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Duustan's Church, London, where a monu-
ment was erected to his memory.

Sir Henry Portman, knt. son and suc-
cessor of the judge, espoused Joan, daughter
of Thomas Michell, esq. and dying in 1590,
was s. by his son,

John Portman, esq. of Orchard-Port-

man, who was created a Baronet, 25th

November, 1612. He m. Anne, daughter

of Sir Henry Gift'ord, knt. and left issue,

1. Henry (Sir), his successor, who m.

Lady Anne, Stanley, but d. s. p. in




The Portmans appear to have been of
distinction in the county of Somerset, in the
reign of Edward I. at which period nourished

Thomas Portman, whose grandfather had
borne the arms still used by the family.
The lineal descendant of this Thomas,

William Portman, settled at Taunton,
temp. Henry IV. and was a munificent
benefactor to the priory of that place, where
he was interred. His son and successor,

Walter Portman, espoused Christian,
daughter and heiress of William Orchard,
of Orchard, and was s. by his son,

John Portman, of the Middle Temple,
who d. in 1521, and was s. by his son,

Sir William Portman, knt. an eminent
lawyer, who was appointed sergeant-at-law
to King Henry VIII. afterwards one of the
justices of the Court of Common Pleas, and
eventually lord chief justice of England, in
which elevated station he distinguished him-
self by displaying a degree of integrity
and independence very unusual among the
judges of those arbitrary and despotic times.
He d. in 1555, and was buried in St.

2. John (Sir), ^

3. Hugh (Sir,

', >

4. William (Sir), eventually inheritor
of the baronetcy.

5. Joan, m. to George Speke, esq. of
Whitelackington, and had a daughter,

Philippa, m. to Edward Berkeley,

esq. of Pylle, and the grandson

of this marriage,

William Berkeley, esq. of

Pylle, ultimately inherited

the estates, and assumed the

surname of Portman, only.

6. Anne, m. to Sir Edward Seymour,
of Bury Pomeroy Castle, and had,
with other issue,

Edward (eldest son), from whom
Edward, present Duke of So-
merset, descends.

Henry (fifth son), of whom here-
after, as heir of the Portmans.

7. Elizabeth, m. to John Bluet, esq. of

8. Grace, d. unmarried.

The baronetcy and representation of the
family eventually devolved upon Sir John's
fourth son,

Sir William Portman, bart. who m.
Anne, daughter and co-heiress of John
Colles, esq. of Barton, by Elizabeth, daugh-



ter and sole heiress of Humphrey Wynd-
ham, esq. of Wiveliscombe, and was s. at
his decease by his son,

Sir William Portman, bart. who was
made a knight of the bath by King Charles
II. He m. first, Elizabeth, daughter and
heiress of Sir John Cutter, bart. secondly,
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Southcote,
and thirdly, Mary, daughter and heiress of
Sir John Holman, but had no issue. By a
release dated 26th February, he devised
Orchard-Portman, together with other es-
tates to a large amount, to his cousin,

Henry Seymour, esq. (refer to issue of
Anne, sixth child of the first baronet)
who, upon inheriting, assumed the surname
and arms of Portman. He m. first, Pene-
lope, daughter of Sir William Haslewood,
of Maidwell, and secondly, Meliora, daugh-
ter of William Fitch, esq. of High Hall,
Dorsetshire, but dying s. p. the property
devolved by further limitation upon his

William Berkeley, esq. (refer to issue
of Joan fifth child of the first baronet,)
who likewise took the name of Portman
only. He m. Anne, daughter of Sir Edward
Seymour, of Bury Pomeroy, and grandaugh-
ter of Anne Portman, by whom he had issue,
Henry-William-Berkeley, his suc-
Edward Berkeley, esq. of Pylle, who
m. Anne, daughter of Thomas Ry ves,
esq. of Ranston, and had two daugh-
ters, viz.

