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Till that rewing on my diftrefle

Thete Gomin Venus the goddeife,

(Whicheaie werryith Chaftite)

Came of her grace to focour me, 3 7CO

Whofe might is knowin ferre and wide,

For {he is mothir of Cupide,

Ttie god of Love, as blinde as ftoae,

That helptth lovlrs mady one.

This lady brought in her fight honde • ■ 3 70 J

Of brenning fire a 1)Iaiiitg bronde,

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Whereof the flame and hote fire

Hath tnany * a lady in define

Of love ybrought, and fare yhett«4

And in her fervice her. heHeiette) 3710

This lady was of gode entatle.

Right wondirful of apparaile ;

By her atire fo bright and ihene

Men might percevin well and fen^

Shewasnotofreligiopn; 3715

Nor I n*il makin mencioan

Kor of her robe nor of trefour.

Of broche ne of her riche attour^ '

Ne of her girdle' about her fidej

For that I n*il not long abide ; 3 f%0

But knowith well that certainly

She was arrayid richily;

Devoide of pride certaine (he was ;

To Bialacoil ihe went a paas.

And to him fhortely in a claufe - 3725

She fayid. Sir, what is the caufe • .

Ye ben of porte fo daungirout

Unto this lovir and dainous,

To graunt him nothing but a kiife?

Towameithlmycdoncatoifle, , 3730

Sithe well ye wottn how that he

Is Love*8 fervauiit, M yt may fe, • - '

And hath beaute, yr^r. through h« 19

Worthy of love to have the bli?^

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How he' is fcmqlf bdiolde and fc, ' ' 3 735

How he is faire, how he in fre.

How he is fote and debpnatfe.

Of age yonge, lufty andfaire : "j . w .

There is no lady fo hauceine,

DachelTe, coontefTe, ne chail^lauie^ ' - 5740

That I n'olde holde hec uogodely

For to refufe him uttiriy. '

His brethe is alio gode and fwete, ' '

And his lippes roddy ; are the! mete-
Only CO plaine and not to kifle ? 3 745

Graunt him a kiffe of gentilnefie. ■ -

His teth ame alfo white and dene ; '
Me thinkith wrong withoutin wene . * : ^
If ye now wame him, tru^lith me,. • >
To graunta that a ki£Ke have he ; . > -r : 3750

The lafie ye hdpe Umithat ye hafte, ^'

Andthemoretim&ihiilycwafte.' -

Whan the flame of the very broode - ■ •
That Venus broagbt in her right honde "
Had Bialacoil with-it bete fmete '"'- 3755

Anone he bade me without lete, - '

And grauntid me the ilofe to kifle,
Than of my paine I ganne to lifle, ' '

And to the Rofe anon went I,
And kilGd it ful faithfully. ' 3760

Nede no man aflce if I was blith
Whan the favour fo fofte and lith

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Stroke to mine herp withoatin inbre.

And me alleggid of my fore.

So was I ful of joye and UiiTe ; 37^5

It is faire fuche a floure to kiffisj .

It was fo fote and fayiroat

I might not be fo anguiihous

That I mote glad and joly be ; ' ^

Whan that I do remembre me • ' • 3770

Yet evre' among (fothly to fainc)

I fuffre noie and mochil paio<»

The fc may nevir be fo ftill

But with a litiU winde at will

May ovirwhelme and tourne alfir 3775

As it were wode in wawis go;

Attir the calme the trouble font

Mote folow, aD(!l chaiinge as the mone^ '

Right fo fareth Love, that fcldein one
Holdeth his ancTe, for right anode 3 780

AVhan thei in tk wene bed to live
They ben with tempeft all fordrive.
"Who fervith Love can tel of wo .
The iloundmele J9ye niote ovii-go ; •' ■
Now he hurtith an^ now he curoth* 3 7 85

For felde in o pointe Lpve endureth. .

Now is it right me to procede
How Shame gan medte and take hede.

