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Seats — Welcombe House, near Stratford-
upon-Avon, and Much Hadham, near
Bishop's Stortford, Herts.


ORLEBAR, RICHARD, esq. of Hinwick House, in the county of Bedford, b. in

1775, m. in 1804, Maria, fourth daughter of Benjamin
Longuet, esq. of Bath, and has had issue,

Richard-Longuet, b. 21st June, 1806, who m. 23rd
May, 1831, Sophia, daughter of Jasper Parrott, esq.
of Dundridge, Devonshire, and has a daughter,
V Caroline-Augusta.

Cuthbert, in holy orders, b. in 1807.

John, in the royal navy, b. in 1810.

Alexander, royal engineers, b. in May, 1814.

Diana, m. in 1831, to her cousin Edward Carey, esq.


Madalena- Augusta.


Ann-Harriet, d. at Versailles, in 1829.

Mr. Orlebar succeeded his father in 1803, and served
the office of sheriff for the county of Bedford in 1808.



In the reign of Edward III.,

Thomas Orlebere, otherwise Orlebar,
was member of parliament for the town of
Bedford, from this person we pass to his

John Orlebar, of Harrold, in the county
of Bedford, who married about the year
1560, and had three sons,

1. Robert, who d. unmarried.

2. George, of whom presently.

3. John, who m. Mary, daughter of
Richard Hyder, of the county of
Kent, and had two sons and two
daughters, all of whom died un-
married, except,

Susannah, b. in 1630, who m. Sir
Jonathan Keate, bart. of the
Hoo, in Hertfordshire.
The second son,

George Orlebar, esq. espoused Mar-
garet, only daughter (and upon the death

of Henry, son of Sir ChristopherYelverton,)
sole heir of Richard Child, esq. of Podding-
ton, in the county of Bedford, nephew (by
his sister) and heir of William Payne,
lord of the manor of Poddington. By
this lady Mr. Orlebar had no less than
sixteen children, of whom,

1. George, succeeded his father.

2. Richard, b. in 1625, m. Elizabeth,
daughter of Henry Cooper, esq. of
Artliingworth, in the county of
Northampton, by whom he had issue.

Cooper Orlebar, esq. who m. Eli-
zabeth, daughter of — Powney,
esq. of Braywick, in the county
of Bucks, and d. at the early age
of twenty-nine, leaving an only
daughter and heiress Elizabeth,
who m. Sir Thomas Hatton, bart.

Susanna, m. in 1698, to Humphry
Wykeham, esq. of Swacliffe.



Judith, wi. to James Johnson, P.P.

3. John, b. in 1633, of the Middle
Temple, m. Elizabeth, daughter of
Sir John Kelynge, of Southill, in the
county of Bedford, Lord-Chief- Justice
of the court of King's Bench, by
Martha, his second wife, daughter of
Sir Thomas Boteler, of Bidenham, in
the countv of Bedford, and had a son,

John, b. in 1667, of the Middle
Temple, a master in Chancery,
who m. Elizabeth, daughter of
John Whitfield, esq. of Ives Place,
Berkshire, and left an only son,
John, of the Middle Temple,
of whom hereafter as in-
heritor of the landed for-
fune of his cousin Richard
Orlebar, esq. of Henwick

4. William, who was buried at Pod-

5. Matthew, who had a son,

John, who d. leaving three daugh-

6. Alexander, of the Inner Temple,rf.,s./>.

7. Thomas, d. s. p.

8. Anne, m. to Richard Hippisley, esq.
of the county of Somerset.

9. Elizabeth, m. to — Cobb, esq. of an
ancient Bedfordshire family.

10. Rebecca, m. to Thomas Mulso, esq.
of the Middle Temple and of Fene-
don, in the county of Northampton.

11. Mary, to. to — Gray, esq. of Per-
tenhall, in the county of Bedford.

The eldest son,

George Orlebar, esq. to. Ursula, daugh-
ter of Oliver Boteler, ofWooton, in Bed-
fordshire, (of the ancient family of Boteler,
Lords Boteler) and had with other issue,
Richard, his successor.
George, proved Founder's Kin, arch-
bishop Chichely, All Souls, Oxford,
through his mother.
Judith, to. in 1676, to James Boteler, of

