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John-Duncombe, b. 16th May, 1807.

^- ^- -y Thomas-Duncombe, b. in 1811.

>^ \^ f Frederick-William-Duncombe, b. 18th July, 1812, and

d. in 1820.
Slingsby-Duncombe, b. 11th August, 1811.
Arthur-Duncombe, b. 11th January, 1815.
Catherine, m. 17th May, 1827, to William-Charles Har-

land, esq. of Sutton Hall, in Yorkshire.

Mr. Shafto, who represented the City of Durham in parlia-
ment, in 1804, succeeded his brother in July, 1802.

The family of Shafto is of great antiquity
in the north of England. Some little inci-
dental proof of the rank which the old lords
of Shafto held on the border may be gathered
from song and tradition. At the " Raid of
the Redsuire," in 1575, a hostile meeting


between the Scotch and English Wardens,
one of the war-cries of the latter w-as, " A
Sehaftan and a Fenwick." The Scots had
the honour of the day, and amongst the
many English who were taken prisoners or



" Young Henry Schaftan he is hurt,
A souldier shot him with a bow."*
Cuthbert Folliott, second or younger
son of Sir John Folliott, had issue,

Thomas Folliott, who is said to have first
assumed the surname of Shafto, from his
residence at Shafto-Crag, in Northumber-
land. From him sprung, sixth in descent,

William Shafto, esq. who left by his
wife , heiress of Bavington, in North-
umberland, a son and successor,

Edward Shafto, esq. of Bavington, who
m. Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Swin-
burne, esq. of Nafferton, in the county of
Northumberland, and bad, with other issue,
Cuthbert, who s. at Bavington, and
marrying Isabel, daughter and co-heir
of Roger Bertram, esq. was ancestor
to the Shaftos of Bavington, now re-
presented by
Robert-Ingram Shafto, esq. of
Alexander, who m. Anne, daughter of

Fenwick, esq. of Little Harle.

Mark, of whom presently.
The third son,

Mark Shafto, esq. of Newcastle-upon-
Tyne, served the office of mayor of that city
in 1548. He m. Margaret RiddeU, and had


Edward, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne,mer-

chant-adventurer,whom. Isabel Ogle,
and left at his decease, in 1576, se-
veral children.
Mark, alderman of Newcastle, who
served the office of sheriff of that city
in 1573, and mayor the subsequent
year. He d. s. p. in 1593.
Ninian, of whom hereafter.
Leonard, d. unmarried, 6th Dec. 1594.
Launcelot, d. s. p.
' Elizabeth, m. to William Greenwell, esq.
The third son,

Ninian Shafto, esq. of Newcastle, m.
Anne, daughter of Henry Brandling, of
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and dying in 1581,
was s. by his eldest son,

Robert Shafto, esq. alderman and sheriff
of Newcastle in 1607, who m. Jane, daughter
of Robert Eden, esq. of that place, and had
surviving issue,

Robert, to whom his father devised
Benwell Tower, in the county of
Northumberland, ancestor of the
Shaftos of Benwell.

* Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border.

Mark, of whom we are about to treat.

Ninian, m. Jane Carr, and d. in 1647,
leaving issue.

Eden, m. to Anthony Metcalfe, esq.

Anne, m. to John Clavering, esq. of
Axwell, in the county of Durham.

Dorcas, m. to Henry Cock, of New-
castle, merchant.

Mary, ■>

Alice, i d. unmarried.

Isabel, )

Robert Shafto's second surviving son,

Mark Shafto, esq. barrister-at-law of the
Honourable Society of Gray's Inn, and re-
corder of Newcastle in 1648, purchased
Whitworth, in the county of Durham, in
1652. He m. Mary, daughter of Thomas
Legard, of Newcastle, merchant, and had

Robert (Sir), his successor.

Thomas, a Hamburgh merchant.

Jane, m. 10th January, 1652, to William
Strother, esq. of Fowerby, in the
county of Northumberland.

Mark Shafto d. 25th February, 1659, and
was s. by his eldest son,

Sir Robert Shafto, knt. of Whitworth,
in the county of Durham, barrister-at-law,
who, being appointed recorder of Newcastle
in 1660, received the honour of knighthood
at Whitehall, 26th June, 1670. He was
constituted serjeant-at-law in 1674, and in
1685 resigned the recordership, to which
situation he was a second time chosen, at the
Revolution in 1688. He m. in 1661, Cathe-
rine, daughter and co-heir of Sir Thomas
Widdrington, knt. of Cheeseburn Grange,
in the county of Northumberland, serjeant-
at-law (by Frances, his wife, daughter of
Ferdinando, Lord Fairfax, of Cameron),
and left at his decease 21st May, 1705, an
only son and successor,

Mark Shafto, esq. of Whitworth, b. in
1662, who served the office of high sheriff
(by patent) of the county of Durham in 1709.
He m. Catherine, eldest daughter of Sir
John Ingleby, of Ripley, bart. and eventu-
ally co-heir in blood of her nephew r , Sir
John Ingleby, bart. and had issue,

Robert, his heir.

