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Aston, dam. of Sir William
Aston, bart. and left a:
an only daug
and heiress,

Mary, who conveyed the

manor of Speke to her

oar.d. Lord Sydney

B-auclerk. She had an

only child,


esq. who?^ son.
Charles George
Beauclerk,sold the

estate of Speke. in
17&7. to Richard

* Set Inland's Itinerary, Holinsbeds Chro-
nicles, Fuller's Worthies, 6



Watt, esq. for se-
venty-seven thou-
sand pounds.

2. William (Sir) ambassador
to Constantinople, andM. P.
for Liverpool.

3. Edward, M.D. of Chester,
and M.P. for Liverpool, d.
in 1726, leaving two daugh-

Catherine, m. to Ralph
Leycester, esq. of Toft.
Susanna, m. to — War-
burton, esq.
ii. Edmund, of Fifield, in Berkshire,
m. Alice, daughter and sole heiress
of John Fowler, esq. and from this
union descended the Norrises of Fi-
field, now extinct,
in. Nicholas.
The third son,

Nicholas Norreys, esq. of Tarleton,
was great great grandfather of

Nicholas Norreys, esq. of Middleforth, in
Lancashire, b. in 1633. who wedded Dorothy,
daughter of Edward Farrington, esq. of Wis-
well, in the county of Nottingham, and was
s. at his decease by his eldest surviving son,
Henry Norreys, esq. of Penwortham,
in Lancashire. This gentleman m. in 1682,
Elizabeth, daughter of — Loxham, esq. of
Preston. He d. in 1684, and was s. by his
posthumous son,

Henry Norreys, esq. of Penwortham,
who wedded Mary, daughter of John Black-
ledge, esq. of Howick, by whom (who d. in
1740) he had issue,
Henry, his heir.
William, of Withnell, ) , ^ ,
Robert, \ both d - '• P-

Thomas, who m. first, Mrs. Cochrane,
and had an only son,

Thomas, of Liverpool, m. to Jane,
daughter of Walter Horton, esq.
of Stafford, and had issue,

Thomas-Horton, b. in 1793.
Walter, b. in 1795.
He wedded secondly, Alice, dau. of
Richard Winstanley, esq. of Chorley,
and had

Robert, b. in 1769, m. Miss Ellen
Ellames, of Liverpool, and has
Henry, b. in 1770.
Margaret, m. to Adam Saunderson,

esq. of Preston.
Elizabeth, m. to John Harrison, esq. of
Mr. Norreys' will bears date in 1738, and
it was proved the next year. He was s. by
his eldest son,

Henry Norris, esq. of Penwortham,
who m. in 1739, Catherine, daughter of
John Shaw, esq. of Anderton, and dying in
1754, left (with a daughter, Catherine) an
only son and successor,

Henry Norris, esq. of Davyhulme Hall,
and of Penwortham, a justice of the peace
for the county of Lancaster ; b. in 1744, m.
1779, Anne, daughter of John Allen, esq. of
Mayfield, in the county of Derby, by whom,
who d. in 1780, he left at his decease an
only daughter and heiress,

Mary Norris, who espoused the pre-
sent Robert-Josias-Jackson Nor-
reys, esq. of Davyhulme Hall.
Arms — Quarterly, arg. and gules ; in the
second and third a fret or, over all a fesse
az. charged with three bezants.

Crest — On a mount vert, a raven, wings
elevated sa. (Quartering the arms of Ere-
neis, Molyneux, Harrington, Cauncefield,
Fleming, English, Lathom, &c.)

Estates — Davyhulme, Penwortham, Wal-
ton, and in Manchester, all in the county
of Lancaster.

Seat — Davyhulme Hall, in the county of

WALKER, (ffiranu- Cross of tyt iSatft.)

