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Jane, m. to John Starkey, of Simunder-
ston, in Lancashire.
The eldest son and heir,

Roger Tempest, esq. of Broughton,
wedded Anne, daughter of Sir John Carre,
or Karre, knt. of Thornton, in Craven, and
granddaughter of Thomas, Lord Clifford,
by whom he had issue,
l. Robert, d. young.
ii. Stephen, heir to his father.
III. Leonard, of Rayne, in the parish of
Barnoldswick, in the county of York,
who married, and had issue,

James, of Rayne, who m. the dau.
of Nicholas Tempest, of Brace-
well, and had two daughters,
Bridget, to. to Thos. Parker,
esq. of Browsholme, in Lan-
Lettice, to. to John Lacy.
George, who m. Jane, daughter of
John Parker, esq. of Extwistle,
in Lancashire, by whom (who
wedded for her second husband,
Edward Tempest, of Yellison)
he had issue,

1. Ellen.

2. Isabel, to. to Henry Butler.

3. to. to Arthur Tem-

4. Mary, to. to the Rev. John
Wayte, vicar of Gargrave.

5. Elizabeth, to. to Edmund
Fleetwood, brother to Sir
Paul Fleetwood.

iv. John.

v. Margaret, m. to Henry Pudsey, esq.
of Arn forth.

vi. Anne, m. to Thomas Legh, esq. of

Isall, in Cumberland.
vii. Catherine, to. to Thomas Maude,

or Montalt, of Riddlesdon.
vni. Joan, to. to William Midhope, of
Roger Tempest was s. at his decease by his

Stephen Tempest, of Broughton, Founders
Trustee of Skipton school, endowed in 1548.
He to. first, Agnes, daughter of William Lis-
ter, of Midhope, and secondly, Anne Pres-
ton, by the former of whom, only, he had
issue, namely, a son and heir,

Henry Tempest, living in the reign of
Queen Elizabeth, who wedded Isabel, natu-
ral daughter of Sir Ingram Percy, knt. third
son of Henry, sixth Earl of Northumber-
land, and had, with other issue, who died

Stephen (Sir) his heir.
Anne, m. first, to William Burton, of
Willington, and secondly, to William
Lambton, of Stainton.
Mary, m. to John Pulleyn, of Scotton.
Dorothy, to. to Edward Rede, of Kil-

Frances, m. to Oliver Breres, of Bol-
The son and heir,

Sir Stephen Tempest, knt. of Brough-
ton, in the commission of the peace for the
county of York, built the mansion at
Broughton in 1597. He espoused first, Ann,
daughter of Thomas Eltofts, esq. of Fern-
hill, and had issue,

Anne, m. to Henry Young, esq. of Heb-

den, in Yorkshire.
Frances, to. to Simon Blakey, esq. of

Isabel, to. to Francis Malham, esq. of

Maud, to. to Michael Shaw, esq.
Jane, d. unm.
Sir Stephen wedded, secondly, Catherine,
daughter of Henry Lawson, esq. of Neesome,
in the palatinate of Durham, and had further

Roger, who predeceased Lis father.

Stephen, heir to his father.


Richard, who to. Elizabeth, daughter of
Nicholas Grimshaw, esq. of Clayton
de la Mares, in the county of Lan-
caster, and had (with four daughters)
four sons — Stephen, Richard, John,
and Robert.

George, who to. Frances, daughter of
Thomas Saville, esq. of Haigh, and
relict of Wm. Baildon, esq. of Bail-
don, by whom he had (with a dan.
Frances, w. to Sir William Langdale,
of Langthorpe) three sons — George,



John, and Francis, abbot of Lamb-
Robert, captain of a regiment of foot in
the service of King Charles I. and
slain in the civil wars.

Hen?' \ who both died young.

John, major of a regiment of horse in
the service of King Charles I. who
fell at the taking of Tredagh, in Ire-
The second but eldest surviving son,

Stephen Tempest, esq. of Broughton,
arraying himself under the Royal banner,
obtained a captain's commission in the
service of King Charles. He subsequently
suffered from confiscation, and the estate of
Broughton was seized upon by the parlia-
ment, but afterwards purchased back by the
family. He m. first, Susan, daughter and
co-heir of William Oglethorpe, esq. of
Roundhay Grange, in the county of York,
by whom he had with other children, all
of whom died young,

Stephen (Sir), his heir.
William, who died beyond the sea.
Thomas, who sold the estate of Round-
hay, m. Anne, only daughter and
heiress of Henry Scroope, esq. of
Danby, in the county of York, and
had issue,