John, successor to his brother,

Catherine,??*. 31st January, 1715, to Sir

John Eden, of Windlestone, bart. and

left issue.



Mr. Shafto d. 28th December, 1723, and was
s. by his elder son,

Robert Shafto, esq. of Wbitworth, M.P.

for the city of Durham, 1st Gf.oroe I. who
m. Dorothy, fifth daughter of Henry Dawney,
second Lord Viscount Downe,by whom (who
married after his decease, Rev. Thomas
Eden, D. D. Prebendary of Durham, fourth
son of Sir Robert Eden, of Windlestone)
leaving no issue, the estates devolved upon
his only brother,

John Shafto, esq. of Wbitworth, M. P.
for the city of Durham, from 1729 to 1742.
This gentleman m. Mary, daughter and
heiress of Thomas Jackson, esq. of Nun-
nington, in the county of York, town clerk
of the city of London, by whom (who re-
married after his decease Wynne, esq.

and d. in 17G8) he had issue,

Robkkt, his successor.
Thomas-Goodfellow, D.D. Rector of
Brancepefh and Canon Residentiary
of Christ Church, Oxford, d. unmar-
ried 17th October, 1797, and was bu-
ried in Christ Church Cathedral.
Dorothy, m. 19th April, 1763, to Wil-
mot Vaughan, Earl of Lisburne, and
d. in 1805.
Margaret, d. unmarried, in 1818.
Mr. Shafto d. 3rd April, 1742, and was s. by
his elder son,

Robert Shafto, esq. of Wbitworth, who
espoused, 18th April, 1774, Anne, daughter

and sole heiress of Thomas Duncombe, esq.
of Duncombe Park, in the county of York
fby Diana, his wife, youngest daughter of
Henry Howard, fourth Earl of Carlisle, co-
heir of her mother, Frances, his wife, only
child of Charles Spencer, third Earl of Sun-
derland, by his Countess, Arabella, youngest
daughter and co-heir of Henry Cavendish,
Duke of Newcastle), and had issue,

John, his successor.
Robekt-Eden-Duncombe, present pro-
Thomas, b. 23rd August, 1777.
This gentleman, who represented the county
of Durham in parliament from 1760 until
1768, and subsequently the borough of
Down ton, for several years, d. 24th Novem-
ber, 1797, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Shafto, esq. of Wbitworth, at whose
decease, unmarried, in July, 1802, the fa-
mily estates devolved upon his next brother,
Robeut-Eden-Duncombe Shafto, esq. pre-
sent representative of this branch of the fa-

A rms — Gu. on a bend arg. three mullets az.

Crest — A salamander reguardant vert, in
the middle of flames ppr.

Estates— At Whitworth, Bishop's Close,
Byer's Green, North Bedburn, Bitchburn,
and Witton-le-Wear, in the county of Dur-

Seat— Whitworth Park, in the county of


SHIRLEY, EVELYN-JOHN, esq. of Eatington Park, in the county of Warwick,

b. in 1788, m. in 1810, Eliza, daughter of Arthur Stanhope,
esq. cousin to the Earl of Chesterfield, and has issue,

Evelyn-Philip, b. in 1812.
Arthur, b. in 1813.
Sewallis, b. in 1816.
George-Edward, b. in 1817.
Walter-Devereux, b. in 1829.

Mr. Shirley, who represented the county of Monaghan for
sometime in parliament, and who is a trustee of Rugby
school, inherited the estates upon the demise of his father,
17th May, 1810.
1. E






This is a branch of the noble and ancient
family of Shirley, Earls of Ferrars, spring-
ing from

Sir Robert Shirley, knt, first Earl of
Ferrars, who m. first, Elizabeth, daughter
and heiress of Lawrence Washington, esq.
of Caresden, in Wiltshire, and had, with
several other children,

1 . Robert, who predeceased his father,
leaving one son and a daughter, viz.