WALKER, Lieutenant General, SIR GEORGE-TOWNSHEND, G.C.B. and

K.T. S. colonel of the 52nd regiment of foot,
late commander of the forces at Madras, and
lieutenant-governor of Grenada, groom of
the chamber to his royal highness the Duke
of Sussex, m. first, Anna, only daughter of
Richard Allen, esq. of Bury, in the county
Lancaster, by whom (who d. in 1814) he has
had two daughters, viz.

Anna-Louisa, who d. unmarried, in 1827.

Sir George espoused secondly, in August,


1820, Helen, youngest daughter of Alexander Caldcleugh, esq. of Croydon, in Surrey,
and has surviving issue,

George-Ferdinand-Radzivill, b. in May, 1825.
George-Frederick-Arthur, b. in 1827.
George-Edmund- Lushington.
Helen-Louisa- Adelaide.


Sir Walter Walker, knt. of Bushey
Hall, in Herefordshire, and of Stretham,
in the Isle of Ely, LL.D. advocate to Ka-
therine, Queen Consort of Charles II. es-
poused Mary, daughter of — Lynne, esq.
of Southwick, in the county of Northamp-
ton, and had two sons, viz.

i. George, (Sir) of Bushey Hall, who
was created a Baronet in 1679.
He m. Susannah, daughter and co-
heiress of John Byne, esq. of Row-
dell, in Sussex, and dying in 1690,
left issue,

Walter (Sir) second Baronet,
who died unmarried, in his mi-
nority, when the Baronetcy
became Extinct.
Elizabeth, in. to Sir Edwine Sad-
lier, bart. of Temple Dinsley,
in Herefordshire.
Mary, m. first, to Henry Beaufoy,
esq. of Edmonscott, in War-
wickshire, and secondly, to Ar-
thur, son of Sir Arthur Weltden,
of Swanscomb, in Kent.
Martha, d. unmarried.
ii. William.
The second son,

William Walker, esq. wedded Mary,
daughter of — Price, esq. of Newtown, in
the county of Montgomery, and was s. by
his only son,

Nathaniel Walker, esq. of the county
of Middlesex. This gentleman m. Eliza-
beth-Jane, daughter of Peter Pytot, esq.
and was s. by his son,

Nathaniel Walker, esq. a major in the
army, who m. Henrietta, only daughter and
heiress of Captain John Bagster, R.N. of the
Isle of Wight, and dying at Hampton Court
palace, in May, 1829, left issue,

I. George Townshend, the present
lieutenant - general Sir George
Townshend Walker.
Frederick, of Bushey, in the county
of Herts, a colonel in the army, m.
Anabella, youngest daughter of Ed-
ward Cane, esq. of Donnybrook, in
the county of Dublin, and has,

1. Edward Walter, an officer in
the Foot Guards.


2. Augusta-Eliza.

3. Isabella-Louisa.

4. Georgiana-Adelaide.

5. Amelia-Forestier.

6. Caroline-Albinea.

hi. Charles Montagu, of Hampton
Court, in the county of Middlesex, a
captain in the royal navy, m. Anne
Maria, only child and heiress of
Walter Riddell, esq. of GlenRiddell,
in Scotland, and has issue,


an officer of



George James,
Arthur de Noe.

iv. Mary, m. to Stawell Chudleigh,
esq. of Furze Place Farm, Hamp-
v. Harriet-Louisa, m. to James Grier-
son, esq. of Purbrook Park, in the
county of Hants.
Arms — Erminois on a pile embattled az.
a mural crown between two galtraps in pale

Crest — A mural crown or, encircled by
a wreath of laurel, thereon an ostrich ppr.

Supporters — Dexter, a lion reguardant
ppr. gorged with a ribband gules, fimbriated
az. therefrom pendant a representation of
the medal presented to Sir George Towns-
hend Walker, by his Majesty's command,
for military services. In the mouth a
broken flag staff reversed with the eagle
and tricoloured flag, also ppr. The latter
inscribed with the word " Orthes." Sinis-
ter, an ostrich ppr. supporting the colours
of his Majesty's fiftieth, being the regi-
ment commanded by Sir George Walker,
in the memorable battle fought on the
plains of Vimeira, thereon an escroll gules,
inscribed with the word " Vimeira" in let-
ters of gold.

