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John, his successor.
Anne, to. to J. Balling, esq. of Benton.
Tabitha, to. to William Holmes, esq.
of Mundham.
He d. in 1671, and was s. by his son,

John Howse, esq. who settled in the old
Mansion House of the Rope family at
Morningthorpe, in 1697, and purchased
adjoining property at Shelton and Tritton,
from Maurice Shelton, esq. and Sir Peter
Gleane, hart, who was ruined in the Civil
Wars. Mr. Howse served the office of
sheriff for the county of Norfolk, in 1718,
and then altered his name to Howes in
conformity with an error in the writ by
which he was so designated. He wedded
Elizabeth, daughter of H. Keddington, esq.
of Hockham, and had issue,
1. John, his successor.

2. .Thomas, to. Elizabeth, daughter of
John Colman, esq. of Hardingham,
and was father of,

Thomas, a literary person, author
of " Observations on Books an-
cient and modern."

Elizabeth, m. to George Wegg,
esq. of Colchester.

3. Elizabeth, m. to J. Colman, esq. of
Hardingham, and had a daughter,

Elizabeth Colman, who to. the
Rev. Richard Potter, preben-
dary of Norwich, and the trans-
lator of JEschylus.
Mr. Howes d. in 1737, and was s. by his
elder son,

John Howes, esq. of Morningthorpe, who
wedded Barbara, daughter of Thomas Sy-
ner, esq. of Hiningham, (who had a grant
of arms in 1519,) and had (with six daugh-
ters) two sons,

John, who was commandant of Negrais,

and died there in 1756.
He d. in 1763, and was s. by his only sur-
viving son,

The Rev. Thomas Howes, of Morning-
thorpe, who espoused in 1758, Susan, only
daughter of Francis Linge, esq. of Spin-
worth, in the county Norfolk, and had issue,

1. John, of Gray's Inn, d. s.p. in 1787.

2. Thomas, in holy orders, his suc-

3. George, to. first, Elizabeth, daugh-
ter of Robert Fellowes, esq. of Shot-
isham, and has George, Edward,
Henry, and Henrietta. He wedded
secondly, Maria, daughter of D.
Blake, esq. of Scotton, and has ano-
ther son, Frederick.

4. Francis. This gentleman trans-
lated Persius. He to. Miss Susan
Smithson, and has several children.

5. Anne.

6. Margaret, to. in 1787, Edward,
youngest son of Sir Caesar Hawkins,
of Kclston, and has, with other issue,



Edward Hawkins, provost of Oriel
College, Oxford.

Francis Hawkins, M.D.

Caesar Hawkins, a surgeon.
Mr. Howes d. in 1796, and was s. by his
eldest surviving son, the present Rev. Tho-
mas Howes, of Morningthorpe.

Arms — Arg. a chevron between three
griffins' heads sa.

Crest — A demi unicorn, issuing from a
crown ppr.

Motto — Stat fortuna domus.

Estates — In Norfolk.

Seat — Morningthorpe.


SEVERNE, SAMUEL-AMY, esq. of Wallop Hall, in the county of Salop, of Rhos-

goch, in Montgomeryshire, and of Thenford, in the county
of Northampton, b. in 1772, m. 10th April, 1794, Anne,
daughter of Thomas Brayne, esq. of Barton, in Warwick-
shire, and has had issue,

John-Michael, of Norton, b. in 1798, m. in 1825, Anna-
Maria, daughter of Edmund Meysey Wigley, esq. of
Shakenhurst, in the county of Worcester, and has

Samuel, of the royal artillery, b. in January, 1799.

Henry, in holy orders, b. in June, 1800.

Charles, b. in January, 1804.

William, b. in March, 1805.

Mary- Anne.

Elizabeth, d. young.

Catherine, m. in 1829, to the Rev. Francis Leighton,
nephew of Sir Baldwin Leighton, bart.

Julia, m. in 1830, to John Morris, esq. of Ross Hall, in

Mr. Severne s. to the family estates upon the demise of his kinsman, General Severne,
in 1787, and inherited Thenford from Mrs. Mary Ingram. He served the office of
high-sheriff for the county of Montgomeiy in 1824, and for Northamptonshire in
1829. He is a magistrate and deputy-lieutenant for both those counties.


Thomas Severne, esq. of Broadway, and
Powych, in the county of Worcester (son of
John Severne, of Shrawley, living temp.
Henry VIII.), espoused Elizabeth, dau. of
John Nash, esq. of Martly, in the county of
Worcester, and was s. at his decease, in
1592, by his son,

John Severne, esq. of Powych, who m.

