John Bearse Newcomb.

Genealogical memoir of the Newcomb family, containing records of nearly every person of the name in America from 1635-1874. Also the first generation of children descended from females who have lost the name Newcomb by marriage. With notices of the family in England during the past seven hundred yea online

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Online LibraryJohn Bearse NewcombGenealogical memoir of the Newcomb family, containing records of nearly every person of the name in America from 1635-1874. Also the first generation of children descended from females who have lost the name Newcomb by marriage. With notices of the family in England during the past seven hundred yea → online text (page 4 of 62)
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him The princeapal part of his portion out of my Estate

Item I Giue to my two daughters Debroah Hatch and Sarah Nye fifty Pounds
Each In my house hold Goods as they shall lie apprised in an Inventory To be
taken of them after my Wifs Deceas : If Shee shall out Hue me and what y
house hold (ioods shall fall of 100 pounds in value at The apprisement as
aboues'' shall be paide Them In money In manar and form and at suclr Timt>
as I shall heareafter ordar In this my Will

It I Giue to s''' son Benjamin Newcomb hue pounds In bills of Credit at V
value afore s"' to be paide In manar and form : and at such Times as heareafter
T shall ordar In this my Will and y" Reason Why I (iiue him no more Is
because I Haue already (iiuen him y'' (Greatest Part of his portion
It I (Sine to my Three Grand Children (viz) Ziruiah Debroah : and F.benezer
Wright to Each of them twenty pounds In bills of Credit to be ualued as in
my other legacies to be paide In manar and form and at such Times as T shall
ordar In this my Will

It I c;iue to my sixth son Simon Newcomb all my wholl Estate both Reall
and Personall that is not In this my last Will hearetofore Particularly Disposed
of : to be to him his heirs and assigns for Euer He in no manar molesting or
hindaring his mother In y free use and Improuement of What I haue Giuen
har for and Deuring hur Natural hfe and he paying out y" seueral legacies In
money or Bills of Credit hearin before by me Giuen to my seueral Children or
<':a'(l children afore Named at or before Eisrht vears Next after V Death of

11 IK m;\V((»mi5 fa.mii.v. 27

me and my Wife or y longest liner of us And T do hearehy make ordain and
appoint my son Simon Nevvcomb to be y sole Executor of this my last Will
and Testament Heareby Reuoakeing and making Null and uoid all formar
or other Will or Wills by me made Ratifieing and Confirming This and no
other to be my last Will and Testement In witness Whereof T have heareunto
Set my hand and Seall this 23'' Day of July A 1). 1741.

Signed Sealed Published and '"IS,

declared by y s'' Simon New comb: Simon S New'COmb

To be his last Will and Testament .makk

In Presents of us ;

William Bewel

Ann Cjra\'

Jonathan Trumble

The Inuentoryof The Estate of Simon Newcom late (jf lebanon Deceased
Taken by us y'' subscriliars apprisors under oath Is as followeth viz
a hatt

a mixt Coat and Jacoat 7 — lO" — o'' a CamblitCoat & Jacoat Coten
a Coat and Jacoat 3'' 10* 2 Great Coatts 4 — 10
Woolen briches 4 pr 3'' a p' lining briches 16*
a p'' Coten In-iches.^** 3 Woolin Sliarts i'' lu*

2 linen Sharts i'' 3 linin Caps 7* a hed Kerchif & p' Cloue^ 15'
a p'' Wosted Stockins 10* 4 p'' yearn Stockins i'' 12''
a p"" of Shoes 16^ M"' Shaws book S» & W Willards l)ook 4-
a Salm book 4^ a Great Bible 3'' 10* an old bible 10''
fious on y" Sabbath i^ bed bedsted curtans 2 pillow-
bolster under bed and all y'' beding 27'' 17*
a bed bedsted bed Cord and beding

a Balster and Pillows i'' 14* bed bed Cord & beding 14'' 15*
2 Woolin blankits 3'' 5* 2 pillow Cases 12'' 2 Cotton sheets 2''