1. Stephen, heir to his uncle.

2. Robert.

3. Thomas.

4. John.

5. Richard, who m. Miss Marga-
ret Green, and d. in 1729.

1. Mary, m. first to William Har-
greaves, esq. of Carleton, in the
county of York, and secondly,
to William Hardisty, esq. of

2. Ann.

3. Susan.

4. Catherine, m. to Stephen An-
derton, esq. brother of Sir Fran-
cis Anderton, of Lostock.



Frances, m. to Thomas Aislaby of South

Dal ton.
Anne, m. to Richard Grimshaw, of
Clayton de la Maire, in Lancashire.
Stephen Tempest wedded secondly, Frances,
daughter of Sir Cotton Gargrave, knt. of
Nostell, and was s. at his decease by his
eldest son,

Sir Stephen Tempest, knt. of Brough-
ton, a captain in the Royal army, living in
1670, who m. Anne, eldest daughter of Sir
Thomas Gascoigne, bart. of Barnboro.
This gentleman at his decease devised the
manors of Broughton and Burnsal-cum-
Thorpe, to his nephew,

Stephen Tempest, esq. of Broughton,

both nuns.

who espoused Elizabeth, daughter of Rich-
ard Fermor, esq. of Tusmore, in Oxford-
shire, and had five sons and three daugh-
ters, viz.

I. Stephen, author of the " Religio
Laici," who wedded Elizabeth, dau.
of Sir Henry Lawson, bart. of
Brough, and predeceasing his father,
April 11, 1744, left issue,

Stephen-Walter, successor to his


Henry, M.D. b. July 21, 1726, who
m. Eleanor Jones, and died at
Senegal, in 1761, having had one
son, Stephen, who d. unm.

Elizabeth, b. May ~| i ., ,
23,1715. \ h0th t £ T S

Anne, J at Gheilt "

Mary, who died Prioress of Ghent.

Frances, died in infancy.

II. John, who died s. p. Feb. 2, 1737,
and was buried at Thorndon, in

III. Thomas, a colonel in the French
service, who m. Mary, daughter and
heiress of Colonel George Barnewall,
of Braganstone, in Ireland, and died
March 31, 1763, leaving an only

Joseph-Thomas-Marie, born at St.
Omer, who m. Marie-Frances,
third daughter of Amable de
Foevre, lieutenant for the King
of France, of the town of Mont-
mede, and had, with two daugh-
ters, an only son, Henry Tem-

IV. Charles, d. in 1768.
v. Richard, d. young,
vi. Mary.

vii. Elizabeth.

viii. Frances.
Mr. Tempest died 11th August, 1771, at the
advanced age of 82, and was s. by his

Stephen - Walter Tempest, esq. of
Broughton, born 23rd May, 1719. This
gentleman wedded Frances-Olive, third
daughter and co-heir of George Meynell,
esq. of Aldborough, in the county of York ;
and thereby acquired a moiety of the manors
of Rixton and Glazebrook, in the county of
Lancaster. By this lady (who died 14th
September, 1793) he had (with other children
who d. in infancy)

Roger, b. 6th March, 1752, who d. 1st
July, 1765.

Stephen, heir to his father.

George, b. 8th July, 1757, who died
unmarried, 20th September, 1779.

Charles, b. 3rd September, 1758.

Richard, b. 30th October, 1759, who m.
Martha, daughter of John Heywood,



esq. of Manchester, and died s. p.

14th August, 1792.
Elizabeth, m. to John Trafford, esq. of

Trafford Park.
Mary, died a nun at Preston in 1798.
Clementina, m. to Nicholas Blundell,

esq. of Little Crosby, in the county

of Lancashire, and d. in 1821.
Frances, in. to Thomas Wright, esq.

second son of John Wright, esq. of

Kelvedon, in Essex, and d. 10th July,


Mr. Tempest died 9th September, 1784, and
was s. by his eldest surviving son,

Stephen Tempest, esq. of Broughton, b.
1st May, 1756, who inherited, in 1802, on
the death of Mrs. Bertie, the manor of
Coleby, in Lincolnshire, as heir at law to
his great-great-grandmother, Anne, daugh-
ter and sole heiress of Henry Scroope, esq.
of Danby. He m. 1st May, 1787, Eliza-
beth, second daughter of Henry Blundell,
esq. of Ince Blundell, in the county of Lan-
caster, by whom (who succeeded under the
will of her father to one moiety of the
Lostock estates in Lancashire) he had

Stephen, b. 8th February, 1790, who
died at Rome v. p. 20th January,

Henry, died young in 1795.

