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twice, but had issue only by his second wife,
Anne, daughter of Sir Robert Anstruther,
bart. inter alios, a son and heir,

James Durham, esq. of Largo, who
wedded Anne, daughter of Thomas Calder-
wood, esq. of Polton, (son and heir of
Sir William Calderwood, one of the sena-
tors of the College of Justice, by Margaret,
his wife, daughter of Sir James Stewart,
bart. of Goodtrees,) and had issue,
James, present Laird of Largo.
The Laird was s. at his decease, by his eld-
est son, the present General Durham. *

Arms — Arg. a crescent gules, and a chief,

Crest — A dolphin ppr.
Motto — Victoria non prada.
Quartering the arms of the Lords Ruther-

Estate — Barony of Largo, in the
county of Fife, acquired by Sir Alexander
Durham, in 1663.
Seal — Laugh House, in Fifeshire.


TEMPEST-PLUMBE, JOHN, esq. of Tong Hall, in Yorkshire, and of Aughton, in

the county of Lancaster, colonel of the first Royal Lan-
cashire militia, and a magistrate and deputy lieutenant of
both shires, espoused Sarah, second daughter of the Rev.
William Plumbe, rector of Aughton, and has had issue,

Thomas-Richard, major of the 60th, or Duke of York's
only rifle corps, a magistrate and deputy lieutenant
for Lancashire and the West Riding of the county
of York.


Tempest, d. in 1811.


Henrietta-Townley, d. in 1808.

Frances-Penelope, m. 20th July, 1824, to Thomas, son
of Benjamin Rawson, esq. of Darley Hall, in Lan-
cashire, and d. 4th May, 1825, leaving an only

Frances Penelope Rawson.


This gentleman, whose patronimic is Plumbe, assumed by sign manual in 1824, the
additional surname and arms of " Tempest."




The family of Tempest has maintained
a leading position in the county of York,
from a remote period, and many of its
pembers held places of great trust upon
the Scottish Border, in the reigns of the
Edwards and the Henries.

Roger Tempest, lord of the manor of
Bracewell, living temp. Henry I. and wit-
ness to several charters cited in the Monas-
ticon, was father of

Richard Tempest, whose name is at-
tached to the charter of Silsden Mill, in the
18th of King Stephen. He was s. by his

Roger Tempest, who paid, in the 14th
of Henry II. half a mark into the treasury,
as appears by the pipe roll of that date.
This Roger was father of

Richard Tempest, of Bracewell, who
gave, in 1223, the advowson of the church
of that place to the abbot of Kirkstal. His

Sir Roger Tempest, knt. of Bracewell,
living temp. Edward I. espoused Alice,
daughter and heiress of Walter de Wad-
dington, Lord of Waddington, and was s.
by his son,

Richard Tempest, of Bracewell, who d.
in 1305, leaving two sons,
John, his heir.

Richard (Sir), knight, governor of Ber-
wick upon Tweed, in the reign of
Edward III. Sir Richard to. Jo-
hanna, daughter and heiress of
Thomas de Hertford.
The elder son,

John Tempest, Lord of Bracewell and
Waddington, was one of the partisans ot
Thomas Plantagenet, Earl of Lancaster, in
removing Piers Gaveston from the coun-
cils of Edward II. He wedded Maria,
daughter of Sir Hugh Clitheroe, knt. and
had two sons,

I. John (Sir), his heir.

II. Richard (Sir), who m. Isabel, only
daughter and heiress of Sir John
Graas, of Studley, and relict of Sir
Hugh Clitheroe," and had a son,

Sir William Tempest, of Studley,
M. P. for the county of York,
in the 2nd of Henry IV. He
espoused Eleanor, daughter and
sole heiress of Sir William
Washington, of Washington,
knt. by whom (who d. in 1451)
he had two sons,