2 linin Sharts i'' 10* 17 y*^* linin Cloaths 4'' i^"" 6''

3 pillo bears 10* 2014;^ of putar 7'' 2^ Quart Cup 12''
a large peuter bason 12* 2 Quart basons 14*

4 pint basons 12* 2 small platers 12^ a pint putar Cup 6~
2 putar Chamber pots i — S a Worming pan 2''

6 Spons y a Salt Selar and pepar box 2* a bras Ski lit & frame 5'
a brass Kitle 7'' an Iron Kitle & Skillet 16*

2 Iron potts & Pot hooks 2'' S* a Copar frying pan i<' 5*

3 Iron Candle Sticks 6* Shie & Tongs 15'' 2 Tramils i'' S~
a p'' of and Irons 2'' &* a hamar 7'' a box Iron and heaters 12-
a Gun 3'' 10* a Chest with Drawers 2"^ 10*
a Small Trunk i'' a Great Table 16^ Small Table 10*
10 Chairs a 3"' i'' 10' a Great Chair 10*

a Grid Ir(m <.K: pot hooks 6" a lomb & Tacklin lielonging to it 5''
a Churn 12* an old hogshead & 3 barrels 7"
an old back Sword 5* a set of buckit hoops 12*
a Ridleing Sine 5* 2 bags 6' a half bushell 5" half peck i- tid
a paile & small Tub 4* a piggin & a Can 4" 6 wooden plates 2*
2 pails 10* 2 Iv nines and 3 forks 12^ a Can 2* 4 Trays 10'

2 Troues 10* 2 small Tubs 10'' an old Seadar Tub 6*
a meat Tub 4* a fat Tub 3'' Earthan Jarr 10*
a ston Jugg 14* a Earthen pot 2^ a Great Wheall 17*
a foot Wheall 2'' a little Wheall 2" a p'' of Stilyards i''
a mayr 20'' a yearling Coalt 24'' yoak of oxen 40''

3 yearlings 13'' p'' 3 year old Stears 26'' lo'' 3 2 year old 20''
3 Cows 43'' 16 Sheep 20'' 2 swine 7'' 10^ half a Cart 5''
a Chain i'* 5* a yoak and staple & Ring 15* Cloe & Pim 6'
2 Wedges and a beetle Ring 12'' 6'' an ax j^
half an Iron harrow 3'' p'' of fork tines iv ha\' hook 6'
half a thing fork 6" Slicd Shoe! 4- a haclKCt I2~







































































( >

T >

1 >






2 oald hoes 4" hois Chains and Whipletre Chain 2'' 240

Haifa Crind Ston 10" a p'' of Plough Irons 2'' 2 10 o

Haifa Crow barr i'' a pigen net & Rope 10' i 10 o

p' Shop Shears 3* a botle & Drinkin Class 3" 6*' 366

n p'' of S]>ei-tacles 5" a Sine 4" 9 "

Sume Total ^414=11/. o''
lebanon Fell'' 19"' 1744-5
Jedediah I'helps
Nath" holebrook
aprisers under oath
Extracted out of the Oridgnall and Recorded March y'' 17 1 1745

p'' me John Euery Clark of p''

The graves of Mr, N. aiul ^vife, as also those of all
the Newconibs interred in the old cemetery at Lebanon,
are but a few feet from the toml) of the Trumbull
family, and in a W}-. and S.Wy. direction. The follow-
ing are exact co])ies of inscriptions on their toml)stones :












02 A D I 744-5 I N

ye 78 YEAR OF


Here lies the body of
M''^ Deborah Newcomb
Wife of M^ Simon New
comb She was a pious
V i r t LI LI s woman &
Died in hope of Eter
nal life thro y® mercy
of y® Lord Jesus June
17 1756 in the 92
year of her age

riiE .m:\V(h>mh faaiily. 29

So nearly had the iiiscii])tions upon these tom})stones
})ecome obliterated, that more than a day's hard ^vork
was employed uj)()n them l)et<)re they could be de-

