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Qui niartyrem Regern moerens Martyr

Semi mortuus vixit diu ;
Citius Dominum secutus, ni morbo paralytico

Restitisset firma fides
Restituendi Regis insignissimi

Caroli Secundi ;
Vtcunq ; apud Vigorniam, fusi.
Voti tandem, ac vaticinij compos factus,

Tantique pignoris, Justorum resurrectionis.
Vitam mortalem exuit ; immortali Deo

Coelitum cboro gratius acturus,
Anno Dom. 1661 (tet. 61) men. mart, die 3.

Sir William Master was s. at his decease
by his eldest son,

Thomas Master, esq. of the Abbey, who
represented Cirencester in parliament. He
wedded Elizabeth, sister of Sir Thomas
Dyke, of Sussex, and dying in 1680, was s.
by his son,



Thomas Master, esq. of the Abbey, Ci-
rencester, M.P. for that borough. This
gentleman m. Elizabeth, daughter and
heiress of John Driver, esq. of Aston, and
was s. by his son,

Thomas Master, esq. of the Abbey, Ci-
rencester, who wedded Joan, daughter and
heiress of Jasper Chapman, esq. of Strat-
ton, in the county of Gloucester, by whom
lie acquired that manor, and had a son and

Thomas Master, esq. of the Abbey, Ci-
rencester, who in. Elizabeth, daughter and
heiress of Sir Thomas Cann, bart. and had

Thomas, his heir.

Richard, who m. 18th March, 1784,
Isabella-Frances, daughter of Lieut.
Col. William Egerton, second son of
the Hon. and Right Rev. Dr. Henry
Egerton, Bishop of Hereford, and
uncle to Francis-Henry, late Earl of
Bridgewater. By this lady he had
William - Chester, heir to his

Richard-Thomas, of the grenadier
Mr. Master died in 1749, and was *. by his
elder son,

Thomas Master, esq. of the Abbey, who
wedded Mary Lister, daughter of the late
Lord Sherborne, and had two daughters,


Mary- Anna, m. in 1801, to Lord John
Thynne, M.P. for Bath.
Mr. Master died in 1823, and leaving no
male issue, was s. by his nephew, the pre-
sent William -Chester Master, esq. of
Knole Park.

Arms — Gu. a lion rampant, guardant,
double queud or, holding in his paws a rose

Crest — Within a ring or, gemmed ppr.
two snakes entwined, erect on their tails,
and endorsed, azure.

Estates — In the county of Gloucester.

Town Residence — 16, Berkeley-square.

Seat — Knole Park, near Bristol.


SANDYS, WILLIAM-SANDYS, esq. of St. Minver, in the county of Cornwall,
b. 5th November, 1808, succeeded to the estates on the demise of his father, in 1817.


f f


In the commencement of the 17th century,
two brothers named Sandys, were seated in
the parish of St. Keverne, in the county of

Cornwall, William and Anthony ; the
younger, Anthony, purchasing Lanarth, in
1647, removed thither, and was succeeded
by his son, Sampson Sandys, whose only
child, Philippa, died unmarried, in 169!).
Anthony's elder brother,

William Sandys, esq. of Nambol, in
Cornwall, married, and had six sons, of
whom William, John, Sampson, and James,
fought under the royal banner, during the
civil wars. The eldest,

William Sandys, esq. of Nambol, es-
poused Miss Hext, of St. Austell, and dying
in 1699, was s. by his son,

John Sandys, esq. who inherited from
his cousin, Sampson Sandys, the estate and
seat of Lanarth. " In a narrative still pre-
served by the family," says Mr. Gilbert,
in his History of Cornwall, " it appears
that this John Sandys, with seven others of
his acquaintance, went out on a party of



pleasure, in an open boat, and were driven
by a storm to sea, where after having been
beaten about by the waves for four days
and three nights, they were driven ashore
on the coast of Normandy. In consequence
of there being war at that time between
England and France they were immediately,
on landing, made prisoners; but Lous
XIV. hearing of the circumstance, which
occasioned their captivity, ordered them to
be released.

Mr. Sandys espoused in 1G87, Miss Mary
Pearce, and had three sons, viz.

I. William, who died at Lanarth, s. p.
in 1765.

II. Sampson, who settled at Helston.
He m. Philippa, daughter of George
Thomas, esq. of St. Keverne, and
died in 1764, leaving issue,

1. Sampson, of Lanarth, in holy
orders, whom. Eleanor, daughter
of Anthony Hoskin, esq. of
Tregowris, and had an only
daughter, who espoused Admiral
James Kempthorne.