1. William, of Studley, who,
dying in 1444, left two
daughters, his co - heirs,

Isabella, m. to Richard

Norton, of Norton Con-
yers, in Yorkshire.
Dionysia, w. to William
Mallorie, to whom she
conveyed the manor of
Studley ; and from this
marriage the present
Mrs. Lawrence, of
Studley, derives.
2. Rowland (Sir), of Holme-
side, which he acquired
by gift of Sir Robert
Umfraville ; and in the
18th of Henry VI. he also
obtained lands from his
brother. He m. Isabella,
daughter and co-heir of
Sir William Elmdon, knt.
by Elizabeth, sister and
co-heir of Gilbert Umfra-
ville, (great grandson of
Robert Umfraville, Earl
of Angus.) From this
Sir Rowland Tempest
descended the Tempests
of Holmeside, Stella,
Brancepeth, Wynyard,
&c. in the county of Dur-
ham, and the Tempests
of Cranbrook, in Kent.
John Tempest died in 1351, and was *. by
his elder son,

Sir John Tempest, of Bracewell, who
had a military summons in the 17th of Ed-
ward II. He wedded Margaret, daughter
of Sir Robert Holand, knt. and sister of
Thomas Holand, Earl of Kent, K.G. (the
husband of Joan Plantagenet, the cele-
brated " Fair Maid of Kent," who to. sub-
sequently, the Black Prince) and had issue,
Richard (Sir), his successor.
Margaret, to. to Sir James Ratcliffe,
ancestor of the Ratcliffes, Viscounts
Fitz Walter, and Earls of Sussex.
Sir John was s. by his only son,

Sir Richard Tempest, knt. of Brace-
well, living temp. Richard II. who to. Isa-
bel, daughter and heiress of Sir John Leg-
gard, knt. and widow of John Graas, of
Gemelyne, and had issue,

1. Piers (Sir), his heir.

2. Roger, who to. Catherine, daughter
of Sir Piers Gilliott, Lord of Brough-
ton, Burnsall, and Thorp, and from
this marriage descend the Tempests,
of Broughton, now the only male
branch of the family remaining, (see
Tempest, of Broughton.)

3. Peter. 4. Robert (Sir).
He was s. by his eldest son,

Sir Piers Tempest, of Bracewell, who



accompanied Henry V. into France, and
shared in the glories of Azincourt, upon
which celebrated field he received the honor
of knighthood. He wedded the daughter
and heiress of Sir Nicholas Hebdon, of
Hebdon (by his wife, the heiress of the
ancient family of Rie), and had, with two
daughters, Elizabeth, wife of Sir Thomas
Holland, and Margaret, of Richard Banks,
of Bank Newton, in Yorkshire, a son and

Sir John Tempest, knt. of Bracewell,
who served the office of sheriff for the county
of York, in the 18th and 37th of Henry VI.
and of Lincolnshire in the 34th of the same
reign. Sir John, who was zealously devoted
to the house of Lancaster, afforded a place
of concealment at one period to its royal
chief, the unfortunate King Henry, at
Bracewell. He m. Alice, daughter of Sir
Robert Sherburne, of Stonyhurst, in Lan-
cashire, and had inter alios,
Nicholas, his successor.
Thomas (Sir), who received the honor
of knighthood in the 22nd of Edward
IV. He had a daughter,
Margaret, m. to Sir Thomas Tem-
pest, of Bracewell.
Alice, m. to Sir Thomas Talbot, of

Bashall, in the county of York.
Anne, m. to Sir Thomas Metham.
Agnes, m. to William Calverley, esq.
Maria, m. to John Sherburne, esq.
Isabel, m. to L. Hamerton, esq. of

Jane, m. to William Ratcliffe, esq. of
Sir John was s. by his elder surviving son,
Nicholas Tempest, esq. of Bracewell,
who espoused Margaret, daughter of John
Pilkington, esq. and was s. by his son,