Mr. and Mrs. Newconib had

1 Jolui,' b. iibout 1G88-9; m. Alice Limibert. 10

2 Thomas,' Ix 1(591-2: m. Eunice Manning; 2cl. Judith AVood-

worth. 11

3 Hezekiah/ b. IGOo-i ; ni. Jerusha Bradford : 2d, Han-

nah . 1*>

4 Obadiah,* b. 1695; m. Abigail ; 2d, Mrs. Mary Post. 13

o Deborah/ b. 1696-7; m. Capt. Timothy Hatch; settled at

Tolland, Ct., Avhere their eh. were born."^ May 14, 1739, he of
Tolland, bought, for £300, land in Kent, Ct., to which place
he removed. Both were received into the ohh. at K,, June
28, 1741, and he was appointed its first dea., July 31, 1741.
He laid out the town of K., and owned much property
there; was a justice of the peace. He d. March 30, 1767.
Issue :

1 Sylvanus, b. Julv 11, 1717 ; m., and had four ch. 3 Marj, b. Aug.
17, 1718. 3 Jedidali, b. Dec. 13, 1720 ; d. Sept. 15, 1793. 4 Jetliro, b.
Sept. 17, 1723 ; had six ch. 5 Timothy, b. June 23, 1728. 6 Deborah,
b. April 10, 1729, 7 Job, b. May 10, 1731.

6 Sarah,' b. about 1698 ; m. Jan. 13, 1719-20, Ebenuzer jStc, who

was one of the first settlers at Tolland, Ct. ; there in 1718.

probably from Dartmouth, Mass. He was a member of the

House of Eepresentativcs one session, and selectman thirteen

3'^ears. Issve :

1 Elizabeth, b. Dec. 14, 1720. 2 John, b. Nov. 27, 1733. 3 Sarah, b.
Aug. 9, 1734; d. Aug. 17, 1731. 4 Ebeuezer, b. May 14, 173G; d.
Feb. 3, 1737. 5 Benjamin, b. May 13, 1738. 6 Eunice, b. Feb. 15,
1730. 7 Lois, b. May 25, 1732.' 8 Malatia, b. April 31, 1734.
9 Thankful, b. Aug. 3," 1736. 10 Samuel, b. Julv 20, 1738 ; m. May
30, 1765, Abigail Benton. 11 Lydia, b. Aug. 31, 1740.

7 Benjamin,' b. about 1700 ; ni. Hannah Clark. 14

8 Elizabeth,' b. 1701-2 ; m. April 20, 1721, Ebenezer Wright, far-

mer, (son of Abel and Rebecca, of Lebanon, and grands, of
Abel, the settler at Springfield, Mass.,) b. in Lebanon, Eeb. 22,
1700-1 ; resided at Windham, Ct.. where she d., as per tomb-
stone, Jan. 13, 1727, ae. 25. He m. 2d, Sarah Huntington;
3d, Mrs. Mary (Mason) Huntington, widow of David, and d.
at Mansfield, Ct., April 22. 1786. Issue, by Elizabeth (Xew-
comb) :

1 Zervia, b. March 12, 1732 ; m. Jan. 8, 1740, John Upton. 2 Deborah,
b. Jan. 39, 1734-5 ; ra. as 3d wife to Paul Davidson of Mansfield,
May 7, 1747 ; 3d, Aaron Younglove, Jan. 16, 1753. 3 Ebenezer, b.
Jan. 3. 1736-7, farmer; d. at Cornwall, Canada West, July 18, 1809 ;

:>() I'liK .\i-:\V((»Mi; family.