Charles-Robert, heir to his father.

Henry, b. 18th October, 1795. This
gentleman is next in remainder to the
moiety of the Lostock estates. He
wedded 5th July, 1829, Jemima, se-
cond daughter of Thomas Joseph
Trafford, esq. of Trafford Park, in
the county of Lancaster, and has sur-

viving issue, an only child, Laura-
John, b. 12th March, 1799, who died
18th October, 1831, and was buried
at the Catholic Chapel, Moorfields,
Walter-Joseph, b. 7th May, 1801, m.
1st October, 1826, Mary Anne, only
daughter of James Sargent, esq. of
Joseph-Francis, b. 15th July, 1804.
Thomas-Peter, b. 11th March, lb08, in

holy orders.
Elizabeth, died 7th June, 1802.

Catherine-Mary, m. 25th July, 1825,
to John Nicholas Coulthurst, esq. of
Gargrave, in Yorkshire, and has
issue, three sons and two daughters.
Mr. Tempest dying 28th November, 1824,
was buried at Broughton Church, and suc-
ceeded by his eldest surviving son, the pre-
sent Charles-Robert Tempest, esq. of
Broughton and Coleby.

Arms — Arg. a bend between six martlets

Crest — A griffin's head erased per pale,
beak gu.

Motto — Loyowf as thow fynds.

Estates — In Yorkshire, the manors of
Broughton and Burnsall cum Thorpe, with
free warren and chace in the latter ; in
Lincolnshire, the manor of Coleby ; in Lan-
cashire, the manors of Rixton and Glaze-

Seats — Broughton Hall, Yorkshire ;
Coleby Hall, Lincolnshire.



PRESTON, ROBERT, esq. of Westderby Lower House, in the county of Lancaster,

b. 20th April, 1761, m. 4th May, 1788, Miss Janet
Wilkinson, and has had issue,

Robert, b. in 1790, ) , ., ,. , „

Thomas, b. in 1791, \ both dled V ™^
Robert, b. 26th April, 1792, m. 14th September, 1819,
Ellen-Sarali, second daughter of Peter Berthon, esq.
of Walthamstow, in Essex, (eldest son of the late
Peter Berthon, esq. of the same place, by Mary,
sister of the late John Harrison, esq. of Dennehill
House, in Kent.) By this lady he left at his decease,
22nd July, 1825, one son and two daughters, viz.
Robert-Berthon, b. 26th June, 1820.
Mrs. Preston wedded, secondly, 21st June, 1831,
William-Robert Preston, esq. of Aigburth, in Lan-
cashire, eldest son of William Preston, esq. who will
appear in the lineage.
Margaret, m. to James Dawson, esq.
Elizabeth, m. to John Jackson, esq. of Hamburgh, and
died 21st April, 1819, leaving an only child,
Mary-Jennette Jackson.
Judith, m. to Thomas Rodick, esq.

This gentleman succeeded to the representation of the family on the death of his kins-
man, John Preston, esq. of Leasgill, 28th June, 1816.


The founder of the ancient and knightly
family of Preston, whose descent in the
male line alone can be traced for upwards
of six hundred years, was

Richard de Preston, who was seated at
Preston Richard, in Westmorland, temp.
Henry II. ; from him (fifth in descent)

Sir Richard de Preston, of Preston
Richard, who represented the county of
Westmorland in parliament, 17th Edward
III. His son,

Sir Richard de Preston, had likewise
the honor of being knight of the shire for
Westmorland, in the same reign (27th Ed.
III.), and he obtained in the year 1368 a
license to impark five hundred acres of
land. His successor,

Sir John de Preston, of Preston Ri-
chard, and Preston Patrick, was member of
parliament for Westmorland, 36th, 39th, and
46th Edward HI. He had issue,

1. Richaud.

2. John.

The elder son,

Sir Richard de Preston, leaving
daughters only at his decease (one of whom,
Margaret, m. Alan Pennington, ancestor of
the present Lord Muncaster), the manor of
Preston Richard passed from the Preston
family through these ladies ; while the
Preston Patrick estate devolved upon his

Sir John de Preston, who was one of
the judges of the Court of Common Pleas,
in the reigns of Henry IV. and Henry V.
and retired from the bench in 1427, in con-
sequence of his great age and infirmity. He
left issue,

