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ter of Sir John Wyndhain, of Orchard
Wyndham, in the county of Somerset.

This gentleman suffered much for his
loyalty to the House of Stuart, and had
the honor of receiving a letter signed by
King Charles I. commanding his attend-
ance at Oxford. He survived those perilous
times, and lived to witness the restoration
of the monarchy. He left at his decease,
in 1662, a son,

Thomas Carew, esq. whose son,
Thomas Carew, esq. of Carew Castle,
espoused Elizabeth, daughter of John San-
ford, esq. of Mynehead, and had issue,
Thomas, his heir.

John, who inherited at the decease of
Lady Carew, relict of Sir Coventry
Carew, bart. in 1766, the manor of
East Antony, &c. in Cornwall, but
leaving no male issue, the Cornish
estates passed, at his decease, to the
family of Pole. He had, however,
two daughters, viz.

Mary, of whom hereafter, as heir-
ess of Carew Castle, Crow-
combe, &c.
The elder son,

Thomas Carew, esq. of Carew Castle,
Camerton, Crowcombe, Clatworthy, and
Stoadley, M.P. for Minehead in 1762, wed-
ded Mary, daughter of Francis Drewe, esq.
of Grange, in the county of Devon, and had
an only surviving daughter and heiress,

Elizabeth Carew, who espoused James
Bernard, esq. of the Middle Temple, but
having no issue, the estates passed at her
decease, under an entail to her first cousin,
Mary Carew, eldest daughter of John Ca-
rew, of East Antony, in Cornwall. This
Mary wedded in 1794, George-Henry
Warrington, esq. of Pentrepant, in Shrop-
shire, who having assumed the surname
and arms of his wife's family, is the present
Carew, of Carew.

Arms — Or, three lions passant, sa.
Crest — A main-mast, the roundtop set off
with palisadoes, or, a lion issuing thereout,

Supporters— Dexter, a lion, sa. Sinister,
an antelope, gu.

Motto — J'espere bien.
Estates — The castle and manor of Carew,
in Pembrokeshire ; manors of Crowcombe,
Clatworthy, and Bore Path, in Somerset-
shire ; and of Pentrepant, in the county of
Salop ; and a moiety of the Pyncombe es-
tates, in North Devon.

Seats — Crowcombe-Court, and Pentre-



CALMADY, CHARLES-BIGGS, esq. of Langdon Hall, in the county of Devon,
b. in 1791, m. in 1816, Emily, eldest daughter of William Greenwood, esq. of Brook-
wood, Hants, (of an ancient Yorkshire family) and has issue,

VlNCENT-PoLLEXFEN, b. ill 1825.


Mr. Calmady succeeded his father, Admiral Calmady, 5th March, 1807.


This ancient family, which was seated at
Calmady, in Cornwall, at a very remote
period, appears to have removed into De-
vonshire about the beginning of the six-
teenth century.

John Calmady, of Calmady, living in
1460, Avas father of

— Calmady, who is supposed to have
married the daughter of Francis Vincent.
He had three sons, viz.

1. Richard, of Farwood, M.P. for
Plympton in 1555, died in 16SG,
leaving three daughters.

2. Vincent, of whom presently.

3. Andrew.
The second son,

Vincent Calmady, who is supposed to
have erected the mansion of Lang don Hall,
m. first Maria, daughter and heir of Robert
Nicks, of Litton, in Cornwall, and had, with
other issue,

JosiAS, his successor.
He espoused, secondly, Wylmote daughter
of — A 'ford, by whom he had three sons

and a daughter. His will bears date in
1579, and he was s. by his eldest son,

Josias Calmady, of Langdon, who in-
herited likewise the fortune of his uncle,
Richard Calmady, of Farwood. This gen-
tleman in. Catherine, daughter and heiress
of Carew Courtenay,* grandson of Sir Wil-
liam Courtenay, of Powderham, and had,
with other issue, his successor, at his de-
cease in the beginning of the seventeenth

Sir Shilston Calmady, who received the
honor of knighthood in 1618. He m. first,
Elizabeth, daughter of John Coplestone,
esq. by whom, who d. in 1617, he had no
surviving issue. He wedded secondly, Ho-
nora, daughter of Edward Fortesque, esq. of
Fallow-pit, and relict of Sir H. Prideaux,
knt. by whom he had three sons, viz.
Josias, his heir.