111. Maicli 11, IT.")!, Mary lieacli, dan. of Amos of New Fairfield, Ct.,
1). Nov. 12, 17;3:3, d. May 13, 1802.

!) SiniDii/ li. altoiit 1 TO,") : m. .Icnisli;i lialln'op : '?(1. .hmi-
Worth. 15

5 TllOlliaS NeWCOlllb" {Andreur^ Andrew'), 1).
al»out 16()8, at Kitteiy, Me., or immediate viciiiit}^; m.
at Eastham, Mas;^., Oct, 1()93, Elizal)etli, dan. of Josiali
and Uel)orah (Hopkins) Cook and graiiddaii. of Josej)!!
Cook of Eastham, 1085 ; she was b. June, 1()74. They
resided in K^. part <^f Eastham ; the hirths of their first
tliree eh. are recorded in E,, the l)aptisms of their
other cli. June 2, 1717, ai'e recorded at TiTiro. At a
meeting of })roj)rietors of Pamet lands, July 2, 170.'),
granted to Michael Atwood 3 or 4 acres land neai' the
swamp al)Ove Thomas Newcoml )'s. In Pratt's History
of Eastham, Thomas is said to have been son of Simeon
Newcoml), but no ev^idence has been found o-oiiiff to
show that such w as the case. Mr. N.'s name is uj)on an
original 2'>f'titi<>n from the inhabitants of Billingsgate
cdias North Eastham, to the legislature, 1728; the
petition now on file in Mass. archives, is in relation to
attendance on ])ul)lic worship. There is no record of
Mr, N.'s death or settlement of his estate. Elizabeth
N., of Provincetown, whose estate was administered upon
in 1776 by James Pratt, of Boston, may have been
widow of Thomas Newcoml).

Issue :

1 Edward/ h. Aug. 3, 1G95 ; no further trace.

3 Thomas,' 1). Aug. 13. 1097 ; m. Hepzibah . -.M Marv

Tiltou. 16

3 Simon/ 1). IS^ov. 30, 1699 ; m. Lydia Brown ; 2d 8arah ^. 1 7

4 De])orah\ m. Jan. 38, 1729, Thomas Larkin.

5 Mary,' m. April 11, 1733, Lake 8tubbs.

(! Josiali,^ no trace except that he was bap. .luue 2, 1717; he
may have been the Josiah Newcomb who m. at Norton,
Mass., Feb. 16, 1758, Esther Briggs ofEaston.

7 Ehzaheth,' m. July 24, 1739, Joshua Pierce.

8 Ebenezer," m. Thankful Freeman ; 2d, Experience Brown. 18

9 Joseph.' m. Mary Eldridge. 19

riiK M-;\V((>Mi; famtly. 31

(> Peter NeWCOmiy (Afidj'ew' Andmv'). 1». about
U)74, ])r()1)al)ly n})()ii the Isles of Slioals, near Ports-
moutli, N. IT.;' m. Marcli 11, 1099-1700, Mercy Siiiitli,
of Saiidwieli, Mass., dan. of 81iul»ael and Annie, of
Cliilmark. Her Lrotlier, ShuLael Smith, m. Mai'tlia
MaylieAv: whose mother's ))r()ther, Andrew Eankiu, m.
(Trace," dan. of Capt. Andrew NewcomlV of Boston.
In the record (►f his marriaii'e to Mar)' Smith, Mr. N. is
said to be "late of Edo■arto^vll.'' He settled at Sand-
wich, Mass.. Avhere he ke])t an inn or jmblic-house
till his death. His son, William, and o-rands. AYilliam
Newcoml), also o\vned and ke[)t the same inn; the
]>rf)])erty is still in possession of their descendants. Jan.
1^2, 1701-2, he was ^\itness to a deed oiven by his father,
AndreAV N.,'' to his brother Simon'. By his AVill, j)roved
April 1<), 1723, he gave all his estate to his wife,. Mercy,
she to divide it between their two ch. " as she shall see
cause." In her Will, ])roved Jan. 17, 1723-4, she gave
to dan. ]Mercy, silver tankard, 1 )ig 1 n-ass kettle, and £1 50 ;
the real, and the renniinder of the pers<»iial ^^state, to her
son William.