1. John, a priest, who had a grant in
the 2nd of Henry V. of the Church
of Sandal, from the prior of St. Pan-

2. Richard, his heir.

3. , a daughter, m. to Thomas de

Ros, of Kendal Castle, whence ma-
ternally descended Queen Katharine



His lordship's second son,

Richard Preston, esq. of Preston Hall
and Levins, m. Jacobina, daughter of John
Middleton, esq. of Middleton Hall, in West-
morland ; and in the 30th of Henry VI.
he and his said wife obtained from the
Archdeacon of Richmond, a license to have
an oratory within the manors of Preston
and Levins. He was s. by his son,

Thomas Preston, esq. of Preston Hall
and Le\ins, who wedded a daughter of —
Redmayne, esq. of Twistleton, and had

1. John, his successor.

2. Lawrence, whose son, Henry, m. a
dau. of — Butler, and had issue,

Anne, his heiress, who wedded
William Paget, first Lord Paget,
of Beandesert, K.G. ancestor of
the present Marquess of Angle-

3. Helen, who espoused Thomas Stan-
ley, Lord Monteagle, K.B. grandson
of Thomas, first Earl of Derby. She
was his lordship's second wife, and
died without issue (See Burke's Ex-
tinct and Dormant Peerage).

Mr. Preston was s. by his elder son,

John Preston, esq. of Preston Hall and
Levins. This gentleman m. Margaret,
daughter of Sir Richard Redmayne, of
Harewood Castle, in the county of York,*
by whom he was father of

Sir Thomas Preston, knt. of Preston
Hall, and Levins, in Westmorland, and of
Furness Abbey, and Holker Park, Lanca-
shire ; who soon after the dissolution of
the monasteries, purchased from the trustees
of the crown, the site of the Abbey of Fur-
ness, with other large estates, in value
amounting to upwards of £3000 a year.
He wedded Anne, daughter of William
Thornburgh, esq. of Hampsfield, in the
county of Lancaster, (son and heir of Wil-
liam Thornburgh, esq. by Eleanor, his wife,
daughter of Sir Richard Musgrave, knt.
great-grandson of Sir Thomas de Musgrave,
and Elizabeth, his wife, daughter of Sir
William de Fitzwilliam, of Spotsburgh, knt.
who was great-grandson of Sir William de
Fitzwilliam, and Ella, his wife, daughter of
Hameune Plantagenet, natural brother of
King Henry II. by Isabel de Warren,
countess of Surrey, only daughter and

* By Margaret, his wife, daughter of Thomas
Middleton, esq. of Middleton, by Isabel, daughter
of Sir Richard Musgrave, of Hartley Castle, who
was fifth in descent from Sir Thomas de Mus-
grave and Isabel, his lady, daughter of Maurice,
Lord Berkeley, son of Thomas, Lord Berkeley, by
Jane, daughter of William de Ferrers, Earl Fer-
rers, and Farl of Derby.

heiress of William de Warren, earl of Sur-
rey, and widow of William de Blois, earl
of Moreton). By this lady, Sir Thomas
Preston had issue,

i. John, his successor.
II. Christopher, of Holker, from whom

Thomas Preston, esq. of Holker,
who suffered considerably by the
civil wars, and was one of those
gentlemen in Lancashire, whom
King Charles II. had intended
honoring with the Royal Oak,
had that order been instituted.
He died 9th of January, 1678,
having had by Katherine, his
wife, daughter of Sir Gilbert
Houghton, bart. of Houghton

1. George, who d. vita patris,
leaving by Mary, his wife,
only sister of John Lowther,
viscount Lonsdale, an only

Elizabeth, m. to Sir Wil-
fred Lawson, bart. of

2. Thomas, of Holker, higb-
sheriff for Lancashire in
1684, and M.P. for Lan-
caster in 1691. This gen-
tleman d. 31st January,
1696, leaving by Elizabeth,
dau. of Sir Roger Brad-
shaigh, bart. of Haigh, in
the county of Lancaster, an
only child and heiress,

Catherine, who wedded
Sir William Lowther,
bart. of Maske,' and
was mother of

Sir Thomas Low-
ther, whom. Lady
Elizabeth Caven-
dish, daughter of
William, second
duke of Devon-
shire, and had an
only child,

Sir William
in. George,
iv. Ann, m. to William Banastre, esq.

of Easington, in Bolland.
V. Ellen, m. first, to Sir James Lev-
bourne, of Cunswick, and had an
only child,

Elizabeth Leyboirne, m. first,

* This gentleman dying unmarried in 17.5.5,
devised Holker, and the rest of the Preston
estates, at Furness, to his cousin, Lord George



to Thomas, Lord Dacre, of Gil-
lesland, and secondly, to Thomas
Howard, fourth Duke of Nor-
folk, by the former of whom she
had three daughters, viz.

