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Is winnoviing Barley, wash thyself therefore.
Anoint thee, put thy clothes on, and get down
Unto the fioor; but make not thyself known,

* 'An epliah,' a measure containuig tlircs jjccks and tluree pints.-



Till he hath eat and dranlc, and shall prepare

To lie him dorni; then take good notice where

He goes about to take his night's repose,

And go thou in there, and lift up the clothes

From off his feet, and likewise lay thee down,

And what thou hast to do he will make known.

And she made answer, Whatsoever thou

Ilast me commanded, will I gladly do.

And dowu unto the floor she hasted, and

Forthwith fulfilled her mother-in-law's command.

So now when Boaz had his heart refresh'd,

"With meat and drink, he laid him down to rest.

Near to the heap of com; she softly came,

TJncover'd's feet, and lay down by the same.

And, lo ! at midnight, as he tum'd him round.

He was afraid, for at his feet he found

A woman lay. "Who art thou ? then said he.

I am thine handmaid Ruth, replied she.

Over thine handmaid therefore spread thy skirJ,

I pray, because thou a near kinsman art.

]51essed be thou, said he, because thou hast

3Iade manifest more kindness at the last.

Than at the first, in that thou did'st, my daughter.

No young men, whether poor or rich, go after.

And now, my daughter, be not thou afraid,

I will do to thee aU that thou hast said :

For all the city of my people knows.

Thou art a woman truly virtuous ;

And now though I am kin undoubtedly.

Yet there is one that's nearer kin than I.

Tarry this night, and when 'tis morning light.

If he wiU like a Idnsman, do thee right,

AVe'll let him, bnt if not, I myself will.

As the Lord lives ; till morning lie thou still.

And till the morning at his feet she lay.

And then arose about the break of day ;

And he gave her a charge, not to declare

That there had any womankind been thcT'e,

He also said, bring here thy veil, and hold

To me ; she did, and thereinto he told

Sis measures fuU of barley, and did lay

It on her, and she hasted thence away.

And when unto her mother-in-law she came,

Art thou, said she, my daughter come again ?

Then what the man had done she told, and said.

He these sis measures fall of barley laid

Upon me, for said he, This I bestow.

Lest to thy mother thou should'st empty go.

Then, said she, sit still daughter, till thou see

"What the event of this intrigue will be ;

For tUl the man this day hath made an end.

No satisfaction wiU on him attend.


And Boaz went up to the city gate.
And after a short space, while there he sate.
The Idnsman of whom he had spoke, came by.
To whom he said, Ho,* such a one, draw nigh.
And sit dowu here. He came and sat him down.
Then he took ten men, elders of the town.

* Similar to Christian's exclamation, when calling to Faithful to stop
and bear him company. See Pilgrim's Progress, Part 1st.

And caused them to sit down. Then to the mau
That was of kin, thus he his speech began,
Naomi, said he, who not long since sojouru'd
Among the Moabites, is now retm-n'd ;
And doth intend to sell a piece of ground.
The which Elimelech om* brother own'd.
And now to give thee notice, I thought fit.
That if thou pleasest, thou may'st pm-chasc it.
In presence of these men assembled here.
Then if thou wilt redeem it, now declare
Thy mind, but if thou wilt not, then let me.
For thou art next of kin, and I nest thee.
Then said the kinsman, I will it redeem.
Boaz reply'd, if good to thee it seem.
To buy it of the hand of Naomi,
Thou also ai't obliged the same to buy
Of Ruth the Moabitess, wife o' th' dead ;
On his inheritance to raise up seed.
The Idnsman said, I cannot do this thing
Myself, lest I an inconvenience bring
Upon mine own iuheritance, what's mine
By right, therefore I now to thee resign.
Now this in Israel did a custom stand.
Concerning changing and redeeming land ;
To put aU controversy to an end,
A man pluek'd oif his shoe, and gave his friend ;

And this in Israel was an evidence,

"When e'er they changed an inheritance.

Then said the kinsmau unto Boaz, do

Thou take my right. And off he pluek'd his shoes.

Then Boaz to the elders thus did say

And to the people, all of you this day

Appear for me as ivitnesses, that I

Have bought all of the hand of Naomi,

That was Elimclech's or did belong

Either to Mahlon or to Chilion :

And Ruth the IMoabitess, who some time

"Was Mahlon's wife, I've purchas'd to be mine.

Still to preserve alive the dead man's name

On his inheritance, lest that the same

Should in the gate where he inhabited.

Or 'mongst his brethren be extinguished :

Behold, this day, my witnesses you arc.

Then all the people that were present there.

