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about to treat,
in. Elie.
iv. Hellier.
Mr. Gosselin espoused secondly, in 1606,
Mary Buadain, and had two other sons,
Joshua and Hellier, and three daughters.
His second son by his first wife,

Nicholas Gosselin, esq. was sworn pro-
cureur of the royal court, in 1632. He m.
in 1626, Mary, daughter of Hellier le Pel-
ley, a jurat, and dying in 1663, was s. by
his eldest son,

Philip Gosselin, esq. who d. unmarried
in 1670, and was *. by his brother,

Peter Gosselin, esq. b. in 1638, sworn
advocate of the royal court in 1659, m.
Mary, daughter of Thomas Tramalier, and
had, with younger children,

1. Peter, b. in 1660, m. Mary, daugh-
ter of Peter Mauger, and had one
son, and four daughters.

2. Thomas.





The second son,

Thomas Gosselin, esq. b. in 1667, m. in
1691, Catherine, daughter of Peter Mauger,
and left at his decease, in 1732,
Joshua, his successor.
Nicholas, d. unmarried in 1781.
Catherine, nt. first to Daniel Thomas,
esq. and secondly to John Percherd,
esq. but d. s. p. in 1772.
Rachel, m. to Peter de Jersey, son of
Nicholas de Jersey, of Touillets,
colonel of the militia artillery of
Guernsey, and had issue.
Mary, m. to James Carey, esq. advocate.
Mr. Gosselin was s. by his elder son,

Joshua Gosselin, esq. b. in 1696, sworn
Greffier in 1737, and subsequently appointed
major of the militia of the island. He m.
in 1731, Anne, daughter of John Guille, of
St. George, a jurat of the royal court, by
whom he left at his decease, in 1775, an only
surviving son,

Joshua Gosselin, esq. b. in 1739. This
gentleman was sworn Greffier, in 1768,
which office he resigned in 1792. He was
colonel of the north regiment of militia.
He mi. in 1761, Martha, daughter of Thomas
le Marchant, esq. son of William le Mar-
chant, a jurat of the royal court) by whom
(who died 1813) he had issue,

Joshua, b. in 1763, m. in 1787, Mary,
daughter of Thomas Priaulx, esq.
and had two sons,
Thomas-William, b. in 1788, m. in
1811, Elizabeth-Sophia, daugh-
ter of James le Marchant, esq.
of Rotterdam.

Joshua-Carteret, of the R.N. b.
in 1789.
He d. in 1789.
Thomas-le- Marchant, possessor of

Bengeo Hall.
Gerard, of Mount Ospringe, (see Gos-
selin of that place.)
William, died young.
Corbet, lieutenant R.N. died at Trini-
dad in 1803.
Charles, lieutenant in the army, and
aide-de-camp to General Sir Thomas
Trigge, commander in chief in the
West Indies. He d. at Trinidad, in
1803, where the officers of his regi-
ment (the 14th) erected a monument
to his memory.
Catherine, m. to George Lamb, esq. son
of George Lamb, esq. of Rye, in
Martha, m. to George Lebfevre, esq.
greffier of the royal court, and d. in
Elizabeth-Charlotte, d. in 1789.
Sarah-Anne, m. to the Rev. Nicholas
Carey, rector of St. Martin's, Guern-
sey, and d. in 1801.
Emilia-Irving, m. to William Carleton

Smythies, esq. of the army.
Arms — Gu. a chevron between three
crescents ermine. (Granted by Edward
III. in 1339.)

Crest — A negro's head.
Estates — In the counties of Hertford and

Seat — Bengeo Hall, near Ware.


GOSSELIN, GERARD, esq. of Mount Ospringe, in the county of Kent, a lieu-
tenant general in the army, b. 4th February, 1769, m. 21st December, 1791, Chris-
tian, second daughter of Bonick Lipycatt, esq. of Faversham, by whom (who d. in
October, 1824) he has had issue,

Gerard-Lipycatt, b. 9th May, 1795.

George, an officer of rank in the army, b. 10th March, 1797.


Caroline, d. in 1826.

General Gosselin is a deputy lieutenant and magistrate of Kent.


This gentleman is a younger brother of
Admiral Gosselin, of Bengeo Hall, in Hert-
fordshire, and his lineage and armorial bear-

of course, the same (see that ar-

mgs are

Estates — In Kent.