Mary, daughter of Richard Langley, esq. of

the Abbey, Shrewsbury, and great aunt to

Sir Henry Langley, by whom he had issue,

John, his heir.

Thomas, in holy orders, A.M. of Pow-
vck, in Worcestershire, who d. mini,
in 1098.
Mary, m. to John Walsh, esq. of the

Moore, near Hereford.
Elizabeth, who d. unm. in 1675.
Catherine, m. to John Somers, esq. of
White Ladies, and had issue,

, John Somers, Baron Somers,
of Evesham, Lord High Chan-
cellor of England — " A ge-
nius," says Walpole, " of the
finest taste, a patriot of the no-
blest and most extensive views,
an incorrupt lawyer, and an ho-
nest statesman." His lordship
dying unmarried, in 1716, the
title became extinct, while his
estates devolved upon his sisters,
as co-heirs.

Mary Somers, m. to Charles
Cocks, esq. M.P. and had, with
other issue, John Cocks, esq.
of Castleditch, grandfather of
the present Earl Somers.

, Elizabeth Somers, m. to Sir
Joseph Jekyll, Master of the



Mr. Severne d. in 1660, and was s. by his
eldest son,

John Severne, esq. of Wallop Hall, in
the county of Salop, mayor of Shrewsbury,
in 1675, who wedded Alice, daughter of Ri-
chard Bagot, esq. by whom (who d. in 1693)
he had issue,

I. Thomas, his heir.

ii. John, in holy orders,of Christ church,

who d. s. p.
III. Samuel, of Claines, in Worcester-
shire, who m. Catherine, daughter of
Charles Frewen, esq. of Northiam,
in Sussex, and dying in 1712, was s.
By his eldest son,

Samuel, b. in 1704, who espoused
Amy, daughter of Robert Young,
esq. of Hammersmith, and was
s. by his son,
Samuel, of Enfield, in Middlesex,
m. in 1770, Elizabeth Mary,
daughter of George Gorst, esq.
of Chester, and dying in 1788,
left issue, a daughter, Elizabeth,
who d. unm. in 1801 and an
only son,
Samuel-Amy, eventual inheritor,
and present proprietor of the
iv. Mary, m. to Thomas Gough, esq.
of the Marsh, in the county of Salop.
v. Elizabeth.
VL Alice, d. young.
Mr. Severne died at Westbury, in 1689, and
was s. by his eldest sod,

Thomas Severne, esq. of Wallop Hall,
in Shropshire, and of Rhosgoch, in the
county of Montgomery, gentleman of the
bedchamber to King William III. who
served the office of sheriff of Montgomery,
in 1697. He m. Elizabeth, eldest daughter
of Sir John Pye, bart. of Hone, by whom
he left at his decease, in 1737, a son and

John Severne, esq. of Wallop Hall, a
general officer, and colonel of the 8th light
dragoons, who inherited, by will, from his
cousin, Mary Pye, the Clifton and Haugh-
ton estates, in Staffordshire. General Se-
verne d. unm. in 1787, at the advanced age
of eighty-nine, and was s. in his patri-
monial inheritance by his kinsman, the pre-
sent Samuel Amy Severne, esq. of Wal-
lop Hall. The estates of Clifton and Haugh-
ton devolved, by a limitation in the will of
the above-mentioned Mary Pye, upon the
Rev. Richard Watkins, by whose brother,
the Rev. John Watkins,* they are now en-

Arms — Arg. on a chev. sa. nine bezants.

Crest — A cinquefoil or.

Motto — Virtus prasstantior auro.

Estates — In Northamptonshire, Salop,
and Montgomery.

Seats — Thenford, near Banbury, and
Wallop Hall, in Shropshire.

* At the decease of Mr. Watkins, the Clifton
and Ilaughton estates will devolve upon Henry
John Pye, esq. (See family of Pye of Faringdon. )


BLENCOWE, JOHN JACKSON, esq. of Marston St. Lawrence, in the county
of Northampton, b. in February, 1810, s. to the estates upon the demise of his father,
28 th August, 1830.


The Blencowes (a branch of a very old
Cumberland family, which had property at
Greystock in that county) have been seated
at Marston, earlier than 1446.

