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condly. in 1820, Catherine, daughter of
Thomas Selby, esq. of Beddleston, in Nor-
thumberland, but dying without issue, 1st
December, 1826, the estates passed to his half
brother, the present Edward Clavering,
esq. of Callaly.

Arms — Quarterly, or and gu. over all, a
bend, sa.

Crest — A cherub's head, with wings erect.

Motto — Ad ccelos volans.

Estates — Callaly and Yetlington, in the
parish of Whittingham, in the county of

Seat — Callaly Castle.

Note. — This family, being Roman Catholic,
has been excluded, until 1829, from those public
offices to which its rank gave the fullest title.


BOND, JOHN, esq. of Grange, in the county of Dorset, b. 1st January, 1802, s.
to the estates upon the demise of his father, 12th May, 1824.

Mr. Bond lately represented Corfe Castle in parliament, and was high sheriff of
Dorset, 1830.


at a very early period, to Earth, in the pa-
rish of St. Stephens, an estate they acquired
in marriage with the daughter and heiress
of a very ancient house, which took its name
from that place. J

From this match descended
Robert Bond, of Earth, who is stated to
have had three sons,

Thomas, who died s. p. m.
Robert, of whom hereafter, and
Richard, of Earth, who m. in 1434,
12th Henry VI. Agnes, second
daughter and co-heiress of Richard
Maynard, and their posterity were
still residing at Earth at the visita-
tion of Cornwall, anno 1620. The
Bonds, of Holwood, in the same
county, were a younger branch of
those of Earth, and are now repre-
sented by Thomas Bond, esq. of East
Looe, in the county of Cornwall.

The family of Bond were of great anti-
quity in the county of Cornwall,* and are
said to have been originally seated at Pen-
ryn in that county ,f but removed thence,

* " Bond, of Cornwall, a very ancient family,
from whom those of London are descended." —
Guillim's Heraldry, edit.— In the pedigree of Sir
Thomas Bond, bart. in the college of arms, drawn
up in the year 1669, his ancestor, William
Bond, of Buckland, in the county of Somerset, is
described as being " ex antiquissima Bondorum
stirpe in Provincia Cornubiae oriundus."

t Mr. Bond has an old MS. pedigree on vel-
lum, dated 1636, which deduces their descent
from a Norman, who came in at the Conquest,
and married the daughter and heiress of Bond, of
Penryn, in Cornwall : and in Anderson's pedi-
gree, of Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, we find
that Hugh Fitz Roger, second son of Roger de
Courcil, (a follower of William the Conqueror,,

and who obtained from him extensive estates in
Somersetshire, Dorsetshire, and Wiltshire, as ap-
pears by Domesday), espousing the sister and
heiress of Bond, lord of Fisherton, their offspring
assumed the surname and arms of that family,
viz. sa. a fess or, and hence came the family of
Bond. This Bond (or Bondi as he is called in
Domesday book) appears to have been a Saxon,
and is mentioned in that record as holding Fisher-
ton, in Wilts, as well as other lordships in Dorset
and Somerset, as early as the time of Edward the

% " In following the course of the Lyner, you
falle downe by Master Bond's ancient house at
Earthe, descended to his ancestors from a daugh-
ter and heir of that name."



The second son, ,

Robert Bond, removed to Beauchamp s
Hache, in Somersetshire, and in the year
1431 (9th Henry VI.) was seated at Lut-
ton in the Isle of Purbeck, in the county
of Dorset, an estate he acquired in mar-
riage with the daughter and heiress of a
family of that name, and winch has ever
since continued in the possession of his des-
cendants. He had issue two sons, viz.
Robert, his successor.
William, of Buckland, in the county of
Somerset, who was father of

1. William Bond, of Crosby Pa-
lace, London, alderman and she-
rift' of that city, who (/. in 1576,
and to whom and to his son,
Martin Bond, there are curious
monuments in the church of
Great St. Helens, London.

2. Sir George Bond, lord mayor
of London in 1587, from whom

SirThomas Bond, comptroller
of the household to Queen
Henrietta Maria. This
gentleman was created a ba-
ronet at Brussels by King
Charles II. and had, be-
sides his successor to the ba-
ronetcy, a second son, Tho-
mas, who espoused Henri-
etta, eldest daughter and
co-heir of Thomas Lord Jer-
mvn of St. Edmondsbury.
The baronetcy became ex-
tinct in the "Bond family
during the last century.