Robert, who also d. vita patris, un-

Elizabeth, whom. James, fifth Earl
of Northampton, and succeeded,
as heiress of her brother, to the
baronies of Ferrers, of Chartley,
Bourchier, and Lovaine.

2. Washington, who s. his father as se-
cond Earl of Ferrers, but d. s.p. m.
when the honors devolved upon his

3. Henry, third earl, at whose decease,
unmarried, the title passed to his ne-

4. Lawrence, who left three sons, viz.

Lawrence, fourth Earl of Ferrers,

d. s.p.
Washington, fifth earl, also (/.with-
out issue.
Robert, sixth earl, who had issue,
Robert, his successor, as se-
venth earl.
Washington, present Earl,
(see Burke's Peerage).
The (first) earl espoused, secondly, in 1699
Selina, daughter of George Finch, esq. and
had issue,

1. Robert,M.P. for Stamford, who d.s.p.

2. George, d. young.

3. George, of whom hereafter.

4. Sewallis, comptroller of the house-
hold to Queen Charlotte, M.P. for
Callington; who m. Margaret, Coun-
tess Dowager of Orford, but d. s.p.

5. John, d. unmarried, in 1768.

6. Selina, m. to Peter Bathurst, esq. of
Clarendon Park, Wilts, and d. leav-
ing issue.

7. Mary, m. to Charles Tryon, esq. of
Bullwick, in the county of North-
ampton, and d. in 1771.

8. Anne,«i. to Sir Robert Furnese, and
d. in 1779, leaving a daughter,

Selina, m. to Sir Edward Dering, bt.

d. unmarried.

9. Frances,
10. Steuarta,
The third, but, eventually, eldest surviving
son of the second marriage,

The Hon. George Shirley, of Eating-
ton, in the county of Warwick, a captain in
the first regiment of foot guards, m. Mary,
daughter of Humphrey Sturt, esq. and had
two sons and two daughters, viz.
George, his successor.
Evelyn, who inherited upon the demise

of his brother issueless.
Selina, m. to Sir Thomas-George Skip-

with, bart.
Margaret, m. to John Smith, esq. of
Comb Hay.
Mr. Shirley d. 22nd October, 1787, and
was s. by his eldest son,

George Shirley, esq. of Eatington, who
m. twice ; but dying s.p. in 1793, the estates
devolved upon his brother,

Evelyn Shirley, esq. of Eatington, who
espoused Phillis-Byam, daughter of Charl-
ton Wollaston, esq. and had issue,
Evelyn-John, present proprietor.
Charles, b. 15th November, 1792; m.
7th December, 1819, Anne-Charlotte,
second daughter of the Hon. and Rev.
George Bridgeman.
William, b. 23rd March, 1794.
James, in holy orders, b. 15th Jan. 1802.
Horatio, b. 8th December, 1805.
Arthur-George-Sewallis, b. in 1810.

Mary, m. to George Morant, esq.

Emily-Harriet, m. to Lord Suffield.
Mr. Shirley d. 17th May, 1810, and was s.
by his eldest son, Evelyn-John Shirley,
esq. now representative of this branch of
the family.

Arms — Quarterly, first and fourth, paly of
six, or and az. a canton ermine : second and
third, France and England quarterly, within
a border arg.

Crest — The bust of a Saracen, side-faced
and couped, ppr. wreathed about the tem-
ples, or and az.

Motto — Honor virtutis praemium.
Estates — In Warwickshire ; and in the
county of Monaghan, Ireland.

Seats — Eatington Park, in the county of
Warwick ; and Lough Fea, in the county of


VAVASOUR, WILLIAM, esq. of Weston Hall, in the county of York, m. Sarah,
daughter and co-heiress of John Cooke, esq. of Swinton, in the same shire, hy whom
he has no issue. Mr. Vavasour succeeded to the estates of his family, and the repre-
sentation of the ancient house of Vavasour, upon the decease of his brother in 1195.


The eminent family of Vavasor, or Val-
\ tsOR (as Camden has it), derived their
name from their office, being formerly
king's valvasor, a degree then little inferior
to the baronial. " There are," says Brac-
ton, " for the civil government of mankind,
emperors, kings, and princes, magnates or
valvasors, and knights."