Seat — Mount Ospringe



MAUNSELL, ROBERT, esq. of Bank Place, in the city of Limerick, late chief of

Gangam, and first member of the supreme council of
Madras, m. in 1782, Anne, only daughter and heiress
of the Honorable John Maxwell Stone, governor of the
presidency of Madras, grandson of the most Reverend
William Stone, D.D. lord archbishop of Armagh, and
primate of all Ireland, by whom he has issue,



1. Robert-George, who m. Mabella, second daughter
and co-heiress of Standish Grady, esq. of Elton Hall,
in the county of Limerick, and had issue by her,
(who d. 9th April, 1828.)











2. George, major in the 3rd dragoon guards.

3. Henry, A.M. barrister-at-law, wt. 29th March, 1821, Elizabeth, eldest daughter
of Pryce Peacocke, esq. and has issue,

Robert. Pryce- William.

4. Frederick, major in the 85th regiment.

5. Septimus.

6. Anna, wt. 20th March, 1805, to Eyre Evans, esq. of Ash Hill, in the county of
Limerick, nephew of George, first Lord Carbery, and has issue.

7. Maria, m. 16th June, 1817, to the Hon. John Massy, youngest son of Hugh,
second Lord Massy, and has issue.

8. Eliza. .

9. Grace.

This gentleman became the representative of the Maunsf.lls of Plassv, at the decease
of his elder brother, Thomas Maunsell, esq. without male issue.


The family of Maunsell claims ancient
descent and high alliances. It was founded
in England by one of the companions of
the Conqueror, whose name,

Sir Philip de Maunsell is subscribed
to the roll of Battel Abbey. This gallant
knight was nephew of Sir Henry Harley,
who conferred upon him the manor of Ox-
wick, or Oxmuche, in Glamorganshire. He
m. a daughter of — Mountsorrel, by whom
he had five sons, and was s. by the eldest,

Henry Maunsell, who was father of

Sir John Maunsell, knt. who was con-
stituted lord chief justice of England in the
reign of Henry HI. He m. Joau Beau-
camp, daughter of Simon Baron, of Bed-
ford, and left an only son,

Sir Thomas Maunsell, knight banneret.

This gallant soldier fell in the Baron's wars,
at Northampton, in the 48th Henry III. and
was s. by his son,

Henry Maunsell, who took up his abode
in the county of Glamorgan, temp. Edward
I. and left a son,

Walter Maunsell, whose sons are re-
presented as benefactors to the priory of
Tichford, Bucks, and to the monastery of
Newport. He was s. by his eldest son,

Sir Walter Maunsell, knt. father of

Sir Philip Maunsell, knt. who m. the
daughter of Sir John Atthylle, knt. of
Geystwick, in the county of Norfolk, and
was s. by his elder son,

Richard Maunsell, esq. This gentle
man espoused Lucy, daughter and sole
heiress of Sir Philip Scullage, lord of Cas-



tie Scullage, in the county of Glamorgan,
by whom lie left,

Sir Hugh Maunsell, knt. who m. Eliza-
beth, daughter and heiress of Sir John Pen-
rice, knt. lord of Penrice, and other large
estates in Glamorganshire, bv whom he had
a son and successor,

Richard Maunsell, esq. who was father

John Maunsell, esq. of Oxmuch, who
was s. by his son,

Sir Philip Maunsell, knight banneret.
This gallant person m. Margaret, daughter
of Nicholas Griffith, esq. of Newton Castle,
Carmarthenshire, and falling in the war of
the Roses, was s. by his son,

Jenkin Maunsell, esq. who m. Edith,
daughter and heiress of Sir George Kyme,
knt. and had two sons,

Rice (Sir), his successor.
Hugh, whose son,
Sir Robert Maunsell, knt. was
groom of the chamber to King
Henry VIII.
The elder son,

Sir Rice Maunsell, knt. m. Cicely,
daughter of William Daughbidgecourt, esq.
of Daughbidgecourt, and was s. by his son,

Sir Edward Maunsell, knt. of Margam,
in the county of Glamorgan, chamberlain
of the county palatine of Chester, in the
reign of Elizabeth. This gentleman wedded
the Lady Jane Somerset, daughter of Henry,
Earl of Worcester, and had issue,

1. Thomas (Sir), his successor, created
a Baronet in 1611.

2. Francis (Sir), of Ischoed, in the
county of Carmarthen, created a
Baronet, 14th of July, 1621. This
gentleman was ancestor of the pre-
sent Sir William Maunsell, bart. and
of the Maunsells, barts., of Trimsa-
nan, (created in 1697, extinct in 1788).