The elder son,

Robert Bond, of Lutton, espoused, in
1453, Marv, daughter of Sir John Hody,
knt. of Piilesdon, in the county of Dorset,
lord chief justice of England anno 18th
Henry VI. and was father of William his
successor, and John Bond, of Buckland, in
the county of Dorset, whose son, Sir Ni-
cholas Bond, knt. d. s. p. m.

William Bond, of Lutton, eldest son of
Robert, was born in 1455, and m. in 1496,
' Elizabeth, daughter and co-heiress of John
Prowz, of Bredy, in the county of Dorset,
of the ancient family of Prowz, of Gedlegh
Castle, in Devonshire, and had
Dents, his successor.
John, of Chickerell, in the county of
Dorset, who lit. in 1528, Anne, daugh-
ter and heiress of John Holmsted, ol
Frierning, in the county of Essex,
and from this alliance the Bonds of
Essex derived, who made a differ-
ence in their arms to distinguish them
as a younger branch, and bore arg. on
a chevron sa. a bear's head erased, or,
muzzled, gu. between two bezants.

William Bond dying in 1530, was s. by his

S0,1 > , - ,r^,. ,

Denis Bond, of Lutton, b. in 1500, who
m in 1532, Alice, daughter of Robert Sam-
nays, of Toller, in the county ol Dorset,
anil had several children, of whom,

Robert, the eldest son, m. in 1565,
Avis, daughter of Roger Clavell, of
Winfrith, in the county of Dorset,
but died s. p. m.
William, the third son, b. 1554 ; re-
sided at Blackmanston, in the Isle of
Purbeck, and wi. in 1588, Aim, daugh-
ter and co-heir of Richard Long,of
Glastonbury, in the county of So-
merset, but leaving no male issue,
his ample possessions in Dorset and
Somerset were divided amongst his
three daughters and co-heirs. Edith,
the eldest daughter, married in 1613,
Sir White Beckonshaw, knt. of
Moyles Court, in the county of Hants,
by whom she had only two daughters
his co-heirs; Alice, the eldest of
these, married, in 1637, John Lisle,
of the Isle of Wight, who afterwards
became a member of Cromwell's
house of lords, and one of the com-
missioners of his great seal. She
was cruelly condemned to death on
the pretended charge of high trea-
son by Judge Jeffries, and beheaded
at Winchester 2nd September, 16b5.
This judgment was afterwards re-
versed by act of parliament. (See
State Trials.)
John, fourth son, of whom hereafter.
The fourth son,

John Bond, esq. of Lutton, b. 15o6, con-
tinued the line of the family, and was ap-
pointed, in 1588, captain of the Isle of Port-
land at the time of the expected invasion
by the Spanish armada. He espoused, in
1583, Margaret, daughter of Richard Pitt,
esq. of North Crickett, in the county of
Somerset, and had issue,
Denis, his successor.
Elias, ofWareham, representative in
parliament for that borough 11th
Charles II. d. s. p. in 1680.
He d. in 1632, and was s. by his son,

Dfnis Bond, esq. of Lutton, b. in 15HS.
This o-entleman, at the breaking out of the
,-ivil wars, joined the side of the parlia-
ment, being at that time one of the repre-
sentatives for the borough of Dorchester
He subsequently rose high in the favour of
Cromwell, and had the confidence of the
parliament as well as of the Protector.
From the commencement of the civil war,
he was of the committee for his own county,
and from 1654 to 16.56, he was M. P. for
Weymouth, and one of the council of state
from 1648 to 1652. He was likewise comp-
troller of the receipts of the exchequer, and



was nominated one of the judges against
the ill fated king ; but although he had a
real and fixed aversion to the rule of King
Charles, yet he could not be prevailed
upon to take his seat, or in any way to
promote the murder of the monarch. Mr.
Bond m. first, in 1610, Joane, daughter
of John Gould, esq. of Dorchester, by whom
he had issue,

John, LL.D. M.P. for Melcombe Re-
gis, 16th Charles I. one of the as-
sembly of Divines in 1643, master of
Trinity Hall, Cambridge, preacher
before the long parliament, &c.
d. s. p. in 1676.*
William, of South Bestwall, in the
county of Dorset, who m. in 1652,
Mary, sole daughter and heir of John
Selby, of Bestwall, aforesaid, and d.
in 1669, leaving, amongst other chil-
dren, two daughters, Mary and Mar-
garet, who eventually became his
co-heirs. The former by her second
husband, James Gould, esq. of Dor-
chester, was mother of an only child,
Anna Maria, m. first to General
Charles Churchill, brother of John,
first Duke of Marlborough ; secondly,
to Montague, second Earl of Abing-
don, and d. s. p. 1743. Margaret,
the second daughter, m. William
Speke, esq. of Shepton Beauchamp,
in the county of Somerset, and her
son George Speke, eventually in-
herited the estates.
He espoused secondly, in 1622, Lucy, daugh-
ter of William Lawrence, esq. of Steepleton,
in the county of Dorset, and had, with other
issue, Samuel, sometime M.P. for Poole and
Melcomb Regis ; and