1. Letitia, m. to Andrew Napier,
esq. of Tintenhall, in the county
of Somerset.

2. Arundell, in. to Thomas Troyte,
esq. of Huntsham, in the county
of Devon.

Letitia, m. to Sir John Burland, knt.
L.L.D. one of the barons of the Ex-
chequer, and had a son,

John-Berkeley Burland, esq. of
Stock House, Dorset.
Mr. Portman was s. at his decease by his
eldest son,

Henry -William -Berkeley Portman,
esq. of Orchard Portman, in the county of
Somerset, and of Bryanston, in the county
of Dorset, who espoused Anne, daughter of
William Fitch, <-sq. of High Hall, and dying
in 1761, was .v. by his son,

Henry-William Portman, esq. of Or-
chard Portman, and of Bryanston, who in-
herited the family estates of Pylle, upon

the demise of his aunt, Lady Burland. He
wedded Anne, daughter of William Wynd-
ham, esq. of Dinton, and had issue,

1. Henry-Bi.kki.liy, who m. Lucy-
Elizabeth, daughter of Lord Dormer,
and d. in 1804, leaving,

Charlotte -Lucy, who wedded
John, present Earl Poulet, and
has issue.

2. Edward-Berkeley, successor to his

3. Anne-Mary.

4. Henrietta, m. to L. G. D. Tregon-
well, esq. of Cranborne, Dorsetshire,
and has issue.

5. Wyndham.

The second son and successor,

Edward-Berkeley Portman, esq. of
Bryanston, and of Orchard-Portman, m.
first, Lucy, daughter of the Rev. Thomas
Whitby, of Creswell Hall, in Staffordshire,
and had issue,

1. Edward-Berkeley, now represen-
tative of the family.

2. Henry -William -Berkeley, b. 8th
May, 1801, who m. Harriet-Emily,
second daughter of T. L. Napier
Sturt, esq.

3. Wyndham-Berkeley, b. 4th June,
1804, who m. Sarah, daughter of
Thomas Thornhill, esq. of Riddles-
worth, in Norfolk, and has issue.

4. Fitzhardinge-Berkeley, b. 23rd Jan.
1811, a fellow of All-souls.

5. Lucy-Mabella, m. toG. Digby-Wing-
field, esq.

6. Marianne, m. to George Drummond,
esq. and has issue.

7. Harriet-Ella, m. to W. Stratford-
Dugdale, esq. M.P. and has issue.

Mr. Portman espoused secondly, in March,
1816, Mary, eldest daughter of Sir Edward
Hulse, bart. of Breamore House, Wilts.
He died at Rome, 19th January, 1823, and
was s. by his eldest son, the present Ed-
ward-Berkeley Portman.


This is a branch of the very ancient and
eminent house of Berkeley, of Berkeley
Castle,* but more immediately connected
with the Lords Berkeley, of Stratum.

* For a full account of the early Berkeley*,
refer to Burke's Extinct Peerage,



Sir Richard Berkeley, knt. of Stoke
Giflbrd, in the county of Gloucester (des-
cended from Sir Maurice Berkeley, knt.
second son of the first Lord Berkeley, of
Berkeley Castle), d. in 1514, leaving issue
by his wife, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Hum-
phrey Coningsby, knt, two sons, viz.

John (Sir), of Stoke-GifTord, ancestor
to Lord Botetourt,

Sir Maurice Berkeley, K.B. of Bruton,
in the county of Somerset, standard-bearer
to Henry VIII. Edward VI. and Queen
Elizabeth. Of this gentleman it is men-
tioned, that, in the first year of Queen
Mary, riding casually in London, he met
with Sir Thomas Wiat at Temple Bar, and,
persuading him to yield himself to the queen,
Sir Thomas took his advice, and, mounting
behind Sir Maurice, rode to the court. Sir
Maurice m. first,Catherine, daughter of Wil-
liam Blount, Lord Mountjoy, and had, with
several other children, a son, Henry, his
successor. He espoused, secondly, Eliza-
beth, daughter of Anthony Sands, esq. by
whom he had two sons and a daughter. Sir
Maurice was s. at his decease by his eldest

Sir Henry Berkeley, knt. of Bruton,
who m. Margaret, daughter of William Ly-
gon, esq. of the county of Stafford, and had
three sons, viz.