Shilston, of Leawood, who espoused
Elizabeth, daughter and co-heiress of
Humphry Gayer, esq. and had, with
two daughters, two sons, viz.

Josias, who eventually succeeded
to the estates and representation
of the family.
John, M.P. for Oakhampton.
Francis, of Combshead, in Cornwall.
This gentleman rebuilt the mansion
at that place, where his arms and the
initials of his name, with the date
1663, remain over the gateway. He
m. Joan, daughter and heiress of
Walter Farsland, esq. of Bickington,
in Devon, and was father of

Francis Calmady, esq. of Combs-

* This Carew Courtenay was son of Peter
Courtenav, bv Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of

Shilston, of Devonshire



head, b. in 1664, who was s. in
1701, bv his son,
Fii.wi is Calmady, esq. of Combs-
head, who m. Cecilia, daughter
of Warwick Pollexfen, esq. of
Mothecombe, in Devonshire, and
had, with six other sonsf and five
daughters, who all died unmar-
ried, his successor in 1747,
Francis Vincent Calmady, esq.
of Combshead, of whom here-
after, as successor to the repre-
sentation and estates of the
branch of Langdon.
Sir Shilston Calmady was killed at the
siege of Ford House during the civil wars.
His widow survived him, and dying in 1663
was buried in Brideston church, where the
following curious epitaph is to be seen upon
her tomb :

" Eight living branches still are springing found,
Though here the root lies dead within the ground.
Two husbands in their tombs divided lie,
Who both did in the bed of honor die ;
But now the king of terrors, oh unjust,
At length has laid their honor in the dust,
Till that which here is in dishonor sown
Be raised in honor to a glorious throne."

Sir Shilston was s. by his eldest son,

Josias Calmady, esq. of Langdon, who
m. first, Thomasine, daughter of Sir Rich-
ard Buller, knt. by whom he had two daugh-
ters. He espoused secondly, Elizabeth,
daughter of John Coffin, esq. of Portledge,
in Devon, and had two sons, Josias and
Shilston, who both died young. This gen-
tleman lived to an advanced age, and was
principally occupied in relieving the dis-
tressed. In his last testament he was yet
mindful of their wants, bequeathing twelve
pence per week, in second bread, to the
poor of the parish of Wembury, for ever,
payable out of the rents in Colebrook, now
the property of Earl Morley, to be distri-
buted every Sunday, by the churchwardens.
And leaving £500 to be raised out of the
sheaf of the parish of Wembury, to pur-
chase lands, the income accruing from the
same to be applied to the relief of the parish,
according to the provisions of his will ;
which money has since been expended in
the purchase of an estate, Higher Egcumb,
and Rumsdown, in the parish of Milton
Abbott, in the county of Devon. This be-
nevolent person d. in 1682, and leaving no
male issue, was s. by his nephew,

Josias Calmady, esq. ofLeawood,M.P.for

t One of these sons, Warwick Calmady, was
a captain in the navy at the time Admiral Byng
was shot at Portsmouth, and threw up his coiu-
rois.sion in disgust.

Oakhampton in 1680, and sheriff for the
county of Devon, in 1688, who thus became
also of Langdon. Hem. first, Elizabeth, dau.
and heiress of Edward Waldo, esq. (by
the daughter and heiress of Potter), and by
her, who d. in 1694, had (with two younger
daughters, who d. unmarried),

Josias, ^ Successors in turn to the
Shilston,C _

Waldo, )

Elizabeth, eventually heiress.
Mr. Calmady espoused secondly, Jane, dau.
of Thomas Roll, esq. of Milton, in the
county of Devon, and had one daughter, b.
in 1701. He was s. at his decease by his
eldest son,

Josias Calmady, esq. of Langdon and Lea-
wood, who served the office of sheriff for
Devon, in 1694. He espoused — and had
several children, who all died young. His
widow died at the advanced age of 92, in
1756, and was buried in Marylebone church,
London. Mr. Calmady was s. in 1714, by
his next brother,

Shilston Calmady, esq. of Langdon,
M.P. for Saltash, at whose decease, unm.
in 1730, the estates devolved upon his bro-

Waldo Calmady. esq. of Langdon, who
served the office of sheriff for Devon in
1728. He died issueless, in 1765, when the
estates devolved upon his three sisters, as
co-heirs, but the two younger dying un-
married, the property passed eventually to
the eldest,

Elizabeth Calmady, who espoused John
Pollexfen, esq. of Mothecombe, in Devon-
shire, high sheriff for the county in 1718,
and left an only daughter and sole heiress,
Elizabeth Pollexfen, (the last survivor
of that ancient house), who married

Francis Vincent Calmady, esq.of Combs-
head, (refer to issue of Francis, third
son of Sir Shilston Calmady), and had

Francis, his heir.

