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Pen.— P. L. 4, 186. where shepherds p. their

PenaL-P. L. 1, 48. chains and p. fire '
S. A. 508. thy p. forfeit ft-om thyself
Penalty.-P. E. 7. 645. death is the p.

P. L. 9, 775. of God or death of law or p.

P. L. 10, 15. incurred.. . . the p.

P. L. 10, 753. to the loss of that sufficient p.

P. L. 10, 1022. so thinking to evade the p.

P. L. 11, 197. secure of our discharge ft-om p.

P. L. 12, 89a imposed on p. of death

P. L. 12, 899. the p. to thy transgression due
Penance -P. L. 2, 92. hour calls us to p.

P. L. 10. 560. reigns above to aggravate their p.

S. A. 788. my p. nath not slackened though my
Pencil. -P. L. 8, 609. or by shading p. drawn
Pendent.— P. L. 1, 727. p. by subtle magic

P. L. 2, 1052. this p. world in bigness as a star

P. L. 4, 289. with mazy error under p. shade

P. L. 10. 3ia a ridge of p. rock
Pendnloos.-P. L. 4, 1000. the p. round
Penetratlon.-P. L. 3, 585. gentle p.
Penltent.-P. L. 10, 1097. our father p.

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P. L. 12, 819. whom as ofl he saves themji.
P. R 8, 421. humbled themselves or p.
8. A. 602. be |»..and for thy fault contrite
BJL.76lJiot truly p.but chief to try her husband
8. A. 761. not to reject the o. but ever to forgive
Peimed.-C. SU. flocks p. m their wattled cotes
Pennons. -P. L. 2, 963. fluttering his p. vain

P. L. 7. 441. and rising on stiff v. tower
F»ziB.-P. L. 7y 421. they summed their p.
Pen8loner8.-Il P. 10. fickle p. of Morpheus'
Pensive.— P. L. 2, 777. p. here I sat alone
P. L. 4, 173. Satan had Journeyed on p. and
P. L. 8, 287. proftise of flowers p. I sat me down
C. 887. the p. secrecy of desert cell
L. 147. with cowblipe wan that hanK thep.head
II P. 81. come p. Nun, devout ana pure
P. 42. in p. trance and anguish and ecstatic fit
Pent.-P. L. 6, 667. their substance p. which
P. L. 9, 446. one who lon| in populous city p.

5. A. 1158. hath cut off quite from his p.

8. A. 1421. no less the p. on their holy days

6. A. 1473. doubtless the p. shoutinff to behold
8. A. 1633. wrought things as incredible for hisp.
8. A. 1601 . should be brought forth to show thep.
8. A. 1620. at sight of him thep. with a shout
II P. 8. as the gay motes that p. the sunbeams

Peopled.-P. L. 10, 889. p. highest heaven

Peop.-P. L. 1, 412. P. his other name
H. 197. P. and Baalim forsake their temples dim

PeP8Ba.-P. R. 2, 24. or in p.

Perceive. -P. L. l, 886. nor did they not p.
P. L. 3, 404. p. thee purposed not to doom
P. L. 6, 623. such as we might p. amused
P. L. 9, 598. ere long I might p. strange
P. L. 12, a but I p. thy mortal sight to fail
0. 74. not once p. their foul disfleurement
C. 6«>3. too well I did p. it was the voice

Perceived. -P. L. 299. when Beelzebub p.
P. L. 6, 19. war he p. war in procinct
S. A. 1201. when I o. all set on enmity

PerceiveBt.-P. L. d, 666. as thou thyself j*.

Percelvlnfif.-P. L. 8, 41. which Eve p.
P. R. 1. 227. growing thoughts my mothersoonpu
S. A. 397. each time p. now, openly

Perched.— S. A. 1693. on the p. roosts

Perdition. -P. L. 1, 47. to bottomless p.
D.F.I. 67. to turn swift-rushing black p, hence