Thomas Blencowe, grandson of John
Blencowe, living at Marston St. Lawrence,
temp. Henry VI. obtained in the year
1540, a grant from the crown of the de-
mesne lands and rectorial tithes of the ma-
nor of " Lawrence Merston, alias Merston
St. Lawrence." He died in two years after,
and was s. by his son,

John Blencowe, of Marston St. Law-
rence, who espoused, first, Anne, daughter
of Robert Pargiter, of Gretworth, but had
no issue. He m. secondly, the daughter of
John Secole, of Eynesham, in the county




of Oxford, and dying in 1562-3, was s. by
his eldest son,

William Blencowe, of Marston St. Law-
rence, at whose demise, unmarried, in 1569,
the estates devolved on his brother,

John Blencowe, esq. of Marston St. Law-
rence. This gentleman wedded Margaret,
daughter of John Sanders, esq. of the county
of Bucks, and dying in 1604-5, was*, by his

John Blencowe, esq. of Marston St.
Lawrence, who m. first, Mary, daughter and
codieiress of John Waleston, esq. of Ris-
lip, in Middlesex, and had several children.
He m. secondly, Joyce, relict of the Rev.
Francis Savage, D.D. and daughter of Tho-
mas Cooper, esq. of Powich, in Worcester-
shire, by whom (who d. in 1679-80) he had
no other issue. Mr. Blencowe d. about the
year 1643, and was s. by his eldest son,

Thomas Blencowe, esq. of Marston St.
Lawrence, who m. first, Susan, daughter of
John Burgoyne, esq. of Rowington, in the
county of Warwick, by whom he had an
only daughter, Mary, m. to Samuel Hill,
esq. of Rowington. Mr. Blencowe wedded
secondly, in 1640, Mary, daughter of the
Rev. Francis Savage, D.D. of Ripple, in
Worcestershire, by whom (who d. in 1678)
he had issue,

John (Sir), his heir.
Thomas, in holy orders, M.A. rector of
Thenford, b. in 1650; m. Mary, dau.
of Wm. Knight, gent, of Banbury,
in Oxon, and had two daughters, viz.
Mary, the wife of John Townsheud,
esq. of Marsh, and Joyce, of the
Rev. John Thicknesse, rector of Far-
William, of London, b. in 1656, who
m. Lettice, daughter of the Rev. John
Knight, of Northampton, and had
two daughters, Lettice, m. to the Rev.
John Pereth, and Mary, who d. unm.

Joyce, m. in 1670, to John Botry, esq.
of Marston St. Lawrence.
Mr. Blencowe d. in 1673-4, and was s. by
his eldest son,

Sir John Blencowe, of Marston St.
Lawrence. This emiueut person, a pro-
found and able lawyer, was born at Mars-
ton, in 1642. From 1690 to 1695, he sate as
member of the borough of Brackley ; but
in the latter year retiring from parliament,
he devoted his time and abilities to his pro-
fession, in which he acquired high reputa-
tion. In 1696 he was appointed a baron of
the exchequer, in 1697, a judge of the com-
mon pleas, and, in 1702, of the king's
bench. In 1714, he was re-appointed to
the common pleas, and remained on that
bench until 1722, when he retired, his salary

being, as a token of respect, continued to
him, during the remainder of his life. " In
his professional character," says Mr. Baker,
(History of Northamptonshire ) " he was
distinguished by an honest, blunt integrity,
and in the intercourse of private life, by a
considerate, humane disposition, of which
the following anecdote furnishes a pleasing
illustration : An old man, whom he had em-
ployed in hewing stones, lived to be above
ninety years old, and for some time had
daily spoiled the stones, instead of render-
ing them fit for use. Lady Blencowe per-
ceiving it, begged the judge to continue him
his eight-pence a day, and desire him to stay
at home. " No, no," said the judge, " let him
spoil on ; he has a pleasure in thinking he
earns his daily bread at fourscore years and
ten : but if you turn him off, he will soon
die with grief."

Sir John Blencowe wedded Anne, eldest
daughter of the Rev. John Wallis,* D.D.
F.R.S., the famous Savilian Professor of
Oxford, by whom Cwho d. in 1718) he had

John, his heir.

Thomas, of Hayes, in the county of
Middlesex, a bencher of the Inner
Temple, London, who m. Martha,
eldest daughter and co-heiress of
William Perris, esq. of Hayes.
William, who d. unmarried, in 1712.
To this gentleman a marble tablet is
erected in the church of Marston St.
Mary, m. to Alexander Prescott, esq.

of Thoby Priory, Essex.
Anne, m. in 1720, to Sir Edmund Pro-
byn, of Newlands, in Gloucester-
shire, chief baron of the Exchequer.