Margaret, to. in 1676, to John Hawes,
of an ancient Bedfordshire family.
The eldest son,

Richard Orlebar, esq. to. Jane, daughter
of Sir Thomas Hatton,bart. of Long Stanton,
in the county of Cambridge, and had issue,
Richard, his successor.
Thomas, to. his first cousin Judith,
daughter of James Boteler, and was
maternal ancestor of the Rev. Or-
lebar Smith, of Aspley House, the
Rev. Orlebar Marsh and the Rev.
Orlebar St. John Cooper, all of the
county of Bedford.
William, an officer in the army, d. at
Boston in America, in 1711,unm.
The eldest sun,

Richard Orlebar, esq. built Hinwiek
House, in the parish of Poddington. lie
wedded Diana, daughter of Sir Samuel As-
tnv, of Henbury, but dying s. p. left his
landed property to his cousin,

John Orlebar, esq. of the Middle Tem-
ple, and of Henwick House, (refer to issue
of John Orlebar, who was born in 1633,
second son of GEORGE Orlebar, esq. by
Margaret Child, his wife.) This gentleman,
who was born in 1697, was a commissioner
of excise, and represented the town of Bed-
ford, in parliament. He to. Mary, daughter
of Samuel Rolt, esq. M.P. of Milton Ernest,
in the county of Bedford, and had a son and

Richard Orlebar, esq. b. in 1736, one
of the clerks extraordinary of the privy
council, who m. first, Elizabeth, daughter of
the Rev. Joseph Cuthbert, rector of Bul-
phan, Essex, by whom he had, with four
daughters, a son,

Richard, his successor.
He espoused secondly, Charlotte, only child
of Robert Willing, esq. of London, and had

John, b. in 1781, late a captain in the

royal artillery.
George, b. in 1782, died in the royal

Robert-Charles, of Husborne Crawley,
in the county of Bedford, b. in 17S3,
to. in 1807, Charlotte, daughter and
heiress of the Rev. Daniel Shipton,*
of Husborne Crawley, and has sur-
siving issue,

1. Robert Shipton, b. 12th May,

2. Arthur-Bedford, b. 11th June,

3. John-Charles, b. 18th March,

4. Charles-Daniel, b. 19th April,

5. William, b. 16th August, 1816.

6. Augustus, b. 14th June, 1824.

7. Charlotte-Temperance.

8. Mary-Constantia. 9. Emily.
Orlando, b. in 1786, an officer R.N.

who >». Helen, only daughter of Ad-
miral Aplin, and has issue by that
lady, who d. 15th November, 1831.
Frederic, b. in 1787, late of the E.I.C.S.
to. 22nd April, 1829, Ann, daughter

* By his wife Temperance, daughter of the
Rev. Arthur Bedford, vicar of Poddington and
Sharnbrook, in the county of Bedford, and his
wife, Temperance, daughter of the Rev. Vere
Alston, onlv brother of Sir Thomas and Sir Row-
land Alston, barts. of Odell Castle. Temperance,
the lady of the Rev. Daniel Shipton, by tbe will
of her cousin, Thomas-Jnmes Selby, esq. of Whad-
doa Hall, and Wavendon, in the county of Bucks,
succeeded to a part of his estates in 1772.




of Stephen Round, esq. of Beech

Hill, Berks.
William-Augustus, b. in 1794, who m.

Mary Caroline, second daughter of

Benjamin Longuet, esq. of Bath.
Henry, b. in 1798, died R.N.
Orlebar d. in 1803, and was s. by his

eldest son, Richard Orlebar, esq. of

Hinwick House, now representative of the

A mis-— Arg. two bars gu. charged, the
upper with two roses, and the lower wiih
one, of the field.