Anne Dacre, to. to Philip
Howard, earl of Arundel,
ancestor of the duke of
Mary Dacre, to. to Thomas
Howard, first earl of Suf-
Elizabeth Dacre, to. to Lord
William Howard, of Na-
worth Castle, whence the
earls of Carlisle, and the
Howards, of Corby.

Ellen, Lady Leybourne, wedded
secondly, after Sir James' death,
William Stanley, third Lord Mont-
eagle, by whom she had an only

Elizabeth Stanley, who to. Ed-
ward, Lord Morley, father by
her, of William Parker, Lord


nobleman to whom that notable
letter was delivered, whereby
the gun-powder plot came to be
discovered, 5th November, third
James I.
vi. Jane, to. to William Lamplugh,
esq. of Dovenby Hall, in Cumber-
VII. Dorothy, to. to William Travers,

esq. of Nateby, in Lancashire,
vill. Elizabeth, to. to Robert Cance-
field, esq. of Robert Hall, in Lanca-
*x. Catherine, to. to Sir Thomas Carus,
knt. one of the judges of the court of
King's Bench, in the time of Eliza-
beth, and had, with other issue,
Mary Carus, who wedded Henry
Kighley, esq. of Kighley, in
Yorkshire, and had a daughter,
Anne Kighley, who espoused
Sir William Cavendish, first
earl of Devonshire, and
from this marriage the pre-
sent Duke of Devonshire*
Sir Thomas died in 1523, and was s. by his
eldest son,

John Preston, esq. of Preston Hall and
Levins, in Westmorland, and Furness Ab-

* His Graces' uncle, Lord George-Agustus-
Henry Cavendish, now earl of Burlington, in-
herits from his uncle, the late Lord George Ca-
vendish, (the devisee of Sir William Lowther)
Holker Park, and other great estates in Lanca-
shire, formerly belonging to the Preston family.

bey, in Lancashire, high sheriff for the
latter county in 1569. He to. Margaret,
daughter of Sir Thomas Curwen, knt. of
Workington, by Agnes, his wife, (see pat/p
67) daughter of Sir Walter Strickland, of
Sizergh Castle, and had issue,

Thomas, who inherited the estates,
and served the office of sheriff for
Lancashire in 1585, from him de-

Sir John Preston, who for his
loyalty was created a baronet,
by King Charles I. in 1644, and
at his own expense raised a re-
giment in the service of that
unhappy monarch, at the head
of which he fell in 1645, leaving

1. John (Sir), second baronet,
who d. s. p.

2. Thomas, (Sir), third baro-
net, who wedded Mary,
daughter of Caryl, Viscount
Molyneux, (ancestor to the
earls of Sefton) and left two
daughters, his co-heirs, viz.

Mary Preston, to. to
William Herbert, Mar-
quess of Powis.*

Anne, to. to Hugh, Lord
Clifford, of Chudleigh,
and had issue,

3. Anne, to. to Sir William
Gerard, of Garswood and
Bryn, bart.

4. Elizabeth, to. to William,
eleventh Lord Stourton.

ii. Nicholas, a lawyer, d. s. p.
in. Thomas, of whom presently,
iv. Margaret, m. to Roger Kirkby, esq,
of Kirkby, in the county of Lan-
The third son,
Thomas Preston, esq. to. Margaret,

* And had two sons,

1. William Herbert, who inherited as third
marquess of Powis, but dying unmarried
his honors became extinct, and his estates
devolved under his will upon Henry Ar-
ther Herbert, esq. the husband of his
brother's posthumous daughter, Barbara
Herbert. This gentleman was subse-
quently created Earl of Powis ; his son,
George, s. him in 1749, as second earl, but
d. s. p. in 1801, when the earldom expired,
and the estates passed to his daughter,
Lady Henrietta Herbert. Her ladyship
m. Edward, Lord Clive, and was mother
of the present Earl of Powis.