Nathaniel, his successor, at Lutton.
This staunch patriot dying 30th August,
1658,+ was buried in Westminster Abbey,
and s. at Lutton, by his son, by his second

* " Thi6 John Bond, by the way, you must know,
being scare warm in the pulpit, but he began to
threaten heaven with some of his divinity, by
telling- the auditory with great zeal, that they
ought to contribute and pray to do all they were
able to bring in their brethren of Scotland for the
settling of God's cause. " I say this is God's cause,
and if ever God had a cause it is this, and if this
be not God's cause, then God is no God for me ;
but the devil is got up into heaven." " Wood's
Athens. Oxonieiues," vol. ii. p. 115.

t " On the 30th of August, 1658, being then
Monday, and the windiest day that had before
happened for twenty years, he payed his last debt
to Nature ; at which time, as the then vulgar talk
was, the devil came to take away Oliver Crom-
well, who then lay on his death bed, but being not
prepared for him he gave Bond for his future ap-
pearance, and accordingly on the Friday following,
being the 3rd of September, he made good his
promise."— " Wood's Athena Oxonienses."

Nathaniel Bond, esq. of Lutton, I. 1631,
who was bred to the" bar and became king's
serjeant. He purchased in 1686, the ad-
joining estate of Grange, which has since
been the chief residence of the family. He
m. Mary, daughter of Lewis Williams, esq.
of Shitterton, in the county of Dorset, and
relict of Thomas Browne, esq. of Frampton,
by whom (who d. in 1728) he had issue,
Denis, his successor.
John, of Tyneham, in the Isle of Pur-
beck, M.P. for Corfe Castle, 1st,
8th, and 15th George I. m. in 1715,
his cousin, Margaret, third daugh-
ter of John Williams, esq. of Her-
ringston, in the county of Dorset,
by whom (who d. in 1775) he had

1. John, who s. to the estates of
his uncle.

2. Denis, of Tyneham and Eggles-
ton, in the Isle of Purbeck, rec-
tor of Steeple with Tyneham, b.
1718, d. s. p. in 1795.

3. Nathaniel, of Holme, in the
Isle of Purbeck, b. 1720, d. s.p.
in 1790.

4. Thomas, b. 1721, d. in 1773.

5. Margaret, b. 1723, d. unmarried,
in 1795.

Mr. Nathaniel Bond, who was M.P. for
Corfe Ca6tle, 31st Charles II. and subse-
quently for Dorchester, d. in 1707, and was
s. by his eldest son,

Denis Bond, esq. of Grange. This gen-
tleman was M.P. for Dorchester, 7th Anne,
for Corfe Castle, 1st and 8th George I. and
for Poole, 1st George II. He espoused,
in 1729, Leonora-Sophia, relict of Edmund
Dummer, esq. and youngest daughter of
Sir William-Dutton Colt,! knt. envoy at the
court of Hanover, by Mary, his third wife,
(of whom she was co-heir) eldest surviving
daughter of John, and co- heir of her brother
Wentworth Garneys, esqrs. of Boyland
Hall, in Norfolk, and Kenton Hall,* in
Suffolk. This lady was born in Hanover,
and obtained her baptismal name from the

\ He was second surviving son of George
Colt, esq. of Colt Hall, in Suffolk, by Elizabeth,
his wife, eldest daughter and co-heir of John
Dutton, esq. of Sherborn, in Gloucestershire, and
brother of Harry-Dutton Colt, created a baronet,
4th William and Mary. (See Burke's Peerage
and Baronetage.)