And elders said. We are thy witnesses :

]May God this woman thou hast taken bless.

That she, like Rachel, and like Leah be.

Which two did build up Israel's family :

And thou in Ephratah exalt thy name.

And through the town of Betlil'hem spread thy fame ;

And may the seed which God shall give to thee

Of this young woman, full as prosperous be.

As was the house of Pharez heretofore,

(Pharez, whom Tamar unto Judali bore.)

So he took Ruth, and as his wife he knew her.

And God was pleased, when he Avent in to her

To grant the blessing of conception.

And she accordingly bare him a son.

Then said the woman. Blessed be the Lord I

Bless thou him Naomi, who doth afford
To thee this day a kinsman, which shall be
Famous in Israel ; and shall be to thee
As the restorer of thy life again.
And in thy di'ooping age shall thee sustain ;



For tliat thy daughter-in-law, who loves thee well
Aud in thy sight doth seven sons excel.
Hath horn this cliild. Then Naomi took the boy
To nui'se ; and did hiin in her hosom lay.

Her neighbours too, gave him a name, for wliy.
This son, say they, is born to Naomi :
They called him Obed, from whose loins did spiring
Jesse, the sire of David, Israel's king.



When Israel's sins th' Almighty did provoke,
To make them subject to Philistine yoke
For forty years : in Zorah dwelt a man.
His name jManoah, of the tribe of Dan ;
His wife was barren, unto whom appeared
The angel of the Lord, and thus declared :
Though thou, said he, art barren, time shall come
Ihou shalt enjoy the blessing of thy womb ;
Now therefore I entreat thee to refrain
From wine, stroug drink, and things that are unclean,
For lo, thou shalt conceive, and bear a son.
Upon whose head there shall no razor come :
For he to God a Nazarite shall be.
And shall begin to set his people free
From the Philistine yoke. The woman came
And told her husband, she had seen a man
Of God : his dreadful look made me, said she.
Think him an angel of the Lord to be :
But I inquired not from whence he came.
Neither did he make known to me his name :
But thus he said. Thou shalt conceive a son ;
"Wherefore strong drink and wine, sec that thou shun.
And have a care that thou be not defil'd
"With things that are unclean ; for wliy, the child
Shall from his separation from the womb.
Become a Nazarite, ev'n to his tomb.
JIauoah then did supplicate the Lord,
And said, O Lord, be pleased to aiford
This favour unto me, to send again
The man of God, more fully to explain
Thy will to us, that we may rightly know.
When this child shall be bom, what we must do.
And to ^lanoah's prayer God gave ear.
And to his wife the angel did appear
Again, as she did in the field retire.
At such time as her husband was not nigh her.
And she made haste, and ran, and strait declai'cJ
Unto her husband, that the man appeared
Again, whom she had seen the other day.
Manoah then arose, and went his way,
And when he came, he said, Art thou the maa
That spakcst to my wife ? He said, I am.
Manoah said, Now let thy words be true ;
How shall we use the child, "What must we do ?
Then said the angel of the Lord, let her
Of all that I have charged her beware :
She may not taste of what comes of the vine.
Nor may she drink strong drink, or any wine,
Nor may she eat of things that are unclean,
From all that I have said let her refrain.
Manoah said unto the angel, stay

With us, till we have dress'd a kid, I pray.

But he reply'd, though thou shalt me dclai:i,

I'll eat no bread, but if thou dost design

A sacrifice unto the Lord, then offer :

For ne'er tOl now, Manoah did discover

It was a man of God he spake unto.

Then said he to the angel. Let me know

Thy name, that when these things shall be porform'd.

The honour due to thee may be return'd.

^Vhereto the man of God made this reply.

Why askest thou, since 'tis a mystery ?

So he a Idd, and a meat-off'riug took,

And offcr'd to the Lord upon a rock.

And there the man of God did wond'rous^}'.

The whilst Manoah and his wife stood by :

For as the altar did send up the flame,

Tlie man of God ascended in the same.

Manoah and his ^vife stood looking on.

And on their faces to the ground fell dov;n.

But then the angel did appear no more.

Manoah then knew who he was : therefore

He said unto his wfc, most sm-ely we

Shall die, for we the face of God did see.

But she repli'd. If God would such a thing.

He would not now accept our offering.

Or would he have to us these things made known ;

Or told us, as at this time he hath done.

And now, according to the angel's word,

The woman bare a son, to wliom the Lord

Was pleas'd, his blessing graciously to give :

She caU'd him Samson, and the child did thrive.

And lo ! the spirit of the Lord began.

At times to move him in the camp of Dan.


