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for his Country's Good, especially

in tbe Knowledge and Practice of the

Municipall Laws of this Kingdome,

a famous Reader, a sound

Counsellor ; in his younger Years

Recorder of the Cities of Norwich and

London. Next Solicitor-General


to Queen Elizabeth, and Speaker
of the Parliament in the XXXV Years
ofhir Reigne. Afterwards Attorney-
General to the same Queen, as also to
her Successor, King James, to both a

faithful Servant for their Majties.
for their Safties. By King James
constituted Chief Justice of both
Benches successively, in both a just,
in both an exemplary Judge, one of his
Majtya most Hon. Privie Councill, as also
of Council to Queen Anne, and Chief Justice
in Eire of all her Forrests, Parks, and Chases,
Recorder of the Citie of Coventrie, and
High Steward of the University of Cam-
bridge, whereof he was sometime
a Member of Trinitie Colledge.
He had two Wives. By Bridget
his first Wife (one of the Daughters
and co-heirs of John Paston, Esq.) he had
Issue seven Sons, and three Daugh-
ters ; and by the Lady Elizabeth, his
second Wife (one of the Daughters
of the Right Hon. Thomas, late Earl of
Exeter) he had issue
two Daughters.

A chast Husband,

A provident Father.

And beneath the effigies the following in-
scription : —

" He Crown'd his Pious Life with as Pious and

Christian Departure at Stoke Poges in the

Countv of Buckingham on Wednesdaye

the third Day of Sept. in the year of our


And of his Age LXXXIII

His Last Words

Thy Kixgdome come thy Will be done

Learn Reader to Live so

That thou mayst so die."

Sir Edward Coke's daughters, by his last
wife, were,

Elizabeth, who d. unmarried.

Frances, m, to John Villiers, Viscount
Purbeck, son and heir of Sir George
Villiers, by Mary, Duchess of Buck-
ingham, and eldest brother of George,
Duke of Buckingham, d. s. p.
His surviving children, by his first wife were,

Robert (Sir), m. Theophila, only dau.
of Thomas, Lord Berkeley, and d.
19th July, 1653, issueless.

Arthur, m. Elizabeth, daughter and
heiress of Sir George Walgrave, knt.
of Hitcham, in the county of Norfolk,
and left at his decease, 6th December,
1629, four daughters, his co-heirs.

John, of Holkham, in the county of

Norfolk, m.Meriel, daughter and heir-
ess of Anthony Wheatley, esq. (son
the court of Common Pleas), by whom
he had seven sons and seven daugh-
ters, whereof Edward, his heir ap-
parent, died before him, leaving no is-
sue by Elizabeth his wife, daughter
of George, Lord Berkeley, whereby
the inheritance devolved, eventually,
upon his youngest son,

John, who dying unmarried, the

estate of Holkham, came to the

heirs of Henry Coke, of Thur-

rington, fifth son of Sir Edward

Coke (next mentioned).

Henry, of Thurrington, in the county of

Suffolk, m. Margaret, daughter and

heiress of Richard Lovelace, esq. of

Kingsdown, in the county of Kent,

and was s. by his eldest son,

Richard, who m. Mary, daughter
of Sir John Rous, hart, of Hen-
ham Hall, in the county of Suf-
folk, and left an only son,
Robert, of whom hereafter, as
inheritor of the principal part
of Sir Edward Coke's for-
tune, and grandfather of the
first peer.
Clement, m. Sarah, daughter and co-
heiress of Alexander Reddish, esq. of
Reddish, in the county of Lancaster
(b\ a daughter and co-heiress of Sir
Robert Langley, of Agecroft, in the
same shire), by whom he acquired the
estate of Longford, in Derbyshire, and
was *. in May, 1619, by his elder son,
Edward Coke, who was created a
baronet, 30th December, 1641.
He m. Catherine, daughter and
co-heiress of Sir Lodowick Dyer,
knt. of Great Stoughton, in the
county of Huntingdon, and had

Robert ) . „

„. , \ successive Baronets.

Edward )

Catharine, m. to Cornelius
Clarke, esq. of Norton.
Sir Edward was s. by his elder son,
Sir Robert Coke, of Longford, se-
cond baronet, M.P. for the county
of Derby, in the 1st of James II.
who m. Sarah, daughter and co-
heiress of Barker, esq. of

Abrightlee, in the county of Sa-



lop, but dying s. p. in 1617, the
title and estates devolved upon
his brother,
Sir Edward Coke, of Longford,
third baronet, at whose decease,
unmarried, 25th August, 1727,
the baronetcy expired, while
the estates passed, by the ba-
ronet's will, to Edward Coke, esq.
brother of Thomas, first Lord
Anne, ra. to Ralph Sadler, esq. son and

heir of Sir Ralph Sadler, knt.

