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P. L. 11, 83. the Almighty thus p. his sovran
P. R 1, 82. from heavenp. him his beloved Son
P. R 1, 284. audibly heard from heavenp. me
P. R* 8, 120. from us his foes p. glory he exacts
P. R 4, 275. whom well inspired tne oracle p.
P. R 4, 513. heard thee p. the Son of God
S. 21, a with no mean applause p.

PrononnolnfT.-S. A. 289. for want of well p.

Proot-P. L. 1, 132. and put to p. his high
P. L. 2, 101. and by p. we feel our power
P. L. 2, 686. or taste thy folly and learn by p.
P. L. 8, 103. not free what p. could they have
P. L. 4, 850. his fatal guile gave^. unheeded
P. L. 4, 520. the p. of their obedience and
P. L. 4, 1010. for p. look up and read thy lot
P. L. 6, 866. by p. to try who is our equal
P. L. 8, 635. not p. enough such object to
P. L. 9, 298. not p. against temptation
P. L. 9, 967. one soul in both whereof good p.
P. L. 9, 1142. when earnestly they seek such p.
P. L. 10, 386. high p. ye now have given to be
P. L. 10, 882. constant, mature, p. against all
P. R 1, 11. by p. the undoubted Son of God
P. R 1, 130. Gabriel tliisday byp.thoushalt
P. R 1, 400. I feel by p. that fellowship in
P. R 4, 63a have found thee p. against all
P. R 4, 621. for p. ore this thou feel'st thy
S. A. 134. and frock of mail Adamantean p.
S. A. 526. after some p. of acts indeed heroic
S. A. 1146. for p. hereof if Dagon be thy god
S. A. 1314. and now some public p. thereof
S. A. 1476. or at somep. ofstrength before them
S. A. 1602. p. ofhis mighty strength in feats and

Prop.— P. L. 9, 210. or prune, or p. or bind
P. L. 9, 433. from her oestp. so far and storm

Propafirate.-P. L. 8, 420. thou shouldst p.

Propagated.- P. L. 8, 580. mankind is p.
P. L. 10, 729. or shall beget is p. curse

Prepense. — S. A. 455. in feeble heartsp. enough

Proper. -P. L. 2, 76. that in our o. motion
P. L. a 634. he casta to change his p. shape
P. L. 6, 276. he lights and to his p. shape
P. R 5, 49a but convert as you top. substance
P. L. 8, 619. celestial rosy red love's p. hue

Properly.-P. L. 10, 791. the body p. hath

Property. -C. 460. the divine p. of her first
V. Ex. 87. vea it shall be his natural ».

Prophecies. -P. R 4. 881. when p. of thee

Prophecy.-P. L. 12, 325. shall sing all p.
S. A. 478. and these words I as a p. receive

Prophesied. -P. R 4. 108. be p. what

Prophet, -P. L. 12. 375. O p. of glad tiding
P. R 1, 70. before mm a greatp. to proclaim
P. R 1, 80. I saw the p. do him reverence
P. R 1, 32a our new baptizing p. at the ford
P. R 1, 491. a p. yet inspired
P. R. 2, 61. by his great p. pointed out
P. R 2, 270. he saw the p. also
P. R 2, 812. and that ». bold, native of Thebez
P. R 8, 862. though foretold bv p. or by
P. 37. that whirled the p. up at Chebar flood

Prophetic— P. L. 2, 846. and p. fame in
P. R. 1, 256. just Simeon and p. Anna warned
P. R. a 184. if of my reign p. writ hath
H. 180. from the p. cell
II P. 174. to something like p. strain

Prophets. -P. L. a 36. and Phineus p. old
P. L. 12, 243. and all the p. in their age the
P. R 1, 260. I agam revolved the law and p.
P. R. 1,875. of all his flattering p. glibbed with
P. R 2, la therefore as those young p. then
P. R 3. 17a the p. old who sung thy endless
P. R 4, 226. the Pentateuch or what the p.
P. R 4, 856. but herein to our p. far beneath
P. R 4, 503. 1 have heard foretold i»y all the p.

Propitiation.— P. L. 11, 34. advocate and p.