Motto — Nil desperandum.
Town Residence - -Harley Street, Caven-
dish Square.



CURTEIS, EDWARD-JEREMIAH, esq. of Windmill Hill, and Great Knello, both

in the county of Sussex, b. 6th July, 1162, m. 14th
April, 1789, Mary, only daughter of the Rev. Stephen
Barrett, of the Bent, in Yorkshire, and rector of Hath-
field, Kent, by whom he has had issue,

Herbert-Barrett, M.P. for Sussex, in 1830, 1831,
and 1832, m. in 1821, Lis cousin Caroline-Sarali,
daughter and co-heir of Robert Maseall, esq. of
Peasmarsh Place, in Sussex, and Ashford, in Kent,
by whom (who d. in May, 1825) he has an only

Herbkrt-Mascall, b. at Florence, in 1823.
Edward-Barrett, captain in the 7th dragoon guards.
Reginald, captain in the 1st or royal dragoons.
Mary-Barrett, m. to Stewart-Boone Inglis, esq. and
died in childbed of Mary-Barrett-Curteis Inglis,
who d. in 1827.
Jane-Anne-Elizabeth, d. unmarried.
Laura-Charlotte, m. to William-Henry Darhy, esq. eldest son of John Darby, esq.

of Leap Castle, King's county, Ireland, and of Markley, Sussex.
Anne-Katharine, m. to lieutenant colonel Charles-William Elwood, of the East

India Company Service.
Caroline-Elinor, m. to John Graham, esq. second son of the late Thomas Graham,

esq. of Edmond Castle, Cumberland.
Elizabeth-Julia, m. to Howard Elphinstone, esq. only son of Sir Howard Elphin-
stone, bait. C.B.

Mr. Curteis represented the county of Sussex in the parliaments of 1820 and 1826.


Stephen Curteis, of Appledore, in the
county of Kent, descended from an ancient
family resident in that shire, was grand-
father of

Thomas Curteis, of Appledore, living
in 1527, who wedded Joane, daughter and
co-heir of Edward Twaights, warden of the
Cinque Ports, and was s. by his son,

William Curteis, of Tenterden, in
Kent, who m. first, Joan Bunting, and had

1. William, bailiff of Tenterden, in
1591, from whom lineally descends

The ReverendTHOMAS Curteis, of
Seven Oaks, A. M. a magis-
trate for the county of Kent, who
wedded Sarah-Anne, daughter
of the Rev, William Liscomb,
rector of Wilbury, and has

2. Thomas, mayor of Tenterden, in

He espoused, secondly, Joan Pattenden, and
had, with three daughters, two sons, viz.

3. George, of Chart Sutton, who was
sheriff of Kent in 1651. He m. first,
Bridget, daughter of Thomas Knatch-

bull, esq. and secondly, Mary, sister
of Sir Edward Hale, bart. and relict
of Simon Smith, esq. From this^
George Curteis derived the Cur-
teises, of Otterden Place.
4. Stephen.
Mr. Curteis's second son, by his second

Stephen Curteis, esq. was mayor of
Tenterden in 1622. He m. Elizabeth,
daughter and heiress of Edward Short, esq.
of Heronden, and dying in 1654, was s. by
his son,

Samuel Curteis, esq. of Tenterden, who
wedded Martha, daughter and co-heir of
John Porter, esq. of Fairlawn, and was
father of

Edward Curteis, esq. mayor of Ten-
terden in 1663, whose son

Jeremy Curteis, esq. mayor of Tenter-
den in 1696, espoused Sarah, daughter of
Edward Wilmshurst, esq. of Cadborough, in
the county of Sussex, and dying in 1725,
left issue,

1. Samuel, of Tenterden, who m. first,
Mary, daughter and co-heir of Felix
Kadwell, esq. and secondly, Sarah,



daughter of Richard Haffcnden, esq.
of Tenterden.

