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Brisbane, Queensland.
2-1-1-1-5 KEITH ARRELL, b 20 Mar 1932 at Brisbane, Queensland. KEITH
m 17 Nov 1960 to Daphne Valda McLain of Brisbane. In 1991 he operated
a small painting and wallpaper business in Brisbane. KEITH was active in
their church as an Elder. They had:

2-1-1-1-5-1 KAYE DAWN ARRELL, b 18 May 1962 in Brisbane. She m
6 Oct 1985 to Gerald Robert Burke at Brisbane, Queensland. KATE
DAWN obtained a triple certificate in nursing. The couple lived in
2-1-1-1-5-2 GRANTLY KEITH ARRELL, b 6 Oct 1965 in Brisbane. In
1986 he was a second year apprentice fitter. He m 7 Jan 1988 to
Michelle Ann Ryan. Michelle earned an associate diploma in nursing.
They had;
2-1-1-1-5-2-1 JOSHUA KEITH ARRELL, b 3 Jul 1990 in Brisbane,
2-1-1-1-6 NANCY ARRELL, b 16 Sept 1935 in Brisbane, Queensland.
NANCY m circa 1960 to George Fry. They had: 1) Noela, b 6 Feb 1961
and 2) Jennifer, b 1 Jan 1969.
2-1-1-2 JOSHUA ADDIE ARRELL, b 1 1 Apr 1892 in Queensland, Australia.
(JOSHUA later changed his name to STEPHEN ARRELL.)
2-1-1-3 ANN ELIZABETH ARABELLA ARRELL, b 26 Feb 1896 in
Queensland, Australia. ANN ELIZABETH was a domestic who lived at
Tvona, Carlton Terrace, Manly. She never married. ANN ELIZABETH d 17
Oct 1955 at Maleny Hospital, Maleny, Queensland. ANN was cremated at
Mount Thompson Crematorium, Brisbane.
2-1-1-4 BERYL MARION VICTORIA ARRELL, b 10 Jul 1897 in Queensland,
Australia. She lived in Norman Park and d between 1934-1943. Her family
believed that she m circa 1923 to a coal miner in Ipswich, Northern
Queensland, Australia. Records appear to indicate she died a spinster.
2-1-1-5 JAMES THOMAS GEORGE ARRELL, b 9 Feb 1904 in Queensland,
Australia. He never married. In 1934 he was a labourer at Wide Bars,
Baddow, Queensland and in 1943 he was in Kennedy, East Barrens,
Queensland. In 1986 he lived in Gympie, Northern Queensland, Australia.
GEORGE, as he was known, d 24 Jul 1990 in a nursing home in Gympie,
Northern Queensland, Australia.
2-1-2 SARAH ANN ARRELL, b circa 1867 at Cabragh, Co., Londonderry.
SARAH m in 1897 to Patrick Reidy at Cannamulla, Queensland. There were
no offspring from this marriage. She d in 1952 in Brisbane. SARAH was
known as "a bit of a tyrant, always speaking her mind!"



I WILLIAM ARRELL, b circa 1816. He was an agricultural labourer. WILLIAM m
circa 1838 to Hannah Archer. They had:

1 EMILY ARRELL, b 9 Oct 1839 at Bedingfield, Hoxne, Suffolk, England. EMILY
was a domestic servant. She m 30 Nov 1862 to William Calver at Kittleburgh,
Suffolk. William, a wheelwright, was b circa 1840, the son of William Calver, a

2 MARY ARRELL, b 8 Mar 1842 at Bedingfield, Hoxne, Suffolk. MARY m William
Feming on 4 Mar 1867 at Suffolk. William was a labourer, the son of Hannah

3 JONATHAN ARRELL, b 3 1 Mar 1847 at Bedingfield, Hoxne, Suffolk. JONATHAN
was a farm labourer. He m 17 Oct 1867 to Ann Stone at the Chapel of Southolt,
Suffolk, England in the presence of Sarah and Thomas Stone. Ann was b circa 1 848,
the daughter of John Stone, a labourer. They were believed to have had four
children. JONATHAN d circa Jun 1914 at Ipswich:

3-1 JOHN WILLIAM ARRELL, b 19 Dec 1867 at Southolt, Hoxne, Suffolk. JOHN
was a labourer. He m 22 Oct 1890 to Mary List at the church in Aspall, Suffolk.
Mary, a servant, was b circa 1867, the daughter of William List, a labourer. Mary
was living in Bedingfield and JOHN WILLIAM at Aspall when they married.
JOHN d circa Jun 1940 at Braintree.
3-2 JAMES STONE ARRELL, b circa 1872. JAMES was a brewer's drayman and
a verger. He m 5 Apr 1897 to Susannah Thorpe at Westminster, London. JAMES
was living at 1 12 Wardour Street and Susannah at 8 Frith Street, Soho when they
married. Susannah was b circa 1876, the daughter of Henry Thorpe, a market
gardener. They lived at 23 Marshall Street, London. Susannah d circa Dec 1955
at Willesden. JAMES and Susannah had:

3-2-1 ALICE ELIZABETH ARRELL, b 1 1 Mar 1898 and d in 1989. She m 25
Dec 1920 to Richard James Griffiths at St. James, Westminster, London.
ALICE was a capmaker and Richard was a porter.
3-2-2 WILLIAM JAMES ARRELL, b 7 Oct 1899 at 38 Clarence Gardens, Regent
Park, London. WILLIAM was a turner fitter. He m 25 Dec 1925 to Dorothy
May Harvey. Dorothy was b circa 1901, the daughter of Albert Hervey, a
jeweller's assistant. WILLIAM d in Jun 1976 at St. Pancras.
3-2-3 FLORENCE DOROTHY ARRELL, b 7 Mar 1901 in London. She was

known as "DOLL". She m circa 1923 to William Eveleigh.
3-2-4 EDWARD CHARLES ARRELL, b 6 Sep 1911 at 102 Duncombe Road,

Islington, London.
3-2-5 ALFRED EDWARD ARRELL, b 28 Jan 1912 in London. TED, as he was
known, m 1st on 13 Oct 1934 to Gertrude Heath at St. James, Picadilly, London.
Gertrude was b circa 1913, the daughter of Frederick William Heath, a labourer.
The couple divorced and TED m 2nd on 23 Aug 1948 to Norah Hirst Arrell at
Willesden, Middlesex. Norah was b circa 1914, the daughter of Arthur
Beaumont, a textile foreman. Norah was m 1 st to Harry Wood from whom she


obtained a divorce. Her name was changed to Arrell by deed poll. TED was
in the British Army during WW II and was tortured by the Japanese when he
was a prisoner of war in Burma. He d 23 Oct 1991. ALFRED and Gertrude

3-2-5-1 ROY EDWARD ARRELL, b 3 Mar 1935 at Queen Charlotte's Hospital,
St. Mary, St. Marylebone, London. He was draughtsman. ROY m 31 Mar
1956 to Patricia Anne Gilbert at St. Gabriel, Cricklewood, Willesden,
Middlesex. Patricia was the daughter of Henry Davy Gilbert, an inspector.
They had:

3-2-5-1-1 RICHARD D. ARRELL, b circa Jun 1958 at Hendon.
3-2-5-1-2 SUSAN L. ARRELL, b circa Dec 1962 at Swindon.
3-2-5-1-3 ANN M. ARRELL, b circa Jun 1964 at Maidstone.
3-2-6 LEONARD ARTHUR THOMAS ARRELL, b 18 Nov 1916 at 33 Marshall
Street, Soho, London. He m 14 Dec 1940 to Joan Evelyn Tansley in Fulham,
London. Joan was b 13 Dec 1921. LEONARD was a quality control engineer
for Joseph Lucas, Ltd. LEONARD was in the Royal Air Force during WW II.
In 1953 the family lived at lOB Chichele Road. He d 16 Jan 1987. Joan was
also an employee of Joseph Lucas. They had:
3-2-6-1 BRIAN L. ARRELL, b 9 Jul 1941 in London, England. BRIAN was

killed by an automobile circa Dec 1945.
3-2-6-2 SANDRA PATRICIA ARRELL, b 15 Nov 1944 in London, England.
SANDRA was employed by lOS in Switzerland. She m 3 Jan 1970 at
Kingsbury, London to Stuart Symons. Stuart was also employed by lOS in
Switzerland. In 1991 Stuart was employed by Marc Rich, a commodity
trading firm, in Switzerland. He was the operations manager for information
systems for the firm. They had two sons:

3-2-6-2-1 Daniel Andre Symons, b 14 May 1973 in Vevey, Switzerland.
3-2-6-2-2 Dominic Paul Symons, b 3 Nov 1974 in Vevey, Switzerland.
3-2-6-3 LINDA ANNE ARRELL, b 3 Apr 1953 at Kingsbury Maternity
Hospital, Honeypot Lane, Kingsbury, Wembley, London, England. LINDA
m 1st on 6 Jun 1970 to Garry Saunders at Brent, London. Garry, a student,
was b circa 1968, the son of William Saunders, an engineer. She married an
additional two times.
3-3 ALICE MARY ARRELL, b circa 1873. ALICE m 16 Apr 1907 to Alfred
Charles Taylor at Cotton, Suffolk. Alfred was b circa 1878, the son of Alfred
James Taylor, a shepherd. Alfred Charles was a gardner.
3-4 ROBERT JONATHAN ARRELL, b circa 1874. ROBERT was an electrician.
He m 1 May 1896 to Annie Gentry at West Bergwall, Sussex. Annie was the
daughter of William Gentry, a brewer's drayman. They had:
3-4-1 GWENDOLEN ARRELL. b circa 1904. GWENDOLEN m 1 1 Apr 1925 to
Reginald Harry Harris at Copdock, Suffolk. Reginald was the son of Henry
Peter Harris, a grocer.
3-5 ERNEST ALBERT ARRELL, b 4 Sept 1885 at Mendlesham, Suffolk. He m 5
Aug 1907 to Lucy Ellen Gull at Hartismere. ERNEST was a railway guard. He
d 5 Oct 1964. Lucy d 31 Jan 1955. They had:


3-5-1 VIOLET ETHEL ARRELL, b 15 Dec 1908 at Finningham, Suffolk. He m
on 15 Apr 1933 to Harry Gant at Freston near Ipswich, Suffolk. They had:
Terence John Gant, b at Valley Lane, Wherestead, near Ipswich, Suffolk
3-5-2 FLORENCE ELLEN ARRELL, b 1 Aug 1909. She m circa Jun 1934 to
Mervyn James Harvey at Ipswich. Florence d 30 Jun 1953. They had: 1)
Yvonne Muriel, b 5 Sept 1934 at Ipswich, Suffolk, and 2) Margaret Ellen, b 16
June 1937 at Belstead, Ipswich, Suffolk.
3-5-3 DORIS GLADYS ARRELL, b circa 1912 at Ipswich. DORIS m circa Jun
1939 to George Reid at Ipswich. She lived in Cottam, Ontario, Canada. They
had: Robert, Trevor and Beryl. Robert m and had two children: 1) Trevor who
m and had a son and 2) Beryl who m and had a son and a daughter. Beryl
resided in Cottam, Ontario, Canada.
3-5-4 LESLIE ERNEST ARRELL, b 21 Apr 1918. He m 26 Mar 1941 to Emily
Emerson at Ipswich, Suffolk. LESLIE was a butcher. He served in The Royal
Artillery (1939-1945). LESLIE was captured in WW II at the fall of Tobruk,
North Africa and was a prisoner of war for 3 1/2 years. He resided at 75
Second Avenue, Chelmsford, Essex He d Mar 1981 in Chelmsford. Emily and
her son resided in Chelmsford. They had:

3-5-4-1 GRAHAM LESLIE ARRELL, b 29 Oct 1947 at Ipswich, Suffolk.
GRAHAM m 25 Oct 1978 to Lorraine Rossittor. GRAHAM was the winner
of a scholarship. He was employed by the Water Board in Exter, Devonshire.
They had:
3-5-4-1-1 GINA LESLIE ARRELL, b 1 1 Aug 1981 at St. John's Hospital,

3-5-4-1-2 RAYMOND GRAHAM ARRELL, b 18 Sep 1984 at St. John's
Hospital, Chelmsford.
3-5-5 ETTIE OSRA ARRELL, b 14 Oct 1921 at 53 Pauline Street, Ipswich,
Suffolk. She m circa Jun 1940 to Ron Swarbrick in Ipswich, Suffolk. They
had: Ron, Jackie, and Norma.
3-5-6 LAWRENCE JOHNATHAN DAVID ARRELL, b 28 Jun 1925 at 53 Pauline
Street, Ipswich, Suffolk. He m on 12 Mar 1955 to Sylvia Joyce Blackwell at
Earls Colne, Essex. LAWRENCE started as an office boy for W-T Glover. He
became a manager and then a cable specialist. LAWRENCE was captain of the
golf club three times and was also President of the club. LAWRENCE d on 20
Oct 1981 at Blacknotley Hospital of a heart attack. He is buried in Colchester,
England Joyce was a homemaker and gardener. She lived in Earls Colne,
Essex, England. They had:

3-5-6- 1 RICHARD JONATHAN ARRELL, b 1 7 Apr 1 956 at Earls Colne, Essex.
He was a self employed painter and decorator. He traveled extensively. In
1987 he visited Burma, Thailand, Bali and Australia during a three and a half
month trip He m 1 Aug 1987 to Felicity Ann Jones-Davies at St. Cynog's
Church, Broughrood, Powys, Wales. Felcicity was from Glasbury-on-Wye,
Hereford. She was a clinical psychologist.
-6 ALFRED EDWARD ARRELL, b 22 Mar 1878 at Bedingfield, Hoxne,
Suffolk. ALFRED m on 22 Jul 1901 to Alice Susanna Bill at Baxter, Suffolk.


Alice was the daughter of Robert Bill.
3-7 WILLIAM NEWSON ARRELL, b 19 May 1887. WILLIAM was a farm
servant. He m 19 Dec 1910 to Mary Hodgson at Malton, York. Mary, a farm
servant, was b circa 1889. She was the daughter of William Hodgson, a farm
labourer. WILLIAM d in Beverley in Mar 1975. They had:
3-7-1 GEORGE W. ARRELL, b circa Jun 1911 at Malton, Yorkshire.
3-7-2 CECIL ARRELL, b 22 Oct 1912 at Rillington, Malton, Yorkshire.
3-7-3 IDA ARRELL, b circa Dec 1914 at Malton, Yorkshire. IDA m circa Dec

1932 to — Durkin at Pocklington.
3-7-4 GERTRUDE ARRELL, b circa Sept 1918 at Malton, Yorkshire.
GERTRUDE m circa Mar 1947 to Joseph William Boulton, a window cleaner,
at Hull, County of Kingston upon Hull. He was the son of Sydney Boulton, a
railway clerk, L.N.E.R. They were married at the Methodist Church on Willerby
3-7-5 HERBERT A. ARRELL, b circa Sep 1920 at Malton, Yorkshire. HERBERT
m circa Mar 1944 to — Brown at Howden. They had:
3-7-5-1 REGINALD W. ARRELL, b circa Jun 1946 at Buckrose.
3-7-5-2 SUSAN E. ARRELL, b circa Dec 1948 at Howden.
3-7-6 ALICE ARRELL, b circa Sep 1922 at Malton, Yorkshire.
3-7-7 ROSE ARRELL, b circa Jun 1924 at Malton, Yorkshire. ROSE m circa Jun

1945 to — Hallgate at Doncaster.
3-7-8 VIOLET ARRELL, b circa Jun 1924 at Malton, Yorkshire. VIOLET m

circa Mar 1944 to — Southworth at Howden.
3-7-9 ELSIE ARRELL, b circa Mar 1926 at Malton, Yorkshire. ELSIE m circa

Mar 1945 to — Musgrove at Buckrose.
3-7-10 CLIFFORD JOHN ARRELL, b 18 Jun 1928 at Malton. CLIFFORD was
a corporal in the R.A.S.C. He was stationed in Holland at the time of his
marriage. He m circa Jun 1956 to Jean Soutar Brooks at Sturminster, Dorset.
CLIFFORD JOHN d prior to 1985. They had:

3-7-10-1 SANDRA RUTH ARRELL, b circa Sept 1959 at Swindon. SANDRA
was a police officer. She m 13 Sept 1986 to Andrew Thomas Clark at
Redboume Cheney, County of Wiltshire. Andrew was a police officer, the
son of Leslie Clark, an engineer.
3-7-10-2 KEITH JOHN ARRELL, b circa Jun 1964 at Swindon. KEITH was
an assistant brewery manager. He m 25 Apr 1987 to Deborah Jane Thomas.
Deborah was b circa 1965, the daughter of David Edward Thomas, a clerk.
Deborah was a senior insurance administrator.
3-7-10-3 JANET MAUREEN ARRELL, b circa Jun 1965 at Swindon. JANET
m 1 1 May 1985 to Stephan Mark Stafford Habgood at Rodboume, Cheney,
Swindon. Stephan was b circa 1962, the son of Stanley Habgood. JANET
was a secretary and Stephan was a machine operator.
3-8 ELIZABETH LILLIE ARRELL, b 22 Oct 1892 at Aspall, Mendlesham,