Perfect. -P. L. 1, 650. in p. phalanx
P. L. 2, 764. whofulloftthyselfinmethyi*.
P. L. 4, 677. Uriel no wonder if thy p. sight
P. L. 4, 634. to whom thus Eve with i). beauty
P. L. 6, 399. whom all p. good unmeasured out
P. L. 6, 442. motalsof drossiest ore top. gold
P. L. 6, 5'J4. God made thee p. not immutable
P. L. 6, 608. glorious once and p. while
P. L. 6, 71. nor stream divides their p. ranks
P. L. 6, 462. but pain is p. misery
P. L. 7, 455. living creatures p. forms
P. L. 8, 415. thou in thyself art p. ; nd in thee
P. L. 8, 042. /). within no outward aid require
P. L. 9, mK and life more p. havf atiained
P. L. 9, 1179. what sotraed in thee so p.
P. L. 10, 138. and gavest me as thy p. gift

P. L. 11, 96. merit those shall n. and for these
P. L. 11. 876. for one man found 80 p. and so
P. R 1,8a thence on his head ap. dove descend
P. R 1, 166. I have chose this p. man
P. R 8, 11. of good wise just the p. shape
P. R 4, 302. p. in himself and all possessing
P. R 4, 46a thep. season offered with my aid
8. A. 94a uxorious to thy will in p. thraldom
0. 20a was rife and p. in my listening ear
L. 82. and p. witness of all Judging Jove
H. 16a full and p. is but now begins
8. M. 2a thehr motion swayed in p. diapason
H. W. 66. here be tears of p. moan
P. la most p. hero tried in heaviest plight
C 7a and they so p. is their misery

Perfleotion.-P. L. 4, 67a to receive p.
P. L. 6, 29. my glory my p. glad I see thy face
P. L. 6, 472. all such to ». one first matter
P. L. 9, 964. but short of thy p. how shall I
P. L. 10, 160. whose p. far excelled hers in all
P. L. 10, 48a fabric wonderful of absolute pw
P. R 1, 209. and in it grew to such p. that ere
P. R 8. 230. what of p. can in man be found

Perteotion8.-P. L. 6, 36a complete p.
P. L. 9, 1031. wedded thee adorned ^th all p^
P. R ^ 13a p. absolute, graces divine

Perfiectly.-P. L. 9, 707. shall p. be then
T. 16. that is sincerely goo<1 and p. divine

Perfldioa8.-P. L. l, m. with p. hatred
P. L. 6, 880. involved in this p. fraud
L. 100. it was that fatal and p. bark

Perform. -P. L. 1, 699. innumerable scarce pw
P. L. 4, 4ia have nothing merited nor can p.
P. L. 7, 164. this I p. speak thou and be it done
P. L. 10, 760. unable top. thy terms too hard
P. L. 12, 299. nor man the moral part p.
D. F. I. 70. thou canst best p. that office

Perfbnnance.-P. L. 10, 602. of my p.

Performed. -P. L. 6, 696. that p. what war
P. L. 11, 440. and all due rites p.
P. L. 12, 606. their ministry p. and race well
P. R 1, 102. and the exploit p. successfully
P. R 2, 49. let us wait thus far He hath p.
8. A. 1083. of thy prodigious mieht and feats p.
8. A. 12ia and had p. itif my\nown ofleuce heave pull draw or break he still p.
8. A. 1641. I have p. as reason was obeving^

Performing. -P. L. 11, 300. and in p. end
P. L. 12, 299. and not p. cannot live

PerformB.-P. L. 2, 696. and cold p. the

Perfume. — 8. A. 720. amber scent or odorous p.

PerftimeB.-P. L. 4, 168. native p.
C. 566. rose like a steam of rich distilled p.

Perhaps.- P. L. 1, 166. so as p. shall grieve
P. L. 1, 17a p, hath spent hi9 shafts
P. L. 1, 666. shall be p. our first eruption
P. L. 2, 70. but p. the way seems difficult
P. L. 2, 17a while we p. designing or exhorting^
P. L. 2, 211. and p. thus for removed not
P. L. 2, 362. here p. some advantageous act
P. L. 2, S94.p. in view of those bright confines
P. L. 2, 67^ p. might yield them easier
P. L. 2, 836. to supply p. our vacant room
P. L. 2, 911. womb of nature and p. her grave
P. L. 8, 68a a spot like which p. astronomer
P. L. 8, 700. with thino eyes what some p.
P. L. 4, 112. by thee and more than half p.
P. L. 4, 360. of other mould, earth-bom p.
P. L. 4, 791. now laidp. asleep secure of harm
P. L. 4, 99a but the starry cope of heaven p.
P. L. 6, 312. great behest ftomneaven to usp.
P. L. 6, 401. unsavoury food p. to spiritual
P. L. 6, 496. from these corporal nutriments p.
P. L. 6, 569. the secrets of another world p.
P. L. 6, 43ap. more valid arms weapons more
P. L. 6, 460. we may well spare out of life p.
P. L. 6, 616. extravagant and wild p. for joy
P. L. 7, 85. what may no less p. avail us knowr.
P. L. 7, 487. pattern of just equality p. hereafter
P. L. 7, 621. every star ». a world of destined
P. L. 8, 77. p. to move nis laughter at their

