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The family of Shipperdson have held
lands by copy of court roll, in Bishop Wear-
mouth, since the commencement at least of
the records of the Halmot Court, temp. Ed-
ward III.

William Shipperdson, esq. of Bishop
Wearmoutli and of Murton, in the county of
Durham, living in 1635, to. Joan, daughter
of John Goodchild, esq. of Ryhope, and sis-
ter of Robert Goodchild, esq. of Pally on, by
whom lie had issue,

i. John, his successor, who left three
sons, viz.

1. John, of Bishop Wearmouth,
who was father of an only son,

John, of Bishop Wearmouth,
who to. in 1669, Elizabeth,
eldest daughter and co-heir
of Ralph Smith, esq. of West
Rainton, in Durham, and
had three daughters ; Eliza-
beth, Margaret, and Isabel.

2. George, of Newcastle, and af-
terwards of South Shields, who
had issue,

George, of Biddick, in the
county palatine, whose only
daughter and heiress, Eliza-

beth, espoused Francis Mid-
dleton, esq. of Oiferton.
John, who d. leaving three
daughters ; Anne, Dorothy,
and Jane.

3. Richard, of Hetton-le-Hole, in
the county of Durham, who to.
in 1654, Elizabeth, daughter
and heiress of Richard Walsh,
esq. of Hetton, and left
Richard, d. s. j>.
Robert, who to. Miss Dorothy
Sedgewick,but had no issue.
John, d. issueless.
Joan, to. to John Johnson, of

Elizabeth, to. to Robert Ni-
cholson, of Sunderland.

n. Adam, a captain under Cromwell,
who had issue, two sons, (botli of
whom d. s. p.) and several daughters.

in. Edward, of whom presently.
The third son,

Edward Shipperdson, esq. of Murton,
which he acquired by gift from Ins father,
24th November, 1645, was captain of a
troop of horse* under General Monk. He
to. Anne — , and had issue,

Edward, his successor.

* The original commission under the hand and
seal of " George Moncke, captain general and
commander in chiefe of all the forces in England,
&c." to Edward Shipperdson to be " Captaine of
a troop of horse in Col. Francis Hacker his regi-
ment" St. James, 25 Feb. 1659, with a commis-
sion signed in the name of the parliament of the
Com'onwalth of England, by William Lenthall,
Speaker '26 Jan. 1659," is in the possession of the
present Edward Shipperdson, esq.



Francis, of London, and afterwards of

Gateshead, who m. and had issue.
John, described of Hall Garth, m. and
resided in Ireland, where he was
living*. p. at a very advanced age,
in 1731.
The eldest son and heir,

Edward Shipperdson, esq. espoused Mar-
garet, sister and sole heiress of William
Sympson, esq. of Piddinghall Garth, and
grandaughter of Sir William Belasyse, of
Murton, Durham, by whom (who d. in 1699)
he had issue,

Ralph, successor to his father.
Robert, of Murton, d. unmarried.
Edward, of Pittington, d. unmarried, in

Edward Shipperdson was s. at his decease,
in July, 1707, by his eldest surviving son,

Ralph Shipperdson, esq. of Piddinghall
Garth, who was appointed, in 1712, major
of the Durham militia train bands. He es-
poused Margaret, only child and heiress of
the Rev. Thomas Musgrave, of Great Sal-
keld, in the county of Cumberland, preben-
dary of Durham, and rector of Whitburn,
(sixth son of Sir William Musgrave, bart, of
Eden Hall, by Mary, daughter of Sir Tho-
mas Harrison, bart. of Copgrove), and had

Christopher, d. young.
Edward, successor.
Ralph, d. s. p.

Margaret, executrix to her mother's

will, d. unmarried.
Mary, d. in infancy.

Ralph Shipperdson, esq. d. 16th June, 1719,
and was s. by his eldest surviving son,
Edward Shipperdson, esq. of Pidding-

hall Garth, who m. Margaret, only daughter
of George Baker, esq. of Elemore, and had
an only son and successor,

Ralph Shipperdson, esq. of Piddinghall
Garth, who espoused, in 1779, Frances, se-
cond daughter of the Rev. Samuel Kirshaw,
D.D. vicar of Leeds and rector of Ripley,
and sister and co-heiress of the Rev. Richard
Kirshaw, B.D. rector of Masham, by whom
he had issue,

Edward, present possessor.

