Massachusetts where he operated the Arroll Home
Bakery. GEORGE was known as "Donuts Arroll". GEORGE attended the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology for a period, probably as an extension
student. During WW I GEORGE was employed by the Department of the
Army. Later he was employed by a radio company and a lacquer company.
GEORGE had a life long interest in agronomy. Regina was employed in the
Lynn, Massachusetts Court House as a court stenographer. During World War
L George set out to duplicate, refine and improve Clay's, a fertilizer which had
been available from England. He was successful, preparing the first ton of the
material in the basement of his home on Sherman Terrace in Lynn,
Massachusetts. He built a trailer for his old Chevrolet automobile, obtained old
paper hundred pound sugar bags from a local grocer, turned them inside out,
stenciled them and drove into Boston. He sold the first ton to a location in
Boston called "Brecks". He returned home for an order for an additional five
tons. He went on to found the Universal Chemical Company in Lynn,
Massachusetts. The two main products of the Universal Chemical Company are
"Electra", an acid plant food, and "Staygreen", a grass food product. At one
time these products were sold from Puerto Rico to Canada. In 1992 the
products were sold primarily to commerical greenhouses. GEORGE d of cancer
in 1956. In 1992 Regina resided in Framington Center, MA. She d 6 Apr 1992
at 93 years of age. The couple had:

2-2-1 PATRICIA ARROLL, b 8 Jan 1930. PATRICIA m 1st circa 1960 to
Herbert Waite. She m 2nd circa 1982 to Michael Gradone. PATRICIA was
a librarian and Michael was a teacher. He retired in 1989, following a
teaching career of 42 years. The couple was active in the pro-life
movement and Operation Rescue. In 1990 they resided at Wellesley Hills,
Massachusetts. PATRICIA and Herbert had: 1) Virgina, b 6 Aug 1954; 2)
Regina, b 16 Dec 1956; and 3) Marietta, b 2 May 1959.
2-2-2 GEORGE JOSEPH JAMES ARROLL, b 17 Feb 1931 in Swanscott,
Massachusetts. GEORGE was in the US Army (1949-1953) and served in
Korea during the Korean War. GEORGE graduated from Boston College
with a B.A. in biology and concurrently graduated from Wentworth
University, Massachusetts with an E.E. degree. He was employed as an
electronics engineer by LFE (Laboratory for Electronics). GEORGE later
attended medical school at Cork University in Cork, Ireland and graduated
with an M.D.; B.A.O; and B.C.H. He spent eight months at Coombs
Hospital and obtained his L.C.M. GEORGE married m circa 1961 to
Waltraud Hildegard Muntz. The couple met in Ireland and were married in
Massachusetts. Waltraud was bom near Reugtlingeng, Germany. GEORGE
was a research fellow at the University of Tubingen in South Germany
where he taught the basics of clinical obstetrics and gynecology to the
medical students. He relocated to the hospitals in Lynn and Salem,
Massachusetts. GEORGE practiced medicine in Lynnfield, Massachusetts.
In 1991 GEORGE was a forensics psychiatrist in Boston. GEORGE was
a history buff with a particular interest in early European History.


GEORGE and Waltraud divorced circa early 1970's. Waltraud m 2nd to — -

Brisco. GEORGE and Waltraud had:

2-2-2-1 DOROTHEEARROLL.b circa 1 962 in Cork.Ireland. DOROTHEE
graduated from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst with a B.A.
in film and video. DOROTHEE m circa 1984 to Kevin Roche in
Marblehead, MA. They later divorced. DOROTHEE was a single
mother and had:

2-2-2-1-1 JACK THOR ARROLL, b 2 Jun 1989 at the Beth Israel
Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts.

2-2-2-2 CHRISTOPH GEORGE ARROLL, b 19 Jan 1964 m Lynn, MA.
CHRISTOPH graduated from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst
with a B.A. in third world economics. In 1991 CHRISTOPH was in
the Peace Corp in Sierra Leone.

2-2-2-3 THOMAS WOLFGANG ARROLL, b 15 Aug 1965 at Salem
Hospital, Salem, Massachusetts. THOMAS graduated from the
University of South Hampton in Long Island, New York with a B.A
in marine biology. THOMAS m 21 Dec 1991 to Susan Gardiner at
Durham, North Carolina and in 1991 attended the University of
Washington in Seattle.
2-2-3 RICHARD JOSEPH ARROLL, b 18 Mar 1936 in Swampscott, MA. He

m 1st circa 1961 to Gem — - and 2nd circa 1966 to Janice Van Watt. In

1986 RICHARD resided in Atlanta, Georgia. RICHARD and Janice had:

2-2-3-1 RICHARD ARROLL, b circa 1967. RICHARD was a student at
Georgia Tech in 1986.

2-2-3-2 STEVEN ARROLL, b circa 1979.
2-2-4 MARY R. ARROLL, b 20 May 1941. She m circa 1963 to Bruce

McCarthy. They had: 1) Bruce M.; 2) Sean; and 3) Regina P.

3 ROBERT ARROLL, b circa 1857 probably in Newfoundland. He supposedly went

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