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The English vsvrer; or Vsvry condemned, by the most learned and famous diuines of the Church of England, and dedicated to all his Maiesties subiects, for the stay of further increase of the same online

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Online LibraryJohn BlaxtonThe English vsvrer; or Vsvry condemned, by the most learned and famous diuines of the Church of England, and dedicated to all his Maiesties subiects, for the stay of further increase of the same → online text (page 1 of 8)
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Tbe Illuftration

He Couetousivretch^ to what may we compare ^

better then^iumf : both of one nature are,
Onorch(^fr, 1^34.

:^bQbns ,


To theReader


Here are fome commit vfury , not ^^^^ i*^"^^
knowing it to be linne : eytherbe-^^^ vlurcrs.
caufe they haue not the Word, or,
they vfe not the Word for the cn-
Jightning of their hearts. Thofe g^g
that bee ignorant for want of the M'. ^ofe]'
Word j are much to be pitied 5 and yet is their want Treatife of
that way,the iuft punifhment of fInne.Thofe that are vfury Epi-
ignorant for not vfmg the Word^are fharpely to Be ^'^ ^^ ^^^
reproued, as thofe whofe ignorance accrewing from ^^^^^^'
theirownenegligence,ismeercfinne vnto them. /« ^ n j
vtrifquemn eftiufta excufat'w, fed iufta ^ondemnatio^^^fj'^
fayth Auguftine, Neythcr of both can iuftly be oi^Rom.Mh
icafed^naycyther ofboth is iuftly to be condemned, f^.ioj.
OiJiers commit vfury, and ftand to excufe it, aJead-
ging for thcmielues the authority of men : to thefe
lanfwer, as LaBant'm did to the Gentiles, who
grounded their religion vpon the authority 'of their ^^^.' ^^ .
Ance^ours^ Id folum re Bum eft ^quoi ratio py£fcriBit, ^^'^^^^ *^'
notthatwhich men fay; but that which reafon war! ''^^'^'^•^•^•"'
ranteth, is right and to be approued .

^ ' A3 to

To the Reader.

r.xod'33.'i. To them that allciidge examples, lanfwerwich

the ancient pioucrbe, Fiuitur vreceftis mnexemjilui

wc mt^i^ Jfiieby precepts , and riot bycxamplas,'

And With that of Mofesj Then (halt not fol^otv Amuki^

tudmo- do€ mil. To them which iuftifie vTury to be

lawful!, T ftand not hecre to make anfwer ; for

to that end ferueth thcftreatife following. One*

Cyprian* iy ^ i appHc viito^ them ^ ths.t which Cjfri*

Dc Simfli' An fpakc o^ fonic Teachers of his time , -Am^

citate /?r

tife to bee euill 3 and themfclues not being able

^. , to exciife it 5 they, tume- their nofe vpon the

^^'imile. ^,^^^ winde 5 like the- weathcr.Cocke , and like

mad men rage. at thofe that would bindc them

for their benefit : and are like the Swine of which

UsXrjel Chrift fpeaketh in the Gofpell , who when they

' hauc Pcarlcs thrownc before them, turne ^igaiiiie^

and all to rent thofe that caft them. God bee

mcrcifull vfito thefe kind of Vfurers , and con-

S^miic* ' ti ^^^"^ ^'^^'" >' ( i^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ 3 ^ ^^
is defperate. They are like vntov^ fooliih pa-
tient , who is ready to flie into the face of tlic
Chirurgian , when hee fcarchetli bis wound, vnto

^ ' the

To the Reader.

the bottomc , for the curing of it. What will
follow hereupon ? Buttheruine of the Vfurer >

Others 5 when the Miniftcr prcachcth againft
V fury 5 encourage thcmfelues in. their vnchari-,
table couife of life ^ by this conceit ; that it is
but iiis priuarc opinion. This treatifc will make
it cuident, that , f^furj to he vnUrrfull y proceeds The moft
not out of the mouths of fome few Humorifis in iudicioua
the Country, ( for fo the Vfurers account them : ) I>iuine$
but it is the iudgement of thofe who fit at the 55J. ^"^
Helme, and deferucdly are accounted pillars in the ^^^* -
Church of God.

