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esq. of Bank, and only daughter and h^resa of
Sir Francis Leiceslar, of TaUey, hy whom he bad
a aon and heir,

, Sot Pxna Btbub, third banmet, of Tubogne,
who asBomed in 1744, pursntnt to the will of bis
maternal grandfttber, the sumame and anas of
liOicester. Sir Peter wedded Catharine, dangbter
and co-beireaa of Sir William Fleming, bart of
Rydall, in the counter of Westmorland, by whom
he left at bis decease in 1770, with aereral other
children, a aon and heir.

Sir Jobn Fleming Leicester, fbnrdi bart who was
elerated to the peerage as Babon db Tablbt, of
Tabley House, 16tb July, 18S6. He m. m 1810,
Georgiana^Maria, yoongest daughter of Colonel
Cottin, and dying in }8t7, was s. liy bis elder aon,
tbe present Geosoe-Leicestsr, Barok db Tab-
let. (Stt Burke'i Purage and Boronitag§,)

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II. John.

III. Walter, a captain in the anny, who
adhered with unshaken fidelity to his
royal master, King James II., and
was woanded and made prisoner at
the battle of Aughrim. He died at
St. Germains, leaving bv his wife,
Darcus Crosby, a sod, who went to
sea and was never heard of, and a

tv. Joseph, a merchant of Dublin, who,
during the troubles of King James's
reign, relinquishing business, ob-
tained a captain's commission in the
same regiment witi^ his brother, Wal-
ter, and was killed at Au^irim. Cm>-
tain Byrne left « two daughters, the
elder m. to — Gibson, esq. a met*
chant in London, and the younger,
Elinor, married twice, but died ifsue-

v. Mary, m. first, to John Walsh, esq.
of Old ConnieiuKht, and had two sons,
Edward and John Walsh. She wed-
ded, secondly. Sir Luko Dof^bll,
bart. and had issue,

1. Sir Daniel Dowdall, second
baronet, who took orders in the
church of Rome.

2. James Dowdall, d. unmarried.
8. Anne Dowdall, m. to Mfgor

Alen, ofSt Wolstans.

4. — Dowdall^m. to Simon Clarke,

5. — Dowdall, m. to UUck W^,
esq. of Collard House.

VI. Margaret, m. to Terence Dunti, esq.
of Brittess, in the Queen's County,
and had issue,
Daniel Dunn, who m. a daughter
of Colonel Nugent, brother to
Thomas, then Barl of West-
meath, by whom he left surviv-
ing issue, Alice, m. to Richard
Plunket, esq. of Dunshoughlan,
in the county* of Dublin, and
Ma|^, m. to Jamer Hussy, esq.
of Westown, in the county of
Bamaby Dunn, who «•. Miss Mol-
loy, of the King's County, and
left to survive hijn two daughters
Edward Dunn, who m. the sister of
Thomas Wise, esq. of Water-
Daniel Byrne's second son,

John Byrne, esq. of Cabinteelv, inherit-
ing from his father the town and lands of
Kilboy, Ballard, and divers other estates in
the county of Wicklow, served the office
of high-sheriff for that shire. This gentle-
man, after finishing hjs studies in England,
returned to Dublin, and was called to the
Irish bar, at which he attained very great

eminence* He espoused in 1678, Mary,
daughter of Walter Che vers, esq. of Monks-
town, and had issue,

Walter, who inherited from his father.
John, eventual successor.

. Alice, d. you^.
CounseUor John Byrne, who added OMsi-
derably, by purchase, to his patrimonial
estates, died suddenly in 1681, and was «.
by his elder son,.