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P. L. ti, 14a other suns p. with their attendant
P. L. 8, 162. stored in each orb p. with some
P. L. 8, 206. my story which ». thou hast not
P. L. 8. 636. or from my side subducting took p,
P. L. d, 139. though p. not longer than since I
P. L. 9, 247. but if much converse p. thee
P. L. 9, 263. conjugal love than which p.
P. L, 9, 881. may find us, both p. far less
P. L. 9, 632. wonder not sovran mistress if p. .
P. L. 9, 610. though importune p. to come
P. L. 9, 718. so ye shall die p. by putting off
P. L. 9, 81L and I p. am secret, heaven is high
P. L. 9, 818. and other care p. may have
P. L. 9, 823. and p. a thing not undesirable
P. L. 9, 928. yet so p. thou shalt not die p.
P. L. 9, 114a thou being by or to thyself p.
P. L, 9, 1177. and p. I also erred in overmuch
P. L. 10, 253. stay his retump. over this gulf
P. L. 10, 682. the wide-encroaching Eve p.
P. L. 10, 923. we live scarce one short hour p.
P. L. 11, 74. trumpet heard in Oreb since p.
P. L. 11, 75. and p. once more to sound
P. L. 11. 226. now expect great tidings which p.
P. L. 11, 348. this had been p. thy capital seat
P. L. 11. 406. in spirit p. he also saw rich Mexico
P. L. 12, 4. if Adam aughtp. might interpose
P. R 1, 292. I learn not yet p. I need not
P. R 2, 452. soon accomplish what they did p.
P. R 8, 227. p. thoulingerstindeep thoughts
P. R. 8, 430. and to their gods p. of Bethel
P. R 4, 116. (for I have also nearap. have read)
8. A. 112. p. my enemies who come to stare
8. A.liato stare at my affliction andp. to insult
8. A. 50ap. God will relent and quit thee all
S. A. 697. if these they scape o. in poverty
8. A.812.thi ugh fond and reasonless to some p.
8. A. 1077. as these p. yet wish it had not been
8. A. 1800. and yet p. more trouble is behind
8. A. 1847. p. thou Shalt have cause to sorrow
8. A. 1412. to favour and p. to set thee free
8. A. 1414. lest it p. offend them to see
C. 229. prompt me and they p. are not far off
C 285. p. forestalling night prevented them
0. 863. p. some cold bank is ner bolster now
L*A. 79. where p. some beaut v lies
H. 9L p. their loves or else their sheep

PerlL— P. L. 8, 644. desert ways with p. gone
P. L. 9, 922. and p. great provoked who thus
P. L. IOl 469. adventure hard with p. great
C.40. ana there thehr tender age might suffer p.

Peplloii8.-P. L. 1, 276. and on the p. edge of
P. L. 2, 420. or oppose or tmdertake the p.
8.A.804.would draw thee forth top. enterprises
G. 424. infamous hills and sandy p. wilds
L. 186. to all that wander in that p. flood

Period. -P. L. 12, 467. the world's great p.
C. 686. not a p. shall be unsaid for me

Periods. -P. L. 2, 603. p. of time thence

Peripatetlcs.-P. R 4, 279. sumamed P.

Perish. -P. L. 1, 189. heavenly essences can p.
P. L. 2, 149. top. rather swallowed up and lost
P. L. \ 2Sn. as in him p. all men so in thee
P. L. 10, 786. cannot together p. with this
8. A. 67a grow up and p. as the summer fly

Perlshed.-8Jl.1612. the whole inhabitation p.