Ralph, b. 22nd February, 1784, a lieu-
tenant in the royal navy, d. at sea in

Richard-Francis, d. young.

Thomas-Richard, in holy orders, rector
of St. Mary-le-bonne, b. 3rd March,

Frances, in. to William Appletree, esq.
of Goldings, near Basingstoke.


Margaret, m. to Walter C. Hopper, esq.
of Belmont.


Mr. Shipperdson d. 8th November, 1793,
and was s. by his eldest son, Edward
Shipperdson, esq. now representative of
the family.

Arms — Sa. on a bend arg. three lozenges
az. each charged with a planetary sun in his

Motto — Nubem eripiam.

Estates — Piddingtonhall Garth, and East
Morton (one half of the township in the pa-
rish of Dalton-le-Dale), with the farm of
Carr House, in the parish of Houghton-le-
Spring ; all in the county of Durham.

Residence — Durham.



<2-J W


CLARKE, WILLIAM-NELSON, esq. of Ardington, in the county of Berks, b.
26th April, 1799, m. 22nd February, 1827, Catherine, daughter of Lieutenant-
General Thomas Molyneux (next brother of Sir Capel Molyneux, bart.) and has issue,


Maria- Elizabeth-Molyneux.


occurs in a deed of 1496. His son and suc-

John Clarke, esq. was resident at
Ardington in 1533. His will bears date
20th April, 1568, and the codicil thereto
10th October, 1570, shortly after which pe-
riod he died possessed of a lease for sixty-
one years of the manor of Ardington (the
fee of which was subsequently purchased)
and the freehold manors of East Hanney,
Erles Court, and Isbury, together with es-
tates in Basildon, Lockinge, Reading, and
Strathfieldsay. He espoused Alicia, daugh-
ter and heir of — Pikeman, of Basildon,
and had, with three daughters, three sons,

Henry, whose issue became extinct in

John, of whom presently.
Richard, d. s. p.
The second son,

John Clarke, esq. of Ardington, m.
Dorothy, daughter of Richard Smith, of
Nether Winchendon, in the county of
Bucks, and dying about the year 1596, was
s. by his son,

Sir Edward Clarke, of Ardington,
who m. first, in 1599, Mary, daughter of
Edmond Wiseman, esq. of Steventon, in the
county of Berks, but had by her no sur-
viving issue. He espoused, secondly, Su-
sanna, eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Tem-
ple, bart. of Stowe (ancestor of the present
Duke of Buckingham) by Hesther,f daugh-
ter of Miles Sandys, esq. of Latimers, and
had issue,

John, his successor.
Thomas, bachelor of medicine.

John Clarke, of Inkpen, appears in
the list of gentry for the county of Berks,
returned into the exchequer 12th Henry VI.

John Clarke, of Basildon, was seised of
divers estates. He m. Lucy, daughter of
Sir Walter Moyle, and dying 6th July, 1497,
was buried in the chancel of Basildon church,
where his gravestone yet remains, having
the effigies of himself and his wife, and
underneath the following inscription, all in
brass plates :

" Hie jacet Johannes Clerke et Lucia
uxor ejus, qui quidem Johannes obiit
sexto die Julii anno Domini 1497.
Quorum animabus et animabus pue-
rorum suorum propicietur Deus.
Amen." *
His son and heir,

John Clarke, m. Elizabeth, daughter
and heiress of Thomas Champeney, of De-
vonshire, and had a son,

Augustine Clarke, of whom mention

* This is represented in Gough's Sepulchral
Monuments, where this gentleman is erroneously
called a priest.

t Fuller, in his " Worthies of England," relates
that Lady Temple lived to see seven hundred of
her own descendants.



Susanna, to. to William Wollascot, esq.
of Wolhampton, in the county of
Berks, the head of an ancient Ca-
tholic family, which terminated in an

H f.n linn" \ -Maria, who w?.inl 755,
Arthur, seventh Earl of Fingall,
and had, with other issue,

Arthur, present EarlofFin-

Hesther, to. to Henry Knappe, esq. of
Weston, Oxfordshire, and had an
only daughter and heiress,

Mary, who to. her cousin, Sir
Richard Temple, bart. K.B. and
from this marriage lineally des-

Richard, present Duke of

Dorothy, to. first, to Thomas Danvers,
esq. of Adderhury, in the county of
Oxford ; and, secondly, to John Har-
rison, esq. of Beech Hill, in the
county of Berks.

Jane, m. to John Brind, esq. of Warn-
borough, Wilts.