2. Jeremiah, who m. first, Miss Sarah
Holman, and secondly, Mary, dau.
of Thomas Curteis, esq. of Wrotham.

3. Edward.
The third son,

Edward Curteis, esq. of Tenterden, m.
Sarah, daughter of Richard Beale, esq. of
Biddenden, and had two sons,

Richard, of Tenterden, who wedded
Mary, daughter and co-heir of Searles
Giles, esq. and d. in 1814.
Jeremiah, of Rye and Tenterden, of
whom presently.
Mr. Curteis d. in 1777. His second son,

Jeremiah Curteis, esq. of Rye and Ten-
terden, m. Jane, daughter and co-heir of
Searles Giles, esq. of Biddenden, and had

i. Edward Jeremiah, his heir.

2. Martha, m. to Robert Mascall, esq.
of Ashford.

3. Anne, in. to Samuel Russell Collett,
esq. of Worcester.

4. Jane, d. unm.

5. Catharine-Sarah, m. to John Lux-
ford, esq. of Higham.

Mr. Curteis died 31»t December, 1806,
and was s. by his only son, the present
Edward Jeremiah Curteis, esq.

Arms — Arg. a chev. sa. between three
bulls' heads, cabossed gules.

Crest — A unicorn passant, or, between
four trees, ppr.

Estates — In Kent, Sussex, and Middle-
sex. The Kentish property, and Guide-
ford, in Sussex, as far back as can be

Seats — Windmill Hill and Great Knello,


WILLBRAHAM, GEORGE, esq. of Delamere House, in the county of Chester,
b. 8th March, 1779. m. 3rd September, 1814, Lady Anne Fortescue, third daughter
of Hugh, present Earl Fortescue, by whom he has issue,

George-Fortescue, b. 4th August, 1815.
Roger-William, b. 29th July, 1817.
James-Edward, b. 8th October, 1820.
Henrv, b. 25th Julv, 1823.
Hugh, b. 2nd December, 1827.

Mr. Wilbraham, who 5. to the estates at the decease of his father, in 1813, represents
the county of Chester in parliament.




The house of Wilbraham, one of the most
influential and ancient in the county of
Chester, derives its name from the manor
of Wilbraham, in Cambridgeshire, where a

family bearing the local name was settled
about the time of Henry II.*

Sir Richard de Wilburgham, Lord of
Wymincham, was sheriff of Cheshire in
the 43rd of Henry III. He m. first, Mar-
gery, daughter and co-heiress of Warin
Vernon, Baron of Shipbrook, by whom he
had one son, who d. s. p. and two daugh-
ters, the wives of Richard de Lostock, and of
Robert de Winnington. These ladies were
eventually co-heirs to their mother. Sir
Richard espoused secondly, Letitia, second
daughter and co-heiress of Sir William
Venables, of Kindeston, by whom he had
a son, his successor at his decease, in the
2nd Edward I.,

William de Wilburgham, Lord of Rad-
nor, who married twice, but had issue only
by his first wife, Christiana, sister and co-
heir of Richard Crosley, viz.

* Ormerod's Cheshire.



William, his heir.

Ranulph, from whom the Wilbrahams
of Brindley, and Worleston, derived.
Robert, living temp. Edward III.
The eldest son,

William de Wilburgham, Lord of Rad-
nor, died in the 26th of Edward III. and
was s. by his son,

Ralph de Wilburgham, of Radnor,
who m. first, Felicia, daughter of John
de Hulme, and had a son Thomas, his suc-
cessor. He espoused secondly, Matilda,
daughter of Robert Leigh, of Adlington,
(by Matilda, his wife, daughter of Sir Tho-
mas de Norley, knt). He d. in the 11th of
Richard II. and by Inquisition of the same
year was found to have held a moiety of a
sixth part of Leftwich ; a sixth part of Ship-
brook Watermill, and in joint feoffment
with Matilda, his wife, in fee tale, the
manor of Radnor, lands in Knight's-hulme,
&c. His son and heir,