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Through whom fel angirs 1 hit ve Kiiile,''

And how the ftrongd wall wasmaiie, ■ - 5, • . 3790

And the caftill of brede and length, * • •" -

That god of Love wan with his ftr<ii;^h i

Al this in Romance wttt I ftt)

And for no thing nd will I let,

So that it liking to her be 5795

That is the floure of all beaute',

For {he may bed my labour quite

That I for her love ihal eodice.

Wickid Tongc, whiche that the covine
Ofeverylovir can de vine ' 38c©

Worfte, and aie addith mortf fomdele, '
(For wicktd tonge faith nevir wele)
To mewarde bare he right gret hate,
Efpying me erly and late, '

Til he hath fene the gretd chero 3805

Of Bialacoil and me ifere :
He ne might not his tonge withftonde
Worfe to rcportin than he fonde.
He was fo fui of corfid rage :

It fat him wele of his linage, 38TO

For him an Irifhe woman bare :
His tonge was filid iharpe and fquare,
And right poignaant, and right kerving,
And wondir bittir in fpeking ;
For whan that he me gan efpie 3S15'

He fwore (afl5rming fikirly)

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144 TaBROMAH^TOrTJie'llOtBi

Bitwene Bialacpil^andme

Was ill aquaintaunce and privc i

Hefpakctherof fpfolilic • • .:. ..:

That he awakid Jeloufic, 382O

Whiche all afraied in his rifiog,

Whan that he herdd the jangling^ .

He ran anon as he were wode

To Bialacoil there that he ilode,

Whiche had Ic vir in this caas 3825

Have ben at Rcincs or Amias^ ..

For fote-hote in his felonie

To'him thus faidc Jeloufie;

" Whjr haft thou bien fo negligent

** To kepin, whan I was abfent, 3830

" This vergir here kfte in thy .w«rde?

** To me thou haddift no regarde

" To truft (to thy confuilon)

** Him thus, to whom fufpedtion

" I have right gjtcto, for it is nedc, 3835

** It is well (hewid by the dede:

" Grcte faute in the now have I founde;

" .By God anon thou (halt be boundC)

•' And fafte lockln in a toure,

** Withoutin refuite or focoure. 3 8 40

** For Shame to long hath be the fro ;
•* Ovir fond (he was ago;

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** Whan thou h^ft loft both.drede and (erie '.

*' ieiemid well ihe was not here, . .

" For flie was befy in no wifis 384I

*' To kepin the and to chaftice,

" And for to helpM Chaft itc

** To kepe the rofir, as thinketh mc,

^ * For than thi s boie .knave fo boldly ^

" Nc flioulde nat have.b^ hardy, 3830

♦* Nc in this vergir had fuche game^

** Which now mQ toucoith to grcte (hame.'*

^UhLcoil n*is what tofaxe,

Ful faine he would have fled awaie.

For fere have hyid , n'ere that he 3 85 5

All fodainly toke him with me ;

And whan I fawe tha( he had £q

Tibis Jeloufie takin us two

I was adoned, and Hnfewe no rede.

Bat fledde away for v^ry drede . 3 860

Than Shame came forth ful fimpilly ; .
She ivendc have trefpaced ful gritely, '

Hun^ble'of her porte, and made it fiati{ile»
Wering a vaile in ftede of wimple.
As nonnis done in ther abbey : 3865

Bicaufe her hcrt was in affray
^he gan to fpel^e. tvit&in a throwe
Ifi'o jeloufie right wondir lowc.

rotamc m. N ■

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Fir ft of hifrgtacc ihe him beiboght|
And fayid, Sir, ne levith nought' $^76

WickidTongc, that falfe efjwe^
Which is fo glad to faine and he }
He hath you made through flatirtngr
On Bialacoil a falfe lefiog ;

His falfnefle is not nowe a n«we« ^^ys

it is to longe that he him knewej
This ne is not the firftd date.
For Wickid Tonge hath cuftoilM ate
The yongd folkis to bewrie,
And falfe lefingia on *hem He. 3880

Yet nere-thelefle ! fe among
Thai^ the foigne it is fo long
Of Bialacoil, hertis to lure
Tn Lov'is fervice for to* endure^
Ydrawing f ochd folke him to 58 85