Sir M auger le Vavasor is mentioned in
Doomsday Book, as holding in chief of the
Percys, Earls of Northumberland, consi-
derable manors and estates in Stutton, Esele-
wood, Saxall (Saxon), &c. He was father
of another

Sir Mauger le Vavasor, father of

Sir William le Vavasor, lord of Hasel-
wood, judge in the reign of Henry II. and
one of the witnesses to the charter of the
abbey of Sawley, in Yorkshire, refounded
by Matilda de Percy, Countess of Warwick.
To this abbey he himself also made a consi-
derable donation of land. He was s. by his

Sir Robert le Vavasor, who in 21st
Henry III. was high-sheriff of Nottingham
and Derbv ; and from 31st of the same

reign having served for eight years succes-
sively. He had likewise the custody of the
honor of Peverell. He m. Julian, daughter
of Gilbert de Ross, of Steeton, by whom he
had issue,

1. John (Sir), his successor.

2. Maude, in. to Theobald, brother of
Hubert, Archbishop of Canterbury ,
from whom descended the family of
Butler, dukes, marquesses, and earls
of Ormonde ; and from whom also
descended her majesty, Queen Eliza-
beth, by her grandfather, Sir Thomas
Boleyne, created Earl of Wiltshire
and Ormonde.

Sir Robert d. 38th Henry III. and was s. by
his son,

Sir John le Vavasor, knt. Lord of Ha-
selwood, who gave to the abbot and convent
of Thornton, to the church and canons of St.
Peter in Howden, stone from his quarry in
Theves-dale (now called Jackdaw Cragg),
near Tadcaster, to build their churches, and
repair other edifices. He m. Alice, daughter
of Sir Robert Cockfield, knt. by whom lie
had, with a younger son, Malger, of whose
descendants we are about to treat,

Sir William le Vavasor, who s. his father
at Haselwood, which he had license
to castellate from King Edward I. in
whose reign he was employed in the
Gascoigne and Scotch wars ; and was
so esteemed, that he had summons to
parliament among the barons, from
28th Edward I. to fith of Edward II.
He gave to the archbishop and chap-
ter of York, from the abovementioned
quarry in Theves-dale, the stone of
which the noble edifice, the Minster,
was erected. He also made and found-
ed St. Leonard's Chapel, in his castle
at Haselwood, which, on the foregoing


account, was made extra-parochial by
(lie archbishop : the king's charter for
the chapel is dated 29th April, 1286,
Edward I. : the confirmation is dated
5th June, 1452, being the 31st of Hen-
ry VI. Sir Thomas Vavasor, the
lineal descendant of this baron, so
distinguished himself, with others of
the nobility, by raising forces and
equipping vessels to defend Queen
Elizabeth against the Spanish arma-
da, that the queen, in reward of this
zeal, and out of particular regard for
one of her maids of honor, who was a
Vavasor, and acknowledged by her
majesty as her kinswoman, would
never suffer the chapel at Haselwood
to be molested, where the Roman ca-
tholic rites still continue to be cele-
brated. Lord Vavasor m. Nichola,
daughter of Sir Stephen Wallis, knt.
of Newton, by whom he had issue
three sons,

i. Robert, second Lord Vavasor,
who was likewise employed
against the Scots, and also had
summons as a baron, 7th Ed-
ward II. He married, and left
issue two daughters,

1 . Elizabeth Vavasor, m. Sir
Robert Strelly, of Notting-
hamshire, in whose heirs it
is supposed this barony still

2. Ann.

Robert, Lord Vavasor, dying
without issue male, was s. at Ha-
selwood by his next brother,
n. Sir Henry le Vavasor (second
son of William, Baron Vavasor),
who was the direct ancestor of
Sir Thomas Vavasour, of Hasel-
wood Castle, who was created a
baronet in 1628, which dignity
expired with the late Sir Thomas
Vavasour, in 1826. The estates
at Haselwood, &c. devolved by
will upon his cousin, the Hon.
Edward Marmaduke Stourton,
(second son of Charles-Philip,
sixteenth Lord Stourton, by
Mary, daughter and co-heiress
of Marmaduke, fifth and last
Lord Langdale), who, changing
his name to Vavasour, and being-
created a baronet, is the present
Sir Edward-Marmaduke Vava-

sour, of Haselwood, in the county
of York,
in. William, of Deneby (now Dau-
by), in Yorkshire, ancestor to
the family (Scroop) in that place.
Sir John le Vavasor of Haselwood was s.
in Lis estates at Denton and Askwith by his
second son,

Sir Malger le Vavasor, knt. of Denton
and Askwith, who m. Alice, daughter of
William Duston, esq. and had issue,