* This estate was held by Ivo de Keneton, and
Alicia, his wife, Anno 1194, 6th Richard I. and
descended in a direct line through the family of
Garneys, to the late Mrs. Westbrook, of Forest
Hall, in Essex, who was sole daughter and heir
of William Stane, esq. of the same place, by Eli-
zabeth Colt, his wife, the elder sister of the said
Leonora-Sophia, and was sold by her about the
year 1774.



celebrated Electress Sophia, her sponsor.
Mr. Denis Bond d. s. p. in 174(5, and the
estates devolved upon his nephew,

John Bond, esq. of Grange, b. 1717,
M.P. for Corfe Castle, from 21st GEORGE
II. to 14th George III. who m. in 1749,
Mary, eldest daughter and co-heir (with her
sister, Elizabeth, wife of Valentine Knight-
ley, esq. of Fawsley Park, in the county of
Northampton) of Edmund Dummer, esq. of
Swathling, in the county of Hants, by the
above mentioned Leonora-Sophia, daughter
of Sir William-Dutton Colt, and had issue,
John, his successor.
Nathaniel, (Right Hon.) of Holme,
b. 1754, sometime M.P. for Corfe
Castle, one of the most honorable
privy council, judge advocate gene-
ral, a king's council, one of the lords
of the treasury, and a bencher of the
Inner Temple, d. s.p. in 1823.
Thomas, of Eggleston, b. in 1756, vicar
of Coombe with Wool, in the county
of Dorset.
William, of Tyneham, b. in 1757, rec-
tor of Steeple with Tyneham, and pre-
bendary of Bristol cathedral, who m.
Jane, only daughter of Henry Biggs,
esq. of Stockton House, in the county
of Wilts, and has issue,

William, of the Inner Temple,

John, vicar of Bath Weston, in

Henry, vicar of South Petherton,

in Somersetshire.
Margaret-Sophia, m. in 1801, to the
Rev. John Rogers, of Berkeley
House, in the county of Somerset,
and d. s. p. in 1820.
Mary, in. in 1796, to Nicholas-Caesar
Corsellis, esq. of Wivenhoe Hall, in
the county of Essex.
The eldest son,

John Bond, esq. of Grange, b. 1753, s.
to the estates upon the demise of his father,
in 1784. He espoused, in 1798, Elizabeth,
sole daughter and heiress of John Lloyd,
esq. of Cencoed, in the county of Cardigan,
and had issue,

John, present possessor.
Nathaniel, of Holme, in holy orders,
h. in 1804, succeeded to the estates of
his uncle, the right Hon. Nathaniel
Bond, in 1823.
Mr. Bond, who was M.P. for Corfe Castle,
d. 12th of May, 1824, and was s. by his

elder son, John Bond, esq. present repre-
sentative of tlie family.
Arms — Quarterly of twenty-two.

Bond (ancient) — A fess or.

Bond, of Cornwall — Arg. on a chev-
ron sa. three bezants.

Litton, of Lutton — Vert, an eagle
with two heads displayed, or, beaked
and membered gu.

Prowz, of Bridu — Sa. three lions ram-
pant arg.

Dimmer, of Swathling — Az. three
fieurs de lis or, on a chief of the
second a demi lion rampant sa.

Dummer, of Dummer — Gu. nine billets
arg. four, three, and two, and in base
a bezant.

Colt, of Colt Hall* — Arg. a fess be-
tween three colts at full speed sa.

Garneys.of Kenton* — Arg. a chevron
engrailed az. between three escal-
lops sa.

Ramsey, of Kenton* — Gu. three rams'
heads caboshed arg.

Wellisham, ofKenton* — Sa.two bars,
and in chief three cinquefoils or.

Kenton, of Kenton* — Sa. a chevron
between three cinquefoils or.

Fraunceys, of Gifford's Hail* — Gu.
a chevron engrailed er. between
three falcons volant arg. beaked,
membered, and belled or.

Denston, of Denston* — Az. two lions
passant gardant or.

Wanton — Arg. on a chevron sa. a
cross crosslet of the field.

Sulyarde, of Wethersden* — Arg. a
chevron gu. between three pheons
reversed sa.

Hungate, of Yorkshire — Gu. a chev-
ron between three talbots sejant arg.

Bacon, of Baconsthorpe, Norfolk —
az. three boars passant or.

Antingham, of Antingham, Norfolk
— Sa. a bend arg.

Banzard, of Specteshall* — Sa. a
fess between two chevronels or.

Wentworth, of Somerleyton* — Az.
a saltire er. between four eagles dis-
played or.

Lloyd, of Cencoed — Arg. a lion ram-
pant sa.