Walter Byrne, esq. of. Cabinteely, who
married Clare, dani^hter of Christopher
Mapas, esq. of Roachestown, but dying
without issue, 2lst January, 1731, was f . by
his brother,

John Byrne, esq. of Cabinteely, a mer-
chant in Dublin. This gentleman espoused
Bftarianna, youngest daughter of Coloqel
Dudley Colclough, of Mohory, in tfie coun^
of Wexibrd, and had issue,

I. GEomes, his heir.

II. Dudley, who ffi.mnbetfi,daaghter
of James Dillon, esqi

III. John, who, after the deati ef his
fatiier, resided wiA a merohsnt in
Rotterdam, whence removing to Bour^
deaux, he commenced business there.
This gentleman, who took out letters
of nobility from the French govern-
ment in 1771, espoused Mary,
daughter of Richard Geman, esq. an
eminent merchant in Bourdeaux, and
was i. at his- decease, by his son,

Richard O'Byrne, esq. who wed-
ded Elizabeth, daughter of Rich-
ard WUliam Stack, M, D. of
Bath, and died, leaving a son
and successor, the present
Robert CByrke, esq. who
m. Miss Martha Troo^ier
Clarke, and has two sobs,
William and Robert.

IV. Francis, d. unmanied.

V. Walter, also d. unmarried.

VI. Gregory, a lieutenant fai the DnLe
of Berwick's regiment.

vit. Daniel.

vtii. Joseph, who entered the Qensaii

IX. Mary, m. to Walter BUkney, esq.
of BaJlyoormack, in the county of

X. Frances, m. to Edward MaslenoA,
esq. second son of John MastencMi,
esq. of Castlelown, in the county of

XI. Harriet, m. to Anthony I4rnel^0ttq•
a merchant in Dublin.

XII. Marianne, in. to Adaui Col^Mislft,

XIII. Anne, A young.

Mr. Byrne, d. in 1741, and was $. by lus
eldest son,

George Byrne, esq. of CabinteeW, wtio
m. Clare, second d au^ ua r of Captain Mi-

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thmt\ Jiuigemi of CftilaaBtowii, in ike o<m]it3r
of WMtmeatfa, luid sister to Robert Nugent,
esq. of Gossfield, in Essex, one of the Lords
of aie TfeMury to Kmg Gborgb II. and
M.P. for the dty of Bristc^, who was ele-
vated to the peerage, as Baron Noffent and
Viaeomnit Clare, Dee. 20, 1706, and snhse-
^oenthr advanced to the Earldom op Nu-
OENT.* By this ladjr he left issue,

MiCHABL, his heir.
' Gregorj, d, unnu

Robert, successor to his brother.

Mary, m. to "William Skerrett, esq. of
FiAwara, county of Clare.
Mr. Byrne was #. by his son,
Michael Byrne, esq. of Cabinteely, at

* This nobleman is now represented by the
Duke of Buckingham.

whose demise, num. die estates deTolred
upon his only sunriving brother,

Robert Byeme, esq. of Cabinteely, who
wadded Mary, dsoighter of Robert Deve-
reax, esq. of Carigmenan, in the county of
Wexford, and left at his decease, in 1798,
three daughters, Mary-Clare, Clarinda-
Mary, and Georgiana-Mary, by the eldest
of whom,

Mary-Clare Byrne, he was succeeded.
This lady dying in minority, in 1810, Ca-
binteely and the other estates deTolredupon
her sister, the present Miu Byrne, of Cmtinr'

Amu — Gu. a cher. between three dexter
hands, arg

Estates — In the counties of Dublin and
Wicklow, and in the City of Dublin.

Seat — Cabinteely, in the county of Dublin .


AUSTEN, SIR HENRY-EDMUND, knt. of Shalford House, in the county of

Surrey, a deputy lieutenant, and magistrate of that shire,
sheriff in 1810, one of the gentlemen of the king*s most
honorable privy chamber in ordinary, 6. 20th May, 1785,
m. in 1805, Anne- Amelia, only daughter of the late
Robert Spearman Bate, esq. of the Hon. East India Com-
pany's service,* and has surviving issue.


Robbrt-Alfred-Cloyne, h. 17th March, 1808.
Henr^-Edmund, h. 4th March, 1800, lieutenant 71st

Frederick-Lewes, h. 16th October, 1813.
Algernon-Stuart, h, drd August, 1815.
John-Wentworth, h. 5th July, 1820.
Albert-George, b. 9th September, 1822.
Amelia, m. to James Brabason, esq. of Momington

House, in the county of Meath.