Susannah, m. to Richard Jennens, esq.
of Princethorp, in Warwickshire.
Judge Blencowe d. in 1726, at the age of
eighty-four, and was s. by his eldest son,

John Blencowe, esq. of Marston St.
Lawrence, who m. Jane, daughter of Wil-
liam Holbeck, esq. of Farnborough, in

* This celebrated person, one of the most emi-
nent of English mathematicians, was born at Ash-
ford, in Kent, Nov. 23, 1616, and was educated at
Emanuel College, Cambridge. About 1640, he
took orders, and was elected Fellow of Queen's
College, and in nine years after appointed Savilian
Professor of Geometry, at Oxford. In 1665 we
find him among those enlightened persons who laid
the foundation of the Royal Society, and after its
establishment contributing to its reputation and
continuance, by his communications. — Dr. Wallis
was author of many mathematical, theological, and
controversial works, " excelling," says a recent
writer, " more in judgment and industry than in
o-enius." He d. in 1763.



Warwickshire, by whom (who d. in 1756)
he left issue,

John, his heir.

Jane, whom, the Rev. Samuel Jackson,
rector of Stisted, in Essex, by whom
(who d. in 1792) she had

Samuel Jackson, heir to his uncle.
John Jackson, of Duton Hill, in
Essex, who m. in 1792, Mary,
dau. of the very Rev. Dr. Nicho-
las Wakeman, dean of Bocking,
and d. in 1826.
Anne, m. to the Rev. Thomas Bree,
M.A. rector of Allesley, in War-
wickshire, and d. in 1801.
Elizabeth, ) , ., ,
Mary \ unmarried.

Mr. Blencowe d. in 1740, and was interred at
Marston St. Lawrence, where the following
inscription is engraved upon his tomb : " To
the memory of John Blencowe, esq. eldest
son and heir of Sir John Blencowe, knight,
by Ann, daughter of the learned Dr. Wallis ;
a man of strict virtue and integrity. He was
bred to the bar, but falling early into an ill
state of health, he was soon obliged to de-
cline the pursuit of his profession, and re-
tire to a private line in the country. Hav-
ing a plentiful fortune, he enjoyed it with
credit, and managed it with so much econo-
my, as to make a very ample provision for
his family. He d. 19th day of November,
1740, in the 63 year of his age." His only
surviving son,

John Blencowe, esq. of Marston St. Law-
rence, dying unmarried in 1717, devised his
estates to his nephew,

Samuel Jackson, esq. who thus became of
" Marston St. Lawrence," and assumed, upon
inheriting, the surname and arms of Blen-
cowe. He m. first, Anne, youngest dau. of
the Rev. Thomas Bree, of Allesley, by Anne
Blencowe, and had by her (who d. in 1789)
five sons, viz.

John-Jackson, his heir.

Thomas, in holy orders, vicar of Mars-
ton St. Lawrence-cum-Warkworth,
b. 15th November, 1782.

Samuel-William, of Lincoln, b. in 1784,
m. Miss Anne Bell, of that town.

James, in holy orders, b. in 1785, m. in
1818, Anne, daughter and co-heiress I

of JohnBeauchamp, esq of Pengreep,
in Cornwall, and relict of James
Nagle, esq.
Henry, d. unmarried in 1808.
Mr. (Jackson) Blencowe espoused second-
ly Elizabeth-Gramer, daughter of the Rev.
Thomas Biker, rector of Culworth, (by his,
first wife), by whom, who d. in 1814, he had
further issue,

Charles, in holy orders, b. in 1793.
Peter-Gramer, in holy orders, m. 2nd
January, 1829, Loveday, eldest dau.
of Isaac Sparkes, esq. of Crewkerne,
in Somersetshire.
Robert, of the Inner Temple, London

b. in 1801.
George, b. in 1803.
Edward, b. in 1805.

Mr. Blencowe was s. at his decease by his
eldest son,

John Jackson Blencowe, esq. of Marston
St. Lawrence, b. in 1780, who m. in 1804,
Louisa-Anne, daughter and co-heiress of
the Rev. Thomas Biker, rector of Culworth,
by his second wife, and had issue,

John Jackson, his successor.

Samuel, twin with John.

Thomas, of Wadham College, Oxford.


Louisa- Anne, relict of the Rev. Francis
Gottwaltz, late vicar of Coughton, in


Mr. Blencowe, who served the office of
sheriff of Northamptonshire in 1827, d. 28th
August, 1830, and was s. by his eldest son,
the present John Jackson Blencowe, esq.
of Marston St. Lawrence.