Now down to Timnath Samson's steps incline.
Where seeing the daughter of a Philistine,
He came up and did of his parents crave.
That he iu marriage might the woman Iiave.
Then thus his father and his mother said,
'Mongst all thy Idn can'st thou find ne'er a ;
Nor yet among my people, fit to make
A \vife, but thou wilt this Philistine take.
Of race uncurcumcised ? He replied.
Get her for me, for I'm well satisfied.
But neither of his parents then did know.
It was the Lord that moved him tlierctu,
To seek a way to accomplisli his designs.
Upon the then o'er-ruling Philistines.
Then Samson and his parents both went dovrn
To Timuath,_ and as they came near the town.
Among the vineyards a young lion roar'd :
ITien ou him came the spirit of the Lord,
3 D



And though unarm'tl, lie reut hira like a kid,

Eiit lie discovered not to tliem the deed.

And he went down, and with the woman trcntc.l.

And was well plcas'd to have the match completed.

Ar.d in a while as he retiu-ned again

To talce liis wife, hchold, where he had slain

The beast, he there a swarm of hecs set eye on.

And honey in the carcase of the lion :

He took thereof, and eating, on he went.

And to his parents did a part present :

And they did also cat, Ijut did not know

That from the lion's carcase it did flow.

So down his father went unto the woman,

And Samson made a feast, as it was common

Among young men. The Philistines provida

Thirty companions with him to ahide

And Samson said unto them, now behold,

I have a riddle for yoa to unfold ;

"U'hich if you do before the seven days' feast

Ee ended, I will give to every guest

A sheet and change of garments ; but if ye

Cannot declare it, ye shall give to me

Pull thirty sheets, and thirty changes too.

Tlien said they, What's thy riddle, let us know ?

And Samson said. The eater sent forth meat.

And from the strong there came a thing most sweet.

And they could not in three days find it out,

AVherefore before the seventh came about.

They said unto his wife. Thou must entice

Tiiy husband to discover this device

Lest we burn tliee, and all thy father's house :

Is it not so, that ye have called us

To make a spoil ? And Samson's wife v/cpt sore.

And said, thou dost but hate me, and no luorc ;

To put a riddle to my countrymen

And not tell't me. And he reply'd again,

I have not told my father or my mother.

And shall I now to thee this thing discover.

And she continually before him v/cpt.

During the time the feasting days were kept.

And now behold it came to pass that he,

Ey reason of her importunity.

Did on the seventh day to her unfold

The riddle, which she to her brethren told ;

And e'er the sun went down on that same day.

The Philistines to Samson thus did say,

AVhat is more sweet than honey ? "What more strong

Than is a lion ? And he said, how long

■\Vould it have been, e'er you had understood

This thing, had you not with my heifer plow'd ?

Then came the spirit of the Lord upon

Ilim, and he hasted down to Askcloii,

And thii'ty of tlie Philistines he slew.

And took thek clothes, and gave the ganncnts une.

To every one of them that had disclosed

'I'hc meaning of the ridi.Uc he proposed ;

And towards them his anger fiercely burned.

And he unto his father's house returned.

Put Samson's wife was givcu unto one

That was his fiiend and chief companion,

Put in a while, as Samson visited
His wife, in the wheat harvest with a kid.

To her into her chamber he woidd go.

The which her father would not let him do ;

Put said, I thought that thou had'st quite forsook her,

"Wherefore I gave consent, and thy friend took her ;

Doth not her sister's beauty her's exceed.

Though young ? I pray then take her in her stead.

And Samson said, I shall more blameless be

Than they, though T shall do them injury.

And then he caught tlirce hundi-ad foxes, and

Tui-n'd tail to tail, and put a fiery brand

Petween two tails, and setting fire thereto.

Into the standing corn he let them go.

And bumt both shocks and standing com and vines.

And all the olives of the Philistines.

Tlicn they inquired who this thing had done.

And were inform'd it was the Timuite's son ;

Eccause his father took his wife away.

And gave her his companion to enjoy.

And the Pliilistines came up, fidl of wratli,

And burnt with fu'c, her and her father both.

And Samson said, though you have done this thing,

A further evil I wiU on you bring ;

And my avenging hand shall cease hereafter ;

And hip and thigh he smote them with great slaughter

And he retm-n'd, and came up to the top

Of Etam, and dwelt there upon the rock.

Then the Philistines up to Judah went.

And in the vale of Lehi pitched their tent.

Then said the men of Judah, for what reason

Are you come up against us at this season ?