Bridget, m. to William Skinner, esq.

son and heir of Sir Vincent Skinner.

So much for the lord chief justice's children,

we now return to the grandson of his son


Robert Coke, esq. of Thurrington,
in Suffolk, who, upon the decease of his
cousin, (the son of his great uncle, John,)
John Coke, esq. of Holkham, unmarried,
inherited that estate, and thus became pos-
sessed of the chief part of the property of his
great grandfather, Sir Edward Coke. He
m. Lady Anne Osborne, daughter of Thomas,
first Duke of Leeds, lord treasurer of Eng-
land, and was s. at his decease, 16th January,
1679, by his only son,

Edward Coke, esq., of Holkham, who ra.
Carey, daughter of Sir John Newton, bart.
of Barrow's Court, in Gloucestershire, and
had issue,

Thomas, his successor.
Edward, of Longford, in the county of
Derby, d. unmarried, in 1733, and
bequeathed his estate to his younger
Robert, vice -chamberlain of Queen
Anne, m. in June, 1733, Lady Anne
Holt, widow of John Holt, esq. of
Redgrave, in Suffolk, and sister and
co-heir of Philip, Duke of Wharton,
but d. s. p.
Carey, m. to Sir Marmaduke Wyvil,
bart. of Constable Burton, in York-
shire, but d. issueless, in 1732.
Anne, ra. to Philip Roberts, esq. a ma-
jor in the 2nd troop of horse-guards,
and had, with five younger sons and
one daughter,
Wenman Roberts, of whom pre-
sently, as eventual inheritor of
the estates of the Cokes.

Mr. Coke d. 13th April, 1707, and was
his eldest son, •

Thomas Coke, esq. of Holkham, who was
made a Knight of the Bath, 27th May, 1725,
and elevated to the peerage 28th May, 1728,
as Baron Lovel, of Minster-Lovel, in the
county of Oxford. In 1733, his lordship was
constituted joint post-master general, and
created 9th May, 1744, Viscount Coke, of
Holkham, and Earl of Leicester. He ra.
2nd July, 1718, Lady Mary Tufton,* fourth
daughter and co-heiress of Thomas, sixth
Earl of Thanet, and had an only son,

Edward, Viscount Coke, who m. in 1747,
Lady Mary Campbell, daughter and
co-heiress of John, Duke of Argyll
and Greenwich, but died, in the life-
time of his father and mother, without
issue, anno 1753.
This earl commenced the erection of that
stately pile of building called Holkham Hall,
in Norfolk, but did not live to see it com-
pleted. It was, however, finished by his
widow, who survived him sixteen years.
His lordship d. 20th April, 1759, when the
Earldom of Leicester, and inferior honors,
became extinct, while the entire of his ex-
tensive estates devolved upon (the son of his
sister Anne) his nephew,

Wenman Roberts, esq., who assumed
thereupon the surname and arms of Coke
only. He ra. Miss Elizabeth Chamberlayne,
and had (with two daughters)
Thomas-William, his heir.
Mr. Coke d. in 1776, and was s. by his elder
son, the present Thomas-William Coke, esq.
of Holkham.

Arms — Party, per pale, gu. and az. three
eagles displayed ar.

Crest — On a chapeau az. turned up
ermine, an ostrich ar. holding in its mouth a
horse shoe or.

Motto — Prudens qui patiens.
Seat— Holkham Hall, Norfolk.

* The abeyance of the Barony de Clifford was
terminated by the Crown in this lady's favor in
1734, and she became Baroness de Clifford, but
outliving her only child Edward, Viscount Coke,
the dignity fell again into abeyance at her lady-
ship's decease in 1775.


ANNESLEY, ARTHUR, esq., of Bletchingdon, in the county of Oxford, b. in

1760, 5. his father, Arthur Annesley, esq. in 1773, m. Ca-
therine, daughter and heir of Admiral Sir Charles Hardy,
(Governor of Greenwich Hospital) and has had, (with other
children, who all died unmarried,)

1. Arthur, b. in 1785, m. Eleanor, daughter of Henry
Brien, esq. by whom he has issue,

Arthur. Eleanor.

Temple. Fanny.

Charles-James. Matilda.