1. Maurice (Sir), from whom derived
the Viscounts Fitzharding, the Ba-
rons Berkeley, of Stratton, and the
gallant Earl of Falmouth.

2. Henry (Sir), from whom descend
the Berkeleys of Yarlington.

3. Edward (Sir), of whom we are about
to treat.

The third son,

Sir Edward Berkeley, knt. of Pylle,
espoused Margaret, daughter of John Hol-
land, esq. of Sussex (whose ancestor, Tho-
mas Holland, Earl of Kent, m. Joan, the
Fair Maid of Kent, grandaughter of King
Edward I.) Sir Edward built the mansion
house at Pylle, where he resided until his
decease, in 1654, when he was s. by his son,
Edward Berkeley, esq. of Pylle, who m.
Philippa, daughter of George Speke, esq.
of Whitelackington, by Joan, daughter of
Sir John Portman, bart. and dying in 1669,
was s. by his son,

Edward Berkeley, esq. of Pylle, who m.
Elizabeth, daughter of John Ryves, esq. of
Ranston, and had (with another son, who
d. s. p.)

William, who assumed (as stated above)
the surname and arms of Portman,
upon inheriting the estates of that

Anns — Quarterly, first and fourth or, a
fleur-de-lis az. for Portman : second and
third, gu. a chev. ermine between ten crosses,
pattee, arg. for Berkeley.

Crest — First, a talbot sejant or, and se-
cond, a unicorn gu.

Estates — In the counties of Dorset, So-
merset, and Middlesex.

Seats — Bryanston, near Blandford ; Or-
chard-Portman, near Taunton.






PALMER, ROBERT, esq. of Holme Park, in the county of Berks, b. 31st January,
1793, s. to the representation of the family upon the demise of his father in 1806. Mr.
Palmer represents the county of Berks in parliament.


3. Samuel, who d. in 1796, leaving

The second son,

Robert Palmer, gent, of Great Russell-
street, Bloomsbury-square, attorney-at-law,
was for many years agent to his grace the
Duke of Bedford. He m. first, Miss Le
Grys, of Great Yarmouth, in Norfolk, by
whom he had several children, who all
d. young ; and, secondly, Miss Charlotta
Wakelin, and by her (who d. in 1768)
he left at his decease, in 1787 (with four
daughters), an only son and successor,

Richard Palmer, esq. b. in 1765, who m.
in 1791, Jane, eldest daughter of Oldfield
Bowles, esq. of North Aston, in the county
of Oxford, by whom (who d. in 1812) he had
eleven children, six of whom, viz. three sons
and three daughters, now survive. He d. in
1806, and was s. by his eldest son, Robert
Palmer, esq. present representative of the

Arms — Chequez or and sa. on a chief gu.
two mullets of the first.

Crest — A talbot sejant, erminois.

Estates — In the parishes of Sonning and
Hurst, in the county of Berks.

Seat — Holme Park, near Reading, Berks.

This family was settled in the parish of
Hurst, in the county of Berks, about the
year 1600.

Thomas Palmer, esq. was b. in 1678, and
dying in 1762, aet. 84, was buried in the
chancel of Hurst church. He left three
sons, viz.

1. Richard, in holy orders, fellow of
Trinity College, Cambridge, and rec-
tor of Brading in the Isle of Wight,
who d. unmarried, in 1763.