2. Hannibal, who d. s. p.

3. William, who succeeded his
brother, at Lanarth. He wed-
ded Miss Mary Johns, and left
issue seated at Lanarth.

4. John, commander of the Nor-
folk East Indiaman, who d. in
1774, leaving issue.

5. Anne, m. to George Millett,

in. Richard.
The third son,

Richard Sandys, esq. of Helston, es-
poused in 1732, Miss Anne Lukey, and had

I. William, his heir.

ii. Blanch, b. in 1733, who m. Samuel
Warren, esq. and had a son,

John Warren, heir to his uncle.

III. Loveday, who m. the Rev. Edward
Marshall, vicar of Breage, and left

Mary Marshall, m. to — Sanford,
esq. of Ninehead.

Elizabeth Marshall, m. to the Rev
Charles Trevanion, Kemp.

Anne Marshall, m. to John War-
ren, esq.

IV. Mary, m. first, to Humphrey Mil-
lett, esq. and secondly, to George
Treweek, esq.

The only son and heir,

The Rev. William Sandys, was for
nearly fifty years vicar of St. Minver, in
Cornwall. He espoused Maria, daughter
of the late Humphry Mackworth Praed,
esq. of Trevethowe, but dying *. p. in 1816,
bequeathed his estates to (the son of his
sister Blanch) his nephew,

John Warren, esq. who assumed on in-
heriting the surname and arms of Sandys.
He espoused Anne, daughter of the Rev.
Edward Marshall, vicar of Breage, and
dying in 1817, was succeeded by his son,
the present William-Sandys Sandys, esq.
of St. Minver.

Arms — Erminois on a fess dancetee per
pale gu. and azure, between three cross
crosslets fitchee of the second, as many
escallops or.

Crest — A gryphon segreant per fess
erminois and azure ; between the claws a
cross crosslet fitchee as in the arms.

Estate — In the parish of St. Minver,

Seat — St Minver.


HOLBECH, WILLIAM, esq. of Farnborough, in the county of Warwick, b. 22nd
January, 1774, m. 16th April, 1805, Lucy, sixth daughter of Oldfield Bowles, esq. of
North Aston, in the county of Oxford, and has issue,

Hugh, b. 15th August, 1814.

Charles- William, b. 30th July, 1816.

Henry, b. 23rd March, 1818.


Louisa-Anne, m. 12th February, 1828, to William Markham, esq. of Becca

Hall, in the county of York.

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This family was originally of Holbech,
in the county of Lincoln, whence sprang

Sir Laurence Holbech, (lineally des-
cended* from Oliver Holbeck, of Holbeck,
living about the year 1223,) who was father of
Richard Holbech, who had two sons,
William, slain at Towton, and

Thomas Holbech, of Fillongley, in the
county of Warwick, who d. in 1528. He
was grandfather of

William Holbech, of Whitehouse, in the
same shire, who wedded Elizabeth Petye,
and had (with other children) Thomas, of
Fillongley, from whom the Holbechs of that
place, and

William Holbech, who m. Dorothy, dau.
of — Fetherstone, esq. and had, inter alios,
a son and heir,

William Holbech, esq. of Chatterley, in
the county of Stafford, who m. the daughter
f_ Rolton, esq. of Meriden, in Warwick-
shire, and left at his decease, in 1620, two
sons, Walter, of Cole Newton, in Leices-
tershire, and

Ambrose Holbech, esq. of Mollington.
This gentleman m. Joan, daughter of Thomas
Holloway, esq. of Cropedy, in the county of
Oxford, and dying in 1662, aged sixty-six,
left surviving issue,
Ambrose, his heir.
Samuel, m. Miss Dorothy Blake, of

Elizabeth, m. to Timothy Harris.
Hester, m. to the Rev. John Parkes,
rector of Eydon.