Henry. Nea.

2. Charles, b. in 1789, in holy orders, Fellow of All Souls
College, Oxford.

3. Catherine-Elizabeth, b. in 1791, m. to the Honorable
and Reverend John-Evelyn Boscawen, second son of
George, third Viscount Falmouth, and has issue.

4. Barbara-Caroline, b. in 1797, m. to Thomas-Tyrwhitt
Drake, of Shardeloes, Bucks, M.P. for Amersham.

5. Mary, m. to the Rev. John Tyrwhitt-Drake, rector of
Amersham, and d. in 1827.

6. Lucy-Susan.


This ancient family assumed its name from
the town of Annesley, in the county of Not-
tingham, the possessor of which, at the time
of the Norman Conquest, was

Richard de Annesley, whose son and

Ralph de Annesley, called rito, (the
Briton,) founded the priory of Felley. He
left issue by Aubrey his wife, a son and suc-

Reginald de Annesley, living temp.
Henry II. who was s. by his elder son,

Sir Reginald de Annesley, knt. who es-
poused the daughter and heiress of — Hon-
skerle, and had an only son,

Sir John de Annesley, knt. who had a
grant, in the 4th Edward I. of free warren
in all his demesnes in Annesley. He was
sheriff of the counties of Derby and Notting-
ham, 14th Edward I. and also of the county
of Gloucester 3rd 4th and 5th years of the
following reign. Sir John m. Annora, dau.
of Sir Robert Pierrepont, knt. and had three
sons, viz.

John, his successor.

Robert, of Roddington, founder, in 36th
Edward III., of Annesley Chantry.

Ralph, of Kirkby Wodehouse.
Sir John de Annesley was s. at his decease
by his eldest son,

Sir John de Annesley, knt. who d. 25th
June, 1357, and was*, by his son,

Sir John de Annesley, knt. who served
in parliament as one of the knights of the
county of Nottingham, and had livery of the
manor of Hedynton and hundred of Belyn-
don, in Oxfordshire. He m. Isabell, daugh-
ter and co-heir of Margaret, third sister and
co-heir of Sir John Chandos, Knight of the
Garter, Baron of St. Saviour-le-Viscount
in Normandy, Great Seneschal of Poicton,
and High Constable of Aquitaine, by which
lady he had issue,

Thomas Annesley, esq. of Annesley,
M.P. for the county of Nottingham, 7th Rich-
ard II. This gentleman m. Agnes, daughter
of Robert Clifton, of Clifton, by whom he
had issue,

Hugh, his successor.


Isabel, m. to Sir Gervase Clifton, knt.
of Clifton, in the county of Notting-
Thomas Annesley was s. at his decease by
his only son,

Sir Hugh Annesley, knt. who m. dau.

of Sir John Babington, of Chilwell, in the
county of Notts, and left (with a daughter,
Isabella, wife of Edmund Willoughby, esq.)
an only son and successor,

Sir Hugh Annesley, knt. of Annesley,
who m. a daughter of William Fitz Williams,
esq. and had two sons,

John, of Annesley, who d. 15th Henry
VI. leaving a dau. and sole heiress,
Alice, who m. Sir George Cha-
worth, knt. ancestor of the Vis-
counts Chaworth, and with her
the manor and estate of Annes-
ley passed to the family of Cha-
worth, and is now in the posses-
sion of John Chaworth-Mus-
ters, esq.
The second son,

Thomas Annesley, esq. of Rodiugton, was
*. by his elder son,

William Annesley, esq. of Rodington,

who m. Mabel, daughter of — English, esq.

and had (with four daughters) five sons, viz.

Hugh (Sir), of Maple Durham, in the

county of Oxford, who left three


■r, i , ' > both d.s. p.

Ralph, ) '

Robert, of whom presently.
The fourth son,

Robert Annesley, esq. eventually suc-
ceeded to the family estates, and was of
Newport Pagnell, in the county of Bucks.
He m. Joan, daughter of William Cloville,
of Coldhall, in Essex, by whom he had (with
three daughters) an only son and heir,

George Annesley, esq. of Newport Pag-
nell, who m. Elizabeth, daughter of Robert
Dove, esq. and had eight sons and three
daughters. The eldest son,

Robert Annesley, esq. settled in Ireland.
Hem. Beatrice, daughter of John Cornwall,
esq. of Moor Park, in the county of Here-
ford, and was s. by his elder son,