And they made answer, We are come to bind

Samson, to do to him in the same kind

As he hath done to us. Then there went up

Thi'ee thousand men of Judah to the top

Of the rock Etam, and to Samson said.

Dost thou not know that we have long obcy'd

The Philistines ? Wherefore is it that thou

Hast done this thing, to bring this evil now,

Upon us, let us know it ? Then said he

I did to them as they have done to me.

Then said they we are come, and have brought bands,

To bind, and give thee up into theii' hands.

And he made answer, you shall swear unto me.

That you yourselves no injury wiH do me.

And they reply'd, no no, we will but bind thee.

We wiU not kUl thee, but to them resign thee.

And they took two new cords, and therewith tied liim.

And from the rock where he abode convey him :

Whom when they to the camp at Lehi brought.

The Philistines against him gave a shout :

And mightily the Spirit of the Lord

Came on him, and hke burning flax each cord

That was upon his arms became ; the bands

Were likewise separated from his hands.

And he the jaw-bone of an ass espied.

And took and smote them till a thousand died.

Then said he, with an ass's jaw-bone I

Have made mine enemies in heaps to lie.

Pchold I have dcstroy'd a thousand men

With this same worthless ass's jaw. And when

He made an end to speak, it came to pass

He cast away the jaw-bone of the ass.

And said, Noav let the place where this was done

Be by the name of Ramalh-Lelii knovrn.



And he vras sore r.tliirst, and to tlie Lord
He cried, and said, O Lord, thou did'st afford
Tliis great deliverance, and now sliull I,
By reason of my tliirst fall down and die.
And fall into the most accursed Lands
Of these uncii'cumcis'd Philistine bands ?
But God was pleas'd to cleave an hollow jilace,
^.Vithin the jaw, from whence did water pass ;
"Whereof when he had drunk, liis spirit came
As heretofore, and he reviv'd again :
TV'hercfore that place, which is in Lelii, Lora
Unto this day the nanifc ofEu-haldcore.
And in the days the Philistines bore sway,
Israel for tv.'cuty years did him obey.


Then down to Gaza Samson went, and there

Seeing an hai-lot, went in unto her.

And when the Gazites heard he was come thither:

Straightway they gathered themselves together

To compass him about, and lay in wait

All night, to take him in the city gate ;

And they were still all night, for why ? Say they,

To-morrow we shall kiU him wlien 'tis day.

And he tiU midniglit lay, and then arose.

And vdth the city gates away he goes,

Bearing the posts and bar and all away ,

And on an hill near Hebron did them lay.

And afterward it came to pass he saw.

And lov'd a woman named Delilah,

^Tho in the vale of Sorek dwelt, to whom

There did the lords cf the Philistines come,

And said. If thou wilt but entice him to reveal

Wliere lies his strength, and which way we may deal

"^'ith him, to bind him, to afflict him, wc

Each one \\'ill give a great reward to thee.

And she to Samson •said, I pray thee, t«ll

Wherein thy strength doth other men excel,

And how thou may'st be bound. And he replied.

If they with seven green Aviths that r^e'er were di'icd.

Shall bind me hand and foot, I shall be then

As weak and impotent as other men.

Then the Philistine lords for her pronde

The seven green withs which never had been dri(;d.

And she theremth did bind him, (now there were

!Men Ix'ing in wait whom she had placed there,)

Then she cried out, and said. Now Samson stand

Thy ground, for the Philistines are at hand.

And straight he brake the withs, and they became

I ike to a thread of tow when toueh'd with flame :

So was his strength not found out. Then said she,

Samson, behold, thou hast deceived me.

And told me lies : therefore no longer blind me.

But tell, I pray thee, wherewith I may bind thee.

Bind me with ropes that ne'er were us'd, said he;

Then weak as other men are, shall I be.

She therefore took new ropes, and bound him, and

Cried, Samson, the Philistines are at hand :

(And in the chamber there were men lay hid)

And from his arms he brake them like a thread.

Then said she, Thou hast mocked me hitherto.

And told me lies : now tell mc what to do

To bind thee. Ho replied, Thou with the web

JIust interweave the seven locks of niy head.

Then she his locks did fasten with the pin.

And said. The Philistines are coming in,

Shift, Samson, for thyself; then he awoke.

And pin and web, and aU away he took.

Then said she. How canst thou pretend to love me,

When thus thy doing towards me disprove tlicc ?

For now, behold, thou hast deceived me thi-ice.

And hast not toid me where thy great strength lies.

At length his soul being vex'd exceedingly.

By reason of her importunity:

He told the secrets of his heart, said.