* Thomas Holbech, esq. of Fillongley, repre-
sentative of this, the senior branch, wedded Eliza-
beth, heiress of Bernard Paulet, esq. and left an
only daughter and heiress,

Mary, who m. Edward Leigh, third Lord
Leigh, of Stoneleigh, (See Burke's Extinct

Joyce, m. to Thomas Bonner, esq. of

Joanna, m. to James Nicholson, esq.
of Daventree.
The elder son,

Ambrose Holbech, esq. of Mollington
and Farnborough, in Warwickshire, pur-
chased in 1678 the manor, impropriate
rectory, and advowson of Radston, which
were sold under an act of parliament " for
better enabling the trustees of Sir Thomas
Cave, bart. deceased, to sell lands for
the performance of his will." Mr. Holbech
m. Sarah, daughter of William Harvey,
gentleman, of London, by whom (who d. 4th
May, 1682) he had issue,

William, his successor.

Ambrose, of Mollington, who d. s. p. in

Hugh, who m. Elizabeth, widow of —

Sarah, m. to Sir Thomas Powys, knt.
of Lilford, one of the judges of the
court of King's Bench.
Mary, m. to Richard Jennens, esq. of

Long Wittenham, Berks.
Anne, m. to Tobiah Harvey, gent.
Finetta, d. unmarried in 1758.
He died 2nd March, 1701, and was s. by his
eldest son,

William Holbech, esq. of Farnborough,
in Warwickshire, and of Radston, in the
county of Northampton. This gentleman
m. Elizabeth, daughter and heir oi William
Allington, esq. of London, and by her (who
d. in 1708-9) he had issue

1. William, his heir.

2. Ambrose, d. in the life-time of his
father, anno 1712.

3. Charles, d. s. p. in 1723.

4. Hugh, of Mollington, m. Catherine,
daughter of Col. Cornwall, and dying
in 1765, left a son,

William, of Mollington, who be-
came heir to his uncle.

5. Jane, m. to John Blencowe, esq. of
Marston St. Lawrence, in the county
of Northampton, chief of that ancient
family. The great grandson of this
marriage is the present

John Jackson-Blencowe, esq. of
Marston St. Lawrence, (refer to
page 414).

6. Elizabeth, m. to George Tost, esq.

7. Sarah, d. in 1724.

8. Anne, m. in 1725, to Toby Chauncy,
esq. of London, and had an only dau.
(co-heiress of her father)

Anna-Tobina Chauncy, who m. in



1759, Thomas Richard Carter,
esq. of the Inner Temple, bar-
rister-at-law, and dying in 1783,
left an only son,

Thomas Carter, esq. who in-
herited Edgecote,the ancient
patrimony of the Chauncys.
This gentleman was M.P.
for Tan worth from 1796 to
1802, and for Callington from
1807 to 1810. Hem. in 1791,
Glencairn, dau. of Walter
Campbell, esq. of Shawfield.
Mr. Holbech d. 7th July, 1717, and was *.
by his eldest son,

William Holbech, esq. of Farnborough
and Radston, who d. unmarried in 1771,
when the estates devolved upon his nephew,
William Holbech, esq. of Mollington,
who thus became " of Farnborough and
Radston." He espoused in 1772, Anne,
daughter of William Woodhouse, of Lich-
field, M.D. and had issue,
William, his successor.
Henry-Hugh, barrister-at-law, b. in

Charles, b. in 1782, in holy orders, vicar
of Farnborough, and perpetual curate
of Radston.

Edward, b. in 1785, an officer in the

George, lieutenant R.N.
Mary-Anne, to. in 1807, to Sir Charles
Mordaunt, bart. of Walton D'Evile,
in the county of Warwick, by whom
she had (with two daughters) the
Sir John Mordaunt, bart. who s.
at the decease of his father, in
Mr. Holbech, who represented Banbury in
parliament from 1792 to 1796, d. 6th July,
1812, and was s. by his eldest son, the pre-
William Holbech, esq. of Farnborough.

Arms — Vert, six escallop shells, three,
two, and one, argent.

Crest — A maunch vert, charged with es-
callop shells arg.

Estates — Farnborough, in the county of
Warwick, Mollington, in Oxfordshire, Rad-
stone, in Northamptonshire, acquired about

Seat — Farnborough, near Banbury.


MASSINGBERD, CHARLES-BURRELL, esq. of Ormsby, in the county of Lin-
coln, b. in December, 1749, m. first, in December, 1774,
Ann, daughter of William Blackall, esq. of Braziers, in
Oxfordshire, by whom he has an only child,

Harriet, to. to Charles Godfrey Mundy, esq. of Burton,
in Leicestershire, and has had issue,

Charles-John-Henry Mundy, b. at Ormsby, in

June, 1808.
Harriet Mundy, who d. at Ormsby, 17th January,

Sophy Mundy.