2. Robert, of whom presently.



LAMBERT, AYLMER-BOURKE, esq. of Boyton House, in the county of Wilts,

m. Catharine, daughter of Richard Bowater, esq. of Wit-
ley, in Warwickshire, by whom (who d. in 1828) he has
no issue. This gentleman, ivho is grandson and represen-
tative of the last Viscount Bourke of Mayo, has distin-
guished himself in the literary and scientific world, and
has attained great eminence as a botanical collector and
writer. He is Vice President of the Linnaean Society,
fellow of the Royal Society, fellow of the Antiquarian So-
ciety, &c. &c. Mr. Bourke Lambert s. to the estates
upon the demise of his father, in 1802.


The family of Lambert is supposed to
derive from the De Lamberts of France,
as both bear the same armorial ensigns.

John Lambert, esq. of Kirton, in the
county of Lincoln, was father of '

Richard Lambert, esq. of Kirton, whose

John Lambert, esq. of Kirton, espoused
Joans, daughter of — Conye, esq. of the
county of Lincoln, and had issue,

Richard, his successor.

John, who m. Caroline, daughter of

Humphry Packington, esq. and had

several children.
Thomas, of London.
The eldest son,

Richard Lambert, esq. purchased, in the
year 1572, the estate of Boyton, which has
descended in direct lineal heirship to the
present proprietor. Mr. Lambert was she-
riff" of London in 1568, and marrying Alice,
daughter of Humphry Packington, esq. had

Edward, his successor.
Richard, of Sherrington.
William, of London, d. s. ]>.
Edward, of London, d. s. p.
Giles,, of Oxnead.

Jane, m. to J. Jackman, esq.

Mr. Lambert was s. at his decease by his
eldest son,

Edward Lambert, esq. of Boyton, who

m. Anne, daughter of Edward Jackman, esq.
of Hornchurch, and had issue,

Edward, his successor.

Thomas, who continued the line of the


Bridget, m. to Henry Barnes, esq.
Elizabeth, m. to C. Eyres, esq.
Alice, m. to G. Hussey, esq.
Anne, m. to Sir G. Lambe.

Jane, m. to A. Arney, esq.
Mary, m. to — Poulton, esq.

Mr. Lambert dying in 1608, was buried at
Oxnead, in the county of Norfolk, and was
s. by his eldest son,

Edward Lambert, esq. of Boyton, who
m. Dulcibella, daughter of William Swaine,
esq. of Gunville, in Dorsetshire, and had
two daughters, who were both married.
Dying thus in 1612, without male issue, the
family estates devolved upon his next bro-

Thomas Lambert, esq. of Boyton. This
gentleman rebuilt, in the year 1618, the
mansion-house at Boyton. He m. Anne,
daughter of Walter Dunche, esq. of Aver-
bury, and had issue,

Edmund, his successor.

Thomas, in holy orders, D.D. arch-



deacon of Sarum, who m. first, Mary,
daughter of Thomas Benett, esq. of
Norton Bavant, and l»ad a son,
Thomas. He espoused, secondly
Anne, widow of William Hearst, M.D.
of Sarum.


John, d. without issue.
Walter, of Sherrington.
Mary, in. to J. Bailey, esq.

The eldest son,

Edmvnd Lambert, esq. of Keevil, es-
poused a daughter of Robert Cole, esq. and
had issue,

Thomas, his successor.
Elizabeth, who m. William Brouncker,
esq. of Earl Stoke, grandson to Sir
Henry Brouncker, knt. of Melksam,
and nearly related to Sir William
Brouncker, knt. Viscount Brouncker,
of Castle Lyons.
Mr. Lambert d. in 1643, and was s. by his

Thomas Lambert, esq. of Boyton, who
vi. Eleanor, daughter of Edward Topp,esq.
and had issue,

1. Edmund, his successor.

2. Thomas, in holy orders, M.A. rector
of Boyton and Sherrington, who m.
Jane, daughter of Sir Henry Coker,
knt. and left (with two other daugh-
ters, who d. s. p.) Jane, m. to the
Rev. R. Head, and Eleanora, m. to
J. Mervin, esq.