I. Mauger (Sir), who lived about, the
3rd of Edward III. (1328), m. and left

1. William Vavasor, of Denton,
m. Agnes, daughter of Roger
Grymston, esq. and had issue,
Sir Mauger Vavasor, who left
issue by his wife Margaret,
Agnes Vavasor, m. Sir
Bernard Brocas, knt.
(from whom she was di-
• vorced, and afterwards

m. Hen. Langfield, esq.)
by whom she had issue,
Sir Bernard Brocas,
knt. chamberlain to
Queen Anne, wife
of Richard II. He
was attainted and
executed for high
treason, 1st Henry
IV. and is buried in
St. Edmund's cha-
pel, in Westmin-
ster Abbey. He
left issue,

William Brocas,
his son and
heir,who made
over his estate
of Denton by
deed of feoff-
ment to Wil-
liam Gas-
coigne, John
Thwaytes, and
others, from
whom John
Vavasor of
Weston, re-
covered the
2. Thomas, who had his father's
manor of Wolsington. He left
issue by Joan, his wife (who m.
secondly, William Witham, esq.



Sir Mauger Vavasor, who d.

without issue,
William Vavasor, TO. and had
Margaret Vavasor, his
heir, who d. without
issue, about 8th Richard
3. Richard, m. and had two sons,
Mauger and William, who re-
leased to Sir Bernard Brocas,
knt. and Agnes Vavasor, his
wife, all their right and interest
in the manor of Denton ; and
shortly afterwards both d. with-
out issue.
II. John, of whom presently.
Sir Malger Vavasor, of Denton and Askwith,
was v. at Askwith by his second son,

Sir John le Vavasor, of Askwith, knt.
who m. the daughter and heiress of Sir Wil-
liam de Stopham, of Weston, knt. by whom
he had issue,

John le Vavasor, of Askwith, who lived
about the year 1329, and left issue by Alice,
his wife,

John le Vyvasor, of Askwith, who m.
Agnes, daughter and heir of — de Benevile,
and had issue,

William, attorney-general to King Ed-
ward III.
He was s. at Weston by his second son,

John Vavasor, esq. of Weston. This
gentleman to. Agnes, or Anne, daughter of
Sir William Mauleverer, of Wothersome,
knt. (This Agnes, or Anne, did release to
John, her son, all her right in the manor of
Weston, in 1400, 2nd Henry IV.) They
left issue,
He was s. by his eldest son,

John Vavasor, esq. of Weston, who m.
Margaret, daughter of Sir Peter Middleton,
of StockeM, knt. by whom he had issue,

William, parson of Bursdsall, in Cra-
Henry, in. Matilda, daughter of —
Bunnye, esq. from whom descended
the extinct Baronets Vavasour, of
Coppenthorp, in the county of York.
Isabella, a nun, at Smithwa\ fe.
Agnes, m. John Beckwith, esq. of

He was s. by his eldest son,

John VavA80R, esq. of Weston, (made
his will 1st Edward IV.), to. Ellen, daugh-
ter of Thomas Beckwith, of Clinte, esq. (she
made her will 2nd Henry VII.), by whom
he had issue,

John Vavasor, esq. of Weston, who mar-
ried and had issue,

Anastatia, TO. — Norton, esq.
Katherine, m. Robert Wood, esq.
Joan, to. Rafe Hutton, esq.
Agnes, m. William Burton, esq. of
He was succeeded by his only son,

John Vavasor, esq. of Weston and New-
ton, near Ripley. This gentleman m. Eliza-
beth, daughter of Henry Thwaytes, esq. by
whom he had issue,

Elizabeth, a nun at Nunmuncton.
Ellen, m. William Exileby, esq.
He made his will 1482, and was s. by his
eldest son,

John Vavasor, esq. of Weston and New-
ton, m. Cecily, daughter of Sir John Nor-
ton, knt. by whom he had issue,

Marmaduke, m. Agnes, daughter of
— Saltmarshe, esq. and had issue,
John Vavasor, esq. of Waltham,
in Hertfordshire.
Elizabeth, a nun.
Anne, m. Sir William Calverley, knt.

of Calverley.
Joan, m. — Walworth, esq. of Ra-

Margaret, m. Christopher Rayne, esq.
of Netherdale.
He was s. by his eldest son,

John Vavasor, esq. of Weston, who m.
first, Bridget, daughter of Sir Thomas Mau-
leverer, knt. of Allerton, by whom he had


Elizabeth, m. — Johnson, esq.
Dorothy, »i. Thomas Highley, esq. of
He to. secondly, Agnes, daughter of Sir
William Calverley, knt. of Calverley, by
whom he had issue,