Crest — A demi eagle, collared.

Seat— Hinwick House, Poddington, Bed-


BENETT, JOHN, esq. of Pythouse, and Norton Bavant, both in the county of

Wilts, b. 20th May, 1773, m. in 1801, Lucy, daughter
of the late Edmund Lambert, esq. of Boyton House, in
the county of Wilts, by whom (who d. in 1827) he has
had issue,

John, b. 13th August, 1809.

Thomas-Edmund, b. in 1812, and d. in 1829.

Lucy-Harriet, m. 27th August, 1832, to Arthur Fane,
esq. son of Lieutenant General Sir H. Fane.

Etheld red-Catherine, m. 24th August, 1827, to Lord
Charles Spencer-Churchill, second son of His Grace
the Duke of Marlborough, and has issue.

Emily, d. young.



Mr. Benett has represented the county of Wilts in par-
liament since the year 1819.


The family of Benett was founded by

John Benett, who was sheriff of Wilts
in the 51st of Henry III. His great grand-

Thomas Benett, of Norton Bavant, es-
poused the daughter and co-heir of — Page,
of Devizes, and was s. by his son,

John Benett, who wedded Agnes For-
warde, of the county of Somerset, and had,
with other issue,

1. John.

2. Thomas, D.C.L. canon and treasurer
of St. Paul's, London, prebendary
of Ealdstreet and of Rugmere, pre-
centor and canon residentiary of Sa-
rum church, where he was buried in
1558, having lived from the reign of
Edward IV.

3. William.
The third son,

William Benett, m. Isabel, daughter of
Augustine Dursley, of Gloucestershire, and
was s. by his eldest son,

William Benett, who espoused, first,
Margaret, daughter of John Aylearde, of
Basingstoke, by whom (who d. in 1563) he
had issue.

Thomas, of Westbury, d. in 1605.
William. Margaret.

He wedded, secondly, in 1565, Katherine,
daughter of William Willoughby, of Syl-
ton, in Dorsetshire, and died in 1574. His
second son,

William Benett, whose will bears date
1617, was s. at his decease by his only son
by his second wife, Ann, daughter of — .
Wallis, esq. of Grovely,

Thomas Benett, esq. who m. first, Miss
White, sister of John White, of Carnarvon,
and had one child, Thomas, whose only son
died issueless. Mr. Benett wedded, se-
condly, Miss Elizabeth Moore, by whom
(who d. in 1681) he had issue,

1. John, who m. Frances, daughter of
Thomas Garratt, esq. of Lamborne,
by whom (who m. secondly, H. L.
Coker, esq. of East Knoyle) he left at
his decease, in 1706, no surviving

2. William. 3. Richard.

4. Samuel, in the navy.

5. Elizabeth, m. in 1659, to Edward
Hawtaine, M.D.

6. Ann, d. issueless in 1673.



7. Florence, m. in 1682, to Edward
Garrard, esq. of Sarum.

8. Mary, m. in 1656, to the Rev.
Thomas Lambert, D.D. of Boy ton.

9. Sarah, m. to John Goddard, esq. of

Mr. Benett d. in 1653. His second son by
his second wife,

William Benett, esq. of Norton Bavant,
and of Westbury, in the county of Wilts,
recorder of Shaftesbury, and Bridport,
in Dorsetshire, married, in 1686, Mrs. Pa-
tientia Bishop, sister and sole heir of Colo-
nel Thomas Bennet, of Pythouse, secretary
to Prince RUPERT, by whom he left at his
decease, in 1707, a son and successor,

Thomas Benett, esq. of Norton Bavant
and of AVestbury, one of the registrars of
the prerogative court of Canterbury, who
purchased, in 1725, Pythouse estate. This
gentleman wedded, in 1713, Etheldred,
daughter a*nd co-heir of His Grace Wil-
liam Wake, D.D. Archbishop of Canter-
bury, by whom (who d. in 1766) he left at
his decease, in 1754, with other children,
who d. unmarried,

William, who predeceased his fa-
ther, (in 1749), leaving by his wife,
Miss Mary Mountain, of Stockbridge,
an only son,

William, of Norton Bavant and
Westbury, who wedded Mrs.
Jane Harford, and dying issue-
less, in 1781, devised all his es-
tates to that lady.