3. Edward, M.A. rector of Orcheston
St. George, who m. Mary, daughter
of — St. Barbe, esq. and had issue,

Edmund, of Bagshot, who after-
wards succeeded at Boyton.

Edward, of the Middle Temple,
and of New Sarum, who m.
Mary, daughter of — Norris,
esq. of Nonsuch, and had, with
two daughters, two sons, viz.

Edmund, of Bromham, a colo-
nel in the East India Com-
pany's service, who left at
his decease, in 1808, two

sons, Edmund and Edward.
Edward, rector of Freshfod.

4. Eleanor, m. to Richard Stokes, esq.

5. Anne, mi. to Samuel Stokes, esq.

6. Deborah, m. to — Kelly, esq.

7. Elizabeth, m. to — Mills, esq.

** Id.s.p.

ry, )

Air. Lambert was x. at his decease, in 1692,
In his eldest son,

Edmind LAMBERT, esq. of Boyton, who
represented the borough of New Sarum in
parliament. This gentleman espoused Sa-
rah, daughter and heiress of Peter Blake,
esq. of Andover, but dying without issue, in
1733, the family possessions passed to his

Edmund Lambert, esq. of Boyton, who

m. Anne , and had issue,

Edmund, his successor.

W illiam, chief of Dacca, m. Lady Hope,

but d. s. p.
Edward, R.N.
Richard, d. young.
Sarah, m. to the Rev. James Veruey,

of Gloucester.
Anne, m. to — Scroop, esq. of Castle-

The eldest son,

Edmund Lambert, esq. of Boyton, m.
first, the Hon. Bridget Bourke, daughter
and heiress of John, Viscount Bourke, of
Mayo, (see article of Bourke, Viscounts
Mayo, at foot), by whom he had an only

Aylmer-Bourke, present proprietor.
He espoused, secondly, Bridget, daughter
of Henry Seymer, esq. of Hanford, in the
county of Dorset, and had issue,
Anne-Elizabeth, d. young.
Lucy, m. to John Benett, esq. of Pyt
House, M.P. for the county of Wilts.
and has issue, (see family of Be-

Mr. Lambert dying in 1802, was s. by his
only son, Aylmer-Bourke Lambert, esq.


Viscounts Bourke, of Mayo.

Sir Richard Bourke, a distinguished
member of the ancient and illustrious family
of Bourke, espousing Granna, daughter of
Owen O'Maly, of the Owles, an Irish chief,
had, with other issue, a son and successor,

Sir Theob\ld Bourke, knt. who repre-
sented, in 1613, the county of Mayo in par-
liament, and being possessed of a large
estate, and distinguished for his eminent at-
tachment to the crown, was advanced by
King Charles I. in 1626, to the dignity of
Viscount Bourke, of Mayo. He m. Maud,



daughter of Charles O'Conor, esq. and had |

Miles (Sir), Ids successor.

David, d. s. p.

Theobald (surnamed the Strong), of
Cloghan, in the county of Mayo, who
d. in 1654, leaving issue.

Rickard (surnamed Iron Dick), who m.
Anne, daughter of Thomas MacMa-
hon, of Ennismore, in the county of
Clare, and had issue.

Mary, m. to the O'Conor Don.

Honora, m. first, to Murrogh O'Fla-
lierty, esq. of Aghnamurra, in the
county of Galway ; and, secondly, to
Ulick Bourke, esq. of Castle Hacket.

Margaret, m. to Theobald Bourke, esq.
of Turlough.

His lordship d. 18th June, 1629, and was s.
by his eldest son,

Sir Miles Bourke, second viscount, who
took his seat in parliament 4th November,
1634. His lordship m. first, Honora, daugh-
ter of Sir John Bourke, of Derrymaclaghtny,
in the county of Galway, by the Lady Mar-
garet Bourke, daughter of Ulick, third Ear]
of Clanricarde, and had, with other issue,

Theobald (Sir), his successor.