Pennl88loii.-P. L. 1, 212. high p. of all-ruling
P. L. 9, STa with thy p. then and thus
P. R 1, 49a do as thou flndest t). from aboye
P. R 4, 176. which expired thou hast p. on one

Pennlssive.-P. L. 8, 686. by his p. wiU
P. L. 8, 486. freedom used p. and acceptance
P. L. 10, 461. with whatp. glory since his fall

Permlt.-P. L. 9, 886. when fate will not p.
P. L. 9, 1169. nay didst p. approve and fadr
P. L. 11, 664. how long or short p. to heaven
P. R 1. 48a p. me to near thee when I come
n P. 77. or if the air wiU not p.

Permlts.-P. L. 4, 1009. than heaven o. nor
P. L. 11, 260. in tJiis paradise to dwellp.not
P. L. 12, 90. shice he p. within himself

Pennltted.~P. L. 6, ^4. and p. all advised

P. L. 10, 674. lost shape p. they resumed
P. R 4, 18a p. rather and by thee usurped
8. A. 1159. into thy enemies* hand. p. tnem
8. A. 1495 and I persuade me God nad not p.
Permittinfir*— P. L. 9, 4. rural repast p. him
Peniloious.-P. L. 1, 282. such a p. height
P. L. 6, 520. p. with one touch to fire
P. L. 6, 849. lightning and shot forth p. fire
P. L. 9, 981. with a fact p. to thy peace
8. A. 1400. to no few of them would prove p.
Perpetual. -P. L. 1, 131. heaven's p. king
P. L. 2, lOa and with p. inroads to alarm
P. L. 2, 68a beat with p. storms of whirlwind
P. L. 2, 861. here in p. agony and pain
P. L. 4, 760. p. fountain of domestic sweets
P. L. 6, 182. V. circle, multiform, and mix
P. L. 6, a wnere light and darkness in p.
P. L. 6, e9a whence in p. fi^ht they needs
P. L. 7, 806. and p. draw their humid train
P. L. 10, 679. else had the spring ». smiled
P. L. 11, lOa from thence p. banishment
C. 479. and a p. feast of nectared sweets
H. 7. and with his Fatherworkusap. peace
Perpetulty.-P. L. 10, 8ia and so last to p.
Perplex.-?. L. 2, 114. to p. and dash

P. L. 10, 979. if care of our-descent p. us most
Perplexed.— P. L. 2, 626. choice leads him p.
P. L. 4, 176. had p. all path of man or beast
P. L. 9, 19. that so long p. the Greek
P. L. 12, 27a ere while p. with thoughts
P. R 4. 1. p. and troubled at his bad success
C. 87. lies through the p. paths of this drear
Perplexes.-?. L. 1, 699. fear of change p.
Perplexlzi£r.-P. L. 8, 183. with p. thoughts
Perplexitles.-S. A. 804. bv their own p.
Perplexity. -P. R 2, sa into p. and new
Perseoution.-P. L. 12, 581. heavy p. shall
Persecutors.— P. L. 12, 497. proudest p.
Persepolis.-P. R a 284. P. his city
Perseverance. — P. R 1, 14a p. overcame
Persevere.-P. L. 6, 526. but to p. he left
P. L. 7, 632. and p. upright
P. L. 12, 632. on all who in the worship p.
Persevering. -P. L. 8, 689. I in thy p. shall
Persian.-?. L. 11, 39a or where the P.

P. R. a 27a to south the P. bay
Persisted.-?. L. 9, 377. Eve p. yet submiss
P. L. 10, 874. but for thee I had o. happy
8. A. 249. but they p. deaf and would not seem
PersistinAT.-P. L. 8, 197. to the end p. safe
Person.-?. L. 2, 110. a fairer p. lost notheaven
P. L. 9, 41. justly gives heroic name top. or to
P. L. 9, 444. the place admired the p. more
P. L. 10, 166. thy part and p. hadst thou
8. A. 81. as of a p. separate to God
8. A. 861. and princes of my coimtry came In p.
8. A. 1208. but I a private o. whom my coimt^
8. A. 1211. a p. raised with strength sufficient

C. 40a attempt the p. of our unowned sister
8. 2a love sweetness goodness In her p. shined

PersonatinfiT-?. R 4, 841. or song so p.
Persons.-?. R 2, 240. of various p. each to
Persuade.-?. L. 2, 121. reason to p.
P. L. 9, 979. sustain alone the worst and not p.
P. R a 44. thou neither dost p. me to seek
8. A. 686. and Ip. me so why else this strength
8. A. 1495. ancf Ip. me God had not permitted