Elizabeth, to. to Christopher Hamlyn,
esq. of Pascoe, in the county of De-
von, and has a son, Calmady-Pollex-
fen Hamlyn, esq.
Pollexfen, of whom hereafter.
Mr. Calmady was s. at his decease, in 1765,
by his only son,

Francis Calmady, esq. of Langdon, who
died unmarried, and bequeathed his estates
to his youngest sister,

Pollexfen Calmady, who thus became
of Langdon. This lady espoused Charles
Holmes Everitt, esq. an admiral of the Red,
who thereupon assumed by act of parlia-
ment, the surname and arms of Calmady.
By the heiress of Calmady, the admiral had

Charles, who died young.
Charles-Biggs, present possessor.



Arabella-Philippa, m. to C. U. Ustek-
Kys, esq.
Admiral Calmady d. in 1807, and was
buried in the family vault, at Wembury,
where a neat marble monument is erected
to his memory, with the following inscrip-
tion :

Near this place are deposited the remains of

Charles Holmes Calmady, esq.
Admiral of the Blue, who departed this life,
loth March, 1807,
In the 54th year of his age.
In remembrance of his manv virtues, of his grate-
fid regard, and sincere affection to his wife, of
his fatherly affection to his children, of his com-
passionate care of the poor and friendless, and
of his benevolence to all,
This monument is erected, that the good
Maybe reverenced after they are gone hence, and

Are no more seen.
On him, who braves unhurt the battle's roar,
\\ ho wreck'd, still treads again his native shore ;
On him, secure in midnight's peaceful hour,
May rush, Death, thy desolating power.

There, Christian, watch, each hour instruct thine

To seek, to find, to hold that better part ;
So on thy pillow calmly close thine eye,
Nor tremble, though thy last dread foe be nigh,
Nor wake but in the morning of eternity.

Admiral Calmady was s. by his only sur-
viving son, Charles-Biggs Calmady, esq.
of Langdon Hall, the present representative
of this ancient family.

Arms — Az. a chevron between three
pears, or.

Crest — A Pegasus, arg.
Motto — Simili frondescit virga metallo.

Strode. Shilston.

moreton. (j aver.

Gayer. Waldo.

Penwarne. Potter.

Cavil. Fursland.

Nicks. Pollexfen.


Seat — Langdon Hall, near Plymouth.


BRACEBRIDGE, CHARLES-HOLTE, esq. of Atherstone Hall, in the county of
Warwick, b. in March, 1799, m. in 1824, Selina, daughter of William Mills, esq. of
Bisterne, in the county of Hants.

Mr. Bracebridge succeeded to the representation of the family at the decease of his
father, 21st August, 1832.


This family derives from Turchill DE
"Warewick, a Saxon, who, at the period of
the Conquest, had the reputation of an
Earl, and its present representative still
retains of the original possessions of this
ancestor a rent pharge in Kingsbury, the
principal seat of the said Turchill. Dug-

dale says, that this noble Saxon, who was
descended from Guy, Earl of Warwick and
King Ethelstan, in imitation of the Norman
and his followers, assuming a surname,
adopted that of Arden, a designation given
to a woodland tract of the county of War-

Turchill de Warewick espoused, first,

, and had a son,

Seward de Arden, living temp. Hen-
ry I. who was father of

Henry de Arden, whose son,
Thomas de Arden, living in
the reign of John, contested
for some years with his kins-
man, John de Bracebridge,
the inheritance of Kingsbury,
but was eventually forced to
abandon his pretensions.
The earl m. secondly, Leverunia, with whom
he acquired the manor of Kingsbury, in the
county of Warwick, and by her had a son,
Osbert de Arden, whose service for the
manor of Kingsbury, Ranuph, Earl of
Chester, granted in the time of Stephen, to