John, LL.D. in holy orders, rector
of Donhead St. Andrew, in Wilts,
and of Ower Moigne, in Dorsetshire.
This gentleman m. Frances, sister of
Sir Thomas Turton, bart. by whom
(who d. in 1795) he had issue,

Charles-Cowper, of Lyme Regis,
in Dorsetshire, who m. in 1810,
Sarah, dau. of William Burlton,
esq. of Donhead St. Andrew.
Frederick, m. in 1811, Miss Hen-
rietta-Emelia Knipe, of St. He-
lena, and d. in 1823, leaving two
George, of Saleman's Cross, Sur-

rey, m. Miss Patience Ridley,
of Croydon.
\\ illiam-Wake,ofthe Royal Navy,

killed in action.
Henry-Cowper, d. s. p.
Frances, m. to Gregory Doyle,

esq. of the county of Carlow.
Catherine-Maria, m. to Stanford

Carroll, esq. of Dublin.
Doctor Benett d. in 1808.
Mr. Benett d. in 1754, and was interred at
Norton. His eldest surviving son,

Thomas Benett, esq. of Pythouse, ob-
tained a fellowship at Oxford, as founder's
kin, through his mother Etheldred Wake,
to Archbishop Chichely. He wedded first,
ID 1766, Frances, daughter of the Rev.
Richard Reynolds, of Little Paxton, in
Huntingdonshire, chancellor of the diocese
of Lincoln, but had no issue. Mr. Benett
m. secondly, in 1771, Catherine, daughter
of John Darell, esq. of York-street, St.
James's, London, and co-heir of her brother.
By this lady (who d. in 1780) he had issue,
Thomas, d. before his father (1789) s. p.
John, present Lord of the Manor.
William, of York-street, Portman-
square, b. in 1779 ; m. in 1815, Ellen,
daughter and sole heir of Thomas
Gore, esq. of Tring Park, Herts, and
has surviving issue,

1. Florence-Amey.

2. Ellen-Caroline.

3. Etheldreda-Anna.
Etheldred- Anna-Maria.

Mr. Benett, who repurchased Norton Ba-
vant, died in 1797, and was s. by his elder
surviving son, the present John Benett,
esq. of Pythouse, and Norton Bavant.

Arms — Gules, three demi-lions rampant,
arg. a mullet or, in the centre, for cadency

Crest — Out of a mural crown, or, a lion's
head issuant arg. charged with a mullet or.

Estates — Norton Bavant, acquired in the
latter end of the fourteenth century, as ap-
pears by the visitation of Wiltshire. Py-
thouse, purchased in 1725 by Thomas Be-
nett, it being the very ancient seat and pro-
perty of his mother's family.

Seats — Norton Bavant and Pythouse.



© B

It appears indubitable, by the identity of
estate and arms, that this family is the same
as that of Ockley, of Ockley, which had
flourished for several generations in the
county of Salop.

Rowland Oakley, esq. of Oakley, b.
about the year 1500 ; m. Mary, daughter
of William Crowther, esq. of Betson, in
Salop, and had (with three daughters) four

Richard, his successor.

Samuel, a merchant in London.

John, of Fawley Court, Bucks.