That he hath nothing with to do.
Bat fn fothnefle I trowd nought
That Biahcotlhad er in thought
To do trefpacc or ▼iknie,

But for his mothir Curtifie ' 3890

Hath taught hhn evff for to be *
Godc of aqueintaunce and privt^
For he lovith none hevinefie,
But mirth and play, and all gladndfe;
He hatith eke alia trechours, 5895

And foleiae folke and envieo^

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T» KOilAVifT 09 THE ROSS. tiJ

F^r ye wele wetin how. din he

Wol evir glad and joyful be

Honeftly with folkc to plcy:

I have be negligent in £ey SfOO

To chaftife him, therfore now I

Of heite ycrie you here mercy,

That I have ben fo recbileft

To tamia him withoutin lees{

Of my foly I me repent ; 3 905

Mow wol X whole fet mine entent .

To kepin both^ low and fiiU

Bialacoil to do your will.

O Shame! oSbanelfiudeJelouiie, .
To be bitraflied gretcdrede have i ; . 3910

Lecherie hath ycbmfae fo hie,
That almoft blerid is mijie eie :
No wondir is if drede have 1,
Ovir al reignith Lechery,

Whofe might ygrawith night and dey 39 fj

Both in cloiftre and in afahsy ;
Chaftite* is werried ovir all,
Therfore I woll with fikir wall
Clofe both the rofis and rofere ;
I have to long in this manere 5920

Lefte 'hem undofid wilfully,
Whcrfore I am right inwardly
Sorowfull, and repemi me ;
But now theiihailno leogir be


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UDcIoiid ; and yet I drede fore f . • ^^^^

I fliall repcntc ferthirmorc,

For the game goith all amis ;

Connfaile I mufte ncwe i-viisi

1 have to long ytruftid the, .

33ut now it ftial no lengir be, • 393Cf

For he may beft in every coftc

Decevin that men truilia mode:

I fe well that I am nigh (bent "

But if I fet my full tfntent

Some remcdie for to purvcie, ' ^^^

Wberfore clofin I fliall the wey •.

From them that well the Rofe:eipey

And come to waite me vilenie; : . .

For now in gode faith and in trOuth

I wol not lettin for noilouth^.< . 3940

To live the more in fikirnefle,

Do make anon a fortireffe,

Than dofe the fofifr of gode favour^
In middis fhal I make a tour-
To put Bialacoil in prifon, Z94S
For evir I drede me of trcfon :
I trow I flial him kepe fo
That he ihal have no might to go
About to makin companie

To them that thinke of Tilanie, 39iO

N&lo no fuche as hath ben here
Aforne, and founde in him gode cherc.

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"Whiche han affailid him to &eodc»

And with ther trowandife to blende :

A fqli is cith to begilc ; 3 95 5

But may I live a litil while

He flial forthinke bh hirt femblaunt. '

.And with thatworde came Drede Avauit,
Whiche was abalhed, and in grete fere
Whan he wift Jeloufie was tlicre ; 3 960

He was for drede in fuefae affray
That not a worde durfte he (ky.
But qoaking ftode fal ftil alons,
(Til Jeloufie his way was gone)
Save Shamd, that him not forfioice ; 3 965

Both Drede and ihe ful fore qaoks^
That at the laftd Drede abrauk;
AndtohiscofinShamdiaidet - ■

Shamd, (he faid) in fothfaftaeffs -
To me it is gret hevineflis ... $970

That the noife is fo ferre ygo,
. And eke the fdausdir^ of as tWD^
Bvt £thin that it is befidi
We male it not agaiiii^ caU

Whan onis fprongin is a fame s 3 9 71

For many' a yere withoaftio bitake ' •
We have ben, and numy a day.
For many* an Ap^ll^ raany'-a May, -
We han ypaflid nothing (hamad.

Til Jeloufie hath us yblamed 3 9 So j

NiJj I

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Of miflrufl and fufpeiftion

CaulelefTe, withobt eochcfon :

Go we to Daungir haftily,

And let us ihewe him opinly

That he hath not aright ywronght 29^5

Whan that he fett^ not his thought

To kcpin bcttir the porprife :

Jn his doing he is not wife ;

He hath to us do gret^ wrong.