He espoused, thirdly, Mary, daughter of
Edmund Dunche, esq. of Little Wittenham,
and relict of William Winchcomhe, esq. of
Bucklebury, in the county of Berks. Sir
Edward Clarke served the office of high
sheriff for Berkshire in 1626, and dying in
four years after was interred in the family
vault at Ardington, where a handsome monu-
ment is erected to his memory. His son
and heir,

John Clarke, esq. of Ardington, upon
the breaking out of the civil war, raised a
troop of horse for the service of King
CHARLES. He to. Catherine, daughter of
Thomas Bateman, esq. of Tottenham, in the
county of Middlesex, by whom (who es-
poused after his decease Colonel Thomas
Aldridge, a parliamentarian officer) he had

John, his successor.

Richard, who inherited upon the de-
mise, issueless, of his brother.

Daniel, d. in 1686.


K atherine, to. to John Villiers, Viscount
Orandison, nephew of George, the
great Duke of Buckingham.

Eleanor, to. to John Sherwood, esq.

Susanna, m. to Edmund Wiseman, esq.

of Steventon and Spersholt's Court,
in the county of Berks.
Hesther, to. to the Rev. John Torbucke,
vicar of Ludgarshall.
Mr. Clarke d. in 1645, and was s. by his son,
John CLARKE, esq. of Ardington, at
whose decease unmarried, in 1702, the es-
tates devolved upon his next brother,

Richard Clarke, esq. of Ardington, who
to. Elizabeth, daughter of John Smith, gent,
and had issue,

Edward, his successor.
Richard, b. in 1699, who to. Jane, sister
of Richard Potenger, esq. recorder
of Reading, M.P. for that borough,
and a Welsh judge, by whom he had
two daughters,

Dorothy, to. to her first cousin,
William Wiseman Clarke, esq.
of Ardington.
Mary, to. to the Rev. John Aubrey,
B.C.L. fellow of Winchester col-
lege and rector of Strathfieldsay.
John, whose male descendants yet re-
Mark, b. in 1702, a captain in the army.
Luke, b. in 1703.
Maria, to. to the Rev. Thomas Price,

vicar of Ardington, and d. in 1759.
Catherine, to. to Henry Wise, esq. and

d. in 1762.
Susanna, to. to Richard Coxe, gent.
Elizabeth, to. to Thomas Yorke, esq.

Mr. Clarke was s. at his decease, in 1710,
by his eldest son,

Edward Clarke, esq. of Ardington,
who to. in 1721, Mary, only daughter and
heir of William Wiseman, esq. of Steventon
and Spersholt's Court, (whose ancestors set-
tled in Berkshire temp. Elizabeth, being
a younger branch of the Wisemans, of
Thornham Hall, in the county of Suffolk,
one of whom was at Azincourt in 1415, and
another knighted at the battle of Spurs in
1514). Mr. Clarke was sheriff of Berkshire
in 1728, and d. in 1733, leaving an only

William-Wiseman Clarke, esq. of Ar-
dington, who was b. in 1727, and to. in
1750, to his first cousin, Dorothy, daughter
of Richard Clarke, esq. of Reading, and
had issue,

William-Wiseman, his successor.

Dorothy, d. unmarried 1st September,



The only son and heir,

William-Wiseman Clarke, esq. of Ar-
dington, b. in 1759 ; m. first, Elizabeth,
daughter of Richard Coxe, esq. and had an
only daughter, Dorothy-Maria. He es-
poused, secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of
John Kerr, esq. by Mary, sister and heir of
Richard-Walter Nelson, esq. of Chaddle-
worth, in the county of Berks, and by her
(who d. 28th February, 1825) had issue,

William-Nelson, present proprietor.

George, d. in infancy.

Mary-Ann-Sarah, d. unmarried 10th
November, 1826.

Elizabeth, d. unmarried 4th June, 1821.

Catherine, d. unmarried 20th June, 1821.
Mr. Clarke, who was sheriff of Berkshire in
1811, d. at Ardington 4th September, 1826,
when the family estates devolved upon his
only surviving son, William - Nelson
Clarke, esq. now representative of the fa-

Arms — Arg. on a fess sa. between three
(sometimes six) crosses patees ; three plates.

Crest — A cross patee or, between a pair
of wings erect expanded az.

Motto— Absit ut glorier nisi in cruce.