Jeremy, in holy orders, rector of Main-
stone, and vicar of Cardington.
He d. in 1622, and was s. at his decease
by his eldest son,

Richard Oakley, esq. of Oakley, M.P.
for Bishop's Castle. This gentleman, a zea-
lous supporter of the royal cause, d. in 1653,
and was s. by his son,

William Oakeley, esq. of Oakeley, who
was returned to parliament by the borough of
Bishop's Castle, from 1660 to 1681 ; in the
former of which years he served the office of
sheriff' for the county of Salop, and it is re-
corded in Grey's Debates, that although
sheriff, " he was chosen for Bishop's Castle,
a nd sate without dispute." He wedded first,
Mary, second daughter of Walter Wareing,
esq. of Oldbury, and that lady dying without
surviving issue, in 1660, he m. secondly,
Barbara, eldest daughter of John Walcot,

OAKELEY, WILLIAM, esq. of Oakeley, in the county of Salop, b. 12th No-
vember, 1806; succeeded to the estates upon the demise of his father, the Reverend
Herbert Oakeley, D.D.


esq. of Walcot, in Shropshire, by whom
(who espoused, secondly, Sir William Gres-
ley, bart. ) he had issue,
i. Richard, his heir,
ii. John, of the Middle Temple, d. un-
III. William, who m. Catherine, daughter
of Walter Moseley, esq. of the Meer,
and had, with other issue,

The Rev. William Oakeley, rector
of Holy Cross, in Shrewsbury
(refer to article Oakeley, of
Plas Tan-y-bwlch).
IV. Samuel, > rf unmarried .
v. Charles, S
vi. Barbara, m. to Thomas Downes,

vii. Elizabeth.
The eldest son,

Richard Oakeley, esq. of Oakeley,
sheriff of Shropshire in 1724, m. Margaret,
daughter of Sir Herbert Croft, bart. of Croft
Hall, and had two sons,

Richard, his successor.
Herbert, in holy orders, rector of Lyd-
ham, and vicar of Lydbury, who es-
poused Anne, daughter of Robert
Loder, esq. of Lecblade, and d. in
1778, leaving a son,

John, who inherited the estates at
the death of his uncle.
Mr. Oakeley d. in 1738, and was s. by his
eldest son,

Richard Oakeley, esq. of Oakeley, at
whose decease, issueless, the family estates
devolved upon his nephew,

John Oakeley, esq. of Oakeley, whose

The Rev. Herbert Oakeley, of Oakeley,
rector of Lydham, prebendary of Worcester,
was s. at his decease by his eldest son, the
present William Oakeley, esq. of Oakeley.
Arms — Argent on a fesse between three
crescents gu. as many fleurs-de-lys or.

Crest — A dexter arm embowed, in armour
ppr. in the hand a scimitar also ppr. pom-
mel and hilt gold.

Estates — In the parishes of Lydham.
Bishop's Castle, Lydbury North, and Nor-
bury, all in the county of Salop, possessed
by the Oakeleys since 1589.

Sea*— Oakeley, near Bishop's Castle.



OAKELEY, WILLIAM-GRYFFYDD, esq. of Plas Tan-y-bwlch, in the county
of Merioneth, b. 18th December, 1790; m. 13th February, 1817, Louisa, eldest
daughter of R. B. Ness, esq. of Middle Hill.

Mr. Oakeley, who succeeded his father in August, 1811, was sheriff of Merioneth-
shire in 1814, and of Carnarvonshire the following year.


The Reverend

William Oakeley, Rector of Holycross,
Shrewsbury, and of Forton, in Stafford-
shire, (grandson of the William Oakeley,
esq. of Oakeley, who d. in 1694,) m. Cathe-
rine, only daughter of Sir Patrick Strahan,
knt. and had issue,
William, his heir.

Charles, who, having distinguished
himself in the East India Company's
service, was created a Baronet in
1770. His son is the present Sir
Herbert Oakeley, bart.
The eldest son,

WllXlAM Oakeley, esq. b. in February,
1750, in. Margaret, only child and heir of
Evan Gryffydd, Esq. of Plas Tan-y-bwlch,
in the county of Merioneth, and had an
only son and heir, the present William
Gryffydd Oakeley, esq.