Arms — Gu. a canton arg. quartering the
arms of Waleston and Biker.

Crest— A sword in pale, arg. hilt in chief
or, enfiladed with a human heart gu. all
between two wings expanded arg.

Estates — In Marston St. Lawrence, and
adjacent parishes, granted in 1540 to Thomas
Blencowe, of Marston.

Seat — Marston House, Northamptonshire.



MARSHAM, ROBERT, esq. of Stratton Strawless, in the county of Norfolk, b.

24th June, 1783 ; m. 26th, June, 1804, Frances-Anne,
daughter of John Custance, esq. of Weston House, and
/K has had issue,

-X.t J Stratton-Robert-John, b. 17th November, 1805, m.

20th November, 1828, Amelia, eldest daughter and
co-heir of the late Matthew-Richard Onslow, esq.
son of Admiral Sir Richard Onslow, bart.

Charles- William, b. 30th August, 1814.

Henry-Philip, 6. 10th January, 1817.

Thomas-John-Gordon, b. 19th September, 1821.

George-Augustus, b. at Tours-sur-Loire, 6th August,


Frances-Sophia-Georgiana, m. 7th September, 1830, to
the Rev. William Arnold-Walpole Keppel, youngest
son of Frederick Keppel, esq. of Lexham Hall, in
Norfolk, and has issue,

Frederick-Charles Keppel, b. 25th August, 1831.

Agnes-Sophia-Katherine, m. 23rd June, 1830, to Sir
Henry Durrant, bart. of Scottow, and died in child-
bed 28th April, 1831.

Mr. Marsham, who is a magistrate and deputy-lieutenant for the county of Norfolk, s.
to the estates upon the demise of his father, in 1812.


This ancient house derives its surname
from the town of Marsham, in Norfolk,
where it maintained a prominent rank as
far back as the reign of Henry I. There
remains, however, at present no regular
record of the family until the time of Ed-
ward I. when

John de Marsham was living at Mar-
sham. He d. in 1325, and was s. by his

Thomas de Marsham, who bore for arms,
" a chevron between a mullet and crescent
in chief, and a croslet in base." His son
and heir,

Robert de Marsham, was the first of
the family that settled at Stratton. He

espoused Katherine , and was s. at his

decease by his son,

Robert Marsham, of Stratton, living in

1465, who m. Margaret , and had four

sons, viz. John, his successor ; Andrew and
Robert, who both left issue ; and Richard,
a monk and almoner in the priory at Nor-
wich. The eldest,

John MARSHAM, of Stratton, appears to
have used the present armorial ensigns of
the family. He d. in 1473, and was s. by
his son,

John Marsham, of Stratton, who d- in
1515, leaving by his wife Ellyne, who de-
ceased the same year, three sons and a
daughter, viz.

1. Thomas, his heir.

2. John, who was sheriff of Norwich in
1510, and mayor in 1518. He wed-
ded Elizabeth, eldest daughter of
Hamond Claxton, of Chedeston, in
Suffolk, and dying in 1525, left with
two daughters, two sons, viz.

Thomas, sheriff of Norwich in
1543, M.P. for the same town in
1548, and mayor in 1554, who
d. s. p. in 1557, bequeathing his
moiety of Melton to his brother,
Ralph, of Melton Parva, alderman
of Norwich, living in 1578, who
m. his cousin, Miss Elizabeth
Claxton, and was s. by his son,
Robert Marsham, esq. of
Melton Parva, who wedded
Elizabeth, daughter of Ro
bert Downes, esq. of Great
Melton, in Norfolk, and had
with other issue, who d. un-

Edward, who m. Eliza-



betli, daughter and co-
heir of Edmund Grey,
esq. of Bunwell, but
d. s. p. in 1612.
John, lord and patron of
Wramlingham, who to.
Margaret, daughter of
Christopher Hyrne, and
niece of Sir Thomas
Hyrne, of Heverland,
and had issue, the male
line of which is now
Thomas, from whom it is
frequently, but erro-
neously, supposed the
Earl of Romney des-
Ann, to. toWilliam Drake,

Dorothy, to. to Edmund

Jane, m. to Duncan Bur-
net, M.D. of Norwich.
3. James, of St. Julian's, who was
sheriff of Norwich in 1539. He d.
in 1544, leaving,

James, who d. unmarried.