That hath fuffirid now fo long 3996

Bialacoil to have his will

Alia hie iuftis to fulfill:

He mad amende it uttirly.

Or els ihal he vilaioouflj

Exilid be out of this londe, 3995

For he the werre maie not withftoUde

Of Jeloufie, nor here the grefe,

Slthe Bialacoil is at mifchefe.

To Daungir Shame and Drede ason

The rights way ben both ygon ; 4CCO

The chorle thei fonndin *hem aforne

X'igSing undir an hawethornc ;

Undir his hed no piiowe was.

But in the ftede a trufle of gms;

He flombrid, and a knappe he-toke^ 4005

Til Shamd pitouily him fhoke,

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And grete maoace oo Him gan make*

Why flepift thou whan thou ihould wake ?
(Qiiod Shame) thou dioeft us Yilanie ;
Who truftith the he doth folic 40 10

To kepd rofis or bothoms
Whan thei ben : faire in ther fefons 3
Thou arte woxe to familiere
Wher thou Ihould befiraunge of chere,
Stoute of thy porte, redy to greve : 4015

Thou doeft gret foHe for to leve
Bialacoii here inne to call
The yongir man to Ihenden us all :
Though that thou flepe we mowin here
Of Jelouiie gf etc neif d here : 40 1^

Art thou now late ? riSc up an hie,
And ftoppe fone and delivirly
All^ the gappis of the hay;
Do no favour I do the pray :
tt fallith nothing to thy name 4^%5

To' make fayre femblaunt where thtm may&e bbttie*

If Bialacoii be fwete and fre
Doggid and fel thou ih^uldift be,
Froward and outragiouf i-wis ;
Achorlechaungithfhatcurtelsis^ 40J#

This hare I herde oft ii^ £iying,
That man ne maie for no dauottng

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tS% THK toil AUNT or TSl ftO«t«

Make a fperhauke of a bofarde s

Al mea wol hold the for mofarde

That debonaire have foundin the : 4035

It fitteth the nought curteisto be :

To do men plefaunce or fenrife

In the it is recreaundiiie :

Let thy werkis ferre and nere

Be like thy name, wbiche it Daongere* 404O

Than al abalhid io ihevtiag
Anon fpake Drede, right thai faying,
And fayid, Daungir, I drede me
That thou ne vroUh hefy be
To kepin that thou hail to kepe: * 4045

Whan thou ihouldeft wake thou art »-flepe :
Thou ihalt be grevid certainly
If the afpyin Jeloufie,
Or if he finde the in blame :
He hath to day aflailid Shaaie, 405O

And chafed away with grete mantce
Bialacoil out of this place,
And fwerith ihortly that he ihaU
Enclofe him in a fturdy waU ;
And al is for thy widtidnefle; 4055

For that the failith ftraangdneffe ;
ttiloe hert I trow^ be faiUd all $
Thou ihalt repent in l^eciall.
If Jeloufie the foth^ kflis«^e,
Thou ihalt forthinke and fore rewe» 4060

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>Vith that the chorle his dnbhe gati ftake, ' ' '
Frowning his cyin gan to make,
And hidous chere, as man in rage ;
For yre he brent'in his vifage : . m. «.'

Whan that he herde him blamid fo • ' 4C^5

He faid. Out of my witte I go, « »'

To be difcomBce 1' have grete wrong ; <
Certis I have now lived to long
Sithe I may Bot.this dolir kepe :
Al quicke I would be dolvin dcpe ^ 40 70

Yf any man fh al more cepayre
To this gardin for foul^ or fayre ;
Mine hert for ire goith a-fere . . ' I

That I let any entre here :

I have do foly now I fc, • • 40^ j

But now it (hal amepdid be : '

Who fettith fote here any more 1 " • i

Truly he fliall repent it fore,
For no man more into this place > '

Of nie to entre iha^ have grace} . ' >:. . ^eSd
L.evir 1 had with fwcrdis twaine ^ :

Throughout mine hert in every vaine,
Perdd to be with many' a wounde
Than ilouthe fhould in me be founde : *

From hennisforth by niglit or day ' 409^

T. ihall defende it if I may
Withoutin any excepcioo
Of eche manir condicion.

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<54 TRX ftOMAUMT OK TH moss.