Robert Marmion, of Tamworth Castle, and
his heirs. This Osbert had issue,
Osbert, his successor.
Amicia, of whom presently, as heir to
her nieces.
The son,

Osbert de Arden, Lord of Kingsbury,
had two daughters, his co-heirs, namely,

Adeliza de Arden, wife of Simon de

Amabil de Arden, wife of Robert Fitz

These ladies dyingboth issueless, the lord-
ship of Kingsbury devolved upon their aunt,
Amicia de Arden, wife of
Peter de Bracebridgg, who had as-
sumed his surname from a place so called,
near Lincoln, of which he was Lord. " This
Peter," says Dugdale, "was a militarie
man, for I find that he gave unto William,
the son of Fundus, and his heirs, certain
lands within the precinct of this lordship, to
the intent that the said William should,
upon lawful warning, carry hither to
Kingsbury, such painted lances from Lon-
don or Northampton at the charge of him,
the said Peter, as he might have occasion
to use in any tourneament then, and that
whensoever the said Peter should take a
journey beyond sea, for performance of
such martial exploits, he the said William
should attend to bring back his lances."
Peter Bracebridgg and his wife confirmed a
grant of lands, and the advowson of Kings-
bury Church, made by Osbert de Arden, to
the nuns of Mergate. The validity of this
grant was afterwards, unsuccessfully, con-
tested by Sir Ralph de Bracebridge. Peter
was s. at his decease by his elder son,

John de Bracebridgg, Lord of Kings-
bury, who encountered much difficulty in
defending his inheritance from his cousin,
Thomas de Arden ; but eventually suc-
ceeded. He d. issueless, in the 2nd of Hen-
ry III. and his estates devolved upon his

William de Bracebrigg, Lord of Kings-
bury, who was constituted, in the 19th of
Henry III. a justice of assize at Warwick.
This William confirmed to the monks of
Merevale the grant of a yard land in Holt,
made to them by John, his deceased brother ;
and whatsoever else the said John had given
to that monastery. He was s. at his decease
by his sou,

Sir Ralph de Bracebrigg, knt. Lord of
Kingsbury, who received the honor of knight-
hood in the 33rd of Henry III. He left at
his decease, a daughter, Matilda, m. to Tho-
mas de Clinton, and a son, his successor,

Sir John de Bracebrigg, knt. who in the
40th of Henry III. paid a fine of two marks
in gold to the king, that his knighthood
might be postponed for three years ; during
which dispensation being amerced at a mark

by the Justices Itinerant, in Lincolnshire,
for not being a knight, he obtained a special
mandate to the barons of the Exchequer,
for acquitting him of that penalty. Subse-
quently adhering to the barons, who took
up arms in the 48th of this reign, he was
made prisoner by the royal army, at the sur-
prisal of Northampton, confined at Shrews-
bury, and compelled to surrender his lord-
ship to Roger de Clitfofd. Obtaining his
liberty he fled with the younger Simon de
Montford, to the Isle of Arholme, where he
remained until the total discomfiture of his
party, when submitting, he regained his
lands under the " Dictum de Kenilworth."
He fell afterwards into such pecuniary em-
barrassments, owing to the heavy fines he
had to pay, that he was obliged to make a
lease of nearly his whole lordship, to Robert
de Typetot. He was s. at his decease by
his son.

Sir John de Bracebrigg, knt. who in
the 3rd of Edward II. had a special patent
from the crown, exempting him from serv-
ing upon juries, or executing the offices of
sheriff, escheator, coroner, &c. He d. in
six years afterwards, leaving a son,

Sir John de Bracebrigg, who was s. by
(his supposed uncle),

Sir Ralph de Bracebrigg, knt. who in
the 11th of Edward III. levied a fine of two
parts of the manor of Kingsbury ; and in
the 19th of the same monarch, had a mili-
tary summons to attend the king with horse
and arms into France. In three years
afterwards he had an especial patent of ex-
emption from the offices of sheriff, escheator,
&c. He was s. by his son,

Sir John de Bracebrigg, knt. at whose
decease the estates devolved upou his brother,