3. Robert (Sir), who for his bravery
was appointed vice admiral of the
fleet, temp. Charles I.

4. Philip, an officer in the royal army.
The eldest son,

Sir Thomas Maunsell, knt. and bart. m.
Mary, daughter of Lewis, Lord Mordaunt,
and had issue,

1. Lewis (Sir), second baronet, who
espoused the Lady Elizabeth Mon-
tague, daughter of Henry, first earl
of Manchester, and his grandson,
Thomas, was created Lord Maun-

2. Thomas. 3. Henry.
The second son,

Thomas Maunsell, esq. was the first of
the family that settled in Ireland, where he
m. and had two sons, Richard and John.
The elder,

Richard Maunsell, esq. a colonel in the
ro) al army, distinguished himself by his

1 •

gallant defence of Macollop Castle, in the
county of Waterford, against the forces of
Cromwell. He m. and had issue,

1. Thomas, who d. young.

2. Joseph, who m. first, Miss Tierney,
and secondly, Miss Fitzgerald, daugh-
ter of — Fitzgerald, esq. of Stone
Hall, in the county of Limerick, and
had three sons, viz.

Thomas, ? , . ,

Standish, \ d - ^married.
Joseph, m. Elizabeth, daughter of
H. Widenham, esq. and had
issue ; but this male line is now

3. John, left an only son,

Richard, in holy orders, chancellor
of the diocess of Limerick, who
m. a daughter of the right Rev.
William Burscough,D.D. bishop
of Limerick, and had an only
daughter, m. to John Waller,
esq. of Castletown, in the county
of Limerick.

4. Richard, of whom presently.

5. William, d. unmarried.
The fourth son,

Richard Maunsell, esq. represented the
city of Limerick, for upwards of twenty
years, in parliament. He m. first, the only
daughter of the Venerable Archdeacon Twigg,
and had issue,

Thomas, his successor.
Anne, m. first to Edward Taylor, esq.
of Ballymore, and had a daughter,
Sarah, m. 7th August, 1774, to
Henry-Thomas, second earl of Car-
rick. Mrs. Taylor wedded, secondly,
— Tunnadine, esq.
Mr. Maunsell espoused, secondly, Jane,
eldest daughter of Richard Waller, esq.
of Castle Waller, in the county of Limerick,
and had,

Richard, of Ballywilliam, county of
Limerick, m. Helena Toler, aunt of
the Earl of Norbury.
John, a general officer in the army, d.

William, in holy orders, D.D. m. Miss

Eaton, ? ,
Edward, >

He was s. at his decease by his eldest son,
Thomas Maunsell, esq. LL.D. barrister-
at-law, king's counsel, counsel of the com-
missioners of customs, and M.P. for Kil-
mallock. This gentleman espoused Doro-
thea, youngest daughter of Richard Waller,
esq. of Castle Waller, and had issue,

1. Richard, who d. in America, un-

2. Thomas, of Plassy, in the county of
Limerick, M.P. for Johnstown, m.
first, in October, 1767, Mary, eMest
daughter of John Roehfort, esq. of




Cloughgrenan, in the county of Car-
low, and of Newpark, county Dublin,
(uncle of Robert, first earl of Belve-
dere), but had no issue. He es-
poused, secondly, Dorothea-Grace,
daughter of Rev. William Maunsell,
D.D. and died leaving two daughters,
his co-heirs, viz.
Elizabeth-Dorothea, who to. her
cousin, Major Robert-Hedges-
Eyre Maunsell.
Dorothea-Jane, to. to John Dun-
levie, esq.
. Robert, of Bank Place, present
representative of the family.
, George, in holy orders, D.D. late
dean of Leighlon, to. Helena, daugh-
ter of Richard-Hedges Eyre, esq. of
Macroom Castle, and Mount Hedges,
in the county of Cork, and has issue,
Thomas, in holy orders, A.M. mar-
ried, and has issue,
Robert-Hedges-Eyre, a major in
the army, to. his cousin, Eliza-
beth-Dorothea, daughter and
co-heir of Thomas Maunsell,
esq. of Plassy.
Richard, LL.B.barrister-at-law, to.
in 1808, Lady Catherine Hare,
youngest daughter of William,
Earl of Listowel, and d. in 1818,
leaving issue.
George, a captain in the army, to.
at the Cape of Good Hope,
Maria - Wilhelmina - Frederica,
daughter of the Baron Von Har-
Edward-Eyre, in holy orders, A.M.

of Fort Eyre, in the county of
Galway, to. Eliza-Maria, daugh-
ter of Richard Studdert, esq. of
Bunratty Castle, in the county
of Clare, and has issue.