And if { ifc any n^n gnittnte

There holdith me for recrcunte. 4090

Than Daungir on his fete gan ftonde

Andhent a burdon in his ho&de ;

Wrothe in his ire nc left he nought.

But through the Tcrgir he hath fought

If he might findin hole or trace 4^95

Where through that me mote forth by pace,

Or any gappc, he did it cloTe;

That no man might touchia a Rofe

Of the rofir all^ about, .

He fhittith every man jvichout. . 4IC0

Thus day by day Daungir it wen,
^ore wondirfuU and more divtrs,
And fellir eke than evre' he was,
For him ful oft I finge alai ! -
For I ne may nought throu^th hit tm 4105

Recovir that I mofte defire :
Mioe hert, alas ! wed breft a^two,
For Bialacoil I wrathid fo ;
For certainly in ctery memfar?
I quake whan that I me remembre 4 1 10

Of the bothom whiche that I woldc
Ful sft a day fene i^nd beholde;
And when I thinke upon the kifTe,
And how much joie and ho«r much blifiiB

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THE lOSAVMr <ff YM ftd«l« 9$$

I haddi through the ikvmir fvrete, 4115

For want of it I grone and grete t

Me chinkcth I fele yet in my noft

The fotc favour of the Rofe,

And now I wote that I mote go

So ferre the freflid flourU fro, 4I )0

To me ful welcome were the dethe,

Abfence therof (alas ! ) me flethe ;

For whilom with this Rofe, alas 1

I touchid nofe, and mouthe, and hc9^

But now the deth I mnft abide : 4135

But LoTe confent an othir tide

That onis I touche maie and hittt

I trow my paine ftal nevir liilc ;

Theron is all my cov^ittft,

Whiche brent my hert in many wfft s 413O

Now flial repaire againe fighing.

Long watche on niglbtes, and no lleplng,

Thought in wifhing, torment, and wo.

With many' a toaming to and fro,

That halfe my paine I cannot tall, 4X35

For 1 am fallin into hell

From paradife and welihe: the more

My turment grevith, more and more

Anoyith now the bittirneflb

That 1 to forne have felte fwetnefle 1 4T4O

And Wickid Tonge throaghc his faUhcde

Ycaufith all my wo and drcde $

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1^6i mm ROMAOMT or Tn rose;

Qo loe he lieth a pitout charge,
Bicaufe his tonge was to latge.

Now is it time fhortly that I 4 T4S

Tel you fomthing of Jeloufy,
That was in grete fafpeccion :
About him lefte he no mafon -
That ftone could ^ie, ne Do querrouff
He hirid 'hem to m^ke a tour ; 415 D

And firft the rofis for to kepe
About 'hem m^de bQ,a diche depe,
Ri^ wondir large, and alfo brode, * .
Upon the whiche alfo ftode

Of fquarid ftone a (Uixdy wall» . 4155

Whiche on a cragge wail foundtd all.
And right grete thickncfle cfc6 it-bare ;
AboHt it was yfoQhdid fquare
An hundrid fadome' on every fide;
It was allicl\eb6th long and wide:.' . . 4160

Left any time it ?nrere afiailed
' Ful wcl about it was batailed,
And^-ounde enviroji eke were let
Ful many* a riche and faire tournet :
At every cornir pf this wall 4x65

Was fet a tour ful principal!,
And evcriche had without fable
A portcolife dcfeofable,
To kepe of fH^'emies, and to greve
That there thcr force would yprcvc. - 4X 70


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And eke amiddd chit porprife
Wfti made a tour of gnt« luuftrifey

A fairir faugh DDmin with iight,

Largd and wide, and olgCBte mights

Thei draddd nought nond affaot 41 75

Ofginnor gonn,norof&atfa«tt .