Quartered by Lloyd — Arg. three boars'
heads erased sa.
Gnat* — First, an eagle's wing sa. charged
with a fess or. Second, a demi-pegasus, az.
winged and semee of estoiles or.
Motto — Non suflicit orbis.
Estates — In Dorsetshire, Hampshire, and

Seat — Grange, in the Isle of Purbeck.

(*) In Suffolk.



LLOYD, JOHN-GAMALIEL, esq. of Welcombe-House, in the county of
Warwick, s. to the estates upon the demise of his brother, in 1831. This gentleman,
who is a bencher of the Middle Temple, served the office of high sheriff for the
county of Warwick in 1832.


Gamaliel Lloyd, of Mattersey, in the
county of Nottingham, m. Anne Briggs, of
Wigan, in Lancashire, and had issue,

George, his heir.


William, whose representatives are now
the Booths, of Glendon, Notts.


Anne, to. to Joseph Smethurst, and had
a numerous posterity.
Gamaliel Lloyd d. 1st November, 1661, and
was s. by his elder son,

George Lloyd, b. in 1650, who was settled
at Manchester, as a merchant manufacturer.
He m. Martha Whittaker, of Newton Heath,
in the county of Lancaster, and dying in 1728,
was s. by his only surviving son,

Gamaliel Lloyd, who resided at Man-
chester, as a merchant and manufacturer.
He espoused Elizabeth, daughter and co-
heiress of John Carte, M.B. of Man-
chester, by his wife, Sarah, daughter and
co-heiress of Andrew Morewood, esq. of
Hallows, in the county of Derby, and had
by her (who d. 30th September, 1763) an
only child,

George Lloyd, esq. his successor, in
1749. This gentleman took the degree of
M.B. at Cambridge, and was afterwards
chosen a fellow of the Royal Society. He
resided successively at Manchester, at Alk-
rington Hall, the property of the Lever

family, at Hulme Hall, near Manchester,
which he purchased, then at York, and
lastly at Barrowby, near Leeds, where he
died 4th December, 1783, and was interred
at Swillington, in the same neighbourhood.
In 1779, he was nominated, by the Marquess
of Rockingham, a deputy lieutenant of the
West Riding of Yorkshire. He m. first,
Eleanor, elder daughter of Henry Wright,
esq. of Offerton, in Cheshire, by Purefoy.
daughter of Sir Willoughby Aston, bart.
and had an only child, John, his successor.
Mr. Lloyd espoused, secondly, Susannah,
daughter of Thomas Horton, esq. of Chad-
derton, in Lancashire, (sometime governor
of the Isle of Man, under the Earl of Derby,
and father of Sir William Horton, bart.)
by his wife, Anne, daughter and co-heiress
of Richard Mostyn, of London, and had

i. Gamaliel, who was a merchant at
Leeds, and alderman of that corpora-
tion. He served the office of mayor
of Leeds in 1779, and a few years
afterwards removed to Bury St. Ed-
munds, in Suffolk, whence he again
changed his residence for Hampstead,
and at length settled in Great Ormond
Street, London, where he died 31st
August, 1817. He to. Elizabeth, dau.
of James Attwood, esq. and had issue,

1. William-Horton, F.L.S. pos-
sessor of estates in the counties
of York, Lancaster, and Derby,
b. 10th February, 1784, who to.
13th April, 1826, Mary, fourth
and youngest daughter of George
Whitelocke, esq. of Seymour
Place, Bryanston Square, Lon-
don, by Mary, daughter of Dav id
Roche, esq. an alderman of the
city of Limerick, and has had

Gamaliel, b. 12th June, 1827,
d. 6th November, 1830.

George -Whitelocke, b. 30th
May, 1830.

2. Mary-Horton, to. to Stephen-
John" Winthrop, M.D. and left



at her decease foui sous and two
daughters, viz.

Benjamin Wir.tlirop, in holy
orders, curate of St. Sepul-
chre's Church, Northamp-

Stephen Winthrop.

Edward-Gamaliel Winthrop.

William Winthrop.