Never yet razor on my head was li:id;

For I have been to God a Nazarite,

Even from the day that first I savv- the light:

Wherefore like other men, if I am shaven,

I shall be weak, and of my strength bereaven.

And when she saw that he had told her all

The secrets of his heart, she sent to call

The lords of the Plulistincs. Come, said she,

This once, for now he hath made kno\\n to me

The very truth. Then they came up together,

And brought the money in their hands to give her.

Then down to sleep upon her knees she laid him,

And call'd a man, who of his locks betray'd him.

And to afflict liim she began, and then

His strength became lilic that of other men.

Then said she, Samson, thy Philistine fees

Are just at hand : and he from sleep arose.

And as at other times went forth to shake him.

Not knowing that the Lord did now forsake him.

But the Philistines seized him, and brought

Him down to Gaza, having first put out

His eyes, and did with brazen fetters bind

And made him in the prison house to grind.

Howbeit the hair upon his head began,

After he had been shaved, to gi-ow again.

Then the Philistine lords together met.

And a thanksgiving-day apart they set.

For to rejoice, and unto Bagon pay

Their highest service; For om- God, say they.

Did this : and when the people did behold

Poor captive Samson, they their god extoU'd,

And said, Om God hath given into our hand

Him that destroy'd us, and laid waste our land.

And in their height of mirth they sent to call

Samson, to come and make sport fcr them all.

And from the prison-house they brought him, and

Between the pillars they set him to stand ;

And there he made them sport. 'Hien to the lad

That led him by the hand, thus Samson said ;

Let me now feel the pillars that sustain

The house, that I myself thereon may lean.

Now in the house there was a mighty throni;

Of men and women gather'd, and among

Them, all the lords of the Philistines were.

Besides, upon the roof there did appear.

About three thousand men and women, who

Beheld, while Samson made them sport below.

And Samson, calling on the Lord, did say,

O Lord, my God, remember mc, I pray,

This once give strength, that I aveng'd may be

Of those Philistines wlio have blinded me.

And ^\'ith his right hand and his left, he held

Two middle pillars which the house upheld;



And said. Let me with the Philistines die,
And then he bowed himself most mightily :
And down the house fell on the lords, and all
The people that were in't; so that the fall
Thereof, slew at his dying many more
Thau he had slaia in all his life before.

Then did his brethren ard his kinsfolks come
And took him up, and brought him with them home,
And laid him in his father's sepulchre,
"When he had judged Israel twenty year.


And Jesus, seeing the multitudes, ascended
Up to a mount, where sitting, and attended
By his disciples, he began to preach;
And on this manner following did them teach.
Blessed are all such as are poor in spirit.
For they the heavenly kingdom do inherit.
Blessed are they that mourn; for in the stead
Thereof shall comfort be administred.
Blessed are they, whose meekness doth excel :
Por on the earth their portion is to dwell.
Blessed are they, who after righteousness
Hunger and thirst ; for they shall it possess.
Blessed are they, for they shall mercy find,
"Who to do mercifully are inclin'd.
Blessed are all such as are pure in heart ;
Por God his presence shall to them impart.
Blessed are they that do make peace ; for why ?
They shall be call'd the sons of the Most High.
Blessed are they which suffer for the sake
Of righteousness : for they of heav'n partake.
Blessed are ye, when men shall falsely speak
AJl kind of ill against you for my sake.
And shall revile, aud persecute you sore ;
Rejoice, and be exceeding glad therefore :
Per your reward in heav'n will be great :
Por thus of old they did the prophets treat.
Ye are the salt o' th' earth ; but wherewith must
The earth be season'd when the savom-'s lost?
It is from thenceforth good for nothing, but
To be cast out, and trodd'n under foot.
Ye are the light o' th' world; a city set
Upon an hiU cannot be hid ; nor yet
Do men a candle with a bushel cover.
But set it where it lights the whole house over.
So shine your light, yoiu- good works seen thereby
Men may your heavenly Father glorify.
Think not that to destroy the law I came.
Or prophets ; no, but to fulfil the same.
Por till the heav'n and earth shall pass away.
One jot or tittle from the law, I say.
Shall never pass, till all shall be complete.
Whoso therefore presumes to violate,
One of these least commands, and tcachcth so,
Shall in God's kingdom be accounted low.
But he that doth, and teach eth them likewise.
Shall in God's kingdom have great dignities.
For I declare unto you, that unless
You shall exceed the scribe and pharisces
In righteousness ; you shall on no condition.
Into the heavenly Idngd'jm gain admission.

Yc've heard 'twas said of eld, ' Thou shalt not kill.

And he incurs the judgment who shall spill

His brother's blood : but I to you declare.

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