The tempereure <tf ilie moirttM

Was made of lycoure wondir dcre^

Of quicklime perfaimc^Mii cgfe.

Which temprid was witb flaegre. 4t Sid

The done wa^liwde of j^damannt •
Wb^of thei made the looiiddaiau&t }
The tour wa» rouftdtt iax%dc in compas t
In al this world vorithtr was, ^
Ne bettir ordained ther«Witkidi : 41*95

About the tour waB-amdea wril, i
90 that betwixt that «nd the toure
Kofis were fet of fwete fiivoare.
With many rofis that thei here ;
And eke within the cftftil were 4199

Springoldis, gonnes, bowes, and ardieny
Jklid eke about at the twnert
Men feinin ovii<tlM waU ftonde
Gret engins, which )rwere nere hondb.
And in the kemils here and there • ' - 4t9f
Of arblaiUrs grete plentie were ;
Notti armour mighte ^er ftroke willifioiide»
It were foly to prefe to honde :

Volume FJL O

,d by Google

Without the diche wore Mis main , - v ' '

With wal bataili4 large and hni^ev : 4100

For men and horfe Ihould nofe attMne

To nigh the dici)ie ow theplaiike* . ,

Thi^ Jelofie hath envifdn <.•

Yfette about his garliifo* - . ^ • ^

With walli8rounde^ddkJ>^.dfcpii,— 4%os

Onely the rofir fo^ to kepe,

AndDaungirbotheerly>3ndl»te .

l^-keyes kept of the uttir gftte^ ^ . . /

The whiche opened towards the <ft»

Andhehadwith.himatthf»JMk.. . ' r • 441^

Thurtyfervai^ntesechoneby Dani«» -•...... . »

That othir gate wq^ kept .b^ $haxnt» a

Whipheopinid, asitwa^c^P^he, ■ ■,- . I

Towardit the parte o^ the ktntbe^ .» ■ ■■
SergeauntesaffignidwerehertQ • -AtlS-

Full many, her will for .to do: /.,..- :^: , .
Than Dredd had in her b^iiyp^ . ..,i, , .. j -. v . /

Th* keping of the confUble*rie .
Towarde the north I underiloDde,

That opened upon the lef^thopdfif 49M

The whiche for nothuig.n|ay.bfP toe .-

Butifihedoherbefycure ;.,..w,.

^rly^n mor*we', and sdfi^ Ute, ':i.t._
Strongly to ihette and l^re t^. gat$« -. ^

Of everything that fhe n^ay fe i^%%^

prede is aferde where foi|i$,b^, : _ . <

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»HI mOMAUHT or THt ll(MC( fjj^

For With a puffe of titiUrwinde

I>rede is aftonie<ikrher mhide, '• i

T4»esforc for ftcling of the-Rofc
I redeher nat they^teimclofe; 4^30

A foul'is flight would make her fle^' • «.;>.,. .
Andekeafhadowe,^ffte'>itfe; - '•

Th^iWickidTonge, fall of envy, '• -

With foudiersof Nprniandy,

As he that cauiith all d^Ute* ' . , ' . ^^^j

Was kepirofthcfourthc gate,. • '. .'.'•-

And alfo to the tothir thrc ! > . . % . . . "'^

|1b went ful ofte for to fc.*?' . . .. •

Whanhislotte wasto walkeaiiight '■ •< '

Hisinllnnncntisvrafald'bedight '4ft40

For to blowin and makin fouae ' ■

Oftir than he hath encbeiiEwney.

And walkin oft upon tMi wall,' •

Cornirs and wickittes oYir.aii >

Ful narowe ferehhi and tfpie : . 4945

Though he noughtfbndc yetwoald be lie

Difcordaunt er frd srmcmie,


Controve he would, and fod^faile, " . -
Withhornpipisof Oorndwaile;' 4950

In floitis made hp difootfknnce.
And in his mufike, with nifchauxiccrl

' ,. .'■ •: Oil

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HewouiddfeiDewithjiotitiiewe . .