1 Mercv^ or Mary.' b. March 4, 1101 : pub. to Jabez Diinock. of

Boston, December 5, 1T22. He was admitted to Second
Chh. May 23, 1725. They liad Mercy bap. Mar. 11, 1724,
and Mary bap. Jan. 20. lT2G-i.

2 William,' bl Aug. 29, 1 702 : m. Bathsheba Bourn. 20

7 Capt. Joseph NewcOlllb" {Andrew" Andrew')
was b. at Edgarto^vu, Marthas Vineyard, Mass, In
a de])osition on tile in sn])reme court at Boston, dated
April 17, 1703, he calls his age ''al)ont 20 years,"—
therefore 1)orn 1083. He m. Nov. 20, 1705, Joyce, dan.
of Caj>t. John and Joyce Btitler of EdgartoAvn ; her
grandf. was Nicholas Butler. Mr. N. lived in E. till
1732 ; was chosen selectman and sealei- of weights and
measures in 1712, sealer 1713, and in 1718 to consider
the matter al)0ut T)uildino; the meetino- house; Avas also
chosen moderator of town meetmgs and toAvn treasurer.
In 1721 he Avas representative trom E. to the General

32 11 IK NKW ( O.Mi: lA.MILY'.

Court I Legislature I of Mass. at Bostuu ; uj)()n the rec-
ords at E., prior to 1722, lie is called "Cap'.," afterwards
"Gent." Doul)tless lie Avas a coiuniander or captain of
slii[)s, — he may have T>eeii ca])tain of a luilitar}" organ-
ization. Besides the lands which he received from his
own and his Avife's parents, he made several purchases
Ijetween 171^^-1722 ; he made seven sales of lands, the
iirst in 1717, the last Sept. 22, 1731. Feb. 17, 1726-7
he sold for £70, to John Worth, t\vo tracts of land
"Avliich I bought of my l)rother Simon Xewcom)) late
of Edgartowm" Sept.* 21, 1731, for £490, he sold Jacol >
Norton 10 acres adioinini'- liarbor at E.; also all rio-ht
to land in front of house joining to w^estward part
lacing the harbor, also half a, gallery pew. In 1732 he
removed, Avitli his wife, three sons, and ])erha])s other
ch., to Salem (now Cuml)ei'land) Co., N. J., and settled
in the to^NU of Fairfield, A\'here he d. just before Jan.
17, 1733, at which date his wido^v Joyce, as per records
at Trenton, vol. 3, p. 31)4, Avas a})pointed administratrix
of estate of her "hus])and Joseph Newcoml) late (^f
Salem County." Administration A\^as also granted to
his son Bayes,' at EdgartoAvn, Fel)ruai'y 20, 1^39-40 to
settle affiiirs at E. Capt. N, and Avife Avere interred in
old cemetery neai' Avdiere tlieA' first landed, at Avhat Avas
called New En«-land Cross Eoads, A clero-yman in
N. J. Avrites: ''They have transmitted to their descend-
ants of the present time a character for morality and
religion unsurpassed l)y any other community." The
folloAving is fac-simUe of Capt. N.'s autograph, A\]-itten
in 1703 ;

Issue :

1 Baycs,' b. aboiit 1708; m. Amey Martin. 21

2 Priscilla/ b. about 1711 ; m. June 16, 1731, Dea. James Pineo.

son of James and Dorothy, of Lebanon, Ct., b. in Bristol,
R. I. His parents were Huguenots. He was chosen dea. in
1755, of Second Chli. of Lebanon, where lie d. April 18,.