Sir Francis Annesley, knt. who, for forty
years, filled several of the highest official
situations in Ireland. Upon the institution
of the order of baronets of that kingdom, Sir
Francis Annesley was the second person ad-

vanced to the dignity, by patent, dated 7th
August, 1620, and in the following year, Sir
Francis obtained a reversionary grant, by
patent, dated 11th March, 1621, of the Irish
Viscounty of Valentia at the decease of the
then viscount, Sir Henry Power. He was
put, however, into the more immediate pos-
session of a peerage, by the title of Baron
Mountnorris, of Mountnorris, in the county
of Armagh. His lordship m. first, Dorothy,
daughter of Sir John Philipps, of Picton
Castle, and from this marriage the Earls of
Anglesey, the Lords Altham, and the present
Earl of Mountnorris, are descended (see
Burke's Extinct Peerage). The viscount
espoused, secondly, Jane, daughter of Sir
John Stanhope, and sister of Philip, first
Earl of Chesterfield, by whom he had, with
other issue, a son,

The Hon. Francis Annesley, of Clogmag-
hericatt, in the county of Down, who m. De-
borah, daughter of Henry Jones, Bishop of
Meath, by whom he had a son and successor,
Francis Annesley, esq. of Thorganby, in
the county of York, M.P. for Westbury and
Downpatrick. He m. Elizabeth, daughter of
Sir John Martin, of London, and had issue,
Francis, his successor.
Henry, d. 1728.
Martin, in holy orders, rector of Frils-

ham, Berks, m. and had issue.

William, who was created, in 1755,
Baron Annesley, and in eight years
after, Viscount Glerawley. The great
grandson of this nobleman is the pre-
sent William, Earl of Annesley.
Arthur, d. in 1786.

Elizabeth, m. to William Macguire, esq.
Mr. Annesley d. in 1750, and was s. by his
eldest son,

The Rev. Francis Annesley, LL.D. rec-
tor of the valuable living of Winwick, in
the county of Lancaster, who m. Anne,
daughter and co-heir of Sir Robert Gayer,
of Stokepoges, in the county of Bucks, by
Lady Elizabeth, sole daughter and eventual
heiress of James Annesley, second Earl of
Anglesey, and had issue,
Arthur, his successor.
Francis, in holy orders, of Eydon, in
the county of Northampton, which
manor he purchased. He m. Mary,
daughter of John Walker, esq. of
Bicester, but d. s. p. in 1811.
James, d. 9th December, 1777.


Dr. Anncsley was s. by his eldest son,

Arthur Annesley, esq. x>f Bletchingdon,
m the county of Oxford, who m. Elizabeth,
dau. of William Baldwin, esq. of Arguileth,
in Shropshire, and had issue,
Arthur, his heir.

Francis, b. in 1763, in holy orders, B.D.
some time fellow of All Souls College,
Oxford, resident of Eydon, county
of Northampton, to which place he
succeeded on the death of his uncle
Francis, in 181 1 . Mr. Francis Annes-
ley d. 13th December, 1831.

Anne, m. to Charles Warde, esq. of
Squerries, in the county of Kent.

Mr. Annesley d. in February, 1773, and was
s. by his elder son, the present Arthur
Annesley, esq. of Bletchingdon.

Arms — Paly of six arg. and az. a bend gu.

Crest — A moor's head in profile, couped
ppr. wreathed about the temples.
Motto — Virtutis amore.

Seat — Bletchingdon, near Woodstock,


SHAKERLEY, CHARLES-WATKIN- JOHN, esq. of Somerford Hall, in the county

of Chester, and of Park-place, Berkshire, b. 15th June,
1767, m. Dorothy, daughter of John Moreland, esq. of
Copplethwaite, in the county of Westmorland, by whom
he has surviving- issue,

Charles-Peter, b. 27th December, 1792, who m. first,
Rosalba d'Avaray, daughter of the Duke d'Avaray,
and secondly, Jessy, daughter of Thomas Scott, esq.
of Shipperton, in the county of Middlesex.

Geoifrey-Joseph, b. 25th March, 1800, who m. in 1827,
Eleanor-Maria, daughter of the late Reverend James
Webster, of Ashfield, county of Longford, Ireland.

Frances-Margarita, m. first, to Vigors Hervey, esq. of
Killiane Castle, county of Wexford, and of Hammer-
ton Hall, in the county of York ; and secondly, the
26th November, 1832, to Thomas Read-Kemp, M.P.

This g-entleman, whose patronymic was Buckworth, assumed, by act of parliament, in
1790, the surname and arms of Shakerley only. He was high sheriff for Cheshire
in 1791.