That he ne fonde do wonian trcWs,

Nethathefawenercinlus^life' 4»55

UfiCo her hufbonde a trciife wife, ' ^

Ne none fo ful of ^dcefte

That ihe n'il laugh and mcry be.

Whan that ihe hereth or may efpie

Amanfpekioofl^erie: ' " 4160

Evdriche of 'hem hath rpmrviee;

CUifr is diihonell, t*othec sice;

Yf one be ful of vilani^

An othir hath a licoVous de ;

IfonebefuIofwantoneiTe 426^

Anothir is a chidtrcffe. ' ^ •

Tjiios W ickid Tonge, God yvre him flume !
Can put 'hem everichone in blame -
Without defert, and caufilcBc ;
He licth though thei ben gikilelTe : 4 » 70

I have pity to fene the (browe
ThfkC wakith bothe evin and moroire
To innocenteadoth-fbche gterwnce,
I pray God yeve him evi} dtaonce (
That he evir fo befy is 4475

Of any woman tQ* feine va&t* :

£|(e Jeloufie may Ood ffonfoaade!
That hath nvakid a tQurc fo nBOUde,
And made about a garifon^
To lettc Biali(Stfil in prifon, 4 > So

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TBI.ftOMAtXaiT.OV TBV Ktfttr l6t

The whiche is ihette ther^ in the tomri

IPml long to holdd thcr'fojoiir.

There for to livin in pcnaunce ;

And for to do him more jurevaniiot^

Whiche hath ordainid Jeloufie/ . ■ 4^85

An old^ vecke for to efpie

The manir of his governannce.

The whiche devil in hdr infaonce •^"' {'

HadlemidaIlofLov*i$arte, -

And of his pleyis tohe hef* parte : > . 4-090

She was expert in his ierviie; . .; i , '/

She knewe eche wrenche and every gifo <

Q{ Love, and every fccret wile;

It was right harde her to begik. ^

Of fiialacoil ihe toke aie hede, - 4195

That er he liveth in wo'and dred6
He kepte him coye and eke prive^
JUefl that in him (he haddd ie
Any lite foly couottnaimcr.
For ihe knew all the oUdffaunoe. < . 43CO

And after this whan Jeloofie
Had Bialacoil in his baiHie,
And ihette him up tIbttt'Wasfo £re,
For fure of him he would ybe»
Hetrttftithforeinhiscaftell, ' 4365

The ftrongewerk^-himlikith well; . 1- .

He dradde natthat no glotons . : «. * . . ;

Should ilcle his rofis or bothoms ;


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i6ft Tms laiSAimT.ov TJiE-Aosi.

The roils werep «fiiitid all,

Defendd with the firongi^ WfdU 4 3 to

Now Jeloulie foil well nay be \

Of drede devoide^io libettv;}

Whether that he or il({i6 or waks

Of his rofis may none be take,

BatI (aIas!)nowmamdflxail 431^

Bicaufe I was without the w«li :

Fiii.mochil dole and mone hmade ;

VMio fo had wift what wo I had ■•

I trowe he wolild ha;fe had pite;

Love all to dere had fiolde me ; ^ 43 20

The gode.that of his love had i

I went about it al queihtly.

But nowe through dobUng of my paioe

I fe he woll it fell again.

And me a newc bargain lere» 4325

The whiche all out the mure is deee

Far.the folace that L hare bme ^

Than i had it nevir aforbe i '

Ceruin I am full like in dede )

To him that cafte in yerth hisiiBde, 4330

And hath joie of the newt fpringing •
Wi»n it grenith in the giAQtog,
And is fo faire an4 ireihe of fioare,
Luftietofene,foteofodoiirtf, * -

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But er he it in Ihevit fliere 4335

Male fall wethir that ftall it dere»
^ndmakin it to fade aad fall
The flalke, the greine, and tUmrit all.
That to the tiller if fordosn,
The hope he had conceded to ftme. 4340

I drede ccrtaine that fo fare I,
For hope and travaile fikirly
Beo me birafte all with a ftcrme :
The floune n^ili fedin of my come*
For LoTe hath fo avauncid me, 4345

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