Sir Richard Tempest, knt. of Bracewell,
who had a command (and fought gallantly)
under the Earl of Surrey, at Floddenfield.
He wedded Rosamond, daughter and heiress
of Tristram Boiling, esq. of Boiling Hall,
in the county of York, and acquired thereby
that estate. He had issue,

1. Thomas (Sir), sheriff of Yorkshire
in the 34th of Henry VIII. He
served under the Earl of Surrey, and
burnt Jedburgh. Sir Thomas was
also one of the council of the north
in the same reign. He m. first Mar-
garet, daughter and heiress of Wil-
liam Bosville, esq. of Chevit, and se-
sondly Margaret, daughter of his
great uncle, Sir Thomas Tempest,
knt. but d. s. p.

2. John (Sir), who inherited Brace-
well. This gentleman was sheriff of
Yorkshire in 1546. He mi. Anne,
daughter of Mr. Speaker Lenthall,
but d. issueless.

3. Nicholas, of Bracewell and Boiling.

This gentleman was involved with
Lord D'Arcy in the Pilgrimage of
Grace temp. Henry VIII. He m.
Beatrice, daughter and heiress of
John Bradford, esq. of Bradford, and
had issue,

Richard, who m. Elizabeth, dau.
of T. Wentworth, esq. of North
Empsal, but d.s. p. 23rd Eliza-
Robert, m. Anne, daughter of
Richard Pigot, esq. of the county
of Derby, and had an only son,
Richard (Sir), of Bracewell
and Boiling, sheriff of York-
shire temp. James I. He
mi. Elizabeth, daughter of
Sir Francis Rodes, knt. one
of the judges of the Com-
mon Pleas, and had, with
two daughters, Troth, wife
of Sir Thomas Tempest,
bart. of Stella, and Fran-
ces, wife (first) of John Os-
baldeston, esq. of Osbaldes-
ton, and afterwards of John
Ward, M.D., a son and suc-
Richard, of Bracewell and
Boiling, who commanded a
regiment of horse in the
service of King Charles I.
He mi. Elizabeth, daughter
of Sir Gervase Clifton, and
grandaughter of Francis,
Earl of Cumberland, and
left at his decease, 30th
November, 1657, an only
daughter and heiress,
Elizabeth, m. to John
South, esq.

4. Tristram, m. to Joan Methley, an
heiress, and had issue.

5. Henry, of whose line we are about
to treat.

6. Elizabeth, m. to Sir Peter Fretch-
vile, knt.

7. Jane, m. to Sir Thomas Waterton,
knt. of Walton, in Yorkshire.

8. Anne, mi. to John Lacy, esq.

9. Beatrice, m. to Wm. Gascoigne, esq.
The fifth and youngest son,

Henry Tempest, esq. espoused Ellinor,
daughter and heiress of Christopher Mir-
field, esq. of Tong Hall,* by whom he ac-
quired that estate, and dying in 1591, was
s. by his eldest son,

* Richard de Tong held the manor of Tong,
in 1194, of Hugh Neville, of Brearly, as lord of
the fee, and it continued in his family until the
reign of Henry VI., when Hugh de Tong left
an onlv daughter and heiress, Margaret, who
conveyed the lordship of Tong to her husband
Robert, son and heir of William Mirfield, esq



Richard Tempest, esq. of Tong Hall,
who wedded Elizabeth, daughter and co-
heir of Thomas Savile, esq. of Overthorpe,
and was s. at his decease in 1607, by his
only son,

Richard Tempest, esq. of Tong Hall.
This gentleman m. Alice, daughter of Wil-
liam Mauliverer, esq. of Arncliffe, and dying
in 1613, was s. by his eldest son,

John Tempest, esq. of Tong Hall, who
espoused Katherine, daughter of Robert
Duckenfield, esq. of Duckenfield, in the
county of Chester, by whom (who m. after
Mr. Tempest's death, Henry Fairfax, esq.
of Bolton Percy), he left at his decease
in 1623, a son and successor,