The viscount espoused, secondly, Miss
Freake, and dying before 1649, was s. by
his son,

Sir Theobald Bourke, third viscount,
who was educated in the university of Ox-
ford, under the great Archbishop Laud. His
lordship was accused by the high court of
justice, in the time of the commonwealth, of
having taken part in the massacre at Shrule,
and, being found guilty, was shot at Galway
15th December, 1652. He m. first, Eleanor,
daughter of — Talbot, esq. of the county of
York, and had issue,

Theobald (Sir), his successor.

Miles, who inherited, as fifth viscount.

Maud, m. to Colonel John Brown, of
Westport, and the great-great-great
grandson of this marriage is the pre-

Howe-Peter-Browne, Marquess
of Sligo. (see Burke's Peerage
and Baronetage.)

Margaret, m. Sir Henry Lynch, and
d. s. p.

His lordship espoused, secondly, Eleanor,
daughter of Sir Luke Fitzgerald, of Tucrog-
han, in the county of Meath, by whom he

had a son, Luke, who d. in infancy. He was
s. by his eldest son,

Sir Theobald Bourke, fourth viscount,
who obtained, after the restoration of the
king, a regrant of his estate, consisting of
50,000 acres of land and five manors, in the
county of Mayo. His lordship m. first,
Eleanor, daughter of Sir Arthur Loftus, of
Rathfarnham, knt. ; and, secondly, Anne,
Lady Owens ; but dying in 1676, issueless,
the honors devolved upon his next brother,

Miles Bourkk, fifth viscount, who m.
Jane, youngest daughter of Francis, Lord
Athenry, and was s. at his decease, in 1681,
by his only child,

Thlobald Bourke, sixth viscount, who
m. first, his cousin Mary, youngest daugh-
ter of John BroAvne, esq. of Westport, by
whom he had issue,

Theobald, his successor.

Miles, d. young.

John, who inherited as eighth viscount.

Joan, m. to Mnrrough-Morgan O'Fla-
lierty, esq. of Lemonfield,in the coun-
ty of Galway, and had five sons and
one daughter, viz.

1. Brian, d. in 1750.

2. John (Sir), who m. Miss Royse,
of the county of Limerick, and
had Thomas and AnabeUa.

3. Thomas, w ho JM.SusanuaBourke.
of the county of Galway, and had
a son, John Bourke O'Flaherty,
LL.D. and M.P. for Callan.

4. Patrick.

5. Michael.

6. Mabel, m. to Captain William

Elizabeth, abbess of Channel Row Nun-
nery, Dublin.

Mary, d. young.

Bridget, m. to John Gunning, esq. of
Castle Coote, in the county of Ros-
common, and had one son and four
daughters, viz.

1. John (Sir).

2. Mary, m. to George-William,
Earl of Coventry.

3. Elizabeth, m. first, to James,
Duke of Hamilton ; and secondly,
to Colonel John Campbell, who
afterwards became Duke of Ar-

4. Catharine.

5. Lissy, d. young.



His lordship m. secondly, Margaret, eldest
daughter of Bryan Cunning, esq. of Castle
Coote, but had no further issue. He was s.
at his decease by his eldest son,

Sir Theobald Bourke, seventh viscount,
who took his scat in parliament in 1741. His
lordship m. in 1726, Ellis, elder daughter of
James Agar, esq. of Gowran, in the county
of Kilkenny, by whom (who was created in
1758, Countess of Brandon) he had two
sons, who both died young, when the family
titles and estates devolved upon his lord-
ship's only brother,

John BoURKE, eighth viscount, who took
his seat in parliament in 1743. His lord-
ship m. Catharine, daughter and heiress of
Major Whitgift Aylmer (a descendant of Dr.
John Whitgift, archbishop of Canterbury,
temp. Queen ELIZABETH), by whom (w ho re-
married in 1770, Edmond Jordan, esq. of
Legan, in the county of Mayo) he had issue,
Aylmer, ft. 17th November, 1743, who
d. at an early age.