Henrietta-Margaret-Eyre, to. in
1805, to the Rev. William Att-
hill, A.M. of Brandiston Hall,
in the county of Norfolk, Pre-
bendary of Clogher, &c.

Emily, m. to Henry Watson, esq.
eldest son of John Watson, esq.
of Ballydartin House, county of
Carlow, and has issue.

5. Blanche, to. to Maunsell Sargent,

6. Margaret, to. to Robert Going, esq.
of Traverston Hall, county Tippe-

7. Elizabeth, to. to Henry White, esq.
of Golden Ville, county of Tippe-

8. Dorothea, to. to Longman Kinsman,
esq. and has a daughter,

Emily Kinsman, to. to Captain
Bingham, R.N. and has issue.
Upon the decease of Thomas Maunsell, esq.
of Plassy, leaving daughters only, the re-
presentation of the Family of Maunsell
devolved upon that gentleman's next brother,
the present Robert Maunsell, esq. of Bank

Arms — Arg. a chevron between three
maunches sa.

Crests — First, a cap of maintenance in-
flamed at the top, ppr. Second, an eagle
with wings expanded or.

Residence — Bank Place, Limerick.


SANDYS, MYLES, esq. of Graythwaite Hall, in the county of Lancaster, b.

in May, 1762, to. in 1790, Elizabeth, daughter of
Sir John Dalrymple Hamilton, bart. of Cousland, and
had issue,

Myles, an officer of dragoons, to. Frances, daughter of

France, esq. of Bostock Hail, in the county of



Thomas, in the East India Company's service.

George, captain of dragoons, in the East India Com-
pany's service.

William-Travis, in holy orders.

James, in the military service of the East India





Jane- Roberts.






Mr. Sandys is a captain on the half-pay of the army, and a deputy lieutenant for


The family of Sandys, or Sandes, was
anciently seated at St. Bees, in Cumber-
land. In 1377 Richard del Sandys and Sir
Robert Moubray were returned knights of
that shire. And subsequently other mem-
bers of the house of Sandys enjoyed the
same honor.

William, or John Sandes, espoused the
daughter of Bonham, and was father of a
daughter, Margaret, the wife of the Right
Hon. Richard Bray, and mother of Sir Re-
ginald Bray, K.G. standard bearer to King
Henry VIII. and a son,

William Sandys, who wedded Margaret,
daughter and heiress of William Rawson,
of the county of York, and had, with two
younger, whose issue is now extinct, his suc-

George Sandys, who m. Margaret Cur-
wen, and was *. at his demise, in 1584, by
his son,

William Sandys, who espoused Marga-
ret, daughter of John Dixon, and had issue,

1. George, slain fighting against the
Scotch in 1547.

2. William, who resided at Colton
Hall until he removed to the priory
of Conishead, which he purchased
from the crown, in the 2nd of Ed-
ward VI. He d. in the first year of
Elizabeth, and was s. by his only

Francis, in ward to the Queen
until the 13th of her majesty's
reign, when he sued out livery
of his estates in Furness, and
elsewhere. He d. s. p.

3. Edwin, in holy orders, D.D. and
eventually Archbishop of York.
This very eminent prelate died in
1558, and from him lineally descended

Samuel Sandys, esq. chancellor of
the Exchequer in the reign of
George II., who was elevated
to the peerage, as Baron San-
dys, of Ombersley, in 1743; a
dignity that expired with his son
and successor, Edwin, Lord
Sandys, in 1797, when the es-
tates of the family devolved upon
the last lord's niece,
Mary Sandys, then consort
of Arthur, second Marquess
of Downshire. Her lady-
ship was subsequently (in
1802) elevated to the peer-
age herself, as Baroness
Sandys, of Ombersley, (see
Burke's Peerage).
4. Christopher, of Graythwaite, which

estate he removed to in 1555. He d.
in 1590, and was s. by his son,

Adam, of Graythwaite, from whom
lineally sprang

Myles Sandys, esq. of Gray-
thwaite, High Sheriff for
Lancashire in 1708. This
gentleman m. Mary, daugh-
ter and co-heir of William
Knipe, esq. of Fairebank,
in Westmoreland, and dying
in 1715, left two daughters,

1. Anne, m. to her kins-
man, Thomas Sandys,
esq. of Esthwaite, and
had a son,

Myles, upon whom
his grandfather
settled the estate
of Graythwaite.