The ancient family of Shakerley derives
from Adam de Shakerley, living temp.
Henry III. whose son,

Henry de Shakerley, espoused Ellen,
heiress of — Shotteworth, of Shotteworth,
and from this marriage lineally descended

Geoffrey Shakerley, of Shakerley, living
in the reign of Henry VII. who in. first
Joane, sister of Robert Langley, of Edge-
croft, and had issue,

Peter, his successor.

William, living in 1536.
Margaret, who d. s. p.

Geoifrey Shakerley espoused, secondly,
Anne,* daughter of Sir William Booth, of

* This lady had previously heen married to
John Legh, esq. of Booths, (son of John Legh,
by Emma, daughter and co-heiress of Robert
Grosvenor, of Holme), and had an only daughter
and heiress,




Dunham Massey, but had no further issue.
He was s. at his decease by his eldest son,

Peter Shakerley, esq. of Shakerley,
living 8th Henry VIII. who m. Elizabeth,
daughter and heiress of John Legh, esq. of
Booths, and was s. at his decease by his son,
Geoffrey Shakerley, esq. of Holme, who
m. first, the daughter of Lawrence Holland,
and secondly, Isabella, daughter of Thomas
Venables, of Kinderton. He d. 5th June,
1547, leaving issue, (by which wife is not
positively ascertained, but probably by the
first) six sons and four daughters, viz.
Peter, his successor.

John, who m. Avice, daughter and co-
heiress of Ralph Worseley, of Ches-
ter and Birkenhead.
Elizabeth, m. to Roger Anderton, esq.

of Forde.
Margaret, m. to Richard Massey, esq.

of Sale.
Jane, m. to John Bradshaw, esq. of

Anne, m. to Richard Rivington, esq. of
Geoffrey Shakerley was s. by his eldest son,
Peter Shakerley, esq. of Holme, who m.
Elizabeth, daughter and co-heiress of Sir
Randle Mainwaring of Over Peover, and
dying 6th January, 1553, was s. by his eldest

Geoffrey Shakerley, esq. of Holme, who
was sheriff of Cheshire in 1610. He es-
poused Jane, daughter of Sir George Bees-
ton, of Beeston, and had issue,

1. Hugh, who rn. Margaret, daughter

of Thomas Bunbury, esq. of Stanney,

and dying vita patris, left issue,

Peter, successor to his grandfather.

Robert, who m. Amy, daughter of

William Dod, esq. of Egerton


John, j ,

„ . \ d. s.p.

Francis, ) l

Jane, in. to Francis Atwood, esq. of

Elizabeth, who succeeded to the manor of
Holme, and her grandmother's share of Gros-
venor's lands, but the Booths estate reverted
to her father's heir male. She wedded (as
stated above) Peter Shakerley, esq.

Susan, ) .

„,. id. unm.

Eliza, )

Bridget, in. John Bolton, esq. of

Little Bolton.

2. Peter, i

3. Thomas, \ (L *' p '

4. Geoffrey, who in. Jane, daughter of
John Buttery, esq. of Waterles.

5. Anne, m. to Henry Bunbury, esq. of

6. Dorothy, m. to William Legh, esq.
of Booths, sheriff of Cheshire in 1636.

7. Elinor.

8. Alice.

Geoffrey Shakerley d. in 1618, and was s.
by his grandson,

Peter Shakerley, esq. of Holme, whom.
Margaret, daughter of Philip Oldfield, esq.
of Bradwall, and by her (who married after
his decease William Vernon, the Cheshire
Antiquary,) he had a son,

Sir Geoffrey Shakerley, knt. his suc-
cessor in 1624. This personage, a staunch
and devoted loyalist, suffered severely for
his attachment to the Stuarts. He was
several times imprisoned, and had his lands
confiscated. Upon the restoration, how-
ever, lie obtained restitution, and was ap-
pointed by the king governor of Chester
Castle. In Pennant's Wales is recorded a
gallant exploit of this stout cavalier. During
the battle between Poyntz and Sir Marma-
dnke Langdale, on Rowton Heath, Colonel
Shakerley was commissioned to carry the
intelligence of an advantage of the Royalists
to the king, in Chester, then beleaguered, and
to avoid a troublesome circuit, he crossed
the Dee in a tub, his horse swimming at the
side ; and offered to carry back the king's
commands in a quarter of an hour, in the
same manner. Charles delayed, Poyntz
rallied, and the royal cavalry were des-
troyed, which put an end to his Majesty's
project of joining Montrose, who was then
in force in Scotland. Sir Geoffrey espoused
first, Katherine, daughter of William Pen-
nington, esq. of Muncaster, in the county
of Cumberland, by whom (who d. 4th April,
1673) he had issue,

Peter, his successor.