3-9 ALICE ISABELLA ARRELL, b Mar 1899 in Ipswich and d circa 1990.
4 ANNA ARRELL, b 3 Apr 1845 at Bedingfield, Hoxne, Suffolk. ANNA m 2 Aug


1870 to John Cook at Bedingfield, Suffolk. John, a labourer, was b circa 1844, the
son of Charles Cook, a labourer. JONATHAN ARRELL and Ann Arrell were
witnesses at the wedding. ANNA and John had:
4-1 WILLIAM ARRELL, b 27 Jun 1863 at Bedingfield, Hoxne, Suffolk. WILLIAM

was a farm labourer. He m II Oct 1 896 to Advina Goddard at the Baptist Chapel

in Hartismere, Suffolk. They had:

4-1-1 NELLIE ARRELL, b 12 May 1910 at Bedingfield, Suffolk.

5 FRANCIS ARRELL, b 17 Apr 1849 and d circa Mar 1852 at Bedingfield, Hoxne,

6 BENJAMIN ARRELL, b 22 Nov 1850 at Bedingfield, Hoxne, Suffolk.

7 WILLIAM ARRELL, b 13 Nov 1854 at Bedingfield, Hoxne, Suffolk.

8 FREDERICK ARRELL, b 20 Dec 1856 and d circa Mar 1857 at Bedingfield, Hoxne,




WILLIAM ARROL, b circa 1790 in Northern Ireland. He m circa 1815 to Jane
Mullholland in Northern Ireland. They had:

1 ELIZABETH ORRILL, b 20 Jan 1816 at Maghera, County Londonderry.

2 THOMAS ARRELL, b circa 1833 in County Londonderry, Northern Ireland.
THOMAS sailed from London on 4 Mar 1866 on the immigrant ship the "Star of
England" and arrived in Brisbane on 11 Jun 1866. He m circa 1868 to Isabella
White in Tooroomba, Queensland, Australia. Isabella was b circa 1849, the
daughter of John White and Ann McLelland. The family relocated from
Queensland to Victoria circa 1870. THOMAS was a railway line "repairer".
Isabella d in 1912. He d 18 Oct 1915 at 186 Easy Street, Collingwood, County
Bourke, Victoria, Australia of senile debility and heart failure. THOMAS was
buried at Coburg Cemetery. They had;

2-1 MARY JANE ARRELL, b 7 Dec 1869 in Queensland, Australia.

2-2 ISABELLA ARRELL, b circa 1872 in Victoria, Australia. ISABELLA m

circa 1896 to John Muddon.
2-3 JANE ARRELL, b circa 1874 in Victoria, Australia. She m circa 1901 to

Henry A. Francisco.
2-4 LAVINIA ARRELL, b circa 1876 in Victoria, Australia. She m circa 1911

to William I. Hawkins
2-5 THOMAS ARRELL, b circa 1877 in Benalla, Victoria, Australia. THOMAS
was a railway employee. He m 3 Jun 1920 to Maliala Ruth Glaisher at East
Melbourne. They had no children. THOMAS d 6 Jan 1932 at Prahran,
County Bourke, Victoria, Australia. He is buried at Aldridge.
2-6 MARY ANN ARRELL, b circa 1879 in Victoria, Australia and d 2 Jun941

at Lismore, Victoria. MARY ANN never married.
2-7 SARAH ARRELL, b circa 1882 in Benalla, Victoria, Australia and d in 1883

at 1 1 months of age in Benalla.
2-8 ELIZA ARRELL, b circa 1883 in Benalla, Victoria, Australia. ELIZA m
28 Oct 1914 to Issac Weir at Carlton, Victoria. Issac was a fanner. He was
b circa 1868, the son of Issac Weir and Jane Kerr.
2-9 WILLIAM JOHN ARRELL, b circa 1884 in Benalla, Victoria, Australia and

d in 1884 at 9 months of age at Benalla.
2-10 JOHN WILLIAM ARRELL, b circa 1886 in Benalla, Victoria, Australia and

d in 1886 at 8 months of age at Benalla.
2 11 HENRY DAVID ARRELL, b circa 1889 m Benalla, Victoria,
Australia HENRY was a constable. He lived at 98 Albert Street, West
Brunswick circa 1920-28. In 1939 HENRY and his wife. Ruby, lived at 82
Albert Street West Brunswick. HENRY DAVID m circa 1929 to Ruby
Wilhelmina Winch at Melbourne, Victoria. Ruby was b circa 1889 in
Hobart, Tasmania, the daughter of Charles Leslie Winch, a railway employee
and Georgina Finlay. Ruby was a homemaker. She d 24 Jan 1951 at 257