As for the Author of this Treatife ; vnder-
(land, that hee neyihcr lendeth , nor taketh vpon
Vfury : for hcefollowes his calling, and doth not vfurers vile
bufy himfelfe much with the aftaycrs of the world, pcrfons PC
As for profeft ^Vfurer-s , bee efteemes them as 45.
vile pcrfons , in whofe eyes they are moft iuftly
contemned , but hee honoreth thofe that feare the
Lord . which the Vfurers do nor. And therefore be-
ing free from the guiltineffe of this finne , he
may the moove freely giue fentcnce vpon the
vngodlincfle thereof Judictt \Ue de alterius errore
( fayth S. ^mbrofc ) qui non hahtt in feiffi quod ^^^^rcf.fw
condcfmct : iudicet ^ qui non agit tadem quts in alio T'^ 3^^^^'*^*
pttmierit funienda, ' Let him iudge of another '^^^"'^^'*
mans default , who hath rot the fame fault to
condemne in himfelfe : let him iudge of another
who commitreth not the fame thing which hee
decmeth worthy the puniiliing in another.

Know niorcouer^that he is a thorough conformable


Member and Minifter of the Church of England.
And for the Scope of this Trcatife,. it is for the
information and faluation of thy foule, and his

(a) Si^uid ovvne foiilc. Take the Treatifc^and (4;) ^iiie pray-

exvfntHo ers -for

cthm tu!- •

O! thrice^ thrice hapfj hCiWhofe free defirtJ
To charity « l>4^alt
net lerdvpofi'vfurj to thy brother money or meat , or any
thing e/fe, u^f^er I/hal^y uhich biteth, that is > which
is lent vpon vfury. For whatfoeuer the Vfurer lendeth,
it hath teeth, and iawes to eate andconfume the fub-
ftance of other men; his Come or viiSuals which were
made to be eaten, doe eate, and his money which was
made fpent, doth waft the fubftance of others,
and therefore Hebrew writers doc teach , that in the
name of Vfury is encludcd an^dmonition , not to bor-
row vpon Vfury : for hee which taketh" money vpon
Vfury , taketh as it were a ferpent into his bofome.

This is confefled by Calm»e himfclfe, that whereas

B 2 vfu-

T^he Englifh Vfurer.

which he tranflateth i»ffremeHtum^ncKi(e : ^c efi (fayth
he) ^Htcquid lucri ftbi avari hom'tnes cenciliant ex mutuo ;
that isjWhatfoeucr gaine couctous men doc get to them"
lelues by loaneo

C©^ forbMs
biting vfliry
aid incjcak 4

Br. Tinton
Twatife of ■

^Unall Vfury is defcrihed by DJ". Fen TO N, to be
pa^inm ex ntMtuo lucrHm^

Lucre for loane vpon couenanr ; or
Tlie couenantof lucre for lending : or ■
Lending ypon couenant for lucre.

So that thefe xhxtt\^otdiiymfttuHm,paclHmjHcrumydiQt
define and circumfcribc the entire nature of that Vfury
whereof the mainequettion is made, whether it be. lawfuU
or not.

And to thefc defcriptions of Vfury, agree thofe of our
moftreucrend, andiudicious Diuines: "vide* 'D^^^iliH
arpon ExodnSj p. 50^. D^ Spfith in ffil/et vpon Leuitictis,
^.62$. Perkiffs,Com^.S, Mr. ^w//^,i8' Sermon vpon Vfir-
ry» Dr. -P/VjV furies Sprightconiured,p.4.-PoB'f/j-pofition'S
of Vfury ,p.4. Bb./«?B'»::j C - ^f^^^'i^^titmr-^'M
Viury cannot be feuered, | j ^^- j^nt, maybefeue^
or reckoned apart from -Ued^and reckoned apart,
the property and domim- ' and is valuable^ by it felte,
on,becaufe they are fuch ,*=; .^^^f-jL^^^g^ Goods, Hon:,
tnings as are fpent m the ^-^.5^^. which cemainein^
vfe, and therefore if you i j •- j^^ ^^^ ^^j- ^^.^ r :!
vfe tbem, you fpend thcm.J (,

In thecGntra.ft of loans,
whether free or vpon V^
iury,thc lender granteth to
the borrower, not onely-
the vfe,but alfo the propei -
ly of the thing lent j-from
which the vfe of thatjwhich ■
we lend to be fpent in the
vie cannot be feuered :
hence it is called mutuum,
becaufe by lending it is
made exmeotnum*

In the contradl of Loca^

tion , the letter granteth

to him that taketh to hire

I the vfe onely of the things

\ retaining the property to



The EnglifJ) V fur en

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Online LibraryJohn BlaxtonThe English vsvrer; or Vsvry condemned, by the most learned and famous diuines of the Church of England, and dedicated to all his Maiesties subiects, for the stay of further increase of the same → online text (page 1 of 8)