Mr. Oakeley died in August, 1811 ; and
the announcement of his death was thus
accompanied, in the Gentlemiin's Maga-
zine : —

" At Tan-y-bwlch, William Oakeley, esq.
The loss the inhabitants of the ' Happy
Yale', and its neighbourhood, have sus-
tained by his death, cannot easily be esti-
mated. The excellent roads formed under
his direction, through a district formerly
almost impassable, are known to every tra-
veller ; the tracts which he has fertilized,
the barren eminence which he has planted,
and, above all, the delightful exhibition of
Nature, in bold and picturesque scenery,
which his taste developed and adorned,
have afforded themes of rapture to every
visitor: his benificence has bettered the
condition, and made happy the dwelling, of
many a rustic ; and the memory of his pri-
vate goodness will long live in the bosoms
of las relatives and friends."


Robert Gryffydd, living in 1720, the
representative of a very ancient family
seated at Bach-y-saint, county of Car-
narvon, married Catherine, eldest daughter

and co-heir of Evan Evans,* of Tan-y-bwlch,
esq. by whom he had issue,
Evan, his successor.
John, married, and left issue.
Owen, in holy orders, Rector of Llan-
frothen, county of Merioneth : died
13th of April, 1728.
William, married — , daughter of David

Williams, and had issue.
Jane, wife of Griffith Parry, of Pe-

Anne, married on the 18th of July,
1727, to Lewis Lloyd, of Maes-y-
Gwen, wife of Lewis Anwyl, Vicar of
Abergele, county of Denbigh.
Mr. Gryffydd was succeeded by his eldest

Evan Gryffydd, of Bach-y-saint, and
(in his mother's right) of Tan-y-bwlch. He
married Janet, daughter and co-heir of
Thomas Meyrick, esq. of Berthllwyd, county
Merioneth, by whom he had issue,

Robert Gryffydd, esq. of Tan-y-bwlch,
who was sheriff of the county of Merioneth
in 1742, and married Anne, daughter of —
Anwyl, of Hendre mftr, in the same county,
and by her had issue,
Evan, his successor.
Robert, d. 17th March, 1770, aged 22.
Evan Gryffydd, esq. the elder son
and successor, married Mary, one of the
daughters of William Anwyl, of Hendre
mar, esq. by whom (who re-married in
1779, the Rev. John Gryffydd, and died in
1781,) he had issue an only daughter,

Margaret, who succeeded to the es-
tates of her family, and, as stated, be-
came the wife of William Oakeley,
esq. and mother of the present pro-
Air. Gryffydd was sheriff of Merioneth in
1770, about which year he died.

Arms — Arg. on a fesse between three

* The family of Evans had hoen the possessors
of Tan-y-bwlch for many generations.



crescents gules, as many fleur-de-lys, or.
Quartering the ensigns of Gryffydd, viz.
arg. on a chevron, sa. three mullets pierced
of the field.

Crest — A dexter arm embowed in armour,
ppr. charged with two fleur de-lys or, each

in a crescent gules. In the hand a scimitar,
ppr. hilt gold.

Estates — In the parish of Festiniog,
Maentwrog, Llandeckwin, Llanelltyd, Llan-
fachreth, &c. in the county of Merioneth.

Seat — Plas Tan-y-bwlch.


DEALTRY, BENJAMIN, esq. of Lofthouse Hall, in the county of York, b. 13th
August, 1772; m. 16th September, 1799, Catherine, daughter and heiress of Ralph
Hanson, esq. of Ford House, in Devonshire (by his wife Martha, daughter and heiress
of Metcalf Procter, esq. of Thorp), and has two daughters, viz.