2. Mary, m. to Jeremiah
Braithwaite, esq. and
d. s. p.

5. Myles, ancestor of the Lords San-
dys, of the Vine, and of the pre-
sent Sir Edwin Bayntum-Sandys,

6. Anthony.*
The youngest son,

Anthony Sandys, esq. of Esthwaite,
living about the middle of the sixteenth
century, wedded Anne, daughter and heiress
of Robert Mann, esq. of Bullinbrook, in
the county of Lincoln, and was s. at his de-
cease by his only son,

Edwin Sandys, esq. of Esthwaite. This
gentleman espoused Grace, daughter of
Robert Wyvell, esq. of Great Burton, in
Yorkshire, by whom (who d. in 1612) he
left an only son, Samuel. In 1600, Mr
Sandys had a release from Robert, son of
George Sandys, the eldest of the six sons, of
his grandfather, of all title, claim, and right
in the lands of Esthwaite. His will bears
date 8th June, 1625, and was proved the
second of the ensuing month. His son and

Samuel Sandys, esq. of Esthwaite, who
was left under the guardianship of his uncle,
Solomon Wyvell, wedded Dorothy, daugh-
ter of Gavin Braithwait, esq. of Ambleside,
in Westmoreland, and had issue,

Edwin, his heir.

Solomon, d. s. p.

Thomas, successor to his brother.

* This Anthony is called third son by Collins,
but the present account of the Sandys family
differs in many points from that authority.




Elisabeth, .John Woodburn, esq.

(I rare.

Dorothy, >»■ to Richard Hank, esq.
Bridget, >u. to Charles Brooke, esq. of
11<> </. 13tb February, 1661, and was ». by
his eldest son,

Edwin Sandys, osij. of Esthwaite, at
whose decease, unmarried, in i<>72, the
estate devolved upon his surviving brother,
Thomas Sandys, esq. of Sion House, in
the county of Middlesex, who thus became
" of Esthwaite/' This gentleman wedded

Mary, daughter and eo-heir of Nicholas
Crisp, esq. and bad issue,

Thomas, his successor.

Samuel, died S. /».

Edwin, whose line is now extinct
Dorothy, m. to William Taylor, esq.
Mr. Sandys </. soon after the year 1680, and

was ,«. by his eldest sou,
Thomas Sandys, esq. of Esthwaite Hall,

who espoused Anno, eldest daughter and,
eventually, sole heiress of Myi.ks Sandys.
esq. ot' (traul/iuiiilr Hall (refer to issue of

Christopher, fourth son of William Sandys
and Margaret Dixon). By this lady he had
^ with younger children), a son,

M > i ss S vm>ys. esq. who inherited Esth-

waithe from his father, and GRAYTHWAITE

from his maternal grandfather. Hem. Isa-
bel, daughter of James Penny, esq. of Pen-
ny-bridge, in the county of Lancaster, and
had issue,

MYLBS, his heir.

Thomas, who m. Ellen, daughter of

Captain Samuel Sandys, of Skirton.
in Lancashire, and bad a son and

daughter,, now of Graythwaite.

Jane '/. s. /».

James, d. s. /».

Samuel, in holy orders, B.C.L., rector

of Lexden, in Essex, m. M iss Dorotlij

Askew, and </. 1st November, 1804,

Edwin, a merchant in London, m. to

Catherine, daughter of Captain Ar-
thur, and had issue.
John, d. unmarried.
George, an officer in the army.
Mary, m. to John Harrison, esq.
Anne, m. to Richard Robinson, esq. of

Pell Fort.
Isabel, M. to George Preston, -esq. of
Mr. Sandys was for many years in the coin-
mission of the peace, and a justice of quo-
rum. In 171;?, he was appointed a deputy
lieutenant of the county of Lancaster, and
tin- same year received a captain's commis-
sion in the militia, and, in three years after-
wards (171(5) we find him commanding his
company under Sir Henry Houghton. He
was afterwards (1726) high sheriff of Lanca-
shire. He d. in 1 ?(>(>, and was s. by his
(ddest son,

M yi.ks Sandys, esq. of Graythwaite, who
wedded Margery, elder daughter and co-
heir of Robert Pennington, esq. of Seaton
Hall, in Cumberland; but dying issueless,
the estates devolved upon his nephew, the
present MyLBS Sandys, esq. of Grayth-

Arms — Arg. a fesse dancettee. between
three crosses bottonee fitcheo gules.

( rest — A gritlin segreant per fesse or, and

Motto — Probum non poenitet.
Estates — All in Lancashire, possessed
from a remote period.