Henry Tempest, esq. of Tong Hall, bap-
tized in September, 1621, elected knight of
the shire for the county of York, in 1654
and 1656. He m. Mary, daughter of Ni-
cholas Bushall, esq. of Bagdall Hall, and
dying in 1657, was s. by his son,

Sir John Tempest, of Tong Hall, who
was created a Baronet in 1664. This
gentleman by the decease of Richard Tem-
pest, esq. of Bracewell, without male issue,
in 1657, became chief of the family of Tem-
pest. He m. Henrietta, daughter and heir
of Sir Henry Cholmley,* of Newton Grange,
and had issue,

1. Henry, who inherited Newton
Grange, at the decease of his mother
in 1680. He m. Alathea, daughter
of Sir Henry Thompson, of Marston,
in the county of York, and had two
daughters, who both died unmarried.
He died himself, (before his father),
in 1685.

2. George, heir to his father.

3. Catherine, d. unmarried.

4. Henrietta, m. to Ferdinando Latus,
esq. of the county of Cumberland.

Sir John Tempest was s. by his only surviv-
ing son,

Sir George Temfest, of Tong Hall,
second baronet, who wedded Anne, daugh-
ter and heiress of Edward Frank, esq. of
Campsal, by whom (who d. in 1746), he
had issue,

1. Henry, his heir.

2. Nicholas, who m. Miss Ellen Galley,
of Newcastle, but d. s. p. in 1756.

3. John of Nottingham, Captain in
Churchill's dragoons, now the 10th

of Houley Hall, in the county of York. The great
great grandson of this marriage,

Christopher Mirfield, esq. of Tong Hall,
m. Elizabeth, daughter of Arthur Pilking-
ton, esq. of Bradley, and dying in 1557,
left an only daughter and heiress,

Ei.linor Mirfield, the lady mentioned
in the text.
• Sir Henry Cholmley was grandson of Henry
Clifford, first Earl of Cumberland, and his wife,
daughter of Henry Percy, Earl of Northumber-
land. (See Bvrke's Extinct and Dormant Peerage.)

Huzzars ; m. Elizabeth, fourth dau.
of William Scrimshire, esq. of Cot-
grave, Notts, and had issue,

John, major in the Royal Horse

Guards, d. unmarried, in 1786.
Elizabeth, who became represen-
tative of the family at the de-
cease of her cousin, Sir Henry
Tempest, bart.
Anne, m. to the Rev. Nathan
Haines, D.D. vicar of Notting-
ham, and dying in 1811, left an
only child,

Nathan Tempest Haines.
Henrietta, d. unmarried in 1823.
Sir George d. in 1745, and was s. by his
eldest son,

Sir Henry Tempest, third baronet, who
wedded Maria, eldest dau. of — Holmes,
esq. of Wegston, in the county of Leicester,
and was s. by his only son,

Sir Henry Tempest, fourth baronet, of
Thorpe House, near Staines, in the county
of Middlesex. This gentleman m. Sarah
Pritchard, only child of — Lambert, esq.
of Hope End, in Herefordshire, and acquir-
ing that estate, served the office of sheriff
for the county, in 1799. But dying s. p.
in 1819, the baronetcy became Extinct,
and the representation of the family de-
volved upon his cousin,

Elizabeth Tempest, of Tong Hall, gran-
daughter of Sir George Tempest, the second
baronet. This lady became likewise repre-
sentative of the very old families of Tonges
and Mirfields, of" Tong. She espoused
Thomas Plumbe, son and heir of WillIam
Plumbe, esq. of Wavertree Hall, and of
Aughton, both in the county of Lancaster,
(see family of Plumbe at foot), and had

Thomas Plumbe, d. in 1780, unmarried.
John Plumbe, who has assumed the
additional surname and arms of Tem-
pest, and is the present Colonel
Plumbe-Tempest, of Tong Hall.
Elizabeth-Sarah Plumbe.
Frances Plumbe.
Henrietta-Mildred Plumbe.
Tempest Plumbe, d. unmarried.
Catherina-Townley Plumbe, m. to Hen-
ry Dixon, esq. of Liverpool, youngest
son of Jeremiah Dixon, esq. of Gled-
how, in the county of York, and
dying in 1819, left

Henry Dixon, captain in the 81st
regiment, m. Miss Harriet Fra-
ner, of Halifax, in Nova Scotia.
Thomas Dixon.