Thomas de Wilburgham, of Radnor, was
aged twenty-two, and upwards, at the time
of his father's decease in 1388. This feu-
dal lord espoused Margery, daughter of
Thomas de Leighes, and dying in the 11th
of Henry IV. was s. by his son,

Thomas de Wilburgham, of Radnor, who
wedded Margaret, dau. and heiress of John
Golborne, Lord of Woodhey, and thus ac-
quired that manor. By this lady he had issue,
l. Thomas, his successor in the united
manors of Radnor and Woodhey,
who m. in the time of Henry VI.
Margaret, daughter of Thomas de
Swettenham, (by his wife Alice, sister
and heiress of Roger de Overton)
and dying in the 7th of Henry VII.
was s. by his eldest son,

William Wilbraham, esq. of
Woodhey, who wedded Helena,
daughter of Philip Egerton, esq.
of Egerton, and had, with several
daughters, two sons,

1. Thomas, of Woodhey, who
m. Margaret, daughter of
Sir John Mainwaring, knt.
of Peover, but dying s. p. in
1558, was s. by his brother.

2. Richard, of Woodhey,
M.P. for the county of
Chester, master of the jewel
house and of the revels, to
Queen Mary. He m. Do-
rothy, daughter of Richard
Grosvenor, esq. of Eaton,
by whom he had a son and

Thomas Wibraham, esq.
of Woodhey and Til-
ston, who was s. at his
decease in 1610, by his
eldest son, (by his first
wife Frances, daughter
of Sir Hugh, Cholmon-

deley, knt. of Cholmon-

Sir Richard Wilbra-
ham, of Woodhey, who
was created a baronet
in 1621. He m. Grace,
sister of Thomas Sav-
age, first Visct. Savage,
and was s. in 1643, by
his eldest son,

Sir Thomas Wilbraham,
bart. This gentleman
was a distinguished ca-
valier during the civil
wars. He died soon af-
ter the restoration, and
was s.hy his eldest son,*

Sir Thomas Wilbraham,
bart. who m. Elizabeth,
daughter and heiress of
Edward Mitton, esq.
and dying without male
issue in 1668, the ba-
ronetcy expired, while
his large estates de-
volved upon his three
daughters as co-heirs,
namely, Elizabeth,
wife of Sir Thomas
Middleton, bt. of Chirk
Castle, Grace of Lio-
nel, Earl of Dysart, and
Mary, of Richard, Earl
of Bradford.
ii. Randulph, of whose line we are
about to treat.

III. William.

IV. Richard,
v. John.

The second son of Thomas Wilburgham,
by the heiress of Woodhey,

Randulph Wilbraham, esq. wedded
Alice, and dying 2nd March, 1548, was s. by
his eldest son,

Ralph Wilbraham, esq. living in the
time of Henry VIII., who espoused Miss
Elizabeth Sandford, of the County of Lan-
caster, and had issue,

1. Randulph, a merchant of Bristol,
who d. s. p. in 1581.

2. Richard, of whom presently.

3. Thomas, barrister-at-law, recorder
of the city of London, and attorney of
the court of Wards. He m. Barbara,
dau. of Robert Chudleigh, esq. of the
county of Middlesex, and d. in 1573.

4. Margaret, ra. to Thomas Clutter, esq.
of Nantwich.

* Sir Thomas had several other sons, but all
died issueless except his successor above men-
tioned, and Ralph Wilbraham, of Newbottle, in
the county of Northampton, who m. Christiana,
dau. of Edward Leigh, esq. of Bagulegh, and left an
only daughter and heiress, Elizabeth, m. to Sack-
ville Tui'tcn, esq. ancestor of the Earl of Thanet.