Isabel, »j. John Hay thorp, esq. of

Chester in the Street.
Grace, m. Thomas Sothaby, esq. of

Frances, to. first, Anthony Fawkes,
esq.; secondly, Peter Bainbridge,



esq. ; and, thirdly, William Pulleyn,
esq. of Scotton.
Ann, m. first, Thomas Pulleyne, esq. ;
and, secondly, Peter Danby, esq.
He was s. by his eldest son,

Marmaduke Vavasour, esq. of Weston.
This gentleman m. Joan, daughter of Sir
William Middleton, knt. of Stockeld, and
left a son, his successor,

William Vavasour, esq. of Weston and
Newton, who m. first, Alice, daughter of
Richard Pavor, esq. of Brayme, by whom
he had one son and a daughter, viz.

Mauger, his heir.

Agnes, m. first, John Pulleyne, esq.
of Killinghall; and, secondly, Ed-
mund Parkinson, esq.
He m. secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir
Leonard Beckwith, knt. by whom he had
another daughter,

Frances, m. Sir Henry Slingsby, knt.
He m. thirdly, Margaret, daughter of Wal-
ter Walshe, esq. of Shelsden Abberley,
in the county of Worcester, by whom lie
likewise had issue. He was s. by his eldest

Sir Mauger Vavasour, knt. who m. Joan,
daughter of John Savile, esq. of Stanley,
by whom he had,


Mary, m. Stephen Hammerton, esq. of

Hellifield Peel, in Craven.
Frances, m. Edmund Cloughe, esq. of
Thorpe Stapylton, near Leeds.
Sir Mauger was a justice of the peace in
the 44th Elizabeth. He was *. by his son,

William Vavasour, esq. of Weston. This
gentleman m. first, Mary, daughter of Fran-
cis Vaughan, esq. of Sutton upon Derwent,
and had issue,

Mauger, m. Frances, daughter and co-
heir of Piers Leghe, esq. son of Sir
Peter Leghe, of Lyme, in Cheshire,
but died in the lifetime of his father,
without issue.
Thomas, successor to his father.

He m. secondly, Anne, daughter and heir
of Richard Tolson, esq. of Cockermouth, in
the county of Cumberland, and widow of
the Honorable Edward Savile, second son
of John Lord Savile, but had no issue. He
was s. by his second and only surviving son,
Thomas Vavasour, esq. of Weston, who
vi. first, Mary, daughter of Richard Nor-
ton, esq. by whom he had no surviving issue.

He espoused, secondly, Dorothy, daughter
of John Braddyle, esq. of Portfield, county
of Lancaster, and had a son, Mauger, his
successor. Mr. Vavasour wedded, thirdly,
a daughter of John Roodes, esq. of Ro-
chester, county of Lancaster ; and, fourthly,
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Alexander Bar-
low, of Barlow, near Manchester, by whom
he had also issue. He was s. by his son,

Mauger Vavasour, esq. of Weston. This
gentleman m. Frances, daughter of Peter
Vavasour, esq. of Spaldington, by whom he
had Susanna and a son, his successor,

William Vavasour, esq. of Weston, who
m. Mary, daughter of Thomas Fawkes, esq.
of Farriley, in the county of York, and was
s. by his eldest son,

William Vavasour, esq. of Weston. This
gentleman m. Anne, daughter of John Chap-
lin, esq. of Tathwell, in the county of Lin-
coln, by whom (who d. 11th March, 1783),
he had issue,

Walter, his heir.

John, killed by a fall from his horse
at Apperby Bridge, 15th November,
1777, leaving no issue.

Charles, d. unmarried.

Mary, m. Captain William Candler,
of the 10th regiment of foot, second
son of Henry Candler, D.D. Arch-
deacon of Ossory, and grandson of
Thomas Candler, esq. of Callan Castle,
in the county of Kilkenny, in the
kingdom of Ireland, by whom she
left issue.
Mr. Vavasour was s. by his eldest son,

Walter Vavasour, esq. of Weston, who
m. 8th July, 1761, Ellen, daughter of Ed-
ward Elmsall, esq. of Thomhill, and had

Walter- Ayscough-Fawkes.

Edward-Elmsall, successor to his bro-

William, present lord of the soil.

Ellen, m. at Thomhill, 24th Novem-
ber, 1787, to the Rev. John Carter,
of Lincoln, and d. in 1815, leaving

He d. in 1780, and was .v. by his eldest son,
Walter - Ascough - Fawkes Vavasour,

esq. of Weston, a minor, who d. unmarried

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