1T8!», in 81st year; she tl., as per gravestone, Jan. ."). 1792^
in 82d year. Issue:

1 Anne, b. May l.j, 1732; in. Elisha Strong. 2 James, b. .Vpril 5,
1734; m. Jerusha Strong, .Jan. 18, 17o8; was chosen dea. of the chh.
was an acting magistrate until disqualified by age, 70; he d.

June 14, 1824,"ae. 91. 3 Joyce, b. April 3, 173(1 ; m. Metcalf.

4 F:iizabeth, b. Oct. 7, 1738; m. Bliss, .l Lydia, b. June 30.

1740; m. -* Gillett. (i Joseph, b. Mar. 1-^, 1743; d. young.

7 Dani(il, m. Hill and moved to Bolton, Ct. 8 Sarah, m.

Holbrook. 9 Priscilla, d. unm.

Joyce,' b. al)out 1712 ; m. Jnne 10, 1731, Pelatiah Jones; set-

tled at Spriugtield, Mass. She m. 3d, Samnel Glover, Dec.
14, 1749, and died Oct. 22, 1774. By Glover she had
Eleanor, b. Ang. 30, 1750, d. since 1800, unm.: and John, b.
May 3, 1753, in Wilbraham, Mass. ; m. Mercy Colton of W. :
he served as lieut. of infantry in the Eevolutionary War.

4 Joseph,^ b. Sept. 17, 1718; m. Meriba Bateman. 22

5 William,' b. April 7, 1721; m. Pleasant . 23

n Silas,' b. about 1723; m. Bathsheba . 24

8 Simon or Simeon ^ewcoiiilb' (Simeon^' A iidi'ew"

Andrew^') \i\. A\)v\i 15, 1 705, Haiiiuili Carter; resided
in Triii'O, Mass., where lie received, as one of tlie pi'o-
l)rietors, grants of lands on Griffith's Island at Billings-
gate, also on south side of Painet (Ireat Meadow. He
ni. 2d, March 1, 1744, Jemima Treat.

Issue :

1 Ann,'m. Aug. 29, 1717, Benjamin Green.

2 John,' m. Oct. 16, 1729, Hannah Bullard. He resided at Salem.

Mass., where he was taxed, 1720-1737. He was probably the
'• Cap* Newcomb '* who subscribed £1 for bell for St. Peters
Chh. at Salem, 1741 ; she d. at S., Sept. 29, 1796, ae. 89.

3 Rebecca,^ m. Aug. 21, 1737, Joseph Young.

4 Hannah," m, Sept. 14, 1738, Benjamin Bullard.

5 Eunice,' m. April 22, 1740, Joseph Harding, and had Joseph,.

b. Nov. 13, 1741; Hannah, 1). Feb. 11, 1744; Samuel, b. Aug.
18, 1745 ; Solomon, b. May 31, 1752 : Simon, b. July 17. 1754 :
John, b. Oct. 26, 1756.

9 Andrew Newcomb' {ShnHm; Andrew,^ An-

drew'), m. at Scitnate, Mass., Nov. 4, 1708, Mercy, dan.
of Thomas and Mercy (Sj^ront ) (Jldhain, of S., where
she was b. July 28, 1689. In record of their uiarriage
it is stated Mr. N. was "of Eastham." They resided
in S. till after the l)irth of their lirst ch., ^vhen they
settled in the N. part of Truro, Mass., near j^lace called


*' jS('\\r()iiil)s Point." His cattle mark in 1714 was
"a ci'op ott* y' tip uf right ear/' He was one of the ])i<»-
prietors of Truro, and received l)y division, 1715-17;U),
several lots of land. Tn 1715 he was "to have as much
land about where his house no^v standeth as he hath in
the (>th lot of wood land division of Eastern Harhoi-."
In 1710, •'To\vn meeting for setlhig a School agreed the
School shall l)e kept one half the time at Andrew
Newcombs or somewhei'e thereabouts." In 1728,
" agi'eed the school shoidd 1 >e settled the iii'st half year
at house of Andrew Newcomb or as near it as may be ;"
in 1730 ao^aiu the same. Mr. IST. AAas chosen moderator of
town meeting, 1719; selectman, 1720-1-2; grand juror,
1730, and was admitted to chh. — no date. His ^vife,
j»erliaps Avidow", Avas admitted to chh. May 4, 1780.