Gower Street, Preston, County of Bourke of a coronary occlusion. Ruby had
diabetes mellitus for many years. She is buried at Melbourne General
Cemetery, Carlton. HENRY d 8 May 1949 at Warmambool, Victoria of
coronary thrombosis. They had:
2-11-1 DAVID HENRY ARRELL, b circa 1913.

2-1 1-2 THOMAS LESLIE ARRELL,b circa 1914. THOMAS m circa 1932
to Alice Gertrude Holcombe. They had:

2-11-2-1 LESLIE DAVID ARRELL, b circa 1941 and d 18 Dec 1944
of influenza meningitis at the Infectious Diseases
Hospital, Heidelberg, Bourke, Victoria.
2-11-3 RITA ARRELL, b circa 1916.
2-11-4 RUBY ARRELL, b circa 1918.
2-11-5 JAMES ARRELL. b circa 1924.



I ARTHUR ROBERT EDWARD ARRELL, b circa 1921. He m at Braintrec and had:
1 MARGARET OLIVE ARRELL, b circa 1946. MARGARET was a school teacher.
She m Peter John Taylor on 14 Apr 1973 at Braintree, Essex.


I THOMAS ARRELL, b circa 1858. THOMAS m circa 1883 to Annie Park. THOMAS
was a coal miner. They had:
1 MARY ANNIE ARRELL, b 6 Jun 1884 at High Row, Seaton Bum.


I ALEXANDER ARREL, b circa 1821. ALEXANDER was a husbandman. He m and

1 ISABELLA ARREL, b circa 1846. ISABELLA was a servant. She m 8 Mar 1873
to John Appleby at Northumberland. John, a miner, was b circa 1843, the son of
Arthur Appleby, a husbandman. A witness at the wedding was JANE ARREL.
Isabella was living at Burton Vale when she married.


I WILLIAM ARRELL, b circa 1812. WILLIAM was a labourer. He m and had:
1 JAMES ARRELL, b circa 1837. JAMES was a labourer. JAMES m 1st on 8 Nov
1862 to Eliza Sowter at Woolwich, Suffolk. Eliza was the daughter of George
Sowter, a blacksmith. Eliza may have d young. James m 2nd on 23 Feb 1867 to
Horsenaill at Kent.


I THOMAS ARREL, b circa 1807. THOMAS was a husbandman. He m and had:
1 RALPH ARREL, b circa 1832. He was a farm labourer. He m 25 Apr 1857 to
Eleanor Craig at the Primitive Methodist Church, in Berwick, Northumberland.




I THOMAS ARRELL, b circa 1789. THOMAS was a plasterer. He m and had:

1 JOSEPH ARRELL, b circa 1813. JOSEPH was a plasterer. He m 22 Oct 1838 to
Honor Savill at Benger, Hertfordshire. Honor was the daughter of Joseph Savill, a
butcher. ESTHER ARRELL was a witness at the wedding. They are believed to
have had;

1-1 AMY ANN (ANNIE) ARRELL, b circa 1839. ANNIE m 20 Dec 1858 to Thomas
Field at Lambeth, Surrey. Thomas was a clerk in the Board of Health. Thomas
was the son of Thomas Field.

2 ESTHER ARRALL, b circa 1819. ESTHER m 5 June 1842 to William Cutting at
Saint Pancras, London, Middlesex. They were married at The Social Institution
according to the rites and ceremonies of the Rationalists. William was living at 6
Kennerton Street, Belgrave Square when they married. He was the son of William
Cutting, a shoemaker. HANNAH ARRELL of 4 Aumdell Street, Haymarket was a
witness at the wedding.

3 HANNAH ARRELL, b circa 1821. HANNAH m 1 Jul 1844 to James Messer at St.
Leonard Shoreditch, Middlesex. They were living at Union Crescent when they
married. James, a butcher, was the son of William Messer, a stablekeeper.