William Dixon, in holy orders.
George Dixon, an officer in tht

Edward Dixon, lieutenant R.N.
Frances-Elizabeth Dixon.
Georgiana-Charlotte Dixon.
Henriana-Annabella Dixon.



Mrs. Plumbe d. in September, 1823, and
was s. by her only surviving son, John-
Plumbe Tempest, esq.


The Plumbes were originally of Norfolk,
afterwards of Leicestershire, whence, one
of them, Thomas Plumbe, during the trou-
bles of King Charles's time, retired with
the remnant of his property to the neigh-
bourhood of Prescot, in Lancashire.

John Plumbe, esq. of Whiston, near
Prescot, died in 1727, havinghad by his wife,
Elizabeth, daughter of William Lyme, esq.

1. William, of Stepney, who m. Anne,
daughter of Thomas Lyme, of Lon-
don, and was father of

William, who died in the East In-
dies, leaving two daughters.

2. Thomas, of Madras, m. Mrs. Vio-
lante Rogers, and d. s. p. in 1712.

3. John, of Wavertree Hall, near Li-
verpool, and of Aughton, near Orms-

4. Edward, d. s. p.

5. Abraham, of Stepney.
The third son,

John Plumbe, esq. of Wavertree Hall,
and Aughton, espoused Miss Sarah Marsh,
niece and co-heiress of James Vernon, esq.
of Vernon's Hall, near Liverpool, by whom
(who d. in 1741) he had two sons, viz.

I. William, who died in the lifetime of
his father (in 1761) leaving by his
wife, Sarah, daughter of Thomas
Townley, esq. of Royle,*

* This Thomas Townley's wife was Anne,
daughter of Thomas Legh, esq. of Adlington, by
Joanna, daughter of Sir John Maynard, serjeant-

Thomas, successor to his grand-
William, in holy orders, rector of
Aughton, m. Catherina, daugh-
ter of Samuel Kirk, esq. (by
Anne, daughter of William Tat-
ton, esq. of Withenshaw, in Che-
shire,) and dying in 1786, left an
only daughtei

Anne, m. to Colonel William

Thomlinson,of the 18th foot,

who d. in 1810, leaving two


Sarah, m. to Sir Robert Hesketh,

Frances, d. unmarried.
II. Thomas, in holy orders, rector of
Aughton, m. Miss Anne Wath, of
Mr. Plumbe died in 1763, and was s. by his

Thomas Plumbe, esq. of Aughton, who
espoused, as stated above, the heiress of the
Tempests, of Tong.

Arms— Quarterly : first and fourth, arg.
a bend between six martlets sa. for Tem-
pest. Second and third erm. a bend vairc
between two cottoises sa. for Plumbe.

Crests — First, a griffin's head erased, party
per pale arg. and sa. for Tempest. Second
a greyhound sejant arg. collar gules, spot-
ted or.

Motto — Loywf as thow fynds.

Quartering the arms of Tong, Mirfield,
&c. &c.

Estates — In Lancashire, and the West
Riding of Yorkshire.

Seats — Tong Hall, near Leeds ; and Augh -
ton, near Ormskirk.


oREENLY, WILLIAM, esq. of Titley Court, in the county of Hereford, b. 9th
February, 1741, m. 5th July, 1770, Elizabeth, only daughter and heiress of John
Brown, esq. of Little Leinthall, in the same shire, (by Elizabeth his wife, daughter of
Benjamin Goodison, esq. of London), and has an only daughter,

Elizabeth-Brown, who m. 4th April, 1811, Sir Isaac Coffin, bart. admiral of the
white, who thereupon assumed the additional surname and arms ot Greenly.