1. Catherine.

2. Dinah.

Mr. Dealtry, who is in the commission of the peace for the West Riding of Yorkshire,
and for the county of Lincoln, succeeded his father 4th April, 1817.


Robert Dalterye, (descended from Sir
Geoffrey de Alterypa, whose name appears
as a witness to several deeds in the time of
Richard I.) presented to Full Sutton in
1551. He was *. by his son,

George Dealterye, of Full Sutton, who
wedded Alice, daughter of — Thettlepenny,
and by her, whose will was proved 3rd April,
1600, had issue. His own will bears date
the same year, and it was proved at York.
His fourth son,

Robert Dealtry, of Fangfoss, in the
county of York, tenant to the Crown, in
capite, at his decease, 17th James I. left,
by his wife, Margery, with other issue, a
son (the third),

George Dealtry, of Bishop Wilton, who
m. 21st June, 1631, Elizabeth, daughter of
Leonard Sotheby, by whom (who wedded,
secondly, Thomas Darling, of Thome,) he
left, at his death, in 1664, inter alios,

William Dealtry, of Gainsbro', in Lin-
colnshire, who purchased lands at Sprotley,
in Holderness. He m. in 1662, Dinah

Goodyer, and died in 16S6. His youngest

Benjamin Dealtry, merchant, b. in
1686, died in 1737, and left with senior

Benjamin Dealtry, esq. of Gainsbro',
who m. Dinah, second daughter of William
Dealtry, esq. of the county of Lincoln, and
was s. in 1746, by his only son and heir,

James Dealtry, esq. of Gainsbro', a
justice of the peace for the county of Lin-
coln, who wedded, in 1767, Elizabeth, elder
daughter and co-heir of Charles Hurt,*
esq. of Alderwasley, by whom (who was b.
22nd October, 1751, and d. in 1822,) he left,
at his decease, in 1817, an only surviving
son, the present

Benjamin Dealtry, esq. of Lofthouse


Represented by the present Mrs. Dealtry.

Thomas Procter, esq. of New Hall, near
Otley, barrister at law, was father of

Henry Procter, esq. of New Hall, who
m. Margery, daughter and heiress of John
Gascoigne, esq.f of Thorp on the Hill, and
was s. by his son,

* The family of Hurt is one of great antiquity
in the county of Derby, and has intermarried with
the houses of Beresford, Brudenell, Harpur,
Lowe, Rosell, &c. Through the Rosells, Mr.
Dealtry is a descendant of John Cranmer, brother
of Archbishop Cranmer.

t Through this alliance, Mrs. Dealtry, has a
right to twenty quarterings in her arms.



Henry Procter, esq. of Thorp, in the
county of York. This gentleman wedded
Anne, daughter of Thomas Fawkes, esq. of
Farnley, (by his wife Mary, daughter of
Sir John Mollineux, bart. of Fevershall,)
and was s. at his decease in 1672, by his

Francis PROCTER, esq. of Thorp, who m.
Elizabeth, eldest daughter of William Met-
calf, esq. of Thornborough Hall, and had a

Metcalf Procter, esq. of Thorp, who
espoused Martha, third daughter of the
Rev. John Disney of Lincoln, son of Da-
niel Disney, esq. by Catherine, daughter
and co-heiress of Henry-Fynes Clinton, esq.
grandson of Henry, Earl of Lincoln. By
this lady Mr. Procter had two daughters,

Catherine, m. in 1765, to Thomas
Howard, third Earl of Elnngham,
but d. s.p.
Martha, m. to Ralph Hanson, esq. of
Ford House, in the county of Devon,
and her daughter and heiress,

Catherine Hanson, m. Benjamin
Dealtry, esq. as stated at com-
Arms — Az. five fusills in fesse arg. sur-
mounted with a bendlet gules, Quartering
the Ensigns of the families of Hurt, Lowe,
and Fawnb, and bearing upon an escutcheon
of pretence, those of Hanson, Procter,

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