Propitious.— P. L. 5. 507. p. guest
P. L. 8, 380. my maker be p. while I speak

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P. L. 11, 441. offering soon p. fire from heaven
P. L. 12, 612. which he hath sent p. some great
S. 1, 4. while the jolly Hours lead on p. May
Proportion.— P. L. 8, 385. mutual in p. due
P. L. 9, 71 L is but p. meet
C. 778. in unsuperfluous even p.
Proportional. -P. L. 9, 936. p. ascent
Proportioned. -P. L. 5, 479. in bounds p.
S. A. 209. these two p. ill drove me transverse
C. 330. and square my trial to my p. strength
Proportions. -P. L. 11, 662. through all p.
ProposaL-S. A. 487. spare that p. father spare
Propo8abi.-P. L. 6, 6ia I suppose if our p.
Propose.— P. R. 1, 212. and to p. what might
Proposed. -P. L. 2, 380. and in part p.
P. L. 2, 447. if aught p. and judged of public
P. L. 8, 64. and Raphael now to Adam's doubt p.
P. L. 10, 757. whatever when they were p.
P. R 1, 871. and when to all his angels he p.
P. R. 4, 199. have p. what both from men
P. R. 4, 870. by me p. in life contemplative
P. R. 4i672. Theban monster that p. her riddle
S. A. 292. but God's p. deliverance not so
S. A. 1200. that solved the riddle which I had p.
S. A. 1471. ifsome convenient ransom were p.
Proposest.-P. L. 8, 400. see thou to thyself p.
P.L. 10, 1038. childless days resolved as thoup.
Propound. -P. L. 6, 567. touch what we p.

P. R. 4, 17a darest thou to the Son of God p.
Propounded. -P. L. 6, 612. p. terms
Propriety.-P. L. 4, 751. sole p. in paradise
Prose. -P. L. 1, 16. things unattempted yet in p.

P. L. 6, 150. in p. or numerous verse
Proseoute.-S. A. 60a to p. the means of thy
S. A. 897. to acquit themselves andp. their foes
Proserpina. -P. L. 9, 396. yet virgin of P.
Proserpine. -P. L. 4, 269. P. gathering
Prospect. -P. L. 3, 77. ft-om his p. high
P. L. 8, 548. the goodlyp.ofsomo foreign land
P. L. 4, 144. gave p. large into his nether
P. L. 4, 200. plant but only used for p.
P. L. 5, 8a a p. wide and various
P. L. 7, 423. the ground under a cloud in p.
P. L. 7, 666. how it showed in p. from his throne
P. L. 10, 89. Eden and all the coast in p. lay
P. L. 10, 662. on that p. strange their earnest
P. L. 11, 380. out to the amplest reach of p.
P. L. 12, 143. each place behold inp. as I point
P. R. 2, 286. whose high top to ken the p.
P. R. 3, 263. 80 large the p. was that here
Prospective. - V. Ex. 71, long and dark p. glass
Prosper.- P. L. 2, 39. to p. than prospenty
P. L. 6, 796. by force or fraud weening to p.
P. L. 12, 316. long time shall dwell and p.
Pro8pered.-P. L. 8, 45. to visit how they p.

P. L. 10, 360. that thou on earth hadst p.
Prosperity. -P. L. 2, 39. to prosper than p.
Prosperous. -P. L. 2, 269. usofiil of hurtful p.
P. L. 11, 364. either state to bear p. or ad verso
P. R. 1, 14. with p. wing full summed to tell of
P. R. 1, 104. and the way found p. once
S. A. 191, inp. days they swarm but in adverse
C. 270. to touch the p. growth of this tall wood
Prostituting. -P. L. 11, 716. or p. as befell

S. A. 135a greater sin by p. holv things to idols
Prostrate. -P. L. 1, 280. andp. on yon lake
P. L. 6, 841. thrones and mighty seraphim p.
P. L. 10, 1087. p. fall before him reverent
P. L. 10, 1099. p. fell before him reverent
Prostration. -P. L. 5, 782. unpaid p. vile
Protect.- S. 8, 4. and him within p. from
Protection. -8. A. 887. nor under their p. but
Protects. -P. L. 9, 266. shad as thee and p.
Protesting. -P. L. 10, 480. p. fate supreme
Proteus. -P. L. 3, 604. old P. from the sea
Proud.-P. L. 1, 4.3. war in heaven and battle ».
P. L. 1, 533. that p. honour claimed Azazel
P. L. 2, 10. his p. imaginations thasdisplaved
P. L. 2, 633. as when to warn p. cities war
P. L. 2, 691. and in p. rebellious arms drew
P. L. 3, 169. or p. return though to his