Maryanne Winthrop, m. to
the Hon. and Rev. Edward
Pellew, fourth son of Vis-
count Exmouth, and has a
Edward-Winthrop Pellew,

b. in 1830.
Elizabeth Winthrop.
3. Anne-Susannah, m to Leonard
Homer, esq. F.R.S. and has

Mary -Elizabeth Horner, m.
12th July, 1832, to Charles
Lyell, esq. professor of ge-
ology, King's College, Lon-
Frances-Joanna Horner.
Anne-Susannah Horner.
Katherine-Murray Horner.
Leonora Horner.
Joanna-Baillee Horner.
II. George, barrister-at-law, long resi-
dent at Manchester, and afterwards
at York, who m. Elizabeth, daughter
of Jeremiah Naylor, esq. and had

1. George, of Acombe, in the
county of York, sometime a cap-
tain iii the 2nd Lancashire militia,
b. 21st May, 1787 ; m. 17th May,
1810, Alicia-Maria, daughter of
John Greame, esq. of Sewerby
House, in the county of Y r ork,
by Sarah, daughter of Charles
Yarburgh, esq. and has issue,
George-John, b. 28th July,

Yarburgh-Gamaliel, b. in 1 813.
Henrv, b. 30th December,

Edward, 6.27th May, 1823.

2. Edward-Jeremiah, of Oldtu !<1
Hall, in the county of Cheshire,
barrister-at-law, who m. Eliza,
second daughter and co-heiress
of William Rigby, esq. of Old-
field Hall, and has issue.

3. Elizabeth, m. first to William
Butler Laird, esq. of Strath Mar-
tin, near Dundee, a captain in
the 17th dragoons, by whom (who
d. in 1810) she has 'issue. She
espoused secondly, Robert Ali-
son, esq. of Dundee, and has
other children.

4. Susannah-Georgiana.

5. Mary -Anne, m. 4th August,
1831, to her cousin, the Rev.
Cecil-Daniel Wray, one of the
fellows of the collegiate church
at Manchester.

in. Thomas, of Leeds, merchant and
common councilman of that corpora-
tion, and subsequently of Hosforth
Hall. He was for many years lieu-
tenant-colonel commandant of the
Leeds Volunteers, on resigning the
command of which corps, he retire d
to the north-east of Yorkshire, and d.
at Kingthorp House, near Pickering,
7th April, 1828. He m. Anne, dau.
of Walter Wade, esq. of New Grange,
in the county of Y r ork, by Anne, dau.
and heiress of Robert Allanson, esq.
of the Royd, and had issue,

George, of Coatham, Yorkshire,
b. 25th May, 1786, for several
years captain of the 2nd West
York militia. He w. first, in
1820, Marian Christina, fifth dau.
of Alexander Maclean, esq. of
Col, in Argyleshire, by whom
(who d. in 1821) he has no issue.
He espoused secondly, 7th June,
1825, Elizabeth, second daughter
of William Rookes Leeds Ser-
jeantson, esq. of Camp Hill, near
Ripon, and has issue,

1. Thomas-William.

2. George-Walter.

3. John-George.

4. Caroline-Anne.

5. Marianne-Jane.

Mary-Anne, wj. 16th November.
1815, to Mr. John Priestly, of
Thorpe, merchant, and d. in 1 823,
leaving two daughters.

iv. Anne.

v. Susannah, m. to the Rev. Henry
Wrav, and has two sons and a

vi. Elizabeth, m. to Thomas Batesont
esq. and had a son, who was created
a baronet in 1818, and is the presen,
Sir Robert Bateson, of Belvoir
Park, M. P. (see Burke's Peerage
and Baronetage).
The eldest son of George Lloyd, who d. in

John Lloyd, esq. F.R.S. lived at Smit-
terton, in Warwickshire He m. Anne
daughter and heiress of James Hibbins,
M.D. and had surviving issue,

George, his heir.

John -Gamaliel, present possessor.
Charlotte, m. to the Rev Thomas
Warde, of Leamington, in Va arwick-



shire, and has a son, Charles-Thomas
Mr. Lloyd d. 8th June, 1777, when the re-
presentation of this wide-spreading family
devolved upon his elder son,

George Lloyd, esq. of Welcombe House,
b. 7th March, 1768, who was sheriff for the
county of Warwick in 1806. He d. un-
married 11th July, 1831, and was s. by his
only brother, the present John-Gamaliel
Lloyd, esq. of Welcombe House.

Arms — Argent, three lions dormant, in
pale sa.


Carte, Stafford,


Crests — First, ademi-arm in scale armour,
the hand naked ppr. the cuff arg. grasping
a lizard vert. Second, two arms embowed,
armed ppr. supporting a chaplet of oak
branches vert, fructed or.

Estates — In Warwickshire, Lancashire,
Hertfordshire, and Essex.

Online LibraryJohn BurkeA genealogical and heraldic history of the commoners of Great Britain and Ireland, enjoying territorial possessions or high official rank; but univested with heritable honours (Volume 1) → online text (page 39 of 112)