Scats — Graythwayte Hall, and Tyetup
Hall, both in Lancashire.


NORREYS, RORERT-JOSI AS-J ACKSON, esq. of Davy Hulme Hall, in the county

of Lancaster, a magistrate and deputy lieutenant of that
shire, b. 27th September, 1784, wedded 17th July, 1809,
Mary, only daughter and heiress of Henry Norris, esq. of
Davy Hulme, and has had issue,

Henry, b. 2nd May, 1810, d. 9th May, 1832.

Frederick, d. young.

Robert-Henry, b. 2nd May, 181'2.

Claudius-Henry, b. in 1813,* d. in 1827.




Tins gentleman, whose patronimic was Harris, assumed
by sign manual upon the marriage the surname and arms
of Norrf.ys only.




This famih of Norreys hi- -dan

honorable po.-ition in the county palatine of
Lancaster for several center

William Norreys, of Sottoa, lineally
descended from Alain Norreys. living on
the same estate, at a very remote era, wed-
ded Joan, daughter of Sir John Mo.yrieux,
of Sefton. and by that lady acquired the
estate of Speke. He was direct ancestor of

Sir Henry NORREYS, knt. of Spe.-.
the county of Lancaster, who espoused Alice,
daughter and heiress of Roger Ereneis, of
Chester, and had two sons,

1. William, his heir.

2. John, of Bray, in Berkshire, living
temp. Edward III. who m. Eleanor,
daughter and heiress of — R&
croft, esq. of Cotton End. and was /.
by his son,

Roger NORREYS, of Bray, who
was grandfather of

Sir John Norreys, knight ban-
neret, master of the wardrobe to
King HERRI VI. and sheriff of
Berkshire. He died in the 6th
of Edward IV. and was *. by
his -

Sir William Norreys. one of the
knights of the body to Kvn.'j Ed-
ward IV. In (he 2nd of Hen-
ry VII. Sir William had a com-
mand in the royal army at
battle of Stoke, and he obtained
from the crown, in the l£rth of
the same reign, the custody of
the manor of Langley. He was
t ■ -grandfather of

Sir Henry Norreys, of Wytham,
in Berkshire who. being seat by
QuAen Elizabeth ambassador to
France, was. in consequence of
his good services u; occa-

sion, and in consideration of the
sufferings of his father,* sum-
moned to parliament in IS02
as Baro\ Norreys, of Ryeote.
His lordship was*, by his grand-

France, second Lord Norreys.who
was ereal ■'.. in 1820, Viscount
Thame, and Earl of Berkshire.
Hii lordship's gTandaughter and

Bridget Wray ( daughter of Ed-
ward Wray, esq.) m. f -
cond husband. Montagu Bertie,
Earl of Lindsey, and had a son,

• Hi - is-ho was unjustly pat to

A by Ban VIII. upon the supposition of

- .-■ involved in the conduct oi A ^

I . ■■; • Bo : :• -ded bis

ther in th< . '<

of Ryeote. He was after-'.

crf-a: i. .- Abinodos

Rurit I. : ? Parage).

8ir Henry Non -. elder i

W ..mam Norreys. esq. "of Speke, who

wedded Perceval, daughter and heiress of

John Harrington, esc of Westby, and had,

with several M I ms,

Thom= ;ir.

Catherine, w. to Robert Grosvenor, esq.

of Eaton.
Ago - , m. to J . B - < -q of

Elizabeth, ro. to Thomas Gerard.

of bee.
Margaret, m. to Robert Lathom. esq.

of Parbold.
Beatrice, m. to Joho Ir- and, esq. of

f e, n. to William
of Worthington.
The eldest son.

Thomas Norreys, esq. of B ^..Let-

daughter and sole heiress of Thomas
Norreys, esq. of Derby, in Lancashire, and
had i.- -

l. William .-..- . ol Speke, who m.
Cather - SI: Henry

Bol ;. of Bold Hall. To- manor of
Bpel ^entlemaD,

through several gallant and eminent
persons,* to his descendant,

Th^ - M -. esq. of Speke,

b. in 1618, m. Cadietne, daugh-
f Sir H knt.

and dying in 1700, left,
oth e i . - - . who died issueless,
1. Thomas, of Speke. MP
for Liverpool, temp. Wil-
liam III. b. in 17o3, ir«. Miss

Online LibraryJohn BurkeA genealogical and heraldic history of the commoners of Great Britain and Ireland, enjoying territorial possessions or high official rank; but univested with heritable honours (Volume 1) → online text (page 48 of 112)