1 Mercy,' b. April 27. IMO: m. Xov. 30, 1732. John Brown, of


2 Joshna.M). Jnne 17, 1712: m. Eunice Bullard : 2cl, Elizabeth

Collins : 3d, Hanna Holmes. 25

3 Andrew," b. March 18, 1715: bap. June 21, 1730: probably d.


4 Jesse," b. June 8, 1718: m. in Boston, June 14, 1744. Mary or

Mercy Cole : resided two years in B. and returned to Truro,
where he was residing in 1780. " Owned covenant'- 1746 ;
admitted to chh. 1761. In valuation of T., 1770, he is put
down 2 polls: 1 house, los. Issue:

1 Jesse," b. May 27, 1745, in B.: m. Nov. 30, 1767, Hannah
Doan, who d. "Aug. 12, 1780. in 45th year." 2 Sarah," b.
April 12, 174^ : m. Xov. 17, 1767, William Williams. 3
Andrew." b. July 4, 1749, bap. Aug. 6 following. 4 Isaac,"
bap. .Sept. 24, 1752 : d. young. 5 Isaac," b. June 7, 1755.
6 Mercy," b. Dec. 11, 1758, bap. Feb. 4 following. 7 Joshua,"
b. July 14, 1761: m. Oct. 8, 1806, Mrs. Abigail (Higgins)
liyder, widow of Gershom and dau. of Solomon and Mary.
Mr. N. d. before March 11, 1821, as at that date his widow
m. Gideon Atwood; she d. Julv 18, 1843, in Welltleet,
ae. 84.

:> Abigail,- 1). June 7, 1720: m. April 5, 1744, Ebenezer Bourne'^
{Josi((J/,^ Thomas,^ JoJ///J' Tltomas Buiirne,' the first of the
name at Marshtield, Mass.), born in Pembroke, Mass., Jan. 11,
1724, and d. there 1759 : she d. at the home of her son Abner,
at Middleboro', Mass., Dec. 10, 1831, ae. 100 yrs. 6 mo. 3 days.
fss'Nf :


1 Newcomb, b. Jan. Ill, 1745 ; m. Abigail Cusliuian ; removed to
Springfield, Vt., but d. in Middleboro'. 2 Abner, b. Oct. 23, 1747 ; m.
Mary, dau. of Haviland Torrey of P. He served as captain of a
company in active service in Kliode Island during the Revolution;
was alt^o dca. for many years of the First Cong. Chh. in Middle-
boro', where he d. March 25, 180(). 3 Relief, b. July 19, 174!»; m.
Joseph Pratt, of Cohasset. 4 Lemuel, b. Jan. 1, 1751; m. Zebiah
Wheelwright, of Cohasset, dau. of John and Sarah (Willcutt) ; d.
Jan. 4, 1831, in M. 5 Mary. m. John Smith, of Scituate ; removed to
Bangor, Me.

6 Eobert/ b. June 21. V^'l: m. Maw (Yoiuig) O'Killev; 2d,

Prudence Cole. " "" 26

: Lemuel/' h. Julv 2:. K24: m. Pliel)e Atkins: 2d. Elizabeth

Ward. ^ 27

8 Mary,' b. March 12, 172 < : m. June 5, ITo-l, Benjamin Webber.

of" Xorth Yarmouth.
'J Sarah,'' b. ]\[ay 23. i:20: bap. June 21. 1730.
10 Euth.'' probably of this family, m. April 21. K.")<). Samuel
Smith, jr.. of Provincetown.