Mr. Greenly is a magistrate and deputy lieutenant of Herefordshire, and was sheriff
for the county of Brecon in 1805.




The Gref.nlys have been resident at Tit-
ley, and at Mowley, in the adjoining parish
of Stanton on Arrow for many centuries,
their names occurring in deeds and parch-
ments as far hack as the reign of Ed-
ward IV.

John Greneleye, of Mouldly, had the
manor of Woodhallhill, in Stanton on Ar-
row, granted to him by Margery Nokes, in
1525. He d. 21st April, 1592, leaving, inter
alios, by his wife Anne, a son and suc-

Edward Greneleye, esq. of Tyttley,
who wedded in 1610, Elizabeth, daughter of
Thomas Burton, esq. of Shropshire, and
had issue,

Andrew, his heir.
John, who d. in 1637.
Dorothea, to. in 1645 to George Dodd,
Edward Greneleye d. 10th June, 1646, and
was «. by his elder son,

Andrew Greenlye, esq. of Tyttley, b.
in 1611, who espoused first, Alice — , and
had issue,

John, his heir.

Andrew, who d. unmarried in 1666.
Mr. Greenlye to. secondly, in 1646, Mar-
garet, daughter of Thomas Davies, gent, of
Wigmore, in the county of Hereford, by
whom he had two daughters ; Margaret, to.
to Mr. Harris, of Abergavenny, and Do-
rothine, who died unmarried. He was s.
by his son,

John Greenly, esq. of Titley. This gen-
tleman m. first, in 1671, Barbara, daughter
of John Walsham,* esq. of Knill Court, in

* This John Walsham, of Knill Court, was
sheriff of Radnorshire in 1653. He wedded, as

the county of Hereford, by Joan, his wife,
daughter of John Jones, esq. of Llandetty,
in the county of Brecknock, and had no
surviving issue. He wedded secondly, in
1677, Phcebe, daughter of — Hyde, esq.
of Shropshire, by whom he had two sons
and a daughter, viz.
John, his heir.

Edward, b. in 1680, who to. Anne,
daughter and co-heiress (with Mary,
the lady of Sir John Philipps, bart.
of Picton Castle, and another daugh-
ter, who espoused John Richards,
esq. of Cardiff), of Henry Shepherd,
of London, merchant, and had issue,

1. Edward, who m. Elizabeth, dau.
of John Greenly, esq. of Titley.

2. Elizabeth, to. to Christopher
Lake-Moody, LL.D. but had no

3. Charlotte, to. to Edmund Bull,
esq. and had a daughter, who
espoused James Greene, esq. of
Kingston, Surrey.

4. Anne, to. to Peregrine Furge,
esq. and d. issueless.

Mr. Greenly espoused thirdly, in 1682,
Dorothy, relict of Thomas Hopwood, esq.
of Milton, in the county of Hereford, and
had four other daughters, viz.

Dorothy, to. to Nicholas Taylor, esq.
of Broadheath, in Herefordshire, by
whom she had an only child, who w.
the Rev. John Ingram of Burford,
and had two daughters, Milborough,
the wife of Edmund Burnam-Pates-
hall, esq. of Allensmore, and Fran-
ces-Elizabeth, in. to Dansey Ri-
chard Dansey, esq. of Easton Court.
Rose, to. to the Rev. John Browne,
D. D. vice-chancellor of Oxford, and
their grandson left issue, a daughter,
Mary, to. to Thomas Dickenson, esq.
of Abbotsmoss, in Cheshire, and two
sons, one of whom died a bachelor,
the other marrying Catharine, dau.
of the Right Hon. Isaac Corry, was
father of a daughter, who wedded
Captain Burdett, R. N.
Alice, to. to — Howarth,esq. of Cabalva,
Radnorshire, and had issue,

Harry Howarth, d. unmarried.
Humphrey Howarth, a colonel in

stated above, Joanna Jones, and was great-great-
great grandfather of the present

Sir John-James Garbett-Waisham, bart. of
Knill Court. (See Burke's Peerage and Baro-



the army, and M. P. for Ever-
sham, who d. s. p.
Edward Howarth, (Sir) who d.s. p.