Seat — Ardington House, Abingdon, Berk-




ORMEROD, GEORGE, esq. of Sedbury Park, in the county of Gloucester, and of

Tildesley House, in Lancashire, b. 20th October, 1785, m.
2nd August, 1808, Sarah, eldest daughter of John Latham,
M.D. of Bradwall Hall, Cheshire, and has issue,

Thomas-Johnson, b. 27th July, 1809, a fellow of Brase-

nose College, Oxford.

This gentleman, the able and well known author of the " History of Cheshire," suc-
ceeded his father in 1785. He is a doctor of laws, a fellow of the Royal Society,
and a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries.


The family of Ormerod, one of high an-
tiquity, assumed its surname from an estate
in the parish of Whalley and honour of

Matthew de Hormerodes, living temp.
Henry III. was father of

Tille de Ormeroyd, who held lands in
Cliviger, in the county of Lancaster in socage
from Henry de Laci, Earl of Lincoln, and
was great-grandfather of

John Ormerod, of Ormerod, whose son,

Lawrence Ormerod, of Ormerod, flou-
rished in the reign of Henry VI. and had
a son,

Adam Ormerod, of Ormerod, great-
grandfather of

Peter Ormerod, of Ormerod, b. in 1504,
who had two sons, viz.

1. Peter, who s. at Ormerod,

2. John, of Haslingden, in the county



of Lancaster, who left at hi-* decease,
in 1608, a son,

Olivkr, father (with other chil-
dren) of

Thf. Rev. Oliver Ormerod,
a distinguished polemical
writer of the time of Jam es I.
He was admitted of Emanuel
College, Cambridge, Cth
June, 1596, and, in 1605,
published, while a resident
there, a small 4to, entitled,
" A Picture of a Puritan."
In this work he traces the
affinities of the sects, and
defends the protestant estab-
lishment of Elizabeth, in a
series of dialogues, written
with all the quaintness of
the day, but uniformly dis-
playing a vigorous under-
standing, and occasionally
rising into a strain of consi-
derable loftiness. In 1617,
he was instituted rector of
Huntspill, in the county of
Somerset. Mr. Ormerod was
likewise author of the " Pic-
ture of a Papist," &c.

The elder son,

Peter Ormerod, esq. of Ormerod, m.
Mary, daughter of Samuel Haydock, esq.
of Heysandforth, and dying in 1578, was
buried at Burnley, in the county of Lan-
caster. He was s. by his eldest son,

Lawrence Ormerod, esq. of Ormerod,
who espoused, in 1587, Elizabeth, daughter
of Robert Barcroft, esq. of Barcroft, in Lan-
cashire, and had, with other children, a son
and successor,

Peter Ormerod, esq. of Ormerod, who
was baptized 15th November, 1588. This
gentleman espoused Johanna, daughter of
George Howarth, esq. of Monton, in Lanca-
shire, and had (with three daughters) four
sons, viz.

1. Lawrence, who inherited Ormerod.
The lineal descendant and represen-
tative of this gentleman,

Lwvkence Ormerod, esq. of Or-
merod, d. 22nd March, 1773,
Leaving issue (by his wife, Mar-
tha-Anne, only sister and heir
of Thomas-Peter Legh, esq. of
Lyme, M.P. and daughter of the

Rev. Ashhurnham Legh, by his
wife, Charlotte-Elizabeth, daugh-
ter of Sir Holland Egerton, hart,
of Heaton) an only daughter and
Charlotte-Ann, who espous-
ed John Hargreaves, esq.
lieutenant-colonel 3rd royal
Lancashire militia, and con-
veyed to him the estate of
Ormerod, in whom it is
now vested. She d. in 1806,
leaving issue.

2. John, who d. issueless, in 1642.

3. Peter, who also d. s. p.

4. George, of whom we are about to

The fourth son,

George Ormerod, esq. of Monton, wed-
ded in 1669, Anne Pilling, and was s. at his
decease in 1696, by his eldest surviving son,

Oliver Ormerod, esq. of Bury, in the
county of Lancaster, who m. twice, but had
issue only by his first wife, Alice, daughter
of — Howarth, esq. of Bury, viz.