P. L. 4, 636. so saying his p. step ho scomftil
P. L. 4, 770. starved lover sings to his p. fair
P. L. 4, 86a but like a p. steed reined, went
P. L. 4, 971. p. limitary cherub
P. L. 5, 809. argument blasphemous false andp.
P. L. 6, 907. on those p. towers to swift
P. L. 6, 89. the envier of his state the p. aspirer
P. L. 6, 181. p. art thou met thy hope was to
P. L. 6, 191. on the p. crest of Satan that no
P. L. 6, 609. why come not on these victorep.
P. L. 6, 789. but to convince the p. what
P. L. 7, 609. easily the p. attempt of spirits
P. L. 9, 383. a foe so p. will first the weaker
P. L. 10, 424. city and p. seat of Lucifer
P. L. 10, 764. for his contempt of thee that p.
P. L. 12, 26. till one shall rise of p. ambitious
P. L. 12, 72. his encroachmentp. stays not on
P. L. 12, 842. a scorn and prey to that p. city
P. R. 1, 2ia brute violence and p. tyrannic
P. R. 1, 872. draw the p. king Ahab into fraud
P. R. 8, 3S4t overlay with bridges rivers p. as
P. R. 4, 569. after many a foil the tempter p.
P. R. 4, 596. temptation and the tempter o.
S. A. 137. in scorn of their p. arms and warlike
S. A. 345. thehr armies ranked in p. array
S. A. 1069. as is his pile high-built and p.
S. A. 1462. contemptuous p. set on revenge
C. 33. an old and haughty nation p, in arms
S. 16. 6. and on the neck of crowned fortune p.

Proudest.-P. L. 12, 497. amaze their p.
P. R. 8, 99. lives now equal in fame to p.

Proudly.— P. L. 1, 690. shape and gesture p.
P. L. 7, 439. her white wings mantling p. rows
P. R. 4, 34. with towers and temples o. elevate
P. R. 4^ 680. who durst sop. tempt the Son of
S. A. 65. p. secure yet liable to fall

Prove. -P. L. 2, 869. may p. their foe. and
P. L. 2, 808. and knows that I should p.
P. L. 4, 986. his hopeful sheaves p. chaff
P. L. 6, 117. or weakest p. where boldest
P. L. 6, 170. deeds compared this day shall p.
P. L. 8, 38a but soon p. tedious alike
P. L. 10, 664. or falling should p. tempestuous
P. L. 10, 761. what if thy Son p. disq;)edient
P. L. 10, 963. p. no sudden but a slow-paced
P. L. 11, 123. lost paradise a receptacle p.
P. R. 1, 370. to p. him and illustrate his high
S. A. 1181. tongue-doughty giant how dost thou
8. A. 1262. my deadliest foe willp. my speediest
S. A. 1400. which to no few of them would p.
C. 123. night hath better sweets to p.
C. 692. shall in the happy trial p. most glory
M. W. 44. p. to bo presaging tears
U. C. IL 1. here lioth one who did most tnilyp.

Proved.-?. L. 1, 92. so much the stronger p.
P. L. 8, 119. which had no less p. certain
P. L. 4, 4a yet all his good p. ul in me
P. L. 6, 90. their thoughts p. fond and vain
P. L. 6, 271. once upright and faithful now p.
P. L. 9, 333. gain from his surmise p. false
P. L. 9, 616. virtue ofthatfhiitintheefirstp.

Proverbed.-S. A. 203. sung and p. for a fool

Proves.— P. L. 6, 42a but p. no«i so then
P. L. 6, 819. in battle which the stronger p.
S. A. 64. and p. the source of all my miseries
S. A. 351. but often p. our woe our bane
S. A. 1037. joined the contrary she p., a thorn
8. A. 1576. which now p. abortive

Provide.- P. L. 6, 520. part incentive reed p.
C. 187. as the kind hospitable woods p.