Geoffrey, who in. Frances, daughter of
Francis Keynell, esq. of the island
of Nevis, but d. s. p. m.

Anne, m. to Charles Hurleston, esq. of
Picton, and had issue.




He m. secondly, Jane, daughter of John
Dolben, esq. of Segroyt, in Denbighshire,
and had further issue,

George, of whom hereafter as successor
to his half brother Peter.

John, twin with George, d.s. p. in 1709.
Sir Geoffrey Shakerley d. in 1696, at the
age of 78, and was interred at Nether Peo-
ver.* His eldest son and heir,

Peter Shakerley, of Holme, was go-
vernor of Chester. He m. Elizabeth, dau.
of Sir Thomas Mainwaring, bt. but dying
issueless in 1726, he settled his estates upon
his half brother,

George Shakerley, esq. of Holme and
Gwersyllt, who m. Ann, youngest daughter
of Sir Walter Bagot, of Blythefield, in the

* In the north side of Holme chancel, in Nether
Peover church, a large and handsome mural mo-
nument of marble is erected to the memory of Sir
Geoffrey, with the following inscription :
Galfridi Shakerley, de Shakerley

in agro Lancastriensi,

qui a castris reportavit gloriam,

adhuc adolescens.

Oh. fidem utrique Carolo et ecclesife periclitanti


iterum, iterumque carcere conclusus,

rei familiaris despendium, et quicquid iniquum


parricidalis democraticorum furor,

eadem animi constantia qua prius discrimina

belli sustinuit

adversis major nee secundis impar.

A Rege tandem restaurato ad equestrem dignitatem


Arcis Cestrensis prajfectus fuit ;

hoc munus, ab eo sponte depositum,

Petri's, primogenitus

ex Catharina filia Gul. Pennington de


pari vigilantia ac fide administravit ;

ex eadem lectissima conjuge

(cujus ossa sunt hie recondita)

tres insuper suscepit liberos.

county of Stafford, by whom (who d. in 1767,
at the advanced age of 89) lie had issue to
survive infancy,

1. Geoffrey, b. in 1706, who m. Anne,
daughter and co-heiress of John Hur-
leston, esq. of Newton, by whom
(who remarried Lord Kilmorey) he
left at his decease, in 1733, no sur-
viving issue.

2. Peter, successor to his father.

3. John, d. s. p. in 1725-6.

4. George, in holy orders, d. s. p.

5. Frances, m. in 1748, Sir Watkin
Williams Wynn, bart. and had two
sons, of whom the elder,

Sir Watkin Wynn, bart. was father

of the present Sir Watkin Wil-

liams-Wynn,bart. of Wynnstay,

M.P. for Denbighshire.

Mr. Shakerley d. 2nd February, 1756, and

was s. by his eldest surviving son,

Peter Shakerley, esq. of Holme, who
m. twice, but had one daughter only, (by his
first wife, Ann, daughter of John Amson,
esq. of Lees), which daughter,

Eliza Shakerley, succeeded to the estates.
This lady espoused in 1764, Charles Buck-
worth, esq. of Park-place, in the county of
Berks, sometime a lieutenant in the royal
British fusileers, and had, with other issue,
a son, Charles- Watkin-John Bi'ckworth,
esq. who has assumed the surname of Shak-
erley, and is the present proprietor.

Arms — Arg. a chev. vert between three
hillocks of the second.

Crest — A hare ppr. resting her fore feet
on a. garb or.

Estates — Somerford Hall, Township of
Somerford, parish of Astbury ; Bigley cum
Yate Houses, and Allostach and Brereton,
in the parish of Brereton ; all in the county of
Chester. Shakerley, in the county of Lan-
caster. Park Place, Berks ; and Winches-
ter Street, in the city of London.

Seats— Somerford Hall, in Cheshire. Park
Place, Berkshire.



EYSTON, CHARLES, esq. of East Hendred, in the county of Berks, m. Maria-

Online LibraryJohn BurkeA genealogical and heraldic history of the commoners of Great Britain and Ireland, enjoying territorial possessions or high official rank; but univested with heritable honours (Volume 1) → online text (page 7 of 112)