1. George, his successor.

2. Elizabeth, m. in 1725, to John Open-
shaw, esq. of Pimhole, in the county
of Lancaster, and had issue.

3. Anne, who d. s. p.

4. Alice, m. in 1730, to James Open-
shaw, esq. of Walmersley, in the
county of Lancaster, and had issue.

5. Rachel, m. to Robert Booth, esq. of
Bury, and had issue.

The only son,

George Ormerod, esq. succeeded his
father upon his demise, in 1768. He m. in
1743, Anne, daughter of John Hutchinson,
esq. of Bury, and had an only child,

George, of Bury, who m. in 1784, Eli-
zabeth, daughter, and finally co-
heir, of Thomas Johnson, esq. of Til-
dersley, in the county of Lancaster,
by his wife, Susanna, daughter and
sole heiress of Samuel Wareing, esq.
of Walmesley, and left at his decease
v. p. in 1785, an only child,

George, present proprietor and
representative of the second
branch of the family of Orme-
rod, of Ormerod.

Arms — Or, three bars and a lion passant
in chief gu.



Crest— Barry of lour pieces or and gu. a
wolf's head couped ; in the mouth an ostrich
feather erect ppr.

Estates — In Lancashire : — Tildersley
(in the parish of Leigh), by purchase of the
proprietor's maternal great-grandfather, with
various other estates in the parishes of Bury,
Whalley, Haslingden, and Manchester,

partly patrimonial, and partly by descent
from the Wareings and Johnsons, of Tilders-
ley. In Gloucestershire :— SedburyPark
(in Tidenham parish), and other estates pur-
chased by the present proprietor.

Seats — Tildersley House, in Lancashire ;
and Sedbury Park, in the county of Glou-



GREENWELL, WILLIAM-THOMAS, esq. of Greenwell Ford, in the county of
Durham, b. 13th February, 1777, m. 25th June, 1818, Dorothy, second daughter
of Francis Smales, esq. of Durham, and has issue,

William, b. 23rd March, 1820.
Francis, b. 24th May, 1823.
Alan, b. 19th September, 1824.
Henry-Nicholas, b. 6th December, 1826.

Mr. Greenwell s. his father 25th February, 1805.


3. Richard, of whom presently.

4. Robert.
The third son,

Richard Greenwell, esq. of Stobilee,
left at his decease in 1558, a son and suc-

William Greenwell, esq. of Stobilee,
whose son,

William Greenwell, esq. of Stobilee,

espoused Alice , and left at his decease

in 1624, with several other children,

1. William, of Stobilee, who was fined
and sequestered as a recusant and
royalist. He d. in 1667, leaving issue.

2. Richard, living in 1624.

3. Nicholas.
The third son,

Nicholas Greenwell, esq. of Fenhall,
purchased in 1633, Fayrhare's lands, in
Ford. In 1638, he acquired another portion
from Hodgson, of Manor House, and divers
other parcels of various dates. He was s.
at his decease by his only son,

William Greenwell, esq. of Greenwell
Ford, and sometime of Kibblesworth, who
espoused Barbara, daughter and heiress of
Robert Cole, esq. of Kibblesworth, and had,
with several other children,
Nicholas, his successor.

^ gg^

The wide spreading and ancient family of
Greenwell, is of long standing in the
North of England.

Thomas Greenwell, esq. of Stobilee, in
the parish of Lanchester, in the county of
Durham, living in 1503, had issue by his
wife, Agnes ,

1. Thomas, who d. s. p. in 1504.

2. Peter, in holy orders, who inherited
the tenement called Stobilee, as heir
to his father, 5th July, 1504, and
immediately surrendered it to his
brother Richard.


Jolm, of Newcastle, merchant, who m.
Jane, daughter of Alderman William
Aubone, of Newcastle-on-Tync, and
had issue,

1. Aubone, merchant of Newcastle,
Who d. s. p. 1729 - 30.

2. William, living in 1731, execu-
tor to his brother Aubone.

3. Nicholas, d. in 1714.

4. Jane, d. young.

5. Catharine, > , , ,

„ ¥ > both d. unm.