Mr. Wilbraham (/. in 1552, and was buried
in Acton church. His second son,

Richard Wilbraham, esq. of Nantwich,
b. in 1528, m. first, Eliza, daughter of Thomas
Maisterson, esq. of that place, and secondly,
Margaret, widow of Alexander Elerch, esq.
He died in 1612, having had issue,

1. Richard, barrister-at-law, and com-
mon serjeant of the city of London,
who m. in 1584, Elizabeth, daughter
of Sir Thomas Pulesdon, lord mayor
of London, and dying in the lifetime
of his father, 13th September, 1601,
left with other issue, a son,

Thomas, heir to his grandfather.

2. Roger, a lawyer of eminence, who
was nominated in 1600 a master of
the court of Requests, having pre-
viously filled the office of solictor-
general in Ireland. He d. without
male issue, in 1616.

3. Thomas, who m. Anne Pyerson, and
had issue.

4. Ralph- fsedary, of Chester and Flint-
shire, ancestor of the Wilbrahams,
of Dorfold.

Richard Wilbraham was s. by his grandson,
Thomas Wilbraham, esq. of Nantwich,
who wedded in 1619, Rachael, daughter and
sole heiress of Joshua Clive, esq. of Huxley
(by Mary, daughter of Andrew Charlton,
esq. of Apsley), and had with other issue,
his successor at his decease,

Roger Wilbraham, esq. of Nantwich,
b. in 1623. This gentleman was one of the
intended knights of the royal oak, his estate
being then valued at £1000 per annum.
He m. Alice, daughter of Roger Wilbraham,
esq. of Dorfold, and grandaughter mater-
nally of Thomas Ravenscroft, esq. of Bret-
ten, by whom (who died of grief for the loss
of her two eldest sons) he had, with two
daughters, Alice, wife of Ralph Wilbraham,
esq. of Dorfold, and Grace, of Sir Thomas
Brooke, of Norton, several sons, by the eldest
surviving of which he was s. at his decease,
Randle Wilbraham, esq. of Nantwich,
who served the office of sheriff of Cheshire,
in 1714. He m. Mary, daughter of Sir
Richard Brooke, bart. of Norton, (by Fran-
cessa-Posthuma, daughter of Thomas, son
of Sir Peter Leigh, knight banneret of
Lyme), and had issue,

Richard, who died in his father's lifetime.
Roger, his heir.

Randle, of Rode, barrister-at-law,

LL.D. and deputy steward of the

university of Oxford, who m. Dorothy,

only dau. of Andrew.Kenrick, esq. and

had, with several younger children,

Richard Wilbraham, esq. of Rode,

who wedded Mary, daughter and

sole heiress of Robert Bootle, esq.

of Lathom House, and dying in

1796, left with several daughters,

two sons, viz.

Edward Bootle-Wilbraium,
now Lord Skelmersdale.
Randle, of Rode.
Thomas, of the city of Westminster,
LL. D. and F. R. S. Fellow of All
Souls, Oxford, and also of the college
of physicians. He d. s. p.
Henry-William, in holy orders, M.A.
Rector of Shelford, Oxfordshire, d.
Frances, m. to William Wright, esq.

of Stockport.
Elizabeth, m. to William Falconer, esq.

recorder of Chester.
Mary, m. to Thomas Chetham, esq. of
Mellor, in the county of Derby, and
had issue.
Mr. Wilbraham was s. at his decease in
1732, by his eldest surviving son,

Roger Wilbraham, esq. of Nantwich,
who m. first, in 1731 , Elizabeth, daughter of
Sir Thomas Brooke, bart. of Norton, but had
no surviving issue. He espoused, secondly,
in 1740, Mary, daughter of Thomas Hunt,
esq. of Mollington, (by Mary Vere Ro-
bartes, sister and heiress of Henry Robartes,
earl of Radnor, see Burke's Extinct Peer-
age), and had

George, his heir.

Roger, of London, F.R.S. and S.A.
M.P. for Helston, and afterwards
for Bodmin.
Thomas d. unmarried.
He died in 1754, and was s. by his eldest son,
George Wilbraham, esq. of Nantwich,
who removed his abode to Dela mere House,
an elegant modern stone mansion, erected
from the design of Wyatt. This gentleman
m. in 1774, Maria, second daughter of
William Harvey, esq. of Chigwell, in Essex,
M.P. for many years for that county, by
whom he had issue,

Roger, who d. in the lifetime of his father.
George, his heir.
William, captain R.N. b. in 1781.
Maria, d. young.