Bridget, sole surviving child and heir,
who in. Edmund Lambert, esq. ol

Boyton, and had an only e Ayl-

mer-Bourke Lambert, now repre-
sentative of the BOURKES, VISCOUNTS
Bourke, of Mayo.

Anns — Arg. on a bend engrailed between
two lions rampant sa. three annulets or, for
for LAMBERT, quartering the ensigns of the
Viscounts Bourke, of Mayo, \i/.. party per
less or and ermine, a cross gu. the first
quarter charged with a lion rampant sa. and
the second with a dexter hand, couped
at the wrist and erect, gu.

Crest — A demi-pegasus, with wings ex-
panded, ermine.

Estates — Boyton, Gorton, and Sherring-
ton, in the county of Wilts.

Town Residence — Lower (J ros\ cnor-street

Seat— Boyton House, Wilts.


WILKINSON, ANTHONY, esq. of Coxhoe, in the county of Durham, succeeded
bis lather in November, 1825.


William "Wilkinson, esq. of Crossgate,
in the county of Durham, youngest son of
Richard Wilkinson, of the same place, d.
in 1717, Leaving surviving issue, four sons
and two daughters, viz.

I . Thomas, of the city of Durham, bar

rister-at-law, m. 17th December, 1717,
Mary, daughter and heir of William
Feather stonhalgh, esq. of Brancepeth
and Stanley, by whom he had an
only daughter,

Mary, ft. 27th December, 1718, d,
2nd February, 172(1.
He d. 20th February, 1733, and his
widow espoused Sir William William-
son, bait, of Monk-Wearmouth, in
the county of Durham.

2. Job, of Elvet, d. in 1734, s. p.

3. Anthony.

4. Richard, who m. first, Frances (

and had issue,

Thomas, who d. s. p. in his father's

Richard, nt. to Elizabeth, daughter

of Christopher Mickleton, of

Durham, gent, and left an only




Frances, heir to her grand-
father, hut d. s. p.
He wedded secondly, Hannah Rich-
ardson, relict of Anthony Sutton, of
Gateshead, merchant, but had no
other issue. He d. 10th March, 1758.

5. Elizabeth, m. 3rd September, 1692,
to John Trotter, esq. of Morton Hall,
Mid Lothian.

6. Eleanor.

The second surviving son,

Anthony Wilkinson, esq. of Crossgate,
a justice of the peace for the county of Dur-
ham, baptized 19th September, 1684, m.
Deborah, daughter and co-heir of Gilbert,
Machon, esq. and had issue,
William, his successor.
Thomas, sometime of Kingston-upon-
Hull, merchant, afterwards of Brance-
peth, m. in 1757, Jane, daughter of
Richard Williamson, of Kirk-Ella,
near Kingston-upon-Hull, merchant,
and had four daughters, viz.

1. Deborah, m. to Calverley Be-
wicke, esq. of Close House, in
Northumberland, and d. s. p.

2. Anne, m. to William Watson
Bolton, of Kingston-upon-Hull,

3. Jane, m. to Fewster Johnson,
esq. of Ebhester Hill, in Dur-

4. Maria-Isabella.

Gilbert, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, mer-
chant, afterwards of Brancepeth, m.
Jane, only daughter of Hauxley Sur-
tees, of the same place and profes-
sion, and had an only child, Anthony,
who d. in infancy.

Margaret, m. to Thomas Wharton, of
Old Park, M.D.

Isabel, m. to John Richardson, esq. of

Anne, m. to Timothy Hutchinson, esq.

Online LibraryJohn BurkeA genealogical and heraldic history of the commoners of Great Britain and Ireland, enjoying territorial possessions or high official rank; but univested with heritable honours (Volume 1) → online text (page 15 of 112)