6. Jane, ^

7. Elizabeth, d. in 1711.

8. Barbara, to. to Paul Gibson, of

Robert, on whom his father and mother
settled lands in Kibblesworth,in 1683.
He to. in 1707, Miss Phillis Aubone,
and left, with junior issue, a son,

William, of Kibblesworth, who to.
Mary, daughter of JoshuaTwizell,
esq. of Newcastle-on-Tyne, and
was s. by his son,

Joshua Greenwell, esq. of
Kibblesworth, and of New-
castle-on-Tyne, who to.
Mary, daughter and heiress
of the Rev. Thomas Robin-
son, A.M. rector ofWycliffe,
in the county of York, by
Olivia, daughter of the Rev.
Henry Stapylton, of Thorn-
ton W r atlass, and dying in
1797, left issue,

1. William, b. in 1775.

2. Robinson-Robert, b. in
1778, a merchant in
Newcastle, who m. in
1819, Elizabeth, daugh-
ter of John Mellar, esq.
of Whitby, and has

3. Leonard, C. B. a colo-
nel in the army, b. in
1781. This gentleman,
a distinguished officer,
entered the army in 1802
and was present at the
attack on BeunosAyres,
where he was severely
wounded. He served
throughout the whole of
the Peninsular war. and
commanded the 45th re-

giment, during Ma>-
sena's retreat from the
lines, at the battle of Donor, and at
the storming and cap-
ture of Badajoz.
4. Olivia.

William Greenwell d. in 1701, and was *.
by his eldest son,

Nicholas Greenwell, esq. of Greenwell
Ford, who m. Elizabeth, daughter of — Ad-
dison, esq. of Egglestone, and was s. at his
decease in 1736, by his only son,

William Greenwell, esq. of Greenwell
Ford, who espoused 5th August, 1734, Miss
Mary Sanderson, and had issue,

Alan, his successor.

Elizabeth, to. to Edward Charlton, esq.

Grace, to. to John Cumming, esq.

Anne, to. in 1761, to Robert Surtees,
esq. of Cronywell.
The only son,

Alan Greenwell, esq. succeeded his
father at Ford, 14th April, 1748. This gen-
tleman to. Anne, daughter of Henry Ornsby,
esq. of Lanehester, by whom (who d. 23rd
April, 1783) he had issue,

William-Thomas, present proprietor.

George, who to. Miss Askwith, daughter
of William Askwith, esq. of Rippon,
and has issue.


Alan, who d. in 1789.

Mary, to. to Alderman John Hutchinson,
of Durham.

Anne, m. to Edward Serle, esq. of Col-

Jane, d. young.

Elizabeth, to. in 1819, to John Green-
well, esq. of Bromshields, in the
county Palatine.

Mr. Greenwell d. 25th February, 1805, and
was s. by his eldest son, William-Thomas
Greenwell, esq. now representative of the

Arms — Or, two bars az. between three
ducal coronets gu.

Crest— An eagle's head arg. beaked gu.
gorged with a chaplet of laurel vert.

Estate— Situated in the parish of Lan-
ehester, in the county of Durham.

Scat— Greenwell Ford, in the county

l it;


PARKER, ROBERT-TOWNLEY,esq. of Cuerden Hall, in the county of Lancaster,

b. 27th August, 1793, m. 21st December, 1816, Harriet,
youngest daughter of Thomas Brooke, esq. of Church Min-
shall, In Cheshire, second son of Sir Richard Brooke, bt. of
Norton Priory, by Margaret, youngest daughter of Sir
Robert Cunliffe, bt. and has issue,

Thomas-Townley, b. 5th May, 1822.

Robert-Townley, b. 20th December, 1823.

Henry-Townley, b. 31st March, 1827.




Mr. Townley Parker, wbo served the office of high sheriff
for Lancashire, in 1817, s. his father in 1793.


Dr. Whitaker, in his History of Whalley,
notices, in the defective account which he
gives of the Parkers, of Extwistle, " that
William Parker, of Extwistle, occurs in the
10th of Henry IV. and John Parker of the
same place, in the 7th Henry VI."

John Parker, of Extwistle, had by his
wife, Isabella, a son and successor,

Robert Parker, who was possessed of
Brerecliff and Extwistle, in 1545. He es-
poused Jane, daughter of Evan Haydock, of
Hesandforth, in the county of Lancaster,
and left a son and heir,

John Parker, esq. who m. Margaret,
daughter of Laurence Townley, of Burnsite,
in the county of Lancaster, and dying in
1634, was s. by his eldest son,

John Parker, esq. b. in 1578, who m.
Elizabeth, daughter of Cuthbert Holdsworth,
esq. of Sowerby, in the county of York, by
whom he had, with other issue,

Robert, b. in 1604, who m. Mary, elder
daughter and co-heir of Nicholas
Scarborough, esq. of Glusburn, in the
county of York, and dying vita patris,
in 1636, left

John, successor to his grandfather.
John Parker, esq. served the office of sheriff
of Lancashire in 1653, and was s. at his de-

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