Louisa, d. in infancy.
Anna, m. to Gen. Grosvenor.
Mr. Wilbraham, who served the office of
sheriff, of Cheshire, in 1791, died in 1813,
and was s. by his eldest surviving son, the
present George Wilbraham, esq. of Dela-
mere House.

Arms— Az. two bars arg. Borne usually
quarterly with the ancient coat, viz. arg.
three bends wavy az.

Crest — A wolf's head, as in the arms.
Estates — In Cheshire, the manors of Wel-
ver, Betchton, Clive, and Crowton. Lands in
Cuddington, Huxley, &c. All, with the
exception of Cuddington and Crowton, for
several centuries.

Town Residence — 56, Seymour Street.
Scat — Delamere House, Northwitch.



THURSBY, JOHN-HARVEY, esq. of Abington Abbey, in the county of Northamp-
ton, b. 27th March, 1768, m. in 1792, Emma, daughter
of William Piggott, esq. of Doddershall, and has issue,

John-Harvey, b. 24th June, 1793, m. in 1818, Emily,
daughter of Matthew Fortescue, esq. of Stephens-
town, in the county of Louth, and has issue.

William, b. in 1795, in holy orders, vicar of Allsaints,
Northampton, and of Hardingtone, m. and has issue.

Frederick-Spencer, b. in, 1801, m. in 1831, Miss Le-
rigens, of Aix-la-chapelle.

Charles, b. in 1804, m. in 1830, Emily, daughter of —
Pentland, esq. of Blackball, in the county of Louth,
and has a daughter, Mary.

Walter, b. in 1808, d. in India.



Lucy, m. to John Dauncey, esq. and has a daughter,


Mr. Thursby succeeded his father in 1798, and served the office of sheriff for North-
amptonshire, in 1803.


This family, which claims to he of Saxon
descent, derives immediately from

Gospatrick, lord ofThoresby, living in
the time of the Conquest, from whom

Thomas Thoresby of Bramwheat, now
Braithwaite, in Cumberland, who wedded
Isabel, daughter and co-heir of Hugh
Thoresby, and had two sons,

1. George, Lord ofThoresby, Barden,
Dent, and Sedberg, all in the county
of York, m. Agnes, daughter and
heiress of Matthew Ellerton, and
hence, lineally descended,

Ralph Thoresby, the eminent an-
tiquary of Leeds, and the able
author of the " Ducatus Leo-

2. John, of whom presently.
The youngest son,

John Thoresby, was Mayor of Lynn
Regis, in Norfolk, in 1425. His great

Henry Thoresby, of Southacre, m. He-
len, daughter and co-heir of Thomas Fod-
ringhey, (by his wife, Elizabeth, daughter
and heiress of William Doreward,) and
dying in 1536, was s. by his grandson,

Thomas Thoresby, whose son and heir,

Edward Thoresby, esq. of Doreward's

Hall, in the county of Essex, married Mary,
daughter of Philip Bedingfeld, esq. and
had issue,

Christopher, his heir.

Edward, ancestor of the Thursbys of

Braintree and of Ravenhall, Essex.
John, d. s. p.
Anne, m. to William Jenney, esq. of

Cressingham, Norfolk.
Philippa, m. to John St. John, esq. of

Hatfield Peverel, Essex.
Catherine, m. to the Rev. John Smith,

of Southacre.
Mary, m. to Mr. Serjeant (Richard)

Elizabeth, m. to Edward Dennis esq.
The eldest son,

Christopher Thoresby, esq. or Thurs-
by, as the name begun now to be written,
espoused Etheldred, daughter of Nicholas
Timperley, esq. of Hincklesham, in Suffolk,

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