Sir Henry Austen succeeded his father in 1797.


Tbo Haaily of which diis gendeman is
reprMenlative, removed about the year 1405
(temp. Henry YII.), from Bedfordshire,
(whtwt^ aad in .Salop, it had hmg been
established^ into the county of Surrey.

'^MOf. AiWTBN was deprived, temp.
Richard I. of his lands at Albrighton and
Bisshton, in the coun^ of Salop.

loRN AesTEN de Gyng^ appears in the
records of the reign of Edward I. His


John Austen, obtained a restitutipn of the

forfeited lands. The third in descent from
&is John,

John Austen, esq. of Toddington, died
in 1487. His son,

John Austen, esq. of Toddington and
Chidingfold, died in 1563, and was buried
at the latter place, when he was s. by his

John Austen, esq. who wedded Joanna,
daughter of William Snellynge, esq. (the
most ancient charitable bequest to the poor
of Guildford is by this lady, in 1582) and

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left two sons, John uid Oboeob. He wm
ff. in 1561, by the elder

John AurrEN, esq. of Shalford, w1m> re-
presented Guildford in parliament, in 1663*
This gentleman, in coignncClon with his
brother, purchased of Sir Oeorge More, of
Losely, the. rectories impropriate of Shal-
defortl cum Bramley, and erected in 1600,
the present residence of the family npon the
site of the rectorial manor house. He died
in 1613, and was $, by his brother,

George Austen, esq. of Shalford. This
gentleman represented the borough of
Guildford, in the first parliament of King
Jambs I. baring been preriously member
for Haslemere. To him the town of Guild-
ford is indebted for the knowledge, and con-
sequent preservation of many of its estates
and rights. Part of the plate of the corpo-
ration, and still in use on their festival days,
was presented by Mr. Austen. He m. first,
Anne, daughter and co-heir of Thomas Mel-
lersh, of Nore, in Bramley, and had issue,

Joanna, who m. Sir Maurice Abbot, lord
mayor of London in 1637, and one of
Hb representatives in 1636, brother of
Doctor George Abbot, archbishop of
Canterbury, and of Doctor Robert
Abbot, bishop of Salisbury, by whom
she had issue,
Bartholomew Abbot.
George Abbot
Matthew Abbot
Edward Abbot
Margaret Abbot
Anne, m. to John Wight, esq.
Mr. Austen espoused, secondly, Jane, dan.
of Robert Harrison, and heir of her brother,
by whom he had,
John, h. in 1600.
George, d. young.

Francis, who «•. Sarah, daughter of W.
Banastre, esq. of Drayton, and had a
Robert, M.A. Fellow of King's College,

Ralph, M.A. Fellow of Magdalen Col-
lege, Oxford.
Jane, m. to — Tewsley, esq.
He wedded, thirdly, Elisabeth, daughter of
Thomas Watr, esq. and had another son
and two daughters, namely,
Mr. Austen rebuilt the Friary, at Guildford,
about the year 1610, and cbntributed to the
rebuilding of the Royal Grammar School,
founded by Edward VI. He died at an
advanced age, in 1621, and was t, by the
eldest son of his second marriage,
John Austen, esq. of Shalford, major in

Sir Richard Onskm^s regim6Bt,iifim served
with the pariiamentary army in IrehuMl.—
He m. Margaret, daof^ter of Sir Richard
Lewknor,* and had (with a daughter Mar-
garet, m. to Richard Cresswell, of Craaley)
a son, his successor, in 1660,

Georob Austen, esq. of Shalfttd, who
wedded Ursula, only daughter of Sir Phflip
Anstruther, bartf heritable carver, and
master of the household, in Sootiaad, by
Catherine, daughter of Sir Edward Swift,
and had issue,

John, who m. Mary, daughter of John
Symball, esq. and d, in 1705.

Robert, his heir.


Mr. Austen was s, by his eldest snrviving son.
Robert Austen, esq. of Shalford, one of
the commissioners for executing the oflke
of Lord High Admiral, temp. Wiluam and
Mary, and Wiluam. This gentleman tn.
Mary, daughter and co-heir of Hennr Lad-
low, esq. €? Bramley, and niece of Lieate-
nant General Ludlow. He d, in 1718, and
was f. by his son,

Georob Austen, esq. of Shalihfd, who
m. Mary, daughter of R. Roper, esq. of the
county of Gloucester, and had issve,




He was f . by his eldest son,

John Austbn, esq. of Shalford, at whose
decease, without issue, the estate* da^ohred
upon his brother,

Robert Austen, esq. of Shalford, recenrer-
general of the county of Surrey. This gen-
tleman wedded Joanna, dau. of Lawresoe
Street, esq. and dying in 1750, was f. by his

Henry Austen, esq. of Shalford, who d.
in 1786, f . p, and was s, by his brother*

Robert Austen, esq. of Shalford, who
was a munificent benefactor to die pariah of
Shalford, by rebuilding its churn at hie
own expense, in 1788. Tlds gendeBMm
wedded in 1772, Frances- Annesley, daugh-
ter and heir of John Wentworth Naiiajsaen
Gregory,! esq. and had surriving isase,

* Son of Sir Lewes Lewknor, master of 6m ee>
tiBiofkies to Jairs I.

t Sir Philip AnstratlMV wis tlso iiihilSWi at
RatisboB, FfMkfort, •ad€opeBht8Wi,ana irtiifced.
ts Bunister plenipoteatiaiy, the tnatf mf ileil.

t This gantleman was son of tha Rev. ThnwM
Gregoiy, rector of Toddington, m 3edlbrdakm^
and Haveraham, in Booka, by the Hoa. Helea
Thompson, eldest daughter of John, irst L(mi»
HAVERftHAM (a dignity now extinct), by the Lmdj
Frances Windliam, daughter of Arthur AaneaWy,
first Earl of Anglesey, and widow of Franca
Wmdham esq. of fVlbrigge. Mr. Wentwonh

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CfoftHV-SiMf I7ND, lib heir.

F|ra9ca»-Ann> m. to the Hon« John

-J9ie4lbr4, judge of die Vice Admi-

jtfjiff GottTt in Barhadoes, and had

..■ <wittadfmghter,whod inl806)two

Bdward-Heniy Bedford.
P««l- Austen Bedford, in holy or-

Gremy m. Fnnoes, daiighter of Captain AUen,
E.K, fgotk of Admiral Sir John Allen and Joliana
HaapOflB, his wife, grandaugbter of the illus-
trioaa patriot, John Hampden) and left an only
dttUghier and heirefla. Franccs-Annsslby Gbe-
oonv, m. to Robert Austen, as in the text

Mr. Austen died dfd Norember, 1797, and
was f . by his son, the present Sir Henry-
Edmund Austen, of Sbalford.

^rm#— Azure, a chevron, arg. between
three Cornish choughs, or.

Crest — On a leopard's bead, as. a falcon
rising, or.

Motto — Ne quid Nimis.

Estates — In the parishes of Sbalford, St*
Martha, Bramley, St. Nicholas, Holy Tri-
nity, St Mary, Godalming, Dunsfold, Has-
comb, Chidingfold, Cranley, and Ewhurst,
in Surrey.

iS^«al— Sbalford House, near Guildford.


STANHOPE-SPENCER, JOHN, esq. of GMmon Hall, in the county of York, b.

27th May, 1787, m. 5th December, 1822, Elisabeth-
Wilhefanina, third daughter of Thomas- William Coke,
esq. of Holkham Hall, and has issue,

WAtTBR-THOMAS-WiLUAM, b, 21st December, 1827.

John-Roddam, b. 2lst January, 1829.



Anne-Alicia. .


Mr. Stanhope succeeded to the estates upon the demise
of his father, 10th April, 182L


Thomas Stanhope, esq. of Rampton,
in ^e county of Nottmglnun, (seventh in
dascrni from Sir Richard Stanhope, kt.
levp. Hbnry in.) espoused Mary, dangh-
4pr ^ Bdwa«d Jeminc^iam, esq. of Somer
, in Ae eounty of Suffolk, and had
e«' •-

1. Edward (Sir) of Rampton, who re-

XKhred Uie honor of knighthood upon

' ike fieM of battle from Hbnrt VU.

' forlos distinguished conduct against

^e Cornish rebels. Sir Edward

wedded, first, Avelina, daughter of

Sir Gervase Clifton, K.B. by whom

he had two sous, Richard and Mi-

chael. He m. secondly, Elizabeth,
daughter of Fulk Bourchier, Lord
Fitzwarine, and had an only daugh-
ter Anne, the second wife of tiie
Protector Somerset. Richard Stan-
hope, the elder son of Sir Edward,
leaving at his decease, in 1529, a
dan. only, the male line was con-
tinued by his brother (the second son)
Sir Michael Stanhope, an eminent
person in the reign of Henry VUl.
who obtained from that monarch, a
grant of the house and site of the mo-
nastery of Shelford. From this Sir
Michael lineally descend the present

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Eakls of Chesterfield, Stanqopb,
and Harrington.
2. John.
The second son,
John Stanhope, esq. was fkther of
Thomas Stanhope, esq. who came into
Lancashire with the Earl of Derby, and
settled at Manchester. His son,

John Stanhope, esq. removed thence into
Yorkshire, and purchased temp. Qmmh
Mary, Eccleshill, and lands in Horseforth,
part of the estate of the monastery at Kirk-
stall. He died at im advanced age, in 1696.
leaving issue — Walter, his heir, Thomas,
Beatrice, Anne, and Ma^rgaret The eldest
(on and successor,

Walter Stanhope, esq. of Horseforth,
in Yorkshire, wedded, first, Mary, daughter
and co-heiress of John Hanson, esq. of
Woodhouse and Rastrick, in the county of
York, by whom he had issue,
John, hb heir.
Walter, who m. Ai|ne, daughter of —

Purdee, esq.
Richard, of Eccleshill, who nt. Anne,
daughter of Francis AUanson, esq. of
Edward, in holy orders, d. s. p.
Jane, m. to John Robinson, esq. of

Swinsby Hall.
Dorothy, m. to Christopher Thompson,
esq. of Esholt
Mr. Stanhope, who married, secondly,
Frances, daughter of William Thwaites, esq.
of Marston, but had no further issue, was s,
at his decease by his eldest son

John Stanhope, esq. of Horseibrth, Who
espoused, first, Anne, daughter of Francis
Rawdon, esq. of Rawdon, and sister to Sir
George Rawdon, ancestor to the Marquess
of Hastings, by whom he had, John, his heir,
Walter, Mary, and Eliza. He m. secondly,
a daughter of Dr. Finley , DJ>. and thirdly,
Alice, daughter of R. Mitchell, esq. of Ar-
thingtou, but had no further issue. He was
#. at his decease by his eldest son,

John Stanhope, esq. of Horseforth, bar-
rister-at-law, who espoused Hannah, daugh-
ter and heiress of L. Horseman, esq. and
dying in IdM, left issue,
John, his heir.
Walter, who d, $. p. in 1708.
Hannah, m. to Henry Hedges, esq. of

The elder son,

John Stanhope, esq. of Horsefortii, wed-
ded Mary, daughter of Sir William Lowther,
of Swillington, M.P. for Pontefraot in 1606,
and had issue,

John, hb heir.

Hannah, m. to H. Atkinson, esq. of

Mr. Stanhope was f . at his decease by hi^
eldest son,

John Stanhope, esq. of Horseforth, bar-
rister-at-law, who m. Barbara, dauriiter and
heiress of John Cockcroft, eeq. of ThorotoB,
but dying f . p, was f . by his brother,

Walter Stanhope, esq. of Horseforth.
This gentleman espoused first, Mary, daugh-
ter of Patience Ward, esq. but by her had
no issue. He wedded, secondly, Anae, dan.
of William Spencer, esq. of CaDnon Hall*
in the county <^ York, by whom he bad an
only son,

Walter Stanhope, esq. of Horseforth*
and Cannon Hall, who asnimed, by letters

J stent, on the demise issueless of hu uncle,
ohn Spencer, esq. the additional snmame
and arms of that family. He m. Mary Wi-
nifred, daughter and heiress of Thomas Ba-<
bington P^leine, esq. of Carlton Hall, in
the county of York, by Winiiired, his wife,
daughter of Edward Collingwood, esq. of
Dissington, by Mary, danjehter and co-heir
of John Roddam* esq. of Roddam. By this
lady he had issue,
John, his heir.

Edward, who assumed upon die demise
of his grand uncle, the surname and
arms of Colunowood, of Dissing-
ton.— (''S'm thmtfrnmUy).
^illiam,who assumed, upon the demise
of his relative. Admiral Roddam, the
name and arms of Roddam. (See
family of Roddam, of Roddmm).
Charles, in holy orders.
Philip, lieutenant-colonel in the army,
and cantain in the Grenadier Gnardis.
Hugh, a barrister-at-law.
Maryanne, m. to Robert Hudson, esq.

of Tadworth Court, in Surrey.
Mr. Spencer Stanhope, who sate in several
parliaments for the boroiidis of HuU, Hasle-
mere, Cockermouth, and Carlisle, died April
10, 1821, at the age of seventy-two, and was
#. by his eldest son, the present John Spen-
cer-Stanhope, esq. of Cannon HalL

^rM#— Quarterly, first and fourth Quar-
terly, ermine and guiles, for Stanhopr. —
Second and third ; azure, a fess ermine be-
tween six seamews' beads, erased, proper,
for Spencer.

CrtiO— First, A lower as. with a demi-lioM
rampant issuing from the battlemenis •r,
ducally erown^ fpi. heading between hie
paws a grenade, firing proper, for Sxanhofs.
Second, A seamew proper, for Speucbr.

Mouou—A deo et rege-— for Stammope.
Dien defend le droit, for Spencer.

£^ta<et-4Iorseforth, and Cannon Hall,
both in Yorkshire.

Seat — Cannon Hall.

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BERKELEY, ROBERT, esq. of Spetchley, m the county of Worcester, espoused

in 1792, Apollonia, third daughter of Richard: Lee, eeq.
of Llandfoist, in Monmouthshire, by whom (who d. in
September, 1806) he has had issue,

Robert, m. in 1822, Henrietta Sophia, eldest daughter
and co'^heir of the late Paul Benfield, esq. of Grosve-
nor-sguare, M.P. by Mary-Frances, his wife, grand-
daughter of Sir John Swinburne, of CapheatoUi bart.
and luis

1. Robert, h. 8th October, 1823.

2. John-Edward.

3. Henry-William.

4. Mary-Frances.
6. Harriet-Eliza.

6. Agnes-Caroline.

7. Emily-Jane. .
John-Stanford, -^

1f.uZI \ **^ ^"^ deceased.

Catherine, J

Mr» Berkeley succeeded to the estates at the deeeise of his uncle, in 1804^


This ancient family deduces its descent
IVom Hardinob, a younger son of one of the
kings of Denmark, who came over to Eng-
land with William the Conqueror^ and fought
it tiio battle of Hastings. His son,

KoBERT FiTZHAROiNOE, obtoiued for his
fidelity to King Henry II. the Castle of
Berkeley, wrested firom Rom de Berke-
ley, of Dursley, a partisan of Stephen, and
thereby became one of the feudal barons of
tke realm. He married Eva, niece of Wil-
httdi die Conqueror, and founded the mo-
mMtery of J3t Angi^tine, at Bristol, in &e
Tvar 1140, and was buried tiiere in 1170.
He Was f . by his eldest son,

Maurice de Berkeley, who strengthened
bis tenure of Berkeley Castle, by marry-
ing, at the instigation of Henry II. Alice,
daughter and heiress of the ousted lord,
Roger de Berkeley, of Durslev.* By this
la^ he had six sons, and was «. by the eldest,

'MaoRiCB DB Bbrkbley, whomed widiout
issue, and was s. by his brotiier,

Thomas db Bbrkblbt. This feudal lord
wedded Joane, dau^ter of Ralph de Somery,
Lord <^ Campden, in the county of Glouces-
ter, and niece of William Marshal, Earl of
Pemlaroke, and was $, at his decease, in
1343, by his son.

* for a vMve eztsnded dctsil of the feadtl
Jjotdm of B«dt«l«y» rtifn to Bufhl^ Exlinet and

Maurice db BBBKBLBYy who m. Isabel de
Gredonia, and dying in 13S1, was f. by his

Thomas de Bbrkblby, who was sum-
moned to parliament, as Lord Berkeley, of
Berkeley Castle, from 23rd June, 1996, to
16th May, 1321. His lordship m. Jane,
daughter of William de Ferrars, Earl of
Derby, and dying in 1321, was >«. by his

Maurice db Berkbuey, seopnd lord, who
wedded Eva, daughter of Lord Zouche, and
was f . by his son,

Thomas db Bbrrelby, third lord, in whose
custody the unfortunate Edward IL was
confined, but being suspected of treating his
royal prisoner with too much indulgence, he
was required to delirer up the ill-tated mo-
narch wi^ his castle of Berkeley to Lord
Mnltravers and Sir Thomas Ooumey, by
whom the king was shortly afterwards bar-
barously murdered. This baron m. Marga-
ret, daughter of Bxnget Mortimer, Earl of
March, and from him we pass to his des-

James Berkeley, who inherited on the
death of his uncle, in 1416, the Iprdship apd
castle of Berkeley, and was summoned to

garliament from 9th October, 1421, to 23rd
fay, 1461. This nobleman m. first, a dau.
of Humphrey Stafford, of Hooke, in the
county of Dorset, but had no issue. He es-
poused secondly, Isabel, widow of Henry

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•on and heir of William, Lord Ferrers, of
Groby, and second daughter and co-heir of
Thomas Mowbray, first Duke of Norfolk,
Earl Marshal of England,* by diis lady he
had issue,

1. WiLUAM (Sir), crested Viscount
Berkeley, Earl of Nottingham and
Marquess OF Berkeley. On the ac-
cession of Henry YII. his Urdship
was constituted Earl Marshal of
England, witii limitation to the heirs
male of his body. He if. in 1492,
leaving no issue, altiiongh married
thrice, when all tfiose honors became


2. Maurice, ancestor of the extant
Earls Berkeley.

3. James, killed in France, and d, s, p.

4. Thomas, of whom presently.

6. Eliiabeth, m, to Thomas Burdett,
esq. of Arrow, in the county of War-

6. Isabel, m. to Thomas Trye, esq. of
Hardwick, in Gloucestershire.

7. Alice, m. to Richard Arthur, esq. of
Clapham, in the county of Somerset.

Lord Berkeley wedded tfiirdly, Joan, daugh-
ter of John Talbot, first Earl ef Shrewsbury,
(which lady m. after bis decease, Edmund
Hungerford, esq^but had no other children.
He d. in 1463. The fourth son,

Thomas Berkeley, who was seated at
Dursley, in the county of Gloucester, m.
Mary, daughter of Richard Cruy, esq. of
Minsterworth, in the same shire, and d3ring
in 1484, was'#. by his son,

Richard Berkeley, esq. of Dursley,
(named in the will of his uncle, the Mar-
quess of Berkeley) who m. Margaret Dyer,
and was father of

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