Sir Ralph de Bracebrigg, knt. styled in
an inquisition taken in the 1st of Henry IV.
" Frater Johannis de Bracebrigg Militis."
In the 7th of Henry V. Sir Ralph was sum-
moned the first amongst other persons of
note, " Arma portantes, de armis antiquis,"
as expressed in the writ, to attend the king
in person, for the defence of the realm. In
the same year he took a lease of the manor
house, park, &c. at Lutton, of Richard
Beauchamp, then Earl of Warwick, to hold
for life. He was afterwards retained by the
said earl, who was lieutenant-general of
France, to serve him with nine lances and
seventeen archers in defence of Calais.
This Sir Ralph de Bracebrigg, it appears,
(from an old MS. book of Sir Simon Archer,
the antiquarian friend of Dugdale) in 1414,
attended, with eleven other knights of
ancient family, Henry V. to Paris, on the
occasion of the coronation of Charles VI.
of France. His son,

Ralph Bracebrigg, of Kingsbury, es-
poused, in the 13th of Henry IV. Joan,
daughter of Sir William Newport, knt. and
was *. by his son,



Ralph Bracebrigg, of Kingsbury, who
was s. by his brother,

Simon Bracebrigg, of Kingsbury, who
was s. by his son,

Richard Bracebrigg, of Kingsbury, who
m. Joyce Willoughby, and was s. by his

Thomas Bracebrigg, esq. (a son of Simcn
Bracebrigg, by Elizabeth, daughter of Wil-
liam Harewell, of Wotton-Waven). This
gentleman being deeply indebted to Sir
Ambrose Cave, knt. chancellor of the duchy
of Lancaster, passed by a deed of sale to
him the inheritance of his manor and do-
mains. He m. first, Johanna, danghter of
George Catesby, esq. of Lapworth, and had
with three younger sons,

William, who wedded Anne, daughter
of Julian Nethermill, a citizen of Co-
ventry, and dying in the 2nd of
Elizabeth, left issue,

Michael, died s. p. in four years

after his father.
Margery, m. first, to W. Willing-
ton, and secondly, to B. East,
Jane, m. to Lionel Skipwith, esq.

Thomas Bracebrigg espoused secondly,
(when he disinherited his children by his
first wife) Jocosa, daughter of Thomas Wil-
son, and had issue,

Thomas, who was made heir by his
father, but having, according to Dug-
dale, greatly entangled himself in
debt, he eventually sold the remainder
of the manor of Kingsbury, to Sir
Francis Willoughby, knt. of Middle-
ton, and through great improvidence
died in extreme want. He m. Alicia,
daughter of John Rugeley, esq. of
Dunton, and left at his decease in
1607, inter alios,

John, who espoused Susan, daugh-
ter of Thomas Cotton, and had
an only daughter,

Anne, the wife of M. Sanders,
of Bedworth.
Edmund, m. Dorothy, daughter of
R. Rugeley, esq. of Dunton.
This line is now extinct.

Ankitil, of whom presently.
Simon, m. Ellen, daughter and heir of
Anthony Crewker, esq. of Twiford,
in the county of Derby, and left an
only daughter and heiress,

Elizabeth, m. to Francis Beau-
mont, esq. of Barrow, in Lei-

Mr. Bracebrigg wedded, thirdly, Elizabeth,
daughter of George Winter, esq. of Wor-
thington, and died on the 1st of March, in
the 11th of Elizabeth. The third son of
tlie second marriage,

Ankitil Bracebrigg, esq. m. Anna, dau.
of Thomas Corbin, esq. of Hall End, and
was father of

Richakd Bracebridge, esq. of Ather-
ston, whose son,

Samuel Bracebridge, esq. of Atherston,
espoused Elizabeth, dau. of John Moore,
esq. of Shakston, and had with younger

Abraham, his successor,
Thomas, in Holy Orders, who m.
Jane, daughter of John Ludford, esq.
of Ansley, and had, with junior issue,
a son,

Samuel, who assumed the additi-
onal surname of Ludford. He
m. Catherine, daughter of John
Lewis, esq. of Guildford, and
dying in 1727, was s. by his son,
John Ludford, esq. b. 18th
May, 1707, who m. Juliana,
daughter of Sir Richard
Newdigate, bart. and d. in
1775, leaving an only son
and heir,
John Ludford, esq. of
Ansley Hall, who m.
Elizabeth, daughter of
John Boswell, esq. and
left at his decease iti
1822, three daughters,
his co-heirs, viz.