Provided. -P. L. 8, 36a thou hast p. aU
P. L. 10, 106a timely care hath unbesought p.
P. L. 11, 61. till I p. death

Providence.— P. L. 1, 25. assert eternal p.
P. L. 1, 162. if then his p. out of our evil seek
P. L. 2, 569. of p. foreknowledjge will and fate
P. L. 12, 664. ever to observe his p. and on him
P. L. 12, 647. choose their place of rest and p.
P. R. 1, 446. among them to declare his p.
P. R 2, 54. and all our fears lay on his p.
P. R. 3, 440. to his due time and p. 1 leave

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S. A. 670. temper'st thy p. through his short
8. A. 1645. but p. or instinct of nature seems
C 829. eye me blessed P. and square my trial

Ppovldent.-P. L. 7, 486. emmet p. of mture
F. L. 6, 828. good and of our dignity how p.

Provides.— P. L. 10, 287. happier seat p,

Ppovldln«.-P. R. 2, 810. relief by a p.

Province.— P. L. 6, 77. and many a p. wide
P. R. I, 118. of many a pleasant realm and p.
P. R. 1, 448. or his angels president in every p.
P. R. 8, 158. reduced a p. under Roman yoke

Provinces. -P. R 8, 816. choice of many p.
P. R 4, 63. prsBtors, proconsuls to their p.
P. R 4, 186. peeling their p. exhausted all

Proving. -S. A. 227. shep. false the next I took

Provl8lon.-P. L. 9, 628. grow up to their p.
P. R 2, 402. both table andp. vanished quite
C. 766. mean her p. only to the good

Provlslons.-P. L. 11, 782. and of p. laid in

Provoke. -P. L. 1, 644. so as not either top.
P. L. 2. 82. fihould we again p. our stronger
P. L. 10, 1027. such acts of contimiacy wiUp.
S. A. 287. in seeking Just occasion to p.

Provoked. -P. L. 1, 645. dread new war p.
P. L. 4, 916. pain can equal anger infinite p.
P. L. 6, 164. first assay of this right hand p.
P. L. 9, 922. and peril great p. who thus hast
S. A. 466. will not connive or linger thus p.
S. A. 613. whom I by his appointment had p.

Provokes.-P. L. 9, 176. who next p. my

Provoking. -P. L. 12, 8ia p. God to raise

Prow.— P. li. 11, 746. with beaked p. rode

Prowess.— P. L. 1, 688. compare of mortal p.
P. L. 6, 46. and thou in military p. next
P. L. 11, 789. they first seen in acts of p.
P. R. 3, 19. the world could not sustain tny p.
S. A. 286. had not his p. quelled their pride
S. A. 1098. so had the glory ofp. been recovered

Prowest.-P. R 8, 842. sought by many p.

Prowllnflf.-P. L. 4, 183. as when a o. wolf

Pmdence.-P. R. 4, 268. teachers of moral p.

Prudent.-P. L. 2, 468. p. lest firom his
P. L. 7, 480. so steers the p. crane her annual

Prune.-P. L. 4, 48a to p. these growing
P. L. 9, 210. lop overgrown or p. or prop

Pry.-P. L. 1, 666. thither if but to p.
P. L. 9, 169. and p. in every bush and brake

P8alms.-P. R 4, 886. our p. with artftil
S. M. 16. hymns devout' and holy p.

Psyche. -C. 1006. holds his dear P. sweet

Pnblla-P. L. 2, 803. and p. care
P. L. 2, 448. proposed and judged ofp. moment
P. L. 6, 889. yet p. reason Just honour and
P. L. 10, 608. universal hiss the sound ofp.
P. L. 12, 317. national inteiTupt their p. peace
P. R 1, 204. thence to do what might be p.
P. R 2, 62. pointed at and shown in p.
P. R 2, 84. and in p. shown Son
P. R 2, 466. that for the p. all this weight
^ P. R 4. 96. to a wicked favourite all p. cares
S. A. 867. to the p. good private respects must
S. A. 992. the p. marks of honour and reward
S. A. 1806. a p. officer and now at hand
S. A. 1814. now some p. proof thereof require
S. A. 1827. and overlaboured at their p. mill
S. A. 1393. at the p. mill our drudge
S. A. 1616. was Samson as a p. servant brought
S. 16, 12. and p. faith cleared trom the shameful

Publlsh.-P. L. 2, 28a should relent and p.
P. R MSa and which way flrstp. his godlike
S. A. 777. with like infirmity to p.