4 THOMAS ARRELL, b circa 1822. THOMAS was a plasterer. He m 5 Oct 1846 to
Eliza Garrwood at Poplar, Middlesex.

5 JANE ELIZABETH ARRALL, b circa 1834. JANE m 23 Jul 1855 to Henry Starr at
Ware, Hertford. Henry, a printer, was the son of William Starr, a bricklayer.
ELEANOR ARRALL was a witness to the wedding.

6 PHILIP JOHN ARRALL, b circa 1835. PHILIP was a farrier. He m 18 Dec 1859
to Elizabeth Aves at Lambeth, Surrey. Elizabeth was the daughter of John Aves, a

7 REBECCA ARRALL, b circa 1838. REBECCA m 15 Dec 1861 to George John
Giwins at St. Andrew, Hertford. George, a gardener, was the son of Thomas Givvins,
a farming labourer.


I JONATHAN ARREL, b 1786. JONATHAN was a miller. He m and had:
1 CHARLOTTE ARREL, b circa 1811. CHARLOTTE m on 9 Jul 1839 to William
Beardsley at Basford, Darby, England. WILLIAM, a labourer, was the son of Thomas
Beardsley, a labourer. HANNAH ARREL was a witness to the wedding.




I WILLIAM ARRELL, b circa 1802. WILLIAM was a turner. He m and had:
1 THOMAS ARRELL, b circa 1827. THOMAS was a turner. He m 20 Aug 1849 to
Mary Smith at Manchester, Lancaster, England. Mary was b circa 1829, the daughter
of John Smith, a plasterer. She was living at Greenhalst Terrace when she married.


I GEORGE ARRELL, b circa 1794. GEORGE was a farmer. He m and had;
1 WILLIAM ARRELL, b circa 1819. WILLIAM was a labourer. He m 17 Jun 1844
to Elizabeth Holden at Blackburn, Lancaster, England. Elizabeth was the daughter of
Edmund Holden, a farmer.


I ROBERT ARRAL, b circa 1795. ROBERT was a shoemaker. He m and had:
1 ELIZABETH ARRAL, b circa 1822. ELIZABETH m 16 Jul 1843 to William
Hodgson at Leeds, York. William, a clothdryer, was the son of Thomas Hodgson, a



I SAMUEL ARRELL, b circa 1878. He m 9 Oct 1903 to Elizabeth Reid at Hutchenson,
Glasgow. SAMUEL was a steelwork fumaceman. They had:
1 SARAH MARTHA ARRELL, b 30 Oct 1908 at 125 Coventry Drive, Glasgow.


I MARGARET ARREL, b circa 1796. She m 6 Mar 1819 to James Young at Paisley,








The heritage of those families whose names are spelled ARRELL can be traced back in
the 1600's either to Northern Ireland or to France. The genealogy of the Northern Ireland
ARRELLs was set forth in Part III of this volume. This part, Part IV, gives a brief
background of those Arrells who trace their lineage back into France. There were various
spellings of the name prior to the common spellings of Arel and Arrell found in Canada
and the United States today. One of these early spellings was HAREL and the origin of
the Arels and Arrells of Quebec can be traced back to JEAN-LOUIS HAREL, bom about
1649, who emigrated from France to Canada in 1666 and who settled originally in
Trois-Rivieres, Quebec. With the exception of those persons who trace their ancestry to
Northern Ireland, as shown in Part III, JEAN-LOUIS HAREL is probably the forefather
of most persons in North America today with the last names of AREL, ARELLE,

Documentation of the "French" ARRELLs, ARELs, HARELs, ARRELLEs, and similar
spellings, was made by Jack Arrell of Roseburg, Oregon after an extensive search of
family records, census returns, marriage records, church records and a review of the
Genealogical Dictionary of Canadian Families by Cyprien Tanquay . An additional source
of information was the unpublished extensive research work, the Dictionnare
Genealogique des descendands de Jean-Louis Harel-dit-Janrel et Marie Pescher prepared
by George and Richard Christian of Louisville, Kentucky.

Research of the ancestors of JEAN-LOUIS HAREL was conducted in France by George
E. Christian, Jr. and Richard L. Christian. Their maternal grandfather's family name was
named AREL. Research was concentrated in the eastern section of Normandy as many
early Canadian immigrants came from this section and the neighboring section of Perche
(e.g. Tourouvre). Although they were unable to find JEAN-LOUIS HAREL, they did
document many early HAREL's in this part of France. The following individuals were

o CHARLES HAREL, a farmer in Guerquesalles (a local village), married

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