2. Edward, who m. Henrietta, daughter of
the Earl of Waldegrave, and dying in 1734,
left his widow, enciente, who was delivered
of a daughter, Barbara, to whose husband,
the above mentioned Henry-Arthur Her-
bert, her uncle, bequeathed his estates. ,



daughter of Roger Fytche, of Cockerham,
gent, and from him descended,

William Preston, esq. of Cockerham,
temp. Kings Charles I. and II. This gen-
tleman lived to experience a great reverse
of fortune, for his family taking up arms
for the Crown, with their kinsmen, the
Prestons of the manor and Holker, his
whole estate was thereby nearly wasted.
He died 23rd April, 1685, leaving issue, by
his wife, who d. 9th February, 1678,

William, his heir, whose issue male is

now extinct.
Richard, founder of the present family.
John, a naval officer in the service of

Ellen, m. to Thomas Parkinson, esq.
The second son,

Richard Preston, esq. was born at the
Hill House, Cockerham, 17th September,
1661, and dying at the age of sixty years,
left by his first wife, Dorothy, daughter
of— Dennis, esq. a son, John, of whom
presently, and by his second wife, Mary,
daughter and co-heiress of Henry Hastings,
gent, of Dublin, (who surviving her husband
forty- four years, died at an extremely ad-
vanced age, 7th March, 1765.)

I. Robert, who died 18th March, 1788,
aged 74, having had by Margaret,
his wife, (the only child of Robert
Bouker, gent, of Broughton, in Lan-
cashire,) who died July, 1802, aged
65, with other issue,

1. Robert, the present Mr. Pres-
ton, of West Derby Lower

2. Richard, who d. 1st November,
1820. He m. first, Miss Collins,
and by her who died in 1806, he
had four children, of whom John
Robert, b. 16th January, 1803,
alone survives. He wedded,
secondly, Miss Rushton, and by
her (who m. secondly, in 1825,
William Lowes, esq. who died
January, 1831,) had further

Richard Rushton, b. 29th Aug.

Edward-Rushton, b. 25th De-
cember, 1812.

Charles-James, b. 9th Febru-
ary, 1818.

Isabella-Rush ton.

3. William, who m. Miss Web-
ster, and d. 16th May, 1828, leav-
ing issue,

William-Robert, to. Ellen-Sa-
rah, relict of Robert Pres-
ton, junr. esq. of Lower
James-Frank, b. 22nd May,

Mary, to. to Charles Wilding

Jones, esq.
II. Elizabeth,
in. Mary,
iv. Lettice.

Mr. Preston was s. by his eldest son

John Preston, esq. of Heversham and
Leasgill, in the county of Westmorland, b.

in 1690, m. Anne, daughter of by

whom (who d. in 1767) he had two surviving
sons, viz. —

William, his heir.
John, who had a son,

John, who became heir to his uncle.
Mr. Preston's elder son,
The Right Rev.

William Preston, D.D. Lord Bishop of
Ferns, b. in 1729, fellow of Trinity College,
Cambridge, and rector of Oakeham in Sur-
rey, was consecrated Bishop of Killala, and
afterwards translated to the See of Ferns.
His Lordship dying without issue the 19th
April, 1789, his property devolved upon his

John Preston, esq. of Leasgill. This
gentleman dying without issue male, the
representation of the family devolved upon
his kinsman the present Robert Preston,
esq. of West Derby Lower House, (refer
to descendant of Richard Preston, second
son of William Preston, of Cockerham).

Arms — Arg. two bars gu. on a canton of
the last a cinquefoil or.

Crests — First, On a ruined tower, a falcon
volant arg. beaked, legged, and belled or.
Second, On a chapeau gu. turned up ermine,
a wolf or.

Motto— Si Dieu veult.

Estates— In the counties of Westmoreland
and Lancaster.

Seat — West Derby Lower House, in Lan-



ALLIX, CHARLES, esq. of Willoughby Hall, in the county of Lincoln, b. in 1783,

m. in 1809, Mary-Elizabeth, second daughter of William
Hammond, esq. of St. Albans Court, Kent, (see p. 132)
and has had issue,

Charles -Hammond, a lieutenant in the Grenadier
Guards, who died unmarried in January, 1831, in his
twentieth year.
\. / Frederick-William.

\ a / Wiliiam-Kent.

Wager Townley.







Mr. Allix, who is in the commission of the peace, and

Online LibraryJohn BurkeA genealogical and heraldic history of the commoners of Great Britain and Ireland, enjoying territorial possessions or high official rank; but univested with heritable honours (Volume 1) → online text (page 74 of 112)