Published.— S. A. 49apresumptuously have p.

Puissance. -P. L. 6, 864. our p. is our own
P. L. 6, 119. his p. trusting in the Almighty's

Puissant.- P. L. 1, 682. all these p. legions
P. L. 6, 714. and sword upon thy p. thigh
P. L. 12, 322. for piety renowned and p. deeds
P. R 2, 426. that got him p. friends
A. 60. p. words and murmurs made to bless
•PulL— S. A. 16aa to heave, p., draw, or break

Polled.— S. A. 1689. and on his own he p.

L'A. 108. she was pinched and p. she said
S. A. 146. then by main force p. up and on his
S. A. 166a p. down the same destruction on
U. C. I. 16. p. off his boots and took away
Pulp.- P. L. 4, 886. the savoury p. they chew
Pul8e.-P. L. 2. 27a with Daniel at his p.

C. 721. should in a pet of temperance feed on p.
PonctuaL-P. L. a 2a earth this p. spot
Punic— P. L. 5. 840. in Pontus or the P. coast
P. R 8, 102. his wasted country treed trom P.
Punlsh.-P. L. 2, 159. his anger saves to p.
P. L. 2, 1032. to tempt or p. mortals except
Punlshed.-P. L. 2, 2ia satisfied with what isp.
P. L. 10, 6ia now ruled him p. in the shape
P. L. 10, .808. in p. man to satisfy his rigour
P. R a 214. alike be p. whether thou reign
Punlsher.~P. L. 4, lOa this knows my p.
Punlshnient.-P. L. 1, 166. eternal p.
P. L. 2, 834. stripes, and arbitrary p. inflicted
P. L. 2, 699. back to thy p. false fugitive
P. L. 4, 911. and to scape his p.
P. L. 6, 881. both of thy crime and p.
P. L. 6, 6a hito their place of p. the gulf
P. L. 6, 807. the p. to other hand belongs
P. L. 6, 904. partake his p. eternal misery
P. L. 10, isa lest on mylieadbothsinandp.
P. L. 10, 242. can fit his p. or their revenge
P. L. 10, 644. like in p. as in their crime
P. L. 10, 768. thy p. then JusUy is at his will
P. L. 10, 949. who desirest the p. all thyself
P. L. 10, 1089. shall scape his p. ordained
P. L. 11, 620. therefore so abject is their p.
P. L. 11, 710. awaits the good the restwhat p.
P. L. 12, 404. thy D. he shall endure by coming
S. A. 4ia rewarded well with servile p.
S. A. 489. as I deserve pay on my p.
S. A. 604. but if the p. thou canst avoid
S. A. 702. causeless suffering the p. of dissolute
S. A. 1225. due by the law to capital p.
Puny.— P. L. 2, 867. as we were driven the p.
Purchase.— P. L. 4, 101. so should I p. dear

« , ,^ e^ j^ ^^^ would not ». with

g the heathen of their p.
m to return his p. back
he uprieht heart and p.
pounded is their essence p.
al stream whose fountain
e p. Empyrean
h the p. marble air
e forth Elixir p. and rivers
p. now purer air meets
a. sanctitude severe and p.
, mere shows of seeming p.

_, he expanse of heaven

P. L. 4, 502. ner matron lip with kisses o.
P. L. 4, 787. but adorationp. which God likes

P. L. 4, 747. as impure what God declares p.
. 4, «65. founded in reason loyal. Just, and p.


P. L. 4, 806. the animal spirits that from p.
P. L. 4, 806. like gentle breaths from rivers p.
P. L. 4, 837. stood'st in heaven upright and p.
P. L. 6. 4. sleep was aery-light from p. digestion
P. L. 6, 100. can harbour none created p.
P. L. 6, 34a wants her fit vessels p.
P. L. 6, 407. food alike those p. intelligential
P.L.6, 476. more refined more spirituous and p.
P.L.6,758.sapphire throne inlaid with p. amber
P. L. 7, 244. first of things quintessence p.
P. L. 7, 264. the firmament expanse of liquid p.
P. L. 8, 180. thou satisfied me p. intelligence
P. L. 8, 506. nature herself though p. of sinful
P. L. 8, 622. whatever p. thou in the body
P. L. 8, 62a and p. thou wert created
P. L. 8, 627. total they mix union ofp. with p.
P. L. 10, 632. hath shed on what was p.
P. L. 10, 63a earth renewed shall be made p.
P. L. 10, 784. lest that p. breath of life
P. L. 11, 60. those p. immortal elements that
P. L. 11, 286. we breathe in other air lessp.
P. L. 11, 452. is piety thus and p. devotion
P. L. 11, 62a while they pervert p. nature's