10 Dea. John Newcomb' ( '">////"//;' A/n/n-fv,' ^i/i-

(h'tu-^ ), 1). ill the town of Edo:artoAvii ( Island of Mar-
thas Vineyai'd), Mass., abont 1()88 ; ni. in same pL^ee,
Sept. L^^>, 1701>, Alice, dan. of Jonatliaii Lnnil>ert of E.
"where she Avas b, ](i8'.>. Removed to Lebanon, Ct.,
M-here he was admitted to the First Chh. Mar. 20, 1715,
and his wife June <s, 1718. They settled in the N.
])art of the town called the "Crank," ''Second Society'"
or "]Sorth Society,'' wliich in 1S(>4 was set otf from L.
as a town inider the name of Cohind)ia. T pon the
organization of the Second Society, 171 N. \\v joined it
and became tirst deacon, an office ^vhi(.•ll lie held 42
years, oi* until his removal to Cornwallis, Tsova Scotia,
m 17C)(». He took the " Freeman's Oath '' hi L., date
not oiven; was elected snivevor of hiuhwa>s 1725, and
selectman 1744. He made several ])urchases and sales
of real estate in L. : his tirst, Jan. 29, 171(5-17, from
Thomas Root, 6U acres in the .'Ul di\'ision ; consid-
eration £20, In 1729 he received from his lather 20
acres in L.; consideration, "love, res})ect and good ^vill
that I bear to my son John NeAVComb." Dea. N. held
various ap})ointmeiits in the ecclesiastical society;
from the chh. records it apj)ears that in 17i;i8 he "svas
chosen as one of the most judici(»us, ])ru(lent au<l skill-


86 Till-; NKWCO.Ml! FAMILY.

fill of tlic iMctlirci! of the c-lili. to assist in tlic iiiaii-
ageiueiit of nil affairs in elili. o;ovennnent. In 1741
lie was on (•onniiitt(H' witli Dea. Eliakini Tu])per to
nianai2:e the ])ru(lentials of tlie i)aTisli; fi-oni Society
Kate Hill, containing 154 names, made out by them
that \'ear for " defraA'insi- the uecessary charges in y"
North Parish in Lel)anoii;' £880 Kr o"', it appears he
paid the highest tax hut one in the [)arish, his tax l)eiug
£5 11' L>''. Of the amount raised, £29(» was foi- the
support of Ke\'. Eleazer Wheelock, ^^'ho ^vas their
])ast()r •)^) years, and afterward first j)resident of Dart-
luouth College. The foUo^ving is a fdc-slnult' of Mr.
N.'s autogra])h upon the Rate Bill:

111 1744 Mr. N. was on committee to see that a school
l>e ke])t ill the parisli the year ensuing. In summer of
1760 Dea. N., his wife, imd their ch. Eddy, Ahigail
and John, perhaps also Jonathan, and their families,
removed to Corn^^■^dlis, Kings Co., Nova Scotia, and
settled upon lands vacated \y\ the de})ortatioii of the
French Acadians, 175r)-(); the three sons were among
the grantees of the to^vnshi}r of C'ornwallis, 1701. In
1762 I)ea. N. assisted in the organization of the First

* The towiishi]) of Cornwallis, " coiitaiuing in the wliole 100,000 aci-e:?, more or less,"
was granted July -21, 17(11, to projjrietors chiefly from Connecticut, invited by Proclamation
in the last year of the reii;n of (ieorge H. and after the expulsion of the French. The
Newcomb irrantees Avere (J in number, viz : Eddy. .Tonatlian and John, jr., sons of Dea.
John N., Benjamin (a brother of Dea. John) and his son William, also Simon, youngest
brother of Dea. John. Each of the above drew a right and a lialf— each proprietor was
entitled to a risrlit for himself and half right for his family — each right consisted of a
town lot of 3 acres, a farm lot of 40 acres, and 700 acres of wilderness land. It appears
from this grant that there was an earlier one, whicli, not fully securing the grantees in
their rights and shares therein, was returned; the one on file "being a substitute for the

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