Mr. Massingberd wedded secondly, in 1788, Marie-
Jeanne, second daughter of Captain Rapigeon, of Ver-
sailles, in the kingdom of France. He s. to the estates
on the demise of his father in 1802.


The earliest authentic record of the
family of Massingberd, (written also Mas-
syngberd, and Massingbergh) is in the
latter part of the 13th century, when

Lambert Massingberd, resided at Sut-
terton, temp. Edward I. He was great
grandfather of

Thomas Massyngberd, living in 1434,
who to. Juliana, daughter and co-heir of
Thomas, son and heir of Gilbert Bernak,
who was second son of Sir Hugh Bernak,
of Bernak Hall, in the parish of Burgh, in
the county of Lincoln, by Maud, his wife,
eldest daughter and co-heir of Sir William



Woodthorpe, knt. of Woodthorpe. Thomas
Massyngberd was father of

Robert Massingberd, esq. who wedded
Agnes, daughter and sole heiress of Robert
Holiday, of Burgh, and died 38th Henry
VI. leaving two sons,

Thomas, who m. Elizabeth, co-heiress
of Sir Thomas Hoo, Lord Hoo and
Hastings, K.G. by Eleanor, eldest
daughter of Leo, Lord Welles KG.
and sister to Richard, Lord Welles,
of Hellow, who was jure uxoris Lord
Willoughby de Eresby.

The elder son,

Richard Massingberd, esq. espoused
Maud, daughter of Thomas Kyme, and had
with other issue, Thomas, his heir, and
Christopher, successively chancellor ot
Lincoln, and archdeacon of Stowe , whose
tomb is in the south isle of the choir of
Lincoln Cathedral. The eldest son,

Sir Thomas Massingberd, knt. espousing

the heiress of Braytoft, removed to Bray-
toft Hall. Surviving his wife, Sir lliomas
became in the reign of Henry VIII. a
knight of St. John, of Jerusalem and
added the second escutcheon to the family
arms. He had issue,

Augustin,* who m. Margaret, daughter
of Robert Elrington, esq. of Hoxton,
in Middlesex, by whom he left at
his decease, v. p. in 1549, with other
issue, a son,

Thomas, heir to his grandfather.
Oswald (Sir), prior of Kilmainham,
and last principal of the illustrious
order of St. John, of Jerusalem,
at its final suppression by Queen
Sir Thomas was s. at his decease, by his

Thomas Massingberd, esq. member in
the English Parliament for Calais, 6th
Edward VI. This gentleman m. Alice,
daughter and sole heir of Richard Bever-

* From this gentleman also descended
John Massingberd, esq. who became treasurer
to the East India Company, and to whose memory
there is a monument in Streatham Church, Surrey.
He had two daughters, viz.

Elizabeth, who wedded George, first Earl
Berkeley. The arms of Massingberd are
quartered with those of Berkeley, in the
first compartment of the window of the
great hall at Berkeley Castle.
Mary, who espoused Robert, Lord Wil-
loughby de Eresbv, afterwards third Earl
of Lindsey, and had an only daughter, the
Lady Arabella Bertk, who was second
Countess to Thomas Savage, third Earl
Rivera. See Burke's Extinct and Dormant

coats, esq. a younger branch of the family
of Bevercoats, of Bevercoats, and had, with
other children, a son and successor,

Thomas Massingberd, esq. of Braytoft,
who wedded Frances, daughter of Sir
George Fitz Williams, knt. of Mablethorpe,
and dying in 1619, was s. by his son,

Thomas Massingberd, esq. of Braytoft,
who m. Frances, daughter of Robert Hal-
ton, esq. (by his wife, Joan, daughter of
John Draner, alias Drayuer, esq. of Hox-
ton,) by whom he left at his demise in 1636,
' i. Henry (Sir), of Braytoft, who was
created a Baronet in 1660. He m.
for his second wife, Ann, daughter
of William Evans, esq. and was s. by
his son,

SirWilliam Massingberd, second
baronet, who m. Elizabeth,
daughter of Richard Wynn, esq.
and was father of another
Sir William Massingberd,
third and last baronet, M.P.
for Lincolnshire, who died
s. p. about 1720, leaving his
estates to his sister, the wife
of William Mieux, esq. who
then assumed the name of

The house at Gunby and
a great part of the original
property have again passed
through a female, Elizabeth
Mary Ann Massingberd
(sole daughter of Henry,
son of Thomas, son of Wil-
liam (Mieux) Massingberd)
to Peregrine Langton, esq.
second son of Bennet Lang-
ton, esq. of Langton, in the
county of Lincoln,who,upon
his marriage, took the name
and arms of Massingberd,
and has issue, the Rev.
Algernon Langton Massing-
berd and other children,
ii. Drayner (Sir), progenitor of the
only remaining male branch of the
family, the Massingberds oiOrmsby.
The younger son,

Sir Drayner Massingberd, commanded
a bodv of parliamentary horse in the early
part of the civil wars, but afterwards went
abroad and received the royal pardon. Sir
Drayner, who inherited from the Draners,
Henxworth, in Hertfordshire, purchased,
, during the Commonwealth, of the family o.
I Skipwyth, the lordship of Ormsby, with
other extensive estates in the county of Lin-
coln. He m. first, Elizabeth, daughter and
sole heiress of Abraham Burrell, esq. of
Medloe Highfield, in the county of Hunt-
ingdon, which lady dying s. p. bequeathed



her estate to her husband. Sir Drayner
wedded secondly, Anne, second daughter of
Henry Mildmay,* esq. of Graces, in the
county of Essex, by whom he had, (with
another child, Henry, who died unmarried,)
a son and successor,

Burrell Massingberd, esq. of Ormsby,
in the county of Lincoln, and of Medloe
Highfield, in" Huntingdonshire, who served
the office of sheriff for the latter shire in
1707. He wedded Philippa, daughter of
Francis Mundy, esq. of Markeaton, M.P.
for Leicestershire, and left two sons, viz.
William-Burrell, his heir.
Francis-Burrell, who m. Maria, daugh-
ter of Thomas Fanshawe, esq. of
Parsloes, in Essex, and had a son,
The Rev. Francis Massingberd,
late rector of Washingborough,
in Lincolnshire, who m. Eliza,
daughter of William - Burrell
Massingberd, esq. of Ormsby,
and had issue,

Francis -Charles, in holy
orders, now rector of Orms-
by cum Ketsby and Driby,
vicar of Calaby, &c.

* In the descendants of the daughters of this
Henry Mildmay, the barony of Fitzwalter is
now in abeyance.

In the 7th of Henry V.

Sir John Radcliffe, knt. Governor of Troun-
sak, in Aquitaine, had a thousand marks per
annum allowed to him for the guard thereof. He
wedded Elizabeth Fitzwalter, only daughter
and heiress of Walter Fitzwalter, last Baron Fitz-
walter of that family. Sir John's great grandson,
Sir Henry Radcliffe, K.B. Lord Fitzwalter
and Earl of Sussex, espoused, first, the Lady Eli-
zabeth Howard, daughter of Thomas, Duke of
Norfolk, and had issue,

i. Thomas, third Earl of Sussex, who died

s. p. in 1583.
ii. Henry, fourth Earl of Sussex, whose only

Robert, fifth Earl of Sussex, dying
without surviving issue, in 1629, the
earldom devolved on his cousin, Sir
Edward Radcliffe, but expired with
that nobleman, while the barony, by
summons, of Fitzwalter passed to
his (the fifth earl's) aunt, the Lady
Frances Mildmay.
hi. Francis, d. s. p.
His lordship m. secondly, Anne, daughter of Sir
Philip Calthorpe, knt. and had one son and a
daughter, viz.

iv. Egremond, who was attainted and forced

to fly the kingdom.
v. Frances, who wedded Sir Thomas Mild-
may, knt. of Mulsho, in Essex, and had

The elder son and heir,

William-Burrell Massingberd, esq. of
Ormsby, succeeded his father in 1728. He
m. Miss Anne Dobson (whose mother was
one of the co-heiresses of Christopher Tan-
cred, esq. of Wixley, in Yorkshire), and
had issue,

Charles-Burrell, his heir.
William, in holy orders, late rector of
Ormsby, who died unmarried 5th
May, 1823, aged sixty-four.
Ann, m. to William Maxwell, D.D. of
Falkland, in Ireland, and died leaving

John Maxwell.

Anne Maxwell, m. to the Rev.
H. T. Lyte, and has issue.
Philippa, who died in July, 1831, aged

Frances, who died in May, 1832, aged

Eliza, m. to the Rev. Francis Massing-
Mr. Massingberd died in 1802, and was s.
by his elder son, the present Charles-Bur-
rell Massingberd, esq. of Ormsby.

Arms — Quarterly : 1st and 4th, az. three
quatrefoils (two and one), and in chief a
boar passant, or, charged on the shoulder
with a cross patee, gu. the ancient paternal

Sir Thomas Mildmay, bart. who d. s. p.
Sir Henry Mildmay, knt. who claimed
in 1640, by petition to the Long Par-
liament, in right of his mother, the
barony of Fitzwalter, but owing to
the civil wars nothing was done at
that time therein. Sir Henry m. Eli-
zabeth, daughter of John Darcy, esq.
of Tollshurst Darcy, and left three
sons, viz.

1. Roeert, who m. Mary, daughter
and co-heir of Sir Thomas Ed-
monds, knt. and had issue,
Henry, d. s. p.

Benjamin, who was allowed
the barony of Fitzwalter
in 1669. His son, however,
dying without issue in 1753,
this ancient dignity fell into
abeyance, between the re-
presentatives of his lord-
ship's aunt Mary.
Mary, who m. Henry Mild-
may, esq. of the Graces, and
had several daughters, among
whose representatives the
barony of Fitzwalter is now
in abeyance. The second
daughter, Anne, wedded, as
in the text, Sir Drayner

2. Henrv, d. s. p.

3. Charles, whose only child, Mary,
m. Sir Charles Tyrrell, bart.



arms. 2nd and 3rd, quarterly, or and arg.
on a cross humettee gu. between four lions
rampant sa. two escallops of the 1st ; the
coat acquired by Sir Thomas Massingberd,
knight of St. John of Jerusalem.

Crests — 1st. A dragon's head erased,
quarterly, or and gu. between two wings az.
2nd. A lion's head erased, charged with two
broad arrows, in saltier, arg. barbed or,
between four gouttes d'eau.

Motto — Est meruisse satis.

Estates — Lordships and estates of Orms-
by, Calaby, Driby, and Sutterby ; lordships

of Ingoldmells and Addlethorpe, with lands
in Ingoldmells, Skegness, and Swaby, all
in the county of Lincoln : in great part pur-
chased of the family of Skipwyfh by Sir
Drayner Massingberd, during the Protec-
torate, and remaining still in possession of
the present Mr. Massingberd, with the per-
petual advowson of the united rectory of
South Ormsby with Ketsby and Driby, and
vicarage of Calaby.

Seat — South Ormsby Hall, in the county
of Lincoln.


YORK, RICHARD, esq. of Wighill Park, in the county of York, b. in June,
1778, m. 20th April, 1801, Lady Mary-Anne Lascelles, youngest daughter of Edward,
first Earl of Harewood, and has one son,

Edward, b. at Harewood House, 6th January, 1802, a deputy-lieutenant for the West
Riding of the county of York, and a captain in the hussar yeomanry of that riding.

This gentleman, who is deputy-lieutenant for the West Riding of Yorkshire, and
lieutenant-colonel of the Hussar Yeomanry, served the office of high-sheriff for that
county in 1832. He succeeded his father in August, 1817.


Whittell York, esq. an eminent mer-
chant in Leeds, espoused Mary, relict of
W. Peart, esq. of Grassington, by whom he
had issue,

Richard, his heir.

Mary, who m. in November, 1807, the
Rev. Anthony L. Marsden, of Gar-
grave, in the county of York, and
has issue,

Charles-John Marsden.
Thomas-Lister Marsden.
Mary Marsden.
He died in August, 1817, and was succeeded
by his son, the present Richard York, esq.
of Wighill Park.

Arms — Ermine, on a cross az. a woolpack
arg. between four lions passant erminois :
on a chief gu. a sword ppr. pomel and hilt
or, surmounted of a key in saltier gold.

Crest — A demi-lion per fess wavy, the
upper part gu. the lower barry wavy of four
erminois and az. supporting a woolpack
erect ppr. on the breast a gold key bar-

Estates— West Riding of Yorkshire.

Seat— Wighill Park, near Tadcaster.


STRANGWAYES-SWAINSTON, EDWARD, esq. of Alne, in Yorkshire, b. 27th

October, 1782, m. in 1804, Eliza, daughter of John
Hanning, esq. of White Lackington and Dillington, in
the county of Somerset, and has had issue,




Matilda-Elizabeth, who d. unmarried.





This gentleman, whose patronymic is Swainston, as-
sumed, on inheriting the estates of the family of Strang-

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