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P. L. 11, 606. holy and p, confonnity divine
P. L. 12, 444. them from guilt ofslntolifep.
P. L. 12, 613. only in those written records p.
P. R. 1, 74. them so purified to receive him «.
P. R. 1, 77. not thence to be more p. but to
P. R. 1, 134. which I sent thee to the Virgin p.
P. R. 1, 486. Father who is holy, wise, and p.
P. R. 2, 63. though calm her breast though p.
P. R. 2, 37a the touching of these viands p.
P. R. 3, 27. most tempered p. ethereal
P. R 4, 239. built noblv p. the air and light
S. A. lO.of heaven fresh blowing p. and sweet
S. A. 548. against the eastern ray translucent p.
S. A. 1727. with laversp. and cleansing herbs
C. 16. 1 would not soil these p. ambrosial weeds
C. 794. the uncontrolled worth of this p. cause
C. 826. Sabrina is her name a virgin p.
C. 912. drops that from my fountain p.
L. 81. but lives and spreads aloft by those p.
L. 176. with nectar p. his oozy locks he laves
II P. 31. come pensive nun devout and p.
S. 9. 14. gained tny entrance virgin wise and p.
S. 14, 14. and drink thy fill of p. immortal
8. 18, a who kept thy truth so p. of old
S. 23, 9. came vested all in white p. as her
8. M. 6. that undisturbed son^ of p. concent
F. of C. 9. men. whose life,leammg, mlth,andp.
8. 18, 3. who Kept thy truth so p. of old
Pupe-eyed.— C. 213. welcome p.-e. faith
Pupep.— P. L. 2, 216. our p. essence then will
P. L. 4, 163. and of pure now p. air meets his
P. L. 6, 416. elements the grosser feeds thep.
C. 111. we that are of p. fire
Piipeet.-P. L. 2, 137. to confound Heaven's p.
P. L. 6, 406. may of p. spirits be found no
P. L. 6, 660. though spirits of p. light p. at
S. A. 613. and on her p. spirits prey
Ptirfle<L-C. 996. than her p. scarf can show
Pup^atopy.-S. 13, 14. the milder shades of p.
Pup«e.-P. L. 8, 64. from thence p. and
P. L. 2, 141. and p. off the baser fire victorious
P. L. 2, 400. at the brightening orient beam p.
P. L. 11, 62. and p. him oft as a distemper
P. L. 11, 900. till ftre p. all things new both
Pupflfed.— P. L. 7, 237. but downward p. the
P. L. 11, 414. p. with euphrasy and rue
P. L. 12. 648. the conilagrant mass p. and
PopifloauoxL-S. 23, 6. p. in the old law did
Popifled. -P. R. 1, 74. and fit them so p. to
Puplty.-P. L. 4, 746. talk of p. and place
P. L. 9, 1076. void of innocence of faith of p.
S. A. 319. against his vow of strictest p.
C. 427. will dare to soil her virgin p.
Popllea.— P. L. 4, 404. hath spied in some p.
PuplleUB.-P. L. 2. 833. in the p. of heaven
PupUnfir.-P. R. 2, 346. freshet or p. brook
PiiPlolned.-P. L. 2, 946. wakeful custody p.
Pupple.-P. L. 1, 461. ran p. to the sea
P. L. 4, 259. vine lays forth her p. grape
P. L. 4, 696. arraying with reflectedp.
P. L. 4, 764. and waves his p. wings reigns
P. L. 7, 479. with spots of gold and p. azure
P. L. 9, 429. carnation p. azure or specked
P. L. 11, 241. a military vest of p. flowed

C. 46. Bacchus that first from out the p. grape
L. 141. and p. all the ground with vernal flowers
8. 14, 10. clad them o'er with p. beams