D. F. I. 29. yet can I notp. me thou art dead
Persuaders.-?. L. 9. 687. once powerful p.
Persuasion.-?. L. li, 162. p. in me grew

P. R 1, 223. and make p. do the work of fear
P. R 2, 142. deceive ye top. over-sure of like
P. R 4. 230. ruling them by p. as thou meanest
8. A. 668. studied argument and much p. sought

Persuasive.-?. L. 2, lia and with p.
P. L. 9, 787. the sound yet rung of his p. words
P. R 2i, 169. arts enchanting tongues p.
P. R 4, 4. and the p. rhetoric that sleeked

Persuasively.-?. L. 9, 87a with me p.

Pert.-C. lia trip the p. faeries and the dapper

Perturbatlon.-?. L. 4, 12a each p.

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P. L. 10, 11& and shame and p. and despair
Pent -P. L. 11, 40a in P. the richer seat
Perused. -P. L. 8, 267. myself I then p,

P. R. 1, 820. who first with curioas eye p. him
Perverse. -P. L. 2, 626. p. all monstrous

P. L. 2, 1090. spirits p. with easy intercouzBe

P. L. 6, 87. though worlds judged thee p.

P. L. 6. 562. and turn not back p.

P. L. 6, 706. and this p. commotion governed

P. L. 9, 405. of thy presumed return event p.

P. L. 11, 701. the only righteous in a world p.

S. A. 737. in the «. event than I foresaw
Perverseness.-P. L. 6, 78a such p. dwell

P. L. 10, 902. seldom gain through her p.
Pervert.- P. L. 1, 164. must be to p. that end

P. L. 8, 92. by some false guile p. and shall p.

P. L. 11, 623. they p. pure nature's healthful
Perverted. -P. L. 10, a serpent had p. Eve

P. L. 12. 547. dissolve Satan with his p. world
Perverts. -P. L. 4, 203. before him but p.
Pest.-P. L. 2, 786. her words the hellish o.
Pestered.— C. 7. confined and p. in this pinfold

Pestilenoe.-P. L. 2, 711. hair shakes p.





e. A. iw». won Dy a i'. irom tne umorescinned
Pliillstlnes.-S. A. 261. their lords the P.
S. A. 434. this day the P. a popular feast
S. A. 677. wilt thou then serve the P. with that
Q. A. 808. mine and love's prisoner not the P.
8.A.1189. P. when thou hadst broke the leasnie
8. A. 1192. among the daughters of the P.
8. A.ld63. with this strength Uiou servest the P.
S. A. 1523. this evil on the P. is fallen
Phillls.-L'A. 86. the neat-handed P. dresses
Philomel.-Il P. 56. 'less P. will deign a song
Philosophers. -P. L. 8, 601. p. in vain so
Philosophic. -P. R 4, 800. in p. pride
Philosophy. -P. L. 2, 665. and false p,
P. K. 4, 272. to sage p. next lend thine ear
C. 476. how charming is divine p.
Phineus.-P. L. 3, 36. and P. prophets old
Phlefirethon.-P. L. 2, 680. fierce P. whose
Phlefirra.-P. L. 1, 577. the giant brood of P.
Phoebus. -P. R. 4, 260. whose poem P.
C. 66. to quench the drouth oi P.
C.190.rosefrom the hindmost wheels of P.waln

L. 77. but not the praise, P. replied

S. 18, 10. to honour thee the priest of P.' choir

P. 23. to this horizon is my P. bound

Phoenicians. -P. L. 1, 488. the P. called

Phoenix. -P. L. 6, 272. he seems a p.

Phrenay.— P. L. 11, 485. demoniac p.
S. A. 1675. them he a spirit of p. sent

Phylacteries. -F. of C. 17. clip your p.

Pick.-S. A. 1326. but they must p. me out

Plok-aze.-P. L. 1, 676. with spade and p. -a.

Picture.— H or. 14. me in my vowed p.

Pied.— L'A. 75. meadows trim with daisies p.

Piece8.-P. L. 6, 489. as shall dash to p.
P. R. 4, 149. or asastone that shall to p. dash

Piemontese.-S. 18, 7. slain bv the bloody P.