Thomas, alderman of London, an-
cestor of the Earls of Romney.
The eldest son,

Thomas Marsham, esq. of Stratton, at-
tained his majority prior to the year 1508.
He left at his decease, with other issue, a
son and successor,

Henry Marsham, esq. of Stratton, who
purchased in 1544, the manor and advow-
son of Stratton Strawless. He wedded
Rose, daughter of Thomas Aldriche, by
Cicely, his wife, eldest daughter and co-
heiress of Richard Bishop, esq. of Yarmouth,
and dying in 1573, was s. by his son,

Robert Marsham, esq. of Stratton Straw-
less, who espoused Margaret, daughter of
John Branthwaite, of Norwich, gent, by
whom (who to. after her first husband's de-
cease, Henry Lovell, esq. and d. in 1604)
he had issue,

Miles, who left at his decease an only

daughter, Constance.
Thomas, who to. first, Lucy, daughter
of the very Rev. Edmund Suckling,
dean of Norwich, and secondly, a
Miss Rede, from which latter lady he
was separated. He d. s. p. 1638, and
and lies interred in Stratton church,
where a fine monument is erected to
his memory.
Robert, b. in 1591.
Thomasine, to. to Thomas Hancock,

Mary, to. to George Roberts, gent.

The third son,

Robert Marsham, esq. of Stratton Straw-
less, continued the line of the family. He
wedded Anne, daughter of John Noblett,
esq. of Semere, in Suffolk, by whom (who
d. in 1665) he had issue,

Thomas, who predecased his father in

1661, s.p.
William, successor.
Henry, heir to his brother.
Ann, m. to Thomas Bulwer, esq. of

Buxton, and d. in 1704.
Margaret, d. in 1634.
Elizabeth, to. to Thomas Scambler, esq.
of Heveningham, son of the bishop
of Norwich, and d. in 1688.
Mr. Marsham d. in 1661, and was *. by his
eldest surviving son,

William Marsham, esq. of Stratton
Strawless, b. in 1626. This gentleman es-
poused Ellinor, daughter of Samuel Hars-
nett, esq. of Great Fransham, by whom
(who subsequently m. Sir Robert Drury,
bart. of Ridlesworth, and was killed by the
falling of a stack of chimneys, in 1703) he
left no issue at his decease in 1674, and was
s. by his only surviving brother,

Henry Marsham, esq. of Stratton Straw-
less, b. in 1628, who m. first, Ann, daughter
and heiress of Charles Themilthorpe, esq.
of Worsted, and had by her, two sons and
a daughter. He wedded, secondly, Grace,
daughter of Thomas Bishop, esq. of Hasley
Hall, in Suffolk, by whom (who to. secondly,
John Cornwallis, esq. of Wingfield College)
he had no further issue. Mr. Marsham d.
in 1692, and was s. by his only surviving

Thomas Marsham, esq. of Stratton Straw-
less, b. in 1669. This gentleman m. Doro-
thy, daughter and co-heiress of Leonard
Gooch, esq. of Earsham Hall, and had, with
several other children, who all died un-

Robert, his heir.

Mary, to. to John Croshold, esq. of

Phillippa, to. to Peter Elwin, esq. of
He was s. at his demise, in 1749, by his eldest

Robert Marsham, esq. F.R.S. of Stratton
Strawless, b. in 1707, who espoused, first.
Miss Mary Browne, and had a son, Robert,
his heir. He m. secondly, Miss Elizabeth
Newby, and had another son, Thomas, who
d. in 1773, aged fifteen years. " Mr. Mar-
sham," says a writer, in the Gentleman s
Magazine, " spent many years of his long
life at his seat at Stratton, where he parti-
cularly attended to planting, an employ-
ment that had from his earliest years afforded
him the greatest pleasure. He was not only
a great planter, but a very considerable



naturalist. To all lovers of a country life,
his Indications of Spring will be a con-
tinued source of reference, and they point
out to us, without error, on an average, how
little variable nature is in all her ways."
Many and most useful were his other pro-
ductions. He d. universally regretted in
1797, and was s. by his elder son,

Robert Marsham, esq. of Stratton Straw-
less, b. 18th December, 1749, who m. 17th
April, 1781, Sophia, daughter of Edward
Hase, esq. of Sail, by whom, who d. 28th
November, 1824, he had issue,
Robert, his successor.
Edward, in holy orders, b. 1st April,
1787, Rector of Sculthorpe, and also

Online LibraryJohn BurkeA genealogical and heraldic history of the commoners of Great Britain and Ireland, enjoying territorial possessions or high official rank; but univested with heritable honours (Volume 1) → online text (page 64 of 112)