D. F. 1. 27. then transformed him to ap. flower
Piipplefi.-P. L. 7, 80. when mom p. the east
Puppose.-P. L. 2, 971. with p. to explore

P. L. 3, 90. with p. to assay if him by force
P. L. 3, 172. all as my eternal p. hath decreed
P. L. 4, 337. nor gentle p. nor endearing smiles
P. L. 4, 684. these earthly bounds on p.
P. L. 6, 675. that his great p. he might so ftilfll
P. L. 7, 78. with solemn p. to observe immutabl v
P. L. 7, 614. seeks to lessen thee against his p.
P. L. 8, 337. and gracious p. thus renewed
P. L. 11, 196. nature shows forerunners of his p.
P. L. 12, 301. and but given with p.
P. R. 1, 444. but when his p. is among them

P. R. 2, 101. thus long to some great p. he
P. R 8, 186. the Father in hisp. hath decreed
P. R, 4, 9a with p. there his horrid lusts
8. A. 569. redundant locks robustious to no p.
8. A. 1406. for a life who will not change his p.
8. A. 1498. were not his p. to use him farther yet

Purposed. -P. L. 8, 404. perceive thee p.
P. L. 4, 378. now is entered yet no p. foe to you
P. L. 9, 4ia the whole included race his p.
P. R. 1, 127. unweeting he fulfilled the p.
S. A. 899. what impudence she p. to betray me
C. 284. they were but twain and p. quick return
V J:x.57. then quick about thy p. business come

Puppo8e8.-P. L. 1, 430. execute their aery p.

PiiP8ed.-C. 642. I p. it up but little reckonmg

Pupsue.-P. L. 2, 8. insatiate to p. vain war
P. L. 2. 249. us not then p. by force impossible
P. L. 2, 701. lest with a whip of scorpions I p.
P. L. 4, 362. whom my thoughts p. with wonder
P. L. 6, 716. p. these sons of darkness
P. L. 12. 206. all night he willp. but his approach
P. R 4, 470. p. thy way of gaining David's

8. A. 1276. but raging to ». the righteous
> p. the stealth * . '"" ' ^
PuPBued. -P. L. 1, 30a perfidious hatred they ji.

C. 50a or to ». the stealth of pilfering wolf

P. L. 2, 79. and p. us through the deep
P. L. 2, 166. p. and struck with heaven's
P. L. 2, 790. I fled, but he p. though more
P. L. 4, 125. whose eye p. him down the way
P. L. 4, 672. mine eye p. him still
P. L. 6, 868. them before him thunder struck p.
P. L. 9, 16. on his foe p. thrice fugitive about
P. L. 9, 397. long with ardent look his eye p.
P. L. 11, 188. first hunter then p. a gentle brace
P. L. 11, 202. of flight p. in the air and o'er
P. L. 11, 663. fled and p. transverse the
P. R. 1, 196. his holv meditations thus p.
P. R 2, 405. with these words his temptation p.
8. 16, 6. reared God's trophies and his work p.

Pu)*8ueP8.-P. L. 1, 326. his swift ». from
P. R. 3, 325. against the face of their p. and

PuP8ae8.-P. L. 1, 16. while it p. things
P. L. 2, 624. wandering each his several way p.
P. L. 2, 946. p. the Anmaspian who by stealth
P. L. 2, 949. hands, wings or feet p. his way
P. L. 10, 783. yet one doubt p. me still
P. L. 12, 206. them while the obdurate king p.
P. R 4, 24. and his vain importunity p.
8. A. 1544. for dire imagination still p. me

PaP0aln£r - P. L. 2, 99a victorious bands p.
P. L. 6, 62. and to the brow of heaven p.
P. L. 11, 192. and with his eye the chase p.
P. L. 12, 196. till in his rage p. whom he late

PuP8Ult.-P. L. 1, 170. of vengeance and p.
P. L. 3, 397. back from p. thy powers
P. L. 6, 63a we thought will save us long p.
P. R 3, 30a of emial dread in flight or In p.
8. A. 280. in p. of Madlan and her vanquished
C. 829. guiltless damsel flying the mad p.

Pnpveyed.-P. L. 9, 1021. this day thou hast p.
P. R 2, SSa hath p. from all the elements her

Ptuih.-P. R 4, 470. all to the p. of fate

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