1. Elizabeth Juli-
ana, m. John Che t-
wode, esq. eldest
son of Sir John
Chetwode, bart. of
Oakley, who has
assumed, by sign
manual, the prior
and additional sur-
names of Newdi-

2. Frances -Milli-
cent, unmarried.

3. Mary-Anne, m.
to the Rev. Fran-
cis Astley, of Ever-
ley, in the county
of Wilts, and has
numerous issue.

The eldest son and successor in 1692,

Abraham Bracebridge, esq. of Ather-
ton, m. Maria, daughter of Thomas Char-
nell, Esq. of Snareston, in the county of
Leicester, and was father of Samuel,* of
Lindley, and

* This gentleman had, with other issue,

Samuel, M. P. for Taniworth, who d. in the

Isle of Scio, in 1786.
Philip, in Holy Orders, who <L in 1762,
leaving two daughters,

Anne, m. to Robert Abnev, esq.
AhictA) m. to George Henring, esq.



Abraham Bracebridge, esq. of Ather-
ston, who wedded first Cecilia, daughter of
William Bird, esq. of Clay brook, in Lei-
cestershire, by whom he had no issue. He
m. secondly Maria, daughter and co-heir of
ttie Rev. Walter Jennings, of Onparva, in
Staffordshire, and was s. at his decease by
his son,

Abraham Bracebridge, esq. of Afher-
ston, who married Mary, daughter of John
Stiles, esq. of Uxbridge, and had issue
Abraham, his successor.
Walter, who m. Harriet, daughter of
H. Streatfield, esq. of Chiddingstone,
in the county of Kent, by whom (who
d. in 1824) he left at his decease
in 1821,

Walter-Henry, of Morville House,
in the county of Warwick, who
m. in 1803 his first cousin Mary-
Holte, only daughter of Abraham
Bracebridge, esq. of Atherstone
(by Mary-Elizabeth,only daugh-
ter and heiress of Sir Charles
Holte, bait, of Aston in War-
Harriet-Anne, m. to Henry Ogle,
esq., son of the Rev. John Ogle,
of Kirkley, in Northumberland.
Elizabeth, d. unmarried.
ITe was s. at his decease in 1789, by his
eldest son,

Abraham Bracebridge, esq. of Ather-
stone, who wedded in 1775, Mary-Eliza-
beth, only daughter and heiress of Sir
Charles Holte, hart, of Aston, in the county
of Warwick, (see family of Holte, at foot),
and had a son and daughter,

Charles Holte, present proprietor.
Mary Holte, who espoused in 1803 her
cousin, Walter-Henrv Bracebridse,
esq. of Morville House.
Mr. Bracebridge d. in 1832.

Arms — On a vaire arg. and sa. a fesse

Crest — A staff ragule. Note. " The
Bear and ragged Staff," belonged to Tur-
chil de Warwick, as descendant of the chi-
valrous Guy, Earl of Warwick.

Motto— ioz as ©on man.


Holte. Clobery.

Castels. Brereton.

Lister. Egerton, &c.

Estates — In the parish of Mancetter,
county of Warwick, purchased temp. James
I. from the Repingtons. A rent charged
in Kingsbury, the only remnant of the es-
tate which Peter de Bracebrigg acquired
by his marriage with Amicia, grandaugh-
ter of Turchil, Earl of Warwick, temp.
Henry I. and which has lineally descended
to the present possessor, from the year 851.
Seat— Atherstone Hall, in the county
of V> arwick.



The ancient deeds and writings of this
family having been destroyed when Aston
House was plundered, in the time of the
rebellion, 1641, the first of its members that
can be traced is

Sir Hugh Holte, living 14 Edward II.
who wedded Matilda, daughter of Sir Henry
de Erdington, (by Joan, his wife, daughter
and co-heir of Sir Thomas de Wolvey,) and
was s. by his son,

John Holte, who m. temp. Edward II.
Alice de Castello, or Castell, daughter, and
at length sole heir, of Sir George de Castell,
descended from the Castells, ancient Lords
of Withibrooke, in the county of Warwick ;
and, through a female from Reginald de

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