Maria Howarth, > , ., ,

,, „ .,'> both d. unm.

Mary Howarth, >

Charlotte Howarth m. to Henry
Allen, esq. of the Lodge, Bre-
Anne, m. to — - Downes, esq.
Mr. Greenly died 25th May, 1729, at the
advanced age of ninety, having been for
many years a useful and active magistrate
of the county of Hereford. In 1679 he had
purchased the lease of the manor of Titley,
and copyhold lands, held at a yearly rent,
and fine on renewal of lease under the col-
lege of Winchester. He was s. by his son,

John Greenly, esq. of Titley, who m.
first, in 1708, Frances, daughter of — At-
kinson, esq. of Shropshire, by whom he
had an only child, Frances, m. to the Rev.
Herbert Bradford, ofShobdon, in Hereford-
shire, and d. without issue, in 1763. Mr.
Greenly wedded secondly, Elizabeth, daugh-
ter and co-heiress (with her sister Blanch,
the wife of John Floyer, esq. of White-
house, in the county of Monmouth) of John
Boutcher, esq. and Elizabeth, his wife, sole
heiress of John Williams, esq. ol Curndu,
in the county of Brecon, by whom be had

John, who d. in 1752.

. , ' i both d. in infancy.
Andrew, > J

William, present propietor.
Elizabeth, married to her cousin Ed-
ward Greenly, esq. of Norbiton Hall,
Surrey, and had issue,

Edward, who d. unmarried, in

Catharine, m. first to John Muscott,
esq. and had one son, who died is-
sueless. She wedded secondly, Ed-
mund Maskelyne, esq. of Basset
Down, in Wilts, brother to Vis-
countess Clive, and thirdly, William
Halhed, esq.
Arms — Vert, a chev. between three stags
trippant, all party per pale erm. and ermi-

Crest — A demi stag rampant, party per
fess erm. and erminois, on the shoulder
an escallop shell az.

Motto— Fal-y-Gallo, (Anglice) As I can ;
the device of Mr. Greenly's maternal ances-
tors, the Williamses of Curndu.

Estates — At Titley, Mowley, Curnbur-
ton, and Little Leinthall, in the county of
Hereford. Curndu, in the county of Bre-
con, and Whitehouse, in Monmouthshire.

Seat — Titley Court, near Kington, Here-


MARSHALL, JOHN, esq. of Headingley, in the county of York, a deputy lieutenant

of the West Riding, and elected knight of the shire, in
1826, b. 27th July, 1765, m. 5th August, 1795, Jane,
fifth daughter of William Pollard, esq. of Halifax, and
has issue,

William, of Patterdale Hall, in Westmorland, M.P.

b. 26th May, 1796, m. 17th June, 1828, Georgiann-
-y Christiana, seventh daughter of George Hibbert,

' esq. of Munden, Hertfordshire.

John, b. 28th December, 1797, m. 18th Nov. lb2S,

Mary, eldest daughter of the late Joseph Dykes Bal-

lantine Dykes, esq. of Dovenby Hall, Cumberland.
Jane-Dorothea, m. 29th July, 1828, to John, second son

of Sir Grenville Temple, bart.
Julia- Anne.




The father of this gentleman was the
second son of John Marshall, esq. of
Low Hall, in the county of York. The
estate having passed with the elder branch
of the family, the principal landed property
of Mr. Marshall is situated in Cumberland,
of which county he served the office of high

Online LibraryJohn BurkeA genealogical and heraldic history of the commoners of Great Britain and Ireland, enjoying territorial possessions or high official rank; but univested with heritable honours (Volume 1) → online text (page 46 of 112)