Pierce.- P. R. 2, 91. a sword shall p.
6Jl.l668.hitting thy aged ear shouldp.toodeep
L'A. 138. such as the meeting soul may p.
8.M.4. things with im breathed sense able to p.
Cir. 28. will p. more near his heart

Pierced. -P. L. 4, 99. hate have p. so deep
P. L. 6, 856. and with fierce ensigns p. the <ieep
P. L. 6, 485. and though o. with wound soon
P. L. 11, 417. thepower or these ingredients p.

PierdnfiT.-P. L. 2, 275. these p. fires as soft
P. L. 8, 2L roll in vain to find thy p. ray

Piety. -F. L. fit 144. faith prefer and p. to God
P. L 11, 452. is p. thus ana pure devotion paid
P. L. 11, 799. from whom their p. feigned
P. L. 12, 821. the second both for p. renowned
8. A. 998. conferred upon me for the p.

Pile.— P. L. 1, 722. the ascending p. stood fixed
P. L. 2, 591. and ruin seems of ancient p.
P. L. 11, 824. and p, up every stone or lustre
P. R 4, 647. the glorious temple reared her p.
8. A. 1069. as is nis p. high-built and proud

Piled. -P. L. 4, 544. a rock of alabaster p. up
P. L. 5, 894. to side all autumn p.
P. L. 5, 682. on a sudden p. with angel's food
P. R. 2, 84L with dishes p. and meats
W. S. 2. the labour of an age in p. stones
y j:x.42.and hills of snow and lofts ofp.thunder

PilfBrinff.-C. 504. the stealth of p. wolf

PiUrrim.— L. R 4, 427. came forth with p. steps

Pil|rrims.-P. L. & 476. here p. roam that

Pillar.— P. L. 2, 802. seemed a p. of state
P. L. 12, 202. go before them in a cloud and p.
P. L. 12. 208. by day a cloud by nightap. of fire
P. L. 1^, 20a then through the fiery p.

Pillared.-P. L. 9, 1106. a p. shade high
P. R 4, 456. as dangerous to the p. frame
C.698.if this fail the p. firmament is rottenness

Pillars. -P. L. 1, 714. and Doric p. overlaid
P. L. 4, 649. betwixt rocky v. Gabriel sat
P. L. 6, 672. mounted row ofp. laid on wheels
P. L. 6, 678. for like to j>. most they seemed
P. R 4, 68. outside and Inside both p. and
8. A. 1606. half round on two main p. vaulted
8. A. 1680. they led him between the p.
8.A. 1688. both his arms on those two massy p.
8. A. 1648. those two massy p.
n P. 16a with antique p. massy proof

Pillo'ws.-H. 281. p. his chin upon an orient

Pilot.-P. L. 1, 204. the p. of some small
P. L. 5, 254. or p. from amidst the Cyclades
8.A.19awholike a foolish p. have shipwrecked
8. A. 1044. what p. so expert but needs must
L. 109. the p. of the Galilian lake

Pinched.— L^ A. lOa she was p. and pulled she

Pinohinff.-P. L. 10, 691. avoided p. cold and

Pindarus.-S. 8, 11. bid spare the house of P.

Pine.- P. L. 1, 292. to equal which the tallest p.
P. L. 2, 601. and there top. immovable infixed
P. L. 4, 189. cedar, and p., and fir
P. L. 9. 435. stateliest covert, cedar p. palm
P. L. 10, 697. who with eternal famine p.
P. L. 10, 107& the gummy bark of fir or p.
P. L. 12, 77. the clouds will p. his entrails
n P. 136. of p. or monumental oak

Pined.-P. L. 4, 466. and p. with vain desire
P. L. 4, 84a her shape how lovely saw and p.

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P. R,l, 825w not here his carcass x>. with hunger P.

Pines.— P. L. 1, 6ia or mountain p. P.

P. L. 2, 644. pull up by roots Thessalian p. P.

P. L. 4, 611. unftilfllled with pain of longingp. P.

P. L. 6, 193. and wave your tops ye p. P.

P. L. 6, 198. his seat half sunk with all his p. P.

P. L. y, 106a cover me ye p. P.

P. L 11, 82L among thosejj. his voice I heard P.

P. R 4, 416. whose tallnst p. though rooted P.

C. 1B4. under the spreading favour of these p. P.

C. 768. if every just man that now p. with want P.

Pinfold.— C. 7. confined and pestered in this p. P.

Pininff.-P. L. 11, 48r;. p. atrophy P.

Pink.- L. 144. the white p. and the pansy P.

PinkB.— C. 851. pansies p. and gaudy daffodils P.

Pinnace.— P. L. 2, 289. or p. anchors In P.

Pinnaole.-P. R. 4, 549. the higliost p. P.

Pinnacles.— P. L. 8, 550. and p. adorned P.

Pine.-P. L. 10, 3ia with p. of adamant P.

Pioneers.— P. L. 1, 676. as when bands of p. P.

P. R 8, 880. nor of labouring p. multitude P.

Pious.— P. L. 6, 185. and p. awe that feared to P.

P. L. 11, 862. joy with fear and p. sorrow P.

P. R 1, 463. truth henceforth to dwell in p. P.

S. A. 956. bewail thy falsehood and p. works P.

Pipe. -P. L. 7, 695. rested not the solemn p. P.

P. L. 11, 132. Arcadian p. the pastoral reed P.

P. R 1, 480. and tunable as sylvan p. song P.

C. 8a who withhissoftp.andsmooth-dittied P.

C. 17a such as the jocund flute gamesome p. P.

Piped.- C. 82a shepherd that e'er p. on plains P.

Pipes.— P. L. 1, 561. in silence to soft p. P.

P. L. 1, 709. many a row of p. the sound board P.

P. R 2, 86a chimine strings or charming p. P.

S. A. 1616. before him p. and timbrels P.

L. 124. grate on their scrannel p. of wretched P.

PipiM.-D P. 126. while rocking winds are p. P.

Pit.— P. L. 1, 91. into what p. thou seest P.

P. L. 1, 881. chief were those who firom tbo p. P.

P. L. 1, 657. for this infernal p. shall nevt-r P.

P. L. 2, 850. the key of this Infernal p. by duo P.

P. L. 4, 9f«. back to the infernal p. I drag P.

P. L. 6, bt56. after them to the bottomless p. P.

P. L. 10. 464. triumphant out of this infernal p. P.

Pitdi.— P. L. 2, 772. from the p. of heaven P.

P. L. 8, 19a therefore from thlshighp.letus P.

P. L. 11, e9a shall be held the highest p. of ^.

P. L. 11. 731. smeared round with p. ana P.

8. A. 109. to lowest p. of abject fortune P.

Pitohed.-P. L. 12, 136. his tents p. about P

Pitohy.-P. L. 1, 840. a p. cloud of locusts P.

Piteous. -P. L. 10, 1082. p. amends I unless P.

C. 88a who p. of her woes reared her lank P.
Pitied.— S. A. 66a a gaze or p. object P.
Pity.— P. L. 8. 402. but much more to p. P.

P. L. 3, 405. but much more to p. inclined P.

P. L. 4, 874. whom I could p. thus forlorn P.

P. L. a 220. beheld with p. heaven's high P.

P. L. 10, 26. yet mixed with p. violated not P.

P. L. 10, 1061. and his heart to p. incline P.

P. L. 11, 629. p. and shame that they who P.

8. A. 814. yet always p. pardon hath obtained P.

8. 9, a no anger find in thee but p. and ruth P.

D. F. I. 8a could heaven for p. thee so strictly P.
Pityin«.-P. L. 10, 211. then p. how they P.

P. L. 10, 1069. us unworthy p. while he judged P.

Plaoable.-P. L. 11, 151. I saw him p. and P.

Place. -P. L. 1, 70. such p. eternal justice had P.

P. L. 1, 75. now unlike the p. ft'om whence P.

P. L. 1, 25a not to be changed by p. or time P.

P. L. 1, 254. the mind is its own p. P.

P. L. 1, 318, or have ye chosen this p. P.

P. L. 1, 625. as this p. testifies P.

P. L. 1, 769. by p. or choice the worthiest P.

P. L. 2, 27. will envy whom the highest p. P.

P. L. 2, 67. and for their dwelling p. accept P.

P. L. 2, 217. and to the p. conformed in temper P.

P. L. 2, 236. what p. can be for us within P.

P. L. 2, 260. and in what p. soe'er thrive P.

P. L. 2, 817. hath doomed this p. our dungeon P.

P. L. 2, 846. there is a p. if ancient and P.

L, 2, 860. this p. may lie exposed
L